Public Program, We don’t have to suffer

University of Northampton, Northampton (England)


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Public Program. Northampton (UK), 8 October 1982.

( 36:55 )

Last of all I will tell you about a horrible disease, which is the modern disease nowadays – is the disease of cancer, which is a horrible thing as people say. Cancer is caused mostly which I have seen, in people who are left-sided. Not so much in the right-sided people, those who are aggressive. But those who are emotionally disturbed get this trouble. So far I have not seen one patient of cancer who has not been emotionally very much inclined. It might look, appear that a person is very aggressive, but if you really go into the history of a person you will find that he had a problem, that his mother died, or his father died early, or some emotional problem he developed later on, or a shock from his wife or his fiancee, or his children or something like that. It’s more a case of emotional disturbance. Now when you find, that a person has a cancer, on the hands you’ll find that all these fingers are burning (Shri Mataji shows all the fingers of Her left hand), sometimes even these fingers start burning (Shri Mataji shows fingers of Her right hand). When it is on a galloping state you put your hands towards a person who is suffering from cancer, even doctors might not diagnosing, they might find it later on – all your fingers start burning (Shri Mataji show all the fingers of both Her hands). You start burning here and here (Shri Mataji points on Her palms, starting from the lower finger joints till the side of both Her hands to the carpus). Also you may feeling start a throbbing here (Shri Mataji points to the stomach, slightly left from the solar plexus). Throbbing doesn’t mean that a person has a cancer, but is one of the symptoms. Now how cancer is caused is very simple. To understand it is better that if you understand you will not those things which are not to be done.

Anything we do in extremes, any emergency is taking over by this two sides, because they manifest the sympathetic nervous system. They act for the sympathetic nervous system whenever there is an emergency. For example a person has a simple habit of say rubbing his ears. Very simple habit. He may develop a cancer there. Because he has overdone it. A extreme thing he has done – he is rubbing, rubbing, rubbing. So what happing is, that the cells which are supported by a centre here, for example its coming from left and right (Shri Mataji forms with the thumb and index finger of both hands the profile of the left and right energy channel) – and that’s who a energy centre is formed, if you can see all of you. This is the one to which the medulla oblongata passes. The spinal cord. This is the spinal cord. Now, when there is pull of right side and left side too much on the sympathetic system then this connection breaks out like that (Shri Mataji shows it with Her hands). When it breaks out the connection of the centre with the whole – because this centre is supplying the energy – is broken. When the connection with the whole is broken, there is no coordination left, there is no control left. So the cells become on their own what we call malignant. They start growing on their own. For example if their nose develops the cancer, than nose becomes big. The rest of the (?) smaller and the cells of the nose start pressing all other organs in here (Shri Mataji points to Her throat) and sometimes they may passing in the blood and go to other areas also. So these are aggressive cells, malignant cells on their own, they are not control. By some change if you could bring them back in connection with the whole, if you can do that, cancer can be cured. (40:33) Is as simple as that. When the Kundalini rises was She does is, She awakens this centre (Shri Matajis forms with Her hands the profile of the central cannel). And when the central is awakened it just comes back to normal and a person becomes normal. That’s how cancer can be cured. It is very simple, it’s not so difficult. Human life we have made it so difficult, actually it’s not so difficult. It’s a very simple thing if you understand the laws of nature and laws of God’s divine power. You can overcome most of your maladies, most of your problems and you’ll reside in the kingdom of God. (41:15)

Now, there are so many other diseases which I don’t want to refer now because I have tell to you the physical side. And the mental side is the left side as I told you. Also on the left side is another disease, is multiple sclerosis. I saw a very good television show the other day. It was put up by some doctors. And they said that in ourselves there is an area which is built in from our creation, means the collective subconscious. That’s what we call it. And there are proteins which they call protein 58, protein 52 or something like that. They enter into our being and trigger the cancer. So that shows what we have said, that there are dead within us. On the left hand side is the subconscious and then the collective subconscious. And when you enter into the collective subconscious, anyone of this spirits can catch hold of you. Once they catch hold of you, you are liable to any of this diseases. Specially I have seen if there is a possessed person – of course they become mad, they get epilepsy, all this are possessed people. Epilepsy can be cured, we have someone here who had epilepsy of the worse type. She is cured completely. (42:37)

And all such mental troubles, depression, can be cured. Not difficult at all. But one must know, that if you are possessed you must really work it out and see to it, that it goes away from you and you become yourself. Because when you are the other, you don’t know what’s happening to you. Now this affliction when it comes to you, there is another horrible disease called multiple sclerosis which comes up. I have seen so far there three cases in England of multiple sclerosis which have been cured by Sahaja Yoga. All of them had either the wife or the husband possessed. Can you imagine? It’s something surprising. We do not know these things are so important. These are very important things and that’s why all these people come on this earth said, that you lead a clean life. And a sensible married life.’ It is not permitted to have an adulteress life in any religion whatsoever, because adulteress life brings forth all kinds of problems of the sex spoiling the last chakra. People can become impotent or overexcited, could become suffering from all the troubles of this centre, which you know are diseases which are kept as secrets.

