The Creative Power, Central Channel

Brighton Pavilion, Brighton (England)

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Public Program day 3. Brighton (UK), 15 May 1982.

I am sure Phil must have explained to you the mechanism of our evolution. As you see before youself that therea re different centres at the different level of the body and all these centres denote or different stages of our evolution. These centres cannot be seen. There are subtle centres placed in the medulla oblongata, means in the spinal cord, and also in the brain.
As I told you yesterday that God has created us that purpose and the whole thing has been done very beautifully, with freat compassion, care. Is done very delicately and all these centres denote within us the kind of the growth that has been manifesting one after another.

But at the human stage we are still in the transition stage because we do not know the meaning of our life.
The meaning of our life will only be known when we become connected with that power which has created us. The power that desired for our creation, that activated for our creation and the one that evolved us. These three powers are indicated in those three lines. The left side is the power of desire, the sub-conscious and the collective sub-conscious, and the another one which activates is on the right side which looks after the action, the activation, the creation up to a stage when life started taking its form.
Then comes in the carbon atom. Carbon atom is a very important pivotal element that was created at a point where it had four valences which it couldn’t depart or put [..]. This came as a special catalyst, you can say, which started creating life.

Now, the life was created, but, after creating that life as a unicellular animal, we had to become human beings. The chairs do not grow, this hall will not grow, nothing is going to grow which is dead. But, whatever is living grows and evolves. We have become human beings at a stage where that center is near the neck. Where we have raised our neck up, where the animals put their head up. A new system started building up within themselves, by which a crossing took place and this crossing of the energies created these two pouches called ego and superego. Because there was no outlet. The animals have both the feet and both the hands on the ground which comes from the hind legs and goes through the forelegs. But in the human beings, when he raised his head, then a new system developed within him by which he created ego. When he worked, when he took action through his mental and his physical capacities, he developed a system called ego.

Actually ego is a complete myth. Because we really do not do anything. As I said, we only do dead work. We cannot do one living work. We cannot do any living work. And so the ego that is within us is just a myth that we are doing it. So this myth rises and the superego at the animal stage is pressed back and when both of them combine on top of your head, till about the age of twelve years, the calcification takes place and you become yourself, you become completely independent. The “I”ness develops. That means you become like an egg. Now you are a separate entity, a free entity, which can work out the left and the right side, which is like a brake and the accelerator of a car and learn how to use them to develop balance within you by making mistakes, by experimenting, you develop your wisdom in the center.

Sometimes the human beings go to the extremes, as I told you yesterday, how they go on to the right side into the extremes and what diseases they develop and what problems they develop. In the same way, I told you a day earlier that when you go to the left, how you develop your problems of emotional side and even a disease like cancer comes to you from the left extreme. Now, in the center is the evolutionary process, is the power of evolution, is the power of your sustenance. For example, carbon has four valences, that means, the carbon has got the sustenance of four. Human beings have ten sustenances which are expressed in the Bible as the Ten Commandments. These are for the sustenance of human beings. When Moses was on this earth, that time it was too early to talk of Self-Realization, about Spirit. As the tree was growing, the tree of life, he talked about the tree of life, tree of [..], about Kundalini he did talk. But, he more talked about the sustenance, about the maintenance of the balance, of the being. He was more particular on that point, because that was the time where people had to learn to be in a balance. He didn’t talk of baptism, for example, Jews don’t believe in baptism. But he did say that somebody is going to come, Maseeha, and He is going to give you the Spirit. He is going to give you the Realization. But, Jews as you know, denied Christ, they didn’t believe in Him and that’s how Christ was crucified.

Now Christ is a very, very important advent on this earth. Apart from other advents, first of all, I’ll tell you about Christ, how important He is and how He plays a very important role in the human beings. People just talk of Christ – Christ, Christ. We should go to the church, say Christ, Jesus Christ is the one I see. So many posters saying Jesus Christ is within you, Jesus Christ is coming, Jesus Christ is here, but where? Where is He? Where does He reside within us? He resides in the center which is the sixth center called as Agnya. This center is placed between the pituitary and pineal body, is a very subtle center and has got two sub-plexuses. He incarnates there as the embodiment of innocence. That’s why He is such a powerful deity who incarnates and settles down in that area. His coming on this earth was very important because the ego and superego had crossed each other and there was no space for the Kundalini to pass through. That is the cross where He was crucified.

