Love is the Solution

Temple de la Fusterie, Geneva (Switzerland)

1982-08-25 Love is the Solution, Geneva, Switzerland, 62' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program in Geneva (Switzerland), 25 August 1982.

Shri Mataji: When the Spirit manifests within us, then this joy becomes active within us. First of all, our maladies disappear. Because our Spirit is the source of the white cells. Or we can say, is the connection between human attention and the Divine Power. When the connection is loose, the vibrations become a little difficult – sometimes they appear, they disappear – till the person establishes himself. 

The first thing that happens to human beings when your Kundalini is raised to this stage (the Agnya), is that you become peaceful and the thoughts that are bombarding your brain disappear. Now, if you want to think, you can think or you need not think. There is complete rest and peace in your mind. So when the Kundalini comes out of your head and starts flowing regularly after establishment, you can give realisations to others. 

Those who got realisations yesterday were today giving realisation to people in Geneva. One little girl wanted to test a gentleman who had been doing some sort of black magic. Suddenly her thumb started becoming (hot). And she showed Me, “Mother, the thumb is trembling”. This thumb indicates authorised, unauthorised working of the mind. All those people who preach, gospel or talk of God without getting realisation have this left Swadishthana. 

This forehead is not to be bowed to anybody else but to an incarnation. And those who bow this head to a person who is not an incarnation, not a realised soul, but an incarnation – gets a very serious problem here called Ekadasha Rudra. Is the complete blockage in the lower base of the brain. You will be surprised that a disease such as cancer is caused by left Swadishthana to be weak – which means if you have any unauthorised understanding of God – starts from there. 

Like the gentleman the other day who was shouting, “Christ, Christ, Christ” – I was feeling compassion for him because he did not know he was in trouble. Without the connection, if you telephone, your telephone is spoiled. It is as simple as that. Now here you can see if you go to the left or the right. You go to the subconscious and collective subconscious. On the right side, to the supraconscious and then to the collective supraconscious. 

Now when you have a chakra like this (Shri Mataji shows the right and left loops with Her hands), say, the spinal cord and the chakra – this is the chakra. The centre, the subtle centre. And you start pulling it to the left and to the right. What happens? There is a dislocation. Now when there is a dislocation, what happens? Then the relationship with the whole is broken. At such a point, the cells, say on the left side – who go on, “Oh, God, Oh God, Christ, Christ” – then what happens? The cells on the left-hand side start acting on their own. But even they could not act on their own. What happens is now very clearly stated by doctors. And I have seen the television about what really happens, how the cancer is triggered.

They say, in our body, there are unknown areas. Because they don’t know; doctors don’t know. Unknown areas which have been built within us since our creation. That is the left collective subconscious. Now this left-sided collective subconscious that is within us is our past since the creation. All that is dead is on the left side. Now, when you push yourself too much emotionally on that side, suddenly you are attacked. According to them, by protein – which they cannot say what they are. They call them Protein 52, Protein 58; these are just names – attack, and that triggers, that triggers the setting of cancer.

In the Bible, you know Christ took out the possessions of the people and put them in the pits. And threw them away. These proteins are possessions that doctors do not know. But somehow, you can bring these centres together and give them a vital power flowing through them continuously by Kundalini awakening. Then you can control the movement of the mind to that area. And that is how you cure the cancer of a patient. 

When the Kundalini rises, she again consults all the deities about which Christ has said, “Those who are not against Me, are with Me”. She again comes out of the fontanelle bone area and then the grace of God starts flowing through you. And you can feel it in your hand. This is what one has to ask God. Once it happens, so many diseases can be cured. 

But the main disease today of human beings is that they are not at all happy with whatever they have got. Firstly, they are extremely confused. They do not know where to go – to go to a guru or go to a church or go to this. Or to give up capitalism or to go to communism – they do not know anything. And there are so many writers that they were reading all the list of “” and “” and “..isms”, “..isms”, I really got fed up of what the thousands of “..ists” and thousands of “..isms” are there.

But because the Spirit is the Absolute, as you are connected with the Spirit – you ask a question and you get an answer from the Absolute. 

There was an atheist today for our program in Berne(?). Atheist. He must have been shocked, the way people are working out God for some funny things. But he said, “I don’t believe in God at all, at any cost”. So I said, “Why have you come here then?” He said, “All my body burns, there are burns in my body, all over I have got burning. Now, what to do? I came because I thought you were curing people but I don’t believe in God”. 

He was very genuine and a frustrated man. So I asked him. I said, “All right. You just ask one question, putting your hands towards Me, saying, “Mother, is there God?” So when he asked thrice only, his feet started feeling cool. And when he asked seven times, his whole body felt cool. And he felt the cool breeze in his hands and he felt the cool breeze here (on the Sahasrara). And said, “I definitely believe in God now”. 

And he said, “How is it I did not believe in God and how is it you have cooled it out?” So I told him that God is an ocean of compassion. Ocean of love. Ocean of forgiveness. These human beings cannot understand that ocean. And when a person gets realised and when his Spirit starts showing in the attention, he also becomes compassionate. And extremely loving, extremely forgiving. He realises that  “I can feel another person within myself. So who is the other?” 

