History of Spiritual Seeking

Lausanne (Switzerland)

1982-08-26 History of Spiritual Seeking, Lausanne, Switzerland (longer), 121' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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1982-08-26 History Of Spiritual Seeking, Lousanne Switzerland DP-RAW, 120' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Arrival, Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program. Lausanne (Switzerland), 26 August 1982.

I bow to all the seekers of truth and love. There has been a great talk about truth, love and bliss so far in the history of spirituality of human beings. But it is so surprising for an outsider to see that all these religions have been separated from each other and it is impossible for them to find any common points between themselves.
If truth is one, God is one and love is the same thing, why there are so many religions and so many wars in the name of God? The more human beings are developing in their intelligence, they look back upon the history of religions and they get a fright from the way people have behaved towards each other. Even the science, which has no connection with God or religion, has gone to a limit where we have created devils of bombs, which are atomic bombs, hydrogen bomb, nitrogen bomb. Yesterday we had a very important gentleman from the disarmament organization of the U.N. and they said, “It’s all absurd because already there are five thousand types of bombs which are being created. We have to just press a button in one of these countries and the whole world can collapse into nothing.” Under these circumstances, we are born at the present time.
If we try to close our eyes to the fact that all these movements of human beings whether on the religious basis or on the scientific basis or into any other economic basis has not lead to the betterment and well beings of human beings but has ultimately ended into some sort of a shocking demon sitting on our head. Now what is the reason for this kind of a mess we have landed ourselves into? We have not been able to understand why we have reached such a confused state. But I’ll give you a little simile about it which will make you understand. Supposing there is no light at all in this room and about hundred blind people just walk into this room who cannot even feel their way around. They will bang at each other. They will fight for their seats. They will be sitting, not facing Me, facing the other side because they are blind. But that is what exactly human awareness is at this point of its development in the evolution.
Actually our ego does not allow us to accept this situation and we go ahead with it, banging each others’ heads, breaking each others’ lives. God has created us so beautifully, this whole universe, and has developed us from a little amoeba to this beautiful being as a human being. Is this, is this the purpose for which God has created us: that we start destroying his creation? The best creation, that is the epitome of creation, is this human being. He poured all His love, His bliss, His intelligence to make us human beings.
Today I would say there are many people who are aware of this kind of a gap between the truth and themselves. They are the real flowers of this beautiful tree of life. Someone may be a rich man. Someone may be a very big official. Someone may be something great but in the eyes of God, those people who are seeking the truth and trying to achieve it are the real joy, a thing of joy of His creation. So we can see now that we are face to face in a situation of confusion. Either we emancipate this world or we destroy it.
I would like in a very short way to tell you the history of spiritual seeking. When man was first faced with the nature, he tried to find out the essence of the nature so that he could overpower it. That is on the right side movement, as you see there, is the movement of the action that man started to perform something they thought proper to experiment with the natural forces of five elements. Greek people said that there are all the deities of all these five elements.
When I went to Greece, I asked them, “Who told you that these deities are there? And from where did you gather this knowledge?”
And I was amazed that they said that “Much before Alexander went to India, we had a Indo-Aryan rapport. And we consulted them and it is our consultation that brought forth these ideas about the deities that are presiding over the elements.”
So this side of a human being is the reflection of the creator aspect of God. He created first the causal of the elements then the elements out of the causal and then He created all this universe. For example, fragrance is the causal of the mother earth.
Now when they started worshiping these deities, a kind of a right sided movement of the worship or is it connection with the subtler side of life started growing. This happened practically in every country but did not continue very much in the west because western countries suddenly started taking to the position of a shoot of a tree. That’s how we find you people are so developed in material things. But in countries like India, which tried to play the part of the root to find out the source of all the energies, tried to find out how to please these deities and how to take advantage of the material, or we can say, of the five elements. But in this also, as in every other western country, they gave up this idea and they made the Gods look like imperfect human beings. This movement was in England, I have seen was done by people who used to worship places where some stones came out of the mother earth, like Stonehenge.