And when He came on this earth, four thousand years before that, Shri Krishna described that the power which is divine cannot be destroyed. The Spirit cannot be destroyed, it cannot be burnt, it cannot be blown off. And that’s why Christ had to come on this earth to establish that truth. He was one who was “Aum”, the one who was the Primordial sound and that’s why He could walk on top of the water. Only the sound can travel on top of the water because it has no gravity to fall down. It was a special creation of Jesus Christ in the heavens, it’s described in many books – Indian books, scriptures, He is described as Mahavishnu. Of course, the people who call themselves Christians got their Christianity from various sources and they interpreted it the way they wanted to.

For example, St. Paul in the Bible is not a realized soul, nor he has got anything to do with Christ. Nothing. He never met Christ, he had nothing to do, he just came forward, he was killing Christians, he was a half Jew and a half [UNCLEAR WORD], and he had bribed people to get a Roman visa or something like that. And he was there as a Roman soldier. And he was killing people, he was killing Christians. And suddenly he says that he saw a light and he, a self-appointed man and I don’t know why he is in the Bible, he should not have been there. He is a misguiding personality and that misguidance is today acting against Christ. Actually, I have a feeling that always, when such a great man comes in on this earth, and His work starts, some negative forces become very subtle and come forward to help the cause and actually they are against God. This I will prove it you later on, why I am saying so.

But, Jesus Christ Himself, He came on this earth because we had a problem – the problem was of ego. The problem was, whatever work we did, whatever bad things we did created an institution of sin, we became sinners that made us a personality which was sinning. And He came on this earth to suck all the sins from [UNCLEAR WORD]. It is all promised in the ancient scriptures that such and such personality will be coming and when He comes, He is awakened by the Kundalini and if He will be awakened in the Kundalini, then He will suck your sins. So, there will be no Karmas, there will be no sins, not at all. So He came on this earth for sucking our sins, to take our sins, He died for our sins, we all say this. Then why do you have the idea of sin anymore? Why do you go and confess about your sins? Because if Christ is there and if He is awakened, He will definitely suck our sins.

And the second idea people had that we have to suffer. This was the idea which came from the Jews, that we have to suffer. Several years have passed that this Moses was there and that it was promised that somebody is going to come who will suffer for you, once and for all. And all your sufferings He will take. Such a great personality was that of Christ. He came on this earth, He went through all the sufferings and still even Christians go on saying, we have to suffer. Why? Has He not suffered sufficiently for you? Are you going to suffer little more than Him? Why have you to suffer? Only thing what has to happen in you is that Christ is to be awakened. If Christ is awakened within you, you will be amazed that all these so-called sufferings disappear just like that.

There are no sufferings anymore left. We have seen patients of cancer who are suffering very much, who are told by doctors that you will die within two weeks time. Is a fact. Now, if their Kundalini is awakened, their cancer disappears, all their pain disappears, all their agony disappears and they feel very light and they feel that they have become collectively conscious, that they are saved. They all know that they are saved. Once it happens, then immediately, the lightness of the whole mind, the lightness of the body, the lightness of your being is felt and you feel so light as if you are floating in the joy of God. And this is what was promised and we should have expected.

But what we did was to go back to the same old stuff, which was thousands of years back without understanding that if it was the growth, if it was the living process, the living process always transforms one from another stage to another stage. Like we can see a seed, seed becomes a root, the root then has the shoots, and the shoot has other parts one by one till it becomes a blossoming flower, flowering tree and then that tree bears fruits. And then these fruits also fall off. In the same way, if life has to grow through evolutionary process, there has to be stages by which we have to move, it is not that every time that somebody comes, he starts a new religion. How can it be? Christ has said, those who are not against Me are with Me. Now, who are those people who are with Him? He said it very clearly. Even Mohammed accepted Christ as a very great soul and He has said that you must wait for the day of resurrection. But who is talking of Day of Resurrection? Among Muslims, nobody talks of that, they only talk of the day of doom. I don’t know why human beings are so anxious to go to that day of doom without going to the resurrection. We are here to be resurrected and redeemed and that is what is Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga not only counsels you, tells you all about it, it gives you redemption and a comfort, a comfort that is, from the sins and from the worries of life. This is what is Sahaja Yoga.

