Dr Singh Address

Nirmala Palace - Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (England)

1982-07-05 Dr Singh Address London England DP-RAW, 63' Add subtitles:
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Dr Singh Address

[Shri Mataji talks in Hindi.]

Shri Mataji: Sit down. Others are there? Please come. They are coming Warren says.
Shri Mataji: Just call all of them. Mother talks in Hindi.
All of them have come? Mother asks.
Mother talks in Hindi then She asks where is this group from Spain?
Someone answered but it is unclear.
Shri Mataji: I told them he is coming. Why should they have not come?
Someone: they’ll be back in couple minutes
Shri Mataji: Alright, come forward. Someone says something in the background.
Shri Mataji: They’ll be back pretty soon. Alright, alright. Mother says something in Hindi that has Algerian and France in it. Then She says, it is better now, much better? Sit down, sit down Mother says. Some of you can come forward a little if there is no space. Somebody says something in the background.
Shri Mataji: What do you want, huh (to a little kids close by), what do you want? Call him, call him. Say Mataji is calling.

Shri Mataji: Is she alright now, is she alright? Then She talks in Hindi that has Ganesha and Hanumana in it.
Show him your Ganesha Mother says to a little kids. Show him your Ganesha, your Ganesha, show him. He has kept it in his pocket. He has made all the painting of Ganesha today. Then She talks in Hindi.
Shri Mataji: She is gone also Marila? Is she, Marila? Someone answers that she is taking the baby.
Shri Mataji: Oh I see. The doctor’s wife is here and child is here. So ask them to come. Where is she? Then She talks in Hindi. Yes she is here. This is somebody’s wife (unclear) wife. Come along. He is the one. Come along. Mr Ricardo, he has come from Chili here and there are lots of people from Chili. But then because he knows Spanish so he went to Spain and we started a center there and now some people from Spain have come. Ah, this the Ganesha. Background voice: Very good someone says in the background.

[Then Shri Mataji talks in Hindi.]

Shri Mataji: So now we have among ourselves a very learned personality, Dr. Singh and his very sweet wife. It is such a pleasure to have such people. His education, I don’t know what it is really but I feel that he is the epitome of perfection as far as inner philosophies concerned because he has got the essence of it. And as in yesterdays, name the satguru learned that he has to be within, needs to be with (?) that he should know. That is not sufficient that you become realized souls. It is not sufficient at all because you have to be with others. If you are just be individualistic, then it is alright to be just realized but you have to know what it is, (?that, you have to be with one), the one who has known all the knowledge. His inquiry has lead it to absolute right conclusions and this is the thing that make me surprised because normally reading too much makes a person ego oriented, diverted, misled but his conclusions are absolutely at the right point. That has really impressed me so much. I haven’t seen any bureaucrat at his level as far as spirituality is concerned. They may be intelligent, they may be well ranked and all that but to reach the right conclusions, is only possible if you have innately built in within yourself common sense based on wisdom, is a sign of great wisdom to reach right conclusions. This is what I found about him. It is very great though you are also a learned people with PHds sitting here and all Oxford, Cambridge and this and that. all very educated, scholarly people also here. But all the scholarship if it doesn’t teach you the right, it doesn’t give you that capacity to reach the right conclusion, it is absolutely detrimental to your spiritual growth. Detrimental, it is not going to be useless but detrimental. And this is something that is such a great find for me and was overjoyed to meet with him. There is another gentleman as I told Dr.? (unclear-9mins) who is the same style of a person. He is not real Panchaba(?) Indian philosophy and all that but he also reached right conclusions as far as norm is concerned. He studied law. In the same way, in your education if you can really reach that understanding, then one must know that education is based on wisdom and not on ego that you are going to become something better than others and show off your knowledge. But that you, yourself, develop and grow with that wisdom. That is why I am very proud of him. I want you all to listen to him and his words of wisdom. May God bless you. Warren: would you like to stand sir? Would you be kind enough to come here, we have limited amount of cords.

