Devi Puja: Only through your hearts you can receive the blessings of this puja

Patricia Deene’s House, Ghent (Belgium)

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Devi Puja, Patricia Deene’s House Gent (Belgium) 22-9-1982

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This is the first time we are having a puja in Belgium. That’s very quick for a puja to be done like that.
Normally we don’t allow people to come to puja unless and until they are established Sahaja yogis.
Because sometimes if they are half-baked, it harms them more in the way that they start doubting and thinking about it. But in the puja you should stop thinking, do not doubt, do not think, then you have the best advantage out of it.
As far as I’m concerned, my chakras start working sometimes with a great force. Say if [name yogi] does puja, he is such a great Sahaja yogi that the deities can start emitting lots of vibrations. But if you are not in the receiving mood, then it takes time for me to take out the vibrations in the atmosphere or in another awareness. So it becomes more difficult for me to have a puja, because sometimes I do suffer with overflowing vibrations which you cannot suck in.
So today as we have ventured to have this puja for all of you, please try to receive, humble down yourselves in your hearts. Only through your hearts you can receive the blessings of this puja.
It is a very higher state when you can do that, but it is alright with Sahaja yoga, they are aware, all the deities, that you are still children, you can make mistakes and you are seekers and you are especially blessed by me.
It is not difficult in India because the one who raises the kundalini like this of masses of people definitely establishes me in their hearts, that I’m the primordial Mother. Because it is written in so many books so they don’t have this problem. While here people have not heard about holy ghost and it’s a secret for them and they just can’t understand. It is impossible to explain to them.
If someone says I’m God, and all that, then they are enamored. Openly if somebody declares I’m God. But that should not be in Sahaja Yoga, we should have an inner circle. Only these people should start growing, then others should follow.
It should not be exposed to everyone, it won’t help much and to me also it doesn’t give pleasure because the vibrations are not sucked in and I have to carry the load upon myself for quite some time till I deliver it to the atmosphere. So it’s a very different system we have. We seldom allow people to join us in the puja, only people about whom we are convinced that they are alright we allow them.

So though it’s a hasty one today we have done I’m sure you people in Belgium will try to receive more don’t think about it. Just expose your body to it, expose your mind to it and get as much as possible.
Because I think now in Belgium I will be here only after a year or so, not before that. But you all can come to London some time. There’s a puja now, there’s a very good puja of navaratri. We must have one big puja for navaratri in London itself and I think it not very far away, you people can come for that puja. That is the beginning of the nine days, nine incarnations of the Goddess when she came on this earth to kill the demons and the devils who were troubling the devotees and the seekers and one has to also know about that part of knowledge, it is very important.
These books, luckily some of them are translated. If you go through them then it will be easier for you to understand. As I told you that India is the root and you are the shoot, so the knowledge is more known to Indians, as science knowledge is known to you, knowledge about God is known to them.
And so there should be no harm in learning about it because you are all seekers you are not scientists. You are seekers of the science of God. So the best thing is to get this into yourselves, open up yourselves, receive the blessings by which you grow. It’s like sunshine to the plants.
May God bless you.
Don’t think. As it is I have stopped you thinking, but try to receive as much as possible with humility.