The power of your Spirit must manifest

Brussels (Belgium)

1982-09-21 3rd Public Program Brussels NITL HD, 82'
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1982-09-21 Public Program, incomplete, Brussels, Belgium, DP-RAW, 50'
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Public Program Day 3, Brussels (Belgium), 21 September 1982.

… of these things, they can fall a trap to all these people who practise this kind of black magic. But an intelligent man must understand that what you have to get is your realization. That means the power of your Spirit must manifest, not the powers of some dead spirits which makes you … also they can take your body and travel, astral travelling and all that. They can do all kinds of things. All this type of spirits that enter into human awareness always cause diseases and also can cause lots of problems: mental and physical. Most of the mental cases are afflicted by these; all of them I should say. And if they are to be cured, only thing what you have to do is to see that the spirits depart from them, and they are absolutely normal.

In My own experience, all the cancer patients that I have cured had an affliction from the left side. They were all possessed by something or other, either by guru or by some sort of a left-sided attachment or they had troubles like muscular, you see, muscular disability, yes, yes, that sort of thing and all polio, virus infection all are due to the left-sided attack. Virus is due to the left-sided attack of some horrible vegetables which have gone out of the circulation; even tobacco is one of them. It is another devilish thing. Tobacco is a thing that was created by God as insecticide and not to be smoked. But human being, you see, in their original idea try to do everything that is absurd and they started smoking it, and it is a thing that is not to be smoked. That’s not meant for human being from starting and that’s how it started giving the trouble of cancer. It is an attack of the left side.

There is no logic in following these things because what is the interest of Divine or God in making things move? Why should God give you diamonds and things, these material things which are of no value to human beings? And why should God take you away from your body when He has given you this body and separate from there in a dangerous position? There are some people who start suddenly jumping, you see, without their control, and then they think they have become divine because they have started jumping without their own control. But you can always jump, even with your control. So why do you want to lose your control for that? Some people think that when they take out their clothes they have achieved their spirituality because now there are no inhibitions and they have become free birds. Any drunkard can do that. When you lose your awareness, you can do what you like. When there is no control on yourself you can do whatever you like or whatever is done to you: you accept it as a spiritual blessing.

There are some gurus who are teaching you that you can fly in the air. Make that guru fly first of all. Let him jump from this leaning tower of Pisa, and let’s see where does he land. But you pay thousands of pounds to such a horrible hoax and then you get suffering from such a person. You get epilepsies and all kinds of troubles. Spirituality is not illogical. It is not blind faith. You cannot purchase it. You cannot sell it. You cannot put in an effort for it. It is a spontaneous happening or blessing that you have to get at the end of your evolutionary process. Now when we understand that we have to look for what should happen to us.

Yesterday I told you that you get the power of your Spirit. And the power of Spirit first of all is that it’s a universal being within us; placed within us is the universal being. Now this universal being once gets enlightened, and our attention is enlightened within us, we should become universal beings. We should become. Again, I say become. It is not like you form some sort of a group: “We are all brothers and sisters,” and when it comes to calamity, you know they are no more. It should happen in such a way that we should feel that others are part and parcel of our being on our nervous system, on our finger tips. This is our Self-realization. This is our real Baptism, not the artificial one.

Now, to go to the left side, there are many things which human beings use which can take them to the left side. Apart from these horrible gurus there are things like alcohol that can take you away to the left hand side and there are many drugs that take you to the left hand side. A person who had a mother who must have been very strict, never gave her love or maybe that the mother has been all the time a crying baby, never gave joy to the child, such a person can become left-sided. So the left-sided person is always complaining, asking for comfort, always unhappy and always in a very pessimistic mood. But such a person suffers bodily and mentally very much. These people are very emotional and such people can end up in the lunatic asylum when their brain fails, not their hearts, but the brain. They use so much of their heart but the brain fails. That is the balancing factor of nature. Such people can take a lot of domination from others, they like to be dominated and they can be very slavish. But they are sly and sarcastic and can be extremely disturbed.

Now on the other side, of the right side, we have a consciousness which looks after our future. It works all our physical and mental action. So supraconscious area is the area that is our future. Beyond the supraconscious area lies the collective supraconscious. When you enter into the supraconscious area, you come across people who are dead but who have been extremely egoistical. We can say people like Hitler, you’ll find them there. All the arrogant and egoistical and dominating people who have died and still have ambitions to ruin others exist in that area. Hitler himself used the Tibetan tantrism to get hold of such dominating souls. And to rule the German people with the idea that they are a special race. All this, this kind of work in Sanskrit language is called as Bhuta Vidya, Preta Vidya, Smashana Vidya, means the knowledge of the dead. When you get into the supraconscious area, first you start seeing an eye on the Agnya Chakra. That is first. The deviation starts to the right because when you are, then you don’t see it. When you are the light, you don’t see the light.

