Kundalini: a living force within us and the living happening of the living God

Lausanne (Switzerland)

1982-08-27 Kundalini: a living force within us and the living happening of the living God, Lausanne, 107' Chapters: Talk, Self-Realization
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Public Program day 2 (French translation). Lausanne (Switzerland), 27 August 1982.

I would like to beg your pardon for being late but I have a double shift: I have to works there also, finish that work, come here and that’s how sometimes, going from one to another, it takes some more time. I’m sorry for that.

As I said that this is a living force within us and the living happening of the living God. As you know that living things do not have a precise time. For example, if somebody says, “Mother, I come to you tomorrow, I’ll see you there. Will you give me Realization?” I can only say, “I will try. But I can’t promise.” Moreover, I cannot say how much it will take. It is true it’s blossom time and we have many people who are just ready to become the Spirit. Still, it is not easy to say how and when all of these flowers will be completely realized. To get Realization is not so difficult because you are just ready for it. But to establish it, it is sort of difficult because we have lots of problems within ourselves, in our chakras, our subtle centres. Some are fanatics, some don’t believe in God; some are very ego-orientated, dry people and some are extremely emotional, sensitive and all the time sad. There are so many permutations and combinations in the human beings that though at the very outset the Kundalini rises and pierces through the fontanel bone, still it again sometimes goes back and attends to problems in the centres.

Yesterday I told you about the right side with which you think, plan and do all the things for the future. And how it develops within us, how we started worshipping the different elements and tried to excite the elements and then go to the science to develop the harnessing method of these elements. So the right side stands for our achievements in our material wellbeing. The left side is concerned with all the emotional feelings we have and the right side is for mental and physical. And left side, as I told you, also works out all that is emotional and all that is a conditioning, all the psyche, as described in Freud. It connects us to our subconscious and to the collective subconscious.

In the beginning, when people saw the marvel of the sunrise, marvel of the flowers becoming fruits, they thought that there must be some power that is doing all these things for the benefit of human beings. So they thought that it would be better that they surrender to all these elements instead of finding about their deities and innovating their deities, it’s best to surrender to these elements. They started worshipping fire, water and all kinds of things. And the right side movement created people who were futuristic, lived in the future, that is modern people we can say are futuristic because they forget their past and they are very speedy, and they are planning for the future. Now you are sitting down here and you must be thinking, “After this program where I should go? Then how am I to catch a train? How am I to do this?” We are always planning for the future.

So the left-sided people started worshipping these different elements and moving to the subconscious instead of the supraconscious, as the right-side people do it. The movement to the left side started since very long and then people started doing all kinds of magics. Like when you start to see too much yourself to the left, you go to your subconscious and then you go to your collective subconscious.

Now how cancer is caused? It’s also very interesting to see. Recently I saw a film of some doctors who had experimented in the cancer research centre. They said that to trigger cancer there are some entities which they called as protein 52 and protein 58 because they don’t know what they are, they just name them in honesty. They enter somehow into us from some unknown areas built-in from our creation and trigger cancer. Because they do not know that’s why they say “unknown area” but it is known to many: it is the collective subconscious where everything that is dead from the creation is within ourselves.

Now let us see how the centres are formed within us. This is the centre, from the left and the right the centre is formed in the middle of it, like around, this is the spinal cord. When you move, go to the left or to the right, this connection gets broken in the centre. This central part is connecting you to the whole but as soon as this connection is broken an entity from the collective subconscious attacks a cell. We can say it can be a dead spirit or it could be a kind of a virus which can be dead, out of circulation, some sort of a vegetable. When this thing attacks us it takes over and when it triggers at a low level it starts attacking the different areas of the body. For example, there is an attack in the stomach then the cells in this stomach become malignant because they become on their own, no connection with the whole, they are on their own. These entities, maybe vegetables, maybe some spirits or anything whatever is out of circulation of evolution, can just make them faster growing than the other cells. So the rate of growth of the cells of the whole body is much slower than the growth of the cells which are attacked because these cells are on their own. They have no sense of any collectivity of the body and they start attacking more and more cells. For example, a nose can go on increasing much more than the size of the face, it can overlap other cells in the body. They cannot allow any other function to take place but only their own function. And when this thing happens then gradually, slowly you find one by one all the functioning of the rest of the body starts getting hindered and obstructed.

