Morning Conversation with Joseph, Jewels And Chakras

Madrid (Spain)


Morning Conversation with Joseph, Jewels And Chakras

Seeker Joseph: Yesterday there was a person who studies Buddhism, A person not too much tall, older. Do you remember who him is? brownish, short with moustache,

Yogini, Yes

Seeker Joseph: Suddenly I got a smell of sandalwood, and I thought it came from him, but no, he did not smell like sandalwood, but there was a moment when Shri Mataji passed by me and she smelled sandalwood, and I told myself. What is it, then I turned to smell the older man and he did not smell sandalwood, I went to smell Shri Mataji again and she neither smelled like sandalwood, but I know that maybe it was my nose that was open at that moment. When Shri Mataji passed by, I felt the smell of sandalwood.

I do not know what to think?!

Sahaja Yogini. Oh

Shri Mataji: What he says?

Sahaja Yogi: He says that in the meeting yesterday, when he passes near you he smell to sandawoodl.

Sahaja Yogini. Ja ja

Sahaja yogi; Jaja.

Seeker: She must carry such exquisite vibrations.

Shri Mataji: What he says?

Sahaja yogi: You must to have so exquisite vibrations

Shri Mataji: the fragrance comer from inside

Sahaja Yogi: All these essences come from within

Seeker Joseph: Yes, I know it

Shri Mataji: Even remember me, sometimes, you can smell fragrances, this mother earth is made of fragrances.

Seeker Joseph: Yes. I am going to tell you a history. A friend of mine named Fernando … Sesma Manzano, God bless him, deceased.

Shri Mataji: What he says?

Sahaja Yogi: He tells a history about one friend of him named Fernando

Seeker Joseph: He deceased, he was a man ahead of his time, I talked a lot with him. At that time, I with him and other friends used to meet us every month at a café in Madrid. To talk to chat. We: the group of friends knew that he died and a few days later, month after or month and peak. A friend of mine called Lucinda, went to the same café, with another friend and in a moment when they were talking about Fernando noticed that suddenly a sandalwood fragrance entered the place. She told me, and I said to her: it is logical he is at such a high vibration that when you talked about him, he expands towards you and that smell of sandal comes.

Shri Mataji: Maybe He was a realized soul.

Seeker Joseph: Yes, yes, yes, he suffered a lot, but well.

Shri Mataji: In India only, the realized souls are buried in the earth, not other people. Everybody is burned, only the realized soul is buried

Seeker Joseph: Of course, that way they do not … stain (the earth)., logically.

Shri Mataji: He is the quality. Bring your friends also. And I see, you are the very good quality (said to José)

Joseph: Thank you

Shri Mataji: And give him the book, you can get translation to him and he can stay here I write your name. What is your name?

Seeker Joseph: Is the book going to be dedicated and everything?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes

Seeker Joseph: it is wonderful….

Seeker Joseph: Pepe Conrado . mine complete name is José Conrado

Shri Mataji: Pepe Is your father’s name?

Sahaja yogini: Not mother. Pepe is like diminutive of José

Seeker Joseph: One moment. One moment. Joseph Conrad. as the American poet

Seeker Joseph: How many days will you be here?

Sahaja yogi: I Think to translate for her to Spanish for a long time

Seeker Joseph: You? Here?

Sahaja yogi: I do not know

Sahaja yogini: She will be here only 3 days, the group until 16 or 17

Sahaja yogi: She goes to Portugal, she has to see other people, she’s going to be there one day and then goes to London. Sahaja Yogini: But you can see her I London

Seeker Joseph How in London?

Sajaha yogi: she’s going to be there one day and then goes to London.

Seeker Joseph: When she goes to London?

Sahaja yogi: Until Friday and then she goes to London.

Sahaja Yogi: June and July

Seeker Joseph: If I could understand English I would follow her to continue hearing her teachings.

Sahaja Yogi: But I translate

Seeker Joseph: Do you go to Portugal?

Sahaja yogi: translate to Shri Mataji what Joseph said

Shri Mataji: Oh Good.

Sahaja Yogi: You can go to London, In London there are many people who speak Spanish

Sahaja Yogi translated to Shri Mataji

Seeker Joseph: If God and the negatives … allow it, I’ll go

Sahaja yogini: She asks if you are married.

Seeker Joseph: Yes, but for test.

Sahaja yogi: How so, that for test?

– Yes, but for test, because I am a lawyer and we sign a document where it says that if I am doing well, we continue and if it does not go well, we separate. I have been married for civil reasons, a document was written where it says that the marriage we have is first made as a test.

