Why we were made human beings?

The Friends Meeting House in Bristol, Bristol (England)

1982-10-20 Why we were made human beings? Bristol, England, (longer), 125' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Workshop
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1982-10-20 Why We Were Made Human Beings, Bristol, UK, DP, 122' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization, Workshop
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1982-10-20 Bristol Public Program Part 1, The Friends Meeting House in Bristol, Bristol (UK), 20 October 1982

Why not come in front? It’s better.

Today again, I’m back. Here in Bristol, we had other programs also before. I feel people are not yet aware as to why they are on this earth and why there are so many problems with them, why this world is on the brink of destruction and what is their role as human beings to save it. There are seekers, I know; in Bristol also we have lots of seekers. Lots of them are seekers. If they were not, you would not have had so many false gurus, who made lot of money out of you, had Rolls-Royces and big things, and give you stories; it would not have been possible. And they must be genuine seekers, [UNCLEAR]. I think there are seekers who are very genuine, who are seeking something beyond that will give them the joy, the bliss, the Kingdom of Heaven as promised.

But the problem is, we do not know what we have to seek, first of all. Secondly, why, why do we have to seek? Why do we feel that we have to seek something? We should pay attention to these two questions. And then you’ll be amazed that the time today is such — the modern times are such — that at this time anything can happen. The whole Creation can be destroyed.

Now, why are we on this earth, or why did we become human beings? Let’s find out this. All the scientists must ask themselves this question, that why we were made human beings. It would have been good idea to live as amoeba. What did we achieve by being human beings? Did we achieve anything better? By that, did we have any better understanding of life? Or, are we happier than those whom we called as animals and amoeba? This question people seldom ask, why are we here; because, in the science, there is no answer for it, there’s no answer. There’s no answer of why in science.

Now, if I put any proposition before you or if I say that “This is the reason you are on this earth,” you need not take it for granted, at all. There’s no need to be blind about it, because blindness is a crime, I think, if you have to achieve light. If a blind man has to open his eyes to light, he may get blind again. So it is better to keep yourself open and see for yourself that what I’m saying if it has any substance, then see for yourself; if it could be proved, then it becomes a law.

We are here on this earth to be the carriers of God’s power of love. He has created us as human beings to be the instrument of His work. Not to be ourselves, some individuals, suddenly flying in the air or suddenly becoming a strange personality who is doing all kinds of funny miracles; but we are human beings, and we have to become the Spirit, which is the reflection of God within ourselves. We have to become the Spirit. Everyone says that. Everyone says that you are to be born again. And this is the reason why we have that seeking within us — because that is the subtler seeking that lies within us.

We have so many other seekings. For example, politics. We want to have power, so we go into politics. But look at these politics that we have. Logically, let us see is there any sense in the politics that we follow.

Supposing you are a democrat, you believe in freedom. What have we done out of freedom? Look at the freedom we are enjoying, that you can’t walk in the night alone! The country which spoke of freedom first and the foremost, Americans, if you go there, they’ll warn you, “Don’t go in the garden in the night. Lock your rooms properly. Don’t walk out on the road.” If not, at least you’ll have some eggs on your face or something like that in that country. Supposed to be a very free country.

So, you think, “All right, let’s have communism.” Better go to Russia to see that, because I’ve been there many a times. That’s another disaster. Absolute disaster. Because these are all artificial things. This artificiality has come in our thinking — also from the Spirit only, I should say — that you have to share what you have. But what do you have, to share, what? What do we have, to share, the stones? What do we do? What can we create? Dead out of dead! This tree was dead, so you created a beautiful thing — all right, so, dead from dead. What else? What do you have, to share? You don’t have anything to share, so how can you have communism? And you have nothing, so how can you be capitalists? Whatever we have is perishable. We can’t take it with us; we’ll have to leave everything here.

This materialism, about which we are so much worried, and we think that materialism will solve our problem — we are sadly mistaken. It cannot! The basic principle of economics is that, in general, wants are not satiable. They are not satiable! That means you’ll go mad, but they will be never satisfied. Today you would like to have a house, all right; then you’ll have a car; then you would like to have a helicopter, I believe; then an aeroplane; go on mad like that. There’s no end to it! That means these things do not give you joy.

Logically we must reach right conclusions first of all. Following anything up here, we must have logical basis for that; logical, I said, not rational but logical.

So, going to politics doesn’t solve your problem at all. Those who have been to politics, go and see them. At a very young age, they have wrinkles all over their heads, they are twitching their nose or their eyes, they are fidgety all the time, they can’t sit for five minutes with peace — I mean, I meet them every day. They are not happy people. They do not give happiness to anyone either. So what’s the use of making them your ideals? They know how to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, argue, create a mental projection, and fight with those horns developed out of the mental projection. What good have they done? Whether they are communists, socialists, or democrats, what good have they done to the people on the whole? They cannot do it. Because they haven’t got the power to do it. They haven’t got power! They are politics without the power. Without the power, what’s the use of having the politics? So first have the power and then do the politics.

The power I’m talking about is the power of love of God. But love of God that we understand is not “sophisticated”. The way we understand is that “there cannot be a dogma about it”. It is not very much sorted out, sort of thing, according to human mind.

It’s very simple. Extremely simple. We take it for granted, all these things that we have. We breathe in such a simple way. We don’t think about it, is it “sophisticated” or is there any dogma about how to breathe. Whether you breathe here or in India or anywhere in the whole world, you breathe the same way. You smile the same way, laugh the same way. How in a simple way you do it! It’s so simple, it’s so innate, it is sahaja. Is spontaneous within you, all these things built in.

And for people who are intellectuals, who are used to, you see, going on building up rational big, huge aura around them, it may look very naive, look very simple. Too simple for their appreciation. Like, if you are to eat your food, you can eat it like this (Shri Mataji makes a movement as if eating something by hand). But you can also eat it like that, from the other way (Shri Mataji brings Her hand to Her mouth from behind the head). If you want to, eat. But that, if that is called as sophistication, then go ahead with it. This may be… (again showing the normal way of eating) not so “sophisticated” maybe, very simple thing this is. So, all these things are not appealing to a mind which is used to discussions, arguments, and coming to some sort of a conclusion. I don’t know if they ever reach any conclusion; if they had reached any conclusion, there would have been no problem at all. These are all eternal arguments going on eternally, (laughing) will go on eternally; there’ll be never result — because they have no basis, there are no roots.

We have lost our roots. We live in a relative world; everything is relative. Some people believe, of course, that communism is the ideal thing; some believe that capitalism; some believe in socialism; some believe in Christianity, some in Hinduism, some in that, some in that — it’s all relative. It has no meaning at all because it’s all based on our own mental acceptance. Supposing you are born in England — you are English; but if you were born in India, you would have been Indian. So, everything is relative to something which is itself relative. So, relative to relative. We live in a relative world and not in an absolute world.

So, no truth is absolute, no understanding absolute; and the result is complete confusion of mind. The confusion has reached such a stage that people don’t know the end of it and they think destruction is the only way. Unless and until we are destroyed, we cannot get out of this chaos. If you go to Paris, you’ll be surprised: there are people sitting down along the road, and they are talking about eight stars meeting and the calamity coming on the earth; I mean, waiting for it, absolutely waiting, drinking and waiting for that day to come when the Doom will come and we’ll be all finished once for all, finished with this mad head which is thinking all the time and confusing us.

