Truth is To Be Achieved

Bedford Guild House, Bedford (England)

1982-10-07 Truth is to achieved, Bedford, England, DP-RAW, 57' Chapters: Arrival, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program. Bedford (UK), 7 October 1982.

I’m sorry for being little late. I was talking to the Mayores.

I bow to all the seekers of truth.
But before we start talking of truth we have to know that truth is to be achieved in your awareness. It is not a mental projection that I say, “This is truth, that is truth,” but is to be achieved in the human awareness. As they say in Sanskrit Chaytanya. In your awareness you should know the truth. Like you see Me now standing before you, you know fully well that I am here, that I’ve a shawl on, you can see it, you can feel it. I’m here before you as truth because your central nervous system relates to you that I am here. And the truth is like that, truth has to be felt in your awareness. It is not just somebody gives you a lecture or reading it out from a book or saying, “This is truth, this is truth.” The time has come for human beings that they’re not going to accept anything like that. You may accept but your children will not and their children will never accept such a thing. So something has to happen to our awareness. That means at this stage where we are, at this stage when we are called as human beings we have not felt the truth. We have not seen the truth, we are not the truth. That one position one has to accept. If we believe that this is the truth because it is in Ramayana or in some book or that book then be sure that that truth is nothing but your mental projection, is not the truth which is reality. So we are not to live with something fantasy or something that is not what we can feel through our central nervous system.

So when I talk that the seekers of truth, and I bow to you, I mean to say people who will be honest about it. Those who are not honest, who are just clinging on to certain ideas, are fanatic and think that, “This is the truth”, then I cannot help you. I can just say that come inside, within yourself is placed the truth and just find it out for yourself because it is your own, it is within you. It is your own, it is within you. Only thing is that you have to see it yourself and feel it yourself. The rest of it, the way people have all kinds of things about Freud, is something that I feel all the honest people should completely deny. When we became human beings say, we didn’t do anything about it, we just became human beings, is a simple thing. We did not stand on our head or we didn’t do anything to become more human and less monkeys. It just happened spontaneously, so one has to understand that our evolution has come through a living process and through the living energy of God, God who’s living and not a dead thing that can just give you some ideas and you cling to it which are dead. So this spontaneity of life has to work it out within you, that kind of awareness which makes you higher than what you are.

At this stage as human beings whatever we understand about life, whatever we know about life as truth, may be, may not be. Let’s keep it open like that, it may be, it may not be. For example if I tell you something about a country which you have not visited, it may be, may not be. Better go to the country and see for yourself. And that’s what one has to do is to place yourself in such a way, “Let us see” Keep your mind open to see what is the truth about yourself. Now this truth has been told by many great sages, by prophets and many incarnations who came on earth. As we know Christ has said about it, Nanaka has said about it, Kabira has said, Lao Tze has said, Buddha has said, everyone has said one thing which is people, which I should say people neglected and are not bothered about it and simple thing is that you have to have your second birth. You have to know yourself; you have to have self realization. This every one of them have said it. Instead of that we are building up something which doesn’t lead us there. “Take us to that land.” If somebody says, you just don’t do that. You see it’s just an imaginary thing if I say, “All right now, close your eyes off we go to the Kingdom of God.” It’s not that way; something has to happen in your awareness. Means whatever you are feeling now, you should feel more than that. You have to become something more, you have to expand more and that expansion has to come not through just giving you a lecture or talking to you but by something happening within yourself. As a seed has to become the tree it has to sprout, as the egg has to become a bird it has to grow and then the transformation takes place. In the same way the truth has to come to you.

