You Are To Be Born Again

Ghent (Belgium)

1982-09-20 You Are To Be Born Again, Gent, Belgium, DP, 67' Chapters: Talk and Q&A, Self-Realization, Microphone on left nabhi
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Public Program Day 2, Ghent, Belgium

Many people sometimes believe that Christ was born in America and he was an out and out a westerner. But he was not. He was one of them who gave us the knowledge about this. Not only that, but he played a very important role in establishing himself in a point called Agnya Chakra here (Shri Mataji pointing towards her forehead to show Agnya chakra). Now, one may say that Bible is the last word. It is not so, because it has not been able to explain many things. It talks of Holy Ghost but they do not know what Holy Ghost is. They say it’s a mystery. And also, Christ himself has said that you are to be born again. But they do not know what it is be born again. For them it’s just somebody comes up with little water, puts it on your head and say you are born again, you are now you are a Christian. You have become a Christian. (Shri Mataji laughs).
Do you mean to say an incarnation of that level of Christ came on this earth, just to make somebody take some water and put on somebody’s head? His greatness can only be understood if you get your realization, means your Second Birth. But Not the way they say you are baptised. But you should be actually Baptized. We have to be truthful about it and honest that, no this can’t be the baptism that Christ has told us. Because this kind of baptism..what does it give us? Nothing. Sometimes the children cry so much that you do not know why they are crying so much for such a holy occasion. So, under these illusions when we are, we start looking out for something may be the answer somewhere else and there is nothing wrong in it.
May be a book is written and you have to find a dictionary to understand it, sometimes. Moreover as I told you yesterday these people when they came on this earth, nobody understood them and they tried to finish them as soon as possible. They could not bear the truth. Many did not want to know about it and those who heard about it, didn’t want to go with it. But still it remains a mystery that why of all the things he should be crucified? There are questions not only about Christ, but about Mohammed, about all the other incarnations of the world. Now when you are not realized, then your awareness, human awareness is lacking in something.This is the transition time because of that there is a confusion.
For example a blind person can not see many things. But if you can somehow or the other open his eyes he can see the colours and everything clearly. That is why it is said that you are to be enlightened. That we are walking in the dark and light has to come.
But light is not going to come from outside; it is going to come from within from our heart. The light that is there is the Spirit. They all have talked about the spirit. About the holy ghost. In koran, it is called as Rooh, in Indian language it is called as Adishakti. In every language they have word for holy ghost. The only trouble is if you just accept english language or dutch language as the last word then you can not relate it to anything else.
This kundalini is the reflection of that Adishakti, of that rooh within us. This is the residual power, is the power of our ultimate desire which has not yet manifested. While in the spirit, the God Almighty, our creator, or whatever you may call him by what name, is reflected as spirit. Now in our awareness, whatever we have in our human awareness. we have so many understandings like we can understand the color, we can understand the smell. We understand there is dirt, there is filth. But the animals don’t. Animals have no sensation of it. But when you become a human being, you develop a sensation. Now, when people say that you don’t commit murder, you don’t do this, all the ten commandments. One may ask-why? Why?for what? why should we do it? What is the advantage of doing all these things all your life for nothing at all. What is the advantage? Now to understand that there has to be a purpose for these things. Christ came on this earth and many came on this earth to say that to attain your eternal life, to attain your spirit- you have to lead a certain type of life that gives a human sustenance.
Now the happening has to take place because something has to happen within you to attract your attention inside. And that’s why the kundalini awakens itself when there is some authority who can do it. Divine authority is very different from human authority. For example a person can be appointed as governor today and tomorrow he could be a beggar on the street. But not with divine authority. Whatever the properties nature have given are never taken away. Like water will remain water and the mother earth will remain mother earth. So when such a person who has an authority who comes on this earth, Like Christ or anyone – can spontaneously raise the kundalini.
