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Exeter (England)


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Public Program. Exeter (England), 21 October 1982.

They are transformed Exeter has a speciality. I don’t know why with this kind, and I’m really amazed that I’ve been here three times and People have not taken up life seriously They are not taken up The purpose for which they are born It’s a sad thing I feel But again I wanted to try that maybe You people will be able to realize how important it is to get your self-realization Already they must have told you about your Kundalini The power That works out this miracle of your second birth It’s already being done by God. He’s put everything down there. It’s all there. You are just ready for it But you must have the desire You must have an ardent desire there cannot be any realization for a person or any development for a person If the person Doesn’t desire Your desire is the most important thing. I will be amazed that even the Kundalini about which we are talking Is nothing but your primal desire the power of your primal desire because all other desires are transitory Or absolutely temporary, and they fizzle out You want to have a house alright you can have a house Then you want to have something else and then something else economic ones are never sizable So you won’t ask them for this and that then you go to politics for power You try to have some emotional experiences all these are transitory and they all vanish into thin air While the joy of the Spirit is the permanent, but people who are not? Desiring it are asking for privileged things and things that are of no value at all I tell you it is of no value to have all these things Because you are so affluent already still there is no joy. There’s no happiness there Is no peace in the family. There’s no please so we have to achieve that Which is permanent? Which is eternal? Which is promised to us?

You have been very carefully made into this being the human being Is the epitome of? The creation, but how far do we value ourselves? about human existence Don’t you realize that thousands of years The nature has worked to make us human beings and that at this time when you have to just become the spirit We are hesitating We still are dominated by desires which are not the primary desires Normally when the Kundalini awakens a Person definitely gets transformed, and he gets the power to get over all the Nonsensical ideas about life all this Misidentifications drop out I have known so many cases We had a boy who came from some Pub I think and he was shouting at me, but screaming at me, and he was very very funny But he got his realization Lucky he got his realization from next day. He came up Everything there was no alcoholism the problem which doctors cannot solve nobody can treat him There are so many who were suffering From diseases which were absolutely incurable just got alright That’s physical side so many emotional problems like people who were mad lunatic got cured But the spiritual problem is the main problem where people go to fake gurus and fake people there him lots of money Run like mad and then they come back and find that they that was a faithful and they give up But why why do like the fake guru so much and not sahaja, yoga? We should find out why why is it that the fake gurus in this Exeter? We had a fake guru who had thousands of disciples, and why for sahaja yoga? We can’t get people the reason is say plain and simple I was told that this gentleman who was supposed to be the Guru Used to drink us to have women do all kinds of things and every disciple was allowed to have any kind of Unrighteous life that they want Because no power was given to the disciples only they had one power is to pay to this horrible, man That’s all they power. They had and they thought that we can purchase this room We can buy this man and by buying this man. We are something Oh, there’s another one who talks that you will become great You have to be very great Christ was nothing you are going to become very great All such talks sometimes really pamper our ego, and we get driven to that One should know that one has to be real and honest if you are honored not honest to yourself How can anybody else make it you have to be honest yourself first of all that you must know that you want the? Reality, and if you want the reality was no you cannot pay for it.

