Visiting Indian Family

London (England)


Visiting Indian family 1982-10-13

[SHRI MATAJI]: What experience! 

It’s [UNCLEAR], so they had just [UNCLEAR] and started putting out something [UNCLEAR] and from somewhere three very hefty people came in, absolutely black in color, very hefty and tall [UNCLEAR] and they caught hold of them and they beat them but they never got hurt as such and brought them on the street and [UNCLEAR] and, “Go back to [UNCLEAR] and never come to this man,” so they kept [UNCLEAR] said, “Alright [UNCLEAR],” and said, “What kind of a kadak Devta you have?” Kadak means, a very strong. “Who is this Kadak devta you worship that they beat us like this.” So, what has happened you’re so…?

[YOGI]: In my own case even, I would say


[YOGI]: I’ll tell You my own case


[YOGI]: when I’ll say




[YOGI]: I was being attacked by a group of tribesmen and they had wanted to kill me and they came with a sword to cut my head in two but instead of getting my head or my arteries here, they just got my ear. Twice he tried. Each time it’s really hard to get, then at that point I prayed. 

I said, “If this is the time to go, then I’m prepared but, You know, I give my Spirit into Your hands,” and at that moment everything became very bright, I don’t know how and although they were 15 or 16 people, they could not hold my hands, they didn’t have the strength and all alone, I just – walked away from them. They could not

[SHRI MATAJI]: And then 200 little boys came from – some school there

[YOGI]: That’s right, 200 children

[SHRI MATAJI]: And they caught hold of him and took him to the hospital and in the hospital he had somebody surgeon, whom he knew – what just was passing that way.

[YOGI]: Haan. You see, what happened is that, 200 children came, they took me to the dispensary and then, everyone was asleep in the afternoon so they knocked in the door and all people came out and they said, “Shall we get an ambulance?” At that moment, another doctor, whom I knew, was passing by. He saw the crowd, came, he saw me, took me into his car, took me to the hospital. Now that was lunchtime, so all the surgeons should have been at home but by chance, every surgeon in the hospital was there.

[SHRI MATAJI]: And he carried his ear like this and put it diagonal. He’s a doctor he knows how to – [UNCLEAR] and he sensed it.

[YOGI]: It was completely cut off, with no – blood vessels not, it was just.

[YOGINI]: In India you were where?

[SHRI MATAJI]: In Calcutta.

[YOGI]: Yes, in Jamshedpur. You know, I met Shri Mataji here.

[YOGINI]: And then when you were


[SHRI MATAJI]: You are Gujarati’s – are you?


[SHRI MATAJI]: And he’s also Gujarati?

[YOGINI]: Hmm. We both are Brahma Kshatriya.

[SHRI MATAJI]: Annh? Kshatriyas?

[YOGINI]: Brahma Kshatriya

[SHRI MATAJI]: So what is you sir name?

[YOGINI]: Thakur, Thakur.

[SHRI MATAJI]: Thakur, haan. Kshatriyas are very good for Sahaja yog – people who are realized, hmm. So you came from West Africa also?

[YOGINI]: Nai, I’m from Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is Baroda.


[YOGINI]: Can speak Maharashtra.

[SHRI MATAJI]: Achcha! Hmm

[YOGINI]: It is Jogian and boys they calling me they say , “Shrivastava, Shrivastava,” and we were talking in we say, ” Shrivastav”

[SHRI MATAJI]: Shrivastav is correct. 

Shrivastav is correct [UNCLEAR]. Shrivastav

[YOGINI]: [UNCLEAR] has left his Hanuman Chalisa and asked me to type in English. Translate Sanskrit.

[SHRI MATAJI]: But My husband is from U.P.

[YOGINI]: I see.

[SHRI MATAJI]: But Baroda we had very good center there. You see, they could not continue with it because the gentleman, who was Veeranjali – you must have heard his name?

[2nd YOGI]: I left Baroda on [UNCLEAR]

[SHRI MATAJI]: Oh, I see.

[2nd YOGI]: I’m not friend of anyone

[SHRI MATAJI]: He started, you see, that thing and then he’s now very sick – sick in the sense he’s very old – wife is also very old, so somehow it’s not so working out but now, Raolbai has gone there – another Sahaja yogini, who’s very powerful, she’s gone there, so it’ll start again, I think, in Baroda. Ahmedabad also we had this Shodhan

[YOGINI]: Shodhan, haan

[SHRI MATAJI]: Shodhan bhai, who did a lot for us but Ahmedabad, you see, people are very materialistic, I think.

[YOGINI]: Very much

[SHRI MATAJI]: Extremely materialistic and they were just bothered about sickness or money problems – this, that

[YOGINI]: Money minded

[SHRI MATAJI]: Extremely money minded and very much worried about money, this thing. Everybody came to say,” Sarabhai, this, that,” because all had these problems. I got fed up, I said, “I’ll not go to Ahmadabad,” you see, because you must have spiritual hankering, isn’t it? Otherwise it is such a waste sometimes to speak. They’ll come later on. Let us first settle down with Sahaja yogis, who are good and who are spiritually endowed, who are spiritually strong, then gradually, these people will come. Now, we had a television program and what I hear is that thousands of people have [UNCLEAR] . If I didn’t have Sahaja yogis, it’s impossible. You know, every program I had 400, 500 people and curing them, doing this but even sitting down on the pulpit, people were getting cured – just sitting down there. That’s one way you cure but still, you have to attend to them, you’ll have to tell them. 

