When Christ Will Come

Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland)

1982-08-24 When Christ Will Come, Geneva, Switzerland, DP-RAW, 71' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, TalkDownload subtitles: EN,RO (2)View subtitles:
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Public Program Day 2,  “When Christ Will Come”, Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland), 24 August 1982

Again, I bow today to the seekers of truth. From the very beginning, I have to say, that I would like to address to all those who are really seeking the truth. I am not going just to read something to you and give My own interpretation about it. All of you have got sufficient intelligence to read any book you like and to have your own interpretation. We have so many interpretations of the Holy Bible, that it is amazing, how people, do not understand, that when they have their own interpretation, it could be wrong.

For example, our great leader in our country, Mahatma Gandhi, was once asked by a Christian to become a Christian. He said, “Why don’t you become officially a Christian?” And he laughed aloud and he said, “I would like to, but, please, tell me what should I become, should be a Catholic or a Protestant or I should to be another sect of Protestants”. Especially, the Protestants have so many sects, like Pentecostals. They have got Seventh Day Adventists. They have got Methodists. They have another one – what is that called as, Penta – I mean, so many like that. So he asked, “Which one should I join?” If you tell me exactly which one to join, I would like to join. And he had no answer to it.

So, there is some sort of a gap in the understanding of the Bible, we should know. The gap lies because the first Books of The Old Testament, are not written after Christ, but before Christ. There was a big controversy, which the Jews put up, even today in England, saying that there was no mention of the “Virgin” in the Old Testament, but it was written “a girl”, not “a Virgin”. So, they denied this immaculate conception, because it is not written that it’s “a Virgin”, but was written as “a girl”.

Now, this controversy is stupid. But no use talking to them, because they won’t to listen to Me! In Hebrew language there’s only one word for the virgin and the girl. Even in Sanskrit language there’s only one word, called “kanya” for the virgin. Even “a girl” is the same word as “kanya”. Now, with these things, what they wrote was: “There will be a virgin, who will give the birth”. Because logically, why should they write “a girl”? This is a prophecy so, the word “girl”, itself suggest that there was something special about the person who is going to be born! After all, a child is not going to be born to a man, is it? Moreover, in modern times, we don’t see any virgins! Even old women say that they are girls.

So we don’t have to judge, according to our modern ideas about the times when Christ came on this Earth! The whole interpretation gets twisted when we use our  brains, which has got a limited quality of intelligence. When Christ said that, “lt is all accomplished now”, it meant something much deeper than anyone can understand, who just reads Bible. It… He didn’t say that “everything is accomplished”, He just  said “It is”, despite the fact He was on the cross. There He said “It is all accomplished”, it. Because Christ had a special great task to perform. He had to be present in a cross that we have in our brain, in the Agnya chakra, as you see there.

Now, this Agnya chakra is the one, is a place where there is no room, at all, because the ego and superego are pressing each other. Because Christ was just the Spirit and not the body, he had to go in the place where it is very difficult for any other incarnation to go. And this is what He said when He said that “It is all accomplished”, means: ”I have now established Myself in that centre, which is placed at the cross roads of ego and superego”.

You know that Christ was born at a time when there were not at all people who had any open mind or understanding. If they had, they would not have crucified Him. On the cross, when He was there, was He to tell them about Agnya chakra? Could he talk to them about these chakras and all that to these fishermen, who were always doubting Him? Till He got Realisation, they did not…. Resurrection, they did not believe Him!

Even today, people are not willing to hear Me. They have such a stupid barrier, today also, you can see. They don’t want to hear! So, what about Christ? Then He did say, that “I will have to send you a Councillor”. He said that, “I’ll send to You a Comforter, who will make you know about My Father forever”. So, we have to look forward to that. I do not want to claim that I am the Counceller or a Comforter or anything, I am not such a fool to tell you anything about it! I am very diplomatic about it. Christ just said that, “I am the light, I am the path”, which He is. And He was the Son of God! Only He said the truth, which was the truth and is the truth still today! What wrong did He say, that the Jews crucified Him? You can’t understand these Jews, today even.

But the stage has come now that we cannot understand also the people, who are trying  the same tricks of using a book of Bible, which they used, Jews, to crucify Christ. The pharisees in those days – I know more Hebrew words, because I’ve read the Bible from the Hebrew – so they were, the people, who opposed Christ. The people who thought they were the authorities on Bible. Now, we have to see in modern times what we are doing. Since long, your fathers, your forefathers and their forefathers have been going  to church and asking God to come within them and give them the second birth. Christ has said very clearly that you are to be born again, didn’t He? He talked of the future in those terms. But nobody thinks about it, that we have not been able to actualize the experience of second birth.