-Shri Mataji: How is she?

– Seeker Joseph: little girl, Pluton, Scorpio, half witch. Half holy. If you look at her badly she is a bug and if you look at her well, she is a saint. How women are.

Shri Mataji: (Big Laugh) Meeta.. in Sanskrit means little (half)

– But tell her that if I get married, for me, marriage is nothing more than a social act; it is a document, it is a contract, like any other.

– Shri Mataji: After you bring her along and we gave her the realization then it is a divine contract.

– Seeker Joseph: Oh, many thanks, but I will be very careful with what I do, because. I must think … take it easy.

– Shri Mataji. You know why is so important now, because many great souls want to be born again now and want very good parents, that is why the parents must be good, sensitive, and peaceful.

Sahaja Yogi: explains to Joseph what Mother said.

Joseph. Yes, I agree with all that, but you must understand that I am a lawyer and I also dedicate myself to divorces

Shri Mataji: What is it?

Sahaja Yogi: A lawyer of divorce

Shri Mataji: Is he?

Sajaya Yogini: Yes, Mother

Mataji tells the translator that José asks her. Mother, are you the source of all the lawyers? And Jose asks Mataji the question. Again, Again You feel something,

Seeker Joseph: Not. Oh, let me see around here I feel something. Ask me ten times. You feel something, and he says yes, here. Mataji what you feel is because of everything you’ve read about krishnamurti,

Seeker Joseph: I’ve read about many others

Shri Mataji because they do not have authority to talk of God, this one, Swadishthana, left. In God’s law they are unauthorized people.

Seeker Joseph: I agree that the highest authority of God must come through the most natural and simple conduit. who speaks of love and renunciation of material things, is in authority. If she talks about the love of God and the renunciation of material things, she is in that great flow of energy that is the law of God and if she speaks of it, she is in it and if she is in it she has authority All of them who talk about it have authority, I understand it.

Mataji. No. They just talk about, but you see at least until you’re not realized soul you are a lawyer, you talk about love. but you cannot practice love

Shri Mataji That is for he has catch

Shri Mataji but it will go away. See?

Sakshat Gurubhyam, Sakshat Gurubhyam, Sakshat Gurubhyam, Sakshat Gurubhyam, Sakshat Gurubhyam. Aha, now, all right?

Shri Mataji: It’s less. Still tension is there.

Seeker Joseph: oh, I must be tight, I must be well cramped.

Sahaja Yogi: Do You feel something

Seeker José: No no. now… I feel cold breeze in my hands and I feel like my hands were in the air.

Sahaja Yogini: Energy

Yogini: With that movement She is hitting the crazy one that are inside you to make it get out.

Shri Mataji: Everything here is practical, in Sahaja Yoga everything we say can be seen in the kundalini. For example, the kundalini is block here you must take the name of Jesus Christ. If you are here, you must to said Mother I believe in you.

Shri Mataji: Is all practical, a living report.

Seeker Joseph: But to the kundalini we must invoke the principle of divinity force that reigns there, the divinity that reigns there

Shri Mataji:  Yes, it is.

Seeker Joseph: They are such simple things, but I take so long to learn. What the donkey I am

Shri Mataji: No no. that does not take time to learn that is very simple, a child can learn.

Now. Do you feel better?

Better now.

Of course, being close to her, of course I must be better. she emits many vibrations and if I’m more days better.

Shri Mataji:

I do not let mine children alone where ever you are I am with you.

Seeker Joseph: I’m going to give you a lot of war, be very careful.

Shri Mataji:

He must to go to London in a Guru Puja There all yogis go. I’m going to look at my diary. There you will meet all the yogis.

Seeker Joseph: Tell her Yes, I’m going to go. Before the Summer because after the summer it is not possible

Shri Mataji: Give him the address from the London´s ashram and we take your address.

(They took the address and telephone´s number).

Phone. Call me from 6 to 7 P.m.

Shri Mataji: Guru puja is July 6. Please write here, but if you can on July 3.

Seeker Joseph: I hope my psychic aggregates do not stop me from going.

Shri Mataji: Three days is perfect. What people who speak Spanish are there?

Sahaja Yogini: 3rd of July. If you do not have money do not worry because you do not have to pay for sleep or food.

Seeker Joseph: What… if I do not have money? If I am a lawyer, it is because of money.

Shri Mataji: There is a Sahaja Yogini that speak Spanish, she is married with English man and she is writing a book too. We are all married.