Mr. Singh: Your Holiness Mataji and friends, I don’t think I deserve what Mataji has told you
about me but what…what it shows is that I have earned so much affection from Her. I and my wife always, talk about Her, remember her as an embodiment of love, compassion and the desire to help everyone to uplift himself or herself. That is the great thing about Her and we are indeed very lucky to have someone who can give us insight into those areas of existence about which unfortunately not only there is a great doubt at present but also there is very little curiosity. Mother has asked me to say something. I feel that I would put before you, how I in my own thinking have been able to understand what Mataji has been trying to teach. How I see her teachings. That is what I like to interpret to you in my humble, limited manner. We all are very learned people, highly educated, so I would like to talk to you in a language which I hope you will appreciate. We all know and believe that there are 3 levels of existence. 1. One is what we can call the inorganic material level. Next to it is the organic or life level, the level of living world. And about this world of life or living, is what can be crudely called a spiritual world. Crudely I said, for the absence of no other name, some people call it spiritual world, some call it transcendental world or some call it the world of Atman or whatever the world you want to use but these are the 3 levels. we also all believe that somehow or the other the 3 are connected. Somehow there and science also has shown how inorganic matter at some stage life evolves, erupts in our organic matter. Science in fact is very close to unraveling that mysterious process through which matter, lifeless matter gets transformed into life. And I think time is not far when the lowest constituents of life that is cell that it is called could be manufactured through chemicals, inorganic chemicals, in a way which scientists want to manufacture it. When that stage will be reached we would have known how to bridge the material and the living worlds. In the same way at a particular point, the world of living, our life as it is which consist of physical body, our brain and our thought processes, emotions and feelings, everything, everything come under there. That gets connected with the other world, the third level which you can call the spiritual world. This unity everyone believes but how it can be established is yet a mystery. Now what is the way to connect the living world with the spiritual world? A very good answer, or I would say a good analogy, has been provided by looking at matter, inorganic matter. As you all know it is (? unclear) that for scientists taught everything that is constituted of elements, basic elements whom were ultimate constituents of matter, their number of elements started with small number and went on growing growing growing till they reached their own hundred. And then came the nucleus physics age when they went still further and found out that the difference between the one element and another consists of only the difference in nucleus of the atom of that element. The nucleus differs and then there are electron moving around the nucleus and they constitute the difference between one matter and another matter. Nucleus consisted of neutron, protons and the number of neutrons and protons which existed in a particular atom determine which element it was. But science reached this stage still more higher than this some years back, think the last decade. they don’t doubt that if you move the nucleus of an atom at a very fast speed, then the neutrons and protons, they also become electrons. So they all become one, one energy unified. And the machine is called cyclotron. The physicist here may correct me wherever I go wrong. In a cyclotron the atoms move so fast that difference between molecules, between neutrons, protons and electrons, all disappears and they all become united, become one, just one. Take the element away from the machine, and they are different. It is the similar kind of thing which has to happen to make you as you are, to make us as we are, consisting of mind body and all that, get united with that other world, the spiritual world. Then the difference disappears between the body, the cell, and the thought and all that. The capacity to be united exists in us in the same way as the capacity to become electron exists in neutron and proton but it is not moving, it is static. So it is different. In the same way our body, our mind, because it is static, because it doesn’t move. Because it doesn’t have the capacity to move. It doesn’t get connected to that world. How to do it? Science has the machine, the cyclotron. You also need that machine. What does that machine to do. It has to vibrate you, it has to shake you. And when it vibrates you, when it shakes you, you also become like that charged particle in the atom. Then your differences disappear and unity is established. In the atom the dormant thing is the nucleus which has got to be shaken. In us human beings, the dormant thing is, what is called the mysterious power of the kundalini. We all have that kundalini in us. That is that great power, residing in each one of us. The question is how to make it, how to shake it, how to vibrate it so that it moves and in moving it takes away your whole being, your whole psycho, physical thing which you have, and connects it with that other world. It has got to be plagued in. That you, this frame has got to be plagued into that big universal force. And once it is plagued in, you move, you vibrate and in that vibration the differences disappear. When you unplague it again, like the nucleus of the atom, you are dormant only the electrons are moving. In the same way in you also, the movement is going on as in the atom, the electrons are moving in tremendous speed and the nucleus is silent, dormant. In the same way in you also that force is moving, only you are not aware of it and you are not making use of it. What is needed is that you become aware of that force, then you make use of that force. And then you try to vibrate it. How can you vibrate