As I told you yesterday that the mother earth can spontaneously sprout a seed. So this is a living process that has to take place within us, the kundalini has to rise to meet the spirit. Actually the spirit is in the heart of the human beings. But the seat of the spirit is on top of the head. So when the kundalini rises and pierces through the fontanelle bone area here(Shri Mataji shows her Sahasrara to describe), then the spirit gets the message. When she rises, she enlightens these different centers that are shown here about which he has told you. You can see actually the pulsation of the kundalini with your naked eyes. You can also see the rising of the kundalini with your naked eyes in cases where people have obstruction. if there is no obstruction kundalini just shoots off in half of a, split of a second upto the head and goes out. Then for the first time your hands become sensitive, enlightened. And you start feeling the all pervading power like cool breeze around. You yourself should certify nobody else can certify. It is you who start feeling it. Off course with it you feel thoughtlessly aware and also you feel very blissful and relaxed. But when these hands become sensitive, they become dynamic. With these fingertips you can understand the centers that are suffering within you or which are sick within you. You can feel the centers of other people. Normally we have no absolute method of judging any one. For example you see somebody, you say he is a nice man, he is well dressed, he is smart but he may not be. You say he is a real guru, he is a great guru and all that but he may be an absolute fake, run away from one of the Indian jails. How will you make out? To make out the guru is not so difficult. If you are intelligent enough you can make them out that they are fake. Though they have tremendous mesmerising powers and apart from that they can pamper your ego very much by which you might be just [UNCLEAR-float to them-1/floor to them-2/]* They may be about with your weaknesses also. They can try any such things which are very basic. But unless and until you get your realization how will you know exactly what is wrong with this guru or that guru. You are a special category of people who are seeking the truth. That’s a special category. This special category of people are born especially in these modern times. Like one great poet in England- William Blake* has said that the men of God will become prophets and these prophets will have powers to make others prophets. Thousands of years back in India there was a prophecy by a very well known astrologer – “Bhrugu” who has written [UNCLEAR] of the Indian..what you say, is the prophecy. He is the one who said- “a day will come when people will get their kundalini awakening without any trouble and they will get their realization.” Not only that but he said this work will start in 1970. Because had written the Indian calendar but the people rewrote and calculated and it was 1970. That means it has been already thought of or known that is the time many great seekers will be born on this earth and they will receive this realization because it is their due. So it is important first of all, for all of you to know that you are seekers, you are seekers of truth and not of falsehood. (Shri Mataji ask someone from public to move to the side)
So the seekers of truth must ask for the truth not for some sort of a brain wash. Those people who are interested in brainwashing they can go on reading many books if they like they can go on wasting their time. But here we are to find out the truth about our own selves. The truth is that we are the spirit. We are not this body, this mind, this imagination or anything else but we are the spirit. And if we are the spirit then when we become the spirit, we have to feel the all pervading power. As when we become subtler we start feeling the subtler things. Once we become the spirit [UNCLEAR] we get the nature imbibe the nature of the spirit within ourselves. People will say, “oh I feel very happy, I am very joyous but this is not the way to look at things. Actually when you become the spirit, it is the universal being within us, it is a universal entity within us. It knows everything that is happening in this universe. It knows what is happening within you, within her, within every person. It knows all the past and future about us. Now when you become the spirit, means when the spirit comes into your attention you become collectively conscious or you become a universal being. That means your attention becomes subtler and when you put your attention to anything else you see first the subtler side of it. After self realization you do not see anybody as a person say a belgian, or a dutch, or a french, or an indian but you just see a person as only chakras. As I told you yesterday we don’t see them as branded things like cancer patients, those patients, nothing. We just see that this is the center, some [UNCLEAR] this center is to be repaired but we do not brand anyone- you are this kind, you are that kind, there is no branding. We are all human beings. Because on a subtler *[UNCLEAR] we are really human beings. Only we, the human beings we have made it so gross by saying this is Belgium and this is England. For God he just made one world.