Then you start seeing things like colors and auras and all kinds of things which have something to do with the elements. This area is even more dangerous than the left side area because when you enter into supraconscious you never get any pains. You get very ego-oriented, you get very dominating and you start saying, “What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” You may kill thousands of people and you say, “What’s wrong, what’s wrong?” You give an explanation, rational explanation for everything that you do. You cross all the norms of life and you are least bothered about it. And this kind of ego-oriented temperament lands up into an area where you become a success, so- called. Such a person can be so much self-opinionated and so much injected in him is the idea that he is so great and he forgets that others are all human beings, made just like him. There are also some drugs that can take you to the right side, like LSD takes you to the right side. Some clairvoyants can be on right side or some could be on left hand side. Right sided clairvoyants can see the future, can talk about the future, could be like good astrologers.

But Spirit lives in no space and in no time. It is not interested in future or past. But it illumines the present which is dynamic, which is real, which is the blissful state. And that is why any intelligent man who is logical should seek the Spirit and not all these nonsensical experiences and sensations. But people are more impressed by the circus they have to go through. For example if somebody says you have to pay 300 pounds to do something, then there is a competition who comes first to pay 300 pounds. And once they enter into that competition, then they don’t want to return because it is below their dignity to accept that they have been stupid to pay those 300 pounds. And some of them feel that, “Now we have paid it so let’s go through it. Why waste the money?” But if you have paid the money for the poison, are you going to go through that? The first criteria should be: what have you achieved out of anything that you have been doing? There is a gentleman who does this kind of thing and then another kind of meditation, third type of thing, anything, is perfectly all right. He doesn’t want to see himself, that what powers does he have himself.

If somebody has written a book, you should not dance at his tune. It is very easy to make people get into fashions, I think. If they publish one article that you must stand like this, you will find all of them standing everywhere. If they say you have to stand on your head, then all of them will stand on their heads whether they have high blood pressure or low blood pressure. Same about Hatha Yoga: now the Hatha Yoga of modern times is absolutely absurd. Patanjali lived thousands of years back when we had a different social system in India. The small children about from five to twenty-five years of age were sent to a university where there were professors and teachers, there were, who were realized souls. And the first criteria was called as [Eeeshwarapranithan?] which means the establishment of God within yourself, means Self-realization first. Now without having any connection with the mains if I start shouting at it, it will be spoilt. Without connection, if you do anything, it’s all wrong.

Then after even when you are connected, there is sign which tells you how to do, what, where and what is needed at this moment. The way these days people are doing so-called yoga has nothing to do with yoga, means union with the Divine, but only thing what’s happening is they are developing a funny body which will ultimately collapse under the pressure of the heart. It is like taking a complete medicine box without knowing what medicines you have to take for what disease. Moreover, every human being requires a different type of a body. Say, there can be somebody who has one element less in that, then that person requires to do asanas which will help him to achieve the fulfillment of a particular element that is missing in him. And after realization you know where the Kundalini is stopping, at what center, what chakras, and then you can do the exercise required for that particular center.

Same thing has happened about Zen. [Vijithama?] was the originator of Zen system of religion, who was a realized soul, and till the 8th century there were only twenty-six realized souls which were called as Kashapas. Now these were no longer available in Zen system so whole artificial stuff started like your artificial style of Baptism.

For example, Tai Chi dance. Now without any vibrations flowing through you, what Tai Chi dance are you doing? Just moving your hand, it’s just an acrobat. Another thing is acupuncture. That also is very dangerous. Why? I’ll tell you. In both the cases when you do such things you are using the energy of your sympathetic nervous system. For example, if you are running very fast then you are using your sympathetic energy to run fast because there is an emergency. But when you stop your running, the parasympathetic gives you the balance and brings your heart to normal. Now this parasympathetic has a limited energy before realization. Only after realization you get connected with that whole energy so that there is no exhaustion of energy. So, when you try to put these needles into different places, what actually you do that if one chakra is exhausted, one center is exhausted, you are trying to take energy from another center or from the third center. It goes on like that.

