Without the ascent of the Kundalini, you are not in touch with reality

Vienna (Austria)

1982-09-28 Without The Ascent Of The Kundalini You Are Not In Touch With Reality, Vienna, DP-RAW, 93' Chapters: Talk, Q&A
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3rd Public Program. Urania, Vienna (Austria), 28 September 1982.

I bow to the seekers of truth. I do not know what he told you in German language. Yesterday as we were discussing about the centers that are within us. We will continue to do that today again. Within us is placed this residual energy in the triangular bone – called as Kundalini. This is the energy of desire which is not yet manifested. It is pure desire and it is the ultimate desire. It is the desire to be one with the Divine. We can say the Union with the Divine. That is the yoga. This is placed in the triangular bone which is called as Sacrum, means sacred. The Spirit, the reflection of God Almighty, is placed in your heart. But the seat of your Spirit is on top of your head here. Like as you may have the king moving all over the places, but the seat is a fixed place. Unless and until this union takes place, the manifestation of this residual power does not take place. This manifestation has to take place. This is the last breakthrough of our evolution. This is what has been described as the second birth – as the baptism. It is also in Sanskrit language is called as the second birth, like an egg becoming the bird. So bird also in Sanskrit language is called as Dvijaha – means twice born. This happening has to take place – has been described by all the scriptures.

But instead of finding out what is this, people have artificially started some mental projections out of the reality and have created an artificial cosmos of religions. The people who incarnated on this earth to help us and those who tried to give us the fundamental basis of our existence and the idea as to what should happen to us were real people. But later on as the people were not connected with God, were not realized souls, were not twice born, all artificiality started growing around them. That is how we see how in the name of God people are killing, having wars. This cannot be explained by any sensible person why people take to such horrible violence in the name of God.

Without the Realization, without the ascent of the Kundalini, you are not in touch with reality, with the All-Pervading power. The All-Pervading power is everywhere in a very subtle way. In a molecule it oscillates the different atoms in different ways. In animals it pulsates. In the plants it transforms into different shapes and different stages. It classifies. For example, a apple tree will give apple, and a rose will give rose. All this sorting out is done by this very dynamic All-Pervading power of God’s Love. But we take all these things for granted, because we do not feel it. To feel it, one has to become subtler. At this human level we are not subtle enough. There has to be a breakthrough. Unless and until we have that breakthrough, we cannot understand the relationship with the Absolute. We live in a relative world all the time, and that is why there is a confusion. Unless and until we find the Absolute, we cannot sort out this confusion, what is right and what is wrong. And that Absolute is the Spirit within you, who at the time when we are human beings is just a witness of what we are doing. It witnesses the field of our work, but it does not in any way activate itself.

Yesterday I told you how there are two types of people, one are right-sided, another are left-sided. And there are third type of people who are seeking God. The left-sided people pay too much attention to their emotions, to their past and live in the past. And the right-sided people live in the future and act through their physical and mental being. But the people in the central path do not go to this extreme or that extreme, but reside in the center and try to find their Absolute. How we go into extremes is very interesting to see. For example if there is a doctor, he sees a person as a physical being. He doesn’t see him as a mental being or as an emotional being. If there is a psychologist, he sees a human being as a psyche only, because there is no integration. Once you get to your Absolute, everything gets integrated, because the relationship between everything is through the Absolute. So people put in this theory, then they discard it, they put in another theory, they discard it, then they come up with another solution, they discard it. They are all groping in the dark. And when they are groping in the dark, if you have to tell them that, “You have to just put the lights on,” they don’t like it. They get identified with their theories to such an extent, and they are so much blinded by their mental projections that they don’t want to see that there can be something absolute which is beyond thought, beyond mind. We are talking about this All-pervading power. It pervades into everything. So it is unlimited. So to know about this unlimited energy, how can we use this limited brain? Even to come inside this hall I had to leave My limited car outside. So one has to know that, if you have to go to unlimited thing, you have to have a breakthrough. You have to jump into that kind of an awareness by which you can realize the Absolute. But in the seeking as I told you also when we put in an effort, we go to the left or to the right. So we go towards the collective subconscious or towards the collective supra-conscious.