You need Sahaja yogis first, then you can attend to the masses – isn’t it?

[YOGINI]: But, I think, with money-mindedness in Ahmadabad, they follow others. If one start and he’s strong enough Sahaja yogi, then they will follow but one has to be strongly through.

[SHRI MATAJI]: No, we, we had Shodhan bhai but Shodhan bhai got lost because he got very sick. He also became very old, you see, but his wife and all that are committed quite a lot and the problem is, when people are money minded, you see, they get enamored by other gurus who take money, they sort of survive to see things, which, as if it solves their money problem. Like, they will go and ask anyone the number of the horse, you see, sort of thing. They like such horrible gurus [UNCLEAR] and such people prosper. Ahmadabad has got lots of gurus, horrible gurus.

[YOGINI]: We were that until boys came.

[SHRI MATAJI]: Really? 

So many horrible gurus!

[YOGINI]: Till that night in my house we had first, first group and that night they went to [UNCLEAR] and threw away everything in the sea – everything, so that’s how we are saved or we are here today in one piece.

[2nd YOGI]: He was Mahishasur.


[2nd YOGI]: Mahishasur

[SHRI MATAJI]: Mahishasura? Baap re, he’s the worst of all. The worst is, he gives heart attack.

[YOGINI]: Troubles.


[YOGINI]: He suffered so much


[YOGINI]: except for his hands and

[SHRI MATAJI]: the husband always gets it. I’ve seen if the wife is that, husband always gets the [UNCLEAR]. 

My own brother, my own brother from the day I told him, he threw away everything.

[YOGINI]: That night, that day, I don’t know it just came over. This little fellow and Cole and Shailesh and Allan everything black dustbin bag and threw everything that night.

[2nd YOGI]: We went to the sea.

[YOGINI]: Sea.

[SHRI MATAJI]: You see, we must think we don’t want diamonds, we don’t want to wrong Gods, you see, so this fellow is giving diamonds, this, that, wrong…

[YOGINI]: Yeah, if you are sort of near, you get this, if you are, you get saris, if you are, – then get diamond ring.

[SHRI MATAJI]: Only to the rich


[SHRI MATAJI]: Only to the rich. For example, My brother they gave him a ring. So, I told him, “How many you have diamond rings?” He said, “I don’t know how many I have. I never wear them.” 

So I said, “Why did you take these?” He said, ” Because he said it is my blessing.” I said, “But why does he give you a diamond? If he has to give it, give it to somebody who doesn’t have. For example your driver, if he gives him this diamond ring, it has some value.” But then you know, we discovered that My sister-in-law was giving unconsciously all her diamonds to him.

[YOGINI]: I don’t know, I accidently believe it, property, money

[SHRI MATAJI]: She was just passing on to him without knowing that she’s doing it, you see, because they were having, they just found out that they have lost lot of diamonds from the household and then she said, “Yes, I gave him, I gave him this time that thing.” So, I asked her, “Why did you give? “- she’s a doctor. I said, “Why did you give him?” He said, she said, “You see, somebody tells me all the time, ‘These are stones, why do you want to have? 

Give it to baba.'” I said, “If he is a sanyasi, then if these are stones to you, it should be dust to him. Why should he take it? Why should he take all these? It’s alright, as you are married to him and my brother is respectable man, whatever it is, he has money and all that, as his wife as Grihalaxmi, you have to wear this, you have to have them but why for this sanyasi baba? And to take somebody else’s diamonds, what is this I…?” And they have amassed money, amassed. If you read about this Mahesh Yogi, recently I read, he has collected 4000 crores of rupees. Crores, 4000 crores.

[YOGINI]: I have seen in front of my eyes that if you give this much, then you get into you will see them like that. 

The lady, the poor lady had a epileptic fit there. Really, she was sick in heat sitting down and those women volunteer, whatever they were, they give sit to her, “You sit properly, sit properly,” and then baba walked like that and that lady got sudden fit and fell, You know, so, “Why all this, why do you allow these people to come in here? Get out, take them out. Get out of my ashram,” like that. Anyway, I think, inhuman like the ….

[SHRI MATAJI]: Because sometimes even you see these people give them to stress, if they want to get rid of somebody, they can just be like this stupid, if they want. [UNCLEAR] but many times. There’s no meditation, nothing, you see, they don’t talk of God or anything – nothing. Just nothing, I mean, it is – I don’t know.

[YOGINI]: We had to bring, my husband himself they raided that night and tell him and I don’t know what came after [UNCLEAR – 6000?] Mondays on the telephone, he threw away everything. 

On the telephone they wiped – out yogi,

[SHRI MATAJI]: He’s a Thakur, na

[YOGINI]: so they telephoned and 

[SHRI MATAJI]: [IN HINDI – It’s said that once something goes wrong in a Thakur’s head]

[YOGINI]: Thakur can take talwar

[SHRI MATAJI]: You see Thakur, Thakur is a caste, I mean, it’s a caste of great brave men, so once a, they say, that once a rich man in Lucknow employed one Thakur, you see, protect him, very healthy man and they were passing through some jungles and some dacoits invaded him, sort of, attacked and so he had about ten people, who were carrying everything; You know that caught all the ten people and they whipped them and did all kinds of things, beat them and all that and after the ten were absolutely thrown on the grounds then, this fellow, you see, Thakur raised his moustaches and hit all of them and threw them off, so when they came back, the gentleman, who was his master gave him lots of property and even things and thanked him, “You saved my life and did all of this,” and all that but now I cannot give him more employment, so they asked him, “Why not?” He said, “Where will I get again ten people to excite him?” [LAUGHTER] So, ten people first have to die to excite him or to fall down on the ground then the only he will hit otherwise he’s very quiet. [SHRI MATAJI LAUGHS] Even in Maharashtra, these Marathas are [UNCLEAR – STRONG?] but really active; Dhumaal is a Marathi. Most of them are Marathas. [UNCLEAR] is a Maratha

[YOGI]: Many Kshatriyas do Sahaja yog,


[YOGI]: The Brahmins

[SHRI MATAJI]: Kshatriyas are the best, you see.