Even quite late as sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth century in England, there was a movement to find out the relationship between the gravity and the magnetism. All the churches built in those areas go in two lines where they found that throughout on those lines the compass goes on bending downward. [Mother repeats for the translator: “the compass, you see the compass bends at those four points like this.”] It has to be straight, you see, North, South, East, West it points. But actually it bent to the gravity, you see. So they were surprised how it bent at those points. And they picked such a, so there was deeper understanding. They tried to understand deeply the significance of God’s blessings through these natural elements.
But after some times, they lost interest and they just became organized religions. And after that, when we had a person like Henry the Eighth, who wanted to marry Anne Boleyn. He authorized the bible from the Protestants and they started using that bible. That is how the Protestantism came in England. So the whole seeking ended up in authorizing the bible by such a horrid fellow who killed his seven wives in the name of God
So the king became in charge or the ruling people became in charge of the God. And the whole thing, the whole religious movement became nothing but a sort of a formal thing without getting any benefit out of it. Now you’ll be amazed to know that in England, churches are sold just like houses and people are buying them. And these false gurus are now taking over the churches for their use. America is much more advanced in this. They even have churches of the witches and the black magic. Same thing happened in India.
Those people who were trying to raise or to initiate people to become spiritual started taking to methods of tantricism, which is black magic. For negative, there are three, four words in the Indian language. It’s called as the knowledge of the dead, bhoot vidya; shamashana vidya meaning the knowledge of the cemetery; and pretha vidya meaning the science of the dead, or you can say, of the past. Also some of them have taken a clue from the western people thinking that if you give them sex as the energy of God, they will be very much popular. They have done it. Now in the temples of India, you will be amazed to know that all kinds of drugs are sold. And these fake gurus and the false gurus have built up empires of empires out of your naive idea about religion. But innately, because we are very traditional in the idea of God, innately if you ask an Indian he knows how to recognize the truth. As it is, the village people, country people are simple and they know what is reality. It’s not easy to befool such innocent people.
Now one has to realize that in your seeking, whatever may be the way you are doing it, you cannot pay any money. In the west because the priests were paid for their jobs, people believed that even God realization or Self realization or any movement in spirituality has to be paid for. Spiritual evolution is a living process. Any living process, you cannot pay for it. If you want to sprout a seed, you can’t pay the seed and the seed won’t sprout out of it. You cannot put any effort. You cannot stand on your head for the seed to sprout. All the designs and maps of what this little seed is going to be is all built in that little seed by the divine power. And when this seed is put in the soil, in the mother earth, the mother earth knows the seed and seed knows the mother and it sprouts by itself.
This is the spontaneous happening, which is the living happening which we human beings cannot do. At this level of awareness, we cannot do God’s work. Whatever work we do at this level is the work of human beings, which is a dead work. In our humility, we must know this. We cannot transform a flower into fruit. Let us accept it. So we cannot make a pulsation in a person who is dead. Let us accept. We’ll go deeper into it and we can say that supposing you are running very fast and then you stop. You can increase the rate of heart but you cannot reduce it to the normal. There are so many such things, which are billions and billions of happenings which we cannot control as human beings. But being very superficial with ourselves, we take it for granted. Even we do not understand how a particular type of flower is grown on a particular kind of a plant, how this choice is so beautiful and perfect.
See their variety and the variety of human beings, the kind of people, the temperaments and such a lot of beauty created by that variety. But we must know, we cannot clump these human beings into groups. We cannot make them into some sort of a machine that moves with the same mood. They are human beings of their free will. If they have to be collective, it should be a part and parcel of their awareness where they are not forced into it but they just become. So that is what one must realize: that we are not at that level where we feel this all pervading power or we are not at that level where we have become. Again I say become in our awareness: in our central nervous system that we can feel others.
