The right and left sympathetic nervous system

Vienna (Austria)

1982-09-27 The right and left sympathetic nervous system, Vienna, Austria, 118' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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1982-09-27 yogi intro, Public Program Day 2, About the Roots, Vienna, Austria, 16'
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1982-09-27 The right and left sympathetic nervous system, Vienna NITL-RAW, 141'
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2nd Public Program, Vienna (Austria), 27 September 1982.

Today again we are back together and I bow to you all who are the seekers of truth. Yesterday it was the introduction of Sahaja Yoga in which I explained to you what is the truth. A gentleman yesterday raised three, four questions regarding kundalini. As I told you that the knowledge of this kundalini is the knowledge of the roots on which we sustain ourselves. The whole instrument is called as tree of life in the bible. Actually Christ didn’t have sufficient time to explain many things because he was crucified so prematurely. We only know 4 years of his life where he spoke to people, where his disciples, whatever they could gather, have written in their own opinions. So now whatever I tell you about kundalini, I say is the knowledge of the roots we know about the shoot. In the West specially we know about the shoot and nothing about the roots.

This knowledge has been a secret knowledge for thousands of years till it came in the sixth century the Adi Shankaracharya, who was a very great realized soul, who came on this earth, he started talking about it. About 14’000 years back since then we can see there were poets who wrote about kundalini like Markandeya. But it is in the poetry form and was only available to very few people who were capable of coming to the situation of self-realization.

About 8’000 years back, Raja Janaka, who was the father-in-law of Shri Rama, was the first one, where we see clearly that one disciple called Nachikita who went to him for self-realization. But Janaka told him, you can ask for anything else, but not for self-realization. So we can understand very few people got realization in those days. Viditama, who was a disciple of Buddha went to Japan and started Zen system of religion. Zen Zen means meditation. But it is written that there were only 26 kashapas up to the eighth century. Kashapas are the realized souls. So in the sixth century Adi Shankaracharya talked about it. In the bible there is a mention that I will appear before you like tongues of flames. Bible is a sacred book, but is also very secretive. The knowledge of bible is extremely symbolic and unless and until you are a realized soul you cannot understand it. So this kundalini resided here in the triangular bones of {inaudible} called sacrum. This bone is called “sacrum” by the Greeks. And they know a lot about the Primordial Mother and her manifestations into three aspects. I asked them, when did you discover all these things, was that when Alexander came to India? So they said no, it was discovered much, much before that, when there was Indo-Arian report between our country and India.

When you travel, you are sometimes amazed the way people knew about kundalini and so many things, how did they know in those days when this knowledge was so secretive. That shows from the unconscious. The knowledge about kundalini has been coming into the human awareness. Moreover some people took to a kind of a meditation by which they were thrown outside their body. Which is a very dangerous thing to do, of course. By which they could go around the chakras and see the colors of the chakras and could describe them. But when you are inside them you don’t see it. When you are outside the building, you can see it, but when you are inside, you don’t see it. So this outside movement is not the one which we are going to think of. Just now somebody has told you about the two sides that we have, the left and the right. And I told you yesterday that when we try to put in any effort to know God, we move either to the left or to the right. If you move to the left, you enter into collective sub-conscious area ultimately. In Sanskrit language it is called as Adi Devi, Adi Bautik.

All that is built within us since our birth is recorded it that area, is, lives in that area. Whatever has been dead since our birth since our birth from the very beginning from the creation. Recently I saw a very good film by some BBC doctors, with the doctors who said that the cancer is caused by certain type of proteins which are called as protein 58, protein 52, and these proteins enter into our body, into our being from the areas which is built since our creation. I have in my work of kundalini for so many years now have discovered that most of the cancer patients – I haven’t met one who is not – have the problem of the left side. Left-sided are the people who follow wrong paths of meditation, wrong gurus, fake gurus and subserve them, become their slaves. Because these gurus use some dead spirits to mesmerize people.

As I told you yesterday, the right side also could be there, like Hitler was the most right-sided person who used another style of spirits, who could excite the violence in people. But it is not only the gurus, it can be anything that has to do with the dead. Like we can say ESP, parapsychology, all those things which we do not know about, clairvoyance. These things are not known to the psychologists or to your doctors. So, it so happens that they say that they cannot cure these diseases and they call them incurable diseases. All the mental problems plus incurable diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, all of them come with this left side movement in a human being. I will show you how the center is made.

