The function of the liver

Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland)

1982-08-24 The function of the liver, Geneva, Switzerland, DP-RAW, 49' Chapters: Self-Realization, Talk
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Public Program, Day 2 (morning) , Geneva, Switzerland, 24-08-1982

So today we have to find out people who came yesterday and felt the cool breeze. New people who came yesterday and felt the cool breeze, please raise your hands. Now all the others, inclusive of you, please put your hands again [UNCLEAR]. Now also see, looking at Me, if you can become thoughtless. If not, you have to say – Mother, I forgive everyone – that’s [UNCLEAR]. Say it from your heart.

Are you thoughtless now? Those who are not, just close your eyes. Now see on your head if there’s cool breeze coming. If there is a hot breeze coming, if there is heat coming out of your head, then you must know that there is some obstruction within you. You must again say – Mother, I forgive everyone – because you know Christ has given us this weapon. You should go and say – Mother, I forgive everyone, forgive everyone. Whatever is said, is absolute truth, but we must know the subtle side of Christ, otherwise, we never [UNCLEAR/understand Him] if we just read something about Him.  

Is it cooler now? Or still hot? If it is hot, then put your left hand on the liver. Put your right hand towards Me and the left hand on the liver. [Pointing to somebody – Other way round]. Look at me, right hand towards Me and left hand on the liver. 

Translator – Everybody or only those who feel the heat?
Shri Mataji – No no, everybody can put, there is no confusion. The other way round.

Liver is a very important organ in our body. And for our Realization, it is very important to look after our liver. Because liver nourishes the attention. 

Today I want to talk about the function of the liver and the second chakra called as Swadishthan to do [UNCLEAR]. And as the Spirit has to manifest in our attention, we have to clean our attention. That purification is only possible if you are a Realized soul otherwise you cannot purify your attention. I have seen people who are scholars of Bible have been drinking like a [UNCLEAR], smoking like chimneys, behaving like bhoots. But after Realization, once you are Realized, then you cannot do it. Because then the [UNCLEAR] is awakened within you, actually is awakened within you. So in Sahaja Yoga we don’t have to say, don’t do this, don’t do that. Automatically it [UNCLEAR/fixes] you.

Now so, are you getting the cool breeze in the right hand, see for yourself. Now put your left hand towards Me. Very hot, yes? That’s [UNCLEAR]. First time he was [UNCLEAR] after Realization, before that [UNCLEAR] it is there.

Is it better now? Give it a balance to yourself when you are waking it up, you have to wake your left side, that is the emotional side [UNCLEAR] and the exhausted side, that is the right side, you have to tell the All-Pervading power [UNCLEAR] on the right-hand side. Thus you give yourself a balance. Do it several times. Put it from the right, take it like this right and left hand, pull it out, put it on your head, right above your head and pull it down. One. Then again [UNCLEAR/it is] twice. The other way, other way, put left [UNCLEAR/hand].
Now, once the balance is established, now you see in both the hands if you are feeling the cool breeze. In the Western countries, most of the people have more heat in the body and if you go to the African countries, you find they have frozen hands. They feel frozen in My presence. But could be some people, in the Western countries, also could be left-sided and they say we can [UNCLEAR/freeze] also, having problems of left side and could be some people having problems of left side which means they are lunatic means black magic and all those things, all that [UNCLEAR] on the left-hand side.

So now those [UNCLEAR]. Alright, now those [UNCLEAR], those who are now going to give Realization to others, because now you are the one with Realization. Now what you have to do is first to know how to establish yourself. That is very important in Sahaja Yoga. Of course, if you feel that you have become very self-confident and you will have a feeling that in your own mind you feel very peaceful and happy. But still, you have to know about your centres, what centres are catching. In order to understand that, you have to find out from your own feelings. Now supposing you are catching on a finger, like this, so now you see in the chart it is written that this is the right Heart. Now there is no right heart in the medical terminology. But if you find that you are catching on this, you should find out what problems you have had with your father or you as a father. So you should try to find out about yourself and [UNCLEAR] yourself and find out how you have been as a father or in your principle of father. Now this power of love is flowing through your hands. Maybe your father is sick, that’s why you are catching your right Heart, maybe your father drinks too much or he is doing wrong things or something is wrong with him. 
Now in Sahaja Yoga method, the technique is like this, the power is flowing within us, you write just with your finger the name of your father. He could be dead, he may be possessed in you, perhaps because he just died when you were young, could be any situation. So you write down his name on your hand just like that because now you are a Realized soul so you are [UNCLEAR/forgiven] by God. And then take the hand around it three times or seven times like that and take out the problem and put it down.