Seeker Joseph: Worst for you. Being single is the perfect thing. ideal

Shri Mataji: But not now: with the realization is much more perfect. better to be married after the realization we enjoy live. Give to your wife the realization.

Seeker Joseph: but not today. today I bring Andrea and tomorrow Francisca,

I do not want to join them because … although they do not know each other. No, that is more complicated.

Sahaja Yogini: But tomorrow we are not here.

Ok if you come from 9 to 10 in the morning is fine so you can bring her.

Seeker Joseph: So, one today and another tomorrow. If you need my car to move you have it at your disposal, so you do not have to take a taxi. There fit 5 people.

Sahaja Yogini : He says that he can bring his wife tomorrow morning.

Shri Mataji : All right, 9 o’clock then we see how we can go. 9 o’clock, because at 10 o’clock we go away so he comes at 9.

Sahaja Yogini : Mother he says that he has a car, if you want to go anywhere, he can bring you anywhere you like.

Shri Mataji : Thank you very much.

Sahaja Yogini : Do you want this afternoon?

Shri Mataji : [laughing] What about him?

Sahaja Yogini : He will drive you Mother.

Shri Mataji : He will drive for us? What we can do, we have 2 cars if he comes, some of you can go in the same car and they can also go. And we can go to the embassy. Will be a good idea. We’ll see the ambassador also, Indian ambassador, a very good man. He’s a Realized soul. And then after the meeting, you see, before we just come up for here with the program, and his wife will come later. So, we have two cars. We have one car. If he comes also with us, then we can take her with us to the embassy. Embassy, one program is there. And after the embassy, we can take him down to this program. All of us will be there but you people come along faster about one hour earlier. I’ll come later on. I leave about seven thirty. You leave about six thirty because it is from five thirty the program. So, we have to leave at five o’clock. Now, and as we know the road is very easy to reach there. Five o’ clock we have to leave. So, you tell him? What’s the program named?

Sahaja Yogini: Yes

Shri Mataji : I’ll go with you, with some other people.

Sahaja Yogini: What time we go Mother?

Shri Mataji : We have to leave – how much s the embassy’s time from here? Now we must go when?

Sahaja Yogini: At five o’clock from here Mother.

Shri Mataji : At five o’clock from here. And she will tell exactly how to go because now – yesterday, we made a mistake, you see, so there’s a very simple road, you’ll tell him you how to go.

Sahaja Yogini: He is coming quarter to five here.

Shri Mataji : that’s fine. Very nice. Then I’ll go with him.

Seeker Joseph: What amazes me is that when I saw the picture on the wall outside, it was a woman who teaches. Tell her that, I am not macho, just a little bit, but I think that all this Hindu culture is more common, we get used to seeing more men and more especially in India where the woman is in the house.

Sahaja Yogini: He says you are wonderful. He says when he saw your picture in the street, he can because you are a woman, that’s why he came to see you.

Sahaja Yogi : He was walking on the street, Mother, and then he saw the poster. And he was really amazed because it was the first woman he saw that was teaching about the spiritual life.

It was extraordinary because you are a woman; In India women are supposed to stay in the house

Shri Mataji : Exactly. But only a woman can do this job now. Only a mother can have that patience, love, affection and that handling. Then, it’s a handling.

Seeker Joseph: That is true the woman has a more real concept of existence, the man can get lost, but the woman cannot. Yes. Job of a woman is needed now.

The man is more yin and he shoot fast and with that the man loses his direction, but the woman is firmer, more constant, she accepts more the laws of the earth.

Shri Mataji: What does he say?

Sahaja Yogi: He says; a man always shoots up, Mother. He’s shooting up, he can get lost. But a woman is more family attached to.

Shri Mataji: She knows how to handle the situation because, you see, in this lifetime I’ve seen not only with stupid people you’ll be, very aggressive, very hot tempered, all kinds of people, you see. And if the man is there, he will beat them. He’ll just beat them. Like so many gurus, you know – real gurus also – they throw stones, they beat them, they are so hard actually, you can’t imagine.

They throw stones at people. They throw stones.

Seeker Joseph: Logically, there is a magic reason and this is it; if the human race continues doing the barbarities that they are doing, they will end up destroying the earth, so the powers of the earth itself, together with the powers of heaven, because they need the earth to send their students to perform, they will not allow that the earth be destroyed because on the scale of the harmonies, the earth is needed as one more link. As one more step. So, the gods, along with the powers of the earth, are not going to let the earth be destroyed because the human race so desires it. For which the forces of the earth together with the forces of heaven have agreed for a new being to come, gives us strength. cleanse us and for that who better than a woman, because the others have not succeeded, they have not resisted it, they have failed. The woman is stronger and more resistant, in consequence she is the ideal person.