[YOGINI]: We had this, one Mr.[UNCLEAR] in Sahaja yoga. Very, very premature he is


log hote hain [UNCLEAR] and others are Brahmins also because, you see, they have so many ritualism with them. Marathas because they are brave and courageous, they come in Sahaja yoga.

[YOGI]: [UNCLEAR], I think that mostly Kshatriyas worshiped the Devi

[SHRI MATAJI]: Hmm. Haan of course, Shakti pujari, yes.

[YOGI]: Yes, that is the main thing.

[SHRI MATAJI]: I mean, now see, I.P. Singh is a Kshatriya and Nagendra Singh is a Kshatriya – see all of them are like that.

[YOGI]: So they understand the value of


[YOGI]: the Devi or Shakti [UNCLEAR]

[SHRI MATAJI]: People of values. Devi ko bahut maante hain. Put her out. Anyone has that [UNCLEAR]

[YOGI]: Chai aa gayi

[SHRI MATAJI]: She’s a combination of two different traits.

[YOGI]: This Mrs. Gibbs is coming, I gather, here.

[2nd YOGI]: 

[UNCLEAR CONVERSATION] And she finds very difficult because of the [UNCLEAR]

[SHRI MATAJI]: So you all put your left hand towards Me, right hand outside. Right hand outside and watch Me. Put both the feet on the ground, straight. Have you worked out anything about the diseases you want to tackle [UNCLEAR] this one? Gavin

[YOGI]: Lots of them, Shri Mataji


[YOGI]: They are quite a few

[SHRI MATAJI]: Quite a few. You need the whole day?


[ANOTHER YOGI]: We’ll tell You the ones that have been requested.

[SHRI MATAJI]: So, tomorrow I’ll be absolutely free the whole day.

[YOGI]: Nice, Shri Mataji!


Do you think tomorrow the whole day I should give it to you? I’m absolutely free because C.P’s out.



[YOGI]: Thank You!

[SHRI MATAJI]: Yes But we have to do something about it, you see, because now we have to face so many. Better? How is it? Come here. Come here. Just come. Take out your coat.

[YOGI]: One big such disease is, Shri Mataji, is all these mental illnesses.

[SHRI MATAJI]: No, no left side attack. Now turn around

[YOGI]: They are big problem

[SHRI MATAJI]: Haan, left side. You see now, put it, go further For that, all the left sided problem should be solved with a candle or light or fire. Anything that is light, see, is against that – fire – all the left side. Now this one also has a left side problem. So, what do you have to do, is to raise his right.

[YOGI]: Left

[SHRI MATAJI]: Now see. It does this in light. Be careful about them. 

Also watch the flame; Flame will indicate to you. Now put it to the left. Left Swadhishthana; It’s coming.

[YOGI]: Really, it is coming out – you feel it. All the pressure on the void is released. It’s trying to show


[YOGI]: and the heart has to be released.

[SHRI MATAJI]: That’s the Jagdamba’s seat because He’s ‘Neh Chaturya,’ you see. Now, for him, now what is the first problem, is the void. Void problem is there because he had a wrong guru, you see. Because he’s on the left hand side, he should put his right hand towards the left hand side. 

Put his right hand towards the left hand side.

[YOGI]: I saw some photographs, Shri Mataji, of this Mahishasur, where he puts his photograph – inside the Lingam of Lord Shiva

[SHRI MATAJI]: Hmm, so?

[YOGI]: Mahishasur


[YOGI]: There’s a photograph where there’s a Lingam, Shiva’s Lingam and he put his photograph inside it.

[SHRI MATAJI]: That’s it. That’s how he hits the heart. Now put his, no, I’m saying, put your – this is your left hand this side, that’s your right hand – alright?

[YOGINI]: This Lingam is given by Mahishasur to his father and he worships it everyday

[SHRI MATAJI]: Baap re!

[YOGINI]: from 3 0’clock in the morning till 10 at night.


[YOGINI]: in the house.

[SHRI MATAJI]: [IN HINDI – Now see Rustom? Now it has started.] Behavior, very aggressive.

[YOGI]: Joy comes up to Vishuddhi’s petals, Vishuddhi

[ANOTHER YOGI]: His Vishuddhi is blocked very much.


[YOGI]: Central, Mother.


[YOGI]: Central some blood cells – Sushumna has blood cells just below the Vishuddhi.

[SHRI MATAJI]: He never said Vishudhi. So he has said mantras?

[ANOTHER YOGI]: Hmm. Already, it’s clearing

[YOGI]: Hmm. The whole thing has gone to heart now – right heart.

[SHRI MATAJI]: But basically – you see this one – now where did you put your – haan, now you say – “Mother, I am my own guru.”

[2nd YOGI]: Mother, I am my own guru.


[2nd YOGI]: Mother, I am my own guru.


[2nd YOGI]: Mother, I am my own guru.