But after all, the One who has created this universe, the One who has created you, created everyone has to do something about it, isn’t it? After all, He must have thought of something for us; we need not think for everything for ourselves. He has thought for us so many things, and He must have thought for our future also, what is going to happen to us.

And that’s how we are; He has built us up like this (Shri Mataji indicates the subtle system scheme). As shown in the figure you can see, that we have seven centres which are subtle centres within us. And down below there, in between these two centres, you can see in the triangular bone a power called Kundalini.

Now, why is it that these are words from Sanskrit language? Actually, you’ll be surprised, Sanskrit was really made… “sankrut” means “holy” in Norway. It is a sister language of Latin language. So there’s nothing to feel that “Because it’s not English, so we have nothing to do with it.” After all, Christ was not born in England either. So it doesn’t matter that if it is a Sanskrit word; it is meant for universal use. And this “kundalini” is the word used for this power because it is in coils and “kundalini” means “coils”.

Now, what is this power? This power within us is the power of our primal desire, of our primal desire to be one with the Divine Power. That’s the primal desire, that’s the only desire with which we are born. And unless and until that is manifested, it is sleeping. That’s why it is called as residual — because it is not yet come into its manifestation. This resides in all of us. Everyone has got this in the triangular bone, which is called as sacrum. Now, see, the Greeks knew this word, that it is a sacred thing; they called it sacrum. I asked people in Greece, “How is it you use this words, as ‘sacrum’?” They said, “We had an Indo-Aryan rapport with people when they came here, much before Alexander went to India, and they told us that this is the bone which has got this power called as Kundalini.” So many words that they have are mostly Sanskrit. Like, Athena, Athens, comes from the word “atha”, means “primordial”. Athena is the one who is the Primordial Kundalini. She has in her hand a serpent-like thing, which shows the power — you see, is the energy, is the sign of the energy in the serpent — and also she has these chakras in her hand. It’s clearly shown in the Greek mythology. But whatever it is, we have to see whatever is mythological, is it true or not within ourselves.

So now, when the awakening, or manifestation, of this energy takes place within us, with your naked eyes you can see the pulsation. Not in all, but in many. If there is an obstruction in one of these lower chakras, you can see clearly a big pulsation going on, as if the bone has become like a heart and is pulsating. You can see with your naked eyes. And then, with the stethoscope — if you are a doctor, or otherwise also — you can see the pulsation rising; comes up to the top of the head; and when it stops, you feel a cool breeze coming out of your head. Sometimes hot comes out, and then the cool breeze. Comes out of your head! Then you start feeling the cool breeze flowing in your hand. Now what is that? It is said that, in the Bible: “The cool breeze of the Holy Ghost.” In Koran it’s called as ruh. In Sanskrit it’s called as chaitanya lahari.

Now, this world that we see is not complete. There’s something beyond it. For example, we see the flowers. The flowers become the fruits. Who does that job? The root of a tree gives rise to the shoot. And the root comes out of a seed. And who does all this job, who works it out? Who is… what is the power that works out this miracle of living works that we take for granted? What is that power that works it out? That is the same power that is within us, sleeping. The power of the Holy Ghost is the Kundalini that lies within us. And unless and until you raise this power, you cannot feel that all-pervading Power that resides. This is the reflection of that Power, while the Spirit is the reflection of God Almighty. They have to meet, they have to unite. When they unite, then only you call it as a yogi or yoga; that union is called as yogi. But a Sahaja Yogi means a person who knows each and everything about this working, who knows how to raise the Kundalini, who can give you Realization and empower you with the powers of your own Spirit.

So what do we have to expect? When we get realized, what do we have to get within ourselves? Like, some people just have certified themselves that they are self-realized, they are twice-born. I’ve met many like that. I mean, anybody can say that you are sane even if you are mad, isn’t it? And these people, when they told me, I said, “What is the difference between you and the other person? What is so special about you? If you are a realized soul, what is so special? What is your quality? Where do you express that Self-realization?” They said, “We are! Because we have a Bible in the hand, or we have Koran in our hand, or we have some other book in our hand, so we are realized souls.” It is not so. If you are a realized soul, then the power of your Spirit must manifest, and the nature of your Spirit is that you are a collective being. That the Spirit is a collective being, that you become a collective being. It is not just talking of communism, but you become. You get all your powers of your Spirit manifested, and this power gives you the capacity to be collectively conscious. You have to become; it’s becoming that is important, it is not just talking. It’s not just brainwash, it’s not just self-opiniated idea that you are a realized soul, but something that has to happen within you. And if it has not happened within you, you are not a realized soul. It is a living process of evolution; this is the last breakthrough about which Jung has talked. Many people have talked about it. And we have to expect that to happen within us and not to just believe into some stories and tales.

The other day we had some people who came and told us that they are God-realized. “How? How are you God-realized?” — “Because we see fantastic things, we see ghosts passing around, we see this thing passing around.” I said, “What is in seeing? You have not become. If you see something, if you see the light, that means you have not become the light.” Becoming is where your power starts manifesting. You become powerful with that power of God’s love, that is starts manifesting through you; and when it manifests, it shows its results. This is the thing which is real. Unless and until you achieve that reality, all the rest of it whatever you have is imaginary or absolutely unreal — and that’s why there is confusion.

This is the absolute within you, which resides, all the time it is there; which is watching you; which is looking at you. But once you become that, you start looking through that towards everything; you awareness becomes enlightened. Always, in every evolutionary jump, the awareness has been enlightened. Like, a fish became a reptile. So what? The awareness of a reptile improved: it started feeling the ground. In the nervous system itself, the evolution works out. Whatever we have achieved in our evolution, has been in our nervous system. That we can feel the dirt, filth, and animal cannot; we can see the colours the animal cannot feel it. We can do it because we are higher than the animals in our awareness. So, whatever has to happen to us further, logically, we should feel in our awareness, in our central nervous system we should feel it, in our nerves we should feel it.

So, once you get your Realization, what happens — that your fingers, your fingertips become enlightened. Because these are the centres: five, six and seven on the left, and seven on the right. They get enlightened, and you start feeling on them. Mohammed Sahib has said that when the resurrection time will come, your hands will speak. Because the language of hands is a universal language. But “hands will speak” means these fingertips will be enlightened; and once they are enlightened, you will be able to understand.

If you want to live in mythical world, you can go ahead with it. Nobody can stop you. But must understand that gradually we are going towards disaster. And you are to be lifted up out of this movement that’s going downward. Otherwise the Hell is awaiting human beings, the way they have ruined themselves, destroyed themselves, and asked for this kind of a complete disaster of their lives. You are to be lifted out of it. It’s a maya [illusion], which is flowing downward.

People read about books which talk of the shocks we are awaiting. But they don’t know the tremendous shock that is going to come to us when we will discover that we ourselves, within ourselves destroying every bit of us. What is cancer? It’s nothing compared to the destruction we have set in within ourselves, the way we are disintegrated. There’s so much of disintegration in our being, of which we are not aware. The reason is, we are not inside, we are outside. I would say that our knowledge is that of the shoot, not of the roots. We know about the shoot we are flowering; but without the roots, how are we going to sustain ourselves? A day has come when the whole shoot might come out of its roots, and we’ll be nowhere, there’s no sustenance. We have to go back to our roots to find out why and how.