All the scriptures have aimed at our second birth, towards our breakthrough into that unconscious. Like, a, one fish came out of the water. Then some came out. And then shoals of fishes came out. In the same way, in the seeking of God also, there were very few people in the beginning who knew about Him as a collective being within themselves. But when the seeking started, man went into the extreme and clubbed people into organized religions. We cannot organize living process,, leave alone God. We cannot brand people as this kind of a sheep and that kind of a sheep. So something has to happen within us. And that happening has to take place because we have to save this great creation of God.
Now think of the wars and think of the problems we have. Why we have all these problems? We have problems because we are not collectively conscious. We do not know that there is no “other” in this world. Mentally we understand that if we try to destroy Russians, Americans will be automatically destroyed. Mentally we understand that if we destroy others, we’ll be destroyed. But we do not know that it’s a fact that if you destroy one finger, the whole body is going to suffer; that we are part and parcel of the whole being, we are already. But we are not aware of it.
We do not know that we are part and parcel of that thing and an experience on the central nervous system. Whatever we have achieved in human is in our evolution is on the central nervous system. Now if you, if you take a dog through a dirty lake, he has no problem. But we can’t go through that because in aware in a one awareness we are sensitive to dirt, filth and bad smell. And at the later stage of our evolution, we will be conscious of, we will be conscious again I say that the other is me.
We can feel others on our fingertips. In the Koran, Prophet Mohamed has said for the future that “Your hands will speak.” In the Bible, also it is said that “I will send you a comforter who will make you know My Father forever.”
That clearly means that yet we are not connected with the Father of Christ. And somebody has to do it and give the counsel and redeem you, means give you evolutionary jump into that breakthrough. I feel today that blossom time has come.
Whatever has been in the history is just an evolutionary process. Like in the earlier stages of animals’ evolution, those who were very aggressive and bulky people were thrown out of the circulation of evolution. Today at human level, those people who are trying to club each other and organize God and also try to create falsehood will be exposed, no doubt. Now the truth, truth has to express itself, which will express but if you don’t accept, it will break through with a crash. So now, one has to understand that there is within us a power or a built in process by which we can become the spirit.
I must say for Christians, it should be easy to open your mind to understand that the movement of seeking has not been only in the western countries but all over the world. And as it is said that “You are to be born again,” this is the only work of God that is to be done. You are the temple of God and you are to be born again. In Sanskrit language, a person who is a realized soul or born again is called vijaha. Vijaha: the one who is born again, twice born. But interesting part of it is that they call a bird also a vijaha. Because he’s first born as an egg and then he becomes a bird. In the same way, a human being when he’s born, he starts growing. He becomes he starts developing his ego and superego in his head like a balloon. And then a calcification takes place at the fontanel bone area by which you get separated and become Mr. X Y Z, means you develop your I-ness.
So now you get your freedom to choose and decide which is the right way to move. So we have to understand that we have to be in the center to evolve. Now tomorrow I’ll tell you about the center path and the left side but today I’m just telling you that we have to be in the center, not to the extreme of the right and not to the extreme of the left. The wisdom that is given to us helps us to remain in the center. Also, the Ten Commandments like things are in every religion because they are our sustenance to remain in the center. They assert their influence. In the center, the green that is shown there in a very light green color is a round circle and they assert on this abdominal area where when you try to go to the left or to the right, they try to bring you back to the central path.
For example, if a person is too active and is running all the time in extra then imagine the heart goes out. The one who thinks too much and who plans too much for the future, his heart also becomes very weak. Is most surprising, when you use your brain too much, your heart gives way. Supposing there is a person who feels very guilty and weeps and hysterics and cries all the time, you can say ‘the emotional person’ who begs everybody miserable by the miseries they have. Emotion is the quality of the heart but such persons use their brains. They land up in the lunatic asylums. You’ll be amazed to know that a lunatic never gets a heart attack. That is how the system balances you and tries to give you a balance. So first, this balance is to be achieved within us because if this power has to rise, if the person is not balanced then this transformation or this second birth cannot take place, you see.
