The Importance of Dedication and Devotion

Nirmala Palace - Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (England)

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The Importance of Dedication and Devotion, Nirmala Palace – Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (United Kingdom), 6 August 1982.

The other day I talked to you about the importance of dedication in Sahaja Yoga and the devotion that one should have. Actually, when we are close to the mountain, we can’t see much of it, and that’s why we don’t realize the volume that is so close to us, the greatness that is facing us.

This is one of the illusions that works out for people who do not realize it mentally – what they are in for, where are they, what have they found, what is Self-realization, what is its magnitude, how far they have to go, why are they chosen, what is their purpose of life, how far they have come up, how far they can understand. All these things are beyond the grasp, and one gets stunned, one doesn’t know what has happened to him when he got Realization actually. That’s why to understand this is only possible if you can understand how to dedicate, how to devote yourself.

If you want to analyze anything on the basis of your rationality, you are too stunned. It’s too beyond you. It’s fantastic. It is too much. It’s really beyond you. Now think of it – you have got Realization. Can you believe it? That you can, in your life time… if somebody had told you this, you would never have believed it – that how can you get your Realization in this earth? Of course you were seeking – because people were saying we have to seek, also you felt you have to seek – but you never thought that this will materialize like this, that you will get your Realization. Then, after getting Realization, you could not feel what it was. Just if you have dropped into the ocean, and you don’t know what is the dimension of this ocean. How far you have gone into it? What is it? Where are we? What is our purpose? To add up to all the mess, we become thoughtless. So you cannot even find out as to, rationally, what it is.

So, the immensity of this experience, the glory of your Mother’s coming, or the precious gift of your Self-realization – nothing can be realized through your understanding. Try to think – what have you got? Can you measure it with your understanding? Can you understand what has happened? No, you cannot. Because rationality cannot give you the dimensions into which you have fallen. The rationality is actually broken out. There is no rationality left now anymore to even communicate as to what you have been seeking and where have you landed. So the only method you have got now – or only way is left to you – for a drop which has become an ocean, is to dissolve more in the ocean, so that you feel the ocean at least. And to communicate with other drops in such a way that you know the whole through all of them.

So first is a complete devotion. It’s very important. In this incarnation only it is so very important – because you have got Realization. If you did not have Realization – all right. Murmuring souls – all right. Half-baked people – all right. Little bit misbehaving – all right. This can be forgiven, that can be forgiven… everything is forgiven. To look at it, everybody thinks that “Mother is forgiving us.” But that’s not the point. I am forgiving because of My own nature. But you do not take it for granted. You are harming yourself by accepting that forgiveness. If you all the time think, “O Mother, You are so forgiving, please forgive me”… you are already forgiven, as it is. Once you call Me “Mother”, you’re forgiven. But what’s the advantage? You don’t have any advantage out of it. You are a loser. And this point at least rationally if you understand, then you will understand what is a devotion. So, in devotion of Sahaja Yoga, one has to realize that the things that are in Sahaja Yoga, that you have seen in Sahaja Yoga, are beyond your mind – first thing. Definitely, they are beyond human conception. So, on human level, you do not discuss them, and you do not talk about them. But on the collective level you can talk. And when you come to the collective level, then you have to understand that relationship with Me is more established, better established if you establish your relationships with others, in a very collective and homogeneous way. As I told you, the drop becomes the ocean; and the drop has to become the ocean by dissolving all its “dropness” with other drops. And all the drops dropping their dropness become the ocean ultimately. So we’ll see that devotion is double-wedged: one is to each other, and one is to your Mother.

In Sahaja Yoga, whatever I see, you cannot see. This is proved or not – to you people? Or do you want more proofs? Now it is proved that “Mother sees much beyond us, and whatever She sees happens.” So anybody who tries to play tricks with Mother is actually playing tricks with himself. Any tricks you try to play with Me, or you think that “Mother is very forgiving, so She will forgive us” – is really you are torturing yourself, you are… it is detrimental to you. Many people are there who will say that “It is my Left Swadishthana.” Some will say, “I was possessed; there was bhoot.” Somebody will blame something else. Whatever you are blaming – actually, who is asking you the explanation? It’s only you asking yourself. You are not facing yourself. So the devotion to Me means actually facing to yourself. You face yourself first of all, and see for yourself what are you doing. You are your own enemy; nobody is your enemy. Your Mother is not, definitely. She’s not your enemy by any chance. And no bhoots are your enemies – in the way, if you do not allow them, they can’t be there. No evil person is your enemy, because he cannot be effective if you are spiritually equipped. So you are your own enemy, is decided now.

The only way to get rid of that enemy of yours – you have to dedicate. Supposing you say that “I have faith in Mother,” or “in God.” So you are holding on to something, isn’t it? And you are discarding something. But this hold has to be very strong. Rationally, if you at that time when you are sinking, will you rationalize, “Whether I should hold the hand of this person who is saving, is correct or not?” No, you’ll just… your grip will be very strong. It will be extremely strong, and you will grip it with full force, with full faith – that “Some or other, save me!” And that kind of a feeling should be within us that “I am a person who is sinking because of myself. And if I am to be saved, I have to be absolutely, completely submerged in Sahaja Yoga. Absolutely I have to become one with it, then only I can be saved.” Because at this level, where you are realized souls of a higher level… now for a next jump, as I was saying to you – is devotion. Anything else has to be secondary, under the circumstances. If it is primary and your attention is still on that, then you cannot have this second jump.

First jump you have already done, you have got your Realization. But from first jump to second jump – you’ve worked hard, you have come to the second jump – in the second jump, you have to face it up. You should not feel disgusted with yourself nor dejected with yourself for nothing. But treat yourself as a separate entity. And dedication is, actually, turning back to yourself and looking forward towards the divine personality in you. Once there is divine personality in you, there’s no problem of devotion. You’ll just become one with it; you’ll start enjoying it. But this rationality is the worst thing, that plays tricks with you, which deviates you from understanding that whatever life you have led so far has been on a very material, gross life. You came out of it, you have grown out of it, you have come up. Now, to blossom, to become fragrant, you have to give up rationality. That’s a binding [POINT?]. Try to avoid rationality, try to avoid arguments, try to avoid giving reasons and… Even now I find sometimes Sahaja Yogis give an explanation of psychology: “She might be insecured, Mother.” This is typically somewhere read in the book: “Because of insecurity, somebody does that.” Actually, now we have seen in Sahaja Yoga that most of the so-called insecured are the most aggressive people. They play tricks with others, spoil their lives – and enjoy it. They are the greatest sadists ever born. We have seen these people. “She is inse…” – and that’s how they play tricks with themselves. Now, once you understand that you are not to play tricks with yourself… why do you want to play tricks with yourself? You have to be yourself, that’s all. We should not be our own enemies. Are we? So, once you start facing yourself, you will like yourself. You won’t feel disgusted. Because that what “yourself” I’m talking about is glorious, is beautiful, is without any kalanka [blemish] on that, is absolutely detached. But, first of all, your attention has to accept it – that “This detachment is my life; I’m a different personality now. Detachment is my nourishment.” Detach yourself. One gentleman came to see Me in My house. I had a very beautiful lamp, and he liked it. I said, “You have it.” He was so amazed, you see. Wife telephoned to Me: “How could it be? How could You give away such a nice thing?” I said, “What’s there? Am I going to carry it with Me when I die? Is it going to go with Me? Just see rationally. If he has liked it, better have it. I have so many lamps in the house; if he takes one, what does it matter?” She said, “But, You see, I asked my husband, ‘Will you give this lamp – like this if you had – to Her?’ He said, ‘No, I would not.’ ‘I’m really… I would not’, he said.” He was very honest. He said, “I would not.” But still, I can’t understand why not?

So, you know, till the last end we are holding on to something very little there. This… even a little bit is holding the sari. You know that, that can hold the whole sari. Even a little bit is attaching to this sari – the sari can be held back. The whole thing you can hold it with one little pin. All these small pins that are there – the hangs-up – are to be denied, to be seen… going further. Look at yourself: “Oh, that’s Mr. Ego? All right, now recede; let me see how do you go back.” To see all those things… you see, as a play, you should see yourself. And then play tricks with your ego and superego. Actually, they’re playing tricks with you. Once you are a master, you play tricks with them.