So what happens when you get your Realization? When the Kundalini rises in the centre she actually links back these two centres to normal and makes one centre out of it. If the man is a normal person, a simple person, you can cure cancer in 10 minutes. But if he is very complicated, ego-oriented then it’s a difficult thing. Still, he can be cured if he agrees to cooperate because everyone who comes to Sahaja Yoga thinks they are obliging me.

We have these left-side problems and with these left-side problems, we get many problems like leukaemia. Leukaemia is caused to people who are very speedy, those who are slaves of the watch, [UNCLEAR] because they are very frantic. They will eat their food, they will drive at the same time, talk at the same time, think of something else. They have no time to talk to their wives, their children; they are busy people running in the rat race. The spleen, you know, produces red blood cells for the additional use of the body, when you have an emergency. If you are always in an emergency then poor spleen becomes crazy, she doesn’t understand you and then the habit becomes crazy and you start producing red blood corpuscles bigger than normal and the activity becomes very hectic. At this time if there is any attack from the left side, then you will have leukaemia. In Sahaja Yoga, we have cured many, many patients of leukaemia. Doctors have said that these patients are gone cases, they are going to die, but we have cured them. But I do not do it now, my disciples can cure. It’s very simple, by giving the vibrations there and make the spleen little steady and the speediness is brought down a little.

In the same way, when you all get Realization, you are my children and you can also do it: you can also cure leukaemia of anyone, or breast cancer or any such a disease which according to doctors is incurable.

In the same way breast cancer is caused by the insecurity of, especially, women in the centre heart which is the centre where the Mother of the Universe resides. This centre of the women gets disturbed when their motherhood is challenged, when they do not respect their motherhood and honour it if the husband is a man who gives insecurity by his very cheap, flirtatious methods, then also she can get breast cancer. These days people are experimenting with very odd things: they do not want to wear proper supports for their breast and such women can also get cancer. There are so many such problems faced because people, without understanding, are doing experimentation with themselves. In Sahaja Yoga when you get your Realization all these securities are established and you feel absolutely relaxed and peaceful and your cancer gets cured.

Disease like diabetes and all that can be also cured with Sahaja Yoga by giving balance. It comes through imbalances like we can say diabetes, heart attack, all heart problems are due to imbalances in ourselves. These are faced by the right-sided people. Yesterday I told you a person who has got a heart attack must know that he has an Ego problem. If somebody suffers from schizophrenia and other diseases of the left side should know that he is suffering from a Superego. Sahaja Yoga teaches you how to maintain a balanced life to keep the Kundalini alright and your health problems absolutely can be, absolutely can be cured completely.

There are some things for which Sahaja Yoga doesn’t bother much: are the things which are dead in the body then we cannot help there because it is dead. If there is a tissue still living we can still work it out. The biggest problems come to us from the doctors who think Sahaja Yoga is a challenge to their profession and if they are fanatics then they will oppose Sahaja Yoga outright because it’s a double opposition. The best way is for doctors to also understand that we are not going to cure all the patients in the world, we are not here for curing, it happens as a by-product of the Kundalini awakening.

The Divine is not interested in everyone, this I must tell you everybody frankly because you can see there is common sense in the Divine. If you have some lamps in the house which are spoiled and which can never be used for giving any light we are not bothered, we throw them in the junk. In the same way, those people who are not seeking God, who are not willing to give the light of God, in that Sahaja Yoga doesn’t take much interest. Sahaja Yoga knows those people who are genuine, who are seeking God, who are genuinely believing that they should emancipate humanity and emancipate themselves and that’s how it pays attention to such rare type of people whom I call as seekers, a special category.

There are many people who just talk, start criticising Sahaja Yoga, we are not interested in them at all. Actually, it is not a system when you can just come, become member, pay some money and remain as you are. It is also not a system where the guru says, “you start jumping or you start doing some sort of a mantra, standing on your head” and all that, and go on paying on one side and working hard for your achievement.

You’ll be surprised that it is the Divine which is anxious to do this because it has to save the Creation, the man, the human being. But it is not going to fall at your feet that, “you take me, you accept me”, that’s not so. It is not going to send you requesting, appealing things, at all, because there is no other interest but to emancipate masses, to help the masses, help the world to evolve. It is not interested in superficial people. But for your information, in this world there are many, many, definitely, many more are there lying also who are genuinely wanting to do something to break through into unconscious. They may be complicated, they may be having problems, they may be not, according to the norms of religion, alright. I’ve seen some people who are homosexuals also, came up and became such great Sahaja yogis that it is unbelievable. There are people who talk of God, of Christ, of Rama, Krishna, everything but I find they have no seeking in them, it’s just a fashion they are doing.