When you will grow in Sahaja Yoga for that, you’ll be amazed to know that most of the diseases, I mean ninety nine point nine percent we should say are caused, are caused by imbalances on the right or on the left. Even you’ll be amazed to know that when the egg is comes to its, it starts developing and it comes to its full form, it stands in the water. You may try to push it down any amount it won’t settle down in a horizontal way. So now, when the kundalini comes to this and pierces through your fontanel area, the seat of the spirit is on top of your head, and it reports. Actually you can see the pulsation of the kundalini. Yesterday only I showed in that church pulsation of kundalini whose somebody’s what I mean, somebody’s void I mean somebody’s stomach problem was there and you could see it pulsating there. This is a living process so you can pulsate. Only living, if we want to see if somebody is living or not, you see the pulse, isn’t it? The pulsation rises along the spinal cord. And you can see it with a stethoscope till it reaches to the top, the summit of the head on the fontanel bone.
In India, there was a poet called Markandaya about fourteen thousand years back who has written about this happening. In the south there is a place called Chindindra,. means the Indra, the king of the devas, was given realization was made a hole in the head, chind-indra. So God knows how many years back it happened. And it is said that once it happens then you find the all pervading power, the brahma.
First time you start feeling the cool breeze around you, the cool breeze of the holy ghost. You’ll be amazed when you come to Sahaja Yoga that all the prophets and all the incarnations are so complementary to each other. All of them were so much opposed by the blind people, even today, people oppose Me. This is, of course, not so difficult now; in democracy nobody is going to crucify Me. But in those days, they crucified, they gave poisons, they beat. They did everything possible that they should not speak. So with this method of the central path of giving evolution was kept a guarded secret. But some murmuring souls who could not get realization, out of frustration, just went out and started a tantric thing against God.
Christ was the first person who said that “You have to be born again” so openly and to the public. He was not given much chance, as usual, to say much into details about it. Then in the sixth century, Adi Shankaracharya wrote books about it and told people that “You have to get your realization. Without realization, all this is falsehood. You have to know only the Brahma, the all pervading power.” All the priest class who were interested in their earning money out of God, could not tolerate them and they tried to kill Him and actually He died very young. Then came Mohammed. He was a compliment. He [devote?] Nimaz is nothing but Kundalini awakening technique. He thought if you talk of the deities and aspects of God, people just get stuck to it. Like if you talk of the flower and not about the honey, people get stuck to it. So he said “Better talk of the formless God of the honey.” But his disciple started talking, talking, talking, talking, talking. All of them are doing what kind of a work you know how fanatic they are. As Christians also diverted their attention from giving realization and understanding realization and second birth, developed into sort of an organized religion, these Muslims also did the same job.
Hindu priests also priested all Hindu philosophy into bread earning organization. The caste system was not existent, it was existent as a system by which you know your profession or the aptitude towards God. For example, those people who were seeking God were called as Brahmins. Those who were seeking money were called something else. Those who were seeking power were called something else. And those who wanted to serve others and live like servants were called something else. But it was surprising that how these priests got this idea that we are born Brahmins. Even their children became Brahmin and their children became Brahmin. It’s not true and there are proofs of it. Like the one who has written Gita, Vyasa, himself was not a Brahmin but an illegitimate child of a fisher woman. God specially chose such a particular person to denounce the idea of caste that you are born with it.
So then came Nanaka. He was another great believer in the unity of people in their awakening into collective consciousness. He collected all the poems of all the, all the realized souls of our country in those days and put them in a book to see that you have to get your rebirth. I went once to a temple of these people who follow Nanaka. They told Me that this book has been read throughout in two and a half days by people continuously, continuously.
So I said, “Really?” And at that time they were singing a kind of a hymn. And the hymn was “Oh my seeker why are you going to the forest to seek God? He is within you. You must get your realization to become that.” They were singing and singing and singing.
