When Christ Will Come (Follow-up)

Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland)

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Public Program Day 3 follow up, Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland) 25-08-1982

Shri Mataji: I am told that some of you have come for the first time for the program here. Now, for the people who have come  for the first time, they have to first get their Realisation. That is very important. Now, today I am feeling the atmosphere, today, I think some of you have come from places, who have been to people who are doing black magic maybe or some sort of a thing like that, or ESP or psychology, or to some false gurus. Some of you. And also that there are people who are feeling guilty. If you are feeling guilty, then there is catch on this finger [showing Vishuddhi finger].

But, if you are catching from people who have been to black magic and fake gurus and all that, then you catch on this finger and this thumb. [showing fingers of left Agnya and left Swadishthan]. Also, I think there are people who are already feeling the vibrations. So we have people of all types. I am happy you have brought your children. Because I am very happy with the children. There are many children born, who are realised souls. And they don’t understand human beings who do not have that level. And that’s a big problem. Moreover when these children grow up, they take to new seeking, in which they fall a trap to drugs or false gurus, or some sort of a wrong thing.

If the children are not given the training or understanding of all the vibrations, even if they are realised souls, they can go astray. In this modern time we cannot stop our children to go to wrong things. It’s impossible. Because life is such. To make them understand their value and understand why they are on this Earth, best is to give them Realisation if they are not realised, at least. Because as they grow up, they get complicated, disappointed, frustrated and they commit suicide, also. So, in the interest of these children, which is the progeny of our country, we have to give them Realisation.

We are actually neglecting our children these days because we are very busy. And children have so much time in hand that they don’t know what to do with themselves. Once they get Realisation, they get very busy. My granddaughter, who was hardly of four, five years of age, when we went to the airport one day, she was just going like this all the time. Because she is a born realised, the mother asked her “what are you doing all the time like this?”. She said “I am trying to bind(?) all these people in the airport, they are very very loose and running amok and they are very speedy. Like this, they go mad only”. (chuckling) They behave like their grandmothers I can tell you!  They understand Sahaj Yoga very well. The children who are born realised, takes no time to explain to them things. They understand it, relate to it.

And they understand Me very well. Because I speak the same language as they do.

I am sure in this great country also, there must be many children who are born realised. If the parents and the teachers and professors get Realisation, they will understand these great souls that are born on this Earth. They will understand their children and a beautiful rapport and relationship can be felt. I’ve seen when children see My photograph, they tell their parents: “You have to meet this Lady.” Because they understand that there is something common between Her and us. They are the source of innocence, for us and for the whole world. Innocence is holiness and auspiciousness. When we get our realisation, our lost innocence is re-established. We start enjoying the whole world like a child enjoys it. It is fun. That is what Christ has said: you have to be like children to enter into the kingdom of God.

But today I find in the western countries basically children are attacked. The innocence is attacked. Sometimes I feel that the countries where there is love for children, children take their birth more. That’s why the birth rate is more in countries like India. After Realisation you like to spend your time with children and enjoy their company. Because you enjoy their innocence, as your innocence has been awakened. And I am very happy that today you have brought your children with you. Thank you for that. Come along! Come along! Alright.

So, for today, those who have not got their Realisation: we should see that they get their Realisation first. Then, I would like to work individually on all of you. To see that I establish the Realisation. Now, those who haven’t got Realisation, the Sahaja yogis who are here will pay special attention. Now, those who have not had cool breeze in their hand, yesterday, and today who have come for the first time, please raise your hands.

But you are feeling cool breeze, alright, aren’t you? She is a born realised. What about you people? Are you feeling cool breeze in the hands? All born realised. They are all born realised. See they have got it. These children? Are you feeling cool breeze in your hands? My children? Yes, great!

See I told you, they don’t need anything. They are already feeling it. I know. See. And the little one there, are you feeling the cool breeze? They are going to have [UNCLEAR]. What about the little thing there? Are you feeling the cool breeze? Yes, the next little one. Alright he is feeling. I told you, you have got more realised children. Alright, so now. Yes?

Sahaji : When I see You, my heart it’s much better.

Shri Mataji: Put your right hand on your heart, right hand. And then chanting has to be done, that: Mother, I am the spirit! Inside. Then the heart will always be alright. Because, in the heart resides the Spirit.

Shri Mataji: You too have a problem?

Sahaji : He is saying that the spiritual heart is on the right.

