Havan after Adi Shakti Puja: Understand the significance of Havan

Cowley Manor, Cheltenham (England)

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Havan after Adi Shakti Puja 1982-08-01


Shri Mataji: Now, let’s understand the significance, all right? Now, he said a word ‘Swaha’. ‘Swaha’ is the capacity of the Nabhi Chakra. That is – it burns everything. The capacity! You can say ‘the essence’. It burns up everything. Whatever you put of the fire, it burns up. That’s one. Second it purifies. Say, if you have got mixed up gold and you put it in the fire, it glances. It burn something, it does not burn something – discriminate. It has got discrimination. It has got brilliance. Fire also has another great capacity, that it goes against the gravity. And when it goes against the gravity, it suggests that there can be another energy that can go against the gravity and that is the Kundalini. Many people confused with Kundalini the Prana Shakti. They thought, because Prana Shakti is the child of fire. They could only related to Kundalini. They thought that Kundalini and Prana Shakti are the same, because Kundalini also goes against the gravity. Then it has capacity to give you brilliance. A person who do this fire can use it to polishing things into brilliant, to its brilliance. It has capacity to join by melt it. Like human beings are like steel, worse than that sometimes. Then it’s this part in a subtle way for heart, melts their heart and joins them.

So the significance of fire is expressed here, and that’s why fire is worshipped. Fire has been worshipped since very, very long time by many gurus, prophets – they worshipped fire. And the essence of it was that we should have the quality of fire. Now, when the saints like you invoke the fire, you invoke the essence of fire. Essence of fire is ‘Swaha’. And this essence of fire gives you all the subtle qualities of the fire. First of all, it burns away your negativity. You have seen that on the photograph when you have a candle and if there are negative forces it flickers, it dances. Because of you and My photograph the fire of the candle has been enlightened. Sort of it has reach this ‘Swaha’ stage. Where it is Swaha it assumes it’s Swaha stage. And when it assumes its ‘Swaha’ stage then it burns. Now many, no fire can burn, you know that, but you have seen it, it happened.

When the fire in the stomach, that is within us, when it is enlightened, then it enlightens our attention. We get the capacity to rise against gravity that is Mana. Then we understand the discrimination that the fire does that it burns certain things and it not burns certain things. When we have that capacity we also discriminate, we know. It also has got tejas, it has got light, it gives you a face which is brilliant, which is shining, and also gives your eyes the capacity to see right things and right places. Eyes become brilliant and when in the eyes this fire is enlightened, there is a glint in your eyes. Sahaja Yogis have a glint in their eyes, a shining, like a jyoti, like you can say a flame. And you can go on adding to it and can go on working.

The food is digested by this fire within us. But when an enlightened person digest it, then whatever is produced out of that fire becomes sudh, means it becomes. When you vibrate the food and eat it, it goes in the stomach and makes the fire of the stomach that ‘Swaha Shakti’, that Swaha power. And then this power makes the food act like a medicine. That’s why we put vibrations in what we eat, because once it goes in the stomach, it will excite that Swaha power in you. Like this, all the powers of the fire, which are good powers, whatever are auspicious are good powers, the good side of it, they get enlightened, awakened and ……[UNCLEAR].

That’s why Havana is. So this is the Nabhi chakra and we putting everything to the universal Nabhi. It uses this discretion, burns off all this which is bad, then it clears the atmosphere by throwing it’s flames around, by charging the atmosphere with its capacity – or say the atmosphere ether – is Akasha. It also has got its subtle being. It excites the Akasha, the Akasha also gets cleared out. Most things cleared out, all the Bhoots and Badhas and Pisachhas run away, all negativity runs away. All lethargic inertia goes out. It excites also the Vanaspati that is air, the vegetation, plant, animals. Every sort of thing that exists, whatever has created. Whatever has created has been enlightened by this fire. But of course it depends of your capacity also to excite the fire. How much you can excite that fire is very much important.