So you start seeing the subtle side of life, the subtler side of life where we are bound together by one unity. But how it happens? Because we become part and parcel of the whole. That the whole is the state of primordial being “Allah-ho-akbar”- the one who is God Almighty. You become aware of him, within yourself. (Shri Mataji tells the person to finish translating as She can’t proceed further) This great being, the primordial being is we can call it as the Macrocosm and we as the Microcosm. The Microcosm becomes aware of the Macrosom. Aware! Like we can say a drop becomes the ocean. And once you become the ocean, you get all the qualities of the ocean. And that is how your attention becomes universal. (Shri Mataji says-”why not open the windows please”). I will give you a concrete example, say we had one person who got realization in England and he could not believe it, it was too much to believe that he had become universal. You see, we don’t believe in ourselves much. (Shri Mataji smiling) So he said I want to know about my father- how is he keeping, who is in Scotland. I said, Alright! You put your hands like this (Shri Mataji opens her hands to show) and just think about your father and ask, how is my father? He said that there is burning in this part of my hand. Now this area, all this area is representing your father. (Shri Mataji pointing her right hand towards the audience and explains that the area below the fingers represents the father) and [UNCLEAR -if it is getting buring here-text1/ if he is getting burning here-text-2] Now, this center is here is Vishuddhi, Chakra. Now, that means he must be down with severe bronchitis. And when he telephoned to his father, his mother said exactly the same words that “I am sorry your father is down with severe bronchitis.” When he said that this he is down with bronchitis- this gentleman was surprised, how can that be? I said communication comes to you on your fingers.I said, a rapport is established between you and the divine. Now the other side of it, that the flow of this vital energy from you can cure many diseases. Yesterday I told you how cancer is caused, how mental problems are caused and how they can be just cured by touching that person. I would say, cancer can’t be cured by anything else but this. There is no other way out. As I explained to you how cancer is caused and how it is cured through Sahaja Yoga. We can explain many diseases like diabetes and so many others which are supposed to be incurable, can be easily cured by Sahaja Yoga.
That is just by the way, all these things happen just as a by product. But the greatest thing happens that you become detached from yourself. [UNCLEAR] You see yourself as a universal being. All the problems change their priorities. As spirit is the source of all the knowledge. You can get knowledge about anything that you want to know through this happening. And whatever you know is the absolute. It can not be challenged, is the absolute. You can not have any opinion about it, you can not have your own ideas about it. You can not say this is not true, that is not true. But it is rather difficult for intellectuals to accept this fantastic thing. I have found it everywhere and I am sure I will be facing that here too. They can’t understand how just like that it can happen. Without thinking about it, without discussing it, arguing it out.
But as I told you yesterday that it is a living spontaneous process. And as I told you again yesterday that anything living like sprouting of the seed, we can not discuss, we can not talk about it, we can not intellectualize it. It has to happen. You may try any tricks, it won’t sprout unless and until you put it to the mother earth. Moreover, science tries to analyze everything. Like you will have one doctor for one eye, another doctor for another eye. I am talking of the integration part [UNCLEAR] the root you talk about it is the integration part of it. Thank God, [UNCLEAR- there-1] Sahaja yoga has come at a time where even in the west people are fed up of tired of intellectualization. Their heads are off. I met a doctor in Switzerland who told me “Mother, you do what you like, you can even cut my throat but stop this thinking.” That is so simple to do when the kundalini rises. See when she crosses the Agnya chakra your thinking stops and you come in the center, in the present. And when she pierces through it is established. Then you start manifesting the quality of your spirit and also the powers of your spirit. By the power of your spirit you can give realization to others. You can clear the chakras of others. By the quality of the spirit you can know the truth about everything. And by the quality of the spirit you reside in joy. Not in happiness or unhappiness which is a duality. But joy which is singular. You start witnessing the whole thing as a drama and a play. And that is what one has to get. I am so happy to see there are so many seekers of truth in Belgium. [UNCLEAR] especially and that the work has started here. I hope you all get your self realization today and that you continue to grow in it. I have been very busy before also and I have been travelling and I had very little time to come to Belgium and it was just done last minute so I could not spend more time with you so far. This is the, I should say the last country I have touched now, in Europe. Because even in Russia, and all these places I have been and we have been able to give realization to people there. But so far, I have not been able to come to this place Because I had no way of coming in except for he came to us. So short(Shri Mataji comments on a honking noise from outside traffic and She laughs with everyone else) [UNCLEAR] So it’s very nice note of cheerfulness we should end this lecture and I would like to have some questions from you. But not questions from [UNCLEAR] now this time anybody who ask questions and goes away, ask that person to sit down and have realization, Alright!
