Evening Meeting Part 2

Madrid (Spain)


Evening Meeting Part 2

Who is going to find out?

[UNCLEAR] Australia or to say your country which is very good at getting all the black money to Switzerland. [UNCLEAR] stupid things are done. What is the need to allow the money to go out of [UNCLEAR] I don’t understand cash money, you see that only has a black market. [UNCLEAR] maybe taxation binds military things. You tax someone all right, your tax for something sensible, nobody minds but for buying military things and then seeking [UNCLEAR] What’s the use? While your hard-earned money the taxpayer is going in the see of [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] Where are you two going? She is buying all these materials, more materials, [UNCLEAR] finished. Then, its also, you see, a double solver also these horrible Argentinians people who killed their own people are being punished now. All these dictators are [UNCLEAR] punished.

That’s a very good thing. They needed some punishment. Why is she the person who is harmed because she was collecting She started this, and another is America. [UNCLEAR] be in trouble. [I will see that UNCLEAR] very soon. Russia is in trouble too. It will work out, you will see that. You don’t realize how [UNCLEAR] She [UNCLEAR] for ten people [UNCLEAR] finished. I will get you small plates for biscuits and cheese Mother. May I keep this as prasad?

I think now there will be a revolution. in Argentina and [Chile ? UNCLEAR] In Argentina and Chile. [UNCLEAR] Did you follow? She just doesn’t follow. What’s the matter? I said there will be a revolution now. I don’t know. [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] It’s too good. You see But no communism.

You see the trouble was these people were going to communism. If they had gone for democracy, [UNCLEAR] Because communism is no solution at all. It’s much worse than dictatorship. [UNCLEAR]

Yogi: The communist does not believe in God.

Shri Mataji Not at all. [UNCLEAR] What’s the use of having communism?

Yogi: They are very materialistic even.

Shri Mataji Very materialistic. And this was the mistake of Chile people and Argentina people to ask for communism. Communist wouldn’t even know what has happened.

Nice to see communism from far. How communism? That was a mistake. Chile people are so stupid. They don’t understand what communism is. Russia will just come and sit on their head. Whatever happened to Poland see. Czechoslovakia finished, Poland finished. It could finish too. Afghanistan tried to [UNCLEAR] something.

They are sitting on their heads now. Only the Indians are saved.

Yogi: Now the church.

Yogi: The Church in Chile, they are very political Mother.

Shri Mataji Church?

Yogi:Yes. [UNCLEAR] What about your Pope? [UNCLEAR] a political stunt. He said,”I don’t want any war.” I mean, who wants war?

What is the need to say, “I don’t want any war”? But give some solution. What is the solution? I don’t want to be involved, everything is to be done peacefully. For that you don’t need a Pope to say that. Church is for teaching them Capitalism.

Yogi: Catholic .. How they? from the left people..

Yogi: Communist people Mother. They [help?] the Communist.

The communist people they [killed?] They killed this and they killed this, that’s all. So, they are just the same. What was your Mother’s [UNCLEAR] Communism? That’s [UNCLEAR] stupidity. [UNCLEAR believe in communism. [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR]

Yogi: In 1970 until 1970, I was [UNCLEAR] this [UNCLEAR] I was very active in Politics. Because my mother [UNCLEAR] and myself to do politics since. So [UNCLEAR] and myself you were communist? I was [UNCLEAR] You worked for communist that time?

I was socialist. Yes communist. See, now you see the stupidity of communism is there. Complete. That was the mistake. [UNCLEAR] They don’t understand God at all. They are absurd people. Sahaja yoga would have never reached to [UNCLEAR] were a communist. Of course, now, you have given up all your political. [UNCLEAR] He too was.

I was never very much into.

Shri Mataji But your brothers and sisters, were [UNCLEAR] ? He is married. Wendy is Geraldo’s sister. Wendy is married with my brother, so the relation is, he is my My brother is married with Geraldo’s sister.

Shri Mataji Rodrigo is your brother?

Shri Mataji So Rodrigo’s wife is Wendy?

Yogi: Yes. [Yogis and Mataji talk about relations] [UNCLEAR] All these things should be understood in the light of the spirit. It’s difficult to understand.

Without democracy you cannot have realization. Cannot work out. I cannot go to any country which is communist. And do Sahaja yoga. Nor can I go to any country where there is [UNCLEAR] rule So both are useless. Only democratic countries we can work out. We have thought we have done, you see, We have gone to France, Portugal, all these people are democratic. [UNCLEAR] communism had [UNCLEAR] This is what it is. Very wrong misleading things these are. The car fellow was just changing everything he was cheating.