So many times I have seen: I’ve said so many things, and they are again… then, after some time, people start talking about it. Within one or two months after that, it comes as a scientific proof or things like that. You have seen that, many a times it has happened. Now, when I say something, I’m sure about it, what I say. I never say anything but the truth. I know that I am saying only the truth. But I do not go inside and find out whether it is the truth or not. I don’t read a book to find out. I don’t ask you. I have faith in Myself, full faith in Myself. Whatever I say is the truth; I know for definite that I… whatever I say comes out truth. But that’s not your case. That’s not your case, that whatever you say is the truth. So first you have to establish this state – that “Whatever I say will be the truth.” Now, how do you do it? The tongue should be such that whatever you say should be the truth. Ultimately, it will come out as truth. And that is why the dedication should be there. What dedication? “Why should I tell lies?” There is no need to tell lies. Even if I tell lies, it will come truth – in My case. So-called lies. They are never lies. If I say to somebody, “He is a bad man” – apparently to you: “Oh, Mother, he is such a fine man! How can You say such a thing about him?” We had one Mr. Michael like that. “Oh, he is such a loving person, Mother.” Somebody said, “Mother, are you jealous of him?” Up to that extent, you know. But when he showed his real teeth, you see, then people knew. So, to develop that kind of understanding about the truth, first of all, you should absolutely fix yourself on the truth. And the truth is that you are the instrument of God, that you have got Realization, that you have got a special awareness, which people do not have. Stand on that. And proclaim it. You are not to be afraid of it. You have got Realization, no doubt. You have felt it. Say it: “I’ve got Realization. Nothing doing, I know I’m a realized soul.” Firm on that.

In this expression of truth, you have to be like the light. The light asserts. It not only asserts but it shows others also that it shines. It shows others that “I am the light,” that “You walk in my light, and if you don’t try to do it, I may burn you.” So they have that… what you call, that… I don’t know what’s the word is… Tejasvita. Tejas. Sharpness of light. That tejasvita is there, that sharpness of light. That is the proof of your truth.

You are not afraid of any prime minister, or any minister, or any king, or anyone. But – “This is the fact. That’s the thing. I know I am a realized soul, I am the truth.” If you say, “I’m the truth,” whatever you will say will be the truth, no doubt about it. Whatever you will do will be the truth. But say, “I’m the truth.” But for that, a real purification is needed about facing yourself fully, in dedication. Means you are holding on to your Mother, you are holding on to Sahaja Yoga, you are holding on to that truth which you have found out. And here you are facing others.

Without that you cannot do it; your source is that. You are standing on the truth. And that is such a power, such a strength. All of them if you see – Christ had that power, Mohammed had that power – all these great people had that power to say the truth, with full courage, with that assertion that people will accept it. And they would suffer even for that, they wouldn’t mind. But whatever is the truth has to be said. That’s the first point one should know about dedication – that you are dedicated fully, that you are not afraid of anyone. You are not worried about your losses. Some people have lost their heads also, completely cut their heads. People have tortured them.

Some people have been… taken away all their money, have been tortured in every way, but they thought this was the truth, they stood by it. Some of them were stupid fools; they stood for something that was not truth. They did. But now you know that you are standing on the truth, and for that, you should be willing to sacrifice anything – so-called sacrifice, because you are not sacrificing the truth. What you had tried sacrificing is untruth. For that, you require people of strength and courage, and not these half-baked people. You see, till morning till evening asking for forgiveness from Mother. What is it? What is there to ask for forgiveness – because I am forgiving you every moment. But what are you doing to yourself?

What sort of a person you are? You think about it, that you have to stand on the truth. For that, you have to be a strong, courageous person with that sharpness, that tejasvita within you – of the light of the beacon. But at the same time, you have to have complete dedication. Supposing there is no oil in this – it will all go off. It has to have oil. It will go off. So the dedication part is the oil in you, is the attachment, complete attachment to your source. That’s the dedication. But that dedication should not give you any other ideas but of a light which shines, which corrects others, guides the path of other people.

If that is not so, then the source that you are tapping is not coming to you fully, and that your light is not burning properly. So, into dedication when you go, you must not think that it is any surrendering – the so-called surrendering, that you become like a cabbage. That’s the idea people have – that you become like cabbage. But you become dynamic. You become real power – not of destruction but of construction. I mean, for destruction you don’t need much power. Only for construction you need power. For destruction how much do you need? Very little. You can destroy the whole thing in no time.

But for the construction you really require great power. And that power – sustained power, or flowing power – has to be there. For that, dedication is needed. Holding on to your source of power, you have to stand firm, courageously, without any fear. That’s the truth. That’s the truth you have to achieve. That’s very important. But this is only one side of the story. That’s not sufficient. Just being the truth, the aspect of one side is there.

But the other side of it is that when this source comes to you, you become the compassion. The truth and the compassion are one thing. You won’t believe, but it is so. Like the wick and the oil combine to form the light. It is the burning of the oil gives you the light. In the same way, the compassion gives you the truth. There’s no difference whatsoever. Only the state is different – that you cannot see the light, which is oil, and oil, which is burning. So compassion is the one which is the source, as well as your store. So, from the source of compassion, you get your compassion.

You see, I have seen people – they want to have compassion from Me, they want that I should love them. But – reflect it back – do they love others like that? I have known people, they have… say, for one person says harsh thing to another, and comes and asks Me, “Mother, forgive me for that,” or does something harsh just for the whim of the mind. “Mother, forgive me.” But when you ask for that, I would like to know: have you given compassion to another person? Even after getting forgiveness from Me – that Source of forgiveness, that Source of compassion – have you given compassion to others? Have you been compassionate to others? You see, it should not be one-sided. If you are taking the advantage of My compassion, it should not be one-sided, that you use it for your own benefit and forget about it. Then you will never grow.

You will never grow. If you have to grow, then you must store that compassion within you. Whatever compassion I’ve given you, love I’ve given you, you must store that within you – and give that back to others. Otherwise you will be finished, you will be nowhere. Is the growth which is sustained only… not only by sucking from one side but by giving to others. Otherwise you’ll be stagnated. There has to be outflow. But that is a very hard thing because people are very good at taking compassion from Mother. Or even if they are compassionate, they will be mostly compassionate to people who are, say… in, say, Vietnam – not in the ashram.

They are more worried about Vietnam people, you know: “Oh, Mother, we are worried about Vietnam people, we are collecting money for them, we are trying to send money to Vietnam.” And here among ashramites – fighting. This is not compassion by any chance. Sahaja Yogis among themselves are a different race, and they are to support each other all the time, and look after them. When I find Sahaja Yogis criticizing Sahaja Yogis, I’m amazed. I’m really amazed. Because you are part and parcel of the same. How can you criticize? One eye criticizing another person – I just can’t understand. I can criticize, all right, but why should you? Why should you criticize each other?

Only thing that you have to do is to love each other. Christ has said it thrice, I must have said it a hundred and eight times already – that you have to love each other. That is the only way you are expressing compassion. If I’ve given you any love any time, you have to have patience with others, love for others. I sometimes try to coax people, and I find that people immediately come out with some sort of a criticism of others, or something like that. Now, the basic thing is that our compassion, if that is flowing, then only we can get compassion from Mother. There is no place any more; I’ve done too much compassion business. And what I find that now unless and until you flow it, how am I to give you compassion? I mean, there is no space left now. So better give it away, empty yourself a little bit, then I can give you more compassion. It’s simple business. In this respect, one has to understand that the source cannot flow unless and until it expands the flow of it.

Like the river Thames. We went to see the river Thames, the place from where it starts. It’s a small, little stream from seven streams – little little, very little little – we can say, trickling down. And it has become a river Thames. Supposing it does not widens – that will stop at the beginning only. It cannot come out, it cannot flow. It’s not because it is angry, or upset, or anything like that, but by the nature of its flow only it cannot flow, what to do? So, that is what it is – that one has to give compassion to others. It should not be formal compassion, or affected one, but should be a natural one, very natural, spontaneous, feeling from within. It’s not an expression of your ego, or superego, or over-sentimentality, but is a kind of a understanding that he is a Sahaja Yogi, you are a Sahaja Yogi, you are brothers. Not the way the brothers have been but a different type of brothers who are spiritual brothers.

You are spiritual people. So this compassion has to be there, and unless and until you develop that compassionate, fatherly or motherly feelings for others… I mean, I am a Mother of a person who is about hundred and eight years of age. You have to really mother others, and have that feeling of compassion and love for others. You don’t have to think about your own comfort, you don’t have to think about your own advantages, but you have to think about the comfort of others. You have to think what you can do to make others comfortable, than to see what will make you comfortable. So this flow of compassion, when it starts, you see, the dedication is complete. Because “whatever we got from You, Mother, we are giving it to others.” That’s the dedication. So the flow of dedication is not one-sided. It is double-sided.

You stick on to something, you get connected with something to get something out of it, and you give it to others. And ultimately that reaches the collective being – means it reaches the source. It is in this light we have to understand. Exclusiveness, or “We should – now married – we should have separate place, we should live separately” – it’s all right, you must have little privacy as a married people, I’m not saying that. But as far as compassion is concerned, as married people you have to be much more compassionate. But you’ll only worry about your own children, about your own comfort, about your own husband, about your own wife. In Sahaja Yoga, there is no place for such people. It’s all collective. When you bring sweets for your own child, bring for other children in the ashram. You are one family, and all the family has to move with the same waves.

