The history of seeking the truth

Freiburg (Germany)

1982-08-28 The History Of Seeking The Truth, Freiburg, Germany, DP-RAW, 137' Chapters: Introduction by Yogi, Arrival, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program

I bow to all the seekers of truth, first of all.

The seeking of truth has been going on, on this earth for thousands of years. All over the world, you can find out, there have been people who have been trying to seek the truth. What is the truth they want to seek?
They wanted to know the meaning of this human life, the purpose of this human life and the future of this life. The reason is they were not satisfied with whatever level of awareness they had as human beings and they thought there had to be another one where they will find the absolute.
So to find the absolute means, .. your being has been there for thousands of years all around the whole world.
With the study of this seeking one can understand that people were very earnest about that seeking in those days. But this study just tells us of very few people who were seeking, and very few discovered it.

In the time when Rama was living in India, his father in law was known Rajajanka, to be a great master. It is 8000 years back. I won’t be able to tell you the history of German seeking when they started their seeking.
At that time a boy called Nachiketa came to Raja Janaka to say that you are the one who can give me self knowledge and my Guru has sent me to you, and you have to give me the second birth. Raja Janaka told him that “please go away, I have no time for you”.
Poor Natchiketa was very disappointed, and he stayed there in the palace of Raja Janaka for days together till one day Raja Janaka agreed and said “alright now I will give you the self-knowledge,” But before doing all that he tested him in every way.

Fourteen thousand years back there was a great poet called Markandeya, he has described that every human being has to be born again.
But this was a very secret science. Most of the people either started working with the elements that were surrounding them, to master them, or they started surrendering to these elements or to some unknown powers they thought must be existing.
So two types of seeking started in India. One on the right-hand side as you see along this line along the line of the sun, by which one takes action.
To find out about the elements they started moving on this line, to find out what are the deities ruling these elements that are created. The other side was the seeking through the surrendering and also through the worshipping of fire, water and all these elements.
The right side is responsible for our future and the left side for our past. So the people started moving towards the left side by their worshipping, by their surrendering, and by that, they entered into the area of the subconscious. And later on, by pressing this too much, they entered into the collective subconscious, where they got possessed by the collective subconscious: all that is dead.

Recently I saw a beautiful research event of some of the very famous doctors of London on cancer, on the television.
They say that the cancer is caused in the body by triggering of our being by an attack from the area that is built within us since our creation. This attack, they call it as the attack from the protein, they call it 52-58; they give it a name. This area is the area which I’m saying as collective subconscious, where everything that is dead since our creation is lying.
In India, the tantric used a very strange method to enter into this area. They call it as the art of the dead, or you can say it is the knowledge of the symmetry. This is an elaborate thing which I can’t tell you in such a short time.
And with this art, they try to capture the dead souls of the people who had died as dissatisfied souls. They would also be very much watchful about some evil geniuses who would die and they would attack such a man when he is dead, to find out ways and methods of capturing his soul.
The other side, the people who tried to excite the right side we can say the elements, by chanting went onto the other extreme which we call the collective supra-conscious.
Now the people who went onto the left side too much could very easily mesmerise thousands of people. They could just put their ideas through these people and use them for their own purpose.
The supra-conscious people had a power to show people something like a light or something like a fire, or something as if they would feel that they’re flying in the air.
But we have to remember that we are not seeking these powers within us because they come to us from the dead.
All these powers are extremely dangerous. I’ve seen all the patients who have come to me of cancer or MS or leukaemia which are absolutely incurable, all are affected by the left-sided movement of the attention.
The right-sided people are extremely dominating. They develop as you can see, as a by-product of their action, this yellow coloured balloon called as Ego. While the left-sided people develop another kind of a balloon as a bi-product of their surrendering, it is called as Super-ego.
Now, when they develop this ego on the righthand side movement they would dominate people and would try to bring other people under their control, exciting their ego.
Now, this type of movement was going on in the so-called seeking of human beings.