Now there are other deities who are settled down in other centers, about which you can read in the book, it’s given very clearly. But people get shocked about it, when I told them that these are deities are placed here, there and there. For example, if I talk to Indians, they think I am preaching about Christ, I am supporting Christ; I am making everybody Christians, that’s how they started looking at Me. And when I tell you about Shri Krishna, you will say the same to Me, because human beings have a habit to form a club. Now if you are following Christ, then you cannot see anything beyond, you see, you just get closed like that. But you don’t see even what has these Christian church done to you. I was born myself in a Christian Church and I know they have done nothing whatsoever. Same about Hindus – what have their temples done for anyone? Go to these Muslims – what have they done for these Muslims? Nothing. Except for building big, big, huge mosques and churches and temples and half of the England, I am told that the church is owning. How are they going to recognize Christ? When Christ comes in, are you going to recognize Him? How can you? Which is the way? There are many who say, we pray to God, we say God, give us some job now, we use God for every third person. God is not in your pocket. You have to be connected to God. You have to be one with Him. Otherwise, you will be arrested. As without connection, you cannot approach anybody in authority, how can you approach the One who is the Authority of all the Authorities, without even having any connection or protocol? So all these people who are supposed to be in charge of Christ, in charge of Shri Krishna, in charge of Shri Rama, are all just I must say, are telling lies. Because they are not. They have nothing to do with them. None of them can really deliver the goods.

On the contrary, if you go and tell them that this is the time of judgment, and this is the time where you must accept that you are to be redeemed, that’s the main thing, you are to be redeemed, if you are not redeemed, then all those things are absolutely useless for human beings. The emancipation of human beings has to be brought in – if it cannot be done, then give up all these nonsensical ideas and dogmas and fighting things and come up and see for yourself what is reality. But they’ll not do it, because they exist on our ignorance, they exist we are ignorant about it. The force exists within you, the Spirit exists within you, you don’t have to go to these places where there is no talk of Spirit at all, no talk of Self-Realization. In every religion, it is said that you have to get your Self-Realization, you are to be born again, you must be born again. In America, I met so many people, and they told Me, I am twice born. I said, how? We belong to an organization that is twice born. I said, the whole organization is twice born or what? And they believe in such mythical things that they are twice born. I said, what is the sign of a twice born? How can you make out a twice born? Anybody can stand up and say, I am twice born. Are you going to believe that person? Some people are so simple that anybody says anything, they just believe them, but that’s not so. A ‘twice born’ has to be collectively conscious person and a twice born has to give you the power of your Spirit and that when you become twice born, you should be able to do that to others.

Like Blake has said, that Men of God will become Prophets and these Prophets will have powers to make others Prophets. He said it so clearly for you English people, but I don’t think you people like him very much. Because very few people I have seen, who really appreciate Blake and some of them have said that he is mad. Naturally, among all the mad people, a sane person may look mad also. But he is the one who has so clearly said and in this country, this great man should be born and should talk about Jerusalem is remarkable. Because you cannot think, in England, where people just believe in dominating other countries and using their power to dominate others, you could get Jerusalem established. But what he said was of these days, when those false ideas have dropped off, when people do not think of domination, they do not think of materialism, they are fed up with all these things and they are seeking today. And who are these seekers? These seekers are the men of God. So recognize yourself. First of all, you must recognize yourselves before recognizing anybody else that you are seekers and that you are men of God. Unless and until you have found God, you are not going to be happy by all these nonsensical alternatives people are giving.

