Talk to Sahaja Yogis: America’s problems

Brompton Square House, London (England)

1982-08-13 1 America Its Future And Its Problems 1, 50'
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Talk to yogis, “America: its future and problems”. Brompton Square, London (UK), 13 August 1982.

And I found Russian people extremely helpful in Sahaja in a way, very indirectly. The thing is they are very simple people, extremely simple people. I went to Uzbekisthan, the people of that place are extremely generous, very simple, and their self-esteem is absolutely correct, most surprising [interjection: it’s tremendous], yes and the people who were very highly placed sort of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekisthan, sort of people there, they told me that they are seeking their spirit, this is not the end of that, just imagine and practically everyone at that level said that they are seeking their spirit. I warned them about this para-psychology that they are indulging into, it’s a dangerous thing and they are amazed, and they said that “yes, we know about it”, they have so much idea about the negativity and all that, most surprising. I was very much impressed, I knew their sense of administration will be different, their attitude towards people may be different and their administrators may be different and all these things are wrong but in way, you see, these people have taken all the badness to themselves and have saved the rest of the people at least, the administrators there and they could burst into stars in there, it will take off just like that, I know. Sahaja yoga will work out in Russia much faster than I ever thought of, really.

And what about America Mother, and the American people, what is their future in Sahaja Yoga?

You see American people think no end of themselves. This is the biggest problem. They think they are always right. They insisted on South Korean war, Vietnam war, this and that. And everywhere they thought they were the right people to do right things, they are very right and their sort of kingdom, this and that, and all that. They’ve always made mistakes, always made mistakes. That’s the problem.

They are so confused, so complicated, they are extremely complicated, in everything that they do there is a disgrace. Like they will help a country, they will try to show off, that the, they have got the grace of the tradition you see; a traditional country when it helps other country it understands that if it is helping other country it is helping themselves because they are, they can’t bear the poverty of the other country. That’s how they are. I think even the President Roosevelt said that “poverty anywhere is threat to prosperity everywhere”, you see, he could feel the collectivity, he said so, but Americans thinks, you see, no end of themselves and they think they are very great and they won’t make mistakes and always side with wrong people, because they are so confused and so complicated, always side with wrong people, they have compromises always with negativity. It is a very difficult country. I learnt it first time I went to America “I said nothing doing, I’ll not go back”, because they are so confused, you know. Now the confusion comes to them because they are at the Vishuddhi, see America is the Vishuddhi chakra and that is the place where the confusion starts, you see, ego and the super ego get stuck. So either they’ll be on the super ego trip if they come out of it they’ll be on the ego trip, and that’s why there are extremely confused people and they have so many compromises, you see. In Sanskrit language, for example, there is truth, and untruth, there is nothing like truth, semi truth, half-truth, as you have in your language, it is just satya or asatya, there is not two things.

So whatever is truth, if you are to be identified with truth, you have to stick onto it and all that is false has to fall out, there cannot be compromises with untruth, if you compromise with untruth you’ll stick onto that, but you cannot get truth if you are in that mire of falsehood and they don’t realize that in the mire of sin. And they have to get out of it it’s a very, very dangerous thing they are into it. You see, apart from the nature that will be against them I don’t know what’s going to happen to them in future because they might be just shunted out of the whole program of emancipation one day, though there are great seekers born here.

And now, just see their foreign policy I mean they are so funny, they are giving their armaments to all the countries, can you imagine? [interjection: that’s true] and they are creating problem, I mean this is, I don’t what to call this, this is such a anti-Vishuddhi work, it’s anti-God, completely anti-God, because you are going to create good relationships, you are there to create such governments which will work out with love and affection and give people freedom and all that, here you are, you are giving them a weapon of destruction and making them strong in destroying each other. I mean, this is what they’ve been doing always identifying the wrong type of people, always, now say they are more sided with Pakistan than with India. You know that India is the country for spirituality, you see. And all Americans are in India seeking God, but their government is supporting Pakistan against India, I’m not saying that because I’m an Indian, but as a Mother I see this very clearly that in spirituality one day India has to come. Now they, why they are confused? Because you see as I described to you before, that, you see, the development can be divided into two halves, one is the development of the root and the development of shoot, now these are the Western people who are at the shoot end, now they go on increasing, increasing like that and they have no roots, you see because traditions are missing firstly that’s how, and that makes them feel guilty also about it, but traditions are not there, doesn’t matter, you can learn from others, but they don’t want to learn from anyone, the roots are missing also because there’s no attention on the spirit in the whole working out, they have dollar, you see, they have dollar, dollar and so miserly and disgraceful, you see with money nothing can go into them because there is no connection, they haven’t got connection with God, they haven’t got connection with their spirit, they haven’t got connection with religion which is within themselves.