What are all these centres? What are these subtle centres? What are they based on, how they nourish us, how they look after us? We have to go to this knowledge. And to understand this knowledge, you have to have a higher awareness; with the human awareness you cannot understand it. You may call it enlightenment. For example, if you have to enlighten this room, you have to just switch on one light, and you come in. It looks very naive to a simple man. It may not be; but to a complicated person, he’ll think, “What’s this? Just put on a switch and it comes up? How can that be?” But it is so. It is so, it happens like that. But behind all this is a big organization, is a big history. Without that, they could not have achieved it.

Now people who get enlightenment also, the people who are realized souls, who get Realization, are still not steady. They are not steady people. I have seen it’s a big problem. That even if you give them Realization, they touch it — they are not steady. Because their habits drag them down. They are lethargic to get out of it. It’s very simple, with some people it just works like that (Shri Mataji snaps Her fingers). I’ve seen people who came to Me… there was a boy who was alcoholic, was shouting at Me at the top of his voice. But he got his Realization, he gave up alcoholism completely. I never tell anybody, don’t… give up this or give up that. Just gave up next day. And he’s a beautiful person now! He is a beautiful person.

But there are habits, there are diseases, there are problems within us which require attention. That’s how the Kundalini that comes up and breaks through goes back to these problems, tries to solve them — because she is your mother. That’s the only mother you have! That is the mother who has followed you all your lives, and she is with you again, just waiting for this opportunity to give you Realization.

But we have so many destructive forces, so many people who are interested in this destruction. Like fake gurus, we can say. I don’t know, today only they asked Me questions about these fake gurus. And I told them that “If you have brains, how can you pay for all these things? Just tell Me how much did you pay to become a human being from a monkey, what did you do about it? Did you pay any amount? How can you pay for it?” If these people are taking money from you for your day-to-day living… for their day-to-day living, they are parasites of the worst type. They are parasites! This is a simple conclusion people should reach, that those who take money for evolutionary work are definitely parasites, no doubt about it. If not parasites, they must be monsters who are sucking our blood.

You cannot organize it. You cannot organize living process. We cannot have members of Sahaja Yoga: all right, you are member X, you are Y, you pay so much money and you become — no! Because this is… this is artificial. You have to become within yourself. You have to become a realized soul within yourself, you cannot pay for it. You cannot say that you are a member of Sahaja Yoga party, or you cannot organize Sahaja Yogis together, like a president, and a vice-president, and somebody is higher, somebody lower — you can’t do it! Do you do that with flowers? Do you say this flower is higher, this flower is lower? On the tree of life, all of them grow with the same beauty. At different times; some people have it earlier, some have it later on. Doesn’t matter. Some of the new Sahaja Yogis who came to Me are wonderful people, are tremendous people — than many who came to Me about ten years back, I should say.

But one has to realize that if you have got this human life, it is not to be wasted. It is not to be frittered away, it’s a very important thing you have got. You are at the epitome of your Realization. Just… you have to just reach there. It’s the… it’s the epitome that you have to just achieve; Realization is the way you are going to achieve it.

The whole of this creation has led to your creation: the human beings, the greatest of all, the loftiest of all. And they have to get this crown of becoming realized. But we have no value of our life, I think. We do not consider that we are valuable people. Though the Creator thinks that we are very valuable. But we don’t value our lives, the way we waste it. We are not bothered as to what we should do about ourselves.

A lamp is made with great care. It is not able to understand, it’s not aware of itself how it was made. But it knows that it is made; in centuries it has been created. And now it has come to a point when you have to just put it to the mains, that’s all. At that point, when it is just to be put to the mains, it shatters, it refuses to be the light. What a frustration it is for the Creator to see the people at this stage are becoming lethargic, are not willing to accept the enlightenment of their own being!

You are all just ready, you are just ready to have it. Like, one candle you see here is enlightened, it can enlighten many lights. Maybe I am an enlightened light, I can enlighten your light. But nothing to be obliged about. Because you have the candle in you. Just I enlighten you, and then you enlighten another light, that’s all. That’s all is to be done, nothing more than that. So what is the obligation? Why ego should stand up and say that “Why you? Why you have to do it?” Many a times I’ve been asked this question: “Why, Mother, of all the things, You have to do it?” I said, “You better do it. I would like to retire. If you could do it, nothing like it.” The day it will start that way that people can do it on their own, I’ll be the happiest person to retire. Because I have nothing to gain in it. I have to just give; I do it because I enjoy giving it.

Then you will realize, when you have it, that the only enjoyment of this capitalism is to distribute, to give. Before that, when you have nothing but stones, whatever you are distributing is nothing but stones. But when you have the Spirit, whatever you are distributing is joy. All these things are for your joy, everything is for your joy. Comfort or any position supposed to be giving you joy — does not give you, of course, it’s mythical — but actually, the seeking is for joy. But the real joy, the source is within yourselves, is the Spirit, and when you become the Spirit, you manifest it in such a way that you give this joy to others. It’s as simple as that: because you get it free, you give it free. You just distribute it. Must understand that you cannot sell it in the market. It’s so invaluable that you cannot put value to it. It’s the most valuable thing that you could think of. So you cannot make economics out of it. But the only economics is that that is the only thing that is satiable. That’s the only thing that gives you joy, that’s the only thing where you change faces, where you become the giver, where you become the light. You don’t ask for anything more, but you just give. And the giving is enhanced because, when you start giving, all your stagnation vanishes, and it starts flowing through you, and it flows. This is the situation you are in; I said you are the epitome.

So, at this stage, what do we find — that people are lost in various ways and various things. It’s a very dangerous time we are playing with it. It’s extremely dangerous! And we do not know where we are. First of all, we’ll be held responsible for all our disasters ourselves. You see, intellectual feats and intellectual thinking is never going to give you any satisfaction, take it from Me. Because it is so limited. I am talking of the unlimited; and if you have to go to the unlimited, you have to become. Unless and until you become that, you cannot enjoy that unlimited love of God. Because rationality is limited.

Coming to this room, I had to leave the car downstairs. In the same way, when this has to happen to you, it should happen to you beyond your mind. But then everything becomes logical because you start seeing that you know so much about the divine laws. You know how the divine laws operate, how they work out, and you become the instrument, the master of those divine laws, which you start operating yourself. But for that, you have to give some time to yourself. It cannot be just today you come and you become that. But people have no time for themselves; I don’t know where they spend their time with the watches in their hands. They have no time for themselves at all! All the advancement of the science has been for giving you time to meditate. Not to meditate the way people are telling you to take some mantra and jump on to it, but to get your Realization and be in meditation, to grow in meditation.

When we think we have achieved something, we should know there is no transformation within us. And this transformation comes to you… the twice-born is the one that comes up like a bird out of an egg; that is twice-born. A bird also in Sanskrit called dvijaha, means “twice-born”; and a person who is a realized soul is also called dvijaha. So, when this egg is in a static state… is the human state, where we are. You can see on our head how the egg has been created by two balloons: one is the superego, by which we are conditioned, and another is the ego; on two sides. Now we are just closed up like this. Now, when the Kundalini rises, when she awakens this centre here, it sucks in these two sides, and the Kundalini pierces through your head, and you become the bird, the egg becomes the bird. A human being becomes the Spirit, the realized soul. It just happens. You get transformed completely; it’s a complete transformation. As a by-product, of course, you get your physical, mental, emotional problems solved. I mean, cancer is cured only through Sahaja Yoga; it cannot be cured by anything else. We have cured cancer, you must have heard about it; you came here and all these diseases we had cured. And once you get Realization, it’s hard to get cancer. Very few people can get cancer after Realization if they are established.