Supposing you are an impure personality and you are not yet there, your link with the divine is poor, you are a doubting Tomas, some of them are inauspicious, all nonsense there are. They can’t do this. Only a person, who is a realized soul and who has given realization to many people works it out better. So, all those who are sitting here must remember that the responsibility is very great. Just now, put all you nonsensical doubts on one side and please work it out. Otherwise if you cannot do it, you better give up, because it’s like a dog in the manger, as I told you. You can’t do it, you don’t won’t others to do it. It’s no problem. At least let others do it, because we want atmosphere to clear out. We want everybody should be helped, we want Sahaja Yoga to be established, we want the emancipation of human being, we want peace descend, we want blessings of God to come. Those who don’t want to do it or think that they are doubtful, they should not do it. Absolutely …….[UNCLEAR]. Because they don’t realize just now. They will doing when they realize. It’s a very open offer to all of you not to feel insulted or bad, but to do it with your heart. If you cannot do it, you should not do it, because this is a very great tusk we have taken over, it’s a tremendous task. Is not just having some people around you and having ..…[UNCLEAR], it’s a very deep and those who are capable of doing it, should only do it otherwise they spoil it again.

First of all, we always worship Shri Ganesha, who came as our Lord Jesus Christ on this earth. Because He is the Vignanasha, He is the one who takes out all the …….[UNCLEAR] that can come on this deep…….[UNCLEAR]. All right?

Nobody has the authority to do a Havana unless and untill they are the Brahmins, they can’t do it. One develop a problem. …….[UNCLEAR]

All right! So now this is the beginning 

Do it very carefully. You have to put it round because you are realized souls, you have your own powers. When you put it round, what you do, you give a Bandhan yourself, and whatever is there within you, goes into it and you put it. So the fire discriminately does everything. It solves all the problems at one time. It burn out whatever is bad, it give you whatever is good. It will establish the gold in you, it give you the lustre, everything works out simultaneously. But you have to awaken the subtleness, for that you have to be sublte yourself. If you are gross and if you are mundane, and if you are on that level, then rather difficult. You can understand that. You have to have the level.

Shri Mataji:” Now, you have to say ‘Agni Devta’, because ‘Agni Devta’ is the one, which is ‘Swaha’ and you have to say about devta. 

Shri Mataji: “See, Agni as I told you is the seeking, all right? Is the water. Now, today you are going to do Devi’s names, means that is the desire. The most powerful thing is Devi’s names. What you are doing, is to now, trying to purify your desires – the basics, absolutely, where you have to return of. So, that’s what you have trying to do. Supposing we want to have more action, then you should do brahma dev – Saraswatis names. Now if you want to have more evolution – Vishnu. We are quite evolved, but find a gap to between the others, so let us create more desires, all right? Because if we only evolve, only we few will left in the air, the rest will be all belong. Take the Vedas, look where they are. They have to work it out, there are all blind people. They don’t understand. We have to go slow and to make it slow and to make them – mhh – come of, this is the Puja we are doing to desire. Mahakali Puja to desire, is the Devi’s Puja, the primordial Mother, so Adi Shakti’s Pujas is there, that so the desire is created.

Mantra: Om Shri Agni Devata, Agni Shakti, Agni Mata Namaha. Om Swaha.

Shri Mataji: “See, it doesn’t burn. It’s a living thing. It doesn’t burn. Whatever have in your hand, all the fragrant things come from various sources, that are meant to be put tnere the fragrance of the mother earth, and put fragrance for this fire. So, it burns away all that is nonsensical and keeps to fragrance and makes the whole atmosphere fragrant. Fragrance is the essence of Mother Earth. The ‘Bhoo’ – that is called as the ‘Bhoo’ – but is the fragrance……….[UNCLEAR] So, first we are going to say a few names of Shiva.

Name of Shri Shiva – Swaha.

Shri Mataji: For Shiva you need not…..…….[UNCLEAR] Just now we will do it. The name you can you see the goal we have to give. You have to burn ourselves, because Shiva is Sadashiva. What is there to burn anything?



Shri Mataji: By thought of the digestion, is the Swaha – is digest. That’s what you get with the word digest, is better Swaha – that digest, whatever is good for the body turns out and will be the best. All right? Whatever is not good …….…….[UNCLEAR]. Swaha is a digestive power of fire, is Swaha. 

Somebody ask: “Is Void?” 

Shri Mataji: “It’s all Void. 

Somebody say: “Intestines”

Shri Mataji: “Intestines …….[UNCLEAR] liver also …….[UNCLEAR] all your thoughts […]. So, that’s what it is. Ingestion of the good and expeltion of the bad.