So what happens, they are uprooted type of people and those uprooted type of people when they start expanding nothing goes into them. I mean a culture of a very highly-placed American is the same thing as that of a laborer; they will lead, and they’ll have a huge house, and a swimming pool and this and all swankiness but if you see basically they have dirty jokes, they will, the same things that an ordinary laborer does is done by an American, you see. I mean there is, nothing goes into them, I think, nothing goes into them. For example in India people who are educated and elite, and say. They can never become violent, they can never become angry, they cannot behave in the way a laborer can act, they cannot box people and go about or take a pistol and kill somebody, but there is nothing like that in America, anybody can do any work, you see, there is no understanding that you have to grow into culture, there is no cultural imbibement into their characters, you see, it’s all superficial. The reason is they have not touched their roots, the roots are their spirits you see, and that’s why sometimes I am amazed the way they behave like, you remember we had a program there and a gentleman came and he just quickly gone [interjection: yes in California], in California, I mean this has not happened anywhere else but in America. I mean just see there should be certain cultural growth in them, it’s so superficial, they try to copy English, they try to copy this, copy that, but why don’t they become themselves what they are because you see, they have a big balloon on their head of their ego and once they finish with that, they go into super ego balloon, like people getting into all these gurus now, all the gurus have landed in America, nowhere else, why? Because that they are supported, you see people are so confused they are still carrying on with Rajneesh, imagine Rajneesh has been ousted completely from India, TM is ousted quite a lot from India but not from America. They are settled down there, now Rajneesh people have gone and settled down there, TM people have gone, settled down there. All those who are thrown out of India have gone settled down, as if it has become a receptacle of all the discarded ideas and all that, you see, because that’s the place where sin can go on, that’s the freedom, where sin can go on is the freedom.

So, this confusion comes because they are lacking in the wisdom that you have to reach the spirit which is truth and you cannot compromise with another. Like they do not mind having a one guru here, and a one guru there and a guru there and a guru there and also the Sahaja Yoga. See that is how you cannot grow. They will have aura system, they will have, I went there, para-psychology, you see para-psychology is a very big official stuff there, you know nonsense and they are so confused that they don’t understand that the fear that they have is not from outside, from within, the nature is of course is going to be dangerous, but within themselves cancer all these diseases are much more in America than anywhere else, impotency among men all sorts of things, this other disease homosexuality all sorts of these nonsensical perversions they are coming from all the chakras getting ruined. They don’t understand, they have, they don’t want to see, they live in their own imaginary world and it is very difficult to tell them, because they get punctured. You tell them something and they will not accept . They think they are doing the right thing. One day Gregoire asked Me, “Mother are You going to cancel them from program?, I am not into say that I’ll cancel them, but then when I went there first time I was amazed at their understanding of God, amazed at the understanding of reality, very much amazed, because you see, first thing they told Me “oh, what are you doing? You must charge some money”, nowhere else people suggested this to Me “you must charge some money for your work, you must charge some money because you see this guru has come” This Raktabija went there and he is charging so much, the fellow went there and this that. And I was amazed that the white people and the second thing they told Me was another thing was that, “No, you should not be, you are very mild and you are very kind and you don’t come out with the truth, immediately, you see, gradually you have to know You, more, and more and more and then you get to Me” especially in Portugal and Spain people told Me that “Mother, we were amazed, you see, they came and they just told us. This Raktabija come and told us” “I’m a “perphect” master” see, copying the “perphect”, because you see, he couldn’t say perfect. You see there is a gentlemen who knows English very well and he used to tease a lot. He said “I am a perphect master” and translate him a little spoilt also his English, because he was quite good at English also. The way he was pronouncing and he said so. And when he said it, I was about to translate. And there will be, all kinds of things are going on in that country, you see, they use all kinds of things. Now when I told the Russians they got a fright, it’s para-psychology, they want to listen, they want to understand, because they are worried they are not such a venturesome that they get into hell to find out what’s in the hell, but that’s Americans style of doing things. You see, they are very, very venturesome of things and they think no end of themselves. You see, and this is the big problem they have.