No guarantee can be given for people who come to Realization that they will be there all the time. Because, if they try to fall all the time, how can you manage them? Supposing, in a boat, people are trying to salvage some people out of the water. And you are identified with the crocodiles which are pulling your legs. At least, you should not be identified, and put full force to come up on. If you cannot do it, if you do not want to do it, if you are lethargic about it, then, whatsoever one may try to pull you out, it cannot happen. But once you are pulled out and settle down in the boat, you can pull out many people. And things can happen to you so dramatically, so dynamically, that you are yourself amazed that how you can give Realization to people.

An example I’ll give you. Once I was travelling by ship. And the captain of the ship got his Realization. And I told him that “Now you are really a realized soul.” He said, “How can it be?” I said, “You are. You have got the power now flowing through you.” — “Yes, it’s true, there’s something flowing. But how am I a realized soul, what can I do?” I said, “Very simple. You can try it somewhere. Unless and until you use this power, how will you know what it is?” And it so happened — fortunately or unfortunately — a purser of the ship felt sick. And he had pneumonia, so the captain wanted to send an SOS. So I said, “I can go down and cure that person. There’s no need to have anybody coming on a helicopter to this distance to cure the fellow; we can do something about it.” He said, “No, no, how can you go down, you are a lady,” and this and that. I said, “All right, you can do it. You just ask that fellow to stop his breathing thrice and you put your hand on such-and-such centre that is here.” (Shri Mataji indicates Her Anahata) He said, “How can I?” — “[UNCLEAR], why not try before sending the SOS?” And he did it, and the fellow was all right. Then he was amazed. He said, “Is it?” I said, “Now do you believe you are a realized soul?” He said, “I have started beginning to believe.”

We don’t believe ourselves, we have no faith in ourselves that we can be that! “How can that be so easy?” — many people ask Me such a question. Why not? It has to be. We see so many things in this world so miraculously done. Look at our eyes, how God has made them. With so many cones in it. It’s the best camera that you could think of in the whole world. Out of your all cameras, you cannot make one eye out of it. And how easily we have got it! All such miracles we have seen in the world, but we don’t want to believe in ourselves that we could be something one day. So must have faith in yourself.

And don’t believe in stories that are told to you. There are people who believe… there’s one… another fellow who is telling that “You have to become a high personality.” You have to be very normal. The change is within, not without. You see, all these false and mythical ideas if you carry on, you go ahead with it. Nobody can help you and convince you. You go ahead with it till you break your neck or till you break something that is within you. How can you stop it? There’s no way of stopping it. Only logically you must come to a conclusion, to understand that if something has to happen, it must happen in your awareness that you should feel the collective consciousness that is manifesting. But some people can be… sitting down here, you see, they might feel that suddenly this starts moving like that (Shri Mataji takes a glass and moves it through the air), what they call materialism [Shri Mataji could mean “materialization”]. This is not your awareness. This is moving from here to here. Then logically understand that why God should move this from here to here, what is the interest of God to move this one from here to this place? What is so great? Or somebody gives you a diamond. There is a guru in India who gives diamonds to very rich people; not to poor, only to reach. They must understand: what is the interest of God in diamonds? What is so great in diamonds? They are just stones. Why should God give you diamonds? Have you come here to seek diamonds? Better go to shops.

So this kind of understanding should come to us that these things that are happening are some sort of a black magic business. This materialization. Then there’s somebody who says that you can fly in the air. First of all, logically, do you want to fly in the air? Already you are flying quite a lot. I mean, after some time, you’ll have to queue up your aeroplanes. It is so much already doing! Now, what more do you want? Why do you want to fly in the air? Now, you want to fly in the air. Why not ask your guru to fly? Just put him on the leaning tower of Pisa, ask him to fly. Good idea. See for yourself if he can fly. If you want to even fly, at least try him for flying. Instead of that, you don’t mind paying money for higher courses and higher courses and wasting all your money, draining it out. You must have brains! What happens to your brains to understand that this is not the way you are going to gain anything? This is not in your awareness that you are just start flying. There are people who believe that if you leave your body and go across somewhere, that’s something great. I mean, there’s no control, you are not master of yourself; maybe some spirits taking you away. They are mesmerizing you and putting some sort of a spirit within you by which you feel that you are getting out and your body is roaming all about — is a sign of absolutely black magic. I mean, I would say, India, which is not so sophisticated as you people are, knows these things. They know. They know this is black magic. They know what is real, what is unreal. Because they are working at the roots, not at the shoot. They have worked it out. They are not naive at that; they know what is real and what is not real. But because we have not known these things, for us this is magical; because, you see, according to science, flying in the air itself it was great. So if human beings start flying like this, that would be even greater.

Any abnormal behaviour, like people start seeing auras and things like that, that is also the same type of a problem. What we call, on the left-hand side is the subconscious and right-hand side is the supraconscious. If you move towards left side, you move further, further more, it is collective subconscious, where something that is dead from our creation. All that is there, and anything can capsize you. You’ll be amazed, whatever cancer patients I have seen, they are all, all of them have been triggered by somebody influencing them from the left side. They might be very right-sided people, very arrogant, maybe egoistical, whatever they may be, but they are triggered by some sort of an entry of… doctors call it protein-58, protein-52. They don’t know what it is. But they do say, they do say that these things exist within our being since our creation. I call it collective subconscious. On the right-hand side, also we have collective supraconscious, where there are lots of ambitious people sitting down there. Many people who have failed in their spiritual ascent are there. They try to give you some sort of a magical show. And people start believing in those magical shows. But you are not master of the show, you just see it!

So, how we should understand it? Is this way. Say, we have a car, and in the car we have got two sides: brake and accelerator. Brake on the left-hand side and accelerator on the right-hand side. First we try to balance it, so the balancing has to come. The balancing is done by the centre… this round thing that you see; in that, the balancing, the Guru principle works it out. The Masters principle works out, first of all, the balancing. First we try the left, then the right, then the right, then the left. We try to balance it all the time. Once you have balanced it, then you take the steering wheel, and you start driving. Still you make mistakes all the time with that. You start making mistakes and learning and learning and learning, till you reach a stage where you become the driver, or the chauffeur, of the car. But the master is sitting behind. The master is sitting behind, who is guiding you. But once you get Realization, then you become the master. You are master of the show. So this is another very subtle point one should see — that you are not the master of the show, you don’t know anything about it. Just you are playing to the tune of something else which is unknown, which cannot be verified, which cannot be understood. If you realize this — that “awareness” means “on the central nervous system” — and put down that as the criteria, I’m sure you will be able to understand Sahaja Yoga.

Sahaja” means: “saha” means “with”, “ja” means “born”. It’s spontaneous, living process. “Yoga” means the “union”. All yogas lead to Sahaja Yoga. Without Sahaja Yoga you cannot get Realization. All yogas. Say, for example, these days people are doing Hatha Yoga. Now, Hatha Yoga, the way they do, is absolutely a minute part of the whole. For example, Patanjali Yoga Shastra [the original scripture about Hatha Yoga] has got ashtangas [eight components], out of which one is yama-niyamas [dos and don’ts]; out of that one third is this what you call the exercises. Now, these exercises are also meant when you have got your Kundalini moving. Otherwise, before that, if you do any exercise, you may spoil the chakras. It would be something like moving your wheels of your car without starting it, or planning your whole route when you have not started. Once you go through that route, then you realize what is the obstruction in between, how are you obstructed, and you try to remove that. If your Kundalini has not started, how will you know where is the problem, where is it stopped, what… what vyayama, or what exercise, you have to take? Without understanding that, if you start doing all the exercises, it is like taking all the medicines indiscriminately, spoiling all your health. You must know where is the problem, what is the disease, and how it has to be cured. All this science can be exposed and can be understood only after Realization. Before Realization it is all darkness. And in darkness, we all just get confused, we do not know what is what. So, first of all, the light must come within us. Which looks so simple but is not. It is not so simple, it has got a very complicated organization behind it and a very complicated mechanism that has to work it out.