You cannot pay for it You have to become you have to become that that becoming. It’s not so difficult I tell you it is not at all difficult Because so many people who have got realization in England there are in thousands, and they are doing very well there are beautiful people there are all realized Souls and They know how to handle the Kundalini they also cure people not only that but their lives are changed that patterns are changed they are Very happy joyous people This has to happen the time has come of your resurrection The whole of humanity has to rise to it This is the only solution that you can think of for all the turmoils all the destruction that is facing us today But do we realize that we are playing a part in their destruction if you do not take to this lift This lift is very important in our lives, and we have to do it. I do not know why but it Is really surprising why people do not want to become themselves? To bring it yourself is the must you are the master of yourself You have to be the master of yourself and not of some sort of silly ideas and stupid things if you become the master That’s really nothing can dominate you you become the free bird you become absolutely on top of everything and you can see everything as Just a drama and a witness all this is within you all these powers are within you because the Spirit is within The Kundalini is within you have to just first of all get your realization Enlightenment and maintain it for a while and you don’t need much effort because after realization you are really empowered you get over your frivolities you get over your Stupidities, and you get homework all these nagging habits that put you down your self-respect and everything Now it is easy For people to go to any you know whatsoever because you don’t have to do anything you Just have to go pay some money, and you become the disciple the guru who doesn’t do anything he doesn’t even travel He doesn’t do anything he sits nicely you go and give you money, and he enjoys your money, and he’s a parasite But here you are the Guru you have to become the Guru Here you have to become the self you have to be the Guru, which is the principle already in you it is to be enlightened? You cannot depend on anyone you have to depend on yourself, and you are already entitle and empower to be that sahaja sahaja means Bond with you so her is with bondage this power to be united with the divine is With you it is within you and the time has come This is the Blossom time and this time you have to get it if you lack behind you have to face the problems You have to face the problems later, so those who call themselves as seekers. Those who say that we are seeking God we are seeking the truth must know that to see the truth is to see the truth within themselves and not without if Somebody says that you are going to fly in the air you have to see the stars in the moon’s That’s not to be Within yourself you have to see what you are and when you start feeling your spirit you start feeling others also Because your spirit is the collective being you have to become again I say you have to become that spirit so far your spirit is just watching you it doesn’t come into the play It doesn’t come into the play it is still there in a state we can call as a witness He is witnessing all that you are doing but once the Kundalini rises from its base. Where as you see in the triangular bone? it comes up breaks through and you start feeling the existence of spirit On your nervous system you can feel it in your hands It is so simple that even children can feel it Say for example in this room you have to put a light Just you have to press one button and you get the light But it’s not so simple to look at it look simple. It looks absolutely life If you tell a villager the one who has never seen how electricity works, you won’t believe it You won’t believe that this is possible. It is so naive for his mind Also that how can it be just you press the button and you get the light, but you do with the light?

And how because there is a mechanism here? There is an organization behind it then it’s a history behind, and there is an evolution behind it now We are standing at the last part of our evolution the human awareness that it is today Is still not complete if it was we would not have been so much confused We are confused because our awareness has not reached that stage where we become the spirit Christ has said you are to be born again. Now. There are people. I heard the other day the one gentleman came and started talking Just like a tape recorder that Christ was just a Kundalini yogi, and all that thing who are they to judge Christ? What do they know about what? Is their power to judge him you see any big Tom and Harry stands up and start talking about anyone? First of all let us know what is your power? Let’s see, what do you know? What how do you found yourself?

Please be honest about please be honest. That’s all is needed because the whole nature the whole creation All the pervading power of course Allah is trying to do this for you Everyone is time to die sometimes really people are preferred because the way I see these days miracles happening to thousands of people getting realization I myself amazed how the Divine you itself has taken upon itself to give this Realization to you to give this experience to you to do this for it is something so remarkable The whole compulsion is working out This great work this great drama of giving realizations to you of course if you are not a seeker you will take that I mean you can teach people to see You have to be hungry if you are not seeking. It’s not easy I know it is very difficult And if you are not seeking you will take I think some time to do it some people who are not seeking Also when they see so many coming to sahaja yoga getting cured Having a better life Enjoying themselves becoming such good people also follow them But those who are seekers do not wait for any such things. They just jump into it get it and become Are we going to waste our human life? Are we not going to be what we are meant for? For example see this instrument is made with such difficulties and with such Care but if you do not put this to the mains What’s the use? What’s the use of this instrument is it’s a waste? It’s just a waste and that’s what one should know that you should put it to the mains and put into the mains itself means getting realization Yoga means Union with the divine the divine power that is all-pervading this divine power Is there we can see its effects all the living work is done by that power a? Flower becomes a fruit through that power we Exist because of that power if you see these eyes How beautifully God meant how beautifully he has made us all that is done by this God’s loving power which is All-pervading it is very subtle you cannot feel it because with this awareness. We are not yet that subject Only after realization you can feel that power And you start feeling it as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost that should happen to all of you even if it happens you must keep the Connection all right if you are loosely connected if you do not put in effort to keep the connection on sometimes it drops off and that’s what I find people become extremely critical and extremely High-handed they think that why should I do this?