So, one has to lead a very clean wonderful married life, because marriage is supported and sanctioned by the collective. It is sanctioned by God almighty. So, that kind of a life, that kind of a sexual life, is a sensible one. One should not get a shock out of it. When I say this in the west, people really don’t like it. But I’m your mother. I have to tell you the truth. Even whatever you have done is done – finished, doesn’t matter. But now come to your sanity. Because there are all this horrible satanic diseases waiting just to gulp you down. Apart from diseases such a person creates a problem for children. He creates a problem for the whole society. The whole society topples down. If they do not respect the marriage, if the woman becomes aggressive and try to sort of replace men – they can not do it, they are woman. Men are man, woman are woman. But that doesn’t mean that nobody is going to suppress. They are equal, no doubt, but not similar. This is a simple point we don’t understand. They woman is to be respected, but she has to be respectable. And she has to be respected, because she is one who is the power behind the man. If we understand all this simple things of life, the life becomes very beautiful. How we have to respect our elders. How we have to respect everyone. The respect itself is gone from the modern times. People have accepted themselves as something you see ‘what’s wrong’ business. There is no respect for anything whatsoever. I mean the way they bark at each other, one doesn’t understand how human beings have become now dogs or what have they become the way they start barking at each other. The whole system goes out of gear when we become too much materialistic also, because the matter makes us absolutely a dead matter also. But I’m not saying that you have to give up anything. What do you give up? You don’t give up anything because if you have not taken anything into you, if you do not clinging anything to anything, what do you give up?


Like this people Hare Rama came to Me and they saw Me in My house and of course I mean, we live very well. Perhaps they thought it was too much for a saint like Me to life in all this luxuries. And they started saying: ‘Mother, You are living in this fashion and how people call You a saint. I said: All right. Now, you talk of Lord Krishna, isn’t it? Now in this house or one My body anywhere you find anything equal to the dust of the feed of Lord Krishna, you take it away. Anything, but must equal!‘ That’s one thing. They looked around and they could find anything. I said: ‘What have you given up? Stones? Ashes? What is there to give up?‘ When you just see the whole thing as a drama, when you are not clinging on anything, what is there to give up? In Sahaja Yoga we don’t believe in false asceticism at all. Be believe in the real asceticism which comes from within. Where a person gives. Where a person enjoys matter in giving others. We don’t believe in this kind of a falsehood that you wear a certain type of cloth or you have a nunnery or this judo-sannyasis going around. Non of these things. You have to lead a very normal life in the centre. All the great saints of India were married and had children. Except for some people like Buddha who died very early. He had to take a sannyasa because of His work. Then we had people like also we can say Kabira, Nanaka – all of them were married people. And nobody talked of this extreme nature that you have to give up everyone. Such people can be very, very dangerous. They can be very hot tempered. They can be so hot tempered that you cannot just face them. Because marriage makes you very normal to come in the centre. In this life, in this married life you are going to receive the blessings of God. There is no abnormity needed. Actually we become extremely normal when you get your realization. O course some of this ideas may not appeal to you. But you can see for yourself, whatever I say is true or not? After realization you become a different person. Your priorities change, you become such a beautiful person because you start giving. The whole thing starts flowing from you. Because you become the light and the light starts flowing from you. And then you understand and assume your powers, powers of your spirit and you enjoy this compassionate flow. And all the things look very different, the whole life changes. This has to happen to the whole world. If you bring peace and sanity. If you have to save this creation, we have to do this. Actually the divine is more anxious than anybody else to do it because the creation will be lost if human beings are lost. So those who are people who are seeking should understand their responsibility that they have to become the spirit. And after becoming the spirit they have to manifest the powers of their spirit. These are their own powers which they manifest. Only they have to know how to work it out. It’s very simple as I said. And to have it is the best way to understand it. May God bless you all.