I had told you before that we cannot have separate food arrangements, separate this and separate that. In the same way, we cannot have separate standards of living for different people. We all have to enjoy whatever is enjoyed by all of you. That should be so. And that should be achieved on material level. On emotional level, any marriage which is absurd, which makes everyone unhappy is useless. But marriages are made to make everyone happy. So, before you decide to marry, think that you are not playing tricks. Playing tricks in Sahaja Yoga is very, very dangerous. You are not playing tricks with your marriages; you are not trying to involve somebody else, thinking that Mother will forgive you and all that.

I will forgive. But your ascent is difficult. So don’t try to play tricks with anything that you have been doing before, but change yourself completely, transform yourself completely. Now you change your attitude towards life. You can because it is changed already. If you try to be the other person, you cannot be. Now you have become a flower, now you can’t become suddenly the leaf. Now you are a flower, and you have to live like a flower. And that’s what you have to remember – that compassion is such an outflow, is such a natural thing for a Sahaja Yogi. It’s not natural for anybody else.

Other people who talk of compassion, or this and that, are actually, are not at all compassionate. They are doing it for money; they are doing it for position; they are doing for ego satisfaction. But you are having compassion because you have to have it, jolly well. It is flowing, the compassion – because it has to flow. And you are doing compassion because of compassion. There is no other purpose behind it. Only this will give you something that is of permanent nature, of a sthayi nature. I’ve seen people – as I was telling in the morning – who have gone to an organization, made a beautiful organization out of it, and once they leave, the organization is finished. Because they do not give anything substantial to that organization. And what is to be given is a large heart of compassion. If you do not give that, once you go away from that, the rest of them are again barren. It’s not a growth. Like if you bring water, and plant things, and give water to that area, then it becomes very beautiful, and you can say it’s a very lush growth. But as soon as that water source is removed, it gets again dried out. But Sahaja Yoga is different. In Sahaja Yoga you not only grow as a plant but also as the source of the plant. If this plant is removed from here, put somewhere, it will give water to other plants. Do you know this new dimension that you have within yourself? That once this plant is uprooted from here and taken out, it will not die, not at all. It will grow. But it will make others grow. This is another type of a growth that we have.

And it’s a very different position we are in. And that’s what now I want – that all of you, even if you are uprooted and put into any other place… I’ve seen, when I ask people that “You better shift from here to there,” they just get frightened. “You better go there and do this” – they get frightened. You are a plant which can not only go and prosper in any place but you will give the necessary nourishment to other plants. That’s what you are. So do not stick on to one place. If you stick on, then think there must be something wrong with the place. Like a glue if you are sticking to one place, it’s very dangerous. And be sure that you must turn away from such a place which glues you.

That does not mean that, as people are here, they never stay in the house, they all the time running out. It doesn’t mean. Again I have to strike that point. Because otherwise the people are here… are all the time running away from their houses. That’s not the point. The point is that you should not be glued to anything and not afraid of leaving any place, because now you are Sahaja Yogis. You have joined the ocean, and ocean can take you anywhere. So just prepare yourself to move into any place because you have to take this compassion everywhere. And to prosper the Kingdom of God, you have to serve Him. And this service only possible if you know that you are here for a very great, universal task.

Not only for England, for India, or for America, but you are here for a global task, which is the epitome of our evolution. This is the highest thing we have to do for our Creation and for our Creator, and you are chosen for that. So don’t divert your attention to anything that is not fulfilling your own manifestation. Discard all that. Don’t waste your energy. And your manifestation is your compassion, your love. But still, it should not remain rational. Whatever I have said to you is just to put you into a condition where you start sucking the vibrations as well as giving the vibrations. It is an action, which is a happening that should take place within you. It’s not rationality, it’s not thinking about it.

Only by saying these things I really stun your thinking. You should allow this to happen to you. Just with the vibratory awareness you should judge yourself: “Am I the one who is giving vibrations to others? Am I the one who has stored these vibrations, or am I getting ruined?” All this will give you a great meaning – and an employment. As I said, “employed by God.” If you have any questions, ask Me.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, if you become angry at any point with people, is that because it’s a tendency or a negative entity? Or is it just a tendency to react like that?

Shri Mataji: You see, if you get angry within yourself, and if you are sure that you are not doing anything wrong, for a Sahaja Yogi there is no need to say outside you are angry. There’s no need. That anger itself is a power.

And you should do your bandhan and anything that you want to do. But you should not show that you are angry. You should be absolutely silent. Because you can be; you are in the axis, you are not on the periphery. Actually, the anger is just to see your anger and use that anger for that purpose. And once you start doing that, that anger will itself work out. That anger will itself work out the person. And you’ll be amazed how it… but you must learn to see your anger that is working. All these things are important. You have seen that sometimes only shouting at the bhoots – they go away. And many mad people have been cured like that.

But you don’t do all that, that’s for Me. You must be always decent, with decorum and all that. But if the anger is because of your nature, or a tendency, or out of control – than it’s a bad thing. If it is an out-of-control, than it’s a bad thing. If you get into a temper because it is out of control, than it’s a bad thing. I can get very angry, but I am completely under control: I know I am angry, where the bhoot is, how he is running away; I can see it. But you can’t see the bhoot, you can’t see anything. So there is no need for you to get angry, show temper. But if you have an anger – say, for example, which makes you uncontrollable – then there is a mantra for that: Shanti [peace]. “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu Shanti rupena samsthita.” You must ask for that bliss, for that peace. This is a mantra for you. For controlling your temper, you have to tell yourself, “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu Shanti rupena samsthita.” So Shanti is the point – the axis point is that – from where you witness everything. You are in Shanti, you are in complete… you are not in a turmoil even if you are angry. You are not in a turmoil. Whatever is anger is the power, and the power is taking charge. But unless and until that is achieved, what you have to do is to put yourself in a position that you are peaceful.

So I think that’s a very good mantra – is to say, “Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu Shanti rupena samsthita.” Can you say that? So the Shanti is your fort. But peacefulness never means cowardice. Never call cowardice as peace. A person who is peaceful is never coward, because nothing can transgress it, nothing can overpower it. It is never never possible that cowardice and peace can go together. But your power is inside, not outside. So you don’t show your power of your anger outside. But just little anger with anybody – you will see it will work out.

But first establish that… that position within you where you are the axis, where you do not allow anger to sit on your head. That is the growth. That is the growth, that you are at peace. Also… Another question? All right, satisfied now? Both ways you should know: that one is the anger that is detached – is perfectly all right; anger which involves you – work it out. So judge yourself as to what it is. Good question.
Ask some questions.
I mean, such intellectuals sitting here. Ask Me some questions what is there.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, what are Your plans to spread Sahaja Yoga in outer scale?
Shri Mataji: What are My plans? I don’t plan. You see, I don’t plan, because I don’t know how far My instruments are ready, you see. First, now My only plans – if I have any – is to really prepare My weapons all right. Once they are done, then we’ll fix them up. You see, unless and until you know how far your bomb can fall, how can you plan it? So, first of all, I must measure up the power of My children, how powerful they are. That’s what I’m trying to do now – is to make them aware of their powers to use.
Like, you see, Hanumana, when He was born and when He grew up, He forgot that time, and He forgot His powers. So He was to be reminded that “You are such and such powerful person. You don’t know what your powers are, you… you ate of the whole of Surya. This you did in your childhood. You are born with this power, but now, after growing, you are… rather bit… sort of forgotten it, and also you were afraid of using them, and it’s… sort of looks like in the dominant position. But it is there. If you just try to remember them, it will come up.” They have tremendous power, these people have tremendous power. But they have to assume and stand on that.

If they do not do it… You see, if I tell them, “Now, go to this house” – “Oh, Mother, there may be a bhoot there sitting.” A person comes possessed in the ashram – they all shut their doors: “Oh God, this bhoot has come.” Or something – then worse.

Djamel: Mother, may I ask you something? How can we deal with, You see, there is one problem, one big problem in Sahaja Yoga, You know. It’s those who are devoted to You at the expense of others.
Shri Mataji: Those who are devoted to Me?
Djamel: All those who use the excuse of their devoting to You, Mother, sometimes to oppress others.
Shri Mataji: They are what?
Djamel: Sometimes people use their devotion to You as, at the expense of others or-
Shri Mataji: Then again the same thing, Djamel. It’s the same thing is. You see it is: you have to do it. All those who are doing that way, I am just pointing out to all those.
It you are using, say, your devotion to Me for the oppressing of others, all right? So it is for you to see.