I hope today you will have patience with yourself and take your Realization and work it out. Because we have some very good Sahaja Yogis in Bristol. So we are very few, but we have very deep ones here. Surprisingly, Bristol has a speciality for this, that we have very deep ones. And they can tell you how to go further with it, they can guide you for the time being; then you start guiding others once you have reached that. This is something so surprising that Bristol has very few Sahaja Yogis, but they are so deep and so good that I’m sure one day on those strong foundations a great building can be raised. I asked them — they said the people in Bristol are very lethargic. I’m surprised: this is an industrial town and that people should be so lethargic about anything. Maybe drinking; I don’t know what is the reason for that is, but Bristol is one of the places where we have really a very poor number. We have very deep Sahaja Yogis, but very poor number. It is really amazing that it should be such, because I know it is a place of great seekers. It is a place of great seekers; from the vibrations I know that God has chosen this place specially for a very deep type of work. But if only three or four have to be there, I’m quite contented; I can’t help it. You cannot force it, you see. You can at the most take the horse to the lake to drink the water, but the horse has to enjoy it. The quenching of the thirst, isn’t it, you can’t enjoy that. He has to be thirsty, then he has to enjoy.

So may God bless you!

I’m sure today we’ll have some more Sahaja Yogis, some more people realized who’ll work it out. You see, Sahaja Yoga is not a thing that you just get your Realization and settle down with it and enjoy yourself. You get blissful feeling for months together sometimes after Realization. But that can go away, because it must be settled down, it has to be practised. You are given the light to give lights to others; you don’t — as Christ has said — you don’t put lights under the table. In the same way, if you get your Realization and if you do not work it out for others… it is not for individual enjoyment, but it is for the enlightenment of the collective. And people must have the idea that today we have to work out everything collectively. If it is not collective, if it is individualistic, it is not going to last, it will drop out, it will finish off. Because we are part and parcel of a collective being. A cell in the body, if it is not aware of the collective, it is useless, it is dead, it is finished. And that’s why, when you understand that you become a collective being, you don’t do any obligations on others, because there’s no other left. They are all part and parcel of your being. So, when they are, whatever you do for them — supposed to be others are not others actually, they are part and parcel of your own being.

Sahaja Yoga is to be understood seriously and to be taken only by serious people who are brave. It’s not meant for frivolous people who want to have frivolous things to be done. I’m sorry to say that it is a fact. And if people are little serious about it, they can do it. They can do it, and they can all become masters, gurus themselves, they don’t have to have any gurus who proclaim they are gods, ishwaras [gods, superior beings] and all that nonsense. There is no need to have anyone, you yourself become your own guru.

May God bless you all!

Now today, I’m sorry I came only for one day because of the response we have had. I’ve been coming here quite often, and what we’ve found — that people were very frivolous, and they’re just feeling doubt; they didn’t take it up seriously. So this time they decided that I should spend only one night here because they thought it was all a waste of energy, going down to Bristol. I’m sorry for that. But today I find there are some very nice serious people sitting down here. In any case, I’m going to Exeter tomorrow for another program. But if we have some more Sahaja Yogis and if you work it out, I’ll come definitely for two-three days and explain to you all about it. Because its knowledge is so great that you cannot cover it up. I must have given at least thousand lectures so far, and they are all on the tape, but still people say that “Every time, Mother, you say something new.” So you can understand how it is deep and how it is wide.

But if you have any questions, please ask Me. Relevant to Sahaja Yoga, relevant. If you are coming from any guru, then please, I have nothing to help you. If you are going to represent any guru, I would request you, you better go away. Because you better go to your guru, why should you be here? And why should you ask any question about any guru? Because that’s not proper. You see, if you want, you can have hired another hall and get people and talk about your own guru. All right, can I have a question?

(First question)

MAN: Yes, I would like to [UNCLEAR] of the audience, just to ask what connection this organization has to the Divine Light organization, [UNCLEAR] organization in India called [UNCLEAR].

SHRI MATAJI: What he… I can’t hear him.

MAN: I would like [UNCLEAR] audience [UNCLEAR] Rawat Ji [UNCLEAR] Shri Hans Maharaj Ji, and through him she got four children.

SHRI MATAJI: What is he saying?

MAN: … Maharaj Ji who was announced as Perfect Master [UNCLEAR].

SHRI MATAJI: I can’t hear. You see, just now I’ve said, you hire another hall if you are belong to some other organization.

MAN: [UNCLEAR] informing the audience that one of Mataji’s sons [UNCLEAR] …

YOGI: No, no, this is different Mataji.

SHRI MATAJI: No, no, no, we are not interested in anything like that. You see, what I would say, why don’t you hire a hall? It is parasitic, you see. We have paid for this hall, and you have no business to talk here. You hire another time and do it. This is the hall we have paid for. You please don’t use our audience for that. This is, just see, this is the thing with these people.

MAN: … [UNCLEAR]. And if people wish to have their Kundalini raised, they could come to the [UNCLEAR] …

SHRI MATAJI: Now just see, he’s taking advantage of us.

MAN: You raise this Kundalini, you give these disciples [UNCLEAR] powers. And if you have the revelation of the thousand-petal lotus, it’s the beginning of the spiritual journey.

SHRI MATAJI: Oh, I see, you have already been realized. What have you got yourself? Sir, what have you got? What have you got within yourself? Now I’ll ask you a question, listen now. Let Me see, let Me see this gentleman. Come here! You come forward, now you come forward! You come here now [UNCLEAR].

MAN: … very welcome to come along to find out [UNCLEAR] …

SHRI MATAJI: Oh, I see. Oh, thank you very much! Thank you! They can’t afford to have a hall for themselves. This is the nonsense about it, you see? See now. What to do?

(Another question)

WOMAN: And I would like to ask you about [UNCLEAR] before I have to go to work.

SHRI MATAJI: Yes, yes, madam.

WOMAN: (Talking very rudely all the time, often shouting) Can you tell me — I know them good enough — how many gods is there? Does it matter what religion you are?

SHRI MATAJI: What religion you are? Nothing matters.

WOMAN: They don’t like me!

SHRI MATAJI: You don’t like Me?

WOMAN: They don’t like me!


WOMAN: Because… well… I am one religion, (shouting) but to me, there is one God!

SHRI MATAJI: Yes, true. Absolutely.

WOMAN: And one God only!

SHRI MATAJI: Yes, true.

WOMAN: And we’re all heading for the same place!

SHRI MATAJI: Yes. True. Very true. Muslims say the same, you say the same.


SHRI MATAJI: Nothing new about it, is absolutely true.

WOMAN: Now, people laugh at me! I see things.

SHRI MATAJI: See? You should not.

WOMAN: I do.

SHRI MATAJI: That’s not good.

WOMAN: I’ve seen a black hand last night!

SHRI MATAJI: Black hand?

WOMAN: A black hand. And they all laughed at me and restrained me. But let me tell you: I [UNCLEAR] little black [UNCLEAR hole/owl] today.

SHRI MATAJI: Black what?