Now if you want to know about the future of Americans I would say there’s a very big potential because they are at Vishuddhi. You see, if they take to collectivity in a big way, not that only Sahaja yogis are working out 3-4. You see, I can save all the Sahaja Yogis, it’s alright, they are all, will be safe no doubt but your own country is running into a very anti-God activity, because they are supplying arms to other countries, I mean this is something anti-God, absolutely anti-God activity because you are suppose to create better relations, in the unconscious they are, from the unconscious they got the idea they started UN and even the first one they had, the same international organization and now another one, but in these organizations also there are bhoots working out. You know there are wrong types of gurus have entered, even into these organizations, apart from that they loose their name because if they start giving arms to people to fight, this is absolutely anti-God’s, absolutely you can call this is anti-God’s activity satanic, absolutely satanic, instead of giving the wisdom, the sense of discrimination, just the other way around, they lack sense of discrimination. And this is how, this is how, you see, the confusion has started in that country, as I’ve told you that the East is the root and West is the shoot, and the shoot is increasing size, is manifesting itself, is growing big and the East has to look after the root side of it, to begin with, then it is also thinking of becoming the shoot. Now the shoot is the one which has lost its connection with its source. So you’ll find that those people though they have advanced, so-called, in affluence and in so-called education, science, technology, everything has happened, but nothing has gone inside them. So when they are growing out as shoots they are loosing their morals. They are loosing their absolute point. So relatively they live, and that’s why they are so confused, in relativity you become confused, there is nothing absolute to judge whether you are doing the correct thing or not.

Now the brighter side of America is something else, this is the background, this is the confusion, for them money is very important, with the money they become ego-oriented, they think no end of themselves, they think whatever they do that’s right, everything is there, but the good side of America is that maximum number of seekers are born over there and people of very high quality should be there also, we have to find them and they haven’t yet known of Sahaja Yoga maybe that we have not made full effort that’s why we have not been able to get more. I’ve full idea that there must lots of really good deep seekers in that country. Now we had one coming from America somebody who came to be in India. Now he’s supposed to coming from a rich country, came there, and he said he had no money to pay for it, why did he come? And who’s going to pay for him? And he didn’t mind at all, I mean he had no self-respect that time to think that we should, he should pay, on the contrary he said that,”Why? America is giving so much loan to India, so why should I pay?”. Such absurd things you talk, you see. So that shows that they’ve lost because ego has blinded them too much, but the good point about them is that they are seekers of ages born there, to reap the fruits of their good doing. Like it is said that when you do good work you go to heaven and enjoy the fruits of it, but while enjoying the fruits of it if you don’t keep yourself on a, in a discrete level then it is possible that you will loose all those things and you will go down into hell, it is possible. So the interest of Sahaja Yoga in America is that maximum number of seekers are in America, there are some very great high quality seekers and I am sure very soon we will be able to locate most of them if I persist, if My attention allows Me to be there but they are so mixed-up, when we get the real seekers they will not be mixed up with other things, they will just give up, and they will just join Sahaja Yoga, immediately as so many of them have joined in England and America, and in England and Australia and in India that they give up all the rest of the things and they just jumped into Sahaja Yoga. Now this kind of a thing when it happens that there are seekers, there are so many seekers, such good seekers are there, naturally all the negativity is directed towards that, you see. Now, all the bad gurus, all the horrible false ones have settled in America. All the goods ones are still in India, they don’t want to go to America. I asked one gentleman he just went up to New York and ran away.

So all the good people are, be lifted one day I think and all these horrible will be settling down. That means that is a place where everybody can be accommodated, you see. This kind of a accommodation is no good for the Vishuddhi chakra, if you have such a bad Vishuddhi where all the bhoots are accumulated, then what is going to happen to that, to the people? But to come to Sahaja Yoga these people have to have more discretion, more scholarliness, or we can say more understanding. So all this is lacking, they have much less understanding that English have about Sahaja Yoga, because English are not easy to deal, they take time, they are not mobile people like Americans are, but once they come to it, they understand it, while Americans are very mobile people. Now the advantage of mobility is that if they start growing they will grow much faster, there’s no inertia, there’s not looking forward, backward, they jump into it, but they can jump into wall also, as they have told, so many of them have become say disciples of Raktabij. Now, he is one of the most difficult gurus you could think of so called the false one than anybody else, because he hits your left Nabhi so badly that he causes a terrible distress inside that they become ego-oriented with the bhoots, such a combination, they are ego-oriented with the bhoots, normally it is super-ego, but with this gentleman they are ego-oriented with the bhoots, and they cannot give up the bhoots, moreover the affinity is so great that if there is one Raktabij fellow, he will always support another Raktabij.

