Spirit Resides Inside You

Vienna (Austria)

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First Public Program. Vienna (Austria), 26 September 1982.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

[Can you hear her there – all the way? No. Stand here. Or you may use this. Better. I will just speak … All right.]

I’m very grateful to the Sahaja yogis of Vienna, who have invited Me to this place, and this is My first visit to Vienna. This is the last state that I had to touch in Europe and so I must say, lot of work has been already done in Sahaja Yoga in other countries. Somehow it happened that I had to come to Vienna after such a long time. I’m really very happy to see there are so many seekers in Vienna. And they are the seekers of truth. But first of all, we have to understand what is truth.

Whatever truth we have so far as human beings, has been known to us through our awareness, through our central nervous system.

For example, if you see the flowers, the flowers are white; we can see they are there – this is the truth for us. I touch this steel and I know it is cold, so I know it is steel and I know it is cold – is a fact with My fingers. It is not any imagination or a mental projection to think that this is the flute of Shri Krishna. Because I can see, I can hear and I can feel that I know this is the truth, because I know through My experiences of the central nervous system.

In My own awareness as a human being I know there is fragrance in the flowers. In My own understanding I know the aesthetics of this place. If you take a horse through a dirty lane, he doesn’t feel the dirt and filth and the smell of that place. But a human being, when he passes through those lanes, he knows that it’s dirty, he can’t bear it, because his awareness is such.

This is the difference of awareness in our evolution that we have achieved as human beings. So, one has to know that whatever is going to happen to us has to happen in our awareness. That whatever we achieve or whatever we get in our central nervous system is absolutely logical and can be experimented with. That we can verify it.

It is not like a dark lane that you move on for years together [repeats to the translator: It’s not like a dark lane, dark lane, dark] – but is an enlightened path where you are aware of the higher capacities of human beings. What is the higher capacity of a saint? It is not that the kind of dress he wears or the way he moves about. But the higher capacity of a saint is that he is collectively conscious. Because he’s connected with the Spirit, which is a collective being within us. So that something has to happen in your awareness that you should become, again I say become – actualize the experience of collective consciousness. Like Mohammad Sahib has clearly said that, “In the resurrection time your hands will speak.”

That He said that you can feel in your hands – what hands are going to speak, there’s not going to be any lips here – but you are going to feel something in your hands which is going to speak for you.

Now, when we come to truth, we have to know about its other alternatives and the fakeness of it. Every truth can be faked. Every flower which is living can be made into plastic flowers.

And to make plastic flower is very easy, you can make them by thousands. But the real flowers are rare and are real because they’re actual flowers living on a living force of life.

So the evolution is the living process of the living God. If that is the truth, then we must understand that whatever has happened to us so far in our evolution spontaneously, in the same way something has to happen to us, spontaneously. Like a seed, if it has to sprout, you have to put it in the Mother Earth because she has the quality, she has the authority to germinate it. Do we pay money to the seed to sprout? How can you pay for God? I can’t understand the naiveness of the Western people not to understand that you cannot pay to someone who thinks that he can deliver the spiritual life to you.

These are all parasites, and if you want to have parasites as your guru, you go ahead with it. Nobody can control you in there, because you have the freedom. The other school of thought which is revolting against this kind of fakeness could be that they are all fake, that’s all falsehood, there’s no truth – that’s also wrong.

So many people who have gone through the circus of guru-shopping come to end that we should become communists now. That is also another extreme. That’s a denial of the truth. So it is in the center there is the truth, no doubt about it, but it is not a thing that you can purchase in the market. Specially in the West people are pampered, their ego is pampered, if you can pay for something or you can purchase something, you can possess something. But I said, “You cannot pay for God.” Anybody who takes money in the name of God and lives upon it is a parasite. And the one who is a parasite cannot be your guru, he’s much less than you; you won’t live like a parasite yourself.