So Sahaja Yoga has a double force in it: it has centrifugal and centripetal force. But one you are attracting towards the centre and by one you are thrown away like in a tangent. It is a genuine, real living work of God. You may be rich, you may be poor, you may be racialist, non-racialist, anything you may be makes no difference. Once your Spirit is awakened you drop out all these [UNCLEAR], completely. Like when people go to extremes, also in fanaticism, in worshipping something or surrendering themselves with these gurus or with some of the churches and some of the other organizations, they get attracted by the spirits which are dead and they start behaving in a funny manner like shouting, screaming or saying all kinds of words which no one understands. It is rather surprising how in the Protestant church they’ve accepted these people called as Pentecostals who start behaving like some servants in India who get possessed. This is a common phenomena in India that so many women who are frustrated and servants, they get possessed and start jumping and shouting. In the same way in the charismatic movement, people are doing the same nonsense. Be careful about it. We have a boy here who came to us in Paris and he just was absolutely possessed and he cried and wept, then he fainted for at least half an hour. Then I went and told the spirits, I said, “You get out from here just now and you are not going to enter this body again.” Then this boy became perfectly alright. And when this boy gets alright then he told me that many people experiencing this kind of a thing and they say this is Holy Ghost coming into them. It is the ghost that is coming, not the Holy Ghost. The thing is in the Bible it is described that the Holy Ghost came to the disciples and they started dancing and saying all kinds of words and all that. This is written in the ad written by Mr Paul, “Saint Paul” you call him but why was he there? I just don’t understand; I could never understand this man, why was he there, in the Bible. He is very misleading.

If the Holy Ghost comes into you then it has to make you holy, it has to give you powers that you should feel the bliss, happiness, joy and also the collective consciousness. It is not going to torture you till you end up into lunatic asylum, that you behave like a lunatic and that you behave in the most indecent and indecorous manner. Is that the way Holy Ghost is going to come within us and manifest? In the lower parts of India, some people told me that it is the Goddess coming into these women who are dancing like this and saying, “ho, ho, ho, ho” and they started becoming nude and all these nonsense. I said, “Has Goddess some sense or not? Is She going to come to these dirty women who wash everybody’s bathrooms every day?” Use your brains. Religion doesn’t mean that you cut out all your brains. If you are religious you have to be a generous, open-hearted. I do not find any difference between the Israeli Prime minister and Mr Khomeini, they are just the same in my eyes, and any other Christian organization which believes that they are the best and the perfect people.

Christ was not allowed to speak for more than four years. In four year what can you do with these funny human beings? You can only get crucified. I was working for four years with six people in London, can you believe it? That Christ was really, I must say was really great, to at least create some impact on people. He came on this earth to reflect his own personality in the centre of the Agnya chakra. When he was dying on the cross he said, “Now it is accomplished.” Means he had established himself in this centre of Agnya. All the organized religions on Christ are making use of this statement and they think: Christ has accomplished anything, you take a Bible and now you are a very great Christian and now Christ is going to come and take you on a magic carpet.

The Catholics in Geneva and other places, Lausanne also, drink like fish, absolutely they have no control over themselves. People smoke like chimneys, they’ve no control. If there is Holy Ghost in them how can they be so much in the hands of drinks and smoking and all kinds of bad temptations? They are so materialistic, so materialistic, those people who say that “We are religious, we are seeking God.” I’ve seen, even seekers are so materialistic. Even the hippies who say, “We are seeking God”, are very materialistic people. By taking drugs if one could go to God, it’s better to give some drug to animals – they will also go to God. By shaving your head and by wearing funny dresses or by moving nude, if you think you can go to God, then what about the sheep? It is shaved every year twice. Why do you do absurd things with the brain that you have, tremendous? You have no wisdom for God but you have all your brain for destructive armaments that you are producing. I look at all human beings as a whole. Sometimes I think, “What has happened to them?” Human beings are the only animal who are busy destroying each other to this extent, they’ve become destruction maniacs now. But above all is the Power of God, don’t take all these things for granted because His wrath is much worse than all your armaments put together.