Why should I do this because that is how you keep the connection? You will be amazed that in India thousands of people have got realization in the religion Thousands and in this Exeter how many people are fine today three? You are lagging behind, I am telling you’re lagging behind once I go – how many kind No Americans will take to it very fast because they are fed up of guru shopping They are absolutely tired of it. They don’t want to talk about it, and they want to have self-realization, but here. What are we doing? You can imagine that Thousands of people have already got realization. They are transformed while people Otherwise or too much critical thing too much about it Do not get it, but we must come to logical conclusions Without coming to logical conclusion you should not jump on to anything blindly that’s absolutely wrong use your brains I say like today the gentleman at the BBC asked me that How is it? Many people are going to these fake gurus and paying them such a lot of money I said they should use their brains what has happened to their brains. Why don’t they use their bigs? First of all you cannot pay for God’s love.

That’s simple very simple as that you cannot pay for his Love you have never beat You know paid for becoming human beings you never paid for getting a flower into a fruit you Cannot pay for all these things secondly you cannot put in any effort for a spontaneous thing Whatever is living happens spontaneously This is a living process of the Living God So come to right conclusion that if anything has to happen to us it has to happen within It has to happen in a way where we do not put in any effort Where we do not paint? minimum of minimum this much we should Understand that this cannot be then the person who talks of God of divine love and things if he is interested in your purse If he’s interested in your women who leads an unrighteous life He has no business to be a good he has no business to be there Then we have to come to another conclusion Very positively we are seekers. We are seekers of truth. We are seeking God We are seeking the divine and unless until we find it. We are not going to rest We have to find it at any cost you might have done lots of mistakes I know in seeking people have done lots of mistake. They have gone to wrong places They have been hit people had epilepsy that all kinds of things. I know that doesn’t matter all these things can be Corrected and improved because as I told you the divine power itself the divinity itself God Himself wants to save his creation because you are the epitome of His creation he wants to give you this, but it is not because you live in a particular place And if you are arrogant or egoistical or if you are afraid that he is going to bother about For him the whole race of human beings is just the same if you are a human being you can get your realization That soil is wanted that you have to be a human being and the second is the people who are really seeking get it very fast Some people get it very fast and also lose it very fast because they do not understand the value of that the idea that we have to suffer for spirituality is absolutely out of take and absolutely out of Any context because if you know Christ has suffered for us He has suffered for us and people said that once he has suffered for us. He sucks in our sits He sucks in our Karma’s then why are you suffering? Why do you want to suffer has he not suffered sufficiently he is to be awakened within that’s what it is once he’s awakened within you he sucks in as you can see clearly they’re at the point here where it is between the Optic chiasma near the pituitary and the pineal body is placed this subtle Center Which when awakened sucks in the ego and superego under the sacs? So everything will be forgiven There’s nothing to worry about the past nothing to feel guilty Everything can be worked out so easily if the Kundalini is allowed to rise it can suck it Once the center is awakened.

There’s no problem at all and you get your realization quite all right today I was surprised that at BBC this thing the gentlemen both of them the producer when the director both of them got realization it’s such a good thing to see that those people who are not so much concerned with spirit and Not concerned with spiritual ascent got the realization. I was really enamored. I’m so very happy about it I mean there are people and people who get realised no doubt like in India I would say that People understand who is a real guru and Muslim because they are not lying about This is the knowledge about the roots while you know about the shoot You don’t know what the roots while they know about the roots They know what it is how to find it what happens, and how you achieve it Everyone knows about Kundalini you won’t find any Indian who doesn’t know about Kundalini Maybe they are westernized Western eyes icons But everyone knows it is the Kundalini awakening by which you get your realization So now I have to request again to all of you living in Exeter I have a feeling that Exeter has lots of seekers, but they’re somehow lost somewhere I don’t know. What’s happening to them, and I’m very much concerned Because maybe next time I may not be able to come here. I come all the way from London Just to see them and what I find that they just take realization and finish off It’s a very sad thing and it should be so peculiar of this place that I can’t understand. What’s the reason why it happens? I? Went to Vienna where sixty people got realization in first shot and They are increasing Every country’s like that Switzerland If you go there are at least Thousand people who have got realization of course London because I have been there for eight years so you can imagine there are lots of people who have got realization But one has to know that After getting realization you should not just sit back and say no nothing you have to see that your connection is established For which all the knowledge will be given to you and you see that you reached a little it’s a very small thing That is to be done. If you really respect us your life as such as a human being as Much as I respect it as much as I love I? Am sure even one thousandth of that if you could understand what you are You would do it because you are nothing but the spirit the Spirit Which is the joy the spirit?