And the second point I told you, when it is a living process within you, then you must know that you cannot put in any effort. Is a simple thing of a flower becoming a fruit. Now you jump before it or stand on your head or take out your clothes or wear any clothes – will it become the fruit? How much does it take to jump or to change it or to have some sort of a nude body, how much does it take? Anybody can do that. Sahaja Yoga is a path for the true seekers, and not for the people who run after fake things and do not want to face it. It’s a category of people who are men of God, who are seeking the truth, and who do not accept anything that is fake. And is a category of courageous people, the brave people, who can discard all that is a hang-up or a conditioning on them. So, God has given you everything. While making you a human being, in His gentle care, He has created you a beautiful human being and all the roots are within you. Now, when you try to put in your effort to find God, then you are not spontaneous. It’s all man-made. And in that effort you start moving to the left or to the right. Tomorrow I will tell you in details about the left side and the right side, but today I will just tell you that when you move to the left, you fall into the trap of your subconscious or into the collective subconscious. In Sanskrit it is called as Adi Bhautik. Means it is the collective subconscious within us. You get drawn into it and you start getting lost and completely mesmerized and brainwashed. If you are given an ego trip on the right-hand side, you can fall a-trip to that also. Human beings accept conditionings very fast.

There was an experiment with twenty people in England. They told ten people to behave like prisoners and ten people to behave like jailers. They were just told that, “It’s a drama, you have to be there for a month and we want to see if there is any change in your behavior.” And they were told again and again, “It’s an enactment, it’s not reality, it’s just enactment.” But, when they went into the jail, the jailers became very arrogant and egoistical, and the prisoners became absolutely slavish and going through all the hardships which these ego-oriented people poured on them.

Out of the twenty, only one revolted against this because he was beaten up by these so-called jailers who were acting, actually beaten up. And they came out of the jail and they were surprised at their own behavior. The prisoners had become so weak that they were to be admitted in the hospital for all the tortures they had to go through. And the other ten became so ego-oriented, perhaps they must have joined some political party.

This is the situation of human beings. Now with all this, the masters of evil geniuses – they come as fake gurus. And you are so naïve, you play into it. They have in control lots of evil spirits with them. And they can mesmerize you so well that you’ll do all kinds of stupid things whatever they want you to do.

So they make their money, they have women, they drink, they enjoy the life more than any king or president or any rich man of the world. While the poor disciples are finished with their all wealth, money, health – they look sickly people.

One has to know that when you get your realization, your own powers must manifest. So that you become collectively conscious and that you are spirit, manifest the power of that collective consciousness. Now, the trouble with people is that they are not yet know the knowledge of kundalini in the real sense.

I have read – I mean, I’ve seen and not read fully – but I’ve read some of the books written by Germans and by English and by all Western people, and I was shocked. They had no knowledge about kundalini. Leave alone the knowledge – they had no power from the Divine to awaken the kundalini. They had no character of a saint, which is required to raise the kundalini. They were ugly slaves of their greed and lust, and they were using this knowledge just to make more money.

Now to understand the basic character of kundalini, one has to know that she is your mother. I’m told that German people call their motherland as fatherland, but Father is just a spectator of the play. Only His Shakti, His power, the Primordial Mother, the Holy Ghost does all the job to please this spectator who is sitting alone and watching it.

He resides in your heart as spirit. And the kundalini is the Holy Ghost reflected within you. The nature of the kundalini is that she’s the pure, ultimate desire. This power is called as a residual, because it has not yet manifested itself. The ultimate desire of every human soul is to become the spirit. You may do this, you may do that, you may try everything – ultimately you will come to the conclusion that, “I have not become the spirit.”

So when you become the spirit, then only the manifestation of this kundalini takes place, her ascent takes place and she is the one who creates the position of yoga, the union with the Divine. This is the yoga. Also yoga means kaushalam, means the deftness, the deftness, how to handle the kundalini of others, the whole knowledge of the divine laws and the divine manifestation, is also yoga, is also called kaushalam.

There are all types of yogas these days prevalent, as there are all types of gurus. Now the physical yoga is another kind of a thing which people think is the ultimate for spiritual life. This one comes from Patanjali, who lived thousands of years back in India where we had a very different system of life. Till the age of twenty-five years, the children lived in the forest with their realized souls as their gurus. There, celibacy was so preserved and innocence so respected that a person belonging to the same university could not marry each other.