There is nobody who can be oppressed, because your Spirit cannot be oppressed. Say, there is X and Y. Now, Y is a person who’s trying to oppress X, all right? What will you oppress? He can’t oppress his Spirit, can he? First point. Clear. Now, this fellow, if he has to have attachment to Me, nobody can stop him.
There is all… you all have direct relationship with Me. Not through anyone. If you want to accept somebody’s agency, then I can’t help you. But, otherwise, you all have a direct access to Me. You all can grow your Spirits; nobody can dominate you. Everyone has complete freedom to grow their Spirit – to know their Spirit, I mean to say. And the Spirit is something… cannot be dominated by anyone. Now, supposing somebody tries to oppress you. What will they oppress you, in which way? They’ll say, “All right, we’ll not have this carpet, we’ll have that carpet.” Have it!
Somebody will say, “I’ll jump in the sea.” Jump! Just now you jump! What will they oppress you in? You see, just see that. Not in your spiritual growth. Can they? And that’s how the problem starts. You see, in material things… say, in an ashram now somebody says, “All right, we would like to have a photograph of Mother put there.” The other will say, “No, we are going to have it there.” Whether you put it here or there makes no difference. My photograph is going to work it out. Even in puja matters I’ve seen: people will say that “No, Mother is sitting there, don’t put your feet towards the Mother.” It is common thing; everybody knows should not put it. But still they will say, “No, we want to put it.” All right, let them put it. Next time they will not, because they will know it is wrong. They will find out. So, you see, nobody can oppress anyone.

I am here to correct. Once you understand that you are not perfect, the other is not perfect, we are all perfecting ourselves, we are all coming up, Mother is there to look after us – then we will never think like that. Now. I’ve also seen, people will say that there are two Sahaja Yogis talking to others… Sahaja Yogis. Now, one is a very oppressive one, the another one is upset to see that this one is oppressive. Now, for that purpose, if you are quiet, silent – you will always dominate him. People will listen to you, not to him. But even if you start saying, “Oh, you don’t say like that,” this, this, they will think these are fighting cocks. Then, at that time, you are wise at this thing – will even give him a chance to understand. But what happens: one person dominates, another tries to dominate them by outward things. And the whole show is over. There is no need to dominate another person by outward things. He will settle down by himself if you show your dignity of your silence and of your understanding of Sahaja Yoga.

There is no need just now to say, “Shut up, you sit down, you don’t do.” It’s absolutely wrong. They do it, I’ve seen it. In My presence I’ve seen it. Because we still live halfway there and halfway here. The way we solve the problem… say, you have to do some business. There are two people doing the business. One person says something, another says, “Why did you say like this, you shouldn’t say.” This person says to that person, “You shouldn’t correct me.”

Like that the fight is on. But that doesn’t help anyway… there also. But in Sahaja Yoga it will never help. The another person can only win over by his dignity. By his quiet methods, by approaching a person properly. That’s how the leaders will come up. They won’t come up by shooting another person down, not at all by any chance. That’s not possible. Is not good leadership. Good leadership is judged the way you handle the situation.
Not the way you fight another man down. So many times you have seen: I just keep quiet – it works out. Not necessary that you should at that moment shout. There’s no need. And it creates a very bad impression and very bad leadership. First of all, you cannot be dominated. This is one fact, is a truth. You can grow in your spirituality, whatever people may try to dominate in the worldly things. Thank God we don’t have any organization. Thank God we don’t have secretaries, assistant secretaries, under-secretaries, by-secretaries, upper secretaries, lower secretaries – we don’t have any nonsense.

Otherwise, even that would have been dominating to people. Then they would have fought that. So we don’t have that problem. We don’t have any money problem, because we don’t have all these nonsensical ideas. I’ve solved this problem by having no institutions, no positions. Everybody has position.

But the greatest position is of your Spirit, which you establish. The attention is not there, is more ego-oriented. The whole stuff is ego-oriented. You can’t fight ego with ego, you cannot. You can only fight ego or superego with Spirit. How much do I dominate you? I absorb all your aggression also. And how much do I dominate you? If I have to correct you, I go forward and do it, and tell you that I’m correcting you, whether you like it or not. And you see the result, it’s all right. But if you have that capacity, do it. Then there is lacking in you, that you cannot do that way, so be prepared not to, at least, spoil the show of Sahaja Yoga. One person is talking too much? All right, the others will say, “He is good for nothing, but another one is a sensible one.” But if you both are fighting, then I don’t know.
That’s… doesn’t show any wisdom or growth, isn’t it? Does it? Those who think that by dominating in small small things you are going to achieve anything are wrong. Actually, I’ve seen, My grandchildren are realized souls. They are not bothered about these things, they don’t do this. This kind of a fight they don’t have. That “where to keep this”, “what to do this” – they don’t have. Nothing. At the most, they might fight for a chocolate or something, at the most. But in spiritual matters, they never fight. In spiritual matters they never fight. That’s a place one should not fight, one should not argue. That’s the point not to be argued, because truth is one. What is there to argue? You have seen all these saints, you see, those who have talked about Me. What do they say? Everybody says the same thing about Me. There cannot be any fight between saints, can there be? If the truth is one, how can there be fight? But because one is inadequate, another is dominating – both must achieve that state.

But the best is to be more dignified, more grown-up, more patronizing… People will definitely take to you because you will become the leader. Arguments are not going to lead you anywhere, I can tell you this much. No use arguing among yourself. If you have to argue, you have to argue with others, not among yourself. Otherwise now? What else? What is the thing?
Any other question?

Sahaja Yogini: Mother, would You please tell a little bit how… how we fight our ego with the Spirit? How would you do…
Shri Mataji: How do we fight the ego…
Sahaja Yogini: … ego with the Spirit.
Shri Mataji: You see, you should never fight ego. If you try to fight, it will sit more on your head. That’s not the way to fight it, that there is ego and you fight your ego: “Oh, I’m going to box you” – then it will grow more, you see. The more you box it, the more it will grow. Never fight your ego. Only way is to see it. Your attention is very important, your attention is now enlightened. Whatever you see, it comes to its right size. It comes to its right side… size. Say, ego – if it is overgrown, you just watch your ego. That is, it is to watch yourself in the mirror, and you say, “Oh, Mr. Ego, how do you do?” Then it will come down. But don’t fight it. Just to be seen. All kinds of egos could be there. If you are overeducated, you are egoistical. If you are uneducated, you are egoistical – because you must try to show that you are something. All sorts of egos are there. So best thing is to see for yourself; that’s why I say, “Face yourself.” “Yourself” means your Spirit.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, that goes the same for the superego?

Shri Mataji: Yes, very much so. For superego also – not to be frightened. You should just say, “Get out! I can see you very clearly, you are there. You get out from here! How dare you frighten me? I am the Spirit. I am the Spirit, how dare you can do that?” That’s how. You see, ego makes you idiotic. Absolutely. Ego makes you idiotic, makes an idiot out of you, absolutely. And the superego makes you a coward. It makes you a coward. Now, how to fight it? “I’m not going to be an idiot” – if you say that, ego will go away. If you want to be an idiot, then he’ll be there to help you. If you want to be an idiot, all right, call Mr. Ego. You’ll become an idiot, straightforward.

Is the easiest way. Easiest way. If you want to become an idiot, simple thing is to call the ego. “You come, Mr. Ego, and settle down in me” – and immediately… this is a very simple composition. And superego… if you are a coward, then it sits on your head. Say, “I am not going to be…” Ham Ksham, as I told you, the mantra on the Agnya is. Either you have to say, “I am”; the other, I say, “I forgive you.”

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, may I ask You a question similar to what he said about superego? I’ll be particular. I’m still having problems with my eating. I’m eating over here. But I’m very afraid, I’m laughing because it is silly, that I’ll become fat. And I’m very afraid, I think a lot about food all the time. Yet I know that with You nothing bad can happen to me,
Shri Mataji: All right, you do one thing just now. You put your left hand towards Me, and
right hand outside.

She has the Hamsa here, caught up. There, you see the Hamsa. Tell her to come now. Come in, come in. I see, sorry. Put the Hamsa, I didn’t see it clearly.
Hello [Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi] We’ve been waiting for you.
Come forward, you can come forward a little bit. Lots of people are there. [Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi]

Shri Mataji: What’s the time now?
Sahaja Yogi: Quarter past nine, nine fifteen.
Shri Mataji: Quarter past nine,

As I’ve told you, that relationship with yourself should be tyrannical. You should lash it down.
You should absolutely make it clear to yourself that “I have to perfect myself if I have to give this my being to God. It has to be perfect.” Secondly, if you have to have relationship with others, it has to be ideal relationship. Sahaja Yogi with Sahaja Yogi – means something great. The greatest relationship is that.

With your sister, with your brother – it should be ideal. And in collectivity we have to be pragmatic. In collectivity we can change our course, we’ll take the way we like, the way it moves; we’ll manage it. But otherwise… You see, for example, take a plane. It has the same thing. Plane, when it is in the air, it can go wherever it likes. But the screws that are fixed in a plane are ideally fixed. They cannot just start… like a pilot seat doesn’t go to the back, and the back doesn’t come to the front, you see. The relationship is maintained.

All right? And the screws which are made, or anything that is made – is perfect. But airplane is not fixed. Airplane can go southward, northward… anywhere it wants to. Only the things that are in it are correlated with each other in such proportion that they cannot budge from their ideal positions. I’m giving this example because you are here. You’ll understand it better now. And these things that you have produced are themselves… are perfect. If they are imperfect, there will be a problem. It’s like that.