Our evolution is a living process, it is not a dead process. We say we have come from monkeys and other animals, what did we do about it? What effort did we put to become human beings? What theories did we propound to do that? What books did we read to achieve it? Or how much money did we pay to get it? So the spontaneity is the quality of the living process. And the living process cannot be explained through mental process. For example, how will you say that this flower becomes a fruit? At the most you can say, this happens, that happens, but why? How? You cannot answer the question why. It is said that in the human beings the acetylcholine and adrenaline – two medicines which are we can call them as just chemicals – act in a very different way. All right? Are you understanding that? All right? (Laughter)

So adrenaline and acetylcholine act in two different ways – if either they augment or they relax, it is not easy to explain why they do it. So the honesty of the scientist is that they say, “We do not know why this is the mode of action.” Even if you are honest, then one has to realize that we do not know. So we have to know about it.

As I told you the other day, that this is the knowledge about the roots. West is like the shoot which is outside, obvious, one can see. But the roots are in the East. Maybe the climate in that country or maybe some previous arrangements that the people are more interested in the roots than in the shoot. Makes no difference because the roots have to depend on the shoot and the shoot has to depend on the root. But one should be open also to the knowledge that is not yet known to us. Anybody who tried to speak about the roots was poisoned, tortured, or crucified. Now if you are really intelligent, and not intellectuals, then we should understand that there is much more than what we know. When I’m telling you about the Kundalini and all that, you need not accept Me blindfolded. And also you should not deny it. But with an open mind, see for yourself that once you get your Realization you will be able to verify everything that I say. But before Realization I cannot talk to you about it. I may tell you about it, but you will not know. If My eyes are closed and somebody tells Me there is red color and there are wood and people are sitting like this, I will know it in the mind but I will not experience it Myself. This is the only thing that is missing now. If once you discover the Absolute, all your problems will be resolved completely, because this Absolute is the collective being within you. Once it gets awakened or when it comes into our attention or into our central nervous system, we understand everything in the new light.

So, now we have yesterday discussed about these centers of first, second and third in a way. The first one is that of the innocence. That I said was the – our ‘original sin’. If we had remained innocent, there would have been no problem of any kind. God gave us our innocence, and also gave us freedom, and everything that was possible to live there. But that time the freedom could not be borne by people and they thought it is better to disobey God and find out for themselves. This original sin is still going on. But that innocence, when it broke, we started developing our ego, through which we try to find about this and find about that and go in all directions. Every direction we moved was a linear direction and all our movements fell down at a point.

Now, when we know that we have these centers within us, we should know also that this last center, which is the center of innocence, plays a very, very important part in our life. Innocence is the basic of wisdom. When the innocence is lost then you lose your wisdom. And you start becoming something for which you are not made. Yesterday when I said about Freud, many people left the hall. That is not the way to face reality. You must try to listen to Me. I am trying to tell you what happens with these perverted ideas. Because innocence is lost he took full advantage of us. He told us that there are inhibitions between parents and children and all that – is something shocking. It is not to you, but to any innocent person, say in India or any place, it’s really shocking. How could he think of us to be just sex points? That means we have no sublimation, no sanctification, nothing. We are absolutely nothing but just sex points – even animals are not like that. If you see his own life, he was a perverted man, had a bad relation with his mother. What is there to learn with such a person? (Laughter) In India, if you mention Freud, people will go and take their bath. (Laughter) It’s the most unholy thing one can think, it’s an abuse. It’s an abuse for people, abuse to say that you follow Freud, it’s an abuse. But we accepted him – I don’t know why. Then he had cancer, he died of cancer. A such a miserable man, what can he teach us? Except for weakening all of us our innocence, and taking away our basic wisdom, he has done nothing else.

These are the people who came on this earth as great intellectuals, who have no relationship with innocence, who are possessed. All the perversions of sex come through possessions. Like, I would say, we have this problem of homosexuals. In India is much less, but here it is something surprising. I met a westernized Indian girl who was married to an Indian. And she came to – she’s married to a very nice man, and she came to Me because her husband said that, “She’s very funny. That she’s interested in girls, not in me. She walks like a horse, like a man, and she wears all the men’s dresses, and it’s something absurd. We can’t imagine such a person.” It is a new type of a disease for Indians. (Shri Mataji laughing) They didn’t understand that stupidity. The gentleman was very upset. He brought her to Me and I put her into Sahaja Yoga system. And you’ll be amazed that she had started growing little beard also. When I saw her, I saw a man possessing her. And when that possession was removed, she felt so shy, you know, and she just wept, she said, “Did you see that man going out of me?”