[2nd YOGI]: Mother, I am my own guru.

[SHRI MATAJI]:  Again – ten times.

[2nd YOGI]: Mother, I am my own guru.


[2nd YOGI]: Mother I am my own guru.


[2nd YOGI]: Mother, I am my own guru.


[2nd YOGI]: Mother, I am my own guru.


[YOGI]: Hmm, not sure.

[SHRI MATAJI]: What! Cleared out

[YOGI]: Even Vishuddhi gets [UNCLEAR]

[SHRI MATAJI]: Now see. [IN HINDI – No, now come in front and clear his properly]…. he’s with Mahishasura, so [UNCLEAR], the heart is catching, center heart. Now, hold your breath and you should say, ‘Jagdamba, Jagdamba, Jagdamba’ Aham saakshaat Jagdamba, Aham saakshaat Jagdamba, saakshaat Jagdamba, Aham saakshaat Jagdamba, Aham saakshaat Jagdamba, Aham saakshaat Jagdamba, Aham saakshaat Jagdamba, Aham saakshaat Jagdamba

[YOGI]: Much better, yeah.

[SHRI MATAJI]: Now, go to the Vishuddhi. Now, it will be more left Vishuddhi because of his mantra, so, Aham saakshaat sarva mantra siddhi, Aham saakshaat sarva mantra siddhi, Aham saakshaat sarva mantra siddhi, Aham saakshaat sarva mantra siddhi. Aham saakshaat Vishnumaya, Aham saakshaat Vishnumaya, Aham saakshaat Vishnumaya, saakshaat Vishnumaya, Aham saakshaat Vishnumaya, Aham saakshaat Vishnumaya, saakshaat Vishnumaya, Aham saakshaat Vishnumaya. [IN HINDI – Yes, it’s done]. Now what is it? Eight times Vishnumaya and eight times Mantra siddhi – it will work out. 


[YOGI]: Much better

[SHRI MATAJI]: Better now? Much better. Now agnya – left agnya

[YOGI]: That’s it

[SHRI MATAJI]: Would be always there. Aham saakshaat Maha Ganesha Maha Bhairava, Aham saakshaat Maha Ganesha Maha Bhairava, Aham saakshaat Maha Ganesha Maha Bhairava, saakshaat Maha Ganesha – here you’ll find people getting blind, you see. When they are blind, just ask them to put one light in front and one light at the back; Just give it a bandhan. Saakshaat Maha Ganesha Maha Bhairava, Aham saakshaat – haan. At this point even you can say, ‘Aham saakshat Mahishasur Mardini, Aham saakshat Mahishasur – at the Sahasrara, you can say. Saakshat Mahishasur Mardini, Aham saakshat Mahishasur Mardini, saakshat Mahishasur Mardini, Aham saakshat Mahishasur Mardini, Aham saakshat Mahishasur Mardini, Aham saakshat Mahishasur Mardini, Aham saakshat Mahishasur Mardini, Aham saakshat – Annh! it’s there. Aham saakshat Mokshdayini, Aham saakshat Mokshdayini, Aham saakshat Mokshdayini, saakshat Mokshdayini, saakshat Mokshdayini – Aham Saakshat Mokshdayini, Aham Saakshat…. Alright? [LAUGHTER] There it is [UNCLEAR]

[ANOTHER YOGI]: Very easy kundalini to [UNCLEAR] Mother.

[SHRI MATAJI]: Very easy. Because you are realized souls now, all the mantras are jagrut in you. Everything is jagrut. Whatever you say, is the Truth, it has a meaning. See, it’s cleared out. Put yourself into bandhan, that’s all. Now don’t feel guilty – that’s one thing you people don’t do, is to feel guilty; You are facing Me – what is there to feel guilty? Now let’s see his

[2nd YOGI]: He’s a very….

[SHRI MATAJI]: Forward. Sit down now.

[YOGINI]: He suffered, he had suffered from asthma and very bad chest trouble.

[SHRI MATAJI]: That’s because of his father.

[YOGI]: [UNCLEAR] problem.

[SHRI MATAJI]: Now, hold your breath. 

Now, asthma – hold your breath. Saakshat Jagdamba, Aham saakshat Jagdamba, Aham saakshat Jagdamba, Aham saakshat Jagdamba, Aham saakshat Jagdamba, Aham saakshat Jagdamba, saakshat Jagdamba, Aham saakshat Jagdamba, Aham saakshat Jagdamba. Haan done. Now, hold your, now, for asthma best thing is to put bracket Jagdamba and Shri Rama. Aham saakshat Shri Ram Jagdamba, Aham saakshat Shri Ram Jagdamba, Shri Ram Jagdamba, Aham saakshat or you can just say, Nirmal, Nirmal Shri. Aham saakshat Nirmal Ram, Aham saakshat Nirmal Ram, Aham saakshat Nirmal Ram, Aham saakshaat… cleaned out. Are you alright? Breathing is alright now?

[ANOTHER YOGI]: Yes, Mother

[SHRI MATAJI]: Just a, just a weak….. I’ll stay, sit down. 

Sit down that facing that side. It’s gone out na? – Little bit. He’s not feeling but it’s here, haan.

[YOGI]: Haan, that’s it.