People say, “We have to do God’s work. We have to help others. Do this, do that”. I ask them, “Who is the other? Show Me. If nobody is the other, whom are you helping? This is just an ego trip. This is not God’s work.  Supposing this finger is paining and My hand rubs that finger, do I say, “I am helping My finger or I am helping this finger?” Actually, it is such a combination that capitalism and communism meet each other.

With all My power of love, I am a great capitalist. And I cannot enjoy this joy – I have to give it to all others – so I am the biggest communist. Even if people get angry with Me and say all kinds of things against Me; still I want to give this love. Because love is the only solution for today’s problems, for eternal problems which are troubling you. Just mentally saying that we are all one, and we love each other does not work out because it is superficial. It is mental.

But when it comes into your consciousness, it becomes part and parcel of you; when you become that, how can you help it? It just goes on flowing all the time. It does not consider how you have treated Me, what you have done for Me. It’s only bothered as to give you realisation. Like a mother whose children don’t eat sometimes. So she tries every trick so that somehow the children eat. She may sometimes scold him, chastise him, entice him. She may do all kinds of things to do good to him.

Now, we have to know that love is the solution. But this contagious love is silent love, which does not speak. It flows and acts. It is dynamic. In the beginning in London, there was an intellectual who got realisation; luckily, for him. And he said to Me, “Mother, you told me there is telecommunication of God and my father has not written any letter to me; I don’t know what’s the matter”. I said, “All right, you just think of him and put your hands like this” (outstretched). He said, “I am getting a burning here”. Getting a burning here. Right hand. (below right Vishuddhi finger). 

All right. Now I told him that these are the centres of the father. And if it is very much burning then your father must be down with horrible bronchitis. So he telephoned his mother in Scotland. And the mother came on the phone and said the same sentence, “Your father is down with horrible bronchitis”. Now, sitting down in London, he could cure his father. 

Supposing we are part and parcel of the whole. And we become aware of being the whole. For example [UNCLEAR]. Then, whether you are here or there makes no difference. Supposing somebody pricks Me here (on finger), the whole body knows there has been a prick, isn’t it? That is how you know. It is an awareness which we haven’t got as yet. 

For example, animals have no awareness of dirt and filth. But human beings have. After realisation, you develop an awareness of the wrong things which are against the Spirit. And you drop out everything that is useless. Automatically you react to a thing that is wrong. And if you know about the decoding of your information, you know also how to protect yourself. 

For example, psychologists do not know how to protect themselves. First of all, it is a very unauthorised way. They meet all pathological cases. Like Freud, who was a half-baked person.  Who met all the pathological cases and generalised as normal. He himself picked up bad ideas from his patients and was a very perverted man himself his whole life. And he died of horrible cancer. 

Even the doctors, nurses, clergymen and also we can say, the people who do social work and come in contact with human beings catch from others. But they are not aware till they land up in the lunatic asylum. So in Sahaja Yoga, you also learn how to protect yourself from negative forces. Last but not the least, I have to warn you – that today this world is being attacked by tremendous negative forces. On one side are the people who are fanatics; on the other side are people who are we can say fake and false – they have been warned in the Bible. 

On the other side are the drugs and alcoholism that is ruinous to us. Apart from the negative forces working through the political parties, there is something that is very, very terrible within us. Human beings are going to destroy themselves from within and not from without. Last year I heard that Switzerland had the maximum number of suicides; more than even Sweden. 

These are shocking things of life; in fact, which must be faced. That despite all affluence, why is all this happening to our young people? Thousands and thousands of seekers are lost as drug addicts, some are lost because of fake gurus and some are lost because they did not find love in their family. 

Sahaja Yoga is a spontaneous promise or spontaneous message or spontaneous actualisation of joy, bliss and benediction of God Almighty. May God Bless You. 

And it is going to establish the Truth. As an actual fact. The truth of whatever is said in the scriptures. I hope you get the wisdom to understand that we are standing on the brink of our emancipation or on the brink of our destruction. Those who help in this work are doing God’s work. And those who try to just pull us down are doing anti-God work. 

May God Bless You All.

Now I would request, about half an hour you take at the most, to have a session of Self-realisation. But those who have to go for much more important things can go. Do not disturb other people. It cannot be forced on you. God is not going to fall at your feet to say that get your realisation. You have to ask for it. If you do not ask for it, I cannot force it on you.

As it is, I think, the grace of God has become extremely compassionate to achieve this en masse evolution. 

Now, can I ask all of you to sit down, please? There are places here where you can come and sit down; please don’t stand. If you want, you can sit here. Please, here. Please take out your shoes. Here.

Just I would request you, first to know, that we have to give a balance to our being. As I have seen today, the balance is more towards the right – because very active people have come for realisation. As it is, you know, in the West people are very speedy; especially in Switzerland. And extremely frantic about time. 

Now I would request you to understand the balancing system within us. 

Please put your left hand towards Me. Because you are active on the right-hand side, the left side is sleepy. (Shri Mataji is raising her right foot and tapping it on the floor while saying this). Such people become emotionally dry. 