Now I have not been able to do much about the Raktabijas in London, they are poor things still collecting money for his 60th Rolls Royce. So this is another stupidity going on. Now surprisingly those people who are going to Raktabija in England are not educated people. They are people of a little lower levels you see. But we have had some people from Raktabija in England because of their English character like Jason, just immediately left, completely, 100% he never talks of him, he doesn’t think of him, thrown all the books, burnt all the books, he is done it. Just that thing is, is the caliber, he is a man of caliber, so that caliber we’ll have to get in America to establish, we have some people but very few, alright.

So this kind of a thing when you do, then only Sahaja Yoga can mature and the quality of people that come from Raktabija have to be of a caliber otherwise they can’t get rid of him, because it is a very deep seated bhoot, and he will take you to all other things, you see, it will be guru shopping will be on and this thing. One is scientology and the another is this. Scientology is nothing but is satanology and this Raktabija is another fellow, is a very very difficult thing because it has nothing to do with your mind, at all, so what happens, that you are completely on the left side and he gives ego to you, because he hurts your ego so much that you cannot take it any more, so you become ego-oriented. So those people who are from Raktabija when they come to Sahaja Yoga, they become suddenly, overnight, great leaders of Sahaja Yoga, they become in charge, I’ve seen like a friend of yours who came recently, see, she started giving suggestions about Sahaja Yoga and people were amazed but nothing to be amazed for Me, because I’ve seen them. They behave like they suddenly become very great experts. They don’t know anything, what is vibrations are, how to raise the Kundalini, they don’t know, they’ve, they’ve given no realization, they have not been to India, they have no idea as to what they are but immediately like a little boy coming into the school, starts giving lectures on MA classes like that they start, so up, up, up-startish nature and so bumptious, you see they think they are very clever, they are very intelligent, how to say, they don’t know what are their problems, they don’t know what they are up to, they have no powers. They think. They are very weak, their left agnya is very weak, their left nabhi is very weak, could lead them to horrible diseases like blood cancer and all that is not a easy thing, no? Could be in the eyes, they might suddenly become blind, they don’t know, within five minutes, it might happen to anyone. Today it’s a very serious thing, but how will they know till it happens to them, and how will you warn them?

So I think this has to be done very carefully always a Raktabij person will have affinity for another person. For example one Mr X is already with you, there are 2 Raktabijas are coming, he will have more feelings for that always. So best thing is to tell this person, already warn him, that be careful, if you have to save them you must cleanse yourself, otherwise you cannot cleanse, you cannot cleanse them, you can not pull them out of that mire, you have to be strong, so you be strong enough to do it, it is a very delicate work with Raktabijas and we have to see to it that you work it out properly, because unless and until it is done that way, you see these Raktabijas are to be told about it, and they should be cleaned by keeping them out of bounds of other Sahaja yogis, you see, who gradually, you see, can have a parallel organization for Raktabija’s people coming in, cleansing them as we did for these Maheshyogi’s people, you see. Let there be a parallel thing, that let them not mix up with new people because they’ll confuse them, they’ll talk, they’ll argue, they’ll fight, that’s the way to deal with the Raktabijas. He said”I’m a perfect master”, nobody is going to ask him whether he is perfect or not, then they went head long, you see. And here I think you made a big mistake, a very big mistake, I must say and I don’t understand why you did it because you know for definite that in Sahaja Yoga I don’t want anybody to know who I am till they have come to a point, never we try to tell them, and then [place is unclear 25:] seminar was another very big mistake because all such half-baked people who’ve been to seminar, the people who are higher get disturbed, upset, not only that but they get affected because they come with the great idea that “they are going to the seminar and is going to be lifting up” but all thing pulled apart, they are argumentative, I mean it is so cheap, the whole thing was so cheap.