The another attack comes from the medical profession, I think sometimes. I Myself have done medicine, but I was amazed to see that some of the pills that women take have male hormones in it. If you make the women like men, then what is the sense in having men and women as such? One can’t understand (Shri Mataji laughing) a military of only men sitting round here without any women to bring some sweetness. And how can these women produce children and look after their children? It is a very confused state in which we are as it is, on top of that, these people are adding coal to the fire.

Then we have some certain gurus, they are another set of devils. As somebody says that you can achieve God by sex. We have no basic wisdom to understand how can it be. Christ, if you know that, He was such a purity, He said, “I do not say only thou shalt not commit adultery, but that thou shalt not have adulterous eyes.” But here if you find this guru, we saw one film known as ‘God Who Fled’ where there was mass, horrible, hellish act going on. One can’t see. After that I vomited for one week and I couldn’t eat any food – horrible. It is all filth, there is no sense of decency or decorum in this nonsense. We do not bring bathrooms into drying rooms, do we? Under the guidance of these gurus you will find anything on the streets tomorrow, I mean, if you listen to these people who go to these gurus, I’m amazed. God is purity, He is sanctity, He is innocence. You cannot reach Him if you are indulging into such dirty habits which are hellish, it is hell, believe Me, it is hell. But I have seen people who preach about God, live in such a hellish way, there is no relationship between what they preach and what they live.

This is the center of innocence, which is the support of the Kundalini, which receives all the information about us. And passes on to this Kundalini, who is your mother, the virgin. She is a virgin, I hope you understand that word at least, it has not lost its meaning. Your mother is a virgin, in there that Kundalini She sits and this innocence is looking after the protocol of his mother, the Kundalini, the innocence within you, whatever is left. Now if you understand that this is the position of your innocence, that innocence is the one which is going to help you ultimately, you will know what I’m saying is so important.

I have seen people have the Kundalini which is wounded. It is just putting its head all sides – helplessly, limply, it has no strength in it. And even when She rises in a sense, you see, if there is problem in this center, it sucks back. So this is what happens within us when the Kundalini is sucked in, then again you have to raise it and fix it up, again you have to raise it and fix it up. She’s your mother. (Loudly) And She is the one who is born again and again, with you to give you this second birth. And She’s waiting for that chance all your lives. But how can She be harsh to you? How can She trouble you? She is not like these modern mothers in England that kill their children. It’s shocking everywhere mothers have started killing their children. No wonder all the children are being born in India, we have to bear the load of it. They don’t want to be born in countries where there is no love, there’s no heart.

So when this Kundalini rises, She rises straightforward in a split of a second. In people who are not complicated. She pulsates on your head, on top of your head, and opens this part and makes it soft. And you can feel the Cool Breeze coming out of your head, which is described as the Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost. In the Bible, Holy Ghost is not described so much. One reason Christ was crucified in such a short time and secondly, He never wrote anything. Nobody gave Him any chance. This was another kind of an attack on an incarnation. But we have to seek information about Him and about Kundalini somewhere else – this Kundalini which is the reflection of the Holy Ghost. Of course, there are so many books written in Sanskrit language about Kundalini. You’ll be surprised, 14’000 years back in India they have talked of this Kundalini. They have talked of Christ as MahaVishnu. All the description tallies with Christ. That He will be born on this earth, who is the embodiment of innocence itself. That He is the innocence and that cannot be destroyed, so His body won’t be destroyed. And that He will be responsible to suck our ego and super-ego, the effects of our action and desire. The effects of our action and desire and conditionings. But nobody wants to know about it. Because we have started such huge organizations based on falsehood that we don’t want to topple it down. But I tell you that there is so much information otherwise also that as open-minded people, we must try to understand those things.

Now, when this Kundalini rises, as I told you the first chakra, then the second chakra is the chakra of your activity. I told you yesterday how we become futuristic by using this and how we develop problems of the visceras in the stomach – organs in the viscera, I am sorry. To solve these problems, we have to correct this center. The third center I told you is the center of Nabhi, which is the navel center, which is responsible for evolution. First it gives you your sustenance. Sustenance is the quality. For example, carbon has 4 valences.