it? The scientists have the cyclotron. You need a Cyclotron, that machine. Who is that machine? The machine is the guru. the guru is that machine. Once you get that guru, then you yourself are the machine. Have got the machine, and what is much more than that machine, you also have got the maker of the cyclotron also there. The repairer of the cyclotron is also there. The moderator and the manipulator of the cyclotron is also there. So if cyclotron goes wrong you need to take it to the repairman, you need the inventor, the maker. But no here the guru has all those things combined. So he or she has to vibrate it. And sahaja yoga is the system by which this vibration merging, putting it into cyclotron and takes place in a manner which is in conformity with your nature. It doesn’t need to bring anyone from outside. Doesn’t need any force from outside. You know we have in India are 3 main types of equipment, people call it equipment to really vibrate you. These 3 are called tantra, mantra and yantra. These things, some people want tantra, others want mantra and some want yantra. Yantras, are things which are visible, seen which you can see in front of you. And when you see these things they create in your mind a subtle kind of feeling, subtle kinds of thoughts arising in your mind which help you in getting this plaguing done which I talked about. Mantra is recitation, recitation of certain rhymes and verses and etc. When you recite like this your palette, your throat and all these muscles they vibrate in certain way. And now scientists have found out that when they vibrate that way, they do cause certain dormant part of your brain to wake up. Then that is the mantra. And the tantra is the body. You do various things with your body what is normally called yoga, often called postures and all those things which your body get in such a way attuned, in such a way that reflex u in with the spiritual world.,but beyond all these things is just the simple yoga where u first know what you are. You know where the spiritual power in you is. Then with the help of your guru you try to have that vibration, to have that agitation you can called transcendental agitation if you want by which you get attuned and you get plagued in. Scientists say that our brain is roughly known about 1/3, 1/4 is known and about 2/3 unknown and there is this scientist whom I met in Spain, he has a theory. He says the unknown part which constitutes most of our brain, has 2 parts. Half of it relates to the future and half related to the past. Half of this has all those things stored, programmed and stored like you have in the computer, like you have microfilmed the history of the past 5000 years. So it has your entire past programmed and microfilmed and kept in half of it, and some day if you can awaken then you know the past, you know what has happened. Whatever your psycho-physical system has encountered during your existence in previous lives will become known to you and half of it deals with future. Future means future is nowhere, future, the reality as it is it just is, is only present, neither past nor future. So that gives you the capacity to know everything as it is today. We have to only awaken those powers and those powers can only be awakened only by this communication by which the vibration reaches your that brain. So this is as I see the sahaja yoga. and you are lucky and fortunate, we are all lucky and fortunate that we have Saint like Mataji, who have not only realized and seeing these connection from bottom going above but who have the compassion to make others also see that and you are involved in that great adventure. You are all doing the same work which those scientists have done, who found the interconnection of one matter and another, between the atom and the nucleus. Those who got and built the cyclotron because you all can become like Mataji. So many hundreds and thousand cyclotrons and each one of you creates many more. And that is the way the world has to evolve. Because this is my feeling, I may be wrong that this whole universe is sport of the almighty. He has a child takes small blocks of wood builds them into a beautiful building. He knows that he enjoys building that block into buildings, putting them, those blocks. He knows those are blocks and he knows when I make them this kind of thing will come. He has no other purpose, he does it and He shakes them again and builds them again. The same way I think these are the Almighty’s has all of us here as living beings as many others which are just plants. There are many others things that are just inorganic matter. If he wishes everyone, every, we even the tiniest piece of earth will become like you and me. But He doesn’t wish it in the same way as a child who is building the block, he wants one stone to be the foundation, he wants other block only to go on top, why? Because it is his wish. It is his enjoyment. So there is no whys in it. There is no purpose in it, otherwise someone can say why didn’t you make everyone as conscious human being? Why are plants only? why something is stone or mud? Ask that child why did you put that stone here why block there? why are you building the building here and not there? This is my wish. Only he is the omnipotent child. He is the omnipotent child. No mother to scold him, no limitation, no (unclear) And his blocks are living also. This child has to put the blocks wherever He wishes and the blocks get placed one above the other. So this is how I look at it but the same almighty in the form of seeing saints and teachers. We are his part….gives the capacity to them to make so many of those blocks which are not fully alive as living block. Some which are living, the teacher as desired by God almighty can make fully conscious, can make realized as such is His wish. We are lucky as human beings, that we have that capacity. And we are also lucky that we get the masters who teach us, With these few words I like to express my gratitude to all of you for listening to me. and Mataji has been so kind and affectionate to me and my wife and my children that to just thank her would be a crude formality. Thank you very much.