You will be amazed, because of my husband’s job, I have to travel all over the world. I have been to Russia and to China and all the communist countries. And I asked the Russians: “Why did You refuse Christ? Why did You refuse Christianity? So they laughed, they said: “You are so curious, so we’ll take You the place where there are Christians”. They had their Orthodox church of Greece, the Greek Orthodox church they have, in Russia. When we went in, the priest, the head priest received us, and said that he is fasting these days. And he doesn’t eat any meat these days, but he can have all kinds of vegetables and fruits. But when we sat for lunch, he started smoking one cigarette after another, it was impossible for Me to sit there.

He was extremely insecure and nervous man. Apart from that, he drank and drank and drank, and drank, in his fasting. And he lost his balance, you know. We didn’t know where to look! Then we came out, he didn’t even see this us off, and then the Russians started laughing; they said, “Now, did you see the Orthodox Christians?” He said that, “How we’ve got them here? Because first the Catholic religion we thought we’ll have, but they said that “You cannot divorce!” So, we didn’t want them. Then we wanted to have Islam, they said, “You cannot drink!” So, we didn’t have them. So Orthodox Church came forward – they said, “You can do everything as long as you give money to the church!” They asked Me a question, ”Is this what they have learned from Christ? Was there Christ living anywhere?”

Then in China, I asked them: “Why have you denied Christ, for communism, whatever you have? Why have you denied Christ and Christianity?” They said this: “Christian nations – they came here, doped us, gave us all kinds of dopes and took away all that we had and You think that they are in any way good people?” I had no answer to them! They said: “With Bible you cannot improve your life, we can see that clearly. They are all aggressors, very cruel people. They went all the way to America to kill all the inhabitants of that country, completely finish them off, and establish their church of Catholicism. They denounced all the democracies, saying that these democracies are using God, for their own purpose!

All the communist countries I visited have great complaints against all the democracies of the world, only on one point, that, they use God, and they haven’t got any good qualities of God in them. Americans sent some wheat to India. In that they had such a horrible seed, that it grew into a grass, which could not be cut and killed – it starting eating all the fields in India. Gregoire has seen, how they sent an acacia seed, which grew into a very thorny, harmful poisonous tree. If anybody touched – the villagers or children – they would get blisters on their body for days together and the body would rotten under that. Today, Americans are sending all kinds of weapons, selling them to all the countries to fight nicely. Is it Christianity by any chance? They talk of peace and sell their weapons. They are selling a medicine, which is forbidden by doctors, to poor these Bangladeshis, who can be killed by that medicine.

What about England? Under the guidance of Henry VIII, they came to India: 300 years they lived in that country like parasites! My father went to jail, my mother went to jail and the churches drove them out of the Church, as if Christ was born in England! And when he became something great, when he came out of the jail, they were, they were regarded as “a very great Christian community people”, you see? Just tell that. When he become something big in the Constituent Assembly and…

Was Christ born in England? These are the English today – are the racists of the first waters… If they were such racists, why did they go to these countries? To exploit them and loot them. Indians are too gracious to say anything the way these people tortured them. They are too gracious and forgiving. Now think of France. Christ has said, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes”. Not only adultery, but “adulterous eyes”. He corrected on what the Bible had said previously in The ten commandments. “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes”! What about the French, having no adultery? Imagine, French, are they anywhere near Christ?

I am in your land, Switzerland, as a guest, it’s not gracious to say some things which I would like to say, with due apologies to all of you as Swiss people. Which you should not feel bad, because the time has come for Me to tell you what Swiss people are doing across. It is a very subtle aggression. Try to understand. Say any developing country, whether it is Pakistan, India or Mauritius, or any African country, when there are people who are dishonest and take the – suck the money of these poor people, who haven’t got to eat they come and put in your banks, and you support this. All the development plans of all these third world countries, are failing, because there are Swiss banks, which are supporting all the thugs of the world. All the fake gurus, who have made money, made people weak, epileptic, with cancer, all their money is very nicely stored and kept account in secret accounts in your great banks, here. If you see a starving soul anywhere, know that you are playing a part through these banks, in making them to starve and die and suffer!

So, just by reading Bible, what emancipation and resurrection are you going to give people which Christ preached? For Me, Christ is my life and Bible is the truth. But it does not mean, that in these four years, Christ could talk to these brainless people anything about Kundalini! There is only one thing, for which we should be thankful to all the democracies, that they can’t crucify Me now.

