Talk to Sahaja Yogis Ghent (Belgium)

Talk to Sahaja Yogis

[Aside remarks]

[inaudible] sense of smell because both left and right, because both smell bad – left and right – but one has a very sort of a smell of a very stagnated personality and another has a smell of a, say, jaise pasina (Hindi word: like sweat – ed.) – burning sharp smell, haan (Hindi word : Yes – ed.), sharp, pungent. [inaudible] like if you put the blanket, you see at the bottom, […]

Who does these things? Ghent (Belgium)

1st Public Program. Gent (Belgium), 19 September 1982.

[Introduction in Dutch. Starts at 4:29]

It’s very kind of the Sahaja Yogis of Gent to invite Me to come here in Belgium itself to meet them and meet other people who are seeking the truth. Actually, every place, every country where Sahaja Yoga started, it had a very dramatic beginning. And I have been always enjoying and witnessing the fun of the reaction – the first reaction of the people to truth. […]