So what should happen if the truth has to come? You can’t pay for it; you cannot put in any effort, but what should happen when the truth comes. When the truth comes then you see things in a different way, you are transformed. You are to be transformed. If you are one with the truth how could you live with falsehood anymore, that’s as simple as that, is a very simple thing and you know all living processes are the simplest ones. There’s no complication about it. You see people have made theories and theories and when I saw them I was amazed now what are all these mountains these people have created, for what? Why to climb all these mountains? It’s very simple, see any living process is so simple, like you breathe you don’t go to books do you? Or do you consult anybody for that you just breathe. Do you know this amazing eye that God has made, it has so much in it that all these cameras put together cannot make one eye and He’s made such a great eye within us and this one that has been made has been made through this spontaneous process. Is not done by our own doing at all it is done spontaneously.

So within us is built in, just like in a seed all the maps of that seed which is going to be, whatever trees it is going to be, whatever things it’s going to be, is inside that little seed. It is within us and it is so simple that you just have to put it to the Mother Earth and the seed sprouts. But if you try to read books it won’t, if you try to operate it won’t, if you try to stand on head it won’t, you have to put it to the Mother Earth because Mother Earth has the capacity. The quality of Mother Earth is such that She knows Her job and She can do it. So the simple things are made so difficult that as if to achieve your self realization must be something, you have to waste ages and ages and ages and then you do it. It has to be a simple thing, anybody who tells you that Kundalini awakening or Kundalini is a dangerous thing, please beware of such people because they’re naive or they’re unauthorized, they may be unholy people, they want to make money out of you. Kundalini is your own Mother, She’s your own Mother all the time sticking to you, means it’s an individual Mother. Everybody has an individual Mother within themselves and this individual Mother gives you this realization as you will see here in that chart, in the sacrum bone is the Kundalini and this force within us is the residual power. Why? Because it has not yet manifested. It has created the whole thing but it has not yet manifested.

And what is this power? This power is the ultimate desire to be one with the all pervading Divine. It is said there’s all pervading power all round and that it does everything the rest is all false. It’s only this all pervading power which achieves everything. For example the flowers become the fruits, billions and billions of them. All the time so many living things are happening but we just take them for granted. But they say it is done through this all pervading power. So when this last thing happens that you become Self, when you become that then only you can feel this all pervading power as cool breeze around.

Now there are people who come round and say, “Why should we seek?” There are some people who say so. But there are a special category of people who are born in the modern times, they’re a very special category, those who are seekers who are not yet satisfied with what they have been doing, they’re seekers and seekers of the truth. They are definitely a different category which is not born so many before. They are a special category of people as William Blake* has called them as, “Men of God will be born in those days and they will become prophets and they will have power to make others prophets.” That’s what is the time today and that’s why we find so many seekers today all over the world. Of course as you know the seekers are mislead, exploited, tortured. They have done all kinds of things to them but still the seeker remains a seeker and if he’s a seeker he must find the truth. The time has come for him to find the truth. Within us lies this special power as I told you called as Kundalini. Now this Kundalini is there or not, whether it exists or not, or whether I’m telling you a story of some sort of an imaginary thing, one has to come to right conclusions about things first of all.

You should not accept Me blindfolded. Blind faith has no place in Sahaja Yoga. No faith at all, no, we have no faith in people who have blind faith because you must come to right conclusion first of all. As we have now come to a conclusion that it has to be spontaneous happening, a living happening and it cannot be worked out by us but the Divine has to work it out. If it is a living process, if evolution is a living process, if you have to jump to that higher awareness then it is the living force which is going to work it out and if it is so we cannot do it. Human beings can only do dead work you can see that. If a tree is dead you can make it into a chair but can you make a flower into a fruit, you cannot. It’s the living force that does it. In the same way if anything has to happen to us it should be spontaneous, for which as I told you, you cannot pay, you cannot exert yourself, you cannot demand it, whenever it has to happen it happens. So first we have to come to right conclusions about things. Secondly as I told you, you cannot have blind faith about it, about anything. Keep yourself open, you should not deny it keep yourself open because you’re seekers of ages you have been seeking the truth for ages now, so keep yourself open just, don’t deny it. Because you follow certain cult or certain thing you should not because so far you’ve not found it. If you’ve not found it you must keep yourself open to receive. If it is true should happen something to you in your own awareness.