I told them “Supposing a doctor gives you a prescription. And you start singing the prescription. Will you get alright?” You have to get your realization. I mean, whatever is said you better take your medicine, take your realization.” But these books have made them absolutely blind.
Then came a terrific poet in India called Kabira. And he flouted all of them with such a strong tongue.In his poems, he clearly said about the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna and all these channels. He also said how the kundalini rises and goes to the apex of the head and how it breaks out and what happens and how you feel collectively conscious. In every country, there have been great realized souls who have tried to, to generate this feeling in people that ‘Don’t run after falsehood but take to reality. Take to realization.’
Only hundred years back, William Blake* was born in England. He said, “England has to become Jerusalem.” He described all Sahaja Yoga and his collective happening in his books. Up to this point that he said that “Harsiniums vibrate peace and joy.” “Harsiniums” is nerves, nerve. About the priest he said, “The priest cursed my head when I was a child.” Because that Baptism is not self realization. It is just artificial show. It is a drama. He said, “I never saw the face of that priest who cursed me on my fore, on my head.”
Because he was a realized soul and no realized soul likes a person who is not a realized soul to touch his fontanel bone area. Even a child won’t like. It’s so revealing the way he saw things clearly about Sahaja Yoga that nobody so far I have known, whether in India or anywhere, has still such clear cut ideas about Sahaja Yoga. He even described, you’ll be amazed, the place where we’ll have the ashram where I laid the foundation stone. It is in Lambeth vale and he says “Come to Lambeth vale all you seekers.” He described My first house that the first beacons will be lit in Surrey hills where I lived first. But the second house, the one now I’m living is so precisely described that it will be on the Talburn stream. And our house is on the stream only, floating in the stream it is Talburn. It’s just next to Kensington garden. Exactly. I must say what a great person he must be, to see what a seer he must have been, to see that this work has to be in England. And suddenly, My husband got elected to this job by about hundred and thirty four nations and I was in England. And now England has got so many realized souls, so many centers and so many people are transformed. We believe that England is the heart of the universe and everything flows from there to other places.
I know that Switzerland, I have not started very early, is a very later movement. I started much later in Switzerland. But I’m sure that in this great country also people will take to truth and find out their meaning and purpose in life and thus save the whole humanity. Tomorrow I will tell you about the two other channels and how it is important that we have to become the spirit today and not tomorrow.
May God bless you!
If you have any questions, you may ask but not too much time. Then we’ll have the session of realization and that may take about half an hour. And tomorrow again we will have session of realization. Those people who have any maladies or anything, I would like to attend to them also.
They have to go to Geneva. They came all the way from Geneva. Thank you very much. They came from Geneva; now they are going back. Those who want can come and sit in front because we are going to have the session of realization. If you have any questions, please ask Me.
Shri Mataji: What did he say? He said, “Why are we doing it now?”
Just a minute.
Sahaja Yogini: Yes he says, “The humanity had been once realized and why and if not, why it is now today.”
Shri Mataji: Yes, you can see now after telling all this, how many people have already left the hall. They are not ready. They do not want it. The time was not there. You see, you can see now in this gathering how many have left suddenly. I didn’t say anything wrong. They were not willing to even have realization. I mean, I tell you at the time of Christ, if you had tried it would have been impossible. He couldn’t even talk of kundalini to those fisherman, just look at these today’s. Just now you’ve seen Lausanne how many have come, first of all, from Lausanne? It’s not such a small place we have come to and how many have stayed back for realization? Them, they don’t want it. They don’t want realization.
Question: Six thousand years ago, most we were realized.
Shri Mataji: No, not all, very few.
Question: That means never. This situation never existed.”
Shri Mataji: No, this is the first time. That’s what I said. Today is the first time. And that too, very slow movement. In London, I tried on six people, you won’t believe, for four years. Can you believe it? Four years! The lifespan of Christ, which He spent on this earth with these horrible people. Huh?