Now this is the center and we have a right and left, right and left movement of the right and left sympathetic nervous system, this is the center. The center is formed by the left side and right side circle of the fingers as you can see clearly. Now when a person asserts too much movement onto the right or to the left, this just gets dislocated. Now when it has dislocated, this center loses its power because its deities or its inspiring force dies out. And the cells which are looked after by this center become on their own, they become on their own. Because the relationship with the whole is lost. So they start growing out of proportion to other cells. So then we say that these cells are malignant, because they can just grow like a nose will grow too big to cover the whole face and no other cell can grow under their overpowering. This is one of the examples. Now the other diseases that can be called by left side behavior are the diseases of the mind, but mind is a very vague thing in the Western language.

To make it clear, let us see that the left side, the movement of the left side that is emotional movement, emotional behavior, too much emotional inclination causes the left side to move or activate too much. Any emittance that comes in from the left side reacts violently on the left sympathetic nervous system. Now, when that happens, the left side movement starts, the surprising thing is that when we work it through our heart, because emotions come from our heart, our brain quits. That shows that there is a balance attached in the whole system that if you work too much with the heart, then your brain fails. And the right-sided person is a person who works for the future, the one who plans for the future, the one who uses his body for the activating of the desire. When this activity takes place, physical or mental, then another thing is developed in our head as a by-product, is the ego. Left side the super-ego is developed and the right side the ego is developed, but they cross over. By the time you are twelve years of age, these things get completely covered and the fontanel bone area becomes a calcified bone. That’s where you develop your ideas; you become Mr. X, Mr. Y. I would say that’s how you become the egg.

Now those people who are right-sided, who are very futuristic can become in their old age, they get a loss of memory gradually because they live in the future not in the past. Such people are very ego-oriented and they try to dominate others, they are very dominating and they dominate others. These people when they work through their physical or for mental efforts, they think they are doing everything. This is a very big myth. A human being cannot transform one flower into fruit. Whatever work he does, is the dead work. If a tree is broken or dead, you use it for your furniture or for a building, you think, oh I’ve done a great job. Even in the science you work with the dead. Living force has not been harnessed by human beings as yet. Even when they have a tube baby, they have to take a living ova and thing, otherwise they cannot make a tube baby. But these formations of different dead things like from say, from a wood to the chair, makes you slaves of the matter. Once you get used to the chair, you can’t sit on the ground. You have to carry your chair on your head everywhere you go. That is how the matter all the time tries to suppress your spirit and to overcome it. Through science we have been able to do this quite a lot to achieve many things for our comfort. Also we have been able to achieve a sort of a mastery we think over matter. But actually the matter has become the master. We can’t live without petrol, we can’t live without electricity, we can’t live without ordinary things of life which we get out of this material advancement. And today what we find, after all this search we have been doing, we have created atom bombs and horrible things just to destroy us. This ego is so subtle that we cannot feel it. If it is super-ego you get pains, troubles and you feel sick and you go mad. But ego you don’t feel, you trouble others you don’t trouble yourself. Now this ego gives you problems also physical.

The first problem comes in when you start thinking too much for the future. The future doesn’t exist actually, it’s a myth. But when you start planning about the future, a big strain comes on the second center called as Swadishthana within us. This center Swadishthana manifest outside in the gross, the aortic plexus. The main job of this Swadishthana chakra is to convert the fats of the stomach for the use of the brain, which is working very hard. But is has many other things to be done: it works out the liver, it works out the spleen, the pancreas, and kidneys and also the uterus. So now when you start giving it job just to transform this fat for your brain, all the others are handicapped. So such people develop liver troubles or they develop diseases like leukemia. Or they can develop a problem of the pancreas which can be like diabetis or can have blood pressures from the kidneys and also for the women they cannot produce children or they become dry and they don’t want to produce children. The right-sided people are like dry sticks, you have to be careful when you go near them, they are very hot-tempered and they think no end of themselves. But they have another check; when they think too much with their brain, their heart fails. Because they are thinking too much about their physical body, the spirit gets angry, and it disappears, which is in the heart.

