Conversation, These Are the Days of Confusion

Freiburg (Germany)

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Conversation, These Are the Days of Confusion

[Missing part]

Shri Mataji: [Fraud] he is?

Sahaja Yogi: Very, very, very, very.

Sahaja Yogis: Devil. Devil.

Shri Mataji: Devas.

Sahaja Yogi: Devil.

Shri Mataji: Oh, devil. He is a devil himself. Why should you work with him? He’s, he is Ravana, who had said to Sita that, “I’ll molest the chastity of women of India.” But he could not do it much.

Sahaja Yogi: No.

Sahaja Yogini: Mother, has the second one got the powers of Ravana as well?

Shri Mataji: Aaaa?

Sahaja Yogini: Has this second one got the powers of Ravana, or one of Ravana’s brothers he is?

Shri Mataji: What’s it?

Sahaja Yogini: The second.

Sahaja Yogi: Rajneesh.

Sahaja Yogini: Rajneesh. Has he got the power?

Shri Mataji: I don’t know. These are stories I am telling you. I don’t know. I’m not bothered.

Sahaja Yogini: Mother, as well is [one of] printed matter in India. One of Your disciples collected anything printed out [unclear]?

Shri Mataji: No, I can ask. I can ask. So I am able to tell you all these things. Hmmm. See now, the story about him, another story, seem to be many stories. Another story they said is that Rajneesh was never shaved since he was a diabetic patient. And as a diabetic patient he used to eat a lot. That’s good. He got a neck problem, was not very seriously sick. But they took a certificate from a doctor saying that he’s very sick because he wanted to go to America, because something serious was discovered about him in India. So he ran away. And just like a criminal runs away. And before everything [became] more serious he ran away. He’s the same person, but he said that he’s sick just to escape the police. Or they say some people who are maneuvering him, who were maneuvering him played this game. And they took him away from there to America, saying that he’s sick and he has to go there. “Now he’s sick. So we want to take him.” And they couldn’t say no on that premise. But the way he ran away, all his ashrams were burnt, and [evacuated, evicted]. And the way he had collected the lakhs of goods worth billions of rupees and pounds. Everything was gutted.

Sahaja Yogini: [Rare goods / books].

Shri Mataji: Mmm?

Sahaja Yogini: [Rare goods / books].

Shri Mataji: [Rare goods/books].He used to tell his disciples [he] used to send a list of [goods/books] he wanted from abroad. And he used to read a lot.

Now, we have not covered about one more point, I think. It’s about the dangers of Sahaja Yoga. One danger of Sahaja Yoga is that you don’t pay any money for it. Second danger of mort is that your health improves and that you don’t pay any money to the doctors. Third danger of Sahaja Yoga is that people no more are confused and they have a mental alertness and dynamism. Fifth is that you become very creative. Sixth is that you drop out all your habits and no more slaves of any habits. Sixth is you, you lose your identifications which are false and man-made. I’ve lost the number. Which is the next numbers [present]?

Sahaja Yogis: Seven. Seven is the next number. Seven.

Shri Mataji: Seven. Seventh is that you become capable of giving realization to others and of understanding Christ as a living entity, as a living reflection you can [say OR see Him] within yourself.

Sahaja Yogi: A very perfect symbol.

Shri Mataji: Eighth is that you become a law-abiding, peaceful, blissful citizens of your country. Honest, honest. Generous, honest. Generous, honest. You become a universal being, understanding values of all the human beings by your enlightened value system. As far as the priests are concerned…

Sahaja Yogi: We aren’t primate, but the priests, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Aaaaa?

Sahaja Yogi: We are priests. None are primate.

Shri Mataji: No, no, we should say, we have, we must have some people to enjoy the joke in the play of the Divine. If the priests are so capable why don’t they come and see Mother and talk to Her, face to face?

Sahaja Yogi: I’ve been telling Mother that a one month’s time yogi is coming to Switzerland for the Vicar’s Day.

Shri Mataji: And we wrote to the Canterbury, what’s the name?

Sahaja Yogi: Archbishop.

Shri Mataji: Archbishop of Canterbury is too busy with the politicians and, and committing with the kings, you should put. And the Pope. You put it. We can put it: we wrote to the Archbishop of Canterbury. He’s too busy with the politicians. He has no time for Mother.

Sahaja Yogini: Did you write twice or more?

Sahaja Yogi: No, no, no, too much, too much.