Those people who do such activities can become extremely dry people. They can become very hot-tempered. They might go in to divorces and problems like that. They cannot be congenial with others. If the left side is exhausted, by then they might become paranoid or nervous. So it can be anything. It can be one extreme or the other extreme, but you cannot be a balanced person. So only thing that human beings have to do to overcome the original sin that is they have become human beings who think, who have taken responsibility upon themselves, is the original sin they committed that is they have become independent from God, to overcome that only thing that human being can do is to get into balance. That’s why Moses came on this earth. He brought Ten Commandments, and in India also in all the scriptures. These Ten Commandments are described in the Bible, in all the Koranic laws, all the Ten Commandments are described that you have to have these laws of the Divine. Our human laws are based on these laws, which have come to us from Divine. These laws are very important to be human beings. Otherwise we become animals or we become some [volcanic?] demons.

Now the problem is, people always try to use their freedom to be abandoned. They use it to deny all that is logical. And to deny all that normalizes them. That’s why these prophets came and told us that you must have a balance. That means don’t go to the right and to the left. Don’t be extremist, but be in balance. But people have lost that sense of balancing and now we have reached in a stage of modern times where it is called as Kali Yuga, the age of complete confusion. This confusion is very important though. Without the confusion we will never try to come out of our original sin. This is the knowledge, so-called, we achieved that we make stupid fools out of us. Or else we create atom bombs and hydrogen bombs to kill our brothers and sisters or else to find out ways and methods how to exploit each other and on top of that to develop a rational explanation for all these kind of stupid or cruel work.

But in Sahaja Yoga we do not talk of any balancing to begin with. We do not ask what are your good or bad habits. Because when you are sitting in your car and something goes wrong with your car, you cannot correct it unless and until you are out of it. You may try to cleanse it and do whatever you like but you have to get out of the car to see what’s wrong with it. For example, if there is something dirty on My sari I do not know it and I think it’s all right for Me. As long as I am identified with this sari then I don’t like anybody criticizing it. But as soon as I take it out and see for Myself, away from it, I know it’s dirty and it must go. This is what Sahaja Yoga is today is called as Maha Yoga because it is not meant for one person, but is meant for thousands of people. “Sahaja” means born with you, spontaneous, like it is born with a seed that it has to be a tree. And “yoga” means union with the Divine. And also “yoga” means the depthness of the technique, technique. In Sanskrit called as [Kowshalam?], Yoga [Kowshalam?].

So when you are realized, what do you feel? First when the Kundalini rises upward, then when She pierces through the fontanel area, giving you the real Baptism, that time you start feeling the cool breeze in your hands. Some people don’t feel it in the hand, they feel it in the head first and then in the hands if their this center is out of gear, which is mostly among Western people is, then they don’t feel it in the hands so much. So you have to correct this center so that they feel it in the hands.

So what do you feel actually? You feel the all-pervading power of God’s love, the Holy Ghost. Because it is that power you are feeling, you can experiment and find out that the power you are getting in your hand, has it got something special about it or not. You have to test it. You have to work it out, experiment with it. After you get the light, you have to give light to others. Christ has said we don’t put the light under the table. You are only enlightened because you can give light to others. So you become your own guru. You start understanding what’s wrong with yourself and correcting yourself. And you don’t mind anything because you don’t like it. And when such a happening takes place, gradually you find that you have become the witness of the whole show. When you are in the water, you are afraid of the waves. But when you get in the boat you see the waves and you are not afraid of them. In the beginning, is rather difficult to forget the habit for some people, but mostly people just jump on to another side and become something different, completely transformed.

Message of Christ is not His crucifixion because crucifixion was His accomplishment by which He got settled into this center of Agnya. He said, “It is accomplished,” means that, that work that He had to do to enter into this very complicated place of Agnya where these two lines cross to enter there and to reside there, was a very difficult job which He accomplished by His crucifixion. And that is the gate, so everybody has to pass through that gate, so it’s only through Christ one has to rise. There are many others but ultimately it is the Christ here, through which one has to rise. So when the Kundalini rises She enlightens or She awakens Christ deity here and then She comes out here thus gives you Self-realization.

Moses did not talk of Self-realization or of second birth. He talked of the balancing because that was the time of people to balance. At the time of Christ it was so horrifying that He could only live for four years. In that short time whatever was possible He said. He said that He will send you a redeemer. He talked of the future. He said, “Anything against Me will be tolerated, but nothing against the Holy Ghost will be tolerated.” Many people believe that Bible is the last word of Christ. It’s not true. Christ was such a great personality that it cannot be contained in one book. He was an eternal being. But before Abraham came into being, we had people in India who were writing about Christ fourteen thousand years back. Are we going to deny the knowledge because they were not included in the Bible?