If you find somebody very antagonistic towards you and all the time trying to see something wrong with you and trying to trouble you because saints don’t have to suffer now anymore, then you have to write the name of the person and just put a bandhan to name and you will be surprised sometime how it is [UNCLEAR]. Even if somebody is sick and you want to help that person you just write the name of that person and do like this and you will be amazed that this will work out. [UNCLEAR/Referring to someone] is laughing but because he has been helped like this. It looks like a child’s play. But once you are Realized, [UNCLEAR] is fun. 

When I came [UNCLEAR/Referring to someone] is [UNCLEAR/standing] at the airport and he lost his big camera somewhere. And he got upset. I told him don’t you worry, you’ll find your camera. Give it a bandhan. And when he met Me next he was with his camera. It’s something like telephoning, the message of love to someone in a very subtle way. It is a thing that people, they are quite surprised at the action of Sahaja Yogis sometimes. As Prophet Mohammad has said that your hands will speak. And also they act. You can easily see that when you put your hand towards the Kundalini of a person who is a seeker, you will see the Kundalini rises [UNCLEAR/upwards]. 

So now how you cure yourself is the point. What you do is to put your hand, your left hand towards the Kundalini in front and with the right hand which is the action hand you just start moving upward and take it on the top of your head. And now tie it, once, second time, and then third time. Now feel the vibrations. More now. Now you do it thrice. Once you have done, do it second time, let’s move. Ok. Now just do it again. Higher and higher and higher. Now put it up. Now, now you feel the vibrations. Now if you are not Realized soul how can you know? See your [UNCLEAR]. Now [UNCLEAR] this time is for God, before that there is no [UNCLEAR]. I always felt for the protestors that when Christ will come then also they will be protesting the Christ. How will they recognize that? You can. Because when you go and ask Him – Are you Christ? – you will have tremendous flow of vibrations within you. But those who will protest Christ at that time, when He is not going to come to tell you anything, counsel you, He just [UNCLEAR] so cut you into the head. I have to tell you this because then you do not say that I have not told you people this stage. It’s a great thing. I mean it’s a great venture to enter into a Protestant church to talk about the subtle side of Christ because they think they know everything. They don’t want to see anything, they are just like horses, tied here something. They don’t want to see. They will do no justice to Martin Luther or to Calvin. If they just waste their energy reading Bible and doing hair-splitting out of it, they will not gain anything, believe me. In my [UNCLEAR] Russia and China and all Communist countries, it is Christianity which has made them forget God. And if Communism will come on this [UNCLEAR/earth], it will be due to these fundamentalists and the ones who go on reading the book and book and book. Jews denied Christ the basics that He was not [UNCLEAR]. Once a Protestant Christian went to Mahatma Gandhi and asked him, “You are such a Christian life, why don’t you become a Christian?” He just laughed. He said, “Please tell me what Church I should join? [UNCLEAR] or the Presbyterian or the Methodist?” And the fellow kept quiet. 

If there is one God and there is one Truth, how can there be so many interpretations? So for some time, Sahaja yogis are not supposed to read anything. Till they have achieved that subtle understanding, they are not allowed to read anything. Because those maybe have done no justice to Bible. No justice to any scripture, believe me. But the difference between an organized literature and a disorganized [UNCLEAR] is this that [UNCLEAR] is zero.

We have an ambassador in Spain who is a double PhD – one in Indian Philosophy and another in Sanskrit language. When he came to London, he put on [UNCLEAR] My feet. He did not pass [UNCLEAR]. With very humble hands, he asked Me, “Will You tell me the subtle meaning of the Gita?” I told him, “First you take your Realization, then I will talk to you about it.” And he said, “Yes, I must have my Realization.” He got his Realization and when I told him the subtle side of the Gita, he said, “There are 500 books written about Gita and nobody has [UNCLEAR].”

To understand Christ, you have to be a subtler being. That’s why Christ said – you have to be born again. With this gross understanding of Christ, you will not go to the Kingdom of God. Because they did not even allow Him to speak. He [UNCLEAR] for four years. And such stupid people they were not [UNCLEAR] once [UNCLEAR] but they crucify Him, choking Him down completely. Because they didn’t want to hear Him anymore. They were satisfied with all the bad things that had been surrounding them of Judaism. I worked for four years in London and I only worked on six people to [UNCLEAR/raise Kundalini]. [UNCLEAR] not much time to explain such subtle things to such gross [UNCLEAR] and stupid people. How can you understand Him when your brains are [UNCLEAR/unclean]? When your awareness is [UNCLEAR/unclean]. Only by reading Him how can you understand Him? For example, it is written outside that there will be a lecture of Mataji. By reading that will you know what I am speaking? And also by reading it and listening to Me, will you be able to achieve anything? There’s a lady sitting here who was deaf and she got cured of the disease. Nobody wanted to know how I felt. They are so superficial that they will only see the superficial side of a person. This is a trouble, please, please. You have tremendous depth, not of reading Bible but of reading yourself. Please develop that depth and then read Bible. How can a [UNCLEAR]. It is easy to shout at Me. But better not do that. I must be something. Become deeper and you will understand Me. Superficially, you cannot. That’s what it is to know the great people. Nobody can treat them because they were so superficial. When they live, nobody can [UNCLEAR], when they die, they make the big-big places worshipping Them. And when Christ never wrote the Bible Himself, that’s the best part of it. Their Bible is to identify with the words, why not with what you [UNCLEAR/can get] out of it. You should not be identified with my words but what you can get through your own powers. Your power of love. 