Not only for questions-
Shri Mataji- Yes, what is, yes please?
Seeker- What is the difference between * and Kundalini
Shri Mataji- I don’t know the word at all, I am sorry (UNCLEAR) see about Kundalini, I must confess that everybody has tried to write about it and sometiems I am amazed that how people have even used kundalini for their purpose, even kundalini. Like they have used Christ, with everyone, also used Kundalini. But the main thing is the proof of pudding is in the eating of it you see. What kind of meditation one can do before realization I can’t understand. Because you are outside. Without realization you are outside. You have to be inside to be in meditation. Not to do meditation but to be in meditation. You can not do it. It’s a state. It’s a state where you are a realized soul you are in meditation all the time. And I must tell you that some people have talked about kundalini as if She is a horrible thing and by raising the kundalini you get into heat and all kinds of experiences you become mad, you started shouting. This is not true at all. It’s not true. She is your mother, she is your kind compassionate mother. And she looks after you so well and she has looked after you so well so far that you will have no problem at all. Nothing of the kind. If it is done by some unauthorized person, a naive person who does not know anything, it can. It will never trouble you but there are other forces which do cause problems. The first center that you see here is the red center is bestowed upon by a deity, who is the incarnation of innocence. Those who try to play around with kundalini, this deity fix that person. but not the kundalini she keeps quiet. So those people who have talked about kundalini most of them have done it by reading some books or I don’t know how they got these ideas and they are so confused that I don’t know what to do, how to answer them because they are absolutely confused people. There are of course good books, like Markandeya who was fourteen thousand years back who has written about kundalini, Adi Shankaracharya, Kabira, Nanaka, these are all sensible people but these books are not so translated in english languages and all that. And They must have taken it from some other books, I don’t know some tantrik book or some sort of a thing. Tantra means, tantra means – the mechanism. Yantra is the instrument. The tantra is the technique we can say, tantra is the technique of the instrument that is the kundalini. Yantra is the kundalini itself, the whole thing is Yantra. Yantra is the, is the instrument But you see the tantrism is just the opposite of what you are supposed to do. Like we can say a man says- I believe in Christ, and Christ and Christ and Christ but he has no idea of Christ at all. Now he tries to establish himself by doing all kinds of tricks and trickery. That is tantrism. And They can even write books, (UNCLEAR TEXT) what does it takes to write a book. They can write books about it if they want to write. What does it take to write a book. But you must, first of all see for yourself and not judge anything by what people have written. You should not believe into me also what I am saying unless and until you have achieved it. Because even if you believe in me and do not achieve it what difference does it make to me. So you have to first of all experience it. You need not deny me but you need not also sort of accept me blindfolded. That is not going to serve the purpose. You have to get it. If you are interested in yourself, you must get your realization. Thats the main thing. It is for your good not for my good. But it is for your own good not for anybody else’s.
Now any more questions please?
Seeker- In which state you have to be to get it?
Shri Mataji- Human state is alright. (Shri Mataji laughs gently and also audience) If you are a human being, that’s all right. (laughter) That’s it. Really I tell you, I can’t give realization to chickens or to mosquitoes. No use being vegetarians and saving them you see, better be human beings (ahhah. Shri Mataji laughing) We have to be kind to human beings and not to animals more than a human being Isn’t it? They are the epitome of creation. They are the senate, the top. We take ourselves for granted but we are great. We are great to be human beings. This state has been achieved with great difficulty and care and love. We do not understand our own importance, the state we have is very great. We should ask the dogs, cats and other animals – what do they think of us. Now, what else my child, who’s there? Yes? (Pleasingly)
Seeker- (Unclear)
Shri Mataji- All can get it? (in response to the question)yes, I think so.