And these universities were called as gotras. Even today, you cannot marry in the same gotra. The yama niyama, the vyayama, the one you do the exercise, was only done by people who were not married, according to the need of a particular center which was in trouble. We too use these exercises wherever it is needed. But today’s yoga system which we see is nothing like, nothing but taking the whole box of medicine together. Without even finding out what is your prakruti, means what is your temperament, what is the need of your particular body, where is the kundalini, what you have to do to open a particular chakra where you are caught up. I mean, nobody has that knowledge at all. It’s such a mechanical process that has started that we all want to be of the same size just like a machine thing. This one is a very dangerous move because it creates problems for the kundalini to be awakened.

The people who indulge into too much physical attention, and work out too much of physical activities and mental activities become futuristic people. They become very superficial and dry-tempered. With such people there’s a possibility of getting people divorced and fighting and quarreling. The greatest Hatha yogi which I have known in My life was Hitler. And he used tantrikas from Tibet to get him the power to control the ego of people. And he made them so violent that they could not see what they were doing. There are many gurus who do that way today also. They can make you so violent that you cannot see what you are doing. Or they can make you just cabbages, so that you lose all your being and become somebody else. But it is done so well that people who do not know about the knowledge of kundalini and spirit can be easily captured.

I call the West as the progress of the shoot, of the outside of the tree.

They know science, politics, economics very well. They can create atom bombs to kill themselves. They can create even worse things than that. They haven’t got the knowledge of the roots on which they are growing. And the knowledge of the root only can be known when you become the spirit, that’s the beginning. This is a big disadvantage for the saints who are born on this beautiful side of the earth. So many seekers are born in the West. As the desire of God must have been to give them a comfortable life, to get them unemployed, so they can be used for God’s employment (loudly). They got watches to see, to save the time, save the time, save the time. For what? To go into a pub? Or read some horrid books? Or waste your life with these horrible gurus?

So, in the West we have the saints, in the East we have the wisdom. In the West, people are seeking because they are seekers. They are a special category of people who are born in the West. But they lack the basic wisdom to understand what is the truth. What do we have to achieve? What do we have to become? This basic wisdom will not be told to you by the people who want to make money out of you. They want to make a business out of it. And thus there’s a big problem for the saints of today. As you belong to that area which I call the shoot of the tree, people can get enamored by the superficial things. You can be impressed by somebody who tries to pamper your ego. Or could be somebody who dominates you, like Hitler. So it is a great responsibility of all the seekers in the West to take to wisdom, first of all. Logically, you must reach right conclusions.

So when it comes to spirituality, you are prepared. Supposing I come to Vienna from somewhere lost conditions – how will I know this is Vienna, unless and until somebody says this is the way to go to Vienna? And how will I know it is Vienna because I should know what Vienna is like, first of all.

So, one comes to another conclusion that the description of the collective consciousness must be already there in the scriptures which are written long time back. It has to tally the findings of the psychology, like Jung psychology. It has to tally the many predictions; like thousands of years back, there was a book written called Nadi Granth by Bhrigu, who was the pioneer of our astrology. We should find out from other sources like great poets, like William Blake*, I know English, has clearly written about Sahaja Yoga. So many such realized people, great people, like Dante, you can say, Homer, you can say, they have written about Sahaja Yoga in so many ways. If we take to all these things, then we know that this is Vienna. But we should not be brainwashed by people who just give us big stories or read some book and convert it into some other knowledge and say, “This is this, this is this”, and just talk, talk, talk.

Now the time has come, to become. Now the time has come for this divine power to manifest itself. We see a flower becoming a fruit, billions and billions of them in their seasons.

We see ourselves breathing, we see ourselves digesting, we don’t pay for it, do we? Then who is doing all this? Which is that power that is doing? We don’t even think about it. We just take it for granted. Look at these eyes that are made, are the best camera that you can think of, so advanced. Look at this human body, so great. Look at this human brain, so expansive. Why all this was made, and who has done it? Why we have become human beings from amoeba? What is so great about human beings that they are the epitome of all the creation? Is it just to sit down and feel guilty about all small nonsensical things? Or to weep over all mundane stuff? No, it is to become something that is the instrument, to know something that will give you the power. This all-pervading power should become your power. Power is always connected with violence somehow – at this level of human existence. But I’m talking of the power of divine love that transforms this flower into fruit, that has transformed you from amoeba stage to this, and that is going to transform you into your state of realization. How an egg grows into a bird? And how at the right time the bird comes completely transformed from the ordinary egg? This power is the power of Holy Ghost.

