The main points of Sahaja Yoga

Madrid (Spain)

1982-06-02 2nd Public Program Madrid Source NITL HD, 82'
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Public program day 2, Madrid 1982-0602

[Shri Mataji starts speaking in 21:22]

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I told you about the false gurus how they try to entice you, today I have to give you the main points of Sahaja Yoga, as I told you yesterday that Sahaja is a thing which is born with you, it is within it is your own premule your germinating power within yourself and that this Yoga also takes place as a living process, it is a living process which we should understand in a proper way like for seed when we sow it we do not put any money for it, it just comes up by itself. The mother earth gives the warmth and it happens, in the same way, it is within you this power is within you it is your own and it works spontaneously in a loving way, so one should understand that you cannot pay for it, you cannot manure it, it just happens as a living force acting like a flower becoming a fruit. The other day one gentleman who got his realisation last year was complaining because he could not continue with it, he felt the cool breeze alright and he did not know what to do further. The thing is everywhere any country I went people took realisation then they felt responsible about it, they wrote to us and try to find out what is to be done further to grow, because if you are left at that point with your vibration then you have to grow after that, that is the most important thing is that you have to grow and at that point, you have to know about Sahaja Yoga. Before that you get it realisation even without knowing about it, especially, in the beginning, you are like a very delicate seedling and you have to respect your being and you have to be very careful and handle it with great compassion and love. Moreover, you have to have a full understanding as to what is your problem, the best way is to give to others then you grow much faster. If you do not try to share your power with others it does not grow. I hope this time we will be able to establish a centre here, he is going to stay here for at least two months and there are others who are going to stay in any case till the 17th but now it is for you people to take the responsibility and work it out yourself, every time we cannot import people from outside and I am sure it won’t be needed. Now for today’s thing, I would like to tell you about these different centres. You have heard and you have known that God has made you in his own image, now if this is the whole you are a part and parcel of the whole and the part has to become the whole. And to become the whole God has made all arrangements within us during the different stages of evolution. All these different centres demarcate your evolutionary process. The first centre that we have down below is the centre of your innocence. The deity that is placed on it is called Shri Ganesha because he is the eternal child, now this eternal child is kept there because he is always eternally innocent that is your innocence. This is a very important centre within us though it is placed below the Kundalini. Kundalini is in the sacrum bone wind up in three and a half coils. This is in all of you, as I told you this is the pure desire within us, which is unconscious now but becomes conscious when it manifests. Now the pure desire is to be one with the whole. So, this centre is placed below the Kundalini which is a virgin to look after the chastity of the virgin. The Kundalini is the reflection of the Holy Ghost within us. She is your mother, she is the mother of every one of you, but she is an individual mother of you own she has only one child that is you. She takes birth with you many a time and records what you are. When we try to deny her the right to give a second birth, she gets sick sometimes she is very unhappy and sometimes she freezes down. Now, this last centre has got a special power of innocence which looks after the excretion of the body, in the gross it manifests the pelvic plex. So, it looks after the sex also. An innocent child does not know what sex is, but sex that is perverted is punished. Or sex from which we become [UNCLEAR vidana] like nuns and all that is also punishable. Sex should be done through a proper marriage system. Marriage is a collective sanction and we should keep to that. Now the way people have deviated the whole society has [UNCLEAR physilled] out. There is no end to it. The whole society does not know lives in complete insecurity. The security of a person is built up in the home and when the home life is disturbed the child is insecure all his life and he develops all the kinds of diseases. So, it is a responsibility of the people who want to marry to have a home which is secured for their children. They have no business to make their children orphans. That’s why in the west few children are born there is a population problem they have minus population. But in India where we have a very sweet home family life and very loving parents all the children are born there; we are bearing your loads. That is why we have a population problem because of your dry temperaments. In Germany, I went and a lady she told me she doesn’t want to have children because if I have children my figure will be spoiled. Then my husband will leave me, I said he has married you or your figure! If such a superficial man is your husband throw him away! If he cares for your figure