It is you, the Christians, have to rise to the occasion, and should find out, what’s wrong in the whole system, that we claim something, we profess something, but we are not that. Why do we compromise? And why do we accept such things, which are wrong, within ourselves, within our states, within our democracies? One should know that falsehood will fall one day. But Christ is not false and Bible is not false. It will not fall, it is an eternal thing! But to understand it, you have to be a subtler being. Why Christ said that you should be born again, because without that happening, you cannot understand Christ! If your faith in Bible is because  you have bought a book and you have studied and mastered it, then, it is of no use.

Now, one must understand, that if you do not open your eyes to what Christ has said, that you are to be born again, the young people, who are thinking, not stupid people I’m saying, but young people, who are thinking, will defy and deny God. I’ve met many young people, who came – Christians – came to Me and they said: “We have no faith in Christ. Don’t talk of Him, we are fed up. Thousands and thousands I must say. So many people got up when I started talking about Christ in America.

So now, one has to realize, that I am here, to prove the existence of Christ! And to prove every word of Bible! I do not have faith in Bible, it is my life, it is everything to Me! It’s a truth for Me. But, one must know, that by reading, you do not become a true Christian. You are to be born again! And how you do it and how it has to work out, that I have come to explain on this earth. Look at the attention of people. When there was a funny boy who came and just said “Christ, Christ, Christ”, like that – everybody has said that – there were people from the television and everyone wanted to record that incident. But when I told them there was a lady, who got cured of her deafness, a long deafness, in ten minutes, they would not record  that! We have here somebody who was on crutches for 45 years, and he’s walking about, perfectly all right – nobody would like to see that!

Sahaja Yogi: The one who came to see You?

Shri Mataji: No, no, our Brian. In England, hundreds of people have, given up their drugs addiction – nobody wants to see that either. In India, thousands of people gave up at their alcohol, their criminal habits, and they have improved their lives, have become so beautiful, they are so happy citizens today – no one wants to see that either. I don’t mind if they are blind, let them be blind. But don’t lead others into blindness! This I had to explain, because first of all, I did not know, they had booked this hall, these boys. They booked this hall. Tell them. And I felt, that so far, I’ve never talked to Protestants in Switzerland or anywhere, except in America, who are not even Christians now, because they don’t believe in Christianity. So might be it is the desire of the God, that I should talk to Protestants, that they should not protest Christ, when He comes on this Earth.

A simple question I want to ask all those who believe that they have faith in Christ and faith in Bible. When Christ will come, how will you recognise Him that He’s Christ? Face this problem directly! Because you do not know, it’s not written in the Bible. Even His Name is not given, in what Name He is going to come. But when He will come on this Earth, He is not going to council you or comfort you or redeem you. He is going to just slash out the people and sort them out who are useless, for the Kingdom of God! All these powers are within you. Your Spirit is within you. Spirit is the absolute thing. Unless and until you get to the Spirit, you cannot live in the world of relativity, it’s relative. Because it is relative, that’s why whatever you interpret, is manyfold.

The Islamic people today, who come to Sahaja Yoga – we have people here from Algeria, who are Muslims – have starting believing in Christ. The Jews who, who have denied Christ, have now starting accepting Christ and worshipping Him. Hindus also accept Christ, not because I have tried to give them a brainwashing or some bread. Those who are not believers of God, also have started  believing in Christ. So, what is happening? Why?

When there is darkness, for you, the seat that you’re occupying is the reality. Somebody is standing next to this lamp post – for him this is the reality. Because, first, they are blind, another there is darkness. But when light comes in, you see everything and you see the correlation of each other. Now, why did they accept Christ? When the Kundalini rises, this primordial force rises through these centers, it comes up to the point here, where you see this red mark. This is just the window of that center, which is placed between the optic chiasma, controlling the pituitary and the pineal body. That is “the door”, “the gate”, Christ has described. Then the Kundalini stops – of these people. And also of Christians, because they have done unauthorized work. Then one has to open this center, by taking the name of Christ and also, Mary, His power.

In Sahaja Yoga, Mary is the incarnation of the Holy Ghost. My father, who was a scholar of Sanskrit and fourteen languages, who translated Quran Sharif into Hindi, told Me, that people try to deny Christ’s Mother, because the Muslims would not accept. When Christ was dying, then He said, “Behold the Mother!” He did not say, “Look after My mother”. He was too great a Man to think of just a mother who gave Him birth. But He said ” Behold the Mother”. It means that, “You look at Her! Watch Her! See Her! Understand Her!” After His death, Mary had a very, very bad time. She had to go to India, where She died. Because the people, who were supposed to behold Her, were missing completly and even today nobody wants to behold!