So when this Kundalini is there She’s is sleeping because She has not yet manifested. She’s in three and a half coils, as I said you should not take Me for granted but if it is proved later on you can see it for yourself. Everything can be proved. The time has come to prove all the scriptures to prove that you are the spirit, that you are the instrument of God that you are a collective being. The time has come and so you have to see for yourself how this Kundalini acts. Now you will find in many people when there is an obstruction the Kundalini doesn’t rise and there is a big pulsation in the triangular bone. So we reach the third conclusion that whatever we can do, like we can jump we can shout, we can say a mantra we can do all kinds of things but we cannot make this triangular bone pulsate, can we? So it is done by Divine. Then we can see the rising of the Kundalini with the stethoscope you can hear it passing through these centers which comes up here and when it reaches there at the top of the head you can feel it, the (Sounds like – lak dha) of a heart. Kabira has said it, “Shum na sheik kurra parra ana hudya bhia.” He has said that, ‘At the top of your head you can feel the anahada.” Anahada is the sound of the heart. You can feel it, but even the Sikhs. you see, they do not know that it should happen with everyone. Everyone has said the same thing but it is to happen and that once happens there then suddenly you find that that stops and when it stops you find a cool breeze coming out of your head. That’s called as chaitanya hari, that’s called as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost.

There is no difference in what Christ has preached or these people have preached there’s no difference. Only thing is there is no proper translation, there’s no proper understanding of all these things that they have all said the same thing, because truth is the same. How can there be two truths? Truth is the same and you feel the cool breeze coming out of your head. When John the Baptist talked about baptism he meant this, he didn’t mean the way we do baptism, just call somebody, put some water on the head and say, “Oh now you are baptized.” That’s just a drama you can see it so clearly. Anybody who’s thinking, can see it’s just a drama to say that you’re baptized. Baptism is a living process and in that you must see this germinating power within you that rises up and gives you this self realization. It should happen to you in a way that you should feel it. You should feel the cool breeze in the hand, you should feel this thing within you, first of all. Now once you’ve got this then you’ll be amazed that you’ll become absolutely peaceful, within you you’ll feel absolutely peaceful and you’ll feel relaxed as if you’ve solved the (inaudible/ person) or you can say as if the drama is over. You’ll become like a witness, the whole thing will start looking like a witness that you are watching the drama, there’s nothing serious about it. What is there to be worried? You see all the detachment starts then that you are in it and you are away from it. Like you start seeing everything just as a drama you are not bothered, you are not troubled, you are not concerned about it. What’s this all seriousness going on about? You achieve that joy within yourself which flows all the time, all the time the beauty of God’s love. And that’s what one has to achieve, that achievement is not done through your effort that is the effort of the Divine. Is God Almighty Himself has to do it otherwise His creation will be ruined. He has created us and jolly well He has to do it, let’s put it that way. Because if he has created the whole universe and in that universe if human beings are going to be destroyed then one should know that it is God’s own creation will be destroyed. His own doings will be destroyed and it is He who’s so anxious, so anxious that you get your self realization.

There are so many objections raised and so many people ask Me questions all kinds and some people also ask Me a question saying that, “How is it Mother that it is so difficult, they say so that you have to work for thousands of years to get to realization.” That may be, may have been but not today, that’s not the situation today. It works out spontaneously in a split of a second, no doubt about it. In a split of a second it should work out. But actually what happens we are very complicated people. All these centers are in complication our Kundalini is in complication all these complications are there. We are sick people, we have mental sickness, physical sickness, we have other social sicknesses and so many types of sicknesses we have and that’s how the Kundalini though She warns you with realization, though She wants to rise, She wants to give you birth but She finds it difficult and then we have to work out. Somebody who knows the job has to work it out, raise it up and bring it there and give you the realization and then you have to learn how to maintain it. So that you have to know all the things, what these centers are and what are they, and why the Kundalini’s down and why we are feeling it, what’s your problem, because you start facing it. Actually it is such a truthful thing that it works on your fingers, just you feel it on your fingers, your Self and other’s. Mohammad Sahib has said quite clearly, “At the time of resurrection your hands will speak.” Your hands start speaking that you feel which is catching what is catching, you know your Self and you know others. But when you know that you don’t feel bad, you don’t feel bad. For example if I tell somebody that you have an ego then I’m not safe at all but when you get realization you start seeing your Mr ego coming up like a balloon on your head and you get such a fright that you just come and say, “Mother this finger is catching very badly my ego, please save me from this big ego of mine.” And then you know how to correct the ego, also you must know that, this is the technique.