[SHRI MATAJI]: Now, Aham saakshat Nirmal Mahaganesha, Aham saakshat Nirmal Mahaganesha, Aham saakshat Nirmal Mahaganesha, saakshat Nirmal Mahaganesha Aham saakshat Nirmal Mahaganesha, Aham saakshat Nirmal Mahaganesha, saakshat Nirmal Mahaganesha, Aham saakshat Nirmal Mahaganesha, Aham saakshat – done. Now you can say, Aham saakshat Mokshdayini, Aham saakshat Mokshdayini, Aham saakshat Mokshdayini, saakshat Mokshdayini, Aham saakshat Mokshdayini, Aham saakshat Mokshdayini, Aham saakshat Mokshdayini. For Me, even once it’s alright to say but you all should say seven times – understand?

[YOGI] This is that, actually, where the both void are catching


[YOGI]: It’s this region, yeah

[SHRI MATAJI]: What’s it?

[YOGI]: both of them they, it’s all gets matching

[SHRI MATAJI] – Coming from there? Unnh, so put it down. That’s the way to Mahakali. 

This is Mahakali’s mantra – Aham saakshat Mahakali Aham saakshat Mahakali, Aham saakshat Mahakali but you’ve got. [IN HINDI- Mahakali should come here also. [UNCLEAR] in the left, in the left] – sorry Aham saakshat Mahakali. [IN HINDI -[UNCLEAR] He has liver also]. He has both the sides.

[YOGI]: Haan, that is true.

[SHRI MATAJI]: That’s why..

[YOGINI]: He’s a staunch religious person from the childhood and he has picked up all wrong gurus.

[YOGI]: Who? But now he has got the right one.

[YOGINI]: So – yeah – it needs

[YOGI]: I’ll do it [UNCLEAR]

[YOGINI]: It needs a clearing.


[YOGI]: It breaks this candle

[SHRI MATAJI]: Yes, it’s alright, it’s [UNCLEAR] in Sahaja treatment.

[YOGI]: Achcha. My nephew has just gone to Dublin, to school, Mother.


[YOGI]: My nephew

[YOGINI]: Where?

[YOGI]: At [UNCLEAR] school

[YOGINI]: Oh! Columbas, Saint Columbas. Is a boarder?

[YOGI]: Boarder

[SHRI MATAJI]: He has two sons?

[YOGI]: My cousin sister. The one who is a dentist, who came and shown his steel.

[SHRI MATAJI]: oH, now let’s give him his thing down – alright, so what we’ll do is to – Aham saakshat Mahakali, Aham saaksha.. you see, because of My, I don’t have to worry so much right, left, center – that’s how My! [IN HINDI – Now it has stopped on Swadhishthan]

[YOGI]: Left Swadhisthan, I think, get it all the heat

[SHRI MATAJI]: Actually, he’s catching from his father because his father has a heart, you see, so he’s indicating it. If father has a heart, the child gets this because the father’s side, na, father’s side. Haan!

[YOGI]: Much better


[YOGI]: Actually, it’s his [UNCLEAR – MENU?] as the Left Swadhishthan is sucking it all up


[YOGI]: The left Swadhishthan is sucking it all out


[YOGI]: all over

[SHRI MATAJI]: [IN HINDI – That’s why we must keep on Left Swadhishthan] Give it a bandhan but keep for a while – light. Keep it in such a way, even if you don’t have, you can keep the photograph. It’s coming out


[SHRI MATAJI]: It’s better to have it there than to have it. [IN HINDI – The candle is small]

[YOGI]: [IN HINDI – We should ground it, Shri Mataji]


[YOGI]: [IN HINDI – I have grounded it]

[SHRI MATAJI] [UNCLEAR] So all the permutations and combinations of left side, it was tied up. [IN HINDI – Achcha, Left side is simple.] First of all, any left side – right to the left. Then, you have to see, if it is Swadhishthana; Work out for it but Muladhara combination is the worst of all – like Multiple Sclerosis in Muladhara. 

The lady was sitting, I just lit the candle and there was a little gap in her shin, but she couldn’t lift her legs, you see and I gave a bandhan thrice to her Muladhara and she lifted her both the legs. Can you imagine? She lifted her both the legs. Multiple Sclerosis.

[YOGI]: Left is very subtle because it will shift around the body

[SHRI MATAJI]: No, but easier. Because of this, fire is the best for it. [IN HINDI – Let them use the fire.] Fire is the best. [IN HINDI – It comes out so easily in the fire] Haan! – Clearing out

[YOGI]: [UNCLEAR] Where I was working in this mental hospital, he used to be very upset because I used to burn a diva in front of the photograph. 

Three or four times they tried to stop me but they didn’t [UNCLEAR]

[SHRI MATAJI]: That’s the problem. [UNCLEAR] is really a child, Terrence’s child, had some sort of a big [UNCLEAR] because Terrence went there – naturally. If Terrence moves [UNCLEAR] and you see, she went with her all things and said, “You have to put Mother’s photograph and everything,” they refused. The doctors refused to put it there. [UNCLEAR] I mean. They said, “You see, it might be contaminated or this and that and all that and see, I think, you better [UNCLEAR].

[YOGI]: Which hospital? Breach Candy?

[SHRI MATAJI]: Breach Candy

[YOGI]: Then naturally


[YOGI]: [UNCLEAR] some problem

[SHRI MATAJI]: But one nurse in that Breach Candy knows about this and she sent so many patients to Me. Are you alright now? 

How are you feeling? Light? Just see, is the cool breeze coming out of your head? In front

[YOGINI]: No, I’m cleared out.

[2nd YOGINI]: Not good


[2nd YOGINI]: I cannot tell it, it’s not yet specific.

