Shopping Derby (England)

Shopping with Shri Mataji in Derby

Elisabeth says about it: “The shopping is in what was then “Debenhams” in the middle of Derby. The baby is mine… so I remember it well. Bala was there, also Douglas and Deviani. Barrie Brewster, Gavin, David and Hester Spiro… Rustum is in the Kitchen. The child is Gavin’s daughter Olympia. Warren is also there near the car.” […]

Confusion: the Subtle Slavery Doctor Johnson House, Birmingham (England)

Public Program, “Confusion: the Subtle Slavery”. Birmingham (UK), 9 July 1982.

One has to realize that modern times are the times of confusion. You don’t know what you want. You don’t know what you want to ask. You don’t know whatever you are doing is right or wrong. Confusion is necessary. Without confusion, we are not desperate. Without desperation we do not seek. But confusion is only visible when a person reaches a certain area of awareness, […]