and not for you what’s the use of having such a horrible husband. So, the whole value system is wrong, at this kind of a value system ruins actually our family system. So now we have to see this centre has got Shri Ganesha who is the embodiment of innocence at a different stage and when he incarnates, he incarnates as Shri Jesus Christ at this centre [Agnya]. Jesus Christ incarnated on this earth and was first created in the heavens about which we know in the bible. He was specially made for a special purpose, its written about him in a book called Devi Mahatmayam is a description of the goddess how she created this great embodiment of innocence. He was called as Maha Vishnu and the description of his incarnation is very clearly given that he will be the support of the universe, that he suffers for the sins of the people, that when he will be awakened within us he is sucking all our karmas and our sins. When these two powers of desire and action started acting thy created a big cross here on in the brain. In the brain where the pituitary and the pineal body is in the centre of it is the subtle centre. This is the door that Christ has said, now this door was so much completely closed because of these two powers crossing each other. So, to penetrate through them they had to create a special type of an incarnation which was Jesus Christ, he was created of this divine vibration, he had nobody. He was a person who was nothing but Chaitanya AUM or you can say the divine vibrations. Now this one when he was created in the brain where it was to give you a [UNCLEAR prayed] space in that area. So, when the kundalini rises she enlightens that centre [that] Christ is enlightened. By that, he sucks in two pouches of ego and superego like that. Ego is your karmas and Super Ego is your conditionings. It is a living process. It is not a process that you call somebody he gives you baptism just like putting hands there. It actually happens, this portion [bhramarandhra] becomes absolutely soft and you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your own head. It is an absolutely living force, it is nothing psychological, it is neither any rational thing. And this thing about Christ was never told to Indians. When the people from here went to India the missionary they carried a gun in the hand and missionaries behind. They never understood that Christ has nothing to do with politics and when people made enquiries about Christ “What is he?” “Who is he?” they said he died for our sins you better get Christians. They just started branding everybody as Christians, Christians… some Catholics some protestants some this some that. So they understood that this is another fad/cult because the missionaries did not know about Christ at all when they asked “Is he Maha Vishnu?” who was born they said who is Maha Vishnu they do not want to read any other book, they are so self-opinionated. I was myself born in a Christian family and I saw their stupidity for very close quarter, I used to argue with them they never understood me at all. It was impossible to talk to them they had no understanding of the divine they thought if they have more Christians in India they will have democratic powers. Not only Catholics even protestants as they came from England and it was so that the Christians India believed that Christ was born in England, but they also started wearing English dresses behaving like English. So, this is the great Maha Vishnu who was born. According to Indian astrology, it was Maha Vishnu the day he was born. But the saints in India were told off, we had Muslim saints, we had Hindu saints, we had all kinds of saints they would not listen to anyone. I mean when they become saint, they lose their identities they become holy realised souls, now when this centre is awakened, and Christ is awakened and space is created, real baptism takes place that is what you must all ask for. Now, Christ has said your hands will speak, when the Kundalini pierces through you start feeling the different centres in your own hand. One of my first disciples [their] children in London was little sceptical he was just little doubting he said, “Can I know about my father?” I said you put your hand and think of your father he got a burning here at the base of this finger now these are the centres of your father and these are the centres of your mother so I told him your father must be down with bronchitis he telephoned to Scotland his mother answered and mother said your father is down with severe bronchitis then we can give him vibrations from here and you can cure that his wife rang up to say that she is bleeding the other day and he got worried, I gave vibration and said she is alright now he telephoned and now she is alright. You become dynamic because you are dynamic only your computer this divine computer is to be connected to the mains if that could be achieved then everything goes well but the biggest problem in the west is there is too much Ego, I am sorry to say. If Christ comes instead of me, they would have already crucified him. Everyone thinks that they on top of the world. Today I went to Indian ambassador’s place there were many Indians of very high official were there, after realisation, they said mother you have to give us photographs because we have to get vibrations from your photograph. But if you give it to the west, they will say why your photograph? For realisation, they will come to me but if I say there are vibrations in my photograph they do not want to accept