Today’s all false and fake Gurus use only two methods, either they take you to the left or to the right.
While the evolution of man is a natural process, it is a living process. You cant pay for it, you cannot put any effort for it. It is a spontaneous process and whatever you can do, as a human being, is not the way you can achieve that. Some people think that if they jump morning till evening they’ll go to God. Then most of the animals should be there first before us.
There are some people who think if you shave your head and you shave your body and become new you will go to God. Then you can find the sheep who is shaved twice a year twice, then she should be the first to be there. Or anyone who thinks that by doing these things that we can do, or some people start jumping and say that we have levitation, should really ask their guru to first of all fly in the air.

So the first thing we must know is that we cannot pay for it and secondly that we cannot put any effort into it. For example, if you have to sprout a seed you have to just place it in the Mother Earth and it sprouts in a simple way. If the gardener stands on his head and does Hatha Yoga, will it sprout? Do we pay any money to that seed to sprout? A flower becomes a fruit, that is a living process because human beings can’t do it. Because whatever work we do at this human level is not the living work, its the dead work. We transform dead to dead.
For example, if a tree dies then you make a chair out of it and you think that you have done a great job. But we cannot transform one flower into fruit. But billions of billions of these flower at this moment must be transforming into fruits.

Who does this work? This work is done by the all-pervading power of love, of God All-mighty.
It is sometimes very shocking for modern people to hear the name of God, they don’t like it.
You may call him by any name, but there is a power that does this job because we can see with our own eyes that a flower becomes a fruit.
Now, this is a living power I’m talking about, by which you exist.
Actually, people develop a very antagonistic attitude even towards God, because of their own mistakes. Because those who talk of God started using their mental projections and conceiving God in their own mental projections.
Everyone had a new doctrine according to their brainwaves.
While Christ has said that you have to be like a child to enter into the kingdom of God. That means you have to be innocent and simple like a child.
You cannot think about this all-pervading power, this brain is very limited.
People have written books after books about God, but nobody says alright this is the way to get your Self-realisation.
So one has to understand whatever is living is extremely simple to look at.
For example we breathe so easily, we don’t go to books and hold conferences to discuss how to breathe, otherwise, we would have never existed.
We do not have to read on breathing otherwise none of us would exist.
That is what we should know that by reading you cannot go to God.
There has to be some living happening with us to change and transform our awareness.
We have to be very truthful and honest to our selves at least.
Some people who read some book XYZ; the other day a boy brought me a book which was all a trash, but he said this is the book I think is the truth. I said what makes you think? He said because I believe it!
But who is this “I” within you? It is this mister ego within you, not your Self.
While your Self is in your heart, that is the witness of all your working and all our thinking.
He notices everything that you do and whatever mistakes you commit in your seeking. All these mistakes are recorded in a coil as you see down below in the triangular bone called Kundalini.

Now, Kundalini is a residual force within you. Because this force has not manifested itself, so it has created the whole human being. Because this power is the desire, the ultimate desire within us to be one with the Devine.
Union with the Devine is called as Yoga, not with the spirits, but with your Spirit within. Also, Yoga has another meaning which means the Devine technique: To know the laws of the divine, and the technique of how to manage it.

Now, this Kundalini is seated in the triangular bone called Sacrum. This bone is called Sacrum itself says that it is a sacred bone.
The word is used in the Greek language. When I went to Greece I was amazed to find from historians that they called it a sacrum bone because there has been an Indo-Arian before thousands of years back. Even the “Athena” is the word that comes from the “Atha” means the primordial, the primordial mother is Athena and from there that Greek word has come.
They created the same kind of knowledge that Indians had through their meditative power, and they named all the deities that were residing in our being.
For example, Sias is the deity for our evolution, but suddenly it so happened that they wanted to make all these Gods look like human beings.
Afterwards, it so happened that when Christianity came to the western countries, people started organising the religion, again putting the doctrines. Without understanding why Christ came on this earth, what was the essence of Christ and what are we do about it.
The first severed all their relation, from all the seeking they have had in Greece, Mesopotamia and Babylon and all these places; they just cut them off. Because it became an organised religion, now with that all the ideas of deities and everything were cut.

