Shri Bhoomi Devi Puja

Derby (England)


Shri Bhoomi Devi Puja. Derby (UK), 12 July 1982.

The Puja is celebrated outside, on a very windy and cool day. When Shri Mataji arrives, She looks upward towards the sky. Then Shri Mataji sits down on Her chair and takes a small girl in Her arms. She will keep her on Her lap during the whole talk.

Today I was telling Rustom that we should do of course the Puja of the Bhumi, because She’s angry actually, because She has produced such beautiful scenic beauty in this part of the country, and while the people who lived here have not understood the beauty that She has given them, and have tried to take to ugly and very sinful methods of invoking the satanic and negative forces. And this has made Her very angry, I felt it the other day when we went out. And it is done through the ignorance of the people, no doubt, but still, some of them, even knowingly, are indulging into things like these. Is a very serious thing, because you are inviting, inviting the satanic forces to work out your destruction. These forces are never your friends, they’re destructive, they can never be your friends, because you came out of the construction of God, and they are the destructions, and they can never be your friends. So the nature has to be annoyed about it (Shri Mataji looks upwards), and they think that this country doesn’t deserve a puja (Shri Mataji smiles). It is their own decision about it, that they are suggesting that this country doesn’t deserve…Perhaps they think I don’t know what this country has done, this part of the country, and that what I should do about them. To punish someone is very easy, and to get angry is even easier. But to have poise, and understanding, and compassion, is difficult. The patience of a mother they cannot have, it’s alright, I can understand them – but they have to obey.

Something has to be done, has to be done. We have to work out. Even if I go to hell, I’ll have to work it out. That’s my job. That’s what all of them and you, all put together, have to help me. Because all this anger, everything, will pass away. What will remain is the achievement, the achievement that we have accomplished by our perseverance and our patience. So once we realise the achievement and the importance of the achievement, we do not give way to these temporary moods (Shri Mataji looks quickly upwards), we have to be absolutely tranquil and understanding about it.

Also in this way we play into the hands of the negative forces, because they want to be disturbing, and we play into their hands in the anger. So actually, when we are angry, actually we are going against ourselves. You are playing into the hands of the negative. So what’s the use of getting angry and showing temper? It is addressed to these angry natural things that (Shri Mataji looks upwards and laughs). Alright. Now, we should start our puja because I think we should start it and it will settle down then with the puja.

As it is, when I first came to England I said there is a big curse of the Goddess on this country. Really. That time the climate was just like this. And you could not even step out of your door. We were staying in Alwich, I remember. And the car was hardly about, say, ten feet, and we didn’t know how to reach the car, it was so windy. And we were wearing coats and everything, but everything was absolutely in a windy state. And then I said that this country is really under the curse of the Goddess. But the one who curses also can take back the curse, isn’t it? (Shri Mataji smiles). But this is Vishnumaya, always very angry. Actually she’s very, very angry person. When she gets angry, she tries to show her anger. So as it is, you know, it is part and parcel of me, but my own part and parcel suggests – like, supposing there’s something burning, and I put my foot on that. It suggests, my foot suggests me that this is hot, better not put your foot. It’s like that.

So let us see how the puja works out today. It’s a great challenge to all of us. Let us do it with shraddha, don’t have ashraddha, then it will work out, I’m sure it will work out. You are my better children (Shri Mataji laughs).

May God bless you.