Shri Mataji: What did he say?

Sahaja Yogi: He says that in the world people, humanity is going to be scratching and that the forces from the earth and from heaven are coming together to save, it’s not coming to an end.

Shri Mataji: Yes. That’s another point, very correct. The tension is so much that the person who loves must just love and forgive and not to kill. You see, this is the thing, it’s too much of love and patience, tremendous patience.

A peaceful, a blissful person. This is the comforter. Is a comforter and a consolatory because I’m now consoling. And, redeemer. Redeemer, the one who gives salvation.

Seeker Joseph: The powers of earth and sky are in her, she is protected.

Sahaja Yogi: He says around the power of earth and of heaven, are in You, Mother.

Shri Mataji: In the…?

Sahaja Yogi: In You.

Shri Mataji: That’s true. Just now one has to bring all the powers. Without that how can you solve this tremendous problem of emancipation of the whole masses of human beings? It’s not easy.

You see, to give Realization to one person was so difficult. Now we have to give to so many. Masses, thousands, thousands there. In India thousands are getting Realization. They have seen, they have been to India. They have seen, all these women have been to India. They have seen.

Seeker Joseph: Here in Spain, Madrid is very difficult because the balance has been lost,

Sahaja Yogi: He says that in Spain it’s very difficult.

Shri Mataji: Very conditioned.

Sahaja Yogi: Because they….

Shri Mataji: First of all, they’re very conditioned by Catholicism. And secondly now by these modern ideas, you see, getting modern, nonsensical.

Seeker Joseph: It has been a process in Spain, since the inquisition, that the spiritual part has been very bad, there have been situations, moments of darkness, ignorance and of course, when there is no light it one is diverted and when, above all, there is Nobody who speaks to you clearly, who speaks to you from power, because when one person is in power, it is very difficult to him, share power. She is in power and she shares it. that is very out of the ordinary.

Shri Mataji: What did he say?

Sahaja Yogi: He says that to share the power, Mother, is very difficult. And You do it. You have the power and You share it.

Sahaja Yogini: He says that in Spain, in the time of the inquisition. It was a very hard time because spiritually, the people didn’t evolve or really expand and…

Shri Mataji: Spiritually people are?

Sahaja Yogini: They didn’t really evolve since that time. And also, because, he said that, what you have, normally people just want the power for them or they don’t want to share it

Shri Mataji: That power is no power which cannot be shared.

Sahaja Yogi: He said that people don’t share the power first, because they don’t have it.

Shri Mataji: That’s the sign. That’s the sign.

Seeker Joseph: Of course, people do not share power, first because they do not have it and Secondly, the money that can be used to acquire a certain level of power nobody wants to share.

Shri Mataji: What is he saying?

Sahaja Yogi: He’s talking about money, Mother. Money gives you a certain kind of power and nobody wants to share it.

Shri Mataji: Because it enslaves you, that’s why. You see, it is enslavement. It’s not freedom. If you have freedom, you share it.

Seeker Joseph: It is that the Society is made in such a way, that it demands us a certain consumption, but if we were in India we would be under a tree outside, in a tent with wood, But in the West that cannot be.

Sahaja Yogi: He can see the environment, condition, heaviest condition by the environment. And he said if we were in India, we would be outside, and we won’t be so conditioned by society.

Shri Mataji: It’s true; it is a blessing. India is a very blissful place.

Shri Mataji to Sahaja yogini: Are you getting out?

Sahaja Yogini: I’m going to prepare a tea before you go to rest

Shri Mataji: Yes, I’m going to rest before they come. Thank you very much.

Seeker Joseph: So, in this Society there is a consumption, which forces you to consume, whether you want it or not. If you go from one place to another you have to walk at least 20 kilometres away, so you have to use the subway as a minimum and for the metro you need to buy a ticket and for that you must buy it with the money, you cannot sleep there in the station, a minimum of money you need to have to live normal, in harmony, when you realize that 40.000 things come to your mind, so you must have the intelligence to not get addicted to it, wishing to have more and more money and living in harmony. Of course, if you take a strawberry you want one more and other more.

What he means?

Sahaja Yogini: He said that a minimum of money is necessary because we have to live, we have to go by tube, we have to eat food. But he said this is just sufficient to live and afterwards we must not get taken up by the ambition and wanting to have always more.