Shri Mataji: Thank you, very much. We, we expected some priest to come in the church of Lausanne. None of them turned up. And the priest met you on the street, you told Me, na?

Sahaja Yogini: Yes. I’ve met him in the, before You just arrived, Mother.

Shri Mataji: He is… Last year the Protestants were not very unhappy with the Mother. Why? Because I only spoke against the Catholics. But now they are against Me because I said, “You are also in the same plight.” No, I didn’t say anything against. She said that, “You should not be annoyed because She didn’t say anything against you. It’s only you got exposed yourself. Mother never said that anything against you. So why should you be so annoyed? It’s surprising. She never said anything against you as such. Why should you be annoyed? Even say She has said something subtler than what you have been saying, what is there to be annoyed? Still we don’t understand the reason for your annoyance is.”

Sahaja Yogini: Mother, this is for Brigit’s birthday tomorrow and this Mathias’ today.

Shri Mataji: All right. Let’s sing.

[All are singing Happy Birthday to you to Mathias and Brigit]

Shri Mataji: What I’ll have this fit for it? [Look at OR You cut] it. Oh, it’s great. Now what about the lights?

Sahaja Yogini: Yes, Mother. Found.

Shri Mataji: Now take it out. All right. One by one, put it on.

Sahaja Yogini: Mother, we have got another birthday, a Realization birthday.

Shri Mataji: Aaa?

Sahaja Yogini: First year the Gandharva’s realization.

Shri Mataji: That you are?

Sahaja Yogini: Yes, yes and [he worships Guru].

Shri Mataji: Congratulations.

Sahaja Yogi: There is some Greek.

Sahaja Yogini: Greek music.

Shri Mataji: Take the birth cake to her.

Sahaja Yogini: Yes. It goes to the Brigit.

Shri Mataji: Aaa?

Sahaja Yogi: We have one more Greek.

Shri Mataji: We got a dynamic one converted. I want more Germans to come. Another one German is getting, you see. They’ll put one of the rise and want them just to rise in. May God bless you.

Sahaja Yogini: Mother, two things You have, because it’s the best present for me truly, that You are here for my birthday. I know You are not here for my birthday but You are just here, and I mean it’s just a beautiful present for me. And this is little remembrance from Bassum, in case sometimes I can come here.

Sahaja Yogi: You should. You should.

Sahaja Yogini: I just hope it will work out.

Shri Mataji: It will work out. Very good idea. May God bless you. So many candles. [unclear]. I was expecting six years old.

Sahaja Yogi: [I’m] very old, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Waw. Whose birthday?

Sahaja Yogi: [unclear] You also? There’s one more?

Shri Mataji: You should write that those who cannot see, hear; see those who are blind physically, can see; those who cannot hear, can hear. We have seen that happening. Thank you very much.

Sahaja Yogini: It’s napkins, Mother, with, with the design of Bassum. It’s just a little thing, Mother.

Shri Mataji: I know, I know. It’s beautiful. It’s great. What’s that? This one is for Mathias, please?

Sahaja Yogini: And this You see, Mother.

Another Sahaja Yogini: And he’s too, Mother, very dedicate.

Sahaja Yogini: But Mathias is with family also.

Another Sahaja Yogini: You have to give it to Mathias. It has the same style. It’s for Mathias after all. [French]

Shri Mataji: You give him this holder. You give him this?

Sahaja Yogini: Mother, thank you very much. [Mother, I must say it’s a] very big style.

Sahaja Yogini: Mathias.

Shri Mataji: For Mathias. This is from Brigit. That’s for groom. Now start lightening the other ones.

Sahaja Yogis: This one?

Sahaja Yogi: Brigit.

Sahaja Yogis: For Brigit, Mother. For Brigit.

Shri Mataji: For Brigit. May God bless you. This one is from Brigit. This is the, this is from, from Mathew.

Sahaja Yogini: Look at this, Mother.

Sahaja Yogini: Look at this one, Mother.

Sahaja Yogini: So that he can slow down.

Sahaja Yogi: I have that to my face, Mother.

Shri Mataji: What kind?

Sahaja Yogi: Yuppies.

Sahaja Yoginis: It is a joke. It’s looser. It’s [looser] limping so that he can slow down.

Sahaja Yogi: I have that on my face, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, yes.

Sahaja Yogini: Mother, and this is from I, Emilia and Arneau.

