A Solution to Come

Caxton Hall, London (England)

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1982-08-16 A Solution to Come, London NITL-RAW, 68'
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A Solution to Come, Public Programme. Caxton Hall, London (UK), 16 August 1982.

These days, when you read newspapers or you meet people you get the feeling that everybody is waiting for a disaster or for some sort of a solution that has to come.

This feeling that comes to us is also something very innate, something from our unconscious because the situation that we see around seems to be quite dangerous. Not that we get upset with the financial problems or with other mundane type of problems that we have had, but what upsets people is that human beings have become just like machines. They’re running mad. They’re running morning till evening. They have no time for each other. There is no feeling sometimes to understand each other, and [it’s] as if we are all becoming insensitive to each other’s problem.

Apart from that, those people who are intelligent and loving people, feel that people at the helm of affairs do not feel responsible for the humanity at large. Then the poverty and the other problems, which are gross, still they bother us too much: [on] one side, the affluence; another side the poverty. [On] one side, the scientific approach to life; the other side what science has created – things like atomic bombs.

All these create a kind of a confusion in our mind. Everybody seems to be confused. They don’t know whether whatever they are doing is right or wrong, whether they are going to the right path or to the wrong path. Very frustrated, disgusted, one feels sometimes and does not know why are we on this Earth.

Confusion is the first impression one gets when one visits our world from outside. People are absolutely confused and also very insecure, extremely insecure. If you see the rich they are insecure because they have too much money. The poor are insecure because they have no money. All kinds of insecurities work out a tremendous world of confusion.

Now, let us see how we are created from amoeba to this stage. We have become human beings without understanding anything about it. And are we to evolve more, to achieve something higher, to get out of this confusion? Or are we to be dissolved with this confusion in our mind? This confusion is important in a way. If there is no confusion we are not going to seek any solution out of it. And that is why people feel that some solution has to come out. We are confused because we have no absolute values. We have not felt the absolute values. Somebody says, “To be honest is a very good idea,” but we find that, “No, if we are very honest it doesn’t pay!” Some say, “To be devoted and dedicated and loyal is the best policy,” but, no, it does not work out that way.

But there must be something that decides whether we are right or wrong. That’s what we think. It has to be like that. After all this whole creation was created with such love and care, with such delicacy. If you are a doctor you will see how beautifully you are created inside, every nerve. How beautifully it grew into a sensitive cell. How the whole body was created – how these eyes were created with such accuracy. You see cameras and cameras in this world created by us: no camera can be compared with our eyes. Such a tremendous machinery has been created within us, with such care, discarding many others. Many have gone out of the circulation of evolution and then this Man, the great personality of a human being, came out of it – for what? To be confused? To be upset? To be insecured? How can that be? It’s not true. It cannot be. After all, why are we human beings? God has made us with a purpose, no doubt about it. There is a purpose in giving us this kind of a body, this erect body. There is a purpose in everything that we have today, as human beings, even the confusion, as I said.

Today is the day for people to seek. Thousands of people are seeking. They are fed up with whatever they have been doing – they are fed up with it. They are not seeking out of fashion. Many people think that it’s a fashion, they’re a lost race and they are this and they are that. It’s not true. There were never so many seekers as there are today, and they are seeking. Maybe they do not know what they are seeking, but they are not satisfied with their state of affairs, and they are seeking something higher. And that higher is the absolute, is the absolute. Now, this higher, if it is the Absolute, everything must relate to it. Absolute point means everything is related, for example, if you have a one metre here, if you say it is five metres, that means this is five times than the gold rod you have got in Paris which is called as ‘one metre’. Everything has to be related to that absolute, and that relationship then establishes the relationship with each other.

For example, on the religious side, if you see, there have been so many religions, one after another. We had Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, so many religions. They all must relate to Absolute. We must find out how many ‘metres’ each one of them are. Where do they stand in relation to this Absolute, has to be.

It cannot be just something. Like people said, “Oh, we’ve got the Absolute, Mother. We are realised souls, we are twice born!” “And how do you say?” “Because I see a light in my head!” What does that mean? It is not absolute when you can see the light, as it is there. If you faint also you might see a little light short-circuiting there!