All heart troubles come to people who are right-sided and never to the left-sided people. We have a doctor with us here who is a doctor as well as a psychologist and he told me that they have got a machine to take a cardiograph of the patients, but not one patient in the lunatic asylum ever got heart problems. Their hearts are as sound as ever till they die. This is the check of the nature. So now we have seen so many diseases caused by the left side or the right side extreme movement of human beings. Now let us talk about the centers. When you move to the left or to the right on every center you assert a pressure. Now we have a very important center, called as a navel center, called as Nabhi chakra. This is the center which is responsible for our evolution. This evolution started from the animal stage when people just felt hungry. Means the amoeba felt hungry, and then we can say the fishes felt that they should go across the river or across the ocean because they had to eat. Up to the human stage, all evolution took place through this center, with the desire to eat.

But at the human center, people developed a sense that there must be something beyond, is not only eating. So they developed their ego, they thought it is the power they must seek, power over other men, other people, power as politicians, as kings and queens. Then some of them felt that it is too egoistical, so it’s better to take to the left side. They took to drinking and all that to overcome their ego. In their drunken state, they thought of emotional romanticism and all artificial phantasies with which they live at the most for a year or so. And then it all finishes off and then they are divorced. Because it’s not reality. So,you cannot live with unreal things for a long time. And once you discover it is unreal, you just disappear again into another side, that is the right side.

So, human beings started moving, wobbling from left to right, right to left, left to right. Like when they don’t have wars, they settle down not in peace but in arranging for another war. All human endeavors, whether it is politic, economic or anything, is unreal. It has nothing to do with reality. That’s why it fails. Actually we have never felt the reality so far. Because we are in transition, at human level we cannot feel the reality. Unless and until you have that break-through into your unconscious, you cannot feel the reality which is the all pervading power of God, which is the all pervading love of God. Unless and until your awareness becomes that subtle, you live with unreal things in every way.

Take your economics for example, it is said that the wants are satiable in particular, but in general wants but are not satiable. One want can be satisfied, for example, you want to have a house, all right, that you’ll get. But you get a house, then you want to have a car, you have the car, then you want to have a horse, then you have the horse, you want to have a helicopter. You go from one want to another want. That is not satiable. Now when this is so, then why are we running after this madness? Why it is so that it cannot be because matter cannot give you joy. It cannot give you that ultimate thing for which you are made. It cannot give you the meaning of your life. There is something beyond which you have to seek; if you do not seek that and get it, you will never be satisfied. When your ego will be supported, you will feel happy, and when super-ego will be there, you will be unhappy. You will be dwindling into happiness and unhappiness. So you can never receive the actual joy of reality. So, one is definite that matter cannot give us joy. So all theories of materialism fall down like the houses of cards. Now take your politics. It is always superficial. You talk of money being distributed all the time. Who has the money? Actually none of us have the money.

Money is something that comes and goes and apart from that, when we die, we cannot take it with us. What is there to fight for something that is going to be for a transitory period? Your capital is within; in within every person, there is a capital within yourself. You have not explored that capital. You have not seen the ocean of that wealth within you. This is what is capitalism – which is artificial. And the communism is another artificial thing, because you distribute what? The stones? What is the use of giving stones to people? And the stones that they are going to leave here and die like stupid people insuring them. But when you have your own capital, you cannot help it but distribute. When you have that property within us, you cannot enjoy anything else but the distribution the communism offered. So in that realm, all your so-called theories and all your endeavors which are superficial become real. They all integrate.

I feel sometimes like when we have to have real flowers, we are happy with artificial flowers. And that is how our seeking becomes subtler when we reach a certain amount of affluence in life. We start understanding that matter is not the end and the subtler understanding comes into our mind that we have to find out something that is beyond this matter.

This is the atmosphere of today. That great seekers are born on this earth, especially in the West, but they are attacked. If there is a market for anything, you can get people to sell it. Those who are denied the matter do not understand that you cannot purchase spirit with matter, with money. There is a guru who is permanently 14 years, who bought 58 Rolls-Royces in London, thanks to the naiveness, I would say, of the seekers. Then he disappeared in USA and now has become a Yankee, married a women 8 years older than him. Now this special guru wanted his 59th Rolls-Royce, so he wrote to his disciples, who are about 30’000 in UK, that if they can pay him, they can give him a 59th Rolls-Royce, then only he will come to England.