Now, what we have to do is to get the right side also nourished by the Divine power. Now, I would request you to put your hands on your lap and be very comfortable. Now put your left hand over the right (Shri Mataji brings Her right hand over the left) and try to raise to the right-left to the right from the top of your head and bring it down and put it down. Did you follow?

Do it seven times. This will reduce the franticness within you. And the speediness within you. So you are raising the left side and getting the all-pervading power upon yourself. And also you are giving a protection to your aura. 

Now, to raise your Kundalini, put your left hand in front of your sacrum bone, above. Little lower. Away, away, away from your body. 

Now, this hand (right) is for action. And this one (left) is for desire. 

Now, what you have to do – when this (left) hand is like this  (bent in front), this action (right hand) will start winding up with your action (circling the left hand) on your desire. And try to bring it on your head, and then give it a knot.

Like this, correct. Now start, again start. Now put it up and tie it. 

At the third time, you have to tie it three times. One. On top of your head. Two. And three.

Now out your left hand and right hand towards Me. And see if you are getting a cool breeze in the hand. 

Now let us start the left side, though the right side is still quite a lot (Shri Mataji stamps Her right foot on the ground a few times while saying this). 

All right. Are you feeling? Good, very good.

Now to also have a better right hand, what you can do is to put your right hand towards Me and left hand on the liver. The liver is here. 

(To a Sahaja Yogi): Facing them, facing you show. How will they see your liver? 

Now put it there (hand), your liver. And press it, your liver; with your hand (Shri Mataji shows how).

Now raise your (left) hand and put it here (right Heart). Is the right heart as we call it. Is the heart of the father. Think of this God as your father, the Preserver. The Protector. 

Now, put this hand (left) and put it at this place, at the right Vishuddhi we call it. 

This is the place of the Primordial Being, what we say “Allah-u-Akbar”. As we say, Akbar. Akbar means God that is great. This is the place of that. So you place your hand and with that, you have to say that, “Mother, make me a witness of this play”. In your heart.

This chakra is caught by people who talk too much sometimes, smoke and sort of, put out (point) this finger (right Vishuddhi) out quite a lot – all such things. So you put it here. It will help you. And those who do not believe in collectivity. 

So you have to say that, “Mother, make me a part and parcel of the whole”. 

Now you come to your forehead, with this hand here. Now, this is, the forehead, is the head of our ego. 

So we have to say that if we have made any mistakes, God should forgive us. Say it twice.

Now you put your hand on top of your head. Left hand. 

Now you have to ask a question, “Mother, am I a realised soul?” 

Or, “Mother, please give me my realisation”.

Say it thrice. If you say it seven times, is the best. 

You start feeling the cool breeze coming in. 

Is it coming? You can press it in the centre, in the fontanelle bone. 

Now if your hand is tired, now take to another hand. Right. Now take to right hand please,

In the right hand, you have to put your hand first to your heart. This is the left side.

In the heart resides the Spirit. So please ask the question, “Mother, am I the Spirit?” 

Anybody who has heart trouble, if he asks this question on My photograph, will be relieved of all kinds of heart problems. 

Now take this hand higher, on the neck side. And say about eight times, “Mother, I am not guilty”. Eight times. This is the worst disease of the West. 

Now you bring the same right hand on the back of your head and just rest on that. Here.

And say that, “I forgive everyone”. Say it with your heart. You please forgive because by not forgiving you are just harming yourself; not others. 

Just push your head to the back and just say with your full heart, “Mother, I forgive everyone”. 

Say it twice, but with a full heart. 

Now again, put the hand on top of your head. The right. And say, “Mother, please give me my realisation”.

Now let us again do the same thing we did. Put both your hands towards Me. It’s in balance. 

Now give it, a protection to your aura, both sides. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. Seven times. Bring it like this, throw it here; bring it like this, throw it there.

All right. Now again, you put your left hand in front of the sacrum bone. And now start moving your right hand, of action (to raise the Kundalini). Take it on top of your head. And give it one knot. Bring it down and throw it down.

Again, please try. (Bring) on top of your head. Give it one knot and bring it down. Throw it.

Now, the third time, we have to give three knots. Put it on top of your head and give it a big knot. Another knot. And another knot.

Now see if there is a cool breeze coming in the hand. Don’t think about it. You can open your eyes and watch me without thinking. 

All right? Now don’t think. You didn’t get it by thinking. 

For further details, we have a centre here. You all have got the paper. Please contact. And try to grow within yourself so that you can help yourself, your friends, relations, your country and the whole world. 

Unless and until you have mastered this art of God’s Love, you are not called as Sahaja Yogi. Within three or four weeks, you can master it. 

You can go to the centres where we have got people who are masters; and very loving and humble people. They will tell you everything. And if you have any problem you can even write to Me at that time. 

And also a photograph should be sent to you people so that.. you send Me their photograph – I can see them every day. Those who have not got realisation should also go to the centre and get their realisation. Bring your friends and all the other people. Nothing has to be paid. 

To a Sahaja Yogi: Tell them what you are doing next.

[Sahaja Yogi announces in French].

Shri Mataji: Those people who have brought anything to vibrate can bring it here.