There could be some others who say, “Yes, I have got the Knowledge!” “How? What is it?” “Because, Mother, I don’t think anymore.” I said, “You must be drunk.” Everything that we seek has to be related to everything else, otherwise solution won’t be there. To find the absolute value of anything we must know that there’s nothing else but that, that’s the only thing, that’s one, that’s a unity. It cannot have a parallel. Some people jump in the street and say that, “We’ve found the last!” Then why are you jumping?

Now, that absolute thing has to be something that should come in your awareness if it is an evolutionary process. In our evolution, whatever we have achieved has come in our awareness. That means it should become a part and parcel of our awareness, part and parcel of our awareness. Like, as I can see you, in the same way you should be able to see. And through that light we should be able to explain each and every thing.

For example, in this room, if there is darkness and I can’t see you, I don’t know who’s sitting where [or] what is the relationship of everyone. But when the light comes in you know immediately that this gentleman is third on the row, or that gentleman is fifth on the row. Apart from that, you know what sort of a shape and a colour the person has.

Whatever could be seen through these eyes one can see if there is light. But this light is not sufficient because this we have already got it. There’s nothing more in our awareness with that. We have to think of a light, which gives us a complete idea as to what is the relationship between us and our Creator; what is the relationship between all those who came on this earth to tell us about that relationship, what is the relationship of human beings with each other. With different countries, with different people, with different faces, races and creeds; what is the relationship between Man and the Nature; what is the relationship between Man and all the elements around.

Here we just hang in the air. We don’t know if we have any relationship whatsoever with the Sun. He gives us light but what about us? Have we any control over the Sun or not? Is there any subtle connection between us and Him or not? All these connections have to be established in this absolute finding otherwise that’s not absolute.

We should not be satisfied with something extremely cheap which you can buy with money. That’s the cheap thing – I think that’s the cheapest thing. Very easy to buy something with money. People may say, “We have no money.” It’s not the point, because those who have money can buy. But this must be something that cannot be bought by money. People don’t understand. When I went to America first, they said, “Mother how are you saying that you can’t take money for this?” I mean, imagine the absurdity! Such an absurd thing they could not understand. You cannot pay for it. Now you cannot manage it also and manoeuvre it. If you could then it’s man-made.

It has to be something natural, spontaneous, living, because Man can’t do living work. Otherwise you should not bother. You should say, “I am not bothered, I don’t care for it.” That’s how it should be. But we get very much satisfied with something that’s absolutely easily available to us, that is, what we can really pay for, or if we stand on our heads we think we should get that.

I asked one gentleman who used to stand on his head every day, I said, “Why are you doing it?” He said, “I’m seeking God.” I said, “What makes you think that by standing on your head you’ll get to God?” He said, “Because none of the animals do that so to be a high ranker I was thinking if I would stand on my head, it would be a better idea.” But it can’t be – just think of it – some sort of physical acrobat; I mean, so many can do it. In the circus people do all kinds of things, if you see them the way they jump onto their horses, it’s surprising. It’s not easy to do. They acquire all kinds of techniques by which they can jump onto a horse, walk on a little string of wire, all kinds of things they can do, but do you think that is something divine?

So, this absolute point has to be something spontaneous, something living [that] should come in our awareness. Must express in our awareness, and when we talk that word ‘awareness’, we must understand that human awareness itself we have not understood. The difference between us and animals is tremendous. It’s tremendous. They don’t understand so many things. They don’t understand beauty. They don’t understand the insurance. They do not understand many of these hang-ups that we have gathered. So many odd things we have done they don’t understand. Human beings have a capacity to harness the Nature for their own purpose, to use the Nature for their own purpose, which animals can’t do. Despite all that, we feel so powerless, so helpless, and singled out. But if this creation has any meaning, that Light has to come. That Light has to work out. It must work.

But, now, as you have been already told about the Kundalini, this instrument within you, is there already waiting. The time has come, the maturity it has reached that you have to have your realisation. Because of that maturity in a human mind that you are seeking. Because you are so mature now that you can’t do without it. Say, when you are a child, you don’t understand many things and then you grow up. You grow up, reach a point, say at a point where you understand the marriage, then you want to marry. Then you reach a point where you want to have a house, you try to have a house.

But this maturity that is coming to us is extremely subtle, many-sided, encompassing many aspects of life, I should say, all of them. It’s not only one side that is going to mature. It’s not that just few leaves are going to show out from a growing tree. It’s not only that some new branches are going to shoot out. It’s not that many flowers are going to show. It’s that the flowers have so matured now that they have to become the fruit.