First he said something, and he changed everything horrible people. They are always trying to get your money. Spanish, you see, have worse worst are these [UNCLEAR]. what you call Italians. They are the worst, terrible. Portuguese are very good people compared to Spanish actually. They are very good people, they don’t cheat you, they trust you. They are very good people. We went to [UNCLEAR] place [UNCLEAR] We wanted to buy some marbles [UNCLEAR] small small pieces, small of marbles First, they said [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] I mean really went on. All increasing decreasing, ever expanding, every sort of thing, you know.

I got so fed up. I went to 2 or 3 shops, [UNCLEAR] these people, horrible. Such a waste of time, you see. Then I just thought I said, “If the Italians” [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] she [UNCLEAR] in 5 minutes. Got the whole thing very cheap. Such liars actually, terrible liars. I said this, I said that, unnecessary. Where have we parked the car? It’s convenient.

Yogi: I have just received [UNCLEAR] from England.

I have just received a call from England. My wife, she has been bleeding and they don’t know what is …?

Shri Mataji She has been bleeding?

Yogi:Yes Mother.

Shri Mataji How many months it is?

Yogi:It’s been 5 months Mother.

Shri Mataji That’s very [UNCLEAR] is such a common trouble.

Shri Mataji Many reasons are there for that. Some of them is that, they use those pills, you see. She may be alright.

anyway it is common [UNCLEAR] bleeding Who else? I mean everybody had this trouble. She is [getting too much UNCLEAR] She said it was quite a lot. She said it was quite a lot and if it carried on tonight, they would take her to hospital. It’s an ordinary case. Nothing so extraordinary. Is it too much or less?

Yogi: She said it was a lot.

Yogi: She said it was a lot.

Shri Mataji It was a lot?

Shri Mataji: She talked to you?

Yogi: Yes Mother, she called me.

Shri Mataji Now what did she [UNCLEAR] what do you [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji You should have told her that you have done sahaja yoga. Should have been better. Did you say that? Pray to Mother?

Yogi: I did say Mother. She was having all these troubles because she doesn’t do sahaja yoga. How did you get the [UNCLEAR] ?

Yogi: When I was, told to call urgently to England.

Also she might have lifted something, or something like that. You see. [UNCLEAR] I can’t understand too much. Because they start little bit little bit like that you see. It’s suddenly too much then there must be something she has done. with careless [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji What about your father?

Yogi: He is in Chile now.

Yogi: He is [UNCLEAR] with my mother. He is divorced. He separated from my mother.

He live in Chile Mother.

Shri Mataji With another woman?

Yogi:Yes Mother. You remember him ? He left when you were young or ?

Yogi: Actually, my mother left him because he was horrible. In 1970 [UNCLEAR] better for children to separate, And she separate, otherwise we would be crazy. [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] last two years. I write him and I tell him sahaja yoga [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji When did she join politics? Your mother?

Shri Mataji: When did she join politics? Your mother?

Yogi: My mother was [UNCLEAR] in politics.

Yogi: My mother is very political, so that’s why they are in trouble. he doesn’t [UNCLEAR] in political. [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji She [UNCLEAR] communist?

Yogi: from when my mother was 25. something like that. [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji Can you [UNCLEAR]? [UNCLEAR] [Visuddhi?] is on this joint, Put some balm there.

It’s all there. All side. This side also. Who was the lady, whose husband had left her? One of the Chili woman? Who is that? Cambridge, there is one lady whose husband had left her?

Yogi: Gerald’s mother.

Shri Mataji How is she?

Yogi: I don’t know Mother, she is with him now Mother.

Yogi: They are together now.

Shri Mataji With the husband?

Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji Good then.

Yogi: She is very happy now Mother.

Shri Mataji She wanted to [UNCLEAR] have him there.

Yogi: She is very happy with him now. She had [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji He [UNCLEAR] other woman?

Yogi: Yes he

Yogi: She say I remember [UNCLEAR] and she said I love with him.
[chat about yogi families]

Shri Mataji [UNCLEAR] is going very slow because of [UNCLEAR].

[UNCLEAR] is so much fighting with her. [smoky business?] very few people are We have lost so many [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji I think something wrong with your Visuddhi, that’s why the voice is not correct. Something wrong with it. You’ve got this trouble, [UNCLEAR]?

Yogi: Sometime Mother.

Shri Mataji That’s the reason.

Shri Mataji That’s the reason, that’s why you can’t hear me and you can’t [UNCLEAR] You developed lot’s of trouble during that Chile problem. In Chile.