Aside: Loudly, say loudly.

In the same way, human beings have ten valences. These are described in the Ten Commandments. This balancing takes place in this area which is shown with the green color. This balancing is done by people who incarnate on this earth as great prophets. We can say Abraham, Moses, Socrates, and many other prophets like these – Mohammed, Nanak, Janak, all of them came on this earth. They were the incarnations of the Primordial Master. So to talk about this balancing and this balancing they told us, because without the balance, there cannot be an ascent.

Aside: Gentleman, why are you disturbing everyone?

So the balance has to be achieved through these different advices given to us by these great incarnations. But out of these great incarnations, what they have made – Islam, we can say, Jews, Judaism, all kinds of ‘-isms’ we made out of it. The fanaticism is the only word you should call all of them. So when there is a movement of people on the right-hand side too much such people can become extremely fanatic. Best thing to understand their fanaticism is to become the other. If the Jews become the Muslim they will see how stupid they are. And if the Christians become the Jews they will know how stupid they are. All the fanaticism, thank God, is today going to be exposed entirely.

Now for your information, those who are fanatics develop the trouble of the stomach. I met a doctor from Iran long time back about 1974, who had cancer of the stomach. And I told him, “Do you believe that Moses and Mohammed were the same persons?” He said, “How dare You say such a thing? How can they be the same person? Mohammed was absolutely different and He has nothing to do with anyone of them.” But I said, “Mohammed said He was a prophet, didn’t He?” But still he would not accept. So I said, “All right, I cannot cure you, Sir. You are suffering from fanaticism, not from cancer.” He went home, he had still trouble for about eight days, then his wife put some wisdom into his head. (Shri Mataji laughing) And then he came to Me. He said, “All right, I accept, Mother, if you say, I accept that Moses and Mohammed are the same.” And you’ll be amazed, his cancer was cured.

All kinds of extreme behavior take you to physical troubles. Whatever we do in an extreme way, we develop diseases, physical – even physical. We develop mental diseases. It is very easy to make out these people who have been to these extreme things because they emit tremendous heat. Say, if there is a madman, and there is a cancer patient and a fanatic, they emit the same amount of heat. So you can imagine how we are getting mad and also sick with our fanaticism. But we have also sophisticated fanatics, who in a very sophisticated way adhere to their own mental projections. They say, “I believe. I believe in this.” But what do you believe in? Where is your “I”? This is nothing but your ego, because your self is not showing. You believe into it because your ego believes in it. But what is the proof of your believing into it? What would you have done to yourself or to the society that surrounds you? How can you prove that what you believe into is the truth?

Yesterday I told you that all your economics and all your politics is a myth. Because it is based on myth. The myth is of these material wants. And the material wants cannot be satisfied. (Shri Mataji laughing) So there is something missing in us so that we do not feel satisfied with ourselves. Let us face the fact that when we are facing ourselves we will know that we are not yet that what we should be. Only because of our ego we feel inferior or unhappy about it. A dog will not feel unhappy because he’s a dog, does he? But if you realize that there is a little thing more has to happen and all the potential is present in you, it is your own, you have all the powers, then why should you feel unhappy about it? If it is said that all powers are within you, just let it manifest, that’s all. The truth is the All-pervading power of God. That’s the only truth. And when that truth starts flowing through us, we feel the Cool Breeze in the hand and any absolute question can be answered. You can ask any question and the answer comes as a Cool Breeze in your hand for ‘yes’ and as heat for ‘no’. Now somebody asked Me, “Why it is cool, why not hot?” It is cool because it is cool. (Laughter)

But you can see it even in the helium gas. When the helium is cooled down, the atoms of helium which were attacking each other, were violent, suddenly become collective. So that shows that absolute zero is the zero of the Spirit. As you cannot reach the absolute zero, people say you cannot reach the Spirit. But this is just again theory. But the zero can come in your attention or not? The light can come in your attention, now why not try it? Why deny it? So this is the gap one has to fill and this gap, the green gap, is filled by the Kundalini very easily when a person is a balanced person.