Now, this rising of the Kundalini takes place. It is quite shocking for people, who have never heard a word of Kundalini. Much before that Christ came on this Earth, as I told you yesterday, He is described very well fourteen thousand years back in Indian Scriptures, believe Me! You don’t want to believe in that, because you want to use this Bible, for your purpose. Anybody who writes about Christ, is taken over in the Bible, isn’t it ? Like the disciples, they wrote about Christ. Christ never wrote Bible. But then why did you have St. Paul there, who never even saw Christ? Because he said he saw a cross, does that mean that he has ability to write about Christianity and Christ, that he should be in the Bible? Why people did not raise any objection to him, but they raise to Me? The reason is obvious. Because it helps certain purposes. I am for one purpose here: to give you what you have. In Switzerland, you’ll understand better, if I say that I am like a banker, who has to cash your cheques. If somebody says that to you, will you be angry with that person?

Sahaja Yogi: If, if somebody says…

Shri Mataji: that to you, that I have to cash your cheques, will you be angry with that person? You will not be! If I say I have a diamond to offer you, will you go and consult Bible about it? No, because our attention is more for material things, not for the spiritual. But not so, I would say, because I have met very, very beautiful people and seekers, all over the world,  who are really seeking the truth! And yesterday also we had such beautiful people, sitting down here, who were just asking for the truth!

When you become Realized Soul, you have your own powers. Your power of love manifests itself! It is a tremendous thing, that is a human being, do you know that? All these centers represent your steps of evolution, of your awareness. And once you have come to the human level, you have to just jump into, into the unconscious, where we say, it is the Kingdom of God. You’ll be amazed that Sahaja Yoga relates God to science. We have many scientific people, who are doing research in different areas, doctors and  PHD’s, who are understanding science through Sahaja Yoga. It is fantastic! Because you are fantastic!

God has created you, with great care and love and has made you a human being, to give all His love and all His kingdom and all His powers to you to enjoy! He has not made you to suffer and to kill each other and hate each other and to live in the in the perpetual insecurity from other human beings! He has not made you to prepare the weapons of destruction. He has made you to enjoy His construction, which is so subtle and is already for you.

So give up all your fasting and sufferings and torturing, all your fears and depressions, all your maladies. Because once the Spirit is enlightened within you, in that light, you immediately arrive in the Kingdom of God. I say this to you, that, “Please, listen to Me!” – because later on, you will say that, “Mother, You never told us”. It’s going to be very serious. So, please, be alert about it and just take your Resurrection! I have not to take from you anything! I have come to give you something. The eternal life, that is promised. So why should you be angry with Me? What did I say to make you angry? I am not here for election, that I will go on pleasing in your wrong things! You have to elect Me in a way, that you elect your loving people. Not with anger.

Sahaja Yogi: Not?

Shri Mataji: Not with anger, but with understanding. Not with barriers of conditioning, of what you have read. Not with your ego, which is aggressive. But with a silent understanding.

If you have this property within you, why shoudn’t you have it? Already, Gregoire has told you about these different chakras and all that, and tomorrow I will explain to you in the morning all about the different centers and about the different… powers within us, and how by our neglect we cause maladjustment and so we get emotional, physical and mental maladies. I’ll also tell you how to cure yourself and how to cure others, with precise understanding, scientific understanding. And day after tomorrow morning, I will tell you how to achieve your detachment from your physical, mental and emotional self and established completely into Sahaja Yoga.

Now, today, we will have again a session of Realization. There is no need for you to believe in Me, but as long as you do not deny Me, you can sit here and please, listen to Me what I say. As a Mother, I request you, to do justice to yourself! And don’t be obstinate about anything! I know it is a new knowledge for most of the people who have not read anything else but, I know of many young people, of western countries, who have reached the conclusion, that it is the Kundalini awakening, is the saving. Even Gregoire did the same. Everyone should try.

If do you not want it, I cannot force it, otherwise it’s very difficult, otherwise. So you can leave! Will be better for Me, if you don’t want it, it’s better that you leave, and leave the rest with their work. That… That would be very civil and kind of you, to leave others to have their experiences. If you do not want to have, don’t have “dog in the manger” policy. So… thank you!