Shri Mataji: You see, actually, money after Realization has its own value, because then you start spending for God’s love, you see. For example, I travelled, I have to spend money, then that is so fulfilling because every travel means so many people get realization and it has a meaning. Otherwise what’s the use of traveling?

And even material possessions are for giving. It’s for giving others, you see, whatever you have to express your love you give. Like you give flowers, you give – I go on giving things like that. I enjoy giving.

Seeker Joseph: Yes, I have a friend José Madrid who went to the meeting yesterday and who is coming this afternoon …

Sahaja Yogini: He has another friend Mother who is coming tonight.

Shri Mataji : Today, at quarter to five.

Shri Mataji: So, I’ll go and rest now. Will it be all right? Then I’ll have some peppermint.? You are very nice, you are really just there. I’m seeking people like you.

Seeker Joseph: Tell her that the impressions that I have of her: please me, not because she gives me the reason, because if she has to take it from me, she can do it, but it is because I see that she is a very balanced woman, what is difficult, and not because she has given me the reason, but because she has given me much to understand … very much … the four ideas of mine, which had cost me a lot of work to understand them through my life, I alone, and I see a person from power with the dynamic that she has, powerful that tells me that I am more or less correct. I like that ..

Sahaja Yogini: He said, Mother, he liked You because he can see You have the powers and because, he says, if You do not agree with him, if You said to him, “no” he says it’s all right because You are the person who has to perfect him.

Shri Mataji: But he has already reached right conclusions. Rationally he has reached right conclusions. Now spiritually he should verify them. That’s all. Tell him now.

Sahaja yogi: She says that you have come to some more or less certain conclusions, but now you must test them spiritually.

Seeker Joseph: Tell her: I ask her to excuse me or forgive me for some vibration of mine: sour, violent, excessive, bad, aggressive, violent, from me. That my own world has provoked them, because I lead such a hard life, of struggle … of course, I have a war psychic, strong, violent, rude.

Sahaja Yogini: He said that he apologizes for anything he has said or any attitude it was wrong.

Shri Mataji: Non, non, no. I’m overjoyed, I’m overjoyed to meet him. You should say that “In one day how close we have become because you are the same style as we are.”

Seeker Joseph: I try to make all the negative´s psychics energies of my aggregates, close them

Sahaja Yogini: He’s trying that all his negativity goes out, so he would be all right.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes. Don’t you worry. Absolutely.

Now in one day, imagine. Yesterday he came and how close one feels him.

Cause there is something so similar, isn’t it, within us, which is so much there. And just you meet and just you become one. It’s like that. It’s very simple.

Seeker Joseph: That’s is incredible!!

Shri Mataji: He understood? He understood; he must be learning English, after all.

Shri Mataji: is used for Left Heart, little bit. Now this side. But it’s not a precious stone. Instead of that the Center Heart is ruby. See they have wrote down the whole thing.

Shri Mataji: Ruby. Heart. Centre Heart.

Seeker Joseph: Ruby is from Mars and for me, Mars is very dangerous because in my horoscope Mars

is in my house, it is correct, but it is exact and badly aspected, I am a person of quick reactions.

Sahaja Yogini: Sorry Mother?

Shri Mataji : Emerald.

Sahaja Yogini: For the Nabhi Mother?

Shri Mataji : That is ruby.

What is it?

Seeker Joseph: Here there must be emerald. Here is copper, emerald for Venus. Earth

Shri Mataji : Copper is also green, copper is fitting with green

For the Vishuddhi is this one. Vishuddhi is this one.

Seeker Joseph: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13

Sahaja Yogini: Sapphire, sapphire.

Shri Mataji: Blue, blue one.

And diamond, for this.

Shri Mataji: This is one that I am going to give him as a gift. Tell him

Well … it’s a nice gift and more because it comes from her person and this is the best gift I can receive.

I give you some, for your stomach I’ll give you some emerald as a present.

Tell her thank you very much that I intend to give her a garnet that is the Pluton Stone. Because she is from pluton. Mars is the Rubi.

It is that there is garnet in quantities in India, rubies, sapphires and emerald I think there is not. The emeralds are from Colombia, the most beautiful

Shri Mataji: Garnet,, emeralds…

Shri Mataji: Emeralds brought from Colombia, I have a frog. He knows a lot about it. Do you do any business in this? How do you know so much about this?

Seeker Joseph: My start. my sin: are the magical sciences I have always liked the rituals of magic, but I have promised myself not to do any other.

Sahaja Yogini: He says that what he really loves doing is magic rituals. But he promised to himself not to do them anymore.

Seeker Joseph: but those stone are not ritualized, it is not.