Some people who come to Me, I work on them so hard, but I do not give them cure so fast. But there are some people I just touch them and they get all right. That means they are just at the door. A little push and they are there.

Now above that is another center which I would like to deal with today, and then we’ll deal with other centers later on day after tomorrow. Is the center of your sense of security. The sense of security, when it is disturbed, you get the pulsation or a kind of a movement in this area. We have a bone here which connects to some of the ribs. Till the age of about twelve years, the anti-bodies are created in this bone. These anti-bodies spread to the whole body and protect us from any attacks from negativity or from some physical anti-life force. But when people are insecure, then there is more generation by the pulsation, but as they are completely out, little more energy is sent to them or a message is sent to them, and they start acting. A woman who is always insecured about the behavior of her husband, maybe a flirt or any sort of a man, she develops troubles of this center very easily. If her motherhood is challenged, also she develops this trouble of this center, and she develops disease called also cancer of the breast. That means in modern times many women are insecure. By establishing the security of this center, you can cure this trouble.

On the right side of this center is another center, we call it as Right Heart. And left side is the center which we call as the Left Heart. Right heart center deals with the father, and the left heart center deals with the mother. Which perhaps Mr. Freud never knew. When this right side center is in trouble, means if the fatherhood of the child has been unhappy, or the father had died early, or that he has been a bad father, then there are complications of this heart. Then people develop the disease called asthma – sort of thing. You’ll be amazed that asthma can be cured if you can settle the fatherhood of that gentleman. The method is also a part of the Sahaja Yoga Vidya or Sahaja Yoga knowledge how to deal with the Divine power.

If the left side is weak, that the mother has died early, or she has not been loving, or you are a bad mother or anything the left side catches, and such people are very weak on the left side. They can be very sensitive and their ego is hurt very easily. These people also suffer quite a lot because of another problem which we have developed in the West, which is called as the left Vishuddhi, we say, where we have a sense of guilt. About that I’ll tell you tomorrow – day after tomorrow.

So now you can see that God has made us in all perfect way. These centers are placed within us. These centers express themselves outside in the gross as Plexuses. The first center is expressed outside as the Pelvic plexus. The second center, Swadishthana, is expressed as Aortic plexus. The third center is the navel center, is expressed as Solar plexus. And the heart center is expressed as Cardiac plexus, heart center, center heart.

Today I have tried to explain to you the different centers and in short to tell you what are the quality of these centers and what they give us. They have a limited energy of parasympathetic within them. Now whatever we have achieved in our evolution is in the central nervous system. For example, as I told you yesterday, if you take an animal through a dirty lane, he cannot smell anything. But human beings can smell. Of course if they have been living with dirty people I can’t say, I mean – but normal, I mean, normal human beings. Now when we get the enlightenment in this part, in the viscera, and the organs get enlightened, not that physically we are cured, but we develop the sensitivity to anti-God activities. Our sustenance gets enlightened and active. Now when it is awakened, then it avoids or it does not allow the body to take in something that is not sanctified. You don’t have to tell people, “Don’t do this, don’t do that.” They just give up, they can’t bear it. We can say they get the dirty smell out of it, or whatever it is, but it’s just they give up. I had a young boy in Brighton who was alcoholic and who came to My program and was very aggressive. And I asked him that, “Today you go home and come and see Me tomorrow at home. That would be better.” Surprisingly, he got his Realization. Not that overnight he gave up his alcoholism, but he became such a sane person that his mother could not believe it how what has happened to him. He was an electrical engineer and was doing very well when he got into alcoholism, and he had no job, nothing, he was like a cabbage in the house. And as soon as this got awakened he became absolutely normal.

Now it is something that people can’t believe it. And it’s really unbelievable, I can understand that. But it is very simple to understand that if you come in this room and if it is dark, you’ll fumble. You may think that this pillar is this room or this staircase is this room. But as soon as there is light, you can relate everything to everything. And then you don’t fall and fumble. It is as simple as that. But one must know that behind these lights there’s a very complicated organization. So behind this happening there is a very complicated organization, (Shri Mataji laughing) very loving and benevolent.

All the angels are waiting for you to enter into the kingdom of God. I’m sure tonight so many will receive Self-Realization.

May God bless you all!