So the word Sahaja means, ‘Saha’ means ‘with’ and ‘ja’ means ‘born’. It is born with you, is spontaneous, is born with you as your eyes are with you. This yoga, this union is born, is with you, just it has to activate. It is within you, it is your own, it’s your own thing which happens to you because you deserve it. The time has come that’s why you get it. And this Sahaja Yoga the communion with the Divine is your birth right as a human being to have it. Every one of you should get it. That has to happen so millions and millions of people should have to have it and this happening has to take place because if this whole world is on the verge of collapse something has to happen to transform the human being. For the emancipation of human beings, something has to work out and that is what it is, the God’s desire that we all should as far as possible get our realization, become ourselves and know all our powers, what we are. Actually in reality we are very beautiful, you’re extremely beautiful, you’re extremely blissful, we are collective being. But with all the social problems and all that, especially in the West I find people feel guilty for nothing at all. There’s nothing to feel guilty because your Father is compassion, is ocean of compassion, is ocean of love, He’s ocean of forgiveness. He’s so great that these little bit things we do here and there should not upset you at all, there’s nothing to upset you and this is what it is that we have to believe into that if you are going to get your realization. First of all you’re not to be guilty.

You have to enter into your own freedom, the complete freedom, the supreme freedom, at that time you are free to choose. You have to be free. I cannot entice you, somebody mesmerizes you or binds you by something, such a person cannot give you realization. You have to be absolutely free, I must respect your freedom.

Apart from that when this happening takes place you should know what exactly it is, whether it is reality or not, whether it is working out or not. For example we have within us other place/plane which we do not know, unknown planes/place to us. For example in this thing you can see there’s a left side and a right side sympathetic nervous system and the central is the parasympathetic but this is the subtle side of that. On the left hand side you can say within us lies our subconscious and then lies the collective subconscious. This area is called in Sanskrit as Adi (inaudible), is the one that has happened before since our creation. I was surprised I saw once a program in television in England by some doctors who showed the cause of cancer is because there is some sort of proteins they called it protein 58 and protein 52 which triggers this happening of cancer within us. And when this thing happens to us we do not know what to do because this agent, this special protein that enters into us comes from some unknown area which they call it, which is built within us since our creation, I call it as collective subconscious. Whatever is dead is on that side. So they’re actually talking of possession, or a possession of a dead spirit or something. That means that such a thing enters into our being and triggers, triggers cancer. Now this I’ve been telling them for so many years now but now as it is according to their own understanding they’ve stated, because they’re very honest and they don’t say that we know about this area. But that area exists (inaudible). As a result or manifestation of this area supposing, you are too much crying, “Oh God help me, do this,” you can get possessed because you’re not yet connected to God. And once you get possessed means somebody, some other spirit can come into you and such a spirit when it comes into you, it can really make you mad. It can really make you feel like jumping, singing or shouting or screaming. These are not the signs of self realized people, they are very sane, balanced, beautiful people. How can there be mad people jumping all over or grabbing others and being angry and being very volatile they cannot be. They have to be very sane, the sanest of sane, most balanced people. So this kind of thing happens to people who go on to the left hand side. It can happen in so many ways and more over these people afterwards starts getting all kinds of problems like epilepsy they can get. They can also get another problem we can say that they get pains all over they feel very guilty, all the time crying and weeping because left side is the emotional side.