And I was very unhappy when I learnt that they have been behaving like this, that everybody got upset, the vibrations were spoilt, they don’t understand anything, they are blind, they don’t understand what they are doing. They are playing into the hands of their bhoots and they are acting in a way that is harming everybody and everybody’s vibrations going down, you would be feeling so bad, they had right Vishuddhi, they had left Swadishthana and even in My puja. Even some of them were not there, they were some not such good people, little half-baked type, I told them “don’t bring them” and the puja was so strong that I had to lie down for at least one hour to take out the vibrations, you know that very well, so you must understand that when there are people, I do not discriminate but those people who cannot bear My powers, I didn’t want to put them under pressure and nor do I want to suffer unnecessarily because if they can’t get it I cannot just force it into their mouths, so such people who are half baked, who are just in Sahaja Yoga, coming to seminar has no meaning. It is not a seminar of intellectuals or some sort of a mesmerizers, who’ll just come and mesmerize some more, put some more bhoots into people but it is the seminar of people who are free, who are independent, who have become Sahaja yogis means they are standing on their legs, and they know what they are doing, they know how to become, and how to make others become, they are not cheap people that they are just mesmerized by somebody like mad, and singing song of their guru’s style, only those people are to be told about surrendering and all that. I don’t want to talk to these people about surrendering and this thing. What will they do their surrendering? I mean, how, what will they surrender? What do they have? Except for their ego and super-ego? I mean, I would never like to talk to them anything about My life, or anything who I am. I never talk to them, I never said these things openly you know very well. I could have said like these Portuguese peoples told Me, “Mother, why don’t you say like him the way he said? That I’m the Adi Shakti, I’ve done this” Why should I say? Can you bear it up?

I am not a mermerizer to make your bear, what nonsense if I say it has to be known only if I know mesmerism. And this is something that this is the most sensible thing you know, that recognition in this incarnation is important, but that has to be done gradually, they cannot recognize Me, they are not sensitive. I’ve seen some people very sensitive, we went to a shop the other day for ties and the fellow, who was there, immediately recognized Me, and he said “I find the complete majesty walking into my shop”. He was so respectful. He said, “Am I alright? I hope I haven’t said something more. Have I done any mistake? Did I say something more? Should I get?” like that. And I was amazed he was an Englishman, not that an Englishman had recognized Me that way, the way he had I mean his question of their sensitivity and previous lives, good, good work and all that. But he had such confusion. You don’t know whether to love a woman or a man. You don’t know whether to love a dog or a horse. It is sort of a confused state of your mind, how can you recognize such a camouflage like Me? So this is the thing, so next time please don’t bring anybody who is not a Sahaja yogi according to you. Then there are no arguments, then you have found the answer, you start doing the work, you know what is vibrations, you become the guru, you yourself know what is happening and everybody was stunned the way these people were funny and argumentative and very unhappy.

My own opinion is this, that America must be saved, that’s a very important part of the body of the Universe, and that is the Vishuddhi. We have to save it and to save it only thing what we have tell these people in a proper way, that still you have not known what is Sahaja Yoga is, it’s not like any other gurus, or anything, on the contrary just the opposite it is. It doesn’t take any money or does not do, it’s not the main thing, the main thing is that here everybody becomes alert and awakened, that everybody knows what is to be done, what is not to be done, and once they become awakened I don’t have to tell them that to “do this or do that”, immediately they know, “this is what Mother says is absolutely true, 100% true”. In even small things they start accepting Me then they start understanding Me better, so in the beginning I always take another role and always say, “Oh you are correct”.

So many people tell Me, “Mother, we have felt the cool breeze, we have felt the cool in the hands, everything” I said alright, alright, I just don’t want to have any quarrel with them, because actually they are quarreling with themselves, they are cheating themselves, why should I say anything to them? Let them understand that this is for your good, for your emancipation, for nobody else’s. Why are you arguing? What are you going to save people from? What can you do about it? See, the way people argue with Me as if I’ve taken their money or I’ve done something. I don’t understand. They can’t argue with their gurus, their gurus they will close their nose and mouth and everything and go at their feet, pay all the money, they are alright then, but with Me they start arguing. This is very wrong, actually I really pity them, in India it doesn’t happen. We’ve seen thousands of people get Realization, because they know what is realization is, what to expect. Here people are so naïve, so ignorant, they have no idea, experiences, anybody gives them a pin prick is an experience, anybody who shoots a, what you call, a gun at them is a giving an experience, all [unclear: limited or they live with] their imaginations of some sort of a nonsensical thing. This is as an experience we got, “we saw a light”. It is an experience, what is there to show a light? Bang somebody you can see a light, it’s very simple, but what to do? They are so ignorant.