I would like to have some questions from new people because today is the first lecture here, but for a short time. Please ask constructive questions. Don’t ask offensive questions unnecessarily. I’m here to do good to you, not to do any harm to you whatsoever, take it from Me. So, be kind to Me and ask Me questions which are good for you and for everybody else, because they are all just waiting for their realization which should not also spoil their chances and delay the matter. So, I would request you to ask Me questions which are sensible related to the subject and I’ll be very happy to answer them because certainly when you get your realization you will find your mind will peep out: ‘Oh, you didn’t ask this question to mother.’ I’m sorry I have been speaking now every day and last month I was too [?]. Everyday there was a speech on, so little bit there is a strain on My throat, doesn’t matter. Can I request you to ask Me questions please? Thank you.

Yes, please? (50:55)

Woman: [wording incomprehensible]

Yogi: The lady is asking can get rid of epilepsy?

Shri Mataji: Yes. All right. Yes.

Woman: [wording incomprehensible]

Yogi: The ladies question was whether if can you get rid of epilepsy?

Shri Mataji: Yes, we do, we can. If you really cooperate with us it will work out. It will work out definitely. But you have to cooperate. You see, I’m not a doctor which is one who takes money from you so you are not bound to Me. It’s your freedom. It’s your freedom! Whether you want to cooperate or not, but sometimes people don’t cooperate, then I can’t help. It’s noting great is to be done but few things that have to be followed if you cooperate with Me, of course it can be done without of course any charges, anything, it just works out.

Woman: [wording incomprehensible]

Shri Mataji: What’s she saying?

Woman: Can You heal (?) people? [wording vague]

Shri Mataji: Definitely, why not. Actually I’m here for that, all right. Make yourself comfortable, yes.

Actually I’m not helping anyone, I’m helping myself. Supposing this finger is paining and if I rub it, do I help anyone? Because you are within Me. When you start everyone – you feeling another person within yourself we really don’t help anyone. There is no question of charity. It’s question of saving myself. All right?

Woman: [wording incomprehensible]

Shri Mataji: What did she say, Gavin?

Gavin: She say’s also that she would like to You help [wording vague]

Shri Mataji: All of you. All of you are going to be help in a way if you say call it ‘help’, but I don’t like the word ‘help’ much. It’s your own. It’s your own. Just if you go to a banker for example. Then you say: ‘Can I have my cheque cashed?’ All right? At the most you’ll say ‘can you help me?’, because you are very generous I should say and sophisticated. But actually it’s your bank there and its your money. You better have it.

Woman: Mother, … [wording incomprehensible]

Shri Mataji: Can you raise your hand I cannot say which one is speaking? Yes my child.

Woman: Mother, … [wording incomprehensible]

Shri Mataji: What she is saying?

Yogi: What do You hope to achieve through Your lectures?

Shri Mataji: What do you do Myself?

Yogi: What do You hope to achieve?

Shri Mataji: Achieve? I mean, don’t you understand. (laughing) What am I achieving is that you all have to become collectively conscious. That’s what I’m achieving, nothing else. As I am. I will tell you in political terminology, all right? I have all the powers within Myself, so I’m a capitalist. But I can’t enjoy it because I have to give you, so I’m a communist. And I want you to enjoy your own powers, that’s all. Nothing more than that.

Yes please?

Man: Is it possible to receive help after a surgery … [some words incomprehensible].

Shri Mataji: After?

Yogi: After surgery.

Shri Mataji: Yes, of course, of course. There is no problem even after surgery. But if you put something artificial there – sort of say a rod of say steel or something, then we can’t move it. It has to be something living. We can repair it, regenerate it and we can give vitality, but rod, say it’s of steel, then what can we do? But other surgeries we can work out.

Yes, please? Yes? Please ask the question?

Man: [wording incomprehensible]

Shri Mataji: What?

Yogi: He also wants… [some words incomprehensible]

Shri Mataji: All right, I […] there. You don’t worry! You all are there. I’m going to come down and see all of you, all right? All of you I’m going to see like yesterday.

Man: Mother. When You were speaking about Holy Ghost You use the word ‘She’ which regard to [some words vague] (55:53)

Shri Mataji: ‘Shri?’

Man: ‚She’

Shri Mataji: ‚Yes’

Man: You said ‚She’

Shri Mataji: ‘She’, yea. ‘She’ ist the power and She is called as Shakti. ‘Shakti’ – She is the power. So ‘He’ is the God Almighty and His power is the ‘She’ – the Holy Ghost.

Man: The creator?