WOMAN: A little black [UNCLEAR hole/owl] [UNCLEAR].

SHRI MATAJI: What is it?

WOMAN: I have to tell you something else.

SHRI MATAJI: Yes, what is it?

WOMAN: The Lord is coming again.

SHRI MATAJI: All right. Are you prepared?

WOMAN: God bless you!

SHRI MATAJI: Are you prepared for that?



WOMAN: (Shouting) And why—

SHRI MATAJI: How will you make Him out? Let Me—

WOMAN: I know He’s coming.

SHRI MATAJI: How will you make Him out?

WOMAN: I know.

SHRI MATAJI: No, no. But how will you make Him out that He’s Lord? There are so many already walking on the [UNCLEAR]. How will you make it out?

WOMAN: Tell me why are people so nasty against one another.

SHRI MATAJI: Because they are not realized souls.

WOMAN: (Shouting) What is the greatest thing in the world?

SHRI MATAJI: To be realized.

WOMAN: (Shouting) Love! Love is the greatest thing in the world!


WOMAN: Love one another! But it will never be.


WOMAN: Because I can tell Him… You are an Indian lady, aren’t you? Yes. And if I told you — maybe you’d laugh at me — I have an Indian guide that helps me. Madam, I’m proud to say — and I don’t care who knows it — I am a spiritualist, I am a medium.

SHRI MATAJI: Now, why—


SHRI MATAJI: Now, why—

WOMAN: Because they say I’m doing a devil’s work.

SHRI MATAJI: I would request you not to be a spiritualist. You become the Spirit, all right? I would say, as a Mother, why are you just a spiritualist? You are playing into the hands of spirits. Why don’t you become the Spirit, that is your own power? That’s what I’m telling you. All right? And the love that you are talking about is relative love. I’m talking about the love of the Spirit, you have to become the Spirit. You have to understand this, you see? Unless and until you become the Spirit, your powers come from spirits — which are no good. These powers are no good. You should have your own powers, I’m telling you that. All right?

WOMAN: I’m telling you one thing before I go, God bless you [UNCLEAR]. (Shouting) Until we learn to love one another there’s always going to be war!

SHRI MATAJI: But how do you learn, madam? How do you learn? You have tried everything, have you not?

WOMAN: I live next to people like you, and little kids come up to me, and they put their arms around me …

SHRI MATAJI: All right.

WOMAN: … and I don’t [UNCLEAR].

SHRI MATAJI: All right, but what—

WOMAN: And I asked, “Why do you do that?” They said, “We… we… we love you!”


WOMAN: I said, “Why?” They said, “Because other people say, ooh, nasty things to us.” — “[UNCLEAR] doesn’t matter they say nasty things about me.” — “You always say [UNCLEAR] to us.” — “Well,” I said, “why shouldn’t I? You’re my sister,” I said, “and he is my brother.”

SHRI MATAJI: No, no, but by saying it doesn’t work out, I tell you. You see—

WOMAN: Well, now excuse me, I’ve enjoyed your service, and God bless you all. God bless you one and all!

SHRI MATAJI: All right, thank you very much. Thank you.

WOMAN: (Leaving and speaking to herself) I have to go to work, although people say, “Go on strike.” Not me. I would not go on strike in a million years. [UNCLEAR]. Not me.

SHRI MATAJI: All the strange people come in Bristol, is it? (Shri Mataji laughs) Well, tell Me what is it? You see, isn’t it strange to be like this? Isn’t it strange? Why don’t they listen?

(Another question)

SHRI MATAJI: (To a seeker) Yes please. Yes, sir. Please, make yourself comfortable.

SEEKER: I’m okay. Why do so called enlightened people …


SEEKER: … fight each other?

SHRI MATAJI: Hate what?

SEEKER: Fight.

SHRI MATAJI: Each other?

SEEKER: Fight each other.

SHRI MATAJI: Who, these gurus?

SEEKER: Yes, yeah.

SHRI MATAJI: You see, they have to fight because they have one… they have to share the same money (Shri Mataji laughs, laughter and applause). That’s a market, that’s a market place; you see, it’s a “guru shopping” going on. Like the shops [UNCLEAR].

SEEKER: Suppose there’s no… nobody involved [UNCLEAR] …

SHRI MATAJI: Beg your pardon?

SEEKER: … worthwhile fighting for it?

SHRI MATAJI: Beg your pardon?

SEEKER: Suppose there’s nobody involved, why do they still fight?

SHRI MATAJI: You see, I have not met anyone who is in the market, who doesn’t… is involved. Most of them are involved in some way or other. Some people who are fighting, they say that they are not involved, but they are, in a way. You see, the only way one can understand is that once you get your Realization, then what happens — that you cannot fight, because you… who is the other to fight, you see? Now like this lady talking — I can see her, it’s a drama. You see, the… you could see her also very clearly: it’s a drama. But I feel that she’s strange, you know, she’s strange. She has to come normal, to become normal. They are abnormal people, that’s why they fight. They are abnormal because this is abnormal to take somebody’s money like this, to deceive someone, to tell lies; it’s an abnormity.

You see, if you see children, normally they don’t tell lies, they don’t grab things, they don’t bother; they just play a game, that’s all. But, you see, as we grow… I would say that Indians, specially, have this capacity to be attached so much to money and all that. But even the Western people have another style of attachment to materialism. You see, theirs is a subtler one. And Indians’ maybe the gross one — but both are just the same to My mind — is that the way they are materially attached. And because the matter — according to them, so mythical — gives them something special, so they fight. The fighting comes because they believe in a mythical thing. Why not fight for the spiritual life? That’s why they fight; and if you have to reduce this fighting, you have to make them collectively conscious. Only by raising banners “No atomic bomb!” and this, you cannot do it. You see, just… cannot do it. Because, in the nature of human being, he doesn’t know that you are a part and parcel of another person! You see, if you destroy, say, the Chinese or the Chinese destroy you, they are destroying themselves — that they don’t understand. But logically also you can see, logically. See, supposing a war starts. Say, supposing tomorrow war starts. If Americans fight the Russians, and Russians fight the Americans — I wish they finish out themselves, the way they are all the time torturing the whole world, you see — but everybody’s harmed, isn’t it? Is it not, that you start the war, and the one who starts or whether who aggress or aggresses, everybody is harmed? So, on the whole, it’s a problem everywhere. A problem that is with you becomes a problem of everyone. And that’s how they don’t realize because they have lost the power of logic in them. Because the wisdom, which comes from the Spirit, is lacking. Is the Spirit that is wise, which gives you this wisdom, innate wisdom to understand.

I saw this gentleman now — I mean, there was no need for him to get up and say something — what has he achieved? Let’s see. See, we should ask him, “Why are you talking? What is your authority? What have you achieved?”

SEEKER: Oh, he claims to be an enlightened.

SHRI MATAJI: Oh, enlightenment. But enlightenment must show some results. Now, I can say that I have cured even President of India of cancer. All right, has he done something like that? There are at least ten people sitting here who were suffering from epilepsy, who went to some false gurus. I have cured them. What can he claim, what good has he done to anyone? Without taking any money from anyone, I’ve done it. They are sitting down here before you. You see, when you talk about something, when you claim something, you should be able to prove it. Supposing I say I am the Prime Minister of India. Will you believe it? Now, supposing I say I am, why should you believe it? If I say something, I have some powers, isn’t it, as Prime Minister? Do I manifest those powers? As realized souls, you have certain powers, and if you cannot manifest them, you are not. Simple as that. So they want to keep themselves in delusion and take others into delusion. We should really openly think about it and understand. All these organizations which are working out for peace must understand: the peace must come from within. In without you cannot have peace. And the within peace is to be achieved through Self-realization because that is the one, is the source of peace, joy, and bliss. So we should achieve that. Is simple thing I’m saying, isn’t it? Am I saying something very difficult?