There’s another side to us which is called as Adi Devi and is the right side we call it as the collective supraconscious, this is the side which is the future. When we indulge too much into future see, we go and plan too much and we are aggressive about it then there is a built-in process within us which is called supraconscious, means all those ambitious people who lived in the future are there. Hitler used this power, Hitler used this power to entice people and he was one of the greatest right hand person I would say that the day he used it to enforce this on the people, to say that, “We are something, a great race, we are a higher race,” and all that. Because he used these people who are dead on the right hand side means supraconscious. And when they jumped on them they also started becoming ambitious and absolutely heartless, they were so heartless you can’t imagine. If you read the life of some of these people they were not so heartless to begin with. They were not, they were good people, sweet people, affectionate people, they were good children and suddenly how do they become so devilish and so destructive. The thing is they are no more there but something else acting. Such people can become dynamic for the time being may look dynamic but afterwards is too much a load to carry then again they also become like cabbages like the other side people.

Drugs have the same effects. Drugs can right sided or left sided, you can say LSD and all these drugs take you to the right where you see the auras and things like that. And the left sided stuff is like other Hashish and all these drugs which make you feel miserable afterwards and you laugh, laugh and then you become immobile and sort of things you see. All those things are imaginary or they are not reality. Reality is in the centre, is absolutely in the centre in the present. We live either in the past or in the future. A thought rises within us and falls away another thought rises within us and falls away but we have to be in the centre and that is the present. If I just tell you, “Be in the present” you cannot. Something has to happen within us to keep you in the present. And that happening includes Kundalini awakening.

Now what is the Spirit, also that I will tell you in short because tomorrow I’m going to tell you in details about these centers and their manifestation but today I would like to tell you about the Spirit about which people have told that there is the spirit within us. Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty within us which resides in the heart actually. But the seat of the Spirit is here on the top of your head where the fontanel bone area is, but it resides in the heart. Now this Spirit is the collective being, it is the collective being meaning that you don’t have to tell the Spirit that we are all one. When you become the Spirit you just start feeling the other one, like there’s nobody is the other. Like some people say, “Mother when you try to help others, you cure others and do this and that then you think you are obliging them.” I said, “How? There is no other, they’re all within Myself. Who is the other, I don’t know, I don’t see anybody as the other. If they are helped it is because I feel they are within Myself.” And that’s what happens that you become collective conscious. That means in your central nervous system you start feeling others and yourself. You become, again I say it’s the becoming. It’s not talking, it’s not a mental projection, is the becoming, the being becomes and when the being becomes that he gets this experience of understanding that there is an energy flowing through us and this is the energy of the Spirit that flows through you.

So you get (inaudible) you get the energy within you, you become the energy. Then you start manifesting the energy of your Spirit and then you start manifesting that energy then you do it as a collective being. It just flows; you don’t have to do anything it just flows. You don’t have to say, “Oh come along you stand on your head,” or anything it just flow. Even if you touch somebody it can flow, it can cure people. It’s no only curing people that’s important, it’s just a by-product. Actually when Kundalini rises She integrates you, all the centers, She gives you physical, mental and emotional peace and then integration and also She gives you power to understand what She is like, what She is doing and how to manifest in other people. She gives you power to give realization to others. It is too fantastic to believe I know, it is too fantastic. But is it not fantastic that we have become human beings from amoeba? We take that for granted. If the time has come to become that, lets have it. What’s the harm even if it is fantastic after all you have reached the moon isn’t it so you can reach the Spirit also. It should happen on mass it has to happen to all of you.