Shri Mataji: That’s the power of the divine power of God, His love. Which has got one: is a creative power. Another is the power of His desire. First you must have desire, then he creates, so He has a power of desire and He has a power of creativity and also He has a third power, which is the power which gives sustenance. We become say – we have qualities, like carbon has four valences and all that. And then also it gives us evolution. So this third power is more important, because that gives us this ascent also. This is the manifestation of the Holy Ghost which is the power of God Almighty, which is the power of His divine love.

Woman: Mother, … [wording incomprehensible – analogous: Why children get leukaemia?]

Shri Mataji: They get it, because the mother is like that. Mother must be a speedy lady. You see, if the mother… – today only I had a lady, I must tell you: I saw a lady, she is told Me: ‘That my child is overactive, she is so active that I don’t know how to control.’ It’s not a mental case, but it is a funny situation, that she is overactive. So I said: ‘What were you doing, when she was pregnant?’ She was such, she told Me, in the night she use to work in the factory, the whole day she use to work in the house. Imagine? I mean, you pay no respect to your pregnancy. So what will happen? If the mother is so sort of a speedy person, the child gets it. You see, mother has such an influence on the child, isn’t it? The blood of the mother goes into the child. And that blood carries the message. That’s how the children get it. And that’s very difficult to cure also. One has to know also, when you are pregnant, how to treat your children, how to be looking after your foetus. That’s one has to know all this things. These are very important things which we do not know.


Man: [wording incomprehensible]

Shri Mataji: What he say?

Yogi: He is asking, is your power of healing something You thought Yourself or which was born with You?

Shri Mataji [smiling]: Its all with Me, all right? As you know you are a human being, I knew, I was this. But about Me better not tell. It’s better you discover it. It better not to tell about oneself. You better discover it gradually. You better discover about Me.

Yes? Now, say loudly!

Woman: [wording incomprehensible]

Yogi: She wants to know if there are classes in Sahaja Yoga [some words incomprehensible].

Shri Mataji: You can not have a course in it, you see. It is not course. But we have sectors. You have to just go and know about it. There is no classes, nothing like that, but you can come to the centre, where they will tell you how to use this power, what does this mean, all the decoding of it. How to establish your realization. We have a centre here in Northampton and I don’t know when you have it (program), but we have a centre here, just right here. Can somebody tell when is the program, at what time?

A Yogi tell about the program in Northampton. [wording incomprehensible]

Shri Mataji: You can become masters, real gurus. Yes, you can. But I thing people must take it more seriously about the whole thing and should understand it and learn it, because the main thing is we do not take any money, you see. So people think, that you see, you are not bound. You are absolutely free to come and to go, but this freedom sometimes makes a person a little superficial or sometimes a little frivolous about it. But this is so precious, so invaluable, that you can not charge any money for this knowledge. All right now, should we have it? No questions?

Man: [wording incomprehensible]

Shri Mataji: Gavin, what did he say, I just can’t? Did you hear?

Gavin: No…

Shri Mataji: You didn’t hear him: Just stand up, I think. You better stand up here. Gavin, you just stand up. Just say it loudly, please, if you don’t mind. Yes!

Man: [wording incomprehensible]

Gavin: When you have a pain within yourself […] through the mother earth? [some words incomprehensible].

Shri Mataji: Yes, some things are sucked by mother earth, as I told you – some. Some are sucked by the flame of the… – can be the flame, can be the fire. The sun also sucks in. Then the sky also sucks in, anything can. It depends on, on what centre you have a problem. All this centres are separately made by different elements. It depends on, what problem you have. All right? But on the whole mother earth is the most precious thing. She helps the maximum on thing.


Man: You spoke about living energies and vibrations and the scientist with us […] not the scientist he enjoys trying to get the rays within, he mentions the gravity […]. Because there were people who thoroughly enjoy … into the rays of gravity. I’ve been very … in things like dowsing. [some words incomprehensible].

Shri Mataji: Ah, dowsing. Dowsing is…

Man: A force now … bring .. together [… unclear]