The best thing is to get your Realization and to be the Spirit, Spirit that is the truth, that is the joy and that is the one where our attention should be. When the Spirit is awakened your attention gets enlightenment. It is not enlightenment that you see some light or you see some cross, it’s not like that. Your awareness gets enlightened, the enlightenment of collective consciousness. Your central nervous system feels that you have become one with others. On your fingertips, you can feel the other people. On your fingertips, you can feel yourself. With these hands, you can cure yourself and cure others. With these hands, you can give Realization because the power is flowing through you. Thus you will achieve the transformation of human beings who are just at the transition of an egg stage, we can say, to become birds, free birds. All the stupidity that we cannot explain and the confusion that faces us immediately drops out as soon as there is light, as I told you when there is light you can see everything.

The Spirit is the Absolute. And the Absolute has to relate to everything. For example, if you want to ask any question, say for example you want to know, “Is there God?” You just put your hands like this after Realization and you will get a tremendous rush of a cool breeze. If you want to know about a person whether he is realized or not, you can find out the same way. And also about a person who is a crook and who is a false guru.

In the Quran, it is written that your hands will speak. It is very surprising that if I mention even the Quran in the church people get so angry with me. Christ himself in that short period has said that “Those who are not against me are with me.” In these four years of his terrible struggle, how was he to talk of Kundalini to those fishermen who did not even know how to write. As I said yesterday, all these people are complementary to each other: because Christ did not say about this part so Mohammed said, “Your hands will speak.” Christ has talked about the Last Judgement but Mohammed said it is better to talk about the Resurrection time because Last Judgement will be coming later. Because as soon as some incarnation comes on this earth everybody is out with a pistol toward that person. And they think only the suffering is due for them, they must suffer because they are saints. But you are the one who is making them suffer, so you are not a saint in any case, isn’t it?

This is how people live with confusion about suffering also. It is a very common practice to preach that you must suffer for God. Because all those who profess that they are very religious, they will give God’s gift and all that, cannot do it. So they don’t know what to find an excuse so they say, “You have to suffer. These are your karmas, these are your sins.” Because they have to earn money, they have to build churches, they have to build mosques, they have to build temples, they have to have all these organizations, these pseudo organizations of these people. So they have to say, “You don’t get it? Alright, you have to suffer. Do you have got cancer? You suffer. You have got this problem? Suffer.” Because you have to suffer. You have to be saints, you have to suffer. But if you really believe in Christ then it is clearly said that he died for our sins and he has had suffered for our sins, he didn’t leave any suffering for us to go through. That we have to go through that suffering so that we should again add to his suffering? Because he did not do completely suffering? There is no need to do all these monkey tricks and unnecessary nonsensical suffering. Christ has said, “You have to be born again through me.” And he is the Gate, this is the Gate [Agnya] and this is the Destination [Sahasrara]. To enter inside the gate you have to just awaken Christ and at Agnya chakra he is sucking all your ego and superego, thus all your suffering, your karmas, your sins. This is what the believers of Christ are doing that they want you to suffer. This is all wrong because they cannot give you your second birth.

The second type of very hideous and filthy thing that is going on in the name of God: to say that sexual energy will take you to God is the most absurd thing one can think of. In no religion, they have said this. But Christ said that they have said, “Thou shall not commit adultery.” I say, “Thou shall not have adulterous eyes.” Even the eyes should be clean. If sexual energy is going to make you something higher then stud bulls must be the first to arrive at God’s place. You can see here clearly that the Kundalini is above the sex centre. Sex plays no part whatsoever in our evolution. Chaste sex, done with collective function gives you a balance, no doubt. A person like Freud who was himself a half-baked personality has ousted Christ completely, thrown out, removed Christ from the minds. The psychologists, all they deal is with psychological cases. Funny ideas they give you that a girl has a relationship with the father and a boy has a relationship with the mother, all absurd. They bring down the human level to just a sex point. Are you just sex and nothing else? Is there no nobility left in you? Nothing nobler things, is only the sex you are? The worst part is the more you think about sex you become impotent. A doctor told me in America that 65% of young people in America are impotent. The people must understand that sex is a spontaneous thing. Even the animals understand. What is there to learn and talk about sex, I don’t understand. The more you talk about it, the more horrible you become. For any holy person, it’s nauseating, absolutely, you feel like vomiting when you see this filthy thing, you just don’t understand.