Shri Mataji: Aaa, good idea.

Sahaja Yogi: Oh, thank You very much, [thank You] Mother.

Sahaja Yogini: Thank You. So it is also from Marie, Emilia and Arneau to thank You for welcoming us here.

Sahaja Yogini: [unclear] from Magda.

Shri Mataji: For whom?

Sahaja Yogi: Magda and [unclear name].

Sahaja Yogini: Thank You. Thank You so much.

Sahaja Yogis: For Arneau and Marie Lou.

Shri Mataji: For Arneau and Marie Lou. All right? You like it?

Arneau: [I am fond about it]. You can see, Mother.

Sahaja Yogi: For the candles, Mother.

Another Sahaja Yogi: Thank you very much. Merci beaucoup. It’s very nice.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, [unclear]. Please have it [unclear], Mother.

Sahaja Yogini: These You can give to those with children, Mother. They will sure spare some money for the ashram.

Another Sahaja Yogini: For which? It’s for puts money, ah.

Sahaja Yogini: To the children. Just that they get something also.

Shri Mataji: Oh, I see. All right. I saw, you have one. Arneau? For keeping some money for ashram. You put some money there for the ashram? This was the time for the children, you see. So I just thought that I could not get any other present but for children. That’s the best. And the way they greeted Me first at the airport was the best.

A child: [unclear]

Shri Mataji: Done. Now, come along.

Child: No, no, please no. No, no.

Shri Mataji: See… Wish I’m giving you this one.

Sahaja Yogi: Very good. Brigit’s… You know, is.

SYni: Mother, You please.

Shri Mataji: It is very beautiful idea.

Sahaja Yogini: At the same time ….

Shri Mataji: This is God and this is human being.

Sahaja Yogini: Oh, I didn’t know, Mother.

Shri Mataji: I’m your Mother and that’s the human beings who looks after you. All right?

Sahaja Yogini: I mean it just happen like that, Ma.

Shri Mataji: Because God doesn’t see the whole world. He lives under the protection of Mother. Now, I must tell you something about gods. Now come along, let’s have it. [unclear] nobody answers. All right. So.

Sahaja Yogi: Thank you very much for the cake.

Shri Mataji: Dear [Scottie] I give you very little, very little of, very little, just the wings of the angel. Then you can have it.

Sahaja Yogi (about a child): He wants to blow the cake.

Shri Mataji: Oh, please come. I eat a little one – the rest is yours.

Sahaja Yogi: Actually [in fact they don’t like this cake].

Shri Mataji: I’ve warned you.

Sahaja Yogi: OK, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Now, you have to get strong. You have got the knife? I hope you don’t eat two pieces at once.

Sahaja Yogini: [unclear]

Shri Mataji: Better take them out. Very little is enough. No, no, no. Not allowed to eat that. Very nice. Take all of this now. Slowly, slowly, take out. This was a nice [anniversary].

Sahaja Yogi: Thank you very much for the presents, for You were a part and parcel of everything.

Sahaja Yogini: Open that present.

Shri Mataji: Now a new rule in Sahaja Yoga that they have passed for Me, this is also Sahaja Yogis’ suggestion that Mother should not give any presents on birthday. If She has to give She can give otherwise but not on birthday, that others feel bad. So Ashirvad, he felt because sometimes people don’t tell their birthdays or they tell their birthdays and sometimes people become very upset.

Sahaja Yogi: If they don’t get anything.

Shri Mataji: If they don’t get anything. So best to avoid everything, no birthday present. I said, “All right. To children I can give.” He said, “All right. To children you can give.” It’s a big problem. So My birthday present is that I have selected your presents. All right? Then it’s all right. May God bless you.

Sahaja Yogini: So I must open them, Mother.

Shri Mataji: This one I [didn’t/don’t] know. The one I have selected is in here.

Sahaja Yogini: It is so funny because the whole family is upset I am not with them.

Sahaja Yogi: She can say except for me [who is here].

Shri Mataji: That is what they are trying to say that if she cares so much for Mother, then you forget the family. But what about Christ? What will you say? When all His twelve disciples joined Him and cared for Him and loved Him. But we are not the people who live away from family into places. We are not ascetics. We lead a very normal life. That’s the basics they have not seen, you see. In their blindness they didn’t even see. Just write it down that we are the people who live in family. We do not give up any family, anyone of our associations or anything, and we are very normal people. We don’t lead an ascetic life. On the contrary, Mother is very anxious that the family relations must be maintained at any cost. [Aside: We got that]. So you be the messenger of [this]. Oh, not so many, one I can have. Very nice dress Stefanie got. Yes, it’s very nice. You better [fit it].