If you understand this very simple thing about relations and attitudes, you will never have problems. Your relationship with a Sahaja Yogi has to be absolutely ideal relationship. Otherwise, some screw is loose. Try to make it ideal. Say, there’s one person. You find the person is too egoistical, or something. Try to see what’s wrong with you, first of all: “Am I perfect? Am I all right? Or am I equally dominating, am I equally egoistical?

All right, if I am, then I better correct myself. But if I am not, if I am a good person, that way I’m not dominating – then I should try to bring down his ego by making sweet things to him, making nice relationship with him.” Try to be kind to him, so that his ego comes down. Manage somehow or other to establish ideal relationship. Is absolutely simple. I mean, I don’t understand what have I to tell in this thing. You know everything. That it has to be proper. Now see, the relationship between that and Me has to be proper, so that it doesn’t burn Me, isn’t it? It’s absolutely… in lifetime, also, we have to do the same thing – that relationship with each other has to be ideal to create the best results. It is so practical; I don’t know what is there to tell in this thing. And you have to be perfect because you are the unit. And the whole thing can be pragmatic. Then only it can be. But here just the other way round. The screws are pragmatic, the relationship is imperfect, and the collectivity is absolutely static. Doesn’t move. “The collectivity. After all, we are collective, bound to each other. How can we move, Mother, we are static now. We are bound to each other, we can’t move, you see.” Just like the Rock of Gibraltar. Now, you’ve been an aeronautic engineer, you should understand this better than anybody else, this example.

What else is the question?
[To someone]: How are you? All right?
I’m asking.

What other question?
Rustom: Shri Mataji, could You say something about maintaining our attention so that it stays where it should and it doesn’t get diverted into trivial things?
Shri Mataji: Rustom has asked a very practical question, it’s true – that “to keep the attention where it should be.”
You see, for everything you have to do some exercise – abhyasa – not before Realization, after Realization. The best way is to learn how to watch yourself. Just now, sitting here, just put yourself into a position from where you watch yourself: “Now what am I doing?”
This is the abhyasa, this is the study. Apart from mantras, apart from anything, the abhyasa is the practice, practice of becoming a witness. And the witness is the Spirit state. There attention will not go. I mean you will see everything, it is there, but attention will be inside. Try to practice this: “Am I a witness?”
Now, say, some people say:” Oh God! I had a horrible time, Mother. This happened, that happened.” You see, you are not a witness. How can you have a horrible time if you are the Spirit? You only have a horrible time when you are not the Spirit.
If you can watch the whole thing as a drama that is played, then you are not having a horrible time, but this outside of you is having a horrible time, which you are watching.

That’s how the attention can be fixed very well if you practice abhyasas, practice all the time to be witness. Say, you go out, you see something, just try to see it, not to think about it. Be a witness of the whole thing. The joy will be complete, and also you will become absolutely peaceful. Your attention will be completely enlightened.
And then the inspiration you will get will be tremendous.

See, it’s working out. Working out. Try to watch. And it has such a tremendous memory, if you know how to watch. I mean, to Me, if I see something – I mean, to Me it is just like a film in My mind. If I have seen this room, now I know what is in this design. Everything I know: how you are sitting, what pose you have taken, how you were, what was it – everything is like a design. You see it comes to Me, just like a picture – absolutely. Not of this life, but of lives.

Because that’s a recording system that records best. If there are thoughts it’s like something in between, you see. Now he is trying to record Me on the film, and if there is something in between moving, nothing will come in. But when there is nothing in between and you are just seeing through, you are recording everything that is important. Moreover you will be amazed, you don’t record unimportant things.
Like for people now, they go to a village, or any place. They will be recording: “Oh God, it was very dirty, and this happened and we went there and there were cement to sleep, for example, we get.” Or: “Then we went inside, and there was no proper chair to sit down. And the chair was so hard, and my back started aching.” All these things they will remember.
And then what happened? “Oh God! I couldn’t get Realization.”
Everything that bad, you see, just like newspaper – all bad news. But to a person who is a Realized soul in a real way, he doesn’t see, I mean, you don’t smell anything dirty. You always smell something good. You never smell, you do not think of anything dirty. Everywhere you go, it’s beautiful. Even if you see just the sand, you see the pattern. Even if you see a barren hill.

I saw some people who had gone. I said, “Look at the beauty of these hills, in Maharashtra.” They said: “Mother, what is the beauty? It’s not covered with trees.” I said, “That’s the beauty, just see the patterns.” They couldn’t see the patterns that I was seeing. But if you ask Me, “What is this hill?” I also know that. Because I know the patterns of all the hills, how it has moved, how it has made patterns and things like that. Because they don’t see that, you see, they cannot see the beauty because they are looking out for defects. Or relatively, you see, “English trees are better than say X, Y, Z trees. So then this is not better.” The relative they start. But you are at absolute point, you are getting the absolute of everything. Everything is your own. What is there to judge?

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, perhaps You can see the beauty because You are the Artist.
Shri Mataji: Eh?
Sahaja Yogi: Perhaps You can see the beauty because You are the Artist.
Shri Mataji: I am the Artist and I am the Art. But what about you? Who are you? You are the… you are the one who is created, and you can create, and you can become the artist. That’s what I’m saying – that you are not only the light but the light that will give light to others. And, also, you will sustain that light which you have given light. This is the difference now between you and other people. Not that only you will be an artist but you’ll enjoy the art of the Artist. This is what you have got. You don’t know, you are not aware of your powers. It’s a dynamic thing which has happened to you, which you should take to.
But our attention is on from where the dirt is coming, where the filth is coming, you know; where the ugliness is there. If your attention is on uglines- people tell Me: “There was, this was ugly.” I said: “I didn’t see.” I just saw the way the elephant was standing, you see. The way he has pulled up his leg and he was raising his trunk. I never saw the dirt part of it. “Where was it?” “At the back of it.” I say: “I never went on the back.”

If your attention is so- even description of a person. You ask a person, “How is he?” “He’s a…” All his… I mean, little funny points will come to your head. Even the photographers, I’ve seen. They will only take photograph when you are in a funny way, you see; when your face is little turned round… I mean, it’s a seeking after ugliness, seeking after mistakes, seeking after something wrong. All the time if you do like this, you cannot be a happy person. All the time trying to find out defects, and faults, and mistakes, and dirt, and ugliness. I mean, you are in for trouble. You’re asking for it. Like a person was saying there are three-four ditches in this place. I said, “Did you jump into one of them? Better jump in. So, once for all, you don’t see any other ditch.” You don’t see the playing grounds, you are just seeing the ditches. For what?! The same thing can look ugly to a person who is of that kind of an attitude, who wants to see everything ugly. Try your attitudes. Try to see good in others. Try to see… not in… may not be… it… I’m not saying for other people, but I’m saying at least for Sahaja Yogis you can do it. Try to see good in them; what good they have done to Sahaja Yoga, what you owe to them, how to get along with them. Why not see the good of them?

By giving them encouragement, by being good to them you are helping Sahaja Yoga. But you want to help your ego, because you are very “wise”. So, then only, when by appreciating another person only, you have better relationship. This is a very simple fact. You see any film – there the two people are talking to each other as if they are barking at each other. What does it take to be kind, to be gentle, to say pleasant things? As soon as they will see a person – “Oh God! You have become very ugly!” This is the best compliment. That’s human nature – to see to the faults of others, to see to the wrong things of others.

You see, they will find out in anything. Somebody is very tidy – then that person is bad. Somebody is very untidy – that person is bad. Every sort of thing. But why not you do something about yourself, that there’s something inside you which is not tidy? And inside you that’s very upsetting. To Me it makes no difference, you have seen it. It makes no difference. If you say, I’ll sleep here. If you say, I’ll sleep on the… on the grass there. To Me makes no difference to what bathroom I go… I don’t even remember all those things. What is there to remember in a bathroom, and this, and that? All nonsense it is. I have no memory for all these things. Even if you want Me to know, I will not remember. If you ask Me, “How did you go to that bathroom?” – “Which one?” “That one.” I said, “It’s all right, I’ve been there.” Then food.

“What sort of a taste it was?” and “What food it was?” and… all sorts of things people go on thinking a lot. What’s the use? The whole food is going to just be digested in the same stomach. What is there to be so much worried about all these things? We are wasting our energy. I don’t waste My energy. I have no energy for wasting. In the same way, why do you waste your energy? Why not see to the better side of man? By seeing bad side, if you can cure it – well and good.

But if you cannot cure it, you are going to get yourself bad. If you can cure it – nothing like it. But you can’t. Also once… always person say, “I would not do that.” But you would do something else that the other person would not do. When judging others, one has to know one should judge oneself first of all. Because with what are you judging? With your ego or superego. I’ve seen, it’s a very common failing, which should not be there any more. Now you are realized souls, you are saints. And the saints… though olden saints might be doing whatever they did – forget them. But you people are not going to see the faults of each other but to the good points of everyone. Simple things I’ve seen: somebody says a wrong English word, or a Sanskrit word, or a wrong this – immediately you will catch on that. But he gives a big lecture – it’s all right. That nobody listens. Your mind is working: “What wrong thing he’s going to say?” Attention should be onto what he said, it’s so beautiful. And then you will develop an attitude – as Mine is – you’ll never see to the defects of the place. Never.