Seeker- (UNCLEAR TEXT) and I am kind of scared (UNCLEAR) that there should be some (UNCLEAR)
Shri Mataji- No nothing, no. don’t be scared, now sit down, I will tell you. Don’t be scared I jhave already told you that you are the top most things. Don’t be scared at all. Just tell (Shri Mataji says that to the yogi for translation) Nothing is going to happen to you that way, in any dangerous way. You are all perfectly alright. Now, you must be having some blockages, It’s alright. Does not matter. it’s my job to clean them. But one thing is the worst is that you should not have any self pity. You should not think you have done anything wrong. I mean you should not feel guilty at all. At the very outset, I have to tell you that you say to yourself at least seven times that “Mother I am not guilty.” then only the realization will work out. Why this guilt? don’t you know that God is the ocean of love and forgiveness. Even these ordinary human judges can’t punish you how can that God who is so great will punish you? So you must give up all the fears. Please.
Ahh, any other questions please? Don’t be frightened. Don’t be frightened. Alright? Is there any question? No question? Oh Good. Great!
Now it’s very simple. You will have to take out your shoes please. Please take out your shoes. On the mother earth. Because this helps us a lot. Now again, you have to say to yourself that “Mother I am not guilty. First of all. (Shri Mataji giving self realization)
Now please close your eyes. Please close your eyes. Please close your eyes and don’t open them till I tell you.
Put both your hands towards me. Towards me like this, you can see like this. Both the hands on your lap and be comfortable. On your lap, be very comfortable. Sit comfortably, if there is anything tight on your waist you can loosen it. And just sit very comfortably. And now close your eyes. That’s all. Be comfortable, be comfortable that’s very important is to be comfortable. Now as I said, at the very outset after closing your eyes, you just say three times that Mother “I am not guilty” please say it. Now put your right hand on your heart. Heart is very important. So put your right hand on your heart and with all sincerity, right hand on the heart (Mother corrects someone by saying- you are putting it the other way round. Right hand on the left hand side on the heart.) Now with all sincerity, within yourself just say -“Mother, I am the spirit”. With faith, within yourself. Say it thrice. Just say, “Mother I am the spirit.” Believe in it!
Now put this right hand on top of your head. Hold it higher. In the front side and say- “Mother, please let me have my realization or Mother I want my realization to take place.” Put your hand on top of your head. You’ll find little cool breeze coming out. If it is not coming out then you put your right hand on another lap and put your left hand up and see for yourself. (After some silent moments) Now I will tell you how to raise your kundalini. Put your both the hands towards me. (She opens her hands to show) try to watch me without thinking, you can do it now. Most of you. You can do it without thinking. Kundalini has (UNCLEAR TEXT1-gone up, TEXT 2- risen).
Put your left hand in front of you like this, in front of the kundalini and with the right hand. This is the desire and this is the action (Shri Mataji touches her left hand to show the desire part and the right hand for the action.) Try to raise your kundalini by putting your right hand across like this. (Shri Mataji rotates her hand around the left one to show how to raise the kundalini) [UNCLEAR TEXT] slowly slowly. Take it up as much as you can, higher up as much as you can. And now make a tie…tie a knot there on top of the head.Take it down (Shri Mataji brings her hands down after tying the knot) (UNCLEAR TEXT)
Now again, try to raise it. Do it (She says this while tying the second knot)
Again, once more. This time thrice you have to give a knot. (She gives a sign to the person to translate her sentence)
One, two, three. Now, just see in your hands. Please try, please try. In everybody’s hand it is going to start. Keep your hands, I will go around and see you all. (UNCLEAR TEXT) there is time.

*(about William Blake)