We have in our home or house everything, for a drawing-room is there, the bedroom is there and a bathroom is there. Now, what great courage they’ve shown in bringing the bathroom in the drawing-room? This is the greatest achievement of modern times. Now if they start having a public bathroom, that will be the greatest thing. Human beings have to be dignified and serene people. I was very disappointed to see people who have no sense of shame left in them. It is impossible to understand how with our great brains have become just sex points. You may give any explanation but you can see Freud himself had a bad relationship with his mother and he had a miserable death – he died of cancer, and he had a miserable life. But there are many people, those who have him as ideal, so you will have cancer and go ahead.

You can understand the pain of a mother who knows the potential in you, who knows for thousands and thousands of years you have been seeking God. There is a Purana in India which has written about the modern times called as Nala Damayanthi Purana. He has described us very well where people will be eating food from steel and ladies will be wearing dresses like men and all these things. But the main thing about that poem is that he is telling the one, the modern times is called as Kali-yuga, the man who represents these modern times – Kali, he is called as Kali. Now this man long time back was caught up by Nala, the husband of Damayanthi, long time back – thousands of years back. He had played tricks with Damayanthi and Nala, confused them like people are confused these days, and he had to suffer the separation of his wife. So Nala got hold of this Kali and he said, “I must kill you forever because you will be torturing everybody by confusing them.” So he said, “Alright. You just wait, I will explain to you the importance of my system and then you can kill me.” So he said that “By my being there, of course, people get confused and their values go down and in every way, they become very confused people.” And he said that “But when Kali-yuga will come when I will be the one who will be ruling and confusing people, that confusion will bring forth all the seekers who are seeking in these mountains and valleys the God, the Truth, will find it. And then it will start the Krita-yuga where people will learn how to use divine powers. Because divine powers will start working.” Krita means, “kr” means “to do”.

So this is the Kali-yuga today. If you are confused does not matter because we have not found our meaning, our absolute. Once we find our absolute all our confusions will slowly, slowly go down. To grow in Sahaja Yoga one does not have to have a very young age, any old person can also grow in it. My eldest son is now 96 years old, in India. So you could be of any age group, makes no difference. Any age, anywhere, you all can grow in Sahaja Yoga. You become a master of yourself. Nothing can deteriorate you because you enter into the realm of the Kingdom of God and enjoy the eternal life.

Now we will have a little session of Realization. I’m sorry I’m here only for today and then I’m going to Freiburg in Germany. But we have a very good centre here and many senior Sahaja yogis who can look after you. We have centres of these Sahaja yogis all over the world. When you’ll get your Realization you will understand that your brothers and sisters reside in every part of the world. They are from the newly born to the old ones, very beautiful people, and it’s nice to meet all of them. We also have programs in India for about two months for my touring and only you have to pay for day-to-day for when you live there. But I must say that for all these programs we have to do rather a selection of people. Because I mostly work in the villages, we have thousands and thousands of Sahaja yogis in the villages, so it is rather difficult to carry many people in those places because we don’t have anything to make them comfortable.

The main thing is first you must know that you are glorious, you are beautiful and that you have to come up to that level where you really exist as the Spirit. Your level of understanding will start growing in Sahaja Yoga as your hands will become more sensitive and sensitive gradually as your centres will clear out. Within three weeks you can achieve a complete proficiency in Sahaja Yoga, you don’t have to pay a single pie. Not because it’s something, a joke, but because you cannot pay. There is no course of Sahaja Yoga, there is no organization, there is no membership, nothing of the kind. When you start evolving yourself, you will yourself see how you are evolving gradually and you’ll start manifesting your Spirit.

The other day somebody asked me, “What about unemployment? How do you solve the problem?” I said, “In Sahaja Yoga, those who are employed are employed by God. They are extremely busy people.” We have a little [UNCLEAR, name], who I think is five years old maybe, who got up early in the morning and he asked me, “Mother, vibrate some water for me. I have to give it to all the Sahaja yogis.” He woke them up, he said that “You all sit down for meditation.” He started raising their Kundalini and working it out. Because it is such a truth that even children know which chakra it is catching. They will just say, “This chakra is catching.” The greatest promising thing is that there are great souls taking birth in every country, also in your country. There are many born realized children who know about Kundalini. When they put their fingers in the mouth you must know they are indicating the different chakras which are catching. The stupid psychologist Freud said it had something to do with sex because he could not think of anything but sex. Last time in Born, we were there, there were two girls who were just jumping all the time like mad. I said, “What’s wrong with them? Are they coming from the lunatic asylum?” Because only people from lunatic asylum could be like that, they are also not so bad. They told me that they are great devoted [UNCLEAR] of Freud and extremely sophisticated methods of Freud they have tried. Now their sophistication has reached this state that they have become barbaric. You do not see any sophistication in them, at all, the way they behave in the meditation of God.