[YOGI]: Haan, coming surely. Coming but this he had a tall lesion of blood like that [UNCLEAR]

[SHRI MATAJI]: Ekadasha

[YOGI]: hmm

[SHRI MATAJI]: Annh, annh, it’s opening out.

[YOGI]: It’s opened

[SHRI MATAJI]: Turn around this side.

[YOGI]: Better. But in his case the right side is weak.

[SHRI MATAJI]:He has liver also, his liver also [IN HINDI – Gujarati people have a lot of liver problem because they eat farsand etc too much] [IN HINDI – They should reduce that]

[YOGINI]: [IN HINDI – Even Oil]

[SHRI MATAJI]: [IN HINDI – Yes, their food is very oily and secondly the other thing is that], apart from oily, they think too much. Even the women, I’ve seen, they think and plan, [IN HINDI – “Today we’ll make this food, today we’ll do this.”] Everyday, see they are busy with thinking too much. [IN HINDI – Their liver gets spoilt soon like this] and thirdly, I think, this [IN HINDI – [UNCLEAR] oil] . That’s the worst of all

[YOGI]: Which? 



[YOGI]: What’s that?

[YOGINI]: Peanut oil.

[YOGI]: Achcha.

[SHRI MATAJI]: That’s the worst thing because that gives you Leucoderma also. 

[IN HINDI – That’s why, you see, Gujaratis have a lot of Leucoderma.] You know that disease of leucoderma – that is because of this [IN HINDI – [UNCLEAR] oil]. Absolutely, it is the worst, is peanut seed oil. We never had peanuts in India, you see. There’s no word for peanuts in Sanskrit language.


[SHRI MATAJI]: It came from, I think, from the [UNCLEAR]

[YOGI]: Arabs, probably


[YOGI]: The Arabs

[SHRI MATAJI]: Maybe Arabs.

[YOGINI]: This son was born in Dublin.


[YOGINI]: In Dublin, Ireland

[SHRI MATAJI]: Achcha!

[YOGINI]: This in India

[SHRI MATAJI]: India. There’s no difference.

[YOGINI]: Nice

[SHRI MATAJI]: But [IN HINDI – there is some], still, what is the month he was born?

[YOGINI]: February

[SHRI MATAJI]: What date?

[YOGINI]: 28th February, Pisces


[YOGI & YOGINI]: Pisces

[SHRI MATAJI]: Pisces [IN HINDI – is the new beginning][UNCLEAR] It’s like more the cusp

[YOGI]: Cusp, first [UNCLEAR]

[SHRI MATAJI]: Aquarius and Pisces, very good for him. When was he born?

[YOGI]: 31st of March

[YOGINI]: Aries

[SHRI MATAJI]: Hmm, Aries

[YOGI]: Aries, Pisces


[YOGINI]: You are Aries, Mother?

[SHRI MATAJI]: I don’t know. They say, I’ve born at zero point because 21st March and at 12 0’clock in the daytime I was born.

[YOGI]: I have done Your horoscope, Shri Mataji

[SHRI MATAJI]: Achcha!

[YOGI]: as calendar. It is

[ANOTHER YOGI]: most interesting, just takes lovely shape

[YOGI]: I cannot describe it to You

[ANOTHER YOGI]: Very regular

[YOGI]: Everything is so balanced

[ANOTHER YOGI]: Very powerful, very solid!

[YOGI]: You cannot describe it [UNCLEAR]

[SHRI MATAJI]: That’s what he said also. Choudhary, who did it in India, said,

[ANOTHER YOGI]: Yes, very interesting!

[SHRI MATAJI]: “It is most balanced thing because the center of India, center of this and all that.” Has to be, I’ve to be balanced also. When I have to balance the whole world, I have to be balanced Myself. But the way it is been assumed, you see, because, you see others were born, all of them, at a point where there was some sort of an imbalance and they came to balance it for a thing but Mine is at a balance point to balance the whole world.

[YOGI]: But it is not in the horoscope. It is impossible to analyze it because everything is so interrelated, that if you try and analyze it, you will be going, I mean, [UNCLEAR] just something that is negative – is that [UNCLEAR]

[SHRI MATAJI]: Good. Are they alright now?

[YOGI]: Good!

[SHRI MATAJI]: Let’s see doctor saab. [IN HINDI – Come] 


[SHRI MATAJI]: [IN HINDI – Here] Gujaratis are doing nothing for Sahaja yog. You see, Flash – there’s the one who have Flash magazine. They published so much thing about Sahaja yog and all that – nobody. This Gujaratis don’t want it.

[YOGINI]: I wish Mother, I could come and live in London. I was just telling him in the planes. This year we’re going to combine me and this one and I said to him, “We haven’t bought the house in Dublin let’s buy or live in London. At least I’ll see people, our people and do something.” Dublin is very isolated, very gloomy [UNCLEAR].

[SHRI MATAJI]: Nai, but now you’ve done a job in Dublin, that’s good. 

You establish it well when you come out.

[YOGINI]: Jogian is the one You should give full credit to, I am not.

[SHRI MATAJI]: The way he met them but I really – remarkable. The way you met these boys. Where did you meet them? In the…

[YOGINI]: Arre! This side is [UNCLEAR]

[2nd YOGI]: No, the funniest part is that [UNCLEAR – DOUG?] funny one man, brought me to the meeting.

[SHRI MATAJI]: And how did he bring?

[2nd YOGI]: You know, he isn’t admitting, even in this

[YOGINI]: Any guru comes, that good guru

[2nd YOGI]: So he said, “Why don’t you now he’s [UNCLEAR]? 