Now poor English young people don’t have so much money. They starved themselves, ate potatoes and collected that much money to give to this 14 year old boy. And when the Sahaja Yogis went and talked to them and told them: why do you want to give him a Rolls-Royce? They said that it is only metal we are giving him, but he is going to give us the spirit. How can you exchange spirit for metal? They have lost their brains, and if you tell them, they say that in religion and in spirituality you should not use your brains. Why God has given you brain to understand what to find, what are the right conclusions. But they are so mesmerized that you cannot talk to them. Ambassador of Spain told me that the Queen of Spain is so disturbed there are 50’000 people who are following this horrible guru even today. If people are seeking this kind of a thing, then they should know they will never reach God, but they will go directly to hell where their guru is going to go first.

All the gurus who have earned money in the name of God, every one of them is parasites, they will all go to hell and all their disciples will have to follow suit. They play upon your weaknesses and hit you hard. There is another one about whom I must tell you because I told you the secrets about the gentleman who gives you orange robes to wear. This gentleman gives you orange robes to say that you are an ascetic. And he believes in mass-sex activity. How can that be? Asceticism means Brahmajari, means a person who is celibate. How can such a man say that you wear these robes? Because he is trying to befool you. He talked out of his head I think, because he does only talk about the psyche, which is the left side. He tried to reduce you to your sex point. How do you tolerate this to your honor, to your glory? You are a human being, the highest of highest. Are you just a sex point like any animal? Thank God at least he did not talk of God. But one must understand that sex does not play any part in evolution. Sex is important for a man or a woman in a sacred way, with the sanction of the collective. If we start behaving like animals, we’ll become worse than animals, we’ll become devils. We have to know that nature is against this behavior.

Those people who indulge into this kind of indiscriminate behavior get into terrible troubles as far as their sex is concerned. They develop horrible diseases, they also develop a nervous temperament, their children could be born with extremely violent temper, just like demons. But diseases like multiple sclerosis is caused by the affectation of this center in human beings. I have seen, I have cured the cases of multiple sclerosis and all these cases I have seen this center is affected. Purity is the essence of life. Without purity you cannot reach God. This we have to accept, whether we like it or not. Anyone who doesn’t want to face reality will have to face what is the consequence of that. I know it is difficult when you have lived in this society, the kind of society you have around. But after realization you become such a master of yourself, that you are not tempted by any such things which deteriorates your personality as a human being.

So one has to know that this center is the most important center is of innocence. Today the human race is standing on the precipice of destruction or of ascent. The negative forces are very active. They come to you in various places, ways. It is surprising that how innocence is attacked by this negative forces in the West. It is astonishing to see how we are destroying the progeny by our stupid ideas about sex. Under these circumstances only demons can be born or great, great saints who can fight it, like Blake. This center is the basis, is the {aghara}, the support, is the support of your ascent. But my statement should not make you upset. I must tell you the grace of God, the all divine power is so merciful today that everything is forgiven. Such large arms God has to embrace everyone who seeks it, that’s the time you are born, you are so fortunate. Before realization, I don’t say anything to you normally. Whatever you have done is the past, forget it. You just get your realization. And everything will work out itself, automatically. As you just put the light in this room, you can see everything, you’ll start seeing what is dirty, what is bad, what is good. And then you will know what to take, what not to take. You will be your judge. You will be able to cure yourself and cure others.

This is the only way it was to be worked out. Before realization to talk of purifying and all that, is not easy. In these days of tension and problems, you cannot ask people to work for thousands of years, cleansing themselves. As you have now got a jet-age, you have a jet-age for spiritual life also. The human being has been created with such care, gentleness to this stage, and it has to achieve its awareness. It has to know its meaning. It has to work out. Because you are the flowers of this universe that is created. If this creation has to have any meaning, you must find your meanings first. And that has to happen through self-realization. Yesterday I explained to you how kundalini rises, gives you realization and how you feel about it.