Now, one thing that Christ has said is that you have to be born again. None of them tried to understand the meaning of that word that Christ has said you have to born again. Actually, they did not allow Christ to speak much, He lived only for four years and they crucified Him.
They could not even go to any other ancient scriptures to find out the meaning of the word to “be born again.”
Because Christ had been already described, and his coming was described in the Indian ancient culture. Moreover “to be born again” is a very common term in Sanskrit language and as Germans know some Sanskrit, I will tell them what exactly it is called.
To be born again means that like an egg it come with birth.
In this lifetime you have to get a transformation in your awareness.
Because a realised soul is called a Vihagah in Sanskrit and also a bird is called a Vihagah because of twice-born.
Instead of trying to find out how to do it, they started giving people artificial, absolutely artificial realisation. That was called as baptism.
What Christ said that you are to be born again means that you have to be really actually to be reborn, that’s how you are to be baptised.

Sahaja means, “Saha” means with and “Ja” means born with you.
In Sahaja Yoga we have no organisation, we don’t take any money from anybody. We do not force anybody to be here. Those who are seekers can come and can get their enlightenment without any effort.

On the tree of life there were only one or two flowers first, now the blossom time has come.
Human beings have reached that stage that they are just ready to get it. As the wind of spring has to blow to make many flowers into fruits, every country has so many seekers just waiting to get it.
Like one enlightened light can enlighten many lights, and once you are enlightened you can enlighten others. But what happens when you get enlightenment? Actually, it so happens that when you become the spirit you start manifesting the power of the spirit.
The first power of the spirit is that you become, again I say you become, you actualise in your awareness the collective consciousness.

In Koran, it is said that your hands will speak when you will pass into the time of resurrection. That means your hands will become sensitive and they can feel, and they can talk, they can communicate. This exactly this happens when the kundalini rises and she passes through all these centres and pierces through your fontanel bone area, first you start feeling the cool breeze of the all-pervading power, of the Holy Ghost.
Now even if you take a hammer and break your head you can’t get the cool breeze coming out. Because of that’s a dead style. Or somebody comes from somewhere and says alright I baptise you and put some water, the cool breeze won’t come out. He has to be a realised soul. And he has to know the technique of how to raise the kundalini and how to give realisation.
So, this actualisation when takes place you become the spirit and the first power you get is that you become collectively consciousness and you start feeling in your hands, your subtle system and the enters of others.

