Visit to source of River Thames

Seven Springs, Cheltenham (England)

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H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi visits the source of the River Thames, near Cheltenham (England), 31 July 1982.
location: Seven Springs, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 9NG and then onto Pittville pump rooms, East Approach Drive, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL52 3JE

Mataji: So, [everyone UNCLEAR?] a nice weekend? Yogis: Thank you Mother. Mataji: [UNCLEAR] I wish you could send your thanks to [UNCLEAR] Mataji: Hello [UNCLEAR], how are you? Hello [UNCLEAR], how are you? Mataji: Now, are you all right? Now, are you all right? Mataji: [UNCLEAR] everyone understands? Mataji: I am sorry, I have to go [by this one UNCLEAR] You have to go by which one? Mataji: He has to drive his own car. Maatji: All right, bye bye.

Mataji: God bless you all. Angry people very much. they are being very kind to us. Yogi:Here comes mother Mataji: Let’s go there where the water is flowing. Mataji: This is the source of Thames river. Be careful. [UNCLEAR] start going [UNCLEAR] That’s written on the Mataji: That’s [UNCLEAR] inside there, you see? Yogi: [UNCLEAR] father Thames, [UNCLEAR] seven [UNCLEAR] Yogi: Then they call father Mataji: What’s the meaning of [UNCLEAR]? Yogi: It’s used to be [UNCLEAR] Yogi: It’s used to be [UNCLEAR] But still the Isis or anyone [UNCLEAR] Oxford, they still call it the [UNCLEAR]. Yogi: The Oxford or the [UNCLEAR] call it Isis, that is [UNCLEAR] the baby’s name [UNCLEAR].

Mataji: It has started. Mataji: [UNCLEAR] water you never get it [UNCLEAR] Mataji: There is nothing. They will never get into [UNCLEAR] Surprisingly. Yogi: We take, we should take off all of our shoes. Mataji: Keep your feet there. Mataji: It is rising. It has to rise. Maatji: All these things will go away [UNCLEAR] Yogi: Bolo Shri Ganga Mata Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jay! Mataji: See the cool breeze coming, are you feeling the cool breeze now? Mataji: [UNCLEAR] She is happy, no body has respected her [UNCLEAR] Yogi: Now, we will respect.

Mataji: Cool Breeze is coming. Yogi: Robert, how many people are there here? Mataji: All of you have a meaning, after all. [UNCLEAR] Mataji: [UNCLEAR] power Mataji: [UNCLEAR] in sahaja yoga Mataji: It has started, quite a bit. Mataji: Of course, of course. Mataji: [Take away your UNCLEAR] badhas and everything. Mataji: Wash your hands at least. Mataji: 35 crore devatas are there. Yogi: What does that mean? Yogi: 35 times 10 million devatas in the universe.

Mataji: 35 crore, I crore is equals to 10 million. That’s an impossibility Mataji: 33. Yogi: But some say 35. It is in the Devi Bhagawat. It is 35. Mataji: Peace has settled down. Yogi: It is a holy place. Small girl. Take her down. Take her down carefully because she might touch she should not touch.

Little baby. Thames river comes from this river. Mataji: This is where the Thames river originates. There are 7 places where water is coming from. Go and see. Baby: No, I have already seen it. Mataji: Go and put your feet in it and come, its very cold. Mataji: Can somebody carry her in the lap? Mataji: It is a very holy place. Just somebody should take her down.

I think Alan can do it. Alan just take her down, let her, put in the water. Yogi: She was there. Mataji: She was there? Yogi: We counted 36, Mataji: She has to go, you didn’t count her. Very cool, very soothing all left is waking up Water I think they went to tourist attractions. Mataji: I see there are the tourist [UNCLEAR] but this is the deity [UNCLEAR] Mataji: They should come, you see they should understand the meaning. Mataji: Now, I have become an actress or what? Yogi: You are the movie stars of movie stars Mother. Yogi: You move the Stars Mother.

Mataji: Just look after her, she should not put on the [UNCLEAR]. Yogi: They are watching her Mother. There was that thing on the wall, someone said Yes, letters, inscriptions. What.? [UNCLEAR] inscriptions. [UNCLEAR] Oh father Thames this your 7 Nik? yeah. Take the stone of mother you took it with you did you? Yogi: I just wanted to find if you can see the seven sources Yogi: Did Mother stand on this one here? Yogi: This one here.