Tomorrow I will explain to you about other centers and how they work out and about the general picture of to give realization to others. With one day gap, we have another program same here and where we’ll be able to talk about it more. But it is not talking, it’s the actualization I’m telling you. When you believe in books, you just do not believe in actualization. You just want to escape. Don’t be escapists. You should not be escapers, you see escapers. But, try to face it. Because reality is beautiful. Is glorious and great. This is all within you. Whatever you have, you get it. As I told you, I am like a banker who cashes your checks. That is how it works out. No obligation on you. This I have to do. And then you have to do it to others.

Once you get your realization, you can give realization to others, with full understanding as to what you are doing. I would like you to ask me some questions today, but not like yesterday that one fellow read one book from somewhere and asking about that book. I do not want to waste time with such stupid questions, please. So ask me nice good questions; I’ll definitely answer. Thank you very much.

(Question: what is the difference between ego and super-ego?)

All right. It’s a very good question. Ego is the institution within us which develops as a result of our activity of mental and physical being. Then super-ego is the institution which develops as to what conditioning we take. I’ll give you an example. If there’s a little child, whom the mother is nursing, is in complete joy. Then she wants to take him out, his ego comes up as a protest. And then when the mother says, “don’t do like that”, it is the super-ego that comes in. That’s how we have two institutions, one against another. We can say the one ego makes you, at its extreme, a sadist, and the other as masochist. All right?

(Question: how can you remedy psychosomatic pains?)

Oh very easy. That’s very simple. Psychosomatic pains come to you through the possessions. The left-sided spirits. They are very sly. And some of them are all the time there, and some of them enter for a short time, they’re busy-bodies. Like your virus infection is also just the same style. The virus comes from the vegetables which have gone out of the circulation of the evolution. If your left side is corrected, you’ll never have those pains at all. There are many who have been cured of that. Not only, but you can also cure.

(Question: how to cure the left side?)

That’s what I’ll tell you. That’s absolutely the question. I’ll tell him now. All right. Now who else is there? Is there any other question?

(Question: if you are on the left side, are the vibrations on the left hand not so strong?)

That’s the thing, and sometimes they’re not there also. Some people get very red hands – also that could be. Yes, there is one question – one by one. This gentleman.

(Question: if the material is not the true thing, why has God created us?)

You see, God created ourselves – Adam and Eve to begin with. And gave us the freedom and told that don’t go after these material things. Don’t try to know the knowledge about the material things; this is the knowledge – it is forbidden. He said that very clearly, he said this very clearly. Now, it so happened that he wanted to test how they would use this freedom to obey God. Instead of that, they tried to follow a satanic information and wanted to know the knowledge. This knowledge is called as [AVIDYA], non-knowledge in Sanskrit language. But, they chose their freedom like that, what can you do? That was the original sin. The idea of God was originally to make us innocent people, in our innocence to grow in population and to get realization. But human beings don’t know how to use their freedom at all, that shows. So how could they have this supreme freedom? Where they will just know the all pervading power – the BRAHMA – that is the truth? So he allowed human beings to go ahead with their enterprises, you can say, with their enterprises, with the knowledge. So they will learn their freedom has been misused. By learning lessons in life, the way we have to produce now atom bombs, we can see that. Now, when these things happen, of course, God did not take out his attention. He sent many incarnations to tell us to at least remain in the center, not to go to extremes. But we never listen to them. We gave them poisons, we crucified them. At least now, you cannot crucify me. But at least, keep open to me.

(Question: how did you get your realization and which capacity you could develop)

For this simple question, I have to ask you one thing: that you better not ask this questions, better know them. Through my human realization, I have been able to understand human beings so well that I’m very clever and I’m not going to tell you much about myself. Because Christ just said the truth that he was the son of God, and they crucified him for that truth, which he was. And if somebody false person says I am God – but what – they run after him. So I would say you better discover about me what I am. Than to believe what I say. That’s a better suggestion, and a solution. I must be something, after all, if I can give en-masse realization to thousands of people, I must be something. Use your brains.

(Question: what you mean exactly with realization? If it is the same thing as SATORI?)