SEEKER: No, I’m still saying, why do all these people fight all the time here?

SHRI MATAJI: Because they are not the Spirits. They are not their Spirits, it’s simple as that.

SEEKER: You see, they all, everyone, claim [UNCLEAR]. They all claim it.

SHRI MATAJI: They claim, but whatever one may claim, you must try to feel it. You must try to feel it. Whatever they claim, you must try to feel it. If somebody claims something, you should find out. If somebody… like, somebody said he is Christ; I said, “All right, put him on the water, does he walk?” If I am saying such and such thing, you should say, “All right, let’s see.” You must keep yourself open for that. You see, the problem is, the one who claims, at least you should say, “What is the interest? Is there a money interest? Is there a position interest? Is there a power interest? What is the interest of the person?” Even if you [UNCLEAR] the person. Then if such a thing doesn’t exist, then what is it? There must be something higher. Because we, also, if we live on the same level, we cannot think of somebody who could be higher. Somebody who’ll do it for love’s sake. We cannot think of such a personality. That’s true, but still, let us have an ideal before us, maybe someone who does it for love, just for love.

(Another question)



SEEKER: Well, I’m only… I mean, I thought [UNCLEAR] this might lead on to some sort of meditation course or something.

SHRI MATAJI: (To a yogi) What is it?

YOGI: She is expecting this to lead to some form of meditation.

SHRI MATAJI: Yes, yes, we’ll do that now. First of all, let Me pacify your minds, you see, because at that time immediately it will start off like a jack-in-the-box, you see, it comes up.

(Another question)

SHRI MATAJI: (To a seeker) Yes, please.

SEEKER: And if I may, I would like to ask a question.

SHRI MATAJI: Yes, please.

SEEKER: I have come here tonight for a real reason. I’ve been very, very ill, I’m still suffering. I have tried to find the right path, I’ve read many of the books. [UNCLEAR] in Switzerland. I have been [UNCLEAR]. [UNCLEAR] his birthday, whether he is good or bad I don’t know. But I would like You to advise me [UNCLEAR] before you [UNCLEAR], if You will.

SHRI MATAJI: (To a yogi) What is it? He wants to…?

YOGI: He wants some advice, Mother, as to what course of action to take. He is a little confuses with many possibilities. [UNCLEAR] before he goes home tonight.

SHRI MATAJI: Yes, good idea. All right.

SEEKER: Before You go tonight, I would like to speak with You.

SHRI MATAJI: All right, very good idea, yes. That’s like a seeker. That’s like a seeker, it’s true. That’s great. (To a yogi) Fine, tomorrow morning when am I going?

YOGI: Well, we have to be coming next to the ferry early, I think, [UNCLEAR] it’s open.

SHRI MATAJI: All right, in any case I’ll see him. Or we can take him with us (laughter, Shri Mataji laughs). You see, this is something rare, isn’t it, to find such people, who are seeking really. He’s truthfully seeking. Find such people… they are adored, I mean, they should be. It’s something great. We had one in Bristol, Marsha and her husband, Daniel. Just the day they got Realization, just Daniel was [UNCLEAR] absolutely. He said, “Mother, I’m coming with You.” — “All right, come along.” He came to London, he stayed with us and… wonderful person, now has gone to America. Great, Marsha and Daniel. We found them here. I’m only sorry that he left Bristol, I wish he had stayed here. But he went to America to do Sahaja Yoga there.

All right. So, let’s have the meditation, as you said, it’s good idea. All right? Let’s see how many of you get it. Even if you don’t get it, you’ll get it. Those who have come to Me, all of them have got it. So, why not you all get it, understand it, master it, and enjoy it?

Should we take out our shoes? I have to request you to take out your shoes — though it’s rather cold down below — because, you see, the Mother Earth helps us a little bit on this point. But I find it’s rather cold for you. All right, doesn’t matter. It will take away the heat from the body.

Now, it’s a very simple process, as I told you — that these are seven centres within us: five, six, and seven centres (Shri Mataji shows the centres on Her hand). As shown here. Now, what you have to do is just to put your hands towards Me like this. Just like this. Please, all of you have to do it. Those who don’t want to do it should go away. Because they disturb others. Please. There is no show going on here, nothing of the kind, so those who are not going to do it, please go away and oblige us. Don’t trouble us for nothing at all, you have no business to trouble us. Did you hear that? Please, those who don’t want to have Realization should go away. And don’t disturb others, like a dog in the manger. You don’t want to do it? All right, don’t do it. But don’t disturb others.

Put your hands straight like this, just straight forward, like that. All right, put both the feet directly in touch with the Mother Earth. Just simple as that. All right. And now you have to close your eyes. Before closing the eyes, you should see that there’s nothing tight… tight on your waist. If there is anything tight here or here (Shri Mataji indicates Her throat). So just try to loosen it a little bit.

Now put both the hands straight, close your eyes. And whatever has to happen, will happen within. Some of you might feel the ascent, some of you may not feel. If it’s a very good instrument, you just don’t feel it, it just shoots up. You don’t have to do anything. Don’t say any mantras, nothing of the kind. Just keep your neck straight and sit comfortably in a very normal way. In a ve-e-ery normal way. Putting no attention, fixing it up anywhere, just sit in a very normal way. Absolutely in a relax way. Please close your eyes. Until I tell you, don’t open your eyes, for one reason. The reason is this: that the Kundalini doesn’t rise above the Agnya Chakra if your eyes are open. It’s no mesmerism, so you have to keep your eyes close. The happening takes place within. Just keep your eyes shut. Please take out your shoes, all of you take out your shoes. And then sit down comfortably with both the hands.

The first thing that will happen to you is that you will find that there is no thought coming to you. There’s not thought coming to you. You reach a state which is called as Nirvichara Samadhi, where you just don’t think. You can hear Me, you are absolutely alert, but you are thoughtlessly aware. That’s the first stage that comes to you. In the second stage you find the cool breeze coming out of your head. That, of course, the Sahaja Yogis can see for themselves, and they will tell you that it is working or not. Then you will find this is coming into your hands.

Don’t fix your attention in any position or any point. Just keep it loose. The attention will be driven to its destination by Kundalini. You don’t have to bother about where to fix the attention, what to do, what not to do.

Now put your right hand — closing your eyes, don’t open your eyes — on your heart, because that is the place of your Spirit. So put your right hand on your heart. Please don’t open your eyes. Just put your right hand on your heart, straightforward. And say in the heart: “Am I the Spirit? Mother, am I the Spirit?” Ask a question like that.

Now put the same right hand down below on the stomach, on the left-hand side. On the left-hand side. Put here, press it. And ask a question: “Mother, am I my own guru?” Ask a question ten times: “Mother, am I my own guru?” Put the left hand towards Me. Keep the left hand towards Me, that’s important. And then ask the question: “Mother, am I my own guru?” Ten times. You people are a special category who are seekers, you see? A special category. As Blake has called you, “men of God”. And you have to become prophets, you have to become gurus.