That maturity has come to us through our trial and error method, our own. This is done by human beings. Animals did the same for their evolution, and human beings also have done this, their trial and error – again they make mistakes, they try to correct it, again they try, and again make mistakes. That’s how we have matured now. We have reached a stage of understanding the beauty of balance in life.

We are trying to stabilise ourselves, and the insecurity is working out. A negative method, of course, but a challenge, challenge to your maturity, whether you are matured or not. Whether your seeking is true or not. The maturity can be judged only when you are there to become the fruit. You have to become the fruit. You have to become the Spirit. You have to be the Spirit. You have to be born again.

But many have said that. Many are saying that. They say that they are already reborn. But what is the difference? The difference is – one has an awareness, which is collectively conscious, which is – he has become – it’s the becoming, he’s not just talking about it, telling about it. It’s the becoming, and the other is the one who just believes into it., “I believe!” Which is this ‘I’ that believes into something?

Who believes is the ‘I’ which does not know itself. So just a faith of any kind is not the real faith unless and until it is a part of your awareness., “I believe in God.” Many people talk as if they are obliging God by believing in Him. What does that mean?, “I believe in God,” so alright, you must be having a balanced life, alright. But just to believe, but one may ask why, why to believe in God? Why to have the balance? What is the need to lead a life which is called [a] so-called ‘righteous’ life, enslaving yourself to these ideas, why?

One can ask a question of that kind and many are asking that question. You have to balance if you have to ascend, but, because of this confusion, one cannot expect a very balanced life, because everybody seems to be groping in the dark. Then you can’t believe that the people are absolutely balanced. You can’t just think that way – that would be wrong. So they have to have a balance, and they have to have an ascent. To have the balance, people have tried lots of things. Thousands of years they talked of religion, they talked of sustenance, of Ten Commandments, this thing, that thing, nothing worked out with human beings.

Everybody jumped out of their balance. So now there has to be a method that automatically gives you a balance as well as a good ascent and happy landings into the Kingdom of God. That has to happen. Now, you are all built-in that way, this is what it is, but again you don’t have that faith in me, neither in what we are saying, because again, “I believe in Mataji.” There are many who finish with that. You have to have faith in yourself, in your spirit, by experiencing it. It’s a something, a dynamic thing that has to happen within you. A tremendous thing.

It’s nothing something just your mental belief that today we are communists, tomorrow we are capitalists, and third day something else. It’s something that has to become, again I say, “become,” and again become. And that becoming is now. The time has come. This is the resurrection time. This is the Last Judgment, believe it or not. There is not going to be another time for that. This is the way we are going to be judged. Our maturity, our balance, our capacity.

Many people come to our meetings, few get their realisation, or many get their realisation, makes no difference to me or anyone or to Sahaja Yoga, or to you, because, if there are seeds which are just sprouted and are wasted, they are wasted as if they are not sprouted. They do not grow. They are just like any other seeds which have not been touched by the Divine. Even if you get realisation, which is now quite easy for people to get to, they are for it, because the Divine is anxious, because your creator is anxious, to manifest itself, but to settle down as a realised soul is difficult. I have to tell you at the very outset that if you have to mature into it you have to understand yourself. You must have your self-esteem. If you just are here for a shopping,, “Oh, alright, let’s hear Mother also’, that’s not the way it is going to work out. If you are people of that calibre, then only you can ascend. There’s nothing else needed of you. You may be a prime minister or you may be a queen or you may be just a parlour maid, makes no difference to the Divine. You may be a socialist, communist or a capitalist, makes no difference. You may be this colour, that colour, makes no difference. But you have to have the calibre of a true seeker, who is intelligent enough to see that he has not come on this earth just to be wasted. If you make many instruments and if they are just wasted, they are not put to the mains, they are good for nothing, they have very loose connections, He’ll just say, “Cancel all these. Stop this factory. There’s no use having any more creations.”

Only those who are mature enough who have self-esteem – even age, you’ll be surprised, does not matter – I’ve seen people who are eighty years of age could be very stupid, and people who are very young, very small children also, could be great. So it is the inner quality of a person, his maturity, that matters in Sahaj Yoga. I know it is rather difficult to understand that why, if it is Sahaja, if the Kundalini rises so easily in us, why is it we take time to establish ourselves? The reason is very simple. We are not simple people, we are not, we are very complicated. We have complicated our lives with so many problems.