The other day, I said that there are some people who are just jumping, dancing – is this the way you are going to become twice born? Is absurd. How can you be? How can you believe that such absurd thing that you can otherwise also do it, if want to jump, what is there, you just lift your leg, you can jump. What is so great? Is it jumping and screaming and shouting and talking nonsense, is it what you are going to achieve? On the contrary, you are going to achieve something that will make your awareness much more alert, the awareness that will be collectively conscious. In your awareness, you should be able to feel others. You should be able to feel yourself, your own being. And that is what is important. Now, these other methods impress people. I don’t why this circus impresses them. If they say ten people dancing on the streets, Oxford Street with a dhoti, they are singing “Hare Rama Hare Krishna”, people say, “Oh, ho, oh, what godly, divine people are”. They are not to advertise it on the streets of Oxford street and other street and wear those funny dresses and funnily dancing, is that the way are you going to God? Use your brains. You are one of the brainiest people in the whole world. Use your brains and find out, is this the way are you going to do it? Something has to happen within you and that within is just now, the time is today, you have to get it.

I am so very happy to see that so many people came today and that they are so anxious to get to their Realization. Now, after Realization, when this ascent takes place, when the Kundalini rises and you start feeling the cool breeze coming out here, people may say, what’s there in a cool breeze, now this is the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. It is all over, all pervading. You can feel it all over, actually some people start looking at the window, is it coming from the window, if the window is open. That is clear cut to some people. Now, when you start feeling it, you must use it. You must establish it. If you start using it, then only you will know the value of it. If you have not used it, how will you know what is that? This is the Spirit manifesting and you have to find out whether it is true or not by using it.

Supposing I give you hundred rupees which is Indian money, then you don’t know what rupees are. You must use them in the market and then only you will know the value what it is. In the same way, when I say that the Realization only takes place by only one method and that is the method of Kundalini awakening within you, like a primule in a seed rises only by one method, there are not ten methods that a seed sprouts. The seed has got a primule which has to germinate and it creates that tree which you see. Whatever may be the type of trees or anything, the only the way it germinates is through primule, in the same way, when your actualization has to take place, this Kundalini which is placed at the triangular bone has to rise. And when She rises and pierces through your fontanel bone area, you really get your real baptism. Not artificial. You cannot give an artificial baptism. Actually, Blake has said, the priest cursed me on my head. It’s true, because he has no right to touch his head. He is not a realized soul. Priest is not a realized soul, they are self appointed. You cannot become a priest in a theological college or anything man made stuff, it’s all artificial. Whatever is man made is artificial, isn’t it? Whatever is God made is real and God made things are within you.

But after Realization, when you are established, you yourself have supreme powers, you can do so many things after that, that you are amazed at your own powers. You are surprised at yourself, that you are so glorious, so beautiful, so wonderful and so blissful – you become like a magnet for others. People are surprised at you, all your priorities change, all your habits drop out, all kinds of nonsensical things that were so much bothering you just drop off. And with that, all these centers are enlightened. And every center has a blessing to give. For example, the Nabhi, that is in the center here, navel center, has a blessing that Krishna has said Yogakshemam Vahaamyaham – that when you get yoga, first yoga, He didn’t say Kshema Yoga, then when you get the union, you get the well being. Now well being is your achievement. Not that you become very rich like Ford, that’s extreme, that’s nonsensical, it’s a headache. But you get a satisfied person. You are looked after, God looks after you. We don’t believe in God the way He is really. He is God Almighty. He is God with all the powers and His power is doing all the wonderful things that we see, which are living things. Every second, billions and billions of flowers are coming out and you cannot imagine to what extent it is powerful. And this power when you feel within your reach, you can maneuver it, use it. And be glorified by that.

Sahaja Yoga is here to establish all the religions of the world in one thread – to integrate all of them and integrate all the great incarnations of the world in one. Because they are within us, they are not separate, they are all together, they are one family, only we come at different levels of our evolution. And have misjudged them, misunderstood them and we are fighting. As I have said many a times, that from the trees, we remove the beautiful flowers, which are nurtured and nourished and developed by one sap in the tree. And then we fight for these flowers which are dead, ugly that this is mine, this is mine. And that is what is very important to understand that God has created this world not to hate each other, He has created you not to hate each other, but to know how boundless is His love, how eternal is His compassion, how great He is and that with what care He has built you up. You’ll be amazed when you get your Realization to see the inner side within you, how it works, how it shows, how it indicates, you can make it out, a person supposing when you ask the person, this finger is burning you find, you are a realized soul and you ask the person, “What about your father?” “I have nothing to do with my father now, you see, I am very angry within” they said. This finger is burning, this is the father’s finger. You have to tell that “You have to forgive your father. Unless and until you forgive your father, the Kundalini won’t rise”. She has recorded everything about you. You have no business to be angry with your father, just forgive. Then the Kundalini rises.