In any case, yesterday, day before, I asked people to ask Me questions. I would again say that I don’t mind answering your questions, but it should be to the point. It is not civil to ask a question about some book you have read in Timbuktu, and I should go on answering about it. Or any such absurd things. It will not be civil to other people, who are anxious to get their Realization, to waste their time. But you can ask questions which are relevant. I’ll be very happy to answer them because at the time of Realization these questions should not shoot out like jack-in-the-box. (Shri Mataji laughing)

May God bless you! Thank you!

Ask the question.

Question: In anatomy I have learnt that Solar Plexus is here and Cardiac Plexus is here?

Shri Mataji: No, no, no. You didn’t hear Me properly. Solar plexus is here and Cardiac plexus is there, I’m sorry. She might have made a mistake.

Question: What do you think about Siddhis?

Shri Mataji: Siddhis? Now you see if you ask a word like that, Siddhi. Now. Siddha, Siddha means the one who is proved to be a Realized soul. But the so-called siddhis are nothing but possessions. For example there is one guru who is taking £ 3’500 to give you a Siddhi of flying. (Laughter) And already he has collected 4’000 crores of rupees from you people for that. (Shri Mataji laughing) Why not ask him to fly for a change? Don’t be deluded by these words. I know there are thugs and thugs. Thugs – these are thieves. But these are worse than that because they put spirits into you. And this gentleman specially has put spirits into people that people have become just cabbages – just cabbages. These people are even afraid of the garlic. At least cabbage is not afraid of a garlic, is it? (Laughter) Paying all this money if you have to become a cabbage – then go ahead. And then he claims that people have become non-violent. What is the non-violence of the weak and the cabbages? But the same gentleman has 6 percent population of the Israel. No wonder they have become so violent suddenly, because first all of them become violent. In North Ireland, this gentleman has 4 percent. And you know the history of North Ireland people.

Whatever stories they give, we take it for granted. I’m here to warn you of all these horrible people who are incarnations of the devil. They pamper your ego and I do not know what are their plans. But one must know above all is God Almighty. They have ruined so many seekers that they cannot be forgiven. So don’t listen to these words of Siddhis, this type, just forget it, get your Realization first, then I’ll tell you everything else. Because you all are seekers. And the seekers of truth. Not seekers of gurus. You have to become your own gurus. And then you will know what they are like. Thank you very much!

Question: Please, I have a question. I am practicing yoga and work with my chakras, but my thyroid gland is not working.

Shri Mataji: Which yoga are you practicing?

Question: …it’s from Indian medicine men from the native people of America…and it’s yoga…

Shri Mataji: I will tell you. This lady is telling Me that she’s practicing some sort of a yoga, but her thyroid is not curable. About all these yogas I have to tell you the same thing. Without getting the Realization, without getting the connections with the mains, if you take to any one of these methods, even what you call that Chinese thing, Tai Chi, and another thing they put the pins and needles, acupuncture, any one of these things, then you exhaust the energy of a particular center to the maximum. Then this center sucks in from other centers. Because there is no unlimited source within us. So doing all these things puts you on to the sympathetic nervous system. Even cancer is caused by the over-activity of the sympathetic. So it is the case just like a car which has got limited petrol and you can go to that extent and no further. But if you go too further with it, you ruin the car completely. But when you are connected with the mains, all the time the vital force is flowing through you. So first you must get connected to the mains, which is yoga itself. Without the connection how do they call it yoga, I don’t understand. There is no union and they call it yoga. Also yoga means the deftness in the maneuvering of the Divine power. If the Kundalini has not risen how will you know where it is obstructed? Now supposing if you start from here to go to your house, how can you know where is going to be the obstruction? But here the car has not yet started. And you are trying to correct the obstructions at a point which does not exist, may exist. So all these yogas have no meaning because there is no connection with the Divine, with the main. Supposing this instrument is not connected to the mains, it is useless. If you telephone to somebody without connection, you’ll break the telephone. So the first thing one has to do is to connect you to that Divine power. Is it not logical?

In the olden days, when this Patanjali yoga was practiced thousands of years back, the first thing was called as [ISHWARA PRARI DHAN ?] means the establishment of God within you. So now, but in the modern times everything is so confused (Shri Mataji laughing) that a simple thing like this we overlook. If you get cured it is just a by-product. Just as the by-product of these lights is that we walk properly. All right now.