Now being my children and seekers, I have to say that at any cost, whatever they are doing stupidity I know, but doesn’t matter, I forgive them, I know they are stupid that is why they are so ego-oriented and they still some of them do think they are great leaders of Sahaja Yoga this that. And otherwise they don’t understand much of vibrations, much of things, but they don’t understand that they are seekers of ages, apart from anything else. First of all let them establish themselves as Sahaja yogis and they have to really understand Sahaja Yoga in its full essence. Like some people say “oh Mother, I’m smoking, so what does it matter?” So to Me, what does it matter, nothing, you are smoking well and good, go ahead. If you want I will give you some more cigarettes, but the point is that one has to understand in all wisdom that smoking spoils my Vishuddhi chakra and then that spoiling is going to ruin my ascent.

Like somebody says “I have got bad habits of looking at women, I want to run away with women, this thing, that thing” Go ahead, but that means your void is finished, your void is ruined, by that your attention becomes ruined and you cannot reach that height where you have to reach. Actually it is something like having a car which has got problems, all right? Now you don’t go on fighting because you have problems in your car that I have these, you don’t say that I have this problem anything. You don’t say that “I’ll bang this car because I want to bang it”. Don’t do that. So that is what it is. That kind of a wisdom one has to have, this body God have given you, this mind He has given you, everything He has given you, not to destroy, that’s not your job. So you please look after it, love it and understand it, but don’t put ego on top of it, this is somehow you must tell them, talk in a sweet manner as I do, need not tell them who I am, they will not like it, don’t tell anything about Me, that’s the best way. For quite some time we never tell people, I don’t like it, even some people say in the opening in introduction letter, I just correct them and say “don’t talk like that”. See because people don’t like it, you see when it is the truth they don’t like it, when it is untruth, it is all right, because they are already mesmerized to undergo untruth, you see and there is no need to be that honest, in the sense that everything should need not be told today. If you tell today then it becomes dangerous and you must understand to give up these ideas of honesty that you should come out in naked truth, every moment. You need not talk like that.

You have to be careful, because these people are there, I am very much concerned. They are My children. They’ll be all lost. I’ll be very sorry for that. The first place I went to was America, I knew that there is where I have to go and it has to be worked out there. But when I saw the quality of people who came, I was shocked. Also for My Puja I do not allow everybody to come in nor do, we don’t even tell me we are doing puja, even My photograph I was feeling better not give, because you see these wretched people who take photograph, they have no value, they don’t understand what this photograph means, they don’t understand anything, so you give them the photograph and just ruin the value of the photograph, and it doesn’t help them. You see, it is a very funny precarious thing. They still don’t know what to do with them. It is such stupid atmosphere that I really don’t want to sometimes thinking of doing anything for such people, but Americans should understand that their, all this arrogance and all this stupidness and high-handedness in which they live, is not going help them, what is going to really help them is how much they develop, this is the basic thing they must understand, if they don’t want to understand it, what is there? Nature is already against them, absolutely against America, they don’t know what nature is building up against them, they have to be very, very careful you see, they’ll all have to go to moon and settle down there. In moon even if they have to exist that may be the condition. So they have to be careful and you have to warn them and tell them that take things in a proper shape, and try to understand everything in such a way that it becomes a part and parcel in your being, that it becomes your own knowledge, that you can manage it, it is not the knowledge some bhoot goes into your head and you become the knowledge. That sort of a knowledge which is not.

Every moment to moment you have to learn, you have to, see how many years back you came to Me. You took so much time to grow, but you had that English understanding you see, with which in one day you can shoot off to moon but not to your spirit like that. And even if you shoot off with Sahaja Yoga you don’t stick on there. You have to make these mobile people stick on, you see, you have to be realistic bombasters, it not easy, but they are the people who are in very large number, I have every love for them. I’ll go all out, everything I’ll try to help them. I know they are lost because of the atmosphere there, everything and they are to be saved and I love them very much and they are the first I visited. We must use every sort of method to see that they come to Sahaja Yoga, become humble people first, settle down understand the traditions of Sahaja Yoga and then go ahead, just by just doing things on their own high-handedly, you cannot manage Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja Yoga cannot be managed by you, it is done by God, you just cannot take it into our hands, it will work the way it has to work.