Never. [UNCLEAR]. You will have no eyes to see. I mean, Mine is like that, condition is like that, I tell you. It will be like that. It’s very difficult. Like somebody says, “You come and play those cards with sticks” – I never remember. I’ll always lose. So I said, “What’s the use of play it? I don’t remember.” See, everybody says, “You have so many brains otherwise, can’t you remember these three cards?” I can’t, I can’t. It’s just My brain goes off. I put automa… I don’t know. I look like a stupid fool when I play that game. So why should I play? Anything like that – I am absolutely good for nothing. So it’s a thing people know: “Oh, she is useless. Forget her.” But it should become automatic with you also.

Then it’s so enjoyable: how beautiful we are, that everything is so beautiful around us to see. Such beauty exists and we do not see it! Such tremendous joy! Every bliss is there flowing within us. And we don’t know, we don’t notice it. It’s such a happy thing. It’s such a beautiful thing. “Oh God, such a source of joy!” – was just standing next to Me. I never knew. And just I turned round and saw that force. Turn round! Turn your back to all conditionings of yours, the ideas that you have… Do not pass judgement, first thing is. Great art critics and all that, please, I beg of you, that do not pass remarks at anything all the time. Is ego playing the trick. Just watch it, how it is making you feel that you are something very great. Be careful. There were some people coming from America, have they come?

Sahaja Yogini: Steve and Christine, they called to say…

Shri Mataji: They haven’t come.

Sahaja Yogini: They’re coming in one week. One more week they’re coming.

Shri Mataji: So then we’ll decide, when they come here, what is to be done.

Shri Mataji: Linda, for your problem, what is the thing to be done? Will you get out of your personal problems or not?
Yogini: Yes Mother.
Shri Mataji: No, I’m talking to Linda now.

Linda: And, which ones?
Shri Mataji: I would suggest you should stay with your mother. She needs you. She’s an old woman; she needs you. You must serve her. There’s nothing wrong in it.
Linda: Very possessive.
Shri Mataji: No, no, no. You are inadequate. Not that she is inadequate. You have to serve her.
Give her love, affection. She’s lonely. She behaves like that because she’s lonely. You are inadequate. I wouldn’t say to her anything. She never had love and you are the only child she has. You should love her. Give her more love, more affection, and also what she says about Peter, you should do that. Will give her consolation. She’s going crazy because of that.
Sahaja Yogini: The trouble is, Mother, she said, “It’s like ten years doing Sahaja Yoga.”

Shri Mataji: Let her say. Her saying, nothing matters. You see that’s nothing. That’s just an escape. Because you are crazy, that’s why she thinks like that.
Linda: I know that. I don’t blame her of course.
Shri Mataji: But you should establish yourself with more patience, with more love and affection. She’ll say: “Do a hundred times Sahaj Yoga.” How has she changed her attitude: because when you went there you went crazy. And you are quite crazy sometimes I’ve seen. First of all you must be a tidy person, neat person, must look after her.
You must take up a responsibility of looking after. She’s an old woman who has had no love all her life. What she wants is love; and as a child, daughter, you must give her love. Whatever she is, you can’t leave her alone. If you give her love, I’m sure you can cure her. Take it up as a challenge and give her a bandhan. Everybody can give her a bandhan and put her right. You cannot be helpless like that to run away from your duties towards your mother, I will never allow you. You can go to Chelsham start a center there, attend it, do it. You have to.
Linda: Do you want me actually to live with her?
Shri Mataji: Hum?
Sahaja Yogi: Should she live with her Mother?
Shri Mataji: Yes of course, why not? She’s your own mother. She’s not such a cruel woman. I don’t think so. I’ve seen her. But you get crazy yourself. I know. I know that. This is how you will test yourself.
You should live with her – after all she’s so old now. What’s her age?
Linda: Sixty-four, sixty-three.
Shri Mataji: See now, at sixty-three if she’s left alone in that house, what will she do? You tell her that “I’ve decided to do what you have told Me about Peter.”
Linda: She hasn’t really told me anything about Peter. I’ve been doing most of the tellings.
Shri Mataji: All right, whatever it is.
Linda: She wants to-
Shri Mataji: She’ll be all right. You see, you try to tell her these things, she’ll be all right. You tell her just like this: “And now I’m going to look after you, you are very sick, you’re not well. Take care.” Did you talk to her kindly sometimes?
Linda: Well, I tried.
Shri Mataji: No, you did not.
You did not, that’s what it is. As a Sahaja Yogi you have to be extremely kind and compassionate towards her. She’s an old woman, had no love from her husband. She has tried to do something for you always. So as a daughter, you have a duty.

Linda: I’m very worried about Bumble because it’s a sort of 3-cornered arrangement which comes out.
Shri Mataji: What happens about Bumble?
Linda: Well, Bumble sort of finishes up in between me and her. It’s…
Shri Mataji: But if you finish off from yourself, she won’t be finishing off like that. See, why do you create a problem between you and her, first of all? There should be no gap. If there is no gap, then there won’t be any problem. The problem is because you are a problem and she’s a problem, so the child suffers.
But if you just have nothing, if she tells, on the contrary, if a child tells anything about your mother, you should say: “Don’t say like that to my- she’s my mother.” Tomorrow she will turn back and tell you that! Take it from Me.
Linda: I mean in that way she’s
Shri Mataji: She’s much more sensible in this than you are. You should not tell her anything about your mother. You should say: “She’s been very kind to me and nice to me.” If it is communicated to her, if through Bumble, things will be all right.
See, how long is she going to live with this kind of life she has had. All right?

Where are you going to try your Sahaja Yoga if you can’t try on your own mother?
Linda: But she wouldn’t have it Mother.
Shri Mataji: No that’s not the way. It’s not outside; it is inside.
Linda: I tried to cook for her but she would’nt eat what I cook.
Shri Mataji: You don’t have to do it outside, you have to do it inside with her. Be kind, be gentle, be of service, at the most she’ll shout sometimes, doesn’t matter. Forgive her, forgive her.

Linda: I mean she has vomiting, which really worries me.
My mother can’t sleep at night, wanders around talking to herself the whole time.
Shri Mataji: You see, it’s all right. If she doesn’t sleep, then you can say some mantras in your heart. You know there’s a mantra of Nidra and all that [“Ya Devi sarva bhuteshu, Nidra rupena samsthita”]. You put her left to the right, she’ll sleep off.
You do it all that, she’ll sleep. You should say that: “Breathe, three times, heavily you’ll sleep off”. And if you, when she’s talking also, if you sleep off, she’s not going to wake you up again.
You just doze off there and she’ll say: “All right, you go and sleep now formally.”
It’s very simple to fight out these things. I mean she needs you, very much. She can’t sleep. Just imagine, your mother can’t sleep. How can you run away from her? Just see her condition. She’s your mother.
Linda: She is in a terrible state.
Shri Mataji: Then how can you leave her? You can’t. You can’t leave her. No, I wouldn’t say that. You can’t leave your mother.

You know, Kathy wanted to come with Me. Remember Kathy?
Kathy: Yes Mother.
Shri Mataji: And I told her, “You can’t leave your mother in the hospital, come with Me to India. No, you can’t.” She missed that thing completely, I told her: “You stay with your mother.” She’s here, just ask her.
Linda: Yes.
Shri Mataji: I did tell her. And she was cancer, this thing with the Sahaja Yoga, and all that, and she used to attend to her. She stayed back. No, you can’t leave your parents like that, you see. Parents are very important things. After a certain age, you have to look after them. Whatever they are, you must look after your parents. That’s very important in Sahaja Yoga. Your Right Heart cannot be all right, Shri Rama cannot be all right if you don’t look after your mother.

She’s not such a bad woman. I’ve seen her.
I, if she were a very cruel, horrible, this sort of thing, then I would have said: “All right, forget her.” She’s not that way. But she’s not either so much – she’s drinking because she has no company, she doesn’t know what to do with herself. So she is trying to run away from herself. It’s very simple to understand. You be kind and gentle. Give her some value that she’s something to you, she’ll be all right. I’ve seen she’s not a bad woman.