Now, cancer is a disease which cannot be explained by doctors. We can explain it in Sahaja Yoga. It’s caused by over-activity of the Sympathetic Nervous System. If you could soothe the over-activity of the Sympathetic Nervous System you can cure cancer, but say, those people who go to spiritualists, those people who go to false gurus, those people who indulge into black magic, and other activities of a negative nature, getting spirits and things like that, are more susceptible, are really the susceptibles. If a person who is mad and lunatic, and the husband or wife of such a person has relationship with him, he can develop multiple sclerosis. Sahaja Yoga can cure multiple sclerosis. What we call the Mooladhara Chakra – if that centre is caught up with other chakras, one can develop multiple sclerosis.

The way we have been banging ourselves into the unknown areas, we have really made ourselves very complicated. In the scientific field also we have gone to the other extreme, believing that science is our own creation, and have created problems like atomic bomb, that we can see so clearly, but what we have done to ourselves we cannot see. We are not simple people.

Christ has said you have to be like a child when you want to enter into the Kingdom of God. Now some people I found they thought by wearing dresses like primitive people they’ll become simple like primitive- they will not. Their brains are modern, how can they become primitive? The brains, all the time thinking, thinking, thinking, there’s a thought, combustion going on every minute, every second, every split of a second.

But even primitive people are not very good for their ascent. That’s also a wrong idea. You have to come to a point of balance where you have crossed your conditionings and you have not entered into the ego, which is just a wee bit of a space. If you are not too far away it’s alright, this way or that way. But if you are too far away from the centre then you are to be brought in.

But what goes in favour of modern times is that great seekers have taken their birth on this earth.

Of course, with other people they have complicated themselves. They didn’t keep to their own personality, to their own understanding. They got complicated with other people. Whatever trends came in, whatever things happened, they did, their politicians, this that, or they are this side, they are belonging to this cult or that cult and others have become ‘club members’ – all sorts of things. They have not kept their personality, as they were. Like Kabirdas has said, “As I had this chadur on my  body, I kept it as it was.” We have spoilt it, complicated it, it is hooked to many things.”

We have one great advantage that you are great seekers, very great seekers, of ages born. This is a very big advantage, and is your seeking only has brought Sahaja Yoga to this earth. But one disadvantage is there, that in these modern times we have complicated ourselves too much, because of confusion, maybe, or may be because of our ego, that we wanted to try everything, and would not listen to anybody else-, “What’s wrong?”

Whatever it is, we have complicated. Also, we do not know what diseases are breeding within us, what is our mental condition. We do not know how we are placed with ourselves. That’s how we are complicated.

When Kundalini rises, and you get your connection with the Divine, it does, sorts out things, it does, no doubt, it will, but you have to be growing with it. If you do not grow with that ascent, then again that small connection that you have established will break.

Like the roots have reached the source, but the tree has to grow according to the supply, understanding; the root has to grow further, too. That’s how you really establish yourself, and I really beg of you and ask very humbly, with great concern, that please don’t have diffidence about yourself.

You have already created a problem by feeling guilty thanks to these horrible psychologists who have given us these ideas. Don’t have diffidence.

You are seekers of very great quality, no doubt, but there are complications which can be sorted out. You place yourself away from your being, and see for yourself that this Spirit is your being, not that what is complicated, that’s just the outside, which can be corrected by Kundalini, by your spiritual power. You can now correct, you’ll be empowered with that.