Just get one Mataji: [UNCLEAR]Just can’t see the water flowing or anything? Yogi: No Mother. [UNCLEAR] in the building [UNCLEAR] Mataji: What sort of an arrangement they have? Mataji: We can’t see anything there? Yogi: [UNCLEAR] the building there [UNCLEAR] Mataji: It’s a tap there? Yogi: But they actually have to electrically pump it up the ground. Mataji: It’s nice here, you see. Mataji: Very meditative, the vibrations are coming. Mataji: It’s [sulphur?] that is [clouding?]

the water, it will never [UNCLEAR] Mataji: The vibrations are [UNCLEAR] Yogi: Mother, this was the hall we wanted to have a meeting one time. Mataji: We are going to have? Yogi: We were going to have this one time. Mataji: When? Yogi: The meeting you had last night. This is the one we wanted. Mataji: Next time. [UNCLEAR] Mataji: [UNCLEAR] that’s what they do. Yogi: It does the same effect on the brain cells. Mataji; Just [UNCLEAR] Mataji: The worst thing that I have [UNCLEAR] is that Mataji: those who are [UNCLEAR] feel they are wise but then they come to Sahaja yoga and think they are [UNCLEAR] Maaji: This is the thing I [UNCLEAR], isn’t it?

Mataji: How can you [UNCLEAR] that you [work for sahaja yoga UNCLEAR?] I just don’t understand that [those who are settled? UNCLEAR] Not you Robert, so many others. Not you, you are not like that. But must be some reason. I asked a sahaja yogi [UNCLEAR] I said, “What how were you so much [subjugated? UNCLEAR], you should have asked questions. He said no, they say that this is to kill your ego. Yogi: So you have to go out of the mind? Mataji: I mean they are very frank and honest.

Mataji: [Even if ?UNCLEAR] you are out of your mind. They do not understand the world. [UNCLEAR] means hell. Yogi: The entrance of the center where I went, you know, [UNCLEAR] They put, “Please take off your shoes and your mind.” Leave your shoes and mind outside the door. See that means, they want to say that we don’t send the mind. But that is what they would like to say, [UNCLEAR] They are trying to [UNCLEAR] us [UNCLEAR] that you transcend the mind beyond mind. They say that you keep your mind outside. Mataji: People are very attached to shoes so it will make them nervous when they take out their shoes. Keep them outside.

There is a saying in Marathi. means, you get into the temple and all your attention is on your shoes which is outside. In India it is very common if you lose them. When they go to a temple, they buy something, which is absolutely useless, which they want to get rid of. Because in the temple, [UNCLEAR] it is stolen. Or they replace their [UNCLEAR] These are the ones we are getting [UNCLEAR]? Mataji: It should have been a very good [UNCLEAR] How far is Bristol from here? Yogi: Mother they wondered why we were all sitting here Mataji: So what did you say? Yogi: I said we were just waiting to see the water Just waiting to see the water. Mataji: What did they say?

Yogi: They said, “That’s all right.” They didn’t say that if it’s going to be ready they’re trying Yogi: We could hear the pump going that’s all. Could you can you just check because the pump is actually there’s thumping away? Mataji: Make a bandhan maybe. What’s that? Yogi: That’s where the water is actually [coming from?] Mataji: On top? They used to be, in 1830 they used to come [UNCLEAR] with handles they used to pump it [UNCLEAR] Yogi: But now it’s [UNCLEAR] electrical. Yogi: [UNCLEAR] didn’t come up? There’s nothing to see honestly?

That [UNCLEAR] was just taken from the tap, not from the top. There’s a little tap there you just took it from the tap so Mataji: It must be also [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] sulphur? I see, [UNCLEAR] salt. That thing you get is [UNCLEAR] salt? It’s like that. Mataji: In 10 minutes, we leave. Mataji: Go record the water. Yogi: Mother was telling [UNCLEAR] is good for [UNCLEAR], anybody who has got a [UNCLEAR] , left nabhi, problem. Mataji: Yello colour, is [UNCLEAR] good for liver that is [sleepy?] Like carrot could be very good also.

And all that white colour is vitamin A. Because calcium , calcium is white in colour. Sulphur is yellowish. [UNCLEAR] but calcium is also [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] people who are having a cold. specially for children, you have got allergies and if you give them calcium, [calcium is not good?] You see we have got a liver which is over active and the one which is absolutely active. The one which is overactive is [UNCLEAR] too much [UNCLEAR] too much And those who have inactive one are the one who are [UNCLEAR] [UNCLEAR] or sort of [UNCLEAR] develop allergies, more on the left hand side. So those who have allergies, should take to sulphur, [this is good for them ?UNCLEAR] And for the right-sided people better to take cooler things. [UNCLEAR] Like you can say, sugar, sugar is very cooling, sugar is a coolant. Yogi: Mother, people who are anxious and have too much nerves problem, they take these yellow plant, marigold type.