Which is the attention and the spirit that is the complete beauty? This is what you have to be you don’t call yourself ugly Or don’t feel at all unhappy that you haven’t got this or that no inadequacy and no picked Nothing is going to stop you from getting realization. This is a Day when I feel something should happen here also again, and that people should really rise About petty things and get to themselves and develop their realization wrong Imagine Rome a place like Rome. We have so many sahaja Yogi’s and here is somebody who has come now We are importing people from outside to come to Exeter because so many people in London. Got really fed up They just don’t know what to do with the people in Exeter Why why are they not serious about their lives, so I would request you today Please for heaven’s sake try to get your realization and establish yourself. Thank you very much may God bless you Will you please ask me questions if there are any I would like to answer them? But ask questions Which are relevant and not somebody gurus as this and that? You see if you have got to say something You should find your own halls and say but not to represent here some guru if he has given you something why here Is a simple thing as that I would like you to ask me questions, which are relevant and censored No questions yes, please yes It’s true I great agree with you that evolution happens up to the human stage after the human says spontaneously is true But at this stage of human beings you see we are specially made because we have lifted our head And this is has come in to us. You see the animals don’t have that eyeness We have that eyeness and because of that happening what happens But it the ego and superego meet here and get calcified and you become mr. Xu maker mr. Y so your awareness is very different from that of an animal and in this awareness You must get that you have watched your realization if you don’t get it you cannot use it it cannot be like an animal to human being it has to be awful of a Nature that you know about you are aware of it if you are not aware that you have got your realization Then you won’t be able to use it further That’s why this is important that you should get it in your awareness very good question But breathing exercise Yes, I agree with you, it’s very confusing you all right, it’s very confusing I agree with you You see whatever people say you shouldn’t believe it now You must see for you even what I say you should not believe but keep yourself open all right now Some say you should do breathing exercise now. You should think about it.

You see by breathing It’s a living process What I said you come to right conclusion that you value study process is a living process all right so for living process Supposing you have to a seat all right What do you do you take a seat and put it in the mother earth when you put it in the mother earth? She has the capacity to sprout all right, but supposing you Bleeding exercises you do or don’t particularly like it won’t it won’t come up It will only come up if the person who has authority to enlighten you can enlighten And then once you’re enlightened you can enlighten another person so that you can verify whether you are enlightened or not You can see with your naked eyes the pulsation of the Kundalini the rising of the Kundalini You can you can feel it with the stethoscope It comes upon your head here And it breaks when it breaks there the sound stops you can hear locked up Just like the heart beat going up and it breaks up here, and you start feeling the cool breeze coming out of your head but the transformation starts working out gradually within you which you start seeing and you can verify it so you see – If you say that it is spontaneous it should happen But at this stage it cannot because you have to enter into the kingdom of God you are special people So you have to be aware of it you should know that now I’m here everyone We never knew till till now having put up this theory that we are hog. Evolved is sentient We never knew that we have evolved from amoeba to this stage that was alright, but today you have to know Because that is the blessing of God which you should know and you should know everything Not only that but you should know what are these centers how they work out how you can handle them how can I arrange them? How can you give realization? How can you raise other’s Kundalini everything you have to know? Absolutely without paying anything all this knowledge you have to have now for breathing somebody says you do breathing exercise now that is also One has to do sometimes in sahaja, yoga But in sahaja yoga, the first thing is the awakening of the Kundalini because supposing you have a problem of the central heart as they call it now here you see the Green one and the yellow one There’s another center there the green you see this green and that being with another bluish Center If you see that Center one if that is out of order then you have to do a kind of a breathing exercise If that is out of order not, otherwise you see it is the way we are doing everything is indiscriminate We try to do something which is Not necessary or which is which has no relationship to our troubles for our weaknesses It’s like supposing now. I have to go to London now I don’t know how the traffic is going to be on the way all right, so I Before had if I started pushing for the traffic is Absurd because I am not facing it when the Kundalini moves Then only you will know where the problem is and then you should try to solve it if it is at a low Motul or centers are at the higher centers you have to do something else all the exercises that are told In the path Anjali over Shastra, or just a wee bit of the whole thing. There are rush talents there are eight Angas of the yoga out of that one One of them has got your money amout of which one-third are the exercises these exercises only correct with backbone The physical side of it not the secular side of it so when you just start looking after your health person your physical side you neglect your emotional side a Person who looks after his health too much can be a very diapers Absolutely feeling is he can become absolutely feeling this if somebody dies you won’t feel anything anything I become a great saint But he’ll be a hot-tempered fellow extremely hot-tempered you can’t go near him If you go near and very much in your back or may bite you so that sort of a thing might happen So you have to understand in? complete integration Where is the problem? What is the problem and what is the treatment needed but once it happens to you?