Lot of her sense has come into you also, her goodness.
Linda: I’m bothered I think by – when Grazyna came to stay she felt, Grazyna felt that she had this brother, you see, whom she worshipped. He killed himself in moto racing.She saw him dying in front of her.
Shri Mataji: What’s it?
Linda: She had this borther, my mother, who she loved very much and-
Shri Mataji: That I have heard of already. That story I know, whatever she has done, whatever it is.
Linda: She seems very fond of dying [unsure].
Doesn’t matter. By leaving her, are you going to help her by that? You should fill the position of that brother! You should say, “Doesn’t matter, if the brother is dead, I’m here to look after you, mother.” Why is she hankering after the brother? She thinks that if the brother had lived he would have looked after her in old age. But God knows if he had looked after, he would have run away, too.
Why can’t you fill the place of the brother? You can. Why not? You take it up upon yourself. You can do it. I know. All right? You look upon her as you look upon Me. Why not? Just try. It is worth it. It’s worth it. Be nice and gentle. Say nice things, pleasant things to her. Show interest in her life. Actually you see all of this has come from these psychologists also. Horrible ones.
No, they always say: “Mother did something.” Everybody I saw they said, “My mother is like ..” I said: “How can everybody’s mother be so cruel?” Could be some people’s, but not everybody’s.

And also if they have deviated from right path, it is because they never got their love, they never got their place in life. See, the husbands must have ill-treated them, tortured their lives and must have been after them, or maybe they had some other problems from their parents or something. Everybody’s mother has tortured.
[Shri Mataji is laughing]
It’s a psychology, I think. That way a mother is in a way always, if you look at her from a wrong angle, she will look like your enemy.

In the West, the mother picture is horrible. Also wars, things have come in that generation. People have been shattered of their values. You must understand what kind of life this horrible Western society can give to women who are good. Good women are really tortured in this society. Only the smart ones and the ones who are very arrogant and who know how to put men right and women right in their places can exist, you see, this is what it is. It’s a regular struggle here.
Any good woman is tortured in this society. I mean, if she exists and she really lives, is something surprising. Ask, Maria will tell you. You ask her how they put them down, how they insult them, how – I mean, everybody has seen this happening here. But don’t blame the mother all the time. At this stage, you must look after her.
So now what is next?

Sahaja Yogi: Could You marry me and my girlfriend sometime in future?
Shri Mataji: What’s it?
Another Sahaja Yogi: Marry him and his girl friend.
Shri Mataji: Who is your girlfriend?
Sahaja Yogi: Oh, she’s not here tonight, she is-
Shri Mataji: She’s not a Sahaj Yogini?
Sahaja Yogi: She comes from Bedfort. Yes, she is a Sahaja Yogini.
Shri Mataji: She’s a Sahaj Yogini.
So you want to have a marriage on Krishna Ashtami? Some of the marriage to be performed? Sahaja Yogi: Yes, please.
Shri Mataji: Now when is the Krishna Ashtami?
Another Sahaja Yogi: Next Sunday Mother.
Sahaja Yogi: Some time in the future, not now.
Shri Mataji: You see, the best place to get married is in India. Very easy and you have a real feeling because you come on a horse and this and that, you see?

But even if you want to have in Krishna Ashtami day, I don’t know if you can get really somebody to do it – if somebody we can get, we should do it if there are people who want to get married.
But you see Sahaja Yoga marriage is taken for granted. I’ve seen people do not have that understanding, and it’s very dangerous to play with it, it’s very dangerous, you see? So I think if you have some time given to yourself, I will definitely marry.
Best thing I think is [to] let people take some time and decide. Because, you see, it’s very funny, nobody feels responsible about it. They’ll come out with a explanation: “Oh, I didn’t understand and I was not in a position to do it, I was still possessed with a bhoot and I married another bhoot.”
Sahaja Yogi: Ah, I’ve lived with her two years.
Shri Mataji: With her?
Sahaja Yogi: yes, with her.
Shri Mataji: You see, you have given sufficient time now. But you see, one thing is their living is in the West, is simple people; but if you tell them “marriage”, oh God. They go amok. They go amok. You see, if it’s a marriage: “Ahhhhh.”
Ask David Prole, he’ll tell you.

You see, because the law is so horrifyingly funny here, “marriage, oh God, it means horrible things. You have to separate. If you have to divorce- the first thing about a divorce: “You’ll have to give so much money. ” “Half money the wife will take away.” “She’ll murder me.”
You see, they show husband murders wife, wife murders husband, all sorts of things you know all the time it is like going on in this country. It’s madness about marriage.
So I think it’s a good idea. I would like if you can arrange, because Krishna Ashtami’s a good time to marry people. Our sixteen marriages, which one has failed? Last time. For the sixteen. No, sixteen here in London. Who were the sixteen people, let’s see.
All first class. All first class, yah? Yah.
So for next marriage lot. Some will be lagging behind like Nick, I would like him to marry. Now you’re not so frightened are you? Nick?
Nick: No.
Shri Mataji: No, it’s good. [Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi]
On the Dashera day we can have marriage. The Dashera day, that’s another day one can marry. Now Krishna Ashtami and Dashera day. Of course after the Diwali, after the marriage of the Tulasi, then only people start, but the Dashera day is very, very good. It’s very auspicious. [Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi]

So we’ll have marriages on Dashera day. Till then prepare people for marriage. All right? The Dashera will be say about … end of October, about. All right?
Sahaja Yogi: Yes, Mother, thank you.
Shri Mataji: Let’s find out where will I be.
So that’s how.

Sahaja Yogi [Derek Ferguson/Fergy]: Mother, I was going to ask, some Sahaja Yogis who’ve been in Sahaja Yoga for a long time don’t feel cool breeze; they don’t feel any catches. Some people feel burning all the time; some people feel these things in their head, in their body, toes, hands. Is there a way we’re gonna develop, where you can feel things – all of us, all over – or is it just some people feel different things?

Shri Mataji: No no. You see, to begin with, you see, it has something to do with your nervous system. All right? So, if your nervous system is disturbed, you may not feel, at all. For the nervous system, best thing is to do massage. You see, somebody should massage their back, hands… Also, I’ve told many a times that you rub your hands with vibrated olive oil, quite a lot, and rub these things, so they become sensitive. Could be with insensitivity. But if they can feel the catches in the body, that means they are all right, only the Vishuddhi is not all right. Rub the thing on the Vishuddhi, work on Vishuddhi, clear it out. And for Vishuddhi, if you can use, say, butter to rub on the- here [neck], and rub all these muscles, you see, with that. All these things will work out, for your hand.

But supposing there’s no cool breeze coming out of the head, possibly. Then the Realization yet not has established. See, other people should say whether there is a cool breeze coming, because the person who is not realized may not feel it. Supposing he does not feel it, and you feel it, then he is realized; only thing, his chakras are to be cleared out. It’s a different different category of people. Then, there are some people whose Kundalini has not risen; they are still Sahaja Yogis. Like that. Maybe. I don’t know if there are any. Those people who are unmarried for long, they are very difficult people because they never feel the cool breeze in the hand, quite a lot. Like that. But it is not so. They are realized souls in any case. They may not feel it, but they are realized souls, you see. Because a kind of a softness, a kind of a balance is developed after marriage – which is not there. And that’s how some people don’t feel it. There are various reasons. Some people who are ego-oriented more – they should turn their left to the right many a times. They should find out… from the hands, you see. One hand is bigger, one hand is smaller. That means the left hand – if it is smaller – that means you have to raise left to the right. You see, from the size of the hands and all that you can see it. Putting one hand towards the photograph, another hand outside… Work it out in so many ways, because you have permutations and combinations of certain mistakes. But that doesn’t mean you develop this Left Vishuddhi by any chance. Because that’s the worst thing that can happen. If you develop the Left Vishuddhi, then it’s a very difficult situation for you. Now, for this kind of a thing, I think I’ll give you a complete lecture on one day. Complete. As to see what permutations and combinations of different chakras can create. All right? But symptoms are outside. The symptoms are mostly outside; there’s no need to… from a personality you can see what it is he is catching, you see. Is a very… problem, great problem with people, that they don’t feel the vibrations; some people just don’t feel it.

How many there are like that, who never feel any vibrations? Never felt, never.
Raise your hands. I know Kerry.
Kerry: Not never.
Shri Mataji: And you never- you have felt it sometimes?
Kerry: Yes, yes.
Shri Mataji: All right.
Second Sahaja Yogi: Mother since I came to the ashram I`ve been, my hands have being very hot all the time.
Shri Mataji: Which one?
Second Sahaja Yogi: But I feel the catches inside.
Shri Mataji: Both the hands are.
What work you are doing in the ashram?
Sahaja Yogi: Not very much Mother.
Shri Mataji: All right, you had a left side catch. All right, you can see clearly your right hand is very shining. The left, there is a problem. You see these fingers are not so shining as the things are. You had a left side problem, if you remember it. All right? So, that’s fighting. In the ashram the vibrations are fighting, that’s why you feel hot. There’s nothing wrong with it.
It will correct; it will have cool breeze. Put your right hand always up and left hand towards Me. It will correct you.

