2nd TV Interview

University of Northampton, Northampton (England)

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TV Interview
October 7th, 1982
Northampton, UK

… Her name is Mataji Nirmala Devi. She trained as a doctor in India and She is now married to a senior diplomat at the United Nations. She lives in London, but this week She’s holding a series of public meetings to publicize Her teachings. She believes that we all have a form of spiritual energy called Kundalini at the base of our spines, which can be awakened and sent flowing through the body. So I took my shoes off and went to meet Her in Northampton this morning.

Shri Mataji: You are a person who is more active and tries to think too much, work too much…
Reporter: I think too much? Nobody ever said that to me before. Right…
Shri Mataji: And you work too much physically, you run about and you are more working outside. And left side is the emotional side, so left side — for emotional life. Well, that’s what is the imbalance in you is. Now for this we have to first give you a balance, all right? What I’ll do is to awaken your frozen side and bring it down so the grace comes over here to satisfy this side. So it is to be awakened, you see, the emotional side is awakened. And this side is given a sort of a soothing effect with the all-pervading Power from your right. So this is, this is how it moves, right? This is the way.
Reporter: But is this energy and this desire any more than the desire that everyone has to make the best of himself, to be happy, to be content?
Shri Mataji: You cannot be contented with material things. You cannot be. That’s the basic principle of economics.
Reporter: So can I put a contradiction to You, that in the past when all the gurus that have achieved fame in the West have all seemed to be surrounded by a great deal of very affluent trappings, great deal of wealth and money. That seemed to be a great contradiciton of what they’re talking about.
Shri Mataji: I’m happy you see that, but how many see that? Is something one should understand, that it is not a business, you cannot make money out of …
Reporter: But they’re making a very successful business out of it.
Shri Mataji: Because you are so naive. In this country people do not use their brains. You must come to right conclusions, that if something has to happen to you, it will be in your awareness. You have to manifest your powers, and then only you will realize that you cannot pay money for your evolution.
Reporter: Now we’ve got perhaps three million people watching us at the moment. Should they be able to feel anything or to gain anything from watching You just on the television?
Shri Mataji: Yes, some of them may. If they are just there, if they put their hands towards Me just now even like this, they might feel the cool breeze in their hands. And then they might feel on their heads coming out the cool breeze. I mean, it has happened in so many places.