People have deviated because of confusion, it’s all right. You can all come back to the central path of evolution. We have all patience, love and compassion for you. You please have that patience for yourself also because you must get what you have, you must become what you are, so that God Almighty, your Father, can bestow all His beauties upon us. Only be sensible like grown-up people or be like children who are grown up.

May God bless you.

We cannot have any questions because it’s very late. But if you have any questions you may write to me and I will definitely see to get them answered. If you are a fanatic, I am not interested in you. If you want to have your Realization I am here to do that. It’s most surprising that in the developed countries I’ve met more fanatics than in India which is supposed to be under fanatics. I’ve thought those missionaries who came to India with a Bible in their hand and the pistol in the other hand have disappeared now. But they still exist. And just reading the Bible cannot take you to God. Your forefathers have done for ages now, so better have your Realization and second birth and understand that God cannot be understood through dead books but through living God.

Do you mind putting your hands towards me, please? Also, I would request you to take out your shoes, it helps me a little more.

Just sit down, please, don’t disturb. Just sit down, don’t… No, please, please. Now, listen, we’ve had enough of these, please, please. We don’t want anything. You see, we’ve had many like these before. Please, please be seated.

[Mother speaks aside with a yogini about a lady with an epileptic child who has left.]

Now I would request you to put your hands towards me, just like this. I won’t give you explanations now but you can, later on, know that everything that I say has a great meaning. Now, please take out your shoes before doing anything.

This right hand is the hand of action, as I told you. Through this hand, all the actions take place, this hand – right hand. Some people might be left-handed, still right hand is the one you have to use. Now, use this right hand when I tell you to use the right hand in giving yourself a balance by raising your left hand and putting it to the right, is a balance you’re giving, as I said you are more futuristic. Now, can you see me taking now your right hand up over your head and putting it down? All of you do it. All of you, please do it. It’s very simple, you can give Realization to yourself. Now, take your right hand like this, take it… Again please, the right hand I said, right hand. Alright. Now put the left hand toward me. Now put the right hand, go up like that, take it all the way up over your head and put it down. Now what you’re doing is raising the left-hand-side, which is the emotional side, you are raising it higher and getting the grace of God from your head and putting it to the right side. Do it three times. Again.

Those who are not doing it will not get Realization and then, later on, they will say that “Mother, we didn’t get Realization”, like one journalist who came. Actually, such people disturb us. We don’t want such people to be here, we don’t want to do it. Please such people should go, we don’t want them. Because if you do not want to do the things that we want you to do, it’s better not to disturb others. Be kind to us, be civil to us. It’s better to leave and leave us in peace and don’t, please, disturb us. Because it’s no good having such people here. We’ll be thankful if you all leave, those people who do not believe in themselves that they can have a Realization or they won’t have Realization, whatever is the case, they should leave.

The other day one gentleman asked me, “Mother, then why don’t you give Realization to the whole world?” I said, “Who is interested in getting a Realization?” In this Lausanne, there are thousands of people. How many are here to get Realization? I cannot fall at their feet. What can I do? They have to ask for it. You don’t want God to come and beg of you? Actually, you have to ask Her, you have to be humble. If you think no end of yourself God will say, “Alright, go your own way.”

So you put again your left side up and right side down, like that you do it again, please. Again, raise it. If there is anything in your neck or something strong like a tie or some sort of a necklace which is heavy, please take it out, will be helpful. The material things do stop the movement of Kundalini. Then you should not say, “I didn’t get Realization.”

Please close your eyes. After closing the eyes put your right hand on your heart. And in your heart genuinely say that you are a Spirit. Say, “Mother, I am a Spirit.” In a very humble way, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Or you can say, “Mother, am I the Spirit?”

Put this hand down below on the stomach, on the left side. Say, “Mother, am I, my own master?” Again ask the question. This question has to be asked ten times.

Again, raise your hand on your heart and say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Say it six times; you’ll know later on why particular time is needed.