Child: That my aunt could do.

Shri Mataji: What an idea, aaa?

Sahaja Yogini: It’s beautiful, Mother. I look forward to taking this with me.

Another Sahaja Yogini: It was so beautiful, Mother, how everybody was in joy with me when I came back from London.

Shri Mataji: Mmmm. You have to put some money, as you know.

Sahaja Yogini: Chicken feed.

Another Sahaja Yogini: Look at that, Mother.

Sahaja Yogi: I am Satchit.

Shri Mataji: Yes. You put it there so I’ll ignore.

Sahaja Yogi: [unclear]

Sahaja Yogini: This one, Mother, is for Martin?

Shri Mataji: This one is for Martin.

Sahaja Yogini: Oh, it’s very nice.

Shri Mataji: Just look at that. Quite surprised.

Sahaja Yogi: Surprised.

Shri Mataji: Now what to do is the problem. But don’t feel bad. You are going to be all right. Don’t be upset. See, the aunts are full of hope. All right? That’s what is the photograph is saying. There is nothing to worry. May God bless you all.

Sahaja Yogini: You just look to that one.

Shri Mataji: This was given to you?

Sahaja Yogini: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: It’s beautiful. There were some people in India, some journalists, who criticized about the plump body I have. Sahaja Yogis went and said that, “She’s plump but She’s thousand times a better looking than you are.” And, and they said, “I would not like to see your face in the old days. You see, it’s all right to see you in the night.” They told the woman like that. She said, “But you must understand, I went and asked Mother why She has a plump body. So She said, ‘I have to have water in My body. It is very important that I must allow My body to have water because all the chakras are to be loaded later and are to be looked after. There has to be some buffer.’” But he says, “Mother’s body, see how old is. She knows why She has to have a certain body. She doesn’t have to become a cinema actress. Why are you worried?” he said. “You want to have ladies who are beautiful according to your will. You go ahead, like that, you see.” He was very strong. “If you want prostitutes, you can go to prostitutes. She’s [a/the] Mother. She’s not here to please you with Her body figures.” See, even, I’ve seen people who talk of God also want to have a body figure to please them. Imagine. They want to see beauty in the body of a person. Can you imagine? That’s what it is. And he just went and told that, “What are you looking for in Her? Is She an actress? She’s your Mother.”

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, I [don’t think] they’ll attribute You, shapely be half of the, twenty five [woman].

Shri Mataji: See what, with what eyes they are looking, is the point. You can see. Also these French, same thing. With what eyes you are looking at Her, you can see how cheap you are. I mean, what interest you have in Her. Because you can’t look at a woman as a Mother. This they have to think of it.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, You remember, this man who went to see You in Paris and they had an interview and he, he was a [painter], was a great painter who….

Shri Mataji: Ha, I remember.

Sahaja Yogi: Who, who painted a, and he said that all your cool inside.

Shri Mataji: [Picture].

Sahaja Yogi: No, I used Your picture.

Another Sahaja Yogi: We are the first who require them. They were so many of [artists]…

Shri Mataji: Yes, so many artists. But specially he, the artist, what was his name?

Sahaja Yogini: Jose Jarson. We’ve met him again, Mother. This year he’s going to organize Your radio interview but [perfectly] this time, because last [time/one] was a mess.

Shri Mataji: You see, he says that, that you know because he said that, “I was impressed because Your face, you see, whatever we have learned about the perfect person is all that is in You.” That’s what he said. So, you see, even the churches want the priests to be attractive, you know, provocative. Not attractive but provocative. You see, they want a woman to be provocative. This is what they want. Just think of it, to have a Mother who is going to teach you about God, you want to have that and must [look like a filthy] woman. Can you imagine?

Sahaja Yogi: Doesn’t it come, Mother, from the right side that so many people are now right-sided and they want to [think and think] and just think of sex. They are women of the sex, aren’t they? They are cast from the right side. And then what are their vibrations? Speak for the right-sided women.