I said, “No, I don’t want to.” “Go, Go,” so I said, “Okay, I’ll go,” and I said and [UNCLEAR] grandson called, “We’ll be there.” So I said, “I’d like to meet Paul.” So, I started talking to Paul and Paul said

[SHRI MATAJI]: Who spoke there?

[2nd YOGI]: John but I didn’t even hear the talk, Mother. I know, I heard, all I heard was the [UNCLEAR] said, “Sit down, put your hands towards Me. Did you feel anything?”

[SHRI MATAJI]: Really!

[2nd YOGI]: The first my, I must think but when I went home, that night I got up at 3 in the morning and I was up because my hands, my feet and my head were just hot. I mean, I was sweating there and then and I couldn’t sleep, I was just sweating and that was on the next day, I went to the meeting and I said, “Can I see Paul on his own on Fridays?” 

So he said, “Yes, come along,” and I spent the whole day with him and still I was, I didn’t want to give up the false one and I said, “No, but this not, ” so Paul just said, “Listen, listen but this is at least Mahishasur, he’s very bad, give him up.”

[YOGINI]: Then he came to the center.

[2nd YOGI]: Then, that Saturday he came and I was going to decide, it was too much. I mean, then I suddenly, end began to dawn, I began to realize what’s happening. In my realization I got materially vibration in a way – let’s see.

[YOGINI]: And one day the whole house became

[2nd YOGI]: And one day the whole house was clean.

[YOGINI]: In our own house they came and that’s it.

[2nd YOGI]: But it was [UNCLEAR]

[SHRI MATAJI]: But he must be a great seeker, you see. Normally it’s difficult to dissuade [UNCLEAR] from this horrible fellow.

[YOGINI]: [UNCLEAR] the law is very good. They won’t let me to sleep in our room. 

Coles put kumkum, swastika, almost everything. I said, “I’ll be okay, ” so they gave me Your Parvati’s, na, haan, Parvati’s photograph of Mataji [UNCLEAR] and I then telephoned to them to stay where [UNCLEAR] but then they spent a couple of more days and the whole house was different, totally different.

[2nd YOGI]: There was no dirt in my house, there was no dust

[YOGINI]: Mother, you feel that

[2nd YOGI]: Every time we had Mahishasur’s photograph, there used to be dust, dust,

[YOGINI]: Like somebody has put vacuum all over. You know, you

[2nd YOGI]: Like marks. I said, we took a lot out but some

[SHRI MATAJI]: Your Mother’s job is that, na. Her name is that [LAUGHTER] I’m a vacuum cleaner, a very big one, you know na? That’s true but, you see this, you must have been influenced also by them, you see. You see, because they are English people, they know so much about your culture. Also it’s not possible, if you’re not realized, you can’t talk to them anything about anything. If there are Indians, you can’t talk to them about Christ, if they are English, you can’t talk to them about Ganesha – it’s like that. It’s such a barrier but after realization, you see, how homogenous these all thing works out, how they understand this and very sweet children, you know. 

You can see from their life how [UNCLEAR] sweet and balanced they are. This [NAME UNCLEAR] he must have told you, he was a punkrop.

[YOGINI]: He himself told us.

[2nd YOGI]: He told us every [UNCLEAR]

[YOGINI]: You see, everyone had different time chat with me. We cooked, I cooked, we ate and we go out. At 12 0’clock after the episode with [UNCLEAR] we went to the mountains – moon and mountains and we sat.

[2nd YOGI]: We saw [UNCLEAR] from Dublin Sun rising out [UNCLEAR]

[YOGINI]: You know we did everything and I talked each boy different time and they all told us. – Allan was great he told [UNCLEAR]

[2nd YOGI]: Because Allan [UNCLEAR] told, on certain terms that who You are and he told who Mahishasur, that baba is Mahishasur and and Doug couldn’t of course commit this, so Carl just – Like that He only, he’s this, you don’t do this, I want this, he [UNCLEAR] do this and all that and Douglas couldn’t take it, he couldn’t take it.

[YOGINI]: Allan and [UNCLEAR]

[SHRI MATAJI]: What do you mean? He was shaking, you know. She never saw

[2nd YOGI]:[UNCLEAR] he couldn’t, he just couldn’t talk, he just, “But, but, but, but,” that’s like a – but, but, but, but, but, but almost he, he can’t, he came inside the house this Sunday but [UNCLEAR] and he, “We Bible, I Bible, ” he asked me, “Can I?” 

but he put such a void back into the house but I didn’t know what to answer [UNCLEAR] away. I put water, I explained to her water yesterday but still her void is bad. Everyday I come home from college and I watch the [UNCLEAR – TICKS?] in the air, so everyday I [UNCLEAR], I pat my hands, I start [UNCLEAR] just a little [UNCLEAR] and slept away but didn’t go [UNCLEAR]

[YOGINI]: But he doesn’t know our agent [LAUGHTER] that’s it! That’s the way to speak for that.

[2nd YOGI]: It’s disgusting

[YOGINI]: Age 61, when you are that age, then you are doctor, then you are psychologist and you believe in God but you believe in this Mahishasur, that doesn’t mean everyone has to follow and question answer you did with this another doctor, who is not his age but he should – acted his age

[SHRI MATAJI]: Then, you should tell him really – best thing would be that it is that is how we see everybody, that everybody is an angel but this is something new. You see, it’s like guru shopping going on, you see. You go to this shop and that shop but this is a temple where you enter. This is a temple, you tell him. You see, now they have started another type of a propoganda. 