Sahaj Yoga is tremendous. Those who have established themselves are tremendous people today in life. They are enjoying themselves, they are very happy people, such nice relationships exist – they are beautiful. Even whatever I have in England I am very happy and surprised, I didn’t expect so much. They have compassion, they cannot enjoy this nectar of life alone, and they want you all to join in with them. They are here to help you in a very humble way, as they have been helped. Gradually it has been built up now, and it is for you people to understand that so many human beings that are created will be lost if they do not enter into the Kingdom of God. That’s the only purpose of Sahaja Yoga. As you know, the subject is so vast, knowledge so great, there’s no end to it. Whenever you get your realisation – I hope you get it now – today – and when you establish yourself, you’ll be amazed. You yourself will become the library of all the knowledges, because you become that subtle thing which gives knowledge. You reach to that absolute point which gives all the knowledge. You’ll be able to see which is knowledge and which is not knowledge. Your priorities will immediately change because you will have that light within yourself.
But, as I say, it is a becoming. I cannot just say that – alright, you are a realised soul, alright, give five pounds and you are out. It’s not that way. I must tell you. This is my  helplessness to make people understand that you cannot just become realised souls, you cannot be certified, it has – it is a thing that should happen to you, it should be your own. That you should be able to manoeuvre yourself, you should be able to handle it yourself, should be your own power which should express it. I just cannot say, “Alright, done! Now you are a member of Sahaj Yoga.” You cannot. I must tell you this is the thing which you should understand. After all, you are sensible people. You cannot demand it. Even if you weep, I cannot do it. It has to happen, and after it has happened do not take it for granted. Be careful about it. I must tell you I have seen people who just come, get realisation and get lost. And after five years they appear again, all tattered and torn, finished.

This is what you have been seeking, all your lives, and that’s to be achieved. I’m just here to give you what belongs to you. That also, I don’t have, I should say, to give you. It’s within you. Maybe one candle can enlighten another candle, that’s all, like a catalyst. So don’t make your ego stand up, that, “Why You, Mother?” Of all the things, it’s a thankless job I must tell you. It’s a job I have to do.

I do not do it for any thanks. I just do it because I have to do it, that’s my  nature. I cannot get over my  nature. There’s no quarrel between you and me at all, in no way. I am here just to give you what you have. You can’t pay me, you should not feel bad about it. You cannot overpower me nor will I overpower you. It’s a relationship, as a candle or a light has to the hand. It’s just to help you to find your way.

I hope in these modern ideas I will be able to give you this queer thing, because people can’t understand. I was amazed, I didn’t know this was so. They can’t understand that anything can work out without money, that there can be something like love for love’s sake. Everybody loves for something. They can’t understand a madwoman like me who just loves because she loves. She can’t help it. People don’t believe in such people. They just can’t imagine such a thing. But we have so many people who have gone who did this for you, though they are in the history, but they are not lost. There could be someone like that, and maybe that all of you are going to be that very soon! That must happen to all of you. Thank you very much.
Now I would like to spend some time with questioning, but not too much, and there was a suggestion that if realisation is given like that, which is an easy thing for me, somehow, then people don’t value the realisation. So it should be given after two or three meetings. Then they will value it better, because, according to people who give me suggestions, they understand human beings better than I do. If you give them realisation then they just start living in the air, and then they don’t want to do anything about it till they really touch the ground.

I still believe in your sanity, in your wisdom, in your fairness to yourself, and to your Creator. So I still feel that you should get your realisation today. But that doesn’t mean that you are going to leave it. You have to follow it up, work it out. That doesn’t mean you have to give any more money or anything. It doesn’t mean at all. It doesn’t mean anything more than establishing it, understanding it. What is this that we have got? What is this power?

Now, can we have some questions? Yes, please?

Seeker: When did you know You had this power to give to people?

Shri Mataji: “Me?”

Seeker:  Yes you.

Shri Mataji: I knew from – since long. I’m quite old, you know. Ancient. But, about me I don’t want to say much, as a matter of policy. You’d better find out gradually because if I say anything people don’t like it. That’s a fact, whatever I am I am, but I dare not say. People don’t like it. You see it’s a funny world. It’s better that you see for yourself and know me.
What did Christ say? What He said is absolute truth. He said, that He was the Son of God. We can establish it through Sahaj Yoga, you will know that he was the Son of God. It was a fact, I mean, it was the truth, what he said was true. If he had not said that it was not true. So, they crucified Him. Tortured Him. What did Mohammed say? What did Nanaka say? Nothing to harm you. Just to help you, because they could see much more than you can see.

But nobody liked it. If you tell a hot-tempered blind man that, “I can see the red colour, and yellow colour, and blue colour’, he’ll bang you. He just can’t bear it. But there’s no point of superiority or anything. It’s kind, it’s that you have it within you – it’s your own. I’m again saying it’s your own. So, about Me, less said the better. Because supposing I say something about myself, why should you accept also? If I say, “I am the Governor’, will you accept me? You will not. I know you will not. Alright. You may, but even if you accept, what happens? You don’t get your realisation by accepting that position. Whatever I say you may not accept as I said, but you should not close your mind. Get your realisation first. Your hands must speak, and then you will know what I am. Who am I, how do I know? All about me you will know yourself. Alright? That’s a promise.