Raise the hand on the left side of your neck, please. Same hand, from the front. Now at this point, we have to say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” And this has to be said eight times, please.

Now put your hand on your forehead, across, covering the forehead. And please say… Close your eyes, don’t open your eyes because Kundalini won’t rise above Agnya chakra if your eyes are open. It’s not mesmerism. Now just say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Say it twice but say it with your heart.

Now you put your hand on top of your head. At this stage I cannot cross your freedom, you have to ask for your Realization. So you have to say, “Mother, I want my Realization.” Say it seven times. Now put this hand on top of the fontanel bone area which was a soft spot in your childhood and try to press with your fingers. And now you should say that “Mother, please give me my Realization.” Just [UNCLEAR], backwards, forwards, pressing hard. Wherever you find a solid thing you go on pressing it, backwards and forwards, in the central line. All the time saying, “Mother, I want my Realization” or “Mother, please give me my Realization.” Many people have a problem at the back of their head, just go on pressing there, back of their head.

Now, just see if there is a cool breeze coming in. You can now change over to another hand, that you put your left hand up there and right hand towards me. Put your left hand on your liver, on the right-hand side, on the right side, press it. Press it nicely saying that, “Mother, make me my own guru.” Now put one hand towards me and another hand towards the liver, right hand towards me.

Now put this hand little above, on the right side near the centre of your lung area, we can say. Just say, “Mother, make me a godson, or a good daughter, of my Father, the Lord.” Do it six times.

Now press on the right side of your neck and say that “Mother, am I the part and parcel of the Primordial Being, or of the Collective Being?” Say it eight times, please.

Put the left hand at the back of the head and say that, “If I’ve done any mistakes, God may forgive me.” Say it twice, with your heart. Go on pressing the back with your fingers.

Now bring it on top of your head, see if there is a cool breeze coming in.

Now bring both the hands front, open your eyes and watch me without thinking. Put your left hand, which is the desire, before the Kundalini, above that point, away from it. Use the right hand of action and try to wind up till it reaches on top of your head, give it a good twist and make one knot. Again the second time, please. Move it slowly, slowly. Pull all your way up there. Make it a big twist and now you have to do three knots. Now: one, two, three. Now see your hands, are you getting cool breeze? Alright? Now don’t think. You didn’t get it by thinking, be silent, enjoy. You’ve been waiting for this moment. Some did not get, I know.

All of you should give your names to the centre and there is going to be a meeting followed by this session where people will tell you how to give Realization to yourself and maintain it. Gradually you’ll start understanding about yourself and about others.

So now those who have got Cool Breeze in their hands, raise your hands, both the hands. Those who have come for the first time today may not feel it. See, most of them have got it. But doesn’t matter. I will see them, few of those who haven’t got and then I hope you will look after yourself. And leave your Spirit in your trust. Do not give up for any conditioning, any stupid idea, anything to do with your past gurus or anything. Thank you very much.

Those who did not get Realization, please raise your hands, [UNCLEAR]. Just put your hands up because these people will address it.

[end of video]

[min 1:47:35, audio continues with an address by Shri Mataji to Lausanne yogis after the Public program]

And you are going to give me a very big smiling present. That’s why I [UNCLEAR] here. To smile that’s the best way you can give love. And thank you very much for everything that you’ve given me: your love, your affection and your presents which are the symbol of your love. You know how much I love you. You must love each other. And love yourself, understand. Do not criticize others, love them. You can criticize yourself. Or I can criticize them, I can criticize you, but you don’t have any right to criticize others. Another resolve you must take – not to use anger. Never use anger. How in the temple by keeping quiet I mastered the situation.

So now I feel that all those who [UNCLEAR], they have to go [UNCLEAR] to direct their attention to themselves, not to others. You have a lot of intelligence, smartness, all these qualities. What you have to develop now is humility and also the power to enjoy the quality and the beauty of others. You try to see the good in others. I don’t see any bad in you, till absolutely it comes up to my neck. I love you with all your defects and everything. But sometimes it becomes too much then only I have to tell you because you have to grow. So first if you have to say anything to anyone, must know what you are saying in love, always talk in love. Better sit down and practice how you would like to talk to others, please. Christ has said, “Do onto others as you would like them to do onto you.” I would go further to say that, “Feel about others as you would feel about yourself.” Alright. Thank you very much.

Let’s go.

Yogis: Bolo Shri Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ki Jai.

Thank you, everyone.