You will be amazed, I have been to Muslims in the Mosque in London I have given a lecture. Nobody must behave like this. They are supposed to be [UNCLEAR/fanatics]. When I told them about the meaning of Namaz, nobody said that I am telling them the Hinduism interpretation. When I went to Buddhists and talked to them about Buddha, nobody said this is [UNCLEAR]. I am Christian, born in a Christian family, brought in [UNCLEAR]. I [UNCLEAR] to Indian temples and talk of Christ and nobody behaves like this that the way Christians are behaving. They have not even heard of Christ and they have so much respect for Christ, while the people who have so much studied the Bible have no sense of Christianity within them, so what does it mean? It means that reading the Bible [UNCLEAR]. 

Here there are many people sitting who have been with me to Indian temples which are called as [UNCLEAR] where thousands of people, thousands! For them, Christ is an incarnation. But they don’t say that Christ was there to all the [UNCLEAR]. They would like to hear anyone who comes to them [UNCLEAR], not that only they are talking to them and brainwashing people. Proof of the [UNCLEAR].

When people get Realization, you will be surprised, they become beautiful people. They become happily married people. They do not become money-oriented. They give up all these bad habits completely and [UNCLEAR] just drop it out. They don’t go on troubling Christ, “Oh Christ! Christ! Christ!” like this. What is this? What right have they got to call Christ? Only because they have brought a Bible, that’s why they can go on troubling Christ like this [UNCLEAR]. He must be [UNCLEAR]. I have seen all such people have a very big Agnya, the Christ centre is caught, sometimes like [UNCLEAR].

It’s a good thing that has happened in the evening I’ll be able to tell you what Christians have done [UNCLEAR]. It is [UNCLEAR/nice] that in this church I can give a mouth to those suffering people, who are suffered because of Christianity [UNCLEAR]. How they have treated the Third World. How they have [UNCLEAR] that I better open my mouth and tell their woes to you Christians who believe in Christ. It is better that we look at ourselves and clean ourselves. Let us be the, let us be worthy of the name of your God, Jesus Christ. Just by saying Christ, Christ, you do not become Christians, take it from Me. Christ is to be born within us. We try to go and [UNCLEAR] and be [UNCLEAR] the way people are around. Will He go and dominate other countries which are weak? Will He try [UNCLEAR]? About [UNCLEAR] they could read a Bible. I had to tell this because yesterday [UNCLEAR] for people who were here and got Realization to be sure that you are on right path and you be honest to yourself. You have to be a true, true Christian, true Christian. You have to have a true [UNCLEAR]. Don’t [UNCLEAR] please. Because I see the future of Christians who are living with pity and I [UNCLEAR]. I have given compassion for the boy who will say – for Jesus Christ – I said see how he is lost, how he is lost. I cannot help him [UNCLEAR]. His forefathers did the same, his forefathers’ forefathers did the same, he is going to do the same. How am I going to help him? 

Now the thing is [UNCLEAR] that we have to be true Christians and for being true Christians you are not to be dishonest with yourself. If you are feeling cool breeze you should say yes, if you are not feeling you should not say. Do not deceive yourself. And you cannot deceive me. I may not say to you because I do not want to hurt you but be careful. So don’t deceive yourself.

Those who have felt the cool breeze are now Realized souls but they have to establish themselves. Today you have to go home and try these three things I have told you is to give bandhan to people who hate you and who trouble you, put love around them. Think of them with compassion. And they are not yet Realized and need help and make this bandhan, this binding of love, give them this earnest desire to know God in the true sense. About yourself, you have to pray that make me a true personality. Let me be truthful. Even you can write your name and give it a bandhan. We need even compassion for our self because we are destroying ourselves [UNCLEAR]. There are certain practical things, the methods, the techniques, we are going to teach you by which you can improve yourselves.