Now, we say Lord’s Prayer. Why? For what? What is Lord’s Prayer? It is a mantra. It is a chanting at this center. Without saying Lord’s Prayer, if your chakra is caught up, you cannot make the Kundalini rise. It’s most surprising, how we are made, all of us together and how we are part and parcel of the whole. It’s very surprising, how it acts on us and how it convinces us that what we are doing is the way we have to be. It’s not like any other, so-called God’s organization where you can pay some money, become members and you are finished there. Or you dote upon your guru. Your guru is great and this and that nonsense – this is not that. It is you who has to become. It is you who has to know. It is your own power. And that’s what one to understand. Of course, you cannot pay for all these nonsensical things, I mean, I just don’t understand that how you pay for these useless people. When you cannot pay for God, why should you pay these horrible people for anything? There is no need to pay, but you do, you do pay them. You think that you are purchasing your guru – any guru who is accepting such a thing, who is purchased, is not a guru but a parasite, he is a regular parasite, nothing but a parasite. There are many parasites out now. Because you are so simple. You are naïve in a way that you don’t understand a person who belongs to God only gives. He cannot take. He cannot take anything. Even if you give one thing, He will give you ten things as a reward of that, so He cannot take. And this is what is so simple to understand. Everything is extremely simple, but human beings have become rather complicated and those complications definitely create a problem for the Kundalini awakening, no doubt. But doesn’t matter. Whatever may be the complications, we know all the tricks now. All the permutations and combinations and I am sure, we will be able to work it out.

Thank you very much. I would like you to ask Me some questions before we go further with this. May God bless you all. You should not be afraid of Me or should not be in any way be embarrassed. But of course, you should not try to be rude or ridicule something, that’s not good – there’s nothing to ridicule or to be rude. That’s not very good, not very helpful for your Realization. Questions, if you have anything, otherwise, we will start with the Realization program.

Question and Answer session

A (Shri Mataji):- You have to work very hard. You thought that. All right. It’s a good idea, because all of us think that way. Nothing new. Everybody thinks that how can you get it so easily. Now, you do get it, no doubt. But how? May be I know the trick, must be something special about Me – I am supposed to do this. I know it. All right? They talk, talk, talk. Some man, somebody was in California. He cut their tongue, can you imagine? To push it back into here – that’s called [UNKNOWN SANSKRIT WORD] Avastha. Imagine, cutting their tongue here. And now these old people are wagging their tongues just like dogs in India. They are still there. The fellow is dead and gone. He was talking of Kriya Yoga and all that. He’s gone now, but those people have their tongues down below, no self-Realization, nothing. People have been standing on their heads, no self-Realization, nothing.

Now, I’ll tell you one simple thing. One must know that we did not do anything to become human beings, did we? So if I have to become super human beings also, you don’t have to do anything. Because it’s a living process. What do we do for living process? Very simple thing. If you want to germinate a seed, you put it in the Mother Earth. She knows all the job and She does it for you. Do you do anything? Do you stand on your head or do you run? Or do you have any sort of a physical exercise to see that the seed germinates? Nothing. It’s a living process. For living process, you don’t have to do anything yourself. But, after Realization, this is a unique thing. After a human being gets his Realization, then he feels the power, so he is no more an animal, no more an inanimate thing, like this machine doesn’t know I am speaking in it. It doesn’t know it is carrying the electricity, least of all, it cannot do anything by itself. But here, you know the power is flowing through you. You will know how to maneuver it, also, you will be completely in charge of it. That’s what I am saying – it’s fantastic, isn’t it? But for [UNCLEAR WORD], what’s the harm? It’s for [UNCLEAR WORD]. Yes, I agree, it is said that you have to do this, even Kundalini awakening, God, I have read a book so big as that, I couldn’t read all that nonsense but, in that book, they said that Kundalini is in the stomach. Can you imagine? You see, about God, Hitler can write. Napoleon can write, anybody can write. But I have to deliver the goods, I have to. Say, I am banker and I have got the key with Me, which I have to return to you, that’s all.