Now put this right hand again on your heart. And please say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” Just assert it: “I am the Spirit.” Say it twelve times please. With confidence, please say it with confidence. Don’t feel guilty. You see, many people have a very bad habit of feeling guilty for nothing at all. Just don’t feel guilty. With full confidence say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” You are the Spirit. And what is there to feel guilty about? What guilt can you have, what mistakes can you make before the God Almighty, who is compassion, ocean of love, ocean of forgiveness? So just don’t have any guilt, just say, “Mother, I am the Spirit.” With full confidence, without feeling guilty at all.

Now you take it upward to the left side of the neck. Left side of the neck. And put your hand down there, left side of the neck. And just say, “Mother, I am not guilty.” Please. Because all of you have this problem, I believe. For nothing at all, why to feel guilty, I just don’t understand. For what? Say it sixteen times. As I said, He is the ocean of love, He is the ocean of forgiveness, He is the ocean of compassion. Ocean, I’m saying! What do you do so much that you should feel guilty about? These human laws have no place [in] the eyes of God. Please say it genuinely that you are not guilty, please say it.

Now put this right hand on top of your head. Just here. And in the centre, where it was a soft bone in your childhood — you can feel the softness there. Just press it with your fingers, you can feel the softness, just see. Little further. It is just find out in the centre. Top of the head, in the centre of it. It is not so far at back, it’s little further, towards the forehead more. Little… just move it. In that area you’ll find the soft bone. Now just say, “Mother, I want my Realization.” Because I can’t go against your wish, against your desire, against your freedom. So you have to say, “Mother, I want my Realization. Please give me Realization.” Just say that. Say it seven times please. You should ask for it, otherwise I cannot force it on you, as I said. Put it with your fingers, in the centre of your head. Try to press it there.

Now raise your hand and see if you feel the cool breeze coming out or a hot breeze coming out. May be some hot breeze coming out. You can change your hand now and see with your left hand — but put your right hand towards Me — if there is a cool breeze coming out. You can feel it with the left hand. If there’s heat coming out. It’s a very subtle thing. Little higher. Just see. Put another hand again and see if it is there.

(Shri Mataji rubs Her hands and blows on them) Lot of heat coming out, I feel. Rub your hands a little bit and see. The hands have to be sensitive to, you see, feel it. Still heat is coming out. Sahaja Yogis can help them see. But you people keep both the hands towards Me, or one hand on top and one hand… but… Sahaja Yogis can see.

This gentleman has got it. It’s very subtle. Let’s get there, let’s get there. Some are feeling it, isn’t it? Now, keep it on. Don’t think about it. Don’t think about it, it’s beyond thinking. You watch Me without thinking. (To a seeker) Did you feel, My child? (About another seeker) She’s felt it too. All right. One by one, everybody is going to feel it, one by one. So don’t worry. (To another seeker) Now don’t think about it. Put it your hands like this. Are you feeling in the hands also? Good! (To another seeker) What about you? Not in the hands so far? All right, it will work out, it’s work out. (To another seeker) What about you, son? Are you feeling? (To Douglas) Now, just see him. Douglas, just work on him.

DOUGLAS: Just like that?

SHRI MATAJI: All right… just… (About another seeker) This gentleman? Are you feeling? Nothing? All right. Just… (About another seeker) That gentleman there? (About another seeker) He has a liver. Ask him to put his left hand on his liver. Little bit on the left-hand side. Yes, this side, this… (About another seeker) He’s all right. You are all right, it’s coming up, I could see that. (About another seeker) What about him?

Now, you see, the Sahaja Yogis have got this power flowing through them. And they see that it is flowing, so they can make it act. (About another seeker) [UNCLEAR]? (To the seeker) Now, you’ve got? On the hands, are you feeling? Feeling now? All right, let it flow, let it flow. Enjoy, enjoy it, enjoy. (To another seeker) What about you? He’s good! (To another seeker) What about you? [UNCLEAR]. Been to some guru? Now, which one?

SEEKER: I’ve never been to any.

SHRI MATAJI: No one? No one? [UNCLEAR] your neck. [UNCLEAR]. I’m sorry, your neck [UNCLEAR]. [UNCLEAR]. (Shri Mataji turns the seeker’s head sharply) Sorry. Better now? (To a yogini) Is he better?

YOGINI: I feel Vishuddhi.

SHRI MATAJI: Vishuddhi I’ve cleared just now. (To the seeker) Is it better now? Do you smoke, do you?



SEEKER: No, I don’t smoke.

SHRI MATAJI: Surprisingly, Vishuddhi is blocked. You must be careful about your [UNCLEAR], you see? See, this one is such a big lump here, you see yourself. Just see. See? This is the one [UNCLEAR]. But it’s there. (To the yogini) See on the head. It’s up there. (To the seeker) Now feel? Huh? [UNCLEAR]. Now forgive. Forgive everyone. Forgive everyone. Just forgive everyone. Forgive. You can forgive everyone. All right. Everyone. Just say, “Mother, I forgive everyone.” [UNCLEAR].

SEEKER: Mother, I forgive everyone.


SEEKER: Mother, I forgive everyone.


SEEKER: Mother, I forgive everyone.

SHRI MATAJI: All right? [UNCLEAR]. What work you do?




SHRI MATAJI: Ah, that’s why. See, you should know how to protect yourself. They are all [UNCLEAR] problematic. And you catch their problems. (To somebody) [UNCLEAR]. (To the seeker) Now, now see. Is better now? Now? (To somebody) [UNCLEAR]. (To the seeker) Now better? All right, all right. [UNCLEAR]? Started? Are you feeling now? (To a yogi about another seeker) Is it all right, [UNCLEAR], is it?

YOGI: Ah, well, he’s… he’s done sort of a mantra meditation …


YOGI: … or he’s attended a sort of a mantra meditation. [UNCLEAR] something in the Void, and that—

SHRI MATAJI: In the Void?

YOGI: Yeah.

SHRI MATAJI: In the Void. All right. For that, if he says, with his right hand there, that “I am my own guru,” it will work out. (To the seeker) Just put your right hand and put left hand just like that, and just say, “Mother, I am my own guru.” (Back to the previous seeker) Now, is better? Are you better now? Aren’t you feeling relax?


SHRI MATAJI: It’s there. [UNCLEAR]. (To a yogi) [UNCLEAR], huh? (To another seeker) Please, open your hand. (To another seeker) What about you? Got it? Good! Great! (To another seeker) What about you? Got it? What are you feeling? Are you feeling something? You don’t feel it, [UNCLEAR]? [UNCLEAR]. (To the seeker with Void problem) Put your hand down there and say, “Mother, I am my own guru.” (To another seeker) Now, keep your head little bit loose. [UNCLEAR] (Shri Mataji turns the seeker’s head sharply) [UNCLEAR], then you get pain. What do you do? (To a yogi) He’s better now, much better. Now what about this gentleman?

YOGI: He said he’s not feeling.


YOGI: He said he’s not feeling, Shri Mataji.

SHRI MATAJI: (To the seeker) You’re not feeling? There’s something wrong. Why there’s something wrong? I know why. Can you forgive? You have to forgive everyone. Forgive. Forgive everyone. You just forgive and don’t feel guilty, all right? Now, are you feeling?

YOGI: (Making an announcement) [UNCLEAR] your attention [UNCLEAR]. The next meeting is here, [UNCLEAR] meetings every Wednesday here, in the next… next door, I think, in this building. And you must try and come, especially in the beginning because, you know, you forget a way and things about it, and all sorts of thoughts come [UNCLEAR].

(Shri Mataji continues working on the seekers)