Aside: She as to go today also?

May God bless you!

All right. What is it?

Question: You are against all fanaticism – why are You so fanatic against sex?

Shri Mataji: I’m not fanatic, sir, I’m wise. I’m not, excuse Me, I will tell you, I’m not fanatic. If you have sex, in the way – perverted sex, you will have complications in society. If you have sane sex – and you are attending today, is it? Yesterday I told in a very long way that sex in a proper sacred manner with the collective sanction is absolutely needed. You were not there yesterday, I told it. I’m not fanatic. I’m Myself a married woman with four grandchildren. We have lots of marriages of Sahaja Yogis, and we believe in sensible marriages.

If you cut in My lecture, one lecture, then naturally you can draw conclusions, but that’s not fair to Me. You should have attended all My lectures, or you can listen to them. You can take the tape and listen to them and then you will know what I had to say about sex in a full way. Today was the little bit of it which was yesterday because people left suddenly, that’s why I said. Now most of yesterday’s lecture had about sex, and I said what is the sanctified sex, which is going to give a proper life to children, and great souls can be born on this earth where there is a proper sex life, not the perverted one. And not to doubt your parents that they have sex feelings for us. This kind of sex-oppressed society is extremely insecured. We have to have its place in its right way. If you don’t mind, you can take the tape from these people and listen to it. And you will know that I have no fanaticism about sex at all. Any other question please. Yes?

Question: I was not present at your first lecture – I don’t know if You said anything about how to feel pulsation and sensation on the skin?

Shri Mataji: No, no, I will say that again. That I have to repeat again. That I’m going to tell you again. Is a very good question. I’m going to tell. He asked Me a question that he was not for the first lecture, but he didn’t hear as to how I’m going to do that, which I will tell you, no doubt. I have to tell that again and again, no doubt. We are open to that. Also if you have any questions, even if you have come today, does not matter, any questions you may write them down, give it to Me, I’m coming back again, I’ll answer them. And there we have got everything in tape. And you can get the tapes from the people here for no payment at all except that you give your own tape and we’ll give you, and you can go through it and see for yourself. For that matter, any part of discussion you want to know, we have other tapes also which you can take, see them, study them, and let us know whatever is your problem, we’ll try to tackle it. This is open to all of you. It does not matter what was the past. So one should not worry about these things.

Question: I was at your last lecture. During Self-Realization session I did not feel much. But during last night I felt a strong burning sensation on my whole right arm.

Shri Mataji: What’s she saying? It’s a personal problem. Now I’ll tell you what. If you have – now, just a minute. I’ll tell you, it’s very simple, you know. If you have a hot feeling here, that means you have a bad liver. All right? You see, you have a bad liver. You are a very right-sided person and you are speedy, and your Swadishthana chakra is giving heat. All right? So we’ll correct it. Don’t you worry. It’s all right. And the reason for that is she thinks too much, and she thinks of the future. (Shri Mataji laughing) And that is how she has developed this problem. Although she must be a speedy person, very speedy. That she is, all right. So, it’s indicative, it’s all right, doesn’t matter, it will work out. (Shri Mataji laughing) Now, it will go away, it will take hardly any time. Now, all right. But this has given some proof, isn’t it? It has given some proof.

(Gregoire bringing the Q&A session to a close so that the meditation can begin)

Shri Mataji: Now, all right, now what I’m saying, Gregoire, just tell them that when this is happening, just don’t stand up and walk off because they disturb everyone, and secondly, tell them that whatever I say, please listen to Me. If you do not want to do it, you can go away. But you don’t disturb others. That’s not good because you should be civil. If I say take out your [Mala ?] or anything, you should not object to it because it is for your good I’m saying it, I have nothing to get out of you.

She’s the one running away – that’s the thing, see.

If they want, they can go for one minute, if they want to go to the – and they can come back, but settle down, because, you see, it’s a thing of ages. It’s the greatest thing that can happen to you. And it is the greatest gift that you should have.

I’ll have to say that, that’s what I’m saying, I’m going to tell you that.

So first of all, I would request you to take out your shoes. That helps a lot because it tightens our feet and also it doesn’t give us contact with the…