Another simple example I will say that this candle is enlightened and that one is not, supposing. Then just this light has to go near that because it is ready made. But if I can’t see, I don’t know anything about it, I may take this enlightened light or may not take this enlightened light, do all kinds of things which may be absurd. And that’s why you go on like that. Like, from the village, Indian village, those who have not seen electricity, they come and you tell them “Put off the light”. They’ll go and start blowing at it. And the whole night they will be blowing and they will say that it is very difficult to blow off this light. Because they don’t know the trick.

That is the mystery, mystery of the Christian Churches. They’ll talk of mystery. What is the mystery? Because you don’t know anything, so call it a mystery. Very nice. There is nothing mysterious. You will see everything clearly. You will see everything happening clearly. You can see the rising of the Kundalini, you can see flowing of it, but they don’t want to accept, they are too vain, that’s what it is. Same with every sort of religious person, it’s not with one, but they are also vain and they do not want to accept it. They do not want to accept it. And they will losing all the chances. The chance is now, the time is now. Because they want to carry on with that state.

Yes, you must know that in India, in the villages, there are thousands of Sahaja yogis, thousands, you see. The more westernized you are, the more developed you are, you are less prone to reality. You prefer plastic mode than reality, I think. And that’s how there are less people, but very good quality of Sahaja yogis we have in the West, very good quality. Because they intelligent, logical, once they have found the truth, they stick on to it. And they work it out. They are very intelligent people. You really need pure intelligence to understand this. But if you have a biased mind, then it is rather difficult. But still when it works out, how far can you go on denying? Best thing is that you are a seeker and you must seek it. Supposing, I have done the cooking, forget it how I have done it, better have it. If you are hungry, you will eat it isn’t it? You have to taste it, not Me.

Q: [Not clear]
A (Shri Mataji):- Is going to be extremely simple. Even the word “simple” may be complicated. Tatkshana. In Sanskrit, it’s Tatkshana. That moment it happens. But, sometimes you are so complicated that poor Kundalini cannot rise, you are so complicated. So that is also simple. We have to clear it out. Some people who came yesterday to get their Realization are today sitting here quite entitled to give Realizations to others. They are going to give Realization now. It’s extremely simple. Not to worry about it at all.

But you have to also understand that you get your Realization because compassion of God has decided to do that. But, you also must understand your own value, that once you get Realization, you should not disappear, you must try to grow more into it and master this art of Kundalini. That way, in Brighton, I think we gave Realization to quite a lot of people. But they do not take to Sahaja Yoga because they do not want to give Realizations to others. They just want to keep it to themselves, after one year, it all is lost. Then again they come to Me, “Mother, we have lost the vibrations”. But vibrations were given to you to give it to others, you have to help others. You cannot, it’s not an individualistic thing. You have to share. This is like I make you the capitalist and you share the capital with everybody else, otherwise you cannot enjoy. Unless and until you give to others, you will never enjoy.

Christ has said that “You do not enlighten the light and put it on the table”. Exactly, that is the situation. Of course, we have some very great Sahaja Yogis here in Brighton who are doing wonderful work and all of you, I am sure will get Realization and do the purpose for which you have got it. And not just get lost. It’s very wrong, I think its ungratefulness towards God who gives you Realization, then you must try to give Realization to others, otherwise this movement will not spread, it will just remain up to you, it won’t go further. You have to learn the method, it’s very simple. Even children can give Realization. So, it’s not difficult, but you must come forward, spare some time for it. And must go forward with it. That would be very selfish, just to get Realization for yourself or if you are sick, to get yourself cured. It’s very selfish.

