Spirit Resides Inside You Vienna (Austria)

First Public Program. Vienna (Austria), 26 September 1982.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

[Can you hear her there – all the way? No. Stand here. Or you may use this. Better. I will just speak … All right.]

I’m very grateful to the Sahaja yogis of Vienna, who have invited Me to this place, and this is My first visit to Vienna. This is the last state that I had to touch in Europe and so I must say, […]

Shri Durga Puja: Mind is just like a donkey Vienna (Austria)

Shri Durga Puja. Vienna (Austria), 26 September 1982.
All of you should take bandhan. It’s better before puja.
Today is the first day we are having this puja in this country of Austria. This country is an historical country with different upheavals it has gone through to learn so many lessons in life. But human beings are such that they do not relate the calamities with their mistakes. That’s how they go on repeating the same mistakes again and again. […]