I have had Indians who went there as Sahaja yogis and they started programs, and horrible things they did. See, so I have departed. They first they said “we’ll have our own Sahaja Yoga center”, [unclear: they not or they wanted], they lost them, other people have gone there and using them, that so called Sahaja Yoga center, is nothing but one Mr. Rammoorthy is going there, one Mr. Krishnamoorthy going there, all of them making money. It’s a money making practice. If you, they want to still make money and things like that it’s a very difficult thing.

Now in dharma, you have to be all right and all these things you can tell them later. But when you’ll get real quality people you’ll find they will be very dharmic, they will not question Sahaja Yoga, they will just settled down in it, and they’ll just like an arrow straight forward go onto Sahaja yoga, that you should pray that “Mother get us those people from America, they are somewhere lost, maybe Arizona, they might be somewhere, lost like that, we had one young girl, that new girl, who traveled with us [interjection: Tracy?] Tracy, Tracy, her husband, both of them, Tracy is like a shot. She got it, she there why, even this girl, what’s her name is? One who was born recently to. [interjection: Marsha?] Marsha and her husband Danny, both of them. Marsha and Danny, you see Danny is one person, I must say, he’s not, he’s not American, he met Me in Leicester, he got his realization, he said “this is it”. I said “you are living together”, he said “yes”. Thank God. Don’t do it. And he can’t have divorce or anything this one and left, he got married. He came all the way, he got married. Then he stayed in the Ashram and paid every money and he came to this house, and he helped Me here, in every way I should say he was so sweet and I mean, he is so nice to Me, I mean he had no job, so CP offered him a job, he took up a job, and he was very, very nice here and we were very happy with him, the way he worked and helped Me and I helped him in every way, is a very mutual, loving situation. No problem.

Then he went to America I thought he will be a good help to Me, but I don’t know where he is roaming about [unclear]. He is not yet coming but I’m sure he will join you sometimes, he is very dynamic but to him Sahaja Yoga is a very big thing and for him it is the last thing. Then we have another Steve, who is an American, I saw, he is a remarkable American, Steve met Me once, you won’t believe and just he got his realization. Next day, he came to see Me in the morning as they always do. He was there. I knew this was the one. He said “I’m going to Toronto”, no I’m going to [interjection: Boston] Boston, Boston sorry, he went to Boston, there started a program he sent me a telegram. If you know Steve, people said “who is Steve?” I said must be the same. Can you imagine I met him once and I meet so many people in England, and he must be the same Steve, because he told Me, he was going to America, he didn’t tell Me the name of the place he was going, he told Me he was going to America to study music, I said “must be the same Steve, I’m sure” because he was so sure shot fellow, so such sure shot people about whom you don’t have to worry anything, they are just there, because their quality just they settle down. They know what it is their character you see, that is a beautiful thing you have to have. You’ll get some people like that and when you work it out with them, I’ll be very happy.

I bless you that you get such people around you, get such nice people, not these half-baked useless people, that will come and go away but I’m sure we’ll get people of that quality and of that superior, evolutionary understanding. I’m sure you will get it, but that day will come you will get all these people from India to work out this thing, you have already some of those people with you, to work out with you, and don’t argue with these Raktabijas, no use arguing, you can’t argue with them, you can not find out what they are up to, and what they are doing. So best is that don’t argue, tell them, that you raise your Kundalini, you cleanse yourself, don’t argue, argument is not going to help. I’m sorry you should say, that there should be no argument, please sit down and cleanse your vibrations and don’t say these are vibrations, this is wrong, just try to do it well, try to give realization to people, then start talking on Sahaja Yoga. How many people have you given realization? All right? Now this kind of a thing if you tell them, they’ll be very happy, and tell them that “Mother wants to come to America, She wants to do work, but it has to be done in a way that is just the opposite of what other gurus have been doing”. I do not want to profess anything big, I don’t want say anything big, because let us see what sort of the people there are, how they are coming in, and prepare them, then I’ll come. I don’t want to come just to waste My energy. One day in India I give realization to at least two thousand and here I spend months together give realization to how many? So why should I do it, you see, in the wilderness, I feel I’m moving in the wilderness of the jungle of concrete. You see all over. So this is what it is. How many people got realization last time? How many are there? They are very slippery people. So there must be with their slippery nature, try to understand it and stop for a while, and see for themselves what is this.