Shri Mataji: Good. Otherwise even if you bring them, I’ll make them unritualized. [Laugh]

Sahaja Yogini: Don’t you want to rest?

Shri Mataji: I want to, but I’m just finishing my tea, alright?

Seeker Joseph: Okay, it’s just that they’re not, so tell her first that they’re not, because I’ve realized that magic is very conflictive and if you make a mistake you must to pay 10 times.

Sahaja Yogini: He understood that magic is very tricky. And if you commit a mistake, make a mistake, you’ll pay very much.

Shri Mataji: You will always pay. Whether you commit mistake or not, because it is a movement away from the reality. Always the – you see spirits come to help you, and you don’t know where they will land them.

But the other magic is just playing with your hands is different. But this magic with the sprits is very dangerous. Like hypnosis, all these things are very dangerous.

Because you enter in an unknown area. And you don’t know how to protect yourself. Even psychologists get that problem.

Seeker Joseph: Also, these forces can be converted into psychic aggregates that are incorporated into your physical ego and do not leave you in peace

Sahaja Yogini: He says besides that these forces will, these psychic forces will go to our ego and do not leave us in peace.

Shri Mataji: They will, they will come, they will enslave you. They can remove your body, just take it out your soul sometimes, and you can be lost, you can be dead. They do this to children so many times. It’s horrible thing, Absolut horrible. It has nothing to do with God.

The worst thing is not that they kill you is that they do not allow you to be free even after one is dead.

Now I teach you the magic of God. It’s tremendous. Dynamic. Long pervading. That’s what you should have. Sink into that, one sinks into that.

Seeker Joseph. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Shri Mataji: A machine for having breakfast. And he had to eat through a machine. So, the machine used to have a hand by which it used to push food into your mouth, you see. You don’t have to use hand. And there was one cake, and the cake was finished in the experimentation. So, they put some bolts. And the machine started pushing the bolts in the stomach. But the worst was they put a … Chaplin makes such a fun of modern times, I tell you. It is one part I think was the last one when they put a corn, you know, to eat and the corn used to turn, and you have to eat, you see, and you are so fixed that your teeth were just on the corn, and you couldn’t eat it. But the corn started moving, revolving very fast and people were all scared. And the corn was just, you know, it was brushing the corn against his teeth, his lips and everything was absorbed, and the corn was going and going. It’s very interesting. Have you seen “Modern Times” of Charlie Chaplin? You get it seeing. It’s worth …the man is genius, actually. He made such fun of these modern times. And that we see today. These. He made such fun of these modern times. And that we see today. These computers … After some time, we can’t use even fork and spoons, you see, you suddenly find something coming out from these computers sitting out here suddenly you’ll find the whole thing goes up and down. Everything is possible and the result with these computers, I tell you, they can be very wrong, I tell you.

The other day we went to buy these things, chandeliers, you see. And then when we went to buy the chandelier, what happened, the lady made something mistake on the machine, and she put some hundred pounds extra. I had calculated in My mind.

I told her, “This is wrong. This is not correct.”

She said, how do You say?”

I said, “I have a better machine in My head also. And this is wrong. Again, you do it.” Again, she did it. She got it correct.

She said, “It was my mistake. Instead of one, I pushed two.’

I said, “That’s it. So, don’t do it by machine, do it by your brains. It’s much better. Otherwise I would have lost one hundred pounds.”

Shri Mataji: What is the day today?

Tusday mother. Oh Wednesday the second of june, yes mother

Shri Mataji Talk with another Sahaja yogi

Shri Mataji: Better?

Very good excellent. (about food)

Also, the vegetables were so very good.

He spoke very well about Sahaja Yoga. You were not there when he spoke. He said that all these strange, crazy type of yoga are not the real yoga. Sahaja Yoga is the real yoga spiritual. which It was revived by Me. It’s the real yoga of spirit and which is revived now by Mother Nirmala Devi. That’s the way. And She’s a very dedicated wife. Despite that She’s doing this great work and all that. But he said the remarkable thing is the way She’s mastered the technique of the yoga (…?). And the point of that it revival in her, you see, which it was – because they all come into My head? And they spoke for quite a long time. But they were very much interested, all of them. Some of them are foreign service people, you see. And these all foreign service people are the cream of the country.

Shri Mataji: Oh God here she is coming here she bring everything. Too much for you

Sahaja yogini:

Shri Mataji: Tomorrow, let them go

Sahaja yogini: But she enjoys it do it, mother

Shri Mataji: Something she works very hard. They are so much to learn from her. The way she does it She is very remarkable.