People do not like when I talk about Christ. The other day in Belgium a lady asked Me why should I talk about Christ in an Indian way? I told her, “Was Christ born in Belgium? Or was He born a Westerner?”

Many know that He lived in India and not in England. Why, have you taken His contract, that you think you know all about Christ?

You’ll be amazed that about Christ was written fourteen thousand years back in India. Bible is not enough to contain such a great personality. By saying, “We love God, we love Christ and Christ is love”, this is all imaginary behavior. It’s just a fantasy. Reality is that Christ exists within you and He is to be awakened within you. It is He who said, “You are to be born again.” What are we doing about it? We call somebody and say, “All right, I’ll baptize your child”, artificially you take some water, pour on his head and say, “He’s baptized.” This is all artificial. So, when people get disillusioned from this kind of artificial behavior, they fall into another mess.

You don’t have to go anywhere. Your spirit resides within you. You don’t have to go to the forest in seeking. Your kundalini is within you. Your centers are there. The kundalini will rise and you will become Self-realized. As an egg becomes the transformed bird, you will become the spirit. You don’t have to run for it. But first thing one must know that we have to know all about it, first of all. If you are still busy with your reading and busy with your ideas and your conditionings, it’s not going to work out. It’s act better with the people who are simple and not so complicated.

So I would request you to ask Me some questions about it. Today is just an introduction I have given you in short. You can ask Me questions, but the questions should be suggestive of your seeking, that would be better. If you belong to any cult or any opinion, you better think about it – what have you got out of it? Here I am, I am saying that you have to be your spirit and can happen through Sahaja Yoga. Sahaja means spontaneous happening, and yoga is the union. And that is what I think we have to achieve, and that’s what you want.

But I’ve seen so many people who come just to argue with Me when they haven’t got anything, as just like unpaid pleaders, because they cannot accept that there might have been some mistake. Human beings after all, have to make mistakes, there’s no wrong in that.

They should not feel guilty about it. They should not feel guilty about anything whatsoever, because I’m talking about God, who is the ocean of love; who is the ocean of compassion; who is the ocean of forgiveness. But we do not even understand that ocean, how great it is. How beautifully it cleanses us, gives us a nice bath, beautifully traps us into nice warmth, and takes us to the realm of His kingdom. This is happening en masse now. It is happening in other countries – specially in India thousands of people have got realization in the villages. And it should happen to all of you here. But if you are not seeking, I cannot force.

Youcannot take the horse…You can take the horse up to the river, put his mouth in the river – but the horse has to drink the water and enjoy the satisfaction.

This is all your freedom. You have to achieve in your freedom. We cannot force it on anyone. So there is no need for you to be any way aggressive. Because even if I want, I may not be able to give you realization.

It has to work out some time for some people. So I have to request you, be kind to yourself and fair to yourself. You are a seeker and you have to have your realization.

And that is why I’m here. I have come to give you something. That should in no way challenge your ego. As I was telling this morning, I don’t understand any laws, I do not understand any copyright, I do not understand insurance, I don’t know how to drive. But, one thing I know is kundalini. So you should not feel hurt if I know it, but you will know yourself. You will be able to do it yourself. There’s one person in India who got realization and so far he has given realization to ten thousand people.

Tomorrow I will also tell you how kundalini awakening, as a by-product, manifests the curing of incurable diseases like cancer and other diseases. How it cures mental diseases and how it takes you out of the clutches of your bad habits. And how you become your own guru.

So I would like to have some questions from you. If you have to ask any questions, please ask Me, without any fear.

Thank you very much. May God bless you.

Question: Mataji, he asks the difference between Purusha in Indian language and the Holy Ghost?

Shri Mataji: Purusha is the God-Almighty. Holy Ghost is His power which manifests this universe and is the kundalini within you. That is the Holy Ghost. It’s called as Adi Shakti.

Question: Shakti means the dynamic aspect of the Holy Ghost?

Shri Mataji: Adi Shakti means Primordial Power.