We live in the future or in the past. a thought rises within us and falls out, again a thought rises and falls out. because this rationality or thinking is limited we cannot understand God. We cannot understand his power because it is unlimited. so this triggering takes PLACE AND OU COME TO THE STATE WHICH IS THE PRESENT MOMENT BETWEEN THE TWO THOUGHTS. So the first thing happens to you also, is that you become thoughtlessly aware. This is called as Nirvichar Samadi in the Sanskrit language. but you may say that mother we have heard that it takes too much time to get this realisation. you have to have a clean body and a clean mind. That was the condition that I told you when Nachiketa went to Raja Janaka. But today we are in a very different state. As I said, the blossom time has come. Of course in the west, I find it difficult to give realisation to people I must admit. because of too much of development people are overdeveloped. Some people thought they try to be simple but the brain is too modern It goes on thinking, thinking jogging all the time they have become so speedy and so futuristic that they might reach the station ahead of the train. That is how the whole thing has really been taking aback. Moreover, by reading all kinds of things, a man has gone into a brain which has everything else but himself. Now, under these circumstances it takes more time in the west I must say. in London, i took four years to work on six people. they were I know great seekers. very earnest. some were superego complex and some ego complex and very confused. one gentleman, I asked him how many gurus have you been to. he made a list of four pages on both sides. and I said what is the situation now with you. he said that doctors are saying very soon that you will become a woman. I just could not understand the phenomena what these gurus had done to this poor fellow. You will be amazed by Sahaja yoga he achieved his innocence and his manliness.
Another one that came to me was in a coma. an absolute coma. The person seekers could not hear me, very educated person, could not hear me could not see me he was saying haha that’s all. and he said he has taken all kinds of drugs to go to god. and all kinds of pills and drugs and alcohol to go to god. and there is another one I met who has written a thesis on how to go to god through alcohol and has received a PhD from Cambridge.
There is some pot I forgot the name, on this poet he wrote this thesis.
But these are the days of confusion. the more intelligent you are the more you get confused. Because intelligence has the special capacity to cheat you. and that is how a person is all the time cheating. We live in a world of relatives. There is nothing absolute for us to say that this is right and that is wrong.
Moreover, individualism has brought us another problem that in the dark, like blind people we are banging into each other.
With all these confusions today it is very difficult for people to understand that I have taken up this great task of resolving all the confusions from the world. It is very simple to understand from an analogy.
For example in this room supposing you walk in and there is no light and we are all blind people. What will happen to us is that we might think this pillar is the truth or we might think this chair is the truth or this stage is the truth?
we will not be able to relate it to each other and there will be a big disintegration between us beach we will be fighting each other. But it is a simple thing to tell you that there is a switch there please put on the switch. and then you see the whole and you don’t bang into each other. this should happen to you when you find that you are no more banging each other. Because absolute has been found.
In the light of the absolute, you resolve every relative position.
But it is sometimes a big problem for people to understand it is a very simple method.
for you to understand there is only a switch you have to put on, it is easy, but there is a big mechanism behind it a big history behind it a big evolution behind it.
but before we come in and I start to give you a lecture of the mechanisms it will be very boring. It would be better to have the light and sit down. Once you have the light then one can tell you about the mechanism, how to manage it. To look at Sahaja yoga looks a very simple process of living kundalini.
You can see the pulsation of the kundalini at the base of the spine in the scrum bone very clearly in some people who have an obstruction. You can feel the rising of the Kundalini if you use the stethoscope as a sound of a pulse.

Now pulsation is a sign that it is a living process.
When people do not feel our pulses then they say that we are dead.
This pulsation rises to the top of your head and where you feel the pulsation and gradually it all disappears and you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of you… So even if it resides in your heart, the spirit, it has a seat here and it gets the information.
We can say like a line of electricity goes and gets a spark with the spirit. then out attention becomes enlightened and dynamic. It acts.
Sitting down here you can cure people. Sitting down here you can find out about people. But you have to grow. Like a small seedling first has to be careful and grow you have to grow in this new realm of awareness.
in India, I’m working in the villages because in the cities people are very westernised and complicated.
You’ll be amazed for a meeting like this one I get at least 6 to 8 thousands people. and they get realisation all of them without any difficulty. in that part of our country called Maharashtra, there has been such a development because of this. Krishna has said when you get your yoga you also get your wellbeing. that’s exactly what has happened to people that they are leading a very healthy life, not slaves of any habits. you see we are living in modern times where you cannot be left without any sound. Very hard to find a place where you will be really at peace. alright. so when you get this realisation, you develop the power of the spirt you actually become dynamic, you start looking ten years younger next day only.
All your health improves. all in a bundle. You get cured of your cancer, cured of many of your diseases and when you become the master, then you can cure.
Without taking any money, of course, you can give realisation. That is how the new breakthrough into our unconscious is going to take place. that is how we end our seeking.
Those who are facing towards me with hands to get realisation, come on the platform and give realisation. that is how the whole world has to change.