Sometimes they say, “She doesn’t need any money,” but why do you need money? What do these people need money – parasites. Money is not the point, it’s not a point. Actually it’s much deeper than that. Money, of course they are naturally because they are so base and gross that they are interested in your money in all these nonsensical things. That is obvious but the worst thing that they do, is to make you so much debased that you are possessed, you see. You are possessed – I mean then, what is your situation?

[YOGINI]: They took our 500 at the moment and

[SHRI MATAJI]: Really!

[YOGINI]: took lots of money.

[2nd YOGI]: We put that money to buy this house, which I so much regret ever, having been suggested. I only said to him but we didn’t said, we said to him, “Listen, you want to give yoga, we don’t want to have. 

If we buy the house, we’ll make into Sahaja yoga center and we’ll trouble you.” So no he said that, so he said, “We’ll send some,” and nothing happened and lawyer said, “O, if we give you five hundred pounds back [UNCLEAR],” so I said, I told Douglas that, “I want all of our money back. None of that should belong to anybody, we lost, we got working, we deserve that money,” so the lawyer said, “Coming back in an hour,” and he said, “We’ll give you back 1500,” so I said, “Still not up to the point but I want back.” So, next day, “Okay 2500,” and I said, “Okay, I’ll settle it up, okay.” Then he comes to the house and he says, “Oh, it goes off to me, I give you a check of all the money,” but the lawyer said that, “We can’t give you it all back because it is not customary.” My father said

[SHRI MATAJI]: It is not what – custom?

[2nd YOGI]: It’s not customary. The lawyer said, “It’s in your interest to keep it,” so Douglas and I had to keep it and I had to, kind of, say no, so my father said, “But if that would be the case John.” He said, “Yes,” to the lawyer but, “You give me 3000 pounds in May or come to the house and give it.” So he just said, “Oh, but this and that,”

[SHRI MATAJI]: But, why, why did you give this money to him?


You see, as I said, Mataji, that, that man working in psychiatric or with this Mahishasur, with whom we visit every year, he has this power to hypnotize or mesmerism – something. But when he says, you can’t deny it. He says, “If this is debt, good for you.” When he wants it, otherwise he’ll say, “It’s not, it’s not good for you,” because “It’s sweet, it’s bad for you.” He has taken over complete me and him.

[2nd YOGI]: That’s what, he’s very certain – he’s is, he’s is mind control. You come inside the room and he will pick up all the tension that we belong to him and you’re not coming back with it, so he’s always at the center of everything and you’re little break then

[SHRI MATAJI]: So he asked for the money?

[YOGINI]: Yeah, he said to buy the house and the way things are Jogian and my husband in, saw at the moment say, “Yes, that’s the best idea, we’ll buy your house,” which was the whole house. Now he has divided half his he’s going to build his surgeries that doesn’t belong to us. Half remain here, I’ll work there, I’ll live there as a ready made secretary, who’s smart, take the phone messages because phone is in their name, put Dr. Thakur’s name out because he’s doctor and his practice he will loose although he lives somewhere else.


[YOGINI]: He has worked out planned out from last Christmas and then he put us all in like that, so I paid in July before going to Saudi. From London, I went back to Dublin to sign the contract. Then from Saudi master rang to say, “We don’t want house, please discuss.” “Oh, yes, yes.” When I came back, he said, “No, no, no keep the house.” He told Jogian, “Don’t move out of the house. Stay with your mother. She needs you and she’ll save the money that way.”

[2nd YOGI]: One day, “Move out,” next day, “Don’t move out.” 

One day, “Do this, don’t do that.” You see, I want some [UNCLEAR]

[YOGINI]: Then he’s so low Mataji that influence on Jogian, he said, “Dhatt!” Those things started to happen and then Sahaja yoga came to Dublin. He said in front of Jogin, “Well, buy the house.” I said, “We can’t afford, we don’t want to.” He said, “Give me your car.” “I can’t, I don’t want to.” “Okay, you have insurance, haven’t you?” and I said, “What?” He said, “If anything happens to him, you can get the insurance money and you’ll be okay.” 

See, the mentality of the man!

[2nd YOGI]: It’s disgusting! 


[YOGINI]: A Gujarati woman that I am born, to tell me that, I mean, I said, “No way, please leave. I don’t want to talk about it.” But I couldn’t say okay leave, when Jogin said to get out. I couldn’t bring out but I have nothing to do with the man, who goes that down, “Okay, if anything happens, you have insurance.” 

[2nd YOGI]: It’s just, he’s an embodiment of evil, he’s an evil disciple, just evil

[SHRI MATAJI]: [UNCLEAR] I mean, just imagine, how could he suggest such a thing!

[2nd YOGI]: What’s worse, he’s a psychiatrist and a doctor.

[YOGINI]: He’s doing to people, weak people, who lean upon him.

[SHRI MATAJI]: I mean, he doesn’t understand even, really the, he’s not an Indian at all to talk like this. You’ll be alright.

[YOGI]: Left, Vishuddhi is [UNCLEAR]

[SHRI MATAJI]: Left. So just now you’ll be in the same house or what are you doing?

[YOGINI]: No, we have rented the house. From 16th of September we have moved in that rented house. Rented house but we don’t know Mataji. Yes, we will be. This fellow is in medicine, third year.

[SHRI MATAJI]: Where was he in medicine?

[YOGINI]: Yes, Trinity College and this…