Seeker: how do we establish?

That we will tell you: First realisation has to take place and then gradually we will tell you because your hands will speak. You will know what’s happening, to you, where are the problems, on what centres. As you can see clearly there, what are the problems. You will know what chakras are caught up, what is the blockage, where is your blockage? Then also you will know how to clear the blockage, then you will also know how to move your Kundalini yourself. You will also know how to give realisations to others, just after realisation, you can even cure people. Immediately you can start curing. But that’s not much. After establishment you can give realisation to people, and how to establish? Everything is told, free again, because here only thing that is working out is the concern, nothing else. So how to establish: everything will be told. Now, for example, we have books, but we don’t give it to people who are not yet realised properly.

You have to go from one stage to another a little bit. But it’s not even like a regular course. For there’s no course in the living things, but as you see, first the seed sprouts, and then the seedlings are taken, and established, and then they become into tree, and then grown properly. First they are protected and then they are exposed to Nature. In the same way, you’ll be very carefully established, and you will yourself know that you are getting established. You’ll certify yourself – I don’t have to say anything. Alright?

Question: After getting realisation to you have to be in contact and get training?
No, it’s not a training but you have to contact. The contact with the Divine has to be kept, and you will know the Divine. The establishment of the contact you will feel through cool breeze blowing into your hands, through your fingers getting sensitive, and you can feel which chakras are catching, and to keep that contact you have to keep contact with other people who know about it. And they will tell you how they have done it. Then you yourself can go and do this work yourself on your own.

I went to Vancouver and people got realisation, many people got it. There was nobody who would tell them, and I was there only for a day. So we sent somebody from Australia, she went there, on her own. She has created a beautiful centre in Vancouver and now we have one in Toronto also. Only one person. There’s one person who must have given realisation to at least ten thousand people in India, who got realisation. First you have to get your realisation, mature, establish, then you yourself can do it. You become the master, the perfect master to do it. All capabilities are within you. You do not know what you are, how God has made you so beautifully.

Seeker: Does it take long …

Shri Mataji: It may take a split of a second.

Seeker: To establish?

Shri Mataji: It doesn’t take too long, I don’t think – yesterday, today, they were asking me how much, I said, “Three weeks is the maximum’. Should be, after realisation, three weeks should be maximum to establish, according to my  own judgment so far, but, in the beginning, I shouldn’t say – that might upset you. It took really four years to struggle with six of them. Now it’s not so difficult. Now we can manage many permutations and combinations of problems, quite easily. Don’t worry about time, just don’t worry. It’s beyond time. All right?

Seeker: what is the flower of India?

Shri Mataji: I didn’t follow – power? What is the flower? What is the flower of India? What do you mean? What is this question? (fellow spells it out condescendingly). I am not talking to you here as an Indian. Is a wrong idea. Lotus is the flower, we accept as our national flower, but I am not an Indian here, I am a Britisher, alright? Out and out. What is the flower of England? (reply comes ‘Rose’) That’s wrong, it should be daisy (laughter). On a very subtle way it should be a daisy, because England is the heart of the universe, and heart resides in the Sahasrara, and Sahasrara is not like a rose, it is like a daisy. Have you had any experience of the daisies that are coming out these days in England? They have tremendous fragrance. Rose may be because you had Wars of Roses, or something like that, but rose is not your flower. They misunderstood, I think. Daisy everywhere, all kinds, all types, all colours – beautiful. Alright?

Seeker: Is it necessary to give up anything in order to achieve realisation?

Shri Mataji: No, nothing. You see, we give up something because we have an idea we’re holding on to something, you see. But when you discover you are holding on to nothing, you’ve just given up as such. Like, some people came to me, said “Mother you are living in a family life and how do You say You have something to do with Divine.” I said, “Why.” He said, “What have You given up?” I said, “What have you given up yourself?” They said, “We have given up our families, we have given up carpets and houses, this and that.” I said, “Really?”, “Now can you take away anything from this house which is equal to the dust of the Lotus Feet of your Lord?”, “Take away, anything’. They couldn’t find anything, just looked around. I said, “That should be at least equal to the dust’. When you are not holding on to anything, what is there to give up?
The whole attitude becomes detached. You don’t ‘give up’, but you see, like a drama finishes off, in the drama you are crying, weeping, with the hero you become Napoleon, sometimes killing people and banging, then suddenly you discover the drama is over. Now, Oh God! I was just playing the role of Napoleon, while I was just watching the drama. Automatically this myth of involvement dissolves, alright? So you don’t give up anything. You just see it. What is there to give up?