Question: He asks what kind of meditation do you request, you will give them?

Shri Mataji: That I’ll tell you. A good question. That’s what I’m going to tell you.

Question: Mother, he asks about the manifestations when the kundalini rises?

Shri Mataji: That I’m going to tell you later on – the whole thing, isn’t it, it’s a complete subject which I’ll handle. I’m going to be here for three lectures now in Vienna. So in one lecture I thought of giving you the introduction, and later on I’m definitely going to tell you all things about it. Everything. No secrets.

Question: He asks just about what do you feel physically when the kundalini rises?

Shri Mataji: That I will tell, just now, just now I will tell. That the first time you feel the all-pervading power as cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. Coming out of your head also. And in your fingers, you start feeling it all around you.

Question: He asks what happens with the breathing and with the heart?

Shri Mataji: You become very normal.

Question: He tells it’s not the kundalini then.

Shri Mataji: Why, what should happen, you should die? You have read something, now you see for yourself. Reading is not the way to get convinced, is a mediocricy. You may go on reading thousands of books; you cannot get your realization from books.

Question: Mother, do You believe that we don’t need a guru in general?

Shri Mataji: Cool? (Translator: Guru, guru). No, you do need a guru – in the sense that an enlightened light can only enlighten another light. But where are the real gurus? They are all hiding in the Himalayas or some other places, and when I tell them, they say, “We are not interested in these people, they are not seekers.” The only people who are interested in your purses are down here, in the market. With great persuasion I sent one guru to America, who returned within three days. He said, “I had enough of these Americans – horrible people. They only understand dollars, they don’t want to have reality. They have no time for that.”

Question: Mother, he asks if – to get realization is only possible after certain meditation, or if you can prepare the people to get this experience?

Shri Mataji: If you are a human being, you can get realization. You are already prepared because you are a human being. But if your human sustenance is little bit spoiled, then the kundalini, though it comes up, it may go down a little, come up a little, and it will establish itself.

Question: Mother, he doesn’t understand how he comes to the spontaneous experience? He thinks, he has to meditate, or something.

Shri Mataji: You cannot meditate, you go into meditation. That’s very simple, I’ll tell you what happens really. You have to put your hands towards Me like this. How you see the [tree] the leaves become green, in the same way you put your hands towards Me, and as I am a Realized Soul, the information goes through these fingers. Through them the information goes to the kundalini, and she rises. Spontaneously. Like the Mother Earth, when you put the seed in the Mother Earth, the seed knows it’s the Mother Earth and the primule – the germinating power – arises by itself. Then you are in meditation, you don’t have to do meditation, you are in meditation.

When it is obstructed in some people, you can see with the naked eye the pulsation of the kundalini at the sacrum bone. You can hear the rising of the kundalini with the stethoscope, even you can see with your naked eyes if there is obstruction. When she crosses this Agnya Chakra, then you become thoughtlessly aware. You are aware, but there is no thought. There are many who talk about thoughtless awareness, but they never achieve it. Then you go beyond, when it comes onto the head here, you feel the throbbing on your head here. And then you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head.

We must know that what we can do like jumping, doing all other things, can be done by everyone. But the living force does something that we cannot do. We cannot make the cool breeze come out of our head, can we? And you are not to be satisfied, give a false certificate about it; you have to certify yourself.

Then your fingers are enlightened. Because these are the seven centers – five, six and seven. About which I’ll tell you tomorrow in details. They will all get enlightened. And from the fingers like this you can make out what chakra of a person is catching. If the left side is catching that means there’s an emotional problem; if the right side is catching means there’s physical or mental problem. Then you can also know the permutations and combinations which are decoded, you can verify them. Sitting down here you can find out about anyone, even the dead people – were they realized or not? If they were realized you will start getting a cool breeze. That’s the rapport established with the Divine.

Any absolute question you ask – and if it is the answer is ‘yes’ – then you get a cool breeze flowing. If somebody is a false person, you get burnings. If he’s a evil genius, you might get even blisters, little bit. If somebody is going to die, then you get the numbness on the fingers. (repeats to translator: If somebody is going to die, then you get numbness on the fingers.) So once you know about the chakras, then you have to know how to correct it. All this knowledge is your own, and is to be given to you. It has to be all free, as I said.