The ‚master of ceremonies‘ reads another Name, the people said: Om Swaha.

Shri Mataji: All this people worship fire for the same reason.

The ‚master of ceremonies‘ reads the name ‘Vivekinye’, the people said: Om Swaha.

Shri Mataji: These are all Viveka – attention, to the Angi again. The Agni, the fire of your Chitta. You see, when it gets enlightened it becomes Chitta. That’s why when – I cannot explain why, how I used to, because My …….[UNCLEAR]. First you have to become chitti and then ‘Chittis’. So, this is a little gap in between.

The ‚master of ceremonies‘ reads the name ‘’Shuddha Chitta Pradayini …’, the people said: Om Swaha.

Shri Mataji: Means the Agni, whatever you put into an enlightened persons Chitta, he knows how to sort out.

The ‚master of ceremonies‘ reads the ten names of the Adi Gurus and add Shri Mataji Guru Matreya Namaha, Shri Sarva Guru Matreya Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi Namaha and Shri Sarva Sahaja Yogi Guru Matreya Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namaha.

Shri Mataji interrupts: That is the Guru Shakti also, because only if you have the Guru Shakti you can discriminate. You know who to burn out.

The ‚master of ceremonies‘ reads another Name, the people said: Om Swaha. He reads the name: Parama Viveka Pradayini Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namo Namaha

Shri Mataji: Now, for example Rajneesh was burned by fire. Fire means that settle. Ahankara can be burned by fire. So many things can.

The ‚master of ceremonies‘ reads the name: Om Shri Sarva Dushkripte Nashinye Namaha

Shri Mataji: And you appear like – you see when this flames you see – actually your Chakras appear like this, only like flames, but they’re very silent, there a beautifully burning of different colors.

The ‚master of ceremonies‘ reads another Name, the people said: Om Swaha.

Shri Mataji: All right. Now, you have to take out all the Badhas, you see. That better do it now.

They offer different Badhas with the ‘Swaha’:

all the Badhas of Bristol, of London, of the English Centres, of our Ashrams, of lethargy, of false gurus, of insincerity, argumentativeness, selfishness, uncollectivity, miserliness, from families;

Shri Mataji comments: very true!


Shri Mataji: all the badhas of […] 

… that prevented from surrendering, that give us heat, delusion, illusion;

Shri Mataji: all the badhas of psychologist;

analyzing, anger, sympathizing;

Shri Mataji: and also borrowing and lending – in Sahaja Yoga it is not allowed.


Shri Mataji says: Oh – baba, do it thrice.


Shri Mataji: physical illness, mental illness;


Shri Mataji: Punjab, speaking too much is very important. Speaking too much is not good;

all the badhas of all the doctors;

Shri Mataji: And the hospitals;


Shri Mataji: of the politicians and strikes and all the destructive things;

all the churches;

Shri Mataji: moreover whatever is anti-peace and anti-bliss, money making propositions in the name of God, all anti-God activities, everything which is against love, against collectivity, against […];

all the Badhas of the seekers coming to the meeting tonight;

Shri Mataji: Oh, very important!

Inertia, media, that prevent the advertisement of Sahaja Yoga;

Shri Mataji: very good!

Accumulated Jada, Badhas of Cowley Manjor;

Shri Mataji: very practical people […], all the people which makes rules and regulations, advance […] which is against God;

daydreamers, all the planners, competitiveness;

Shri Mataji: all the Sahaja Yoga Ashrams in India;

all the Badhas which prevent us from possessing our own land, […] petty-mindedness, jealousy;

Shri Mataji: all the Badhas in the negative…….[UNCLEAR], in your relationship with God, in the relationship between you and your mother, in the dedication to …….[UNCLEAR], in the dedication to your mother, in understanding the dynamism of Yogi, in understanding the dynamism of …….[UNCLEAR] God work;

in the left Nabhi (3x Om Swaha), Badhas of the half-baked murmuring souls, all Badhas in work of God, in Spain and Portugal; all Badhas in Australia, America (3x), Canada, other countries, the Jewish ego, whatever remains…

Finish of the Havan.

Shri Mataji: May God bless you all!