Mother what’s the reason, could you tell us the reason for your postponement of your trip to America?

I would say that there is any much reason but you see, My attention gets little bit receded, that’s what happens to My attention because Americans, I found them to be rather compromising all the time, with their values, you see they don’t want to stand four-legged. I had such faith in that man and read about him. I said, “where is that?” This kind of this people you see, these like sugar candies, all the time melting away to this and melting away to that. And really, I must say, I was rather disappointed last time, I went to Houston was good but the fellow, you see, from whom I spoke in the Unity Church, I found all the bhoots are united there, they are selling their books, to them everything is business propositions of the thing, you see and I thought that first you should all prepare something for Me, some grounds then I should come. Last time again we spent some much money there and My Husband also went with Me, and we did everything that was possible under the sun but nothing came out of it, you see, we know that and this time again to spend so much money, and it has cost us sometimes 700 pounds, for not even a single person turning up, this is a sort of a thing, I mean it is too much, isn’t it?. That shows also the kind of people, even that horrible fellow Deva, who was a nonsense, absolutely, you see, he was having a bigger group of people than we had, I mean just think of it, who doesn’t understand from A to Z. So also it’s the quality of people, there’s something wrong I think, I mean, they are very violent people and rather difficult to understand better. I know it is a very difficult thing Christian, but we’ll work it out, we have to work it out for them. If they don’t understand their well-being, we have to tell them, slowly I know they get upset if you talk to them, but you have to be very patient with them, because they don’t know you are so grown up compared to them, and they will never accept this position. They think they’ve been to Raktabija, they’ve been to this Transcendental Meditation, they have grown in any way, they don’t to know they have to come back to the main lines and then crawl across, you see, so they don’t understand that.

And they don’t also give up easily other thing, how will they grow? You see, their growth is not possible. So it’s a very big load on them, you see, they are carrying all the time all these loads which was sinking them, and they want to come out of the water to be saved and [then though the stable they are, for them [unclear]45:13]so you see this kind of a thing. I know a few are those, I know what hard times they must be having with that, but for the time being you must know you have to save these people specially people in New York are the worst of all, because the whole atmosphere is so funny, we were there, the vibrations were pretty disturbed and the Sahaja yogis of very high quality are to be there, it proves that God must have created lots of them I’m sure that we will find them very soon, so you work out that way, that you convince the people who have come to Sahaja Yoga to be silent, to go deeper into themselves, don’t be frivolous, don’t be cheapish, work it out in a deeper way, try to find out meaning of your life. How many people you have given Self-realization and all that? You grow, and after growth, after a year or so, you’ll be better off, for one year at least they should try to stick-on in a proper way, because in a moralistic way we do not take money, we don not want Rolls Royces. We don’t want anything. So what is the way they are going to stick-on? Which is the way they are going to stick-on, this is the point. Only through their desire, through their understanding, wisdom and insight and that spiritual quality, which is, it should be a special gift to Americans, I think should, they are born on the land of Vishuddhi, Gokula, you see but what they have made out of Gokul just see that. It is a beautiful place. Must be turned into a land of these cinema makers and this and that, I can’t imagine. They don’t understand auspiciousness, [unclear: swadiness], nothing of that sort. You can’t talk to them. They are living in another world, so people who come to Sahaja Yoga you have to talk to them with very sweet, sweetness, and tell them that Mother has requested me to be kind to them, nice to them and don’t argue with them, tell them gradually, you will know, you have to know, your hands have to speak, your hands will be able to do it. Let’s see gradually we should build it out.

But I tell you one thing more also that these Sahaja yogis in, in America so far I’ve seen. are people of average, average type of, not of very big prominence somewhere there, you see, they take to all these horrible people, now when but not in England like that. In England we have people of great caliber, you see, things like that. In India especially we have lots of them, like here the High Commissioner himself inaugurated My book, there whom will I find. Even the people from India there are ruined like you. I don’t know whom will I find there but that time they will come to Sahaja Yoga. That also we should pray that the people at the helm of affairs should see the beauty of Sahaja Yoga and should achieve something so that we can save that great one. All right?

May God Bless you.