It is, I would say, I’m like a cashier in the bank. And I am just giving you what you have got already within yourself. Also the knowledge to know the things that you have got. And how to use them. It cannot be believed that there could be someone like that. There have been many more like this – I am One of them.

May God bless you.

Question: which kind of religion do you have, Mother?

Shri Mataji: Is the religion of all the religions. Because it’s the essence of everything. Actually all the religions started with life’s force only. All the incarnations and prophets were true and all connected. Absolute concord. And it’s such a coordinated thing within ourselves and they are placed within ourselves. But all these beautiful flowers which grew onto the Tree of Life were taken away by each one of them, and they have said, “This is mine, this is mine.” The flowers are dead and ugly.

Question: Mataji, many of us have learned that it is extremely dangerous to wake up this kundalini, I’m sure You know that.

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes, they all say so. That’s the only escape they can have, My child. That’s the only escape they can have. That is a very difficult thing is, your karmas, your this thing. See, if I have to handle that camera, I will say it is very difficult – beyond Me. But I should be honest to say that, “I don’t know anything about it.” I must be knowing something about it, that I say so positively.

Three questions. One by one, now, this gentleman has asked, this side.

Question: Is there any connection to these para-psychological powers?

Shri Mataji: No that is Adi Bhautik. Parapsychology. The parapsychology has to deal with Adi Bhautik, is the left side, the collective subconscious. You cannot explain anything, what you are doing, you see, you are flying in the air, what you are doing, you don’t know. How you are curing, you don’t know. You are blind. But in Sahaja Yoga, even a child knows. If he’s a born-realized, he knows. He knows what chakras people are catching. If they are very highly Self-realized souls, they also know about kundalini.

There are many children these days born who are realized souls. But those who are not realized are the parents, and they don’t understand their children. Great saints are taking their birth on this earth these days. Till you get realization, you won’t understand them. If we have to discuss colors with blind people, how can we? If our eyes are open, if the light is on, we can see everything. It is just a wee bit of jumping, the breakthrough – it’s a little bit.

Question: Mother, he has something to do with geometry. Is there some power in geometric shapes?

Shri Mataji: Of course. Yes, yes, of course. Everything has power. But you don’t know the essence of anything. Mathematics has powers – how do you get your formulae? Your formulae, say for a pi?

Yogi: [ …announces following lectures in Urania, Vienna… ]

Shri Mataji: Now, we can say – what did you say, Gregoire?

Gregoire: I’m just suggesting that as most of the questions are going to be answered in your next lectures…

Shri Mataji: Is better to write down. You see, I’ll answer them, is better, in My speech I will give you answers about it, but moreover it’s the ocean of knowledge. When you will yourself have the light, you can see through, yourself.Now there are some books also written by Sahaja yogis for Sahaja Yoga seekers. But we don’t give them to people who are not yet established. Unless and until your realization is established, these books are not given to you. Because they can be like any other book, and you may just neglect your growth.

This gentleman.

Question: …about what Gopi Krishna wrote about kundalini… ?

Shri Mataji: Gopi Krishna. – You sell that book off. – Who is Gopi Krishna? Has he given realization to anyone? What is his authority to write on kundalini? He writes like a villager who touches an electric point and says that electricity burns you. He is like – you go and see his private life – what sort of a life he leads. At least you must know that when he talks of kundalini, he talks as if he’s a third party. Like a shock. You see, like, “I say I get a shock out of it,” means I don’t know anything about it. You want to have another shock? Why do you believe in him? What has he done? You see, just because of reading a book, are you satisfied, my child? You are a seeker, why should you be satisfied with a book? Why don’t you see for yourself? Again I’ve said, just a book he has bought, and he is wasting everybody’s time for one book. He has done no good to anyone. What good he has done is only he has taken sixty-five lakhs of rupees from Indian government for a so-called research center in India which is not yet started. Because the then minister who was in charge was also a Kashmiri. I have to tell you one thing: Indians are very intelligent people and if they come to dishonesty, no-one can beat them. They are past masters, they are past masters.