Shri Mataji: She works like that, because she has some problems

Shri Mataji spoke med another Sahaja yogi.

She asks several questions, sometimes very difficult

Sometimes [UNCLEAR] start, the vibrations start coming very rhythmically.

Sahaja yogini: Yes

Shri Mataji: I actually [UNCLEAR]. Even when I’m tired if there’s some music, I enjoy. But I don’t like loud music, I don’t like, because it makes you too much [INAUDIBLE]. Today when you were playing this music there in the hall there was a man sitting next to Me. He was going on, on, on with the tune, he was enjoying it so much. We all were enjoying. Maybe these people will go and talk about it and tell them. You might get more people. This radio people did you telephone?

Sahaja yogi: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: What did she say? No time?

Sahaja yogi: Too many programs and…

Shri Mataji: But today she just has broadcasted.

Sahaja yogi: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: You never heard her. You should have heard. Specially you did such a good job.

All the time you are cooking. Very good taste you have got in your hand. This tastes very well. I’m sure you ….. will come back because that girl comes with [clappings?]. [UNCLEAR] I think [you?] too has your quality of surrendering. And that’s how as you surrendered yourself to your husband, she is doing the same thing, same mistake.

Sahaja Yogi: She said that ………….

Shri Mataji: That is consolation for her

Shri Mataji: the beginning of the guru is in the stomach all around in a place called void

That principle of guru establishes within us our sustenance what we Sanskrit call dharma, our sustenance, our human quality. Actually, you have to have a guru who is a realized soul, who loves you, who is absolutely master of Kundalini. And he does this work out of love for you, of compassion because he wants to share his joy with you. And such a person is extremely detached as far as your money, wealth, anything is concerned. He has no relationship with your money or position. You may be a king or anything, makes no difference to the guru. And we had at the time of Rama, His father-in-law was a guru, called Janaka. I mean He was the incarnation of this guru principle. We can say that the earliest was called as Adi Nath. Adi means primordial. Primordial master or Dattatreya. The principle is the innocence. Innocence aspect of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesha. So, guru has to be an innocent person and not a cunning man. Now we can say like Abraham, Moses all are incarnations of the same principle and Mohammed and Nanaka. All of them are incarnations of the same principle. Now when we accept such a person who is an incarnation, is perfectly all right. But they come once in a while after two thousand years on this earth. But if you accept a devil as your guru, then it creates a very bad problem within yourself.

There are two types of gurus, I mean false gurus. One puts you on the right side, one puts you on the left side. Now this Mahesh Yogi puts you on the left side. And there’s another fellow, Muktananda, puts you on the right side. Now see these two gentlemen sitting there [INAUDIBLE]. From their left it has risen and gone to the right. See this right side is here, you see, crossed over [UNCLEAR] and his has crossed over to the left. That’s how you can make out. All right?

Now we have got these ten principles in our stomach as I said. All right? And you are seekers. You are seekers of truth, and these are devils. So, their first attention is to capture you and attack you. And the deeper you are, the worse it is. If you are a very great seeker then they will be after your life because there is a war going on between the evil and the good. And these are the methods they use by which they really try to ruin you completely health wise, mentally and also not only that but spiritually. They create an imbalance, while the sustenance is your balance. They create an imbalance in you. And you are not aware. You are not aware as to how it has happened. They do it so cleverly.

Now in the sustenance or these ten sustenances are represented on our head here. So, all the great saints, when they come on this earth, the incarnations, they tell never go touch the feet of anyone because they know that they are the only ones who should be worshipped. So, they absolutely forbid you. Because once you start bow to someone, then that spoilt thing goes up into the head. And this is the most important center in a way because this is the center which is for the last incarnation of Christ. Is called as Ekadasha Rudra. So, Christ Himself is bestowed upon with eleven destructive forces Himself. Destructive, so last coming will be His destruction. This is His place, Kalki. This is called in Sanskrit as murdha, is the plate, brain plate.