Even the Bible that is today I don’t know how far it has been tallying with the real Bible that was written because in the New Testament this Saint Paul who has been included. I don’t know what right he had to be there, because he was not with Christ. He killed many Christians in fact. And he suddenly saw a cross so he became such a big Christian that he’s included in the Bible. He created the biggest problem for Christians. He has taught that, I mean the description of the Acts, it’s all written by him and not by the disciples of Christ. I mean he added his own stuff in between. If he sees the cross that means he’s a supraconscious person. And if he’s a supraconscious person, then how are we to rely on his any information? That he said that when the Holy Ghost came as cool breeze, that’s true, but that all the disciples started speaking different languages and they behaved like mad people and everybody said they were mad. It’s a simple question of getting possessed that’s all. But they never got possessed, His disciples. And how can they behave like mad people? If there is Holy Ghost, they must be the sanest people going around.

This is a simple thing that we do not know that when the Holy Ghost comes into us or blesses us we get our realization and a transformation takes place. You become the master of yourself. All your habits drop out. You become a beautiful personality, a compassionate and loving and blissful and relaxed person. You become a universal being and the power of love flows through you, don’t talk about it, just flows. Most of your physical maladies are removed, your mental problems are removed. That’s what it should happen. If it is Holy Ghost has to come to makes us mad, better not have it. But when it is an organized religion nobody can talk, you see, immediately people get very annoyed because it is organized, now fixed. They do not want to think. They have blinkers like the horses have.

So now Catholicism is going towards charismatic, imagine! This is absolutely satanic, anti-God, anti-Christ. The Protestants started this joke much earlier. They called it Pentecostal. They all used to get the spirits in them, they say, “Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.” All of them behaving like that and they said, “Oh, the Holy Ghost has come in us.” No change in their private life or in their understanding of life. Extremely alcoholic and horrid people they were. They had illegitimate relationships and they had illegal licenses with all kinds of dishonest things in India, we have so many of these Pentecost, nonsensical things even in the villages.

In Paris a boy, about twenty-five years, I think, of age came to us in a program and he just started saying, “Ha, hoo, he, he,” all sorts of things he said first of all and then he started crying, weeping and ultimately he fell down on the ground. He was from charismatic movement. He was like an epileptic person. When I went near him and I said to the Satan, “You leave his body!” Then he got all right. The boy felt so much normal, now he’s living in our ashram. He’s a normal person, he’s going to colleges and he’s working all right. And he told Me that all the members of that charismatic church are doing all these nonsense and even the priest is doing the same.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to these people who say, “Christ, Christ” and do nonsensical things in the name of Satan. I would say they are ignorant,They are blind. They have lost their ways and they have lost their [INAUDIBLE]. But it is time for people who are thinking, must know that this is a very dangerous thing for them to do. It is just like any other guru business. I hope people will understand it very soon because I am sure with this kind of happening, you develop also lot of diseases. The children become blind or they just die in their rooms, many incurable diseases are created by this kind of an action. I’m sure one day will come when people will realize it, and they should turn to reality.

The reality and truth is that you are the Spirit. You are the Spirit. The human beings can become the Spirit, not the animals. People should not try to save animals. They should try to save human beings. Human beings, one human being is created out of thousands of animals. It’s so important to think they have no value for themselves. Just they are standing at the brink of becoming the Spirit, and thousands can get realization.

For example, in Indian villages there are people … I have seen thousands to come, they do not come one or two like this. They have no cars but they come in bullock carts, walking to get realization because they know all these trickery and jugglery of spirituality. They are very sensitive to reality. Of course, the westernized Indians are just the same as you people are who like some sort of an artificial show. They are very little complicated, there’s no complication we can say with them, while here people have complicated by having their mental projections about everything. All the outcome of the original sin: “What’s wrong?” The wrong is that you cannot get your realization. The wrong is you cannot become your Spirit. The wrong is you have to live with the wrong all the time. So this is what it is.

Today is the time when thousands have to get realization. As said in the Koran your hands will speak. This is the Resurrection Time. This is the Last Judgment. How are we going to be judged? Is somebody going to put us in some sort of a balance to see how much your weight is or what your beauty points are? Michelangelo has shown in his very beautiful murals in Sistine Chapel, Christ standing like a huge personality and just throwing people on Agnya on the left or the right like that, and they are all coming down to hell, very clearly he showed it. And the realized souls are taken by the angels. There’s no end to all these beautiful things about Christ but now we have spent a lot of time on talking about it. Now let us have realization, I think. It would be better if you can ask Me one or two questions and then we can have the experience of Self-realization.

Any questions?