Shri Mataji: I talked about this yesterday. Yesterday I talked, but again if you want I’ll tell you in short. You see, we have some other dimension which we are not know, they are unknown to us. But they are not divine, like we have the left side dimensions as I told you, you go into the collective subconscious. Now if you go into collective subconscious some of this busy bodies can enter into your being. And they are the once who give you this power of dowsing. You see, that’s how you start knowing there is water, because there are some spirits in you which can [? word unclear] to it. You see, there are ESP’s and all this things come from the same sources. There could be some on the right hand side, supra-conscious once, which are very aggressive. Hitler used them. He is the one who used this supra-conscious people, very aggressive people and enticed all German people and made them so aggressive. So, these two areas are within us. In Sanskrit the one on the left is called ‘adi bhautic’ and the right as ‘adi daivic’ [?]. Both of these are to be avoided. For example somebody sees auras around Me, for example now. I would say he should not. It’s not proper. Because then you are on the right side. But if you see some gods and goddesses around Me, that also is not good, because you’re seeing the left side – the past, and the future. What you have to be is in the centre, in the present. So, all this things come to you from some busy bodies as I said, that they enter into your being. I have seen another television show where they showed Gogin entering into somebody. And he was painting just like him. The lines were just like him, bold the same wave very different styles that he has. And he was doing it and he said: ‘I’m Gogin.’ And this is very common even with curatives. When people cured, they use spiritualists. That’s very dangerous. All these are taking you to the realm, which is not your own. It is somebody else who acts in you. Even a thing like, say acupuncture can be very dangerous, because acupuncture uses the what ever energy in you of the sympathetic. This is energy I’m talking which is all the time flowing. When you get connected with the mains all the time it is flowing within you. That’s the energy we should have. And the scientist are correct when they say vibrations. But they can’t say, why there are vibrations. This is the point. Not that I’m against science because today the science is helping us so much. (1:05:33)

Man ask about his son, which have skin problems. (analogous)

Shri Mataji: Ah, skin problem. All right, there’s nothing, that’s liver.

Woman: How can I help myself…

Yogi: How can she learn to cure herself.

Shri Mataji: Yes, that’s what I’m saying that today if you get realization well and good. Otherwise there is a centre, you can come, by which whatever you have cured yourself, but you can cure others also. (1:06:59)

Man: The self-realization, Sahaja Yoga. Is that the answer about our problems? [… some words unclear]

Shri Mataji: Hundred percent, to all problems. You see, because we live in a relative world. We are living relatively and we are confused, isn’t it? But when you find the absolute, all the questions are solved. That’s true, because spirit is to be awakened, that’s the main thing. Spirit is the solution. Firstly it is the collective being. Again it is the source of all vitality. It is the source of all the creativity. It is the source of all the joy and bliss. Once you achieve that being within you, when that being shines in your attention, you become the master of that.

(1:08:03) Woman: Question incomprehensible.

Shri Mataji: Can you say it loudly?

Man: She says Mother, has the mother nature provided the answer in terms of herbs to cure people?

Shri Mataji: We don’t use any herbs or anything. We at the most can sanctify some water or salt or sugar, these basic things, that’s all. We don’t use any herbs or anything, that’s not needed now anymore.

Woman: Excuse me, do we have to be religious to… [some words incomprehensible]

Shri Mataji: You don’t have to be religious at all. But religious is different from religion! Religion is within you, you can’t get rid of it. You see, religion is your quality as a human being. That’s within you, you can’t get rid of it. If you go against it, whatever is within you, then there is a problem. Yes, everyone has that, everyone has that! That’s true and that’s why you get problems. But religious is a very absurd thing. Sometimes religious so called people can be horridly hot tempered, you know. Could be very bad and could be – I mean, it has no relationship whit reality sometimes. So religious is a different thing, but religion is important. Religion is universal, which is within you. Now, let’s start now.


Woman: Question about diet. (exact wording unclear)

Man: She says Mother, does the diet which we … solve her problems?


Shri Mataji: Yes, not the diet want solve it completely, but when you take to Sahaja Yoga, supposing you are a liver-patient, all right. So we give you some sanctified or vibrated sugar to eat, white sugar. Now doctors will say: ‘Don’t eat white sugar’, but we have cured so many of liver troubles. All have migraines and this and that and so many troubles of the allergies are to be cured. Now for that of course we say, for about a month, you just don’t eat some fats. You see, that’s all right. But that by eating, you see, you paying so much attention ‘eat this, eat that! That food, that food!’ That’s not needed. It’s too much attention diverted to food. But you should know basics. But if this is the problem with you then what you should eat. That’s all, it’s not such a emphasis on diet that you eat this. Only by dieting you maybe all right at the most physically, but you are not only a physical being. You are also an emotional being. If you pay too much attention to your physical side, you can become a dry personality. Absolutely. There could be divorces in the families and such a person who just is nothing but a physical, imagine. It can be very dangerous and can be a very, very angry person who has just physical thing. And such a person gets heart – heart trouble, because the spirit resides in your heart and if you are too much physical, then the heart goes out, because you must pay attention to your spirit. So, you are not only a physical being, you are a mental being, you are an emotional being and you are a spiritual being. All this must be integrated and there should be a complete balance. (1:11:55)