The other day, we had a lady, she had a dislocated arm, you remember that? And she got cured. She never showed her face again. She came just to get her arm cured. Tomorrow, she has something else, she’ll come back again. This is not the way to extract and exploit God’s compassion. Because human beings are in complete deprivation of the spiritual wealth and as God has given us means and methods, we must try to give them what we have received.

Realization program

All right, let’s have it now. It’s very simple as I said. That’s the best way. Give them a hand. See now, this is the kind of people you get. This is the kind of people. Just think of it. They don’t want Realization. They don’t want it. These are alright. Look at those four people who came in. Just look at them. They don’t want it. They must be tied up with some other gurus or something, till they are completely finished, they are not going to come to Sahaja Yoga. They have to come down to that level where you see no way out, in that condition then they come to Sahaja Yoga, which is something too much for Me also, isn’t it. When you are healthy, when you are alright, better to get to it.

All right, take out your shoes. The main thing is we cannot give Realization to people who do not want it. To be very frank, we cannot. It is your complete freedom which is respected. If you do not want it, it is better that you go away. The other day, yesterday, there was one gentleman, who came here. I told him just to put hands like this, he would not do anything, he was sitting like that. I said, why are you here. “I’ve come here to see”. I said, what? There’s no observer needed here, you have to come to get your Realization. And they don’t understand, that if it is free, that doesn’t mean you should take liberties with us, that’s not proper, that’s not being just and fair to us. Just come here and trouble us like this is not a good thing. Because if you don’t want your Realization, it is better to go. But if you want it, you must sit down and take it. Because, it’s a big load for us with such people who obstruct, who obstruct the movement of the Kundalini, they just obstruct. They cannot get Realization, they cannot go ahead, its better that they go away and don’t trouble others. It’s a very much better idea than to have them here who do not want it. Because, you see, also the deities don’t like such people, who come here just to sit down. They don’t like it. They don’t like such people at all and it’s very hard to continue with the work if there are people, who do not want reality.

Please put your hands like this, just like this. Take out your shoes please. And just put your hands now. Why to take out your shoes is very simple – because when you take out your shoes, you touch the ground, the Mother ground. Just put it like that on the ground. Put both the hands straight. And close your eyes, that’s all. Just close your eyes. Keep your eyes closed. Because when Kundalini rises above the subtle centers, then there is dilation of the pupils, that’s why you have to keep your eyes shut, because Kundalini won’t rise if you your eyes are open. So, one thing sure, there is no mesmerism.

Now please don’t open your eyes. Put your left hand towards Me as it is there and right hand you put it on your heart, because in the heart resides the Spirit. And ask a question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” You need not ask loudly, but you can ask within your heart. “Mother, am I the Spirit?”

Now take this hand higher, at the end, at the point of your neck on the left hand side and just say “Mother, I am not guilty.” It’s simple. Just go on saying, “Mother, I am not guilty”. This is very important. “Mother, I am not a sinner, I am not guilty”. You must say that.

Now without feeling guilty, you put the same hand again on your heart. Without feeling guilty, again I say, without feeling guilty, you should say, “If there has been any mistake, please forgive me.” Ask God to forgive you, if you have done anything wrong. According to God’s plan or design, if you have done anything wrong, ask God to forgive you.

Now, as I said, that you have to give Me permission to give you Realization. So, you have to ask, “Mother, please give me my Realization.” And put your right hand now on top of your head while saying so. On top. Just on top, little higher.

Now put the other hand, and this right hand towards Me. You may take out your cap, because you may not be feeling the Cool Breeze if there is a cap on your head. So better to take out to feel it.

Now put both the hands towards Me. And now see if there’s a cool breeze coming in your hand. You have to forgive, forgive everyone. Please say, Mother I forgive.

Now the Sahaja Yogis who are realized souls sitting among you, will just feel if you have feeling the cool breeze or not on top of your head. They won’t disturb you at all. The power is flowing from their hands and they can make it out. And they’ll tell you what is the problem is. So, nobody should talk. Keep your eyes shut. Keep your hands like this. And these people will see you if you have got Realization or not. And then, they will tell you, why, what is the problem is like, let them have a look. And you will also become the same as they are today.