1st TV Interview

University of Northampton, Northampton (England)

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TV Interview
October 7th, 1982
Northampton, UK

… wife of a United Nations diplomat. She lives in London now but has thousands of followers around the world, who hail Her as India’s greatest living saint. She teaches a state of self-realization and happiness, and says that with a spiritual force She can cure the incurable. She’s speaking at public meetings in Bedford tonight and Northampton tomorrow, and today She gave Her first television interview in England. Our reporter is Rebecca (inaudible) .

Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi is known around the world for Her healing powers. Her followers look upon Her as Divine. Mother, as She is referred to, preaches a gospel of peace and has discovered a spiritual force called Kundalini, which is shown on this chart. She can release it in seekers, as She calls them, to give them complete awareness. She admits that many Westerners are sceptical of Her powers, but She scorns the idea of charging money for Her gifts. Her claims of success in curing and healing are remarkable. Alcoholics have been known to give up drink, drug-takers have been cured, but perhaps most extraordinary of all, She claims to have cured many cancer victims.

Reporter: How many people have you managed to cure who have had cancer?
Shri Mataji: Thousands… I don’t know… I should say…
Reporter: Thousands? What do doctors think of what you’re saying?
Shri Mataji: You see the trouble is I Myself I have done medicine and… the doctors are the people who are working with the “shoot” side of life, you see, not the “roots” of it. So the trouble with them is that anybody starts talking that it can be cured by a higher method than a human awareness, then they don’t want to jump into that awareness, which is a higher awareness that one has to achieve, because human awareness is still transitory. You have to achieve that awareness which is the divine awareness. When you have that awareness, then only you can cure it.
Reporter: How would You describe Yourself, as a healer or a spiritualist?
Shri Mataji: You see, I do not want to fall into any category Myself because… I’m a housewife and I have to do all the jobs of a housewife, I’m also a diplomat’s wife, so I have to act as a diplomat’s wife, I’m also a person who has to do this work of Sahaja Yoga… So I don’t know how to describe Myself.
Reporter: Can I ask You if You can reach me?
Shri Mataji: Yes yes, see, one can reach masses. Now, we have to first see in your case now what is the problem. First is that there’s an imbalance, a little imbalance, because you have to work outside too much, I think, you have to go out too much and don’t have much time for your emotional life. So it’s more that you are more mental and physical, but less of emotions in you, so there has to be a balance. So first I have to give a balance like this, all right? I have to put you into balance now. Now, this is, you are working with your mind too much, so you are over-working it, so your liver is out. And the liver is also excited. So to put it right what we have to do is to just put you…
Reporter: What are you doing?
Shri Mataji: Just I’m removing the liver pressure. The liver is expressed in this part and this part of the hand. So your liver pressure is reduced. It’s very simple.
Reporter: Now, is anyone watching this going to have, feel any effect from You?
Shri Mataji: From Me?
Reporter: Yes.
Shri Mataji: No no, no effect. No, nothing. Because it is just, you see, it’s like construction of the destruction; you just take out the destruction out of the construction, that’s all. It’s very simple. Now, what I am doing now. You have to now just say within yourself — or loudly if you want to — say that “Mother, I forgive everyone.” Just say that.
Reporter: Mother, I forgive everyone.
Shri Mataji: Yes, you have to say thrice. Now let’s see. Say it.
Reporter: Mother, I forgive everyone.
Shri Mataji: Again.
Reporter: Mother, I forgive everyone.
Shri Mataji: Again.
Reporter: Mother, I forgive everyone.
Shri Mataji: Now see. Is it flowing? A little bit. It’s very sensitive, it’s very subtle.
Reporter: Well, I can… I can feel the clearness of it. Yes.
Shri Mataji: It’s started. Started, see? Just I… what I’m making — a cross on your hand. You see, that’s Christ, who said you have to forgive. Now see. It’s working?
Reporter: And what will it do for me in the long run?
Shri Mataji: In the… in the long run that it is your… own power now will manifest. You have this power within yourself. Now with this you will feel very peaceful, you will control your thoughts. You don`t have to think all the time. You can rest without thinking. If you want you can think, otherwise you need not think. Then your own powers will be manifested, by which you can give this power to others. There’s so many things you can do.