Seeker: Does one have to give up alcohol?

Shri Mataji: No, never! Did I say so? I’m sorry for that. (laughter) Did I say in my  lecture that you give up alcohol? I never said so! But it happens – they just give up (laughter). I didn’t say so. Alright? It just happens. I don’t say – never say that. You mean to say I don’t want you to be realised, to say such a thing? I never said, “don’t do’. I’ve finished with Ten Commandments now. Nothing, it just happens, you become Ten Commandments yourself. You just become.

Then, even if I ask you, you will say, “Mother, no, no, no’, because when you get the highest you don’t want anything else. Why do we drink, you know? We are bored stiff with life. We don’t drink because we want to run an industry of drinking, do we?

No we just don’t drink. We drink because we are bored in life, we don’t know what to do, how to kill the time. But then the whole thing changes. You enjoy yourself so much that you forget that you have a bottle waiting there. No I don’t say like that, nothing has to be given up, but you just give up many things by yourself. Like I know of a person who came to Me in a condition which was just, we can call it a coma, who had taken all kinds of drugs, you see, tried everything. He couldn’t even see Me when he came to Me. Next day automatically he gave up. Automatically, I didn’t say to him. In that condition what is there to say. To a person who couldn’t even see you, you see, can’t even talk to him, he can’t hear Me. But he just gave up. These are alternatives to that absolute, but you find the real, you give up all these alternatives automatically, all right.

Seeker: Do we have to spend a lot of time meditating regularly?

Shri Mataji: You are worried about time bit too much. We go beyond time. We’re time.

Yogini/Seeker: The person is asking how long we have to meditate

Shri Mataji: That’s what I’m saying, that he’s very much worried about time. Now you go beyond time, you are in meditation, no, no, you are in meditation my  child, all the time. There is no question of time. You go beyond time.

No, no, that’s not the point, you see, what I’m saying, don’t worry about that all these things, don’t be futuristic. Let us be in the present. First of all get your realisation, establish yourself one by one, all right.

Now we shouldn’t talk of the future too much. Futuristic people can be quite mad I can tell you, better not be futuristic. You forget all the past, sometimes even people forget their names I’ve seen because they’re so futuristic that they’re thinking of their future names. So they have forgotten their own names you see. So let’s not be futuristic, let’s do the present. At this moment you have to get your realisation. Don’t worry.

You don’t even have to use watches. Time is not important. Is the time of being. It’s eternal time in which you move. It’s a space of timeless – thoughtless awareness. Alright.

You have to see for yourself, first get you realisation put attention to that. There are many who are just waiting for that. Just think of that, don’t worry about the future, also about the train you have to catch or anything like that. Just be in the present just now, is important I’m telling you, because your realisation is much more important than anything else, so just get to your realisation first that’s main thing, all right. So we’ll have no more questions now and we have only one hour more to be here, isn’t it? Again the time.

Now this can work out in a split of a second but as there are complications there could be a problem. Now please do as I tell you, there’s nothing much to be done. As I told you these fingers are to be sensitive, we have to just put them just like this. In a very relaxed way and sit also in a relaxed way. There should be no tension; we are not to do anything. Now another request I have to make is to take out your shoes. I hope you are not identified with your shoes, that’s also another problem. Take out your shoes because you are better connected with the Mother Earth if your shoes are not there. Is very simple as that, take out your shoes will be a good idea, put your both the feet on the ground, let it touch the ground though there’s a carpet and this and that makes no difference but take out your shoes.

Put your hand towards me. Close your eyes.

Be humble in your heart. You have to be humble. You cannot demand it. So be humble in your heart. And as the Kundalini moves I’ll be able to tell you where is the problem, where is the blockage, what is to be said. Just follow it and it would be better.

Just close your eyes. Now please don’t open your eyes.