Shri Mataji: Yes, of course. I mean, it’s all that they want a woman to be, nothing but a sex. That’s why these feminists have come up to say that, “Who are you to tell us?”, you see. They want women to be nothing, like nothing but prostitutes, you see. Just selling their bodies, showing their body and all that. To be used, that’s what it is. It’s too much of it. And women are so, so stupid, they accept that situation. They don’t want to keep to their self. You see, they want to accept it. If they say, “The waistline should be six inches.” they’ll do anything to get it. Stupid. And this is what it is.

And specially, you see, like these priests and all that. You see, either you listen to them or agree with them. Otherwise they’re just professing. This is the another. Either we accept them whatever they are been doing or we hear or you take to their [side]. That’s also of journalists. Also they [have]. But doesn’t behoove a priest. It’s all right for a journalist to say something like that but it doesn’t behoove a priest to pass personal remark about a lady who is a respectable lady. She’s made by God, not by you. And by that you are insulting God. And we have never seen Mother passing a remark on a physical side or on a personal side of any person. I mean, they don’t even have the decency and decorum of a priest. Challenge their profession. Challenge their profession. Priest has to be a decent man. He looks at a woman from what angle? He has to look at every woman as his mother. They are not Freud, are they? They are priests.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, would You like to, to rest afterwards?

Shri Mataji: Yes, thanks. But you can say in Sahaja Yoga you are prohibited to pass any remarks about the physical aspect of people and to be provocative. Is it, are we really going with people who behave in a way that provokes really? It’s very common. Mary/Marie, isn’t it true?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: I’m very particular on that point. Not to dress up in that way, talk in a way that is provocative. It’s not [allowed], because it debases human beings, isn’t it? It debases people. It destroys. So this is what you have achieved out of your personality as priests. Just condemn them [openly]. This is your mental level.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, writing this letter is going to teach us so much that we’ll be ready to talk anywhere afterwards.

Shri Mataji: This is your mental level. Yeah.

Sahaja Yogi: No, I guess, anybody.

Shri Mataji: This is their mental level. You see, you can see your mental level even with your dogmas, what is your mental level. There’s no decency or decorum. And I’m sure this priest must be drinking and must be smoking.

Sahaja Yogi: Yeah. You know, where I was, Mother, before meeting You I raised this question in Christian community and they were drinkers. They were drinkers and smokers as I have never seen, Ma.

Sahaja Yogini: This is in my family.

Shri Mataji: And, when I was, when I was supposed to be in the, in the, in dining room I was feeling I was going in the hell. They had a big cloud of smoke around them.

Shri Mataji: Yes, this is what it is.

Sahaja Yogi: And that, and they are…

Shri Mataji: They are very, very much in the hell. And this hell is created by the priests, I must say. But they are so good, you know, sophisticated, you see, all that, if we don’t see. You see, there are some good priests also, not bad. All of them are not bad. But they are misled by the idea, that idea that you are a servant of God, you are working for God. They are misled. They are good people, I believe. They are very good people. I’ve met some very good people, priests. And they get confused with Me later on, because they don’t know. They think they are doing God’s job. You see, they are mentally little less, I think, to understand. They don’t understand. What can you do? Just they don’t understand. If left to themselves they would understand this, that, “We are taking money in the name of God, we are working in the name of God and that we are also doing something which is not of substantial value. We are just doing some sort of a social work.” They could see but if they are intelligent, they are cunning. If they are not intelligent they are playing into the hands of the Church. And they are paid for it, see, na. The problem is they are paid for. Because nobody wants to give time to God, really. Even to God you must pay. This is the idea that if you give any time to God then you must pay. This is the basic idea of everything, isn’t it? If you give even five minutes to God, the God must pay. But poor God has no money.

Sahaja Yogi: And if you want to be a Baptist you have to pay five times as much.

Shri Mataji: That’s what I am saying. And if you have to have wedding… But the worst is the community called Parsee in India. They said, “It’s better to live than to die in Parsee community because you have to pay ten times more than the living.” So they have all kinds of priests. It’s not the first type. I’ve seen many types, you see. It’s nothing. They have one type…

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, it’s no matter you have to pay a lot when you are going to die because then this means you are not going to continue paying for them. So once you are gone you’ve got to pay.

Shri Mataji: Pay the lump sum, you know, for future. I tell you. Better pay them now. But America is even more sophisticated. You can pay them before your death, for your death. They will dress you up; they will put whatever you want to put in there.

Sahaja Yogi: Cinema.