[The man says something again.]
Shri Mataji: What’s this?
Somebody else asks, “Adam and Eva, were they realized?”
Shri Mataji: If they were, they would not have behaved like that. I will tell you about this tomorrow, this question. I’ll tell you what was the situation of human beings in relation to paradise. Is a good question you have asked Me but we are not We have to get realization but look at the, there is no seeking. There is no asking for it. They are so self satisfied with their ego that just they left, you see. It’s question of half an hour. They have much more important things to be done. What can you do? It’s a difficult task.
[Maybe somebody asks question in a non-English language.]
Shri Mataji: In India, you’ll be amazed. When I go there, I have not worked there for so many years, when I go there in the villages, this hall would never be sufficient. I have to have it in open places with thousands of people coming, you see? And they come from villages to villages and thousands and thousands. You can see the film, how they get realization, raise their hands. But here they are so sophisticated that you just can’t touch them. And those who have gone with Me to India are amazed.
They said, “Mother, why are you wasting your energy in the West?”
Actually, in the West great seekers are born. Every individual is a great seeker and a great potential but ego is too much. They cannot see things clearly. They want a circus behind Me. They want a guru who will pamper their ego. It’s very funny but it is so. Your country is another very great country and you can see that many international communities are built in here. And so many people from various countries are coming and meeting you and they find you are open hearted people. But as I said in My, one of My lectures that “We have to find out that, on national basis, if we are doing any harm to other countries, we must correct it.”
As in, on Indian basis also I can say we are doing lot of harm to humanity being Indians. By allowing these horrible gurus to travel around and torture, so many people and who are accumulating so much money, not to control them is absolutely inexcusable in the eyes of God. Not that India government does not know that they are thugs and they are all cheating you, they know everything. But they are allowing it they do all these things because they can get some foreign exchange. It is a very hypocritical attitude, I must say.
Now in the same way we can say here in this country of ours, in Geneva, we have these banks which are quite hypocritical. Because of Swiss banks, we cannot remove the corruption in all the developing countries. Especially India I know for definite that all these ministers and all the people who are making money, they have put it in the Swiss bank. In a way, this bank is responsible for not developing our country and keeping us poor all the time because of corruption. All over the countries, I also know about Mauritius, that the money of Mauritius has all flowed to this bank. In some countries, the poverty is appalling and they have so much of natural resources, everything they have, and still one can’t understand why these people are so poor. People are starving. The children are sick and dying and it’s such a mess, you can’t imagine. If you go to Bangladesh and if you see the condition of the people, you won’t feel like even eating your food for eight days. But all that corrupt money comes to Switzerland. So I have to request you Swiss people [Mother asks the translator] What she say? Ah, so what I am saying, in the same way as we Indians are tolerating these horrible gurus, you also are tolerating. If you can do something to stop this, at least the countries will develop in some way. As you asked Me for a special message on a national basis, I’m just telling you for your information that if something could be done to stop this kind of a thing
[The translator says something] Yah, [Mother laughs] The only solution is that only solution is that we must have mass evolution. So that our priorities change, so our priorities change and then money doesn’t become so important. Then doing and giving becomes much more joy giving. And when such people will be there in Switzerland, I am sure even the bankers can become the same way. But Christ was little pessimistic.
He said, “Is it easy to take a camel through the hole of the needle but a rich man cannot pass through that.” [Mother repeats for the translator] Cannot, yes, cannot go into the, into the kingdom of God.
[Mother asks the translator] What did she say? No, no, no, it is, it is, no, no, no, no, no. It means that an impossible can be possible but not it is possible it is just for understanding the essence. Is not possible to make a rich man enter into the kingdom of God. This is the essence of it. So, but I’m not so pessimistic. I’m just saying I’m not so pessimistic. I’m sure they will understand. But the greatest message that we have to understand that this matter [RECORDING ENDS MID-SENTENCE]

*(about William Blake)