Shri Mataji You were in jail?

Yogi: No, my mother. Because it was horrible time. [UNCLEAR] I was so afraid Mother because when they talked to my mother [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji [UNCLEAR] all non-sense storytelling. Just not it. You see, the knowledge should be such, you should know all your powers. You should now what’s all is inside you, you should know what is wrong with another person, everything that is knowledge that is shuddha vidya.

Yogi: [UNCLEAR] the lalita Sahashraranama. It’s very difficult book.

Shri Mataji Now you come to the point.

Yogi: I have it.

Shri Mataji: Yes, you read Lalita?

Yogi: I bought it in India, yes.

Shri Mataji That’s it, that is what all it is. All right? Now put your hand towards me and say, “Mother, Are you Lalita? Ask the question. Again.

Yogi: “Mother, Are you Lalita?” Again.

Yogi: “Mother, Are you Lalita?”


Yogi: “Mother, Are you Lalita?” All right? If you have got Lalita Sahashranama, you don’t have to do anything. [UNCLEAR] they don’t know anything, do they talk? They don’t talk of kundalini. They don’t know anything. I mean they don’t even have the knowledge. Leave alone anything. Knowledge is also not sufficient, which is not [shuddha UNCLEAR] which is not pure, shuddha vidya.

Just, put your hand here, put one in Swadishthana here down below. Now, say, “Mother, are you suddha vidya?” little lower.

Yogi: Mother, are you sure?

Shri Mataji No no, this one, this hand, little lower. Now ask again, “Mother, are you suddha vidya?” “Mother, are you suddha vidya?” “Mother, are you suddha vidya?”

Shri Mataji Again. “Mother, are you suddha vidya?”

Shri Mataji: Again. “Mother, are you suddha vidya?”

Shri Mataji Again. “Mother, are you suddha vidya?”

Shri Mataji All right.

Shri Mataji Everything you belong, all the knowledge you belong, where is Lalita Chakra? Where is Shri Chakra? What is what? everything there is.

Yogi: Shri Chakra?

Shri Mataji: Everything.


Shri Mataji Yeah.

Shri Mataji Yes, everything, you will know where is hamsha, where is what? Everything you will know. That is knowledge. all right?

Yogi: I like to be initiated in the Shri Chakra.

Shri Mataji Shri Chakra is already is here. All right? It’s [UNCLEAR], you are already initiated.

Yogi: Can I practice the bija mantra?

Shri Mataji Bija mantra? Which one you practising?

Yogi: Hamsha samhala bryam, ananda vairabhayam.

Shri Mataji I see. Say before me.

Yogi: Hamsha samhala bryam, ananda vairabhayam.

Shri Mataji Again.

Yogi: Hamsha samhala bryam, ananda vairabhayam.

Shri Mataji Again.

Yogi: Hamsha samhala bryam, ananda vairabhayam.

Shri Mataji I am the mantra vidya. All right? [UNCLEAR] May God bless you. He is so good, you see, just ready to have it. Work it out. [UNCLEAR] Only be careful is starting on Ekadasha, this is, Ekadasha is strong because of this [UNCLEAR].

Yogi: Thank you.

Shri Mataji All right, sit down. You work it out, you come here, every day these boys are going to be here.

These boys have come all the way from England for you. They are going to stay here in this house, you see, this is, they got this house so they came and stayed, they couldn’t get a house also. Now, and you establish sahaja yoga here. All right? Are you all right now? All right? So you have to go to work? I’ll vibrate your sugar. You are all right now. [much better?

UNCLEAR] All right. [UNCLEAR] come. Let him come. Come. Bring my sindoor. Sit down, sit down, sit down. What is this you are wearing? What is it?


Yogi: It’s just a its a [UNCLEAR] Mother, a [UNCLEAR].

Shri Mataji [UNCLEAR], all right?

Shri Mataji: Come forward.

Shri Mataji Eyes closed. He is all right. Good, are you seeing me? Good, your eyes have improved. I am just putting you to protect your eye [UNCLEAR] for a while. All right. Better? [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR], that is the best way. Nirbichar samadhi, it’s called Nirbichara.

Better not to think. He’s got all the Ekadasha and all caught up very [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji This is the side of [Buddha UNCLEAR] These are Ekadasha. 11, one of them is Mahavira. [UNCLEAR] is the back Agnya? See the Spirit. that’s how his eyes are. This is [UNCLEAR], this is spirit you see. You seek all the questions. [UNCLEAR] You see there is a, they become you see. Like a prism, they start giving you many many images, this that.