No, no no. SATORI, yes. But SATORI is not so clear-cut. SATORI is all right. But SATORI is not so clear-cut, you see, it’s very clear-cut. What Christ has said to be born again is, but this realization which I’ll explain to you is absolutely clear-cut. I told about this yesterday, but if you want, I’ll repeat it again. In self-realization, this kundalini which is the force, the residual force within you, starts pulsating, gets awakened, and the kundalini rises; you can see with your naked eyes the rising of the kundalini, and it comes up to the head – here at the fontanel bone area, where it pierces through and you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head. If your center of Vishuddhi is correct, then you start also feeling the all-pervading power as cool breeze of the Holy Ghost. Now, with these you find that your fingers, all these fingers at this portion – these are the seven centers of your body. One on the left-hand side, one on the right-hand side, which get awakened. And you start feeling them. Say for example you want to know what’s wrong with you, you put yourself a bondage of your power around your aura and you just feel it. Think about yourself. You will start getting either burning or cool breeze or numbness on these fingers. When you start feeling that, then you have to see the decoding, what is the center catching. Now you should also know how to cure yourself. In the same way you can feel another person.

When the kundalini rises above this center, Agnya chakra, which is the center of Christ, you feel thoughtless awareness. That means you come in the area of present. And when it pierces through from here, you start feeling the cool breeze. Now any absolute question you want to ask about anyone, you can ask just like this. If you want to know whether there is God or not, you ask, “is there God?” – in whatever language. Because the language is always followed by the preceding subtle thought, which is known to the unconscious. And that’s how you can ask a question like that, any fundamental question, and when it is yes, lot of cool breeze starts flowing. If you want to know about any guru, whether is true or not, you will find a… also impression of that, because if he’s real, you will get cool breeze, if he’s not real, you might get burning, you might even get blisters. You feel absolutely relaxed and blissful. Alcoholism and all your habits just drop out overnight. So many things happen that in one lecture I cannot tell you, but later on I’ll be able to tell you everything.

(Question: if someone has lost his both hands, how can he feel his spirit – the power of the Holy Ghost?)

Now you don’t worry about him, you worry about yourself. Even if your hands do not feel, your body does feel. We should pay attention to ourselves and not to others. We have done it too much now. If you get all right, you can make many people all right. Many people who don’t feel it in the hands, can feel it in the body. All right?

(Question: if self-realization cannot be paid for, how does it come that you are here? Who is paying for that?)

I have a husband who pays for it. And sometimes if you want, if you pay for traveling, you pay for my traveling, but not for your realization. My husband always used to pay for me, but then Sahaja Yogis felt very ashamed that I should pay for their realization. So I said, all right, once in a while you pay. So what you pay for my traveling – to the air fare, not to me. But these horrible gurus take thousands of dollars. Do you know one of them who is teaching these flying techniques? He has ruined so many people. Their families are on the streets. They are getting epilepsy; they are falling on the street. He gets 3500 pounds for one week and gives you nothing but water in which the potatoes are boiled. And last day he gives you the rind of the thing. And he says you have to be light to fly. But why not ask him to fly himself first? Throw him from this tower of Pisa. He has got 4 thousand crores of rupees in India.

(Gregoire concluding the Q & A session to allow for the collective meditation)

All right. Let’s have it.

Now, it’s very simple, you have to put your hands towards me. That’s all. And, sit relaxed, put your hands on your lap. Put your both the feet on the ground. Be comfortable. There is nothing to be done, no mantras to be said, nothing. And now, close your eyes. Don’t open your eyes because when the kundalini is passing through this agnya chakra, there is a dilatation of the pupils. So I request you not to open your eyes. Of course, nothing will happen, but kundalini won’t rise. You have to little bit cooperate with me. At the very outset, I have to say that all the Western countries have one big problem: that they feel guilty for nothing at all. Now here we are facing God Almighty, who is the ocean of love. He’s the ocean of compassion, and ocean of forgiveness. So you should not judge yourself. Also do not think that you are not yet ready, or you are not prepared. In no way you should have self-pity. Just say, Mother I am not guilty. You all are saying so much of this guilt. Better say again and again, Mother I am not guilty.

Now put your right hand – because left hand is your desire so you put it relaxed towards me on your lap – and the right hand we have to use for action. So I will tell you how to use the right hand now. Keep the left hand steady, and now move the right hand to your heart. And just say, Mother I am the spirit. Say it twelve times. Put the left hand straight, please. Same way, same way, but stretched fingers. Now put the right hand on the stomach – on the left side. Keep your eyes shut. And just say, Mother I am my own master, I am my own guru. Say it ten times, please. Ten times.