Warren says: I am not quite as tall as our dear ambassador friend. It is so lovely to welcome somebody from the world of (unclear) which I touched a little but I find a little too difficult to handle at the time. Mr. ambassador we respect you, we understand what Mataji said when she referred to that great learning and wisdom which lies beneath that learning. It is very rare in the west particularly, to meet with and to hear the words of somebody as senior position as yourself, giving such a profound and I may say touching explanation of the deeper aspects and the philosophy of human existence, the aspiration of human existence. The way in which you gave the analogy, within the field of science, to that the atman and the kundalini has given us a lot of food for the thought. We now have a new approach to talk to our seekers. We now have a new dimension to open up because these things do matter sir. that we should reach seekers that we should be able to relate to them in that terms that we should be able to talk about modern science and modern philosophy, in words that they can understand where as u spoke of that force that lies within us, the kundalini being liken to those other energies that lie within scientific terminologies. You have given us a whole new vocabulary if i may say so. And for that we thank you. Within the world of diplomatic and commercial counseling this field, to have somebody as profound with such understanding of the things of the spirit, as you have sir, it is such a joy. A joy to us because we have found in touching our spirit, the joy that comes of sharing with others and becoming one with the whole. This becoming one with the whole is something which we all have been seeking, perhaps, over in many many lives. And when we touch it we say this is it, this is it. This is what we have been seeking. and with utter dismay and complete joy like little children as u said. when we touch it we think my goodness all of these highways and byways that we have been going on, all these learning processes, all of these PhD’s, all of these remedies (Mother says), Dr. Warren repeats, remedies. That is it. Just like Socrates, not thisx3 and then u find it, this is it. And this is what you sir have found and were able to put it in such an eloquent words. How u in fact not only have found it but express it in your words and in your heart. We feel the vibrations of the universe, we feel the chaitanya that was referred to as chaitanya Lahiri by Adi shankaracharya. We feel the brahma shakti as vibrations. We have been given this blessing by Mataji Nirmala Devi and unlike in the past u referred to gurus, unlike in the past it is a little curious at the moment because, I supposed u can say the divine is overflowing with its desire to bring all the seekers to that state of consciousness, to that state of realization to which u were referring. So the outpouring of the divine a mass happening today. It is something which is taking place all over the world, there are groups of seekers, there are masses of people who just want to become the silent atma, they want to become one with the divine, and Mataji is an integrating force. She is a force which, gives that awakening en mass. You’d be interested to know that I was with the party with Mataji in India when we visited the whole village of Maharashtra of Cabus and before that audience of not a few hundred but 6000 people. every single one of those people felt the vibrations. The divine is giving this experience en-mass. We don’t ask who Mataji is, we don’t ask what she is. We don’t quite know if she is guru, whether she s this or that. to us she has given us the blessing as you referred to at the end of your remarks, not only she patch up the little problems, not only is that she has the quality of the guru, not only she fix up things, does she soothe, does she balance up the little imbalances that happen within us, but more than that, she teaches us to be our own guru and this is the ultimate blessing. How many of these gurus in the Himalayas and in the mountains, how many of these gurus have had the power to be able to give the realization just by the desire to do it, by raising that force within us. How many of those have been able to do it? We are in a very privileged position and i don’t know how we ended up in this incarnation, to be in such a privileged position, is to be able to go to a program, here in this ashram or may be out in some meeting of people in the suburb of London or coming to Madrid or wherever it was. to be able to give realization en-mass to people. And we say I am giving people self realization, and then we think no it is not I giving realization, this is the power we’ve got. It is an amazing enigma within us that this power which we know as kundalini, which vibrates which touches the atma, which puts us in touch with the all pervading power of god. It works, we can maneuver it. We can monitor the chakras that u know very well. We can monitor the chakras in our fingertips. We can know where the kundalini is sitting, if there is a little blockage, we have the capacity to clear those little blockages and allow the kundalini to rise. In fact is very interesting in India where people don’t have their shirts on and they are at Mother’s feet and we can watch the kundalini rising. And we can watch it pulsating at a certain chakra where there is a little obstruction and by giving it a bandhan and saying perhaps a mantra, kundalini will move and we can watch it as a way a physical energy rising thru the spine and u can see with your own eyes this happening. These things are amazing to us. Because as u well know, living in the west that we are a very rational beings, we do use a very mechanical, scientific brain to achieve certain conclusions. But as mother has said and u sir reinforced, how do u reach the right conclusion is the thing. How do u reach the right conclusion? How an ambassador to Spain, working for the bureaucracy of the India to reach this conclusion as you have sir? How to do it? This is the spiritual power that lies within you. This is the power of discrimination which we have been given.