I’m sorry, I came to Germany, that only to Freiburg, that too very late. The work in England is at the top now because it has been predicted.
It has already been predicted in a book called as Nadi Granth in India, that this was to start from the year 1970. This book was written thousands of years back together with another one called ………….. That is the basis of all our horoscopes and all our astrological claims.
But this one was again revised about 300 years back and was brought to the understanding of people who understood this new era after Christ.
According to this translation, 1970 is the date that you start this work of transformation.
Indians know it so well that I don’t have to explain it to them so much. They know what is realisation. We had a great person at the end of the 6th Century called Adi Shankaracharya who has very openly talked about it. Then came Guru nuance who also very elaborately talked about Sahaja Yoga. then came Kabira, he was the one who flouted, who really slashed all the false gurus and false methods who are not in the construction of your spirit.
He has described clearly how the Kundalini rises up to the head and how it then becomes silent, and then how you then start feeling in your hands the cool breeze.
They say he was brought by a Muslim but his guru was a Hindu and he told him about these Nadis, channels I was telling you about. and also about the central path of accent. so people know what to expect they also are very sensitive to understand who is genuine and who is fake.

India is a place of great tolerance, they even tolerate devils to be there. But surprisingly most of them are now shifting to America and some of them who are thrown out of there I was told is coming to your great country Germany.
So be careful they take full advanced of your naiveness. They cannot prosper in India, thank God we are not so rich. They are interested in your pockets or in your money or in your women. They can’t get both in India so they are getting themselves exported.

I’m really sorry for what they’ve been doing all over, even Indian government is ashamed of that, but what can they do there is no law that can forbid a false Guru from not collecting money from these native people. If you want to give your money to anyone, nobody can stop you.
If you want to be mesmerised be someone there is no law that can stop you. These are the countries which are free. Freedom without wisdom can be very dangerous.

Now with Sahara Yoga, I hope, whatever is the number of people that are here, please get your realisation. Understand the technic of Sahaja yoga. Master it!
After that, you can talk to other seekers, give them realisation. in Geneva, Lausanne we have done great work. there are now many Sahaja yogis and all these people feel extremely threatened.
Even the organised religions.
Here we have now Sahara yogis from Australia from Italy and from England also from Switzerland, we have improved them.
And one gentleman didn’t have his passport, that’s how I got delayed. Sahara Yogis don’t understand passports because everything is their own.

In collective consciousness, if this finger is sick, the other finger helps it. because this finger is felt by all the body so there is no other. So whom are we going to help, when you are all part and parcel of the same being, who is the other?
That is what should happen to us. we are part and parcel of the whole. The microcosm is part of the macrocosm. but the microcosm is not aware, they just talk about it; they just say we are all one.
But, actually when it goes to reality they know they are not one it is just a mental projection but it recedes back.
That’s why we have these quarrels and fights and wars and all kinds of calamities that are human created. No animal in the whole kingdom of God has created such sophisticated weapons to kill each other. When we are one why should we kill each other?
So there is definitely something wrong with us, but that wrong is very little. That is your spirit is not shining in your attention.

I just took an opportunity to come and talk to you today, but it is a very vast subject. How we have the button of the lights if I have to describe it will take books after books. 1:11:40

Nanaka has said even if I have to use all the oceans to write about it, it will never finish.
I must have given at least about 1000 lectures in England so far
but despite that even today, every time I am there they say Mother there is something new every time you are saying. But it is not that I say, but it is you also that discover every time something very new and marvellous. Because when you become the bird the level changes and you can go across the sky to find all the new dimensions that lie within you.

So now as time is short if you have any questions, you may ask, because now I have to go back to Basel also. But next time ill definitely come for more time.

We hope to get some more Sahajyogis for you to settle down in (America) Germany by some method. and if they settle down I’m quite sure they will come here and we can work it out.
Apart from her, there are many others, I think they can come down to Germany because it is very important.

If germans understand sahib you then ill have no problems because they’re very straight forward, they are the real warriors for the truth, but they must get it. But they must get it, work it out and establish it. They must believe that they are the beauty the glory and the dignity of human beings. that they are the special people who are seekers, they are the highest evolutionary evolvement. now I would like to entertain you if you have some questions I would like to entertain them for a while and then we will have the session of realisation.