Today is the first day; I’ve just given you the introduction to the subject because I would like to know your questions. I hope you’ll ask sensible questions to Me which will help everybody else. I find it something sometimes very surprising the way people ask questions it doesn’t help them neither helps anybody else because they’re not civil to other people. They just want to propound their ideas on other people is wrong, I think you have to be civil. Now we’re talking about Kundalini awakening and about self realization so you need not tell Me, “Somebody wrote like that and somebody wrote like that.” Lets have it, I’m saying it’s an open thing let’s have it with open mind. And so I hope you won’t waste the time of other people because today I would like to try also the experiment of realization with you so you’ll give Me more time for that which is more important than talking about it. As far as talking, I’ve been talking and talking, in England I think there are about 1000 lectures I’ve given and all over the world I’ve been talking everyday so it makes no difference. What happens to you is the most important and I am sure it should happen to all of you and that you should get your self realization and establish yourself so that this new awareness, which is the awareness of the Spirit should come and change the whole world. Thank you very much and may God bless you.

Can I have a question from you?

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Yes of course, of course it will of course no doubt yes not only one but many of course definitely no doubt. Yes please)

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Yes luckily you have a center in Bedford where people will tell you all about it. Thank God I have come to Bedford after a long time. I started with 7 people in England for four years can you imagine. I had only (Delete – Shri Mataji corrects Herself from four to ) seven people and this was a big struggle you see to get them there. But once it started off now we have many people in Bedford, we have a centre where you can go and meet people and they can tell you. And we have also very near here Cambridge and other places where we have such centers. In London we have now two good ashrams and people are working it out. So in England I must say there is no such problem. And you can also write to Me, I’m also in England these days, for at least some time I hope so. (Delete- Any more questions? Yes my child. What is it?)

Question inaudible
It has a meaning it is so. Ill-luck comes (inaudible) by many things you see but once you’re realized I would say the angels help you, you see, you won’t believe. Just you get over it now, it’s a very different situation. At least there are many people who say that, who are here, who are realized souls. They’ll say that how they’re helped by God. But our idea of luck changes by that, very much. Like we don’t want to be like a millionaire or anything, we get satisfied temperament and also of course, of course other things like material and all that is solved. Lots of it, lots of things solved, no problem but first of all you should be the citizen of God’s kingdom isn’t it. Then He looks after you. (Delete Beg you pardon. Can be. Avoid, what?) You don’t have to, it’s looked after. You are looked after. Krishna has said, “(Sounds like -Yoga shey yam ne hum no hum),” that first you get your yoga, first you get your realization and then, “I’ll look after your well being.” He said it clearly, yes so you are not looked after as yet as it should be. The Divine looks after you so well you can’t imagine. You are completely under the care of the Divine, it’s true. But sometimes I don’t say in My first lecture, people think it’s a false story so I don’t tell them, but it is true it works out. There must be some reason for ill luck and that you’ll find out very soon after realization. Is like light you see, supposing you’re walking and you fall down and falter because it is dark and you can’t see anything but when there is light you can see, you can avoid it, isn’t it.

Question inaudible
But you see one can see it if you are on the futuristic side, if you are on the futuristic side but you should be in the centre. What is the future it doesn’t exist, one should not bother about the future you should see about the present that’s the best. If you see the future is not good you should see the present, you should be in the present because present is real and dynamic. It comes because your movement is on the right hand side maybe you think of the future too much. You’ll find out now, you’ll find out it’s easy to find out. If somebody’s a very futuristic person he may forget all the past, he may forget even his name but he might see something of the future. It’s not a normal behavior then you see more of the future and nothing of the present, all right. Some people see auras, lights that’s not important, that’s not important at all, seeing is not important, becoming is important.

(Delete – Shri Mataji speaks in Hindi)

She has a problem. She says, “My children don’t listen to me.” I said that, “That’s this country, you can’t help it. You see when you have come to this country; you have to face the atmosphere also.” But after realization also it’s a beautiful relationship that exists, extremely beautiful. All right, is it sufficient, should we have? Because first day I’ll take some more time to because I’ll go round and see all of you. Is it all right now, should we start it? It’s a very simple thing, there is nothing to be afraid of, nothing goes wrong, everything is perfect. You just have to put your hands just like this, just like this and you have to put your feet on the ground…

(Shri Mataji proceeds with realization process.)

*(about William Blake)