Shri Mataji : No, on the left. Spiritual heart on the left. On the right there is also, we believe in that also, on the right: there is another centre. Which is the Father’s centre. It is another aspect of God, which is a Father. Who is the Father who becomes the King. So, it is the benevolent King, is the Father. And that is what is on the right-hand side. Left hand is the Spirit. Spirit is the reflection of the God, aspect of God, which is the witness. Which is the end of our existence because it is existence. Once the heart stops, we have no existence. So, it is also the Destroyer, because when it stops, you are destroyed. When you will read Sahaja Yoga, gradually you will know different centres and different places and what is the relationship of Spirit with God, with other things. You will know, you can read it and verify it inside. This is when you enter into the new dimension of your awareness, where you feel the all-pervading power, then you can understand, because with that power you know whether that, which centre is which. Any conception that we accept, without knowing personally about it, is a conception. Or a hypothesis. Whatever I am saying is a hypothesis to you! But when you verify it then it’s a law. It’s a divine law. So keep yourself open for that. Because whatever is here, may not be the truth! How to believe it? Today people have reached that stage that they definitely say: “why do you believe this, why? Why do you believe that Christ was crucified? Why do you believe the Immaculate Conception? Why do you believe there is God?” Now, you cannot show them Quran, or Bible or Geeta. They will say: “why do you believe in them also?” Because they are not connected with God.

Once the connection is established, you get all answers on your hands. You can feel it. If you ask God: “ is there God?” the question, you start getting cool breeze in your hands. Ask about a false man: “is he true? “ you might even get burning. Some are such horrid devils on this Earth that you can get blisters.

Now, if supposing, in Germany, when Hitler came, people were realised, they would have known that he is a devil. They would not have followed him. And, if, say, at the time of Christ, if at the time of Christ, people were realised: they would have not crucified him. Imagine, they followed Hitler and crucified Christ. Can you imagine, what happens to the brains of human beings?

So, one must have their absolute, so they can just be absolute. Unless and until you have absolute, you cannot change. That is the reason why they make such mistakes. See, that they followed Hitler and killed Christ. Their interpretations according to them was right. Fine! They didn’t know where they went. Unless and until you find your absolute, how will you judge anything on absolute value? Then you will have to go on compromising all the time, your principles and everything, because you don’t know what is right, what is wrong. The modern times are really the days of confusion. A real confusion. Everybody is confused. Only those who are realised people get over the confusion. What wrong I might tell you, that you must be born again to have a value, it’s an actualisation? What is wrong in this? Christ only said these things, isn’t it? Because He didn’t find people who were realised souls, he was crucified. And even when He comes, people will not recognise Him, if they are not realised souls.

Now, here are some children who are realised souls, immediately I knew they are realised souls. And the children also said they are realised souls. Because they are feeling the cool breeze all the time. But how will you make it out unless you know it’s a realised soul or not?  We have to open our eyes, isn’t it? What’s wrong in that, I just don’t understand. It is the completion of what Christ has said: that you are to be born again.

Now we have to prove the existence of Christ, the existence of Mohammed, existence of all these people, on some definite scientific awareness basis, on the central nervous system. The critics will be always there. They have been always there. They criticised Christ. They criticised all the great people, even Rousseau was criticised and tortured. They are always there. They are the nasty people. They always will be nasty. They will never be able to see the right thing. And they do not also want to see that others are also honest who are getting Realisation. But because I am a nasty fellow, I didn’t get Realisation. So, why should we criticise?

Or maybe, there maybe someone who is sick. Has got problems, who is complicated. Doesn’t matter to me. It is the work of living God. The living work of living God, not of their tics (?). And it should not shock people who have been living with dead work. Satisfied with dead work. I am not paid for it. I don’t take any money. Not that I don’t need it. But Christ never took any money. Did you ever hear that Christ took any money for his sermons? He was a poor carpenter. A son, a carpenter’s son, and he lived like a poor carpenter. He didn’t want to have big house. He had only two robes to cover his body. He was a king because he did not need anything. Now, supposing he was born as a king, he would have lived like a king, with full detachment.

What I don’t understand, those who do not want Realisation, should not become like dog in the manger that spoil the others’ chances of getting Realisation. The dog in the manger. The one who doesn’t eat the grass,  and all the time barks and doesn’t allow the cows to eat the grass. He can’t eat the grass, also. Is very childish, the thing, and stupid to brand somebody as something. It’s very easy to say you are Victorian, you are this, that. This is not the way you are going to solve the problem. That’s the way we took Christ, exactly. You see, you don’t have to judge Me. You better judge yourself, the time has come for that.

Alright, now we should try and get our Realisation. And then we should try and see why we don’t get and we should try to fix up with people who have got it. Now those who have got Realisation [Shri Mataji working on seekers]