This is the spirit inside you.

Yogi: 7 [UNCLEAR]? 5 or 7?

Shri Mataji5. [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji He has read a lot. What he is doing is [UNCLEAR] isn’t it?

Yogi: Thank you very much.

Shri Mataji He is realizing it’s different

Yogi: Thank you.

Shri Mataji Yes. There’s a book we have got, I will give you one.

All right? You go through that. [UNCLEAR] give him that book. But now, you establish sahaja yoga here, all right? You have got a house or some work? Have you got a room or somewhere to stay?

Yogi: I live alone [UNCLEAR]

Shri Mataji Where?

Yogi: In here in Madrid. I live in a flat by myself.

Shri Mataji Yourself?

Yogi: Because I am a brahmachari.

Shri Mataji All right, we will see your brahmacharya.

Shri Mataji With the Mother when you try the brahmacharya, I will put you to trouble.

Yogi: With [UNCLEAR], who is the [UNCLEAR] ?

Shri Mataji No no, what I am saying if you try any brahmacharya, you see Mother is a playful thing, she plays, see, isn’t it? She is Kalawati. kala, very artistic, kundalini. She plays art with you. And she tries to bring you round, you see. All these ideas of brahmacharya will vanish soon.

Yogi: I see, I need to raise my kundalini sooner.

Shri Mataji No, no no. You are [UNCLEAR] there on top of your head. Just see. It’s already risen, when are you going to rise? See yourself now. Feel it in your head, just come on All right? You don’t have to rise anymore. But Now, if you get married, then realized souls are to be born, you know many realized souls are to be born. All right?

Souls are to be born.

Yogi: I have to find my Vairabhi.

Shri Mataji Vairab, all right. You will find in a sahaja yogini, a good one, all right? Don’t worry. Now, you will, you will definitely. Now, see this is the book.

Yogi: Oh heaven, thank you Mother.

Shri Mataji I will write it down your name. Are you peaceful?

Ask him. Is there still thoughts? He is not thinking? Ekadasha very strong. It will work out. You are all right. [UNCLEAR] thing would want to take it out. Now, rejoin your self. Also, practices of sahaja yoga, you have got the book you have got the translation. Small book.

Yogi: You have a small book?

Shri Mataji No no, the small one.

Yogi: yes Mother. You should make it a point to come to England.

Yogi: I lived two years in England but Ieft. I would like to go back and see.

Shri Mataji Oh yes, you must come.

Shri Mataji And let me know first, you take my address from these people. in the Ashram, we have a very beautiful Ashram. All right, you come along there.

I am there in June July. I am there. So you telephone to them and find out. And come along. All right?

Yogi: Yes Mother. How are you? Just see this [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] Om twamewa Sakshyat narakasura mardini Sakshyat. [UNCLEAR] Om twamewa Sakshyat narakasura mardini Sakshyat. [UNCLEAR] Om twamewa Sakshyat narakasura mardini Sakshyat.

[UNCLEAR] Om Sakshyat Adi kundalini Sakshyat. [UNCLEAR] Om Sakshyat Adi kundalini Sakshyat. [UNCLEAR] Om Sakshyat Adi kundalini Sakshyat. [UNCLEAR] Om Sakshyat Adi kundalini Sakshyat. Now, open your eyes. Om Sakshyat Maha Vairabha sakshyat. Om Sakshyat Maha Vairabha sakshyat. Om Sakshyat Maha Vairabha sakshyat. Om Sakshyaat Aatmaam sakshyaat. Om Sakshyaat Aatmaam sakshyaat.

Om Sakshyaat Paramaatmam sakshyaat. Om Sakshyaat Aatmaam sakshyaat. Om Sakshyaat Paramaatmam sakshyaat. Om Sakshyaat Aatmaam sakshyaat. Eyes open. Om Sakshyaat ekadasha Rudram sakshyaat. Ekadasha Rudram sakshyaat. Ekadasha Rudram sakshyaat. Om Sakshyaat Sahashraha Swamini sakshyaat. Sahashraha Swamini sakshyaat.

Sahashraha Swamini sakshyaat. Sahashraha Swamini sakshyaat. Mokshyadayini sakshyaat. Mokshyadayini sakshyaat. Nirmalam sakshyaat. Nirmalam sakshyaat. Nirmalam sakshyaat. Nirmalam sakshyaat. Nirmalam sakshyaat. Nirmalam sakshyaat.

Nirmalam sakshyaat. Nirmalam sakshyaat. Nirmalam sakshyaat. Now see me. Are you seeing better?