And make tea out of it, fresh from the plant. I tried that in [UNCLEAR], two or three times. And also it has an effect in the liver. Mataji: Nervous people are mostly the people who are left sided. Mataji: That could be very good. Yogi: Also also jasmine tea helps. Mataji: Jasmine tea is very good. Yogi: It’s yellowish too. Mataji: Ganges river, you see, go anywhere, wherever river Ganges goes you will never find these dirty things. Yogi: [UNCLEAR] river Ganga comes from the snow.

and it goes past many flowers and herbs in the meantime. Yogi: And it also picks up all sort of elements and it mixes in the Ganges. Mataji: Its [UNCLEAR] in the Sahashrara of Shiva. Yogi: Yes Mother, we are going to have a havana there, and the people to come [UNCLEAR] the jewish ego. We have some plans Mother. Like saying Jewish hyms, singing and also the Lord’s prayer to confuse them and Mataji’s mantra.

[summary by a Sahaja yogi]

[Note: The video begins with Shri Mataji leaving the Sahaja Yoga seminar, and travelling to the source of the Thames (approx 0.15-0.33). Shri Mataji then travels to Cheltenham to visit the Spa.]

This video is not like the usual talk that we see at programmes and pujas, it is a beautiful day in our Mother’s life where she goes on an outing with her children. We will endeavour to share this journey together…..
There were thirteen yogis and yoginis with Shri Mataji which She said represented the 13 crore powers of the Devi.

This video begins with Shri Mataji thanking all the yogis for a lovely weekend as they prepare to leave…as Shri Mataji sits in her car, all her children see her off with music…all the cars began their journey with Mother.
Upon arrival, yogis helped Shri Mataji walk down to the stone area where there are seven sources, small almost puddle areas…like the beginning of a stream.
A yogi takes a little water and places it in Mother’s hand. Shri Mataji stands on a stone where a yogi offers the water to Her Holy Lotus Feet. Everybody is explaining to Shri Mataji how part of the river is called The Isis which flows through Oxford.
Shri Mataji is walking barefoot over this whole area…placing her Divine Lotus Feet in the water….the yogis also join her. All the yogis hail ‘Shri Ganga Mata Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jai’
Shri Mataji then asks the yogis ‘are you feeling the cool breeze now?’
The yogis reply in agreement and Mother explains that we have said Jai to her so she is happy…nobody has respected her…
The yogis reply that now she will be respected….
Shri Mataji is saying ‘see now the cool breeze is coming’. Everybody stand with Mother receiving the cool vibrations for a while.
As Shri Mataji and the yogis head back to their cars, Mother walking barefoot, she speaks in hindi to the young ladies with her…’this a very pure place, the birth place of River Thames, so clear and cool…. go and put your feet in the water.
So cool and very soothing….all the left is clearing….Shri Mataji is taking bandhan on her left hand while talking so lightly and joyfully with each other.
As Shri Mataji settles back in her car, the yogis and yoginis are taking a little time at the source bowing and honouring the earth and water. They try to decipher words on the wall which include the words ‘Father Thames’…
Everybody return to their cars and prepare to continue the journey…..the convoy travel through the country roads until they reach the town.
They go into a beautiful building and sit together in a room with a dome ceiling made in the pattern of 36 flowers, which Shri Mataji is admiring. Mother is saying it is very meditative and vibrations are coming. A yogi is telling Mother that this was the hall where they were going to have a meeting but couldn’t. Mother was so happy to hear this, she said that would be great, maybe next time…(machinery sounds as it seems there is work in progress)
Shri Mataji and the yogis are talking about the effects of going to false gurus….She mentions how they mesmerise people. Mother spoke ‘there must be some reason, I asked Raktabeeja, how were you so much subjugated? You should have asked questions. She said no, they say this is to kill your ego’
They continue to talk and Mother explains a saying in Marathi which when translated means that when people go into the temple, they have to take shoes off outside so they will be in the temple but the attention is on the shoes outside!
Shri Mataji and the yogis are enjoying the children and the little ganeshas…
The building administrators were asking a yogi why everybody was sitting there and Mother asked what he replied. The yogi told them that they were waiting to see the water….
While waiting, a yogi offered Mother a little water from a small tap and She confirmed the sulphur quality in the water. Mother continued to explain how sulphur is good for the liver and allergies. Calcium is very good especially for children with allergies. Shri Mataji continues to discuss the left and right…cool and warm effects. Yellow flowers and teas are good for the left ….sulphur is also good for gallstones. This water would not forment.
Shri Mataji also put her attention on Scotland and said that they were enjoying their own destruction and what to do. She said she would create some disaster.
After this, there was an article about the water that was used to make a particular whiskey in Scotland, now contained sulphur so could no longer be used to make that alcohol.
They talked about the River Ganges….the water will always stay pure and clean, whereas other tap water etc will start to spoil after a while….as can be seen when you fill up a bottle.
The Ganges comes from the snow of the Himalaya and passes through many elements. Shri Mataji adds that it comes from the Sahasrara and Shiva.

Shri Mataji and the yogis leave the building and the day ends with talking about havan plans as they see Mother to her car.
Blessed is this land and the river that has been touched by the Holy Feet of Our Divine Mother.