I feel otherwise also about Indians that the attacks you did on them as white people, was a gross attack – outside. Now this is a subtle attack is coming on you, from them, which you must understand. [Loudly.]So, one must not just believe into something that is published, how much does it take to create a book? Because you have read one book, you have no business to take the time of others. It’s not being civil.

Thank you. What else, please?

Question: Mother, he thinks it needs a certain maturity of character to raise the kundalini.

Shri Mataji: Of course, no doubt about it. But this maturity you get with the power of your spirit. When your spirit shines through, your attention becomes enlightened. And then you grow into new areas. We can give you the example of a bird which comes out of an egg. Actually, in Sanskrit language a bird is called as dvija, and a Self-realized person is also called as dvija. It means ‘twice-born’. First the bird comes out of the egg, then it tries to fly a little bit, and ultimately it receives the power and it gets confident and it spreads its wings around. But in the beginning, the mother bird looks after the baby bird. She hides behind and calls the little bird so the little bird takes the courage to fly. And that’s how it works out.

Now we have got many people from Italy and from England and from Switzerland and from Australia, who have come to help Me here. They are realized souls, they know how to swim. So, next time I don’t have to import people from outside, I hope in Vienna, because you yourself will grow into beautiful people, all-powerful and all-glorious. I am sure, I can see that. But be truthful. Be honest to yourself, and kind to yourself. Because you are seekers and you do not know your past. So get your crowning glory, and enjoy the eternal bliss of heavens.

All right. Now I think we should go in for the experiment. It will not take much time. So, one should go in for it. Without making any effort, you have to just put your hands like this. Take out your shoes, just for the Mother Earth to help us. Put your feet on the ground. Please, put your feet on the ground, straight. And just spread your hands, just like this. And close your eyes.

The gentleman who asked question, if he wants to go, he can go away, or if he has to sit here, you better put your hands like this. Because those who are adamant spoil the vibrations of others. They are just here to disturb. If they want to have shocks, let them have shocks.

All right – put your hands like that. Close your eyes, please. You have to keep your eyes shut. It is just the other way than the hypnotism. Now keep your hands straight, relaxed on your lap. And keep your eyes shut. Be comfortable. Don’t put in any effort, please. Just keep your eyes shut, that’s important. Because when the kundalini rises above your Agnya, if the eyes are open, it will be hindered.

Now few instructions I’ll give you how to raise your kundalini. But don’t open your eyes. Put your left hand towards Me and right hand on your heart. The hand towards Me should be on your lap, the way it was before. On your lap, upward.

Now putting the hand on the spirit you ask a question in your heart, “Mother, am I the spirit?” Ask it thrice.

[Yogi asks Shri Mataji from behind, “What are you feeling? What are you feeling?”]

Please put your right hand at the left side of your neck, right hand. From the front.

[Again say it.]

Now, this is the problem of the West, all the time, I find people feel guilty for nothing at all.

And say in your heart, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Just say it eight times that, “Mother, I am not guilty.”

Now put the hand down below, on the stomach and ask a question, “Mother, am I my own guru?” Ask ten times. Put the right hand on your stomach and ask a question, “Mother am I my own guru?” Left hand towards Me and on the stomach and ask the question, “Mother am I my own guru?” Left hand should be kept on the lap, very relaxed. Ask the question ten times. [Say loudly] “Mother am I my own guru?”

Now just raise the hand again to your heart, and say, “Mother I am the spirit.” Say it twelve times. [Twelve] This is the number of sub-plexuses we have. “Mother, I am the spirit.” Now … [behind there I think they are not…]

Now put this hand again at the neck and say thrice, “Mother I am not guilty.” This is very important.

Now put the right hand across your forehead. Now you have to say, “Mother I forgive everyone,” with your heart, with honesty you say it twice. Now put the hand on top of your head, touching in the center with your fingers, where you had the soft bone, and move it clockwise. Move your scalp clockwise, backwards and forwards. Now raise your hand and see if there’s a cool breeze coming in.

[Gregoire speaks to the audience to encourage going higher.]

Shri Mataji: [What’s it?] Higher. Higher. Better. [Warm.]

It’s hot. So now you put your left hand on top of your head … and see if it is cool. [Better]

Again raise your right hand and put the left hand on the liver. Put your right hand on the head. Liver. Left hand on the liver. That’s wrong. Good.