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….Married woman and I have no problems, my grandchildren have come all the way from India to beat me, I have left them in London and I have come here to give you realisation. Now, if you challenge me, I will be very happy you can take my seat very good I would like to retire [laughing] very easily if somebody could replace me, I will be very thankful. Because you could not do it, I had to come but why should your ego be so strong! I don’t know many things. I don’t know how to sign even a cheque, I don’t know how to drive, I don’t know anything about the worldly thing you know. I am something different, but I don’t feel my ego challenged if somebody else has to drive me I don’t feel that he is insulting me because I do not know how to drive. I know only this work; I also know cooking so why you should mind! So, first of all, settle down with your ego, you have to humble down, if you are not humble it doesn’t work out. Sahaja Yoga is not meant for arrogant people, if you try to be arrogant it will drop out. Christ tolerated everything but he has said “I will tolerate everything against myself but nothing against holy ghost will be tolerated”, that’s exactly the case so humble down yourself, I am your own, I am your mother so have no ego then you receive more in your heart. Now here the second centre about which I want to tell you about is the Swadistana chakra. Now Swadistana chakra comes into play when you want to create something, or you want to think of the future. It is the centre of your actions when you also use your body or use your mind then it comes into play. In the gross, it manifests Aortic plex. This centre transforms the fat cells from the stomach for the use of the brain and when you think too much this activity goes on increasing and when this activity is done only for the brain the other activities of this centre are neglected. This centre has to look after the liver, the pancreas, it has to look after spleen, kidneys and in ladies the uterus. Now when you start thinking too much your liver goes out of order, when you think of the future you become futuristic so much so that your memory starts going out your past cuts off and you reach such a state that you don’t even remember your name sometimes. Now when this mind thinks too much people try to subside it by alcohol or something like that by drugs or things they try to subside the brain because it is too much for them to think all the time so its an escape. But that spoils the liver even worse, a liver is a thing that throws out all the poisons from the body, the poison goes out of the liver as heat to the water in the blood, so if there is anything poisonous we get temperature but if you become very alcoholic then lever goes out of order. Because the alcohol makes the pattern of the water bent like this, there are two hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom and the hydrogen atom bents like this. So, when it comes the molecules of the water come near the liver, they cannot receive anything in themselves, because their normal shape is gone. After realisation or after giving vibration to liver the shape changes like this, from this to this and tremendous heat is given from the hands. The same thing happens in cancer, from a cancer patient such tremendous heat comes in that this room can become absolutely hot like an oven. In London, I was curing a cancer patient and the room became so hot that we had to open the windows when the temperature was freezing. So, one has to understand that all the time thinking is not good. But by telling you not to think you cannot do it. It cannot be brainwashing, only the kundalini has to rise when she goes into that space above this centre you cannot think. If you want, you can think but if you don’t want you need not think. But when it passes through your fontanel bone area the power of the divine power start flowing through you. With this power, you can give realisation to others. You can give them cures. You can cure a mad person. The whole system of valuation changes, tremendous change. You become very transformed, you become very secure, loving, affectionate and giving. You start looking much younger. Nd your body, face glistens with light. You are not bothered by small petty things of life because you become the witness of the play. The whole thing looks like a drama and you think you are just enjoying the drama. This all should happen in realisation, but some gurus make you jump like frogs. Are you now going to become frogs or earthworms! We have to use our brains. You become very beautiful very dignified very sensible wise personality. You become that quite a magnetism of your love. You do not overpower anybody neither you allow to overpower you. You stand in your strength of love. This is what has to happen because judgment time has come this is the judgement. God is going to judge you by your kundalini he is not going to put you in the scales to judge you. God has said that I will send you a [UNCLEAR comforter] that you should know my father forever, Christ has said. Unless and until you are realised how will you know his father the God almighty forever? So you have to get your realisation and you have to learn everything about I would like to say a few things about the so-called mantras and all that all the Hathi yoga and everything even raj yoga. Hathi yoga started 1000 of years back in India when we had a very different style of life where the children went and studied with a realised soul and in Hatha yoga, the main thing was Iswar pranidhan means establishing your Iswara means your God that is to first establish you as a realised soul, then there were other ashtangas other seven of them. And this exercise which you take so seriously was just a part of it but that also to be used with understanding where to use what is only possible to know when the kundalini is moving. Supposing your this centre is bad and you are taking exercise for this centre what is the use! In any case, this will also go bad. There are so many things which are done in such a half hazard manner without any knowledge there is a difference between east and west in their own lookout towards life. West is like the shoot of the tree which grows outside if tree grows too much outside you must know the roots have to go down below, you cannot see the roots but the roots are going down if they do not go down then this shoot won’t be sustained and this roots have reached that stage where today we are having a blossom time of realised souls. Because in the west after reaching the climax of their development now they are receding back. They are realising that matter cannot give you joy. The economics has the basic principle that no wants are [UNCLEAR sacheble] in general if you want today a house once you get the house that’s finished. Then you want to have a car when you have the car you want to have the helicopter but you are never happy and never satisfied because the matter cannot give joy only the spirit. And then once you are realised you can give joy to the matter. There is a technique by which you can give joy to the matter. Today there is such a short time I am sorry I came only for two days I was to be here for three days but they after tomorrow also these people are going to come here and talk to you and tell you all about it. I want a proper centre to be established here. It does not require any money what requires is desire and responsibility. If you have to enter into the kingdom of God you better do it. Already the young people are getting into troubles with these false gurus. There are so many seekers in this country. This is the only country where we do not have a centre can you believe it! I have been to Vancouver only for one day and we have a centre there. In Portugal only two boys got realisation they came to London learned a lot about Sahaja yoga and they have started a centre. So you awaken to your responsibilities it is not meant for one person, it is meant for the whole universe because the whole has to be awakened. You cannot just sit at home and do mediation. You all have to meet once a week. The girl had agreed to stay here he has got a job in London but he is going to stay here on his own for at least two months. He has no job here but still, he is willing to stay he will tell you all about it and there are other people till the 17th you can talk to them.

May God bless you all.

Next time when I come, I am sure we will have many more people our Indian ambassador who is also a Sahaja yogi here has told me that he will come to address the meeting and he will invite many important people. I hope you will all collaborate with him and cooperate with him, May God bless you thank you very much.

You can ask me questions for five minutes only as I think we should have a realisation which is more important.