Shri Mataji: When did you come?
Sahaja Yogi: (Italian) Last Wednesday.
Shri Mataji: Oh I see. You’re staying here in the ashram?
Sahaja Yogi: No he is not here in the ashram.
Shri Mataji: No. Where is he staying?
Sahaja Yogi: In a Hotel.
Shri Mataji: Why don’t you stay here and get your Sahaja Yoga alright? He’s from…now better. Alright.
Sahaja Yogi: He’ll come tomorrow to the ashram.
Shri Mataji: Good idea.
[In Hindi Shri Mataji asks someone if they are ok]
So now, can I go now?

Sahaja Yogi: We should offer You a sari.
Shri Mataji: This is Gavin’s idea of a sari, isn’t it? What color is this?
[PHRASE IN HINDI] What’s it? What a beautiful one! Where did you take this one? It’s like a painting. Where?
Sahaja Yogi: Sahasrara Puja in Paris.
Shri Mataji: In Paris? It’s beautiful! It’s for Me or for the ashram?
Sahaja Yogi: He has brought it to You, Mother.
Shri Mataji: Thank you. It’s too beautiful. Very beautiful it is. Thank you.
May God bless you.
You’ll stay here for sometime?

Sahaja Yogi: A week, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Week, all right, good. Christine, then I’ll come and see you all, Americans, eh? Here, Monday. And we’ll discuss about what is to be done in the future program. Now. Anything?

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, I have brought You a present.

Shri Mataji: Present?

Sahaja Yogi: For small [THING?]. Some photographs.

Shri Mataji: Thank you. I would like to see. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? This is Italian style. See? Is Italian. They make everything so beautiful. [PHRASE IN HINDI] It’s very loving and nice. You had taken this photograph? And enlarged it? Beautiful it is. Very gentle and nice. This is from that garden… which I didn’t see? It’s beautiful lotuses Rustem has in Derbyshire. In Derbyshire, I couldn’t see that [ONE?], really. I was surprised, they say that you can’t grow a lotus here. I don’t know how they do it, really.

Sahaja Yogini: They call them something else, that sort of…

Shri Mataji: Must be. See this one. [PHRASE IN HINDI] [PHRASE IN HINDI] So beautiful they are. Rustem, you have become a great photographer.

Sahaja Yogi: He’s got four years experience.

Sahaja Yogi: They grow in Hampstead, Mother, too.

Shri Mataji: Hampstead?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes, they are in the ponds in Hampstead [UNCLEAR].

Shri Mataji: I don’t know how they manage it, you see, this cold. It’s tremendous. But they grow in the cold because [UNCLEAR] also they have these. So, must be.

Sahaja Yogi: They can grow in the cold, no problem.

Shri Mataji: Now… [SHRI MATAJI SPEAKS WITH A SAHAJA YOGI IN HINDI] Now, Harry, your problem is solved?

Sahaja Yogi: Not as yet, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Why? What happened?

Sahaja Yogi: I called my employers, and they said that they’ve not quite sorted whether they should re-employ me. So they gave me one week. He said he will call me back next week.

Shri Mataji: Or you just go and tell them that “You give me just an employment,” saying that “for only three months at the most.”

Sahaja Yogi: Yes.

Shri Mataji: But just say that “We give you employment, we re-employ you,” that’s all.

Sahaja Yogi: Yes, I’ll go to there.

Shri Mataji: What else?

Sahaja Yogi: These ladies are too shy, Mother, to tell them to come in.

Shri Mataji: Who?

Sahaja Yogi: Some ladies to give You the sari, Mother.

Shri Mataji: To give Me a sari? All right. This is the one that puja sari Gavin has brought. Who will give Me? Give it now. Come along, you girls. Also he has brought one sari for Me, which I… use it on Janmashtami also, from… [PHRASE IN HINDI] from Bombay. May God bless you. How is he? Did he get a job?

Sahaja Yogini: [UNCLEAR].

Shri Mataji: What did he say? He’s not [UNCLEAR]?

Sahaja Yogi: He got a job, he is the head of all the translators in Spain.

Sahaja Yogini: He called me last Tuesday, he said, head of… in the embassy… of the translate people.

Sahaja Yogi: The chief translator, is the head of the translation stuff in the embassy.

Shri Mataji: Really?

Sahaja Yogini: He says he has a big responsibility now, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Good. How much is he paid? How much is he paid?

Sahaja Yogini: 240 pounds.

Shri Mataji: How much?

Sahaja Yogini: 240 pounds per month.

Shri Mataji: Two thousand?

Sahaja Yogini: Two hundred.

Shri Mataji: And forty pounds. Per month.

Sahaja Yogi: It’s very reasonable course, Spanish [UNCLEAR].

Shri Mataji: For Spain, it is. It is very reasonable.

Sahaja Yogini: Also, he’s work only six hours a day.

Shri Mataji: And where does he live?

Sahaja Yogini: He stay with Jose Antonio.

Shri Mataji: He’s happy there? It’s good that he’s got such a good job. All right. What is this you have done?

Sahaja Yogini: Michelle made it, Mother. It’s a [CROWN HERE?], Mother.

Shri Mataji: This you give Me on Krishnashtami, will be better. Isn’t it, with this thing?

Sahaja Yogini: Michelle made it, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Michelle? Should give Me on Krishnashtami, all right? It’s beautiful. All right. So just open the sari and put it on [UNCLEAR].

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, may I read Your hundred and eight names? May I read Your hundred and eight names? [IN WRITTEN?] shlokas.

Shri Mataji: Who? You?

Sahaja Yogi: Your names, yes.

Shri Mataji: Please, let read it out. Loudly. You have to raise it higher. Let Me garland [UNCLEAR]. It’s beautiful color. Thank you. It’s very sweet of the doctor Singh to give such a nice job to him Don, isn’t it? He’s a great man, doctor Singh. [SHRI MATAJI SPEAKS WITH A SAHAJA YOGI IN HINDI] But we wanted some really Sahaja Yogi to go there. He knows Spanish also. But the doctor Singh is taking so much interest, I must say.

Sahaja Yogini: Mother, but it’s only for three months.

Shri Mataji: All right. Yes, that’s what he said, that three months [IT IS?]. That’s it. It may go further.

Sahaja Yogi: He will have excellent reference after that work.

Shri Mataji: Now he can go to other places. He’s not so attached to anything; I found it from him. You see, Don is a very deep Sahaja Yogi, very deep. And he said, “I’m not so particular about Spain. Any place You send me, Mother, I’ll be going.” So he’s not so much attached to… he’s a very deep person. That was a good answer. So he can go somewhere else if he says,”It’s not that I get attached to Spain.” Let’s see. But you better grow now. Did he tell you what is the problem is? And must learn proper English, you see? That’s very important because Sahaja Yoga… I cannot speak all the languages. So better try to learn. In here, people should teach English to people who don’t know good English, all right? Not that English language is God’s language, but at least I understand it. Otherwise, all the English will have [A BIG EGO?]. And I can’t learn so many languages, all right? Try to learn English language and, also, understand Sahaja Yoga mentally. That’s important. Because you have to explain to people, talk to them. Because you talk, but it makes no sense on the other people if you have not mentally equipped. Those who are just attached to Sahaja Yoga with heart must equip themselves also with mind, must understand Sahaja Yoga with mind, is very important. And those who only understand with mind should understand it with heart. All right?

Sahaja Yogini: To reading “The Advent”, Mother, is very useful, very helpful to overcome this problem, because I had the same problems.

Shri Mataji: All right. Try to read “Advent”, explain to her, let her understand. How are you? You never came to the…

Sahaja Yogi: Unfortunately, I had to work.

Shri Mataji: I see.

Sahaja Yogi: But I [FORGET TO LET YOU KNOW?].

Shri Mataji: All right. [SHRI MATAJI SPEAKS WITH A SAHAJA YOGI IN HINDI] [UNCLEAR] mangalsutra? You got two? One will sufficient, one you keep it for the next puja. [SHRI MATAJI SPEAKS WITH A SAHAJA YOGI IN HINDI] You must get one made in gold. When I go to India, I’ll get you one. It should be used for puja. [PHRASE IN HINDI] And the same can be used every time. May God bless you.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, please forgive us for any mistakes we’ve made during Your puja.

Shri Mataji: May God bless you. Make a list now, and get it verified sometimes. And make a complete list, you see; so whenever you go there, try to remember. You keep one ready. Otherwise, don’t ask for it. Because it goes little funny there, isn’t it? Doesn’t look all right. Because you are such matured Sahaja Yogis. It is all right for children to make mistakes, but you are all matured people, so – doesn’t look nice. May God bless you.

Sahaja Yogini: Mother, for Hampstead we do not know so much the protocol of pujas and how to… to behave in… there is no [ASPECTS TOWARDS YOU?]. Then, how do You suggest we should educate ourselves?

Shri Mataji: Next time when I’ll give you a lecture on this, all right? Because requires a real one big lecture, Maria. May God bless you.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, someone is bringing You some food. Food is being brought, Mother.

Shri Mataji: No. You see, My family people are going to have food with Me. I’m sorry. They are all at home. I’m sorry, I have to go.