Today you are better, but yesterday you had one entity here in your head

Now this is what happens that we do not notice this, and we go on doing it because we think something is wrong with us all the time. Then we don’t achieve anything, you see. We start doubting ourselves, and not the guru. And we think something is wrong with us. And we just do not know how to find out whether we are doing right or wrong, whether this guru is right or wrong, there is no way to find out. One gentleman came from America, from this Muktananda, who was with him for sixteen years. And he’s now become like a cabbage. Luckily, he met a girl whom he wanted to marry, an Indian girl. He was an Australian. But she said, “You are a possessed person. You are a cabbage. How can I marry you?” Then it came into his head that “In sixteen years what have I achieved? I’ve lost my money, everything. I’m in trouble.” Otherwise he was not aware. Sixteen years, can you imagine? So he came to London. See how Sahaja Yoga acts. He prayed that “Oh God, I’m a seeker, if I’m a true seeker, take me to a real person.” He came to London and he was going to India, and he went to the agency of Dinesh who is a Sahaja yogi. Now this Dinesh is the son-in-law of the Commander in Chief of India of the army. Do you believe? Now his father was a very big man too and very big officer, and his father and mother had gone to Anandmayi and he was absolutely fed up with Anandmayi because both had become zero. He lost his job, everything happened in the family, terrible things, finished. So he told him, “Why do you want to go to Anandmayi? At least don’t go there, you are already finished. You go and see Mother.”

So, he said, “How can I see Her now. I’m just flying out in the evening time and how will I see Her now?”

He just walked into My house. He said, “Mother I’ve come now. This is my condition. Will You please help me? I’ve lost all my properties, money, everything to this man and then I discovered how much damage he had done to me.”

I raised his Kundalini, everything, and he has now gone to Australia to our center. In Australia our center is powerful. Thank God he’s saved. In the previous lives, he was called as Bandasur, this Muktananda, was killed by the Goddess. And this fellow was called as Narakasur, so he was killed by the Goddess.

So you have to say the mantra that “You are the killer of Bandasura, You are the killer of Narakasura.” If you say this mantra you can get cured. They have different names. Like this Guru Maharaji was Raktabiji. His name was Raktabiji. He was horrible. He’s the 666 which Christ has described, which is described by John. He’s the one, born on the sixth of June. This one is Guru Maharaji. And the Mahishasura is that one with the fuzzy hair, what you call this Satya Sai Baba. They are all asuras, one better than the other. Why I’m telling you this, because when I cure you, you have to know that the diseases because of these gurus, whatever trouble is, and the mantra must be explained. It is not just I take money from you and give you a mantra. It is not possible, you see? Did you follow My point? You have to know why this mantra is said, because you must know what the problem is and what is the cure. You follow My point? Because it is very confusing. If I tell you any mantra, you will say that “Why this mantra Mother?” because now you are free. You will ask Me question. Nobody asks them question, but you will ask Me definitely. Because with him nobody asks why.

Sahaja yogi: Is that mantra Abhishikta

Shri Mataji: Yes, of course, [Abhishikt?], because the thing is this mantra is now told by a realized soul. Unless and until the mantra is told by the realized soul, it is not a mantra which is enlightened mantra. But only for people who are suffering like this, a particular mantra is given for the very beginning. But later on, they become just like other Sahaja yogis, cleared out, and then they have to know the different mantras of the different things.

Now for any other center where I live for a longer time, I don’t say all these things in the second day or third day because it is too early to say. The Satya is too harsh to understand, this truth. Because if you are half-baked you may fizzle out, you see. You make not take it properly. But as this time, we have no time, I have to tell you all about it in a short time. But you take it because with a proper sense. Because I have nothing to gain from you. I have come here to give you something. All right?

Now, can you write it for him, Narakasura’s mantra?


Now come along; just sit down, put it from of it, facing it, just put your- this side.

Now for all you people who are left sided best is the fire. Fire burns the gurus completely. All their hubris [?] are burnt away by fire.

The kind of problems you’ll have will be the ear trouble, neck trouble, eye trouble, heart trouble. These things people get it from this fellow.

So fire is the best thing. But fire is to be enlightened by putting before My photograph. So it gets enlightened. It gets to its essence.

So the fire can burn away all the negative.

It becomes aware and it burns away all the negative.

Put your hand, one hand. She can’t hold her hand? What’s the matter? Paralyzed.

So she has got paralysis, is it?

Sahaja Yogini : In the right hand mother.

Shri Mataji : She ‘s paralytic or she has got mental problems?

Sahaja Yogini : Mental problems.

Sahaja Yogi : After a brain operation of aneurism, she became damaged, and she cannot talk well. she used to be normal before the operation.

Shri Mataji : It was done on the left hand side.

Sahaja Yogi : Yes.

Shri Mataji : Correct. Then it’s alright, that’s how her mind is affected. I’ll work it out, no doubt.

Are you feeling the cool breeze? Did you feel the cool breeze yesterday? Ask him.

Sahaja Yogini : Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji : Then there’s no problem, you’re welcome.

[Shri Mataji is saying mantras]

End of tape