[Instructing yogis working on people] Put them left to the right now if you can. Put them left to the right. If you can put them left to the right. And then raise it. Left to the right, left to the right. That’s all right.

Now see if there’s a cool breeze coming in.

[To yogis] Agnya. Ah, better.

Now put both the hands towards Me. Now see if there’s cool breeze coming in your hands. Just see it.

[To yogis] You go round. All right? See if he can feel it.

[To yogini behind] Lower. Press it hard. Press it hard.

Just feel his head. Ask him to be comfortable.

Please don’t feel guilty. It will work out.

[How is it? Started?]

Hah. Right. Don’t think about it. It starts working. The cool breeze is coming out of many people. Just see your, raise your hand and see for yourself. [Say that the cool breeze is coming out of your head in many people and see for yourself.] And don’t think about it.

[To yogi] Right.

[Shri Mataji sends cool breeze through the microphone]

Better now.

First you will feel it on top of your head, and then you will feel it on your fingertips, as you’ll be growing. But some of you might feel both the things.

[To yogis] They’re feeling it? Better? Better now?

[To yogini behind: [Inaudible] Put it on the heart. Little higher. [Inaudible][This side. Move it in the center of the heart. In the center, in the center of the heart, little bit this side. Press it hard.

Put it at the kundalini. Put your hand at the Kundalini. Press it hard. Little higher. Like that. Place the other hand like that outside. Left Swadishthana.]

Some of you have to say again that, “Mother, I am not guilty.”

Now you have to say, “Mother, please give me my realization.” You have to ask because I cannot overcome your freedom. Ask seven times please.

Once you feel the cool breeze you’ll tie up … all the Sahaja yogis should tie them up.

Those who are feeling the cool breeze over their head please raise your hands, all of you. You can see for yourself.

Just move your hand up and down.

He’s got it.

Raise your hand if you have got cool breeze in the hand. Raise them. Got it? Horrible. But it will go out. You’ll have to give up that man.

But to keep it up and to establish it you have to listen to us. You have got it because of your seeking but it will go down in case you have problems or you are doing things which should not be done. So please listen to us. Again tomorrow please come and you’ll grow more and you will find the difference tomorrow again. You must take out everything that is in your neck in the night. Take out your watches. Place yourself free. And they will give you the photograph.

[Have you got? Today?] [Yogi: Tomorrow.]

All right, tomorrow they’ll give you the photograph. And tomorrow again we have to re-establish. Please don’t think about it and discuss it. It is beyond thought. Maintain your peaceful behavior.

May God bless you.

I will teach you now how to raise your kundalini. Get your eyes open. You put your hand in the centre of kundalini, left hand. And now start rolling, your right hand. This is the hand of your action. This way.

Put it forward, downward, backwards and upwards. Now put up your hands as much as you can and give it a knot, to your kundalini. That’s the first time. Now take another awakening. Move your hand again the same way slowly. Your hand will know itself. When it is cleared out it will move much faster, so do not force it. Now take it on top of your head and give it one knot, slowly. Turn it, turn it quite a lot and give it a knot and take it down.

Now take another one. This is the last and the third one. Now take your hands as far as possible and give a big [turn?] Now do tie three knots. One, two and three and bring down. Throw your hands like this. Throw away everything and now see. Now see the flow in the hands. Feeling the cool breeze? Good. Some of you will definitely feel it.

You’ll feel very peaceful, comfortable, and you’ll sleep very well. Wear plain clothes, loose clothes in the night [loose clothes and plain; plain; means not colored] and when you come tomorrow, don’t discuss it. I’m here for two days and I’m sure I’ll establish it before going.

I have to make a humble request, to people who are wearing orange clothes and all that please take them out. If time comes tomorrow I’ll tell you the secret of that also. Listen to Me for six-seven days when you are with me. I’m your Mother and I’ve come here to tell you something that is the truth. So just listen to Me, wear simple dresses, tomorrow come in a simple dress, not tight dresses, so that Kundalini is easily … Something normal, wear something normal, whatever is normal for Vienna people they should wear that dress. Nothing abnormal.

May God bless you.

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