Shri Mataji: I tell you, everything, it’s so ridiculous. If you see, you’ll really laugh. And if you want, they’ll put white satin for you; if you want they’ll put blue satin for, as if you can see, you know, after you are dead, what satin it is put around you. And they can carry you in a particular carriage; they show you beforehand. Whichever carriage you want, they’ll carry you in that.

Sahaja Yogi: You can have a tour before, if you like.

Shri Mataji: Aaaa?

Sahaja Yogi: You can have a tour before.

Shri Mataji: That’s it. They have a regular now, like a super store for all these things. You can go round. You know, this, like we have, like a…

Sahaja Yogi: Like a [multiplex].

Shri Mataji: [Salvage] and sort of thing. And you can choose whatever you like, whichever you like, to such an extent that there are people who contribute for a man. You see, there is, supposing one person who is going to die, now he tells his relations that, “I’ve put so much money for you, so much money for him. But first you’ll have to contribute for my death.” So somebody pays for the coffin, somebody pays for this. And there is a list of things. And, you see, you can choose whatever you like. It’s so absurd you know, when I saw the documentary I was shocked. Can you imagine, for the dead that you can give a list and you can say, “All right, this list it is this, I will give. That one this will give.” You see, so that there’s no repetition.

Sahaja Yogi: But then you know what you can get for the sixty’s anniversary already.

Sahaja Yogini: Same, same system is all the U.S.?

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, same system, you see, because they have to make business out of your death.

[Missing part]

Shri Mataji: Very good, this one. This I need the most, I tell you. I go on losing them. Beautiful. One better than the other. I think I should write down My names. Then I won’t lose. Best is to put the names [here/on] [isn’t it]? Beautiful. Thank you very much.

Sahaja Yogi: Very nice.

Sahaja Yogini: Thank you for all that You have done for us, Mother, [during/doing] this [travel/trouble].

Shri Mataji: What did I do?

Sahaja Yogini: I mean, You worked so much for us, Mother, You did so much. You help us and I just hope we will, we will be up to what You have given us.

Shri Mataji: Thank you.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, we are all begging You for making us the way You want us to be.

Shri Mataji: You are already there. You are there. You are already there. You are just progressing. You see, with the natural forces of God, you’ll be all that. Just be patient with yourself. Don’t get exasperated. Don’t be unkind to yourself. I know there are problems sometimes. Take it easy. It will work out.

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, before going at [Sankt Andreas] may I show You the meditation room?

Shri Mataji: Yes.

Sahaja Yogi: Always. So take example.

Sahaja Yogini: We’ve put this, to wake up us in the Paris ashram. If You could bless it so everyone gets up in the morning.

Shri Mataji: For whom?

Sahaja Yogini: For Paris ashram.

Sahaja Yogi: Wake up in the morning.

Shri Mataji: In the ashram?

Sahaja Yogini: Yes, to wake people up in the morning.

Sahaja Yogis: To wake up. To wake up, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Oh, beautiful, I must say.

Sahaja Yogini: For a cow, Mother.

Sahaja Yogis: Wake up, wake up.

Shri Mataji: Do wake up, wake up, wake up.

Sahaja Yogini: You know, I’ll set it in the veranda. You’ll see it, Mother.

Another Sahaja Yogini: I hope I will hear it. In [Nigeria].

Shri Mataji: Put a loud-speaker. All right. So the things that I, these, you have got the things that I [unclear]….

Sahaja Yogini: This is just funny, Mother. What happened? I went in this shop to buy the presents to Matthias and Arneau and I just, they had little biscuits, you know, from Bassum, and I said, “Oh, it’s so good,” and she gave me the box. And it’s already, it’s already, I mean, it’s not full, but it’s so sweet she gave me the box.

Shri Mataji: What is this, [Christiana]?

Sahaja Yogini: It’s a specialty. It’s very good, Mother, that You’ll love it.

Shri Mataji: You want me to take one?

Sahaja Yogi: [Please] take one Mother.

Shri Mataji: Mmmmm. Really, it’s good. They are ginger biscuits.. All of them? No, I don’t eat biscuits much. So I think it would be nice to distribute them to others.

Sahaja Yogini: Yes, yes, Mother.

Shri Mataji: Sahaja Yogis will [get these]. These are ginger biscuits, are good.

Sahaja Yogini: I’ve just received, I’ve just received them in the shop.

Shri Mataji: It will be a good idea. Very good biscuits, very good. There’s one more [found] point, the last but not the least since [unclear].