Is it cold? Might be the vibrations are making you feel cold and not really the cold. How many of you taken My photograph now? All right.

You see, the western people think that Christianity is their own contract. Was Christ born in England or in Belgium? Actually His Mother and He have lived in India much more that they ever came to your western countries. He was much more an Indian than a European, all right. Yes, many people think like that, that He was born in England. And He used to wear suits and ties, you see. No, He was darker than Me. And He had dark hair. Because you have organized Him, you see, you have become the rightful owner of Christ. Actually the Christians who came to India, the missionaries, made the biggest mistake because there were nothing up here, you see, because it is written in the scriptures, in Indian scriptures that Mahavishnu will be born, who will die for your sins and He will take away your sins and your karmas, is written down. But these stupid people didn’t know anything about it, you see, and they went and talked about Christ as He was something like an English man, you see. That when He will come then you don’t have to worry about your karmas. But these people never talked about Mahavishnu. They never tried to find out, nor did they have the idea of Christ, what it means that He died for our sins. So the Indians still carried on with the cleansing of their karmas.

He was described as the incarnation of [Bowtha?], not Buddha, [Bowtha?], the one who is the mild one. And they got confused with Buddha, but they said, “Buddha doesn’t look like that.” If they had told Indians it would have been much better but they didn’t know themselves anything. They are all artificial Christians. It was all political Christianity. They wanted to have majority to become Christians somehow. They put a loaf in the water and would say this is the [beef?] and you have all become Christians now, those who taken water from here.By villages after villages, poor things Indians, you see, they thought, “Oh God! We have committed the sin now, the original sin we have committed so we have become Christians.”

Thank God He was not born in the West. Otherwise we would have had no chance to say anything about Him. He did not know any one of these languages either. But He knew Sanskrit. You know He went to India that you know very well.

All right. You see, the thing is, in India there has been a search on the roots side as I said, and here it has been the shoot and both are complimentary. If you little bit humble down yourself, you will see that as you have knowledge of science, we have there the knowledge about all God’s science. And it should not be resented, it is knowledge, it’s for universal use. It is for the good of everyone. Unless and until you tell about Christ, how are you going to give realization to people? I am not here to give you artificial Baptism with some water on your heads. But we have to talk about Him because He is the principal Deity who has to deal with this subject. I don’t see you as westerners; I see you as human beings. You may see Me as an Indian because of your blinkers.

Now, should we have realization now? Put your hands towards Me, please, all of you and close your eyes. It is the actualization you have to face. You have to close your eyes and place both hands towards Me and don’t open your eyes till I tell you because when the Kundalini crosses through this Agnya Chakra of Christ, there is dilatation of pupils in the beginning and if your eyes are not closed, the Kundalini won’t come up. You see, just the opposite of mesmerism, you can see that.

Just don’t say any mantra or anything, just keep your eyes shut, please. And please do not put in any effort, do not direct your attention in any position or point, just let it be as it is. If it is thinking, let it be. Be relaxed and sit in a relaxed pose, put your hands on your lap in a relaxed way. The aim is to get realization that you have to be the Spirit. Be kind to yourself and fair to yourself and to your Creator who has created you. And don’t be obstinate. Just keep yourself open, it will work out. Our job is to work it out and we can’t say about the fruits. If it doesn’t work out, we work out later on. But it has to work out, and you have to certify yourself. Now we have here people who have come across from Paris and from England who can help us. Later on we can take people from Brussels, from Belgium to other places.

Now put your right hand on your heart, please. And before starting your meditation close your eyes and say one thing clearly that, “Mother I am not guilty.” Please say it again and again. Now you may say again and again, you must say, “I’m not guilty.” Because what could you have done to be that guilty. I’m talking about the ocean of love and ocean of compassion. Let Him judge you. You please don’t judge yourself and condemn yourself. I told you that God has created you with such care and with such love, and you have no business to condemn yourself. You are the highest in this universe and just ready to become a bird out of your egg.

Now put your left hand straight towards Me on your lap, please, and say, “Mother I am the Spirit.”

Keep a relaxed [mouth?], relaxed [INAUDIBLE], relax, relax. Do not go into any pressures, position or anything, just relax. Now put your right hand across your forehead and now say, “Mother I forgive everyone.” Say it from your heart, please. Say it again and again, please. Now put same right hand on top of your head touching your head and try to feel the central area with your palm. Also with your fingers in the central area of the head where you have your fontanel bone, which was a membrane in your childhood. Now just feel on top your head with the right hand if there’s a cool breeze coming out. Now you can try with the left hand and right hand towards Me.