The Miracle Of Your Second Birth Exeter (England)

Public Program, Exeter, England, 21. October, 1982.

They are transformed. Exeter has a speciality I don’t know why with this kind and I’m really amazed that I’ve been here three times and people have not taken up life seriously. They are not taken up the purpose for which they are born.It is a sad thing I feel, but again I wanted to try that maybe you people will be able to realize how important it is to get your self-realization. […]

TV Interview BBC South West, Plymouth (England)

TV Interview
October 21st, 1982
Plymouth, UK

Reporter: Her followers see Her as a great spiritual leader, capable of curing all ills, even cancer. Well, these are the sort of claims you’ve probably heard before from many so-called gurus, but for Her fast expanding group of disciples Mataji Nirmala Devi is different. Tonight She brings Her message to a public meeting in Exeter. Mataji, the world of healing and gurus is full of frauds and charlatans. […]