Then only you will know you can verify it one after another so this is what it is you have to know about everything? You must know why you are doing what? This why you have to do it. What is the need to do this? What’s to need to do that, but if somebody tells you just do this stand on your heads you start doing that one? Why should we stand on orange? What is the need to stand on our heads? Everything should be logical as I said, but once you get your realization The whole thing becomes so logical because you start understanding the laws of the divine once you understand those laws Then you know by doing what you get one For example leukemia a disease dies leukemia We have cured, and we had cured look Amy a very silly cancer can be cured also Now whole look Amy as cost perhaps people do not know is caused because a Person is very hasty very speedy Very is South sort of in the morning He takes his breakfast in his hand sits on his car and all the time is you seen a haste Going for his book and there’s a jam on the way, and he’s absolutely upset This plane which is on the left-hand side see has to produce red blood corpuscles for your Emergencies and it becomes crazy it becomes absolutely crazy doesn’t know what to do with the person who’s doing 3:14 simultaneously nicely when it becomes crazy the situation is created The situation for leukemia is created, and if it is triggered as a doctor say call it. They call it as Protein 58 protein 52 because doctors are honest They don’t want to say more than what they hello, but when we know we can tell you that what it is But they say that these proteins entered into us. I am they triggered the cancer Now what are these proteins?

They say that they come from an area which is built with innocence of a creation we call it as collective Subconscious all those things you will know how they trigger how they come in and what happens to It is very simple to understand because here we are dealing with the principles Which create it once it gets out of principles, then it gets on you see Complicated, but if you know how to handle the principle you can correct it and can manage it It’s a fact you can verify it yourself, and you have to verify keep your mind open and see for yourself All right, thank you Should we have the experience now Alright, but you all have to promise me that I’ll work it out, but you must continue with it You should not just give it that way because that’s not good. That’s very very sad as Christ has said a parable that some seeds fell on the rocks I Saw a beautiful red rocks near Exeter. I hope Also, that is very beautiful soil, which is red and nice I saw already good barley fields and other fields I hope there are people who will receive realization as sprout into beautiful trees of sahaja yoga, may God bless You have to just now again I’ll tell you you have to do few things Which are simple you have to take out your shoes for one reason that the mother earth? Helps us to suck in the problem. You see so just take out your shoes Nothing extraordinary has to be done Those people can come forward How are you today are you feeling all right this gentleman Are you all right? How are you feeling you can’t how are you? All right Just put your hands like this it’s all wrong. I mean you should be cheerful about absolutely cheerful It’s just there you to find it. That’s all This is your property which are going to have there’s no obligation nothing. It’s just your own Be cheerful about it It’s nothing to be frightened.

Nothing is going to its face up. Just put your hands, right Close your eyes, please close your eyes now don’t open your eyes still I tell you because The Kundalini doesn’t rise above a certain center of arghya if your eyes are open down So please keep them closed this test see this is against Hypnotism where they put some spirits through eyes so keep your eyes shut because there is dilatation of the pupil when the kundalini rises and If the Kundalini is the eyes are not closed it stops at a point? So just help yourself little bit cooperate with me, and it will work out. I am sure it will work out just Cooperate with me a little bit put both the hands towards me Just like this would both the hands if you have anything tight on your body you can loosen it a little bit and be comfortable you have to be comfortable if anything tight on your body just Loosen it if possible put both the hands towards me Just like that Keep your eyes set please Now the first thing I have to request you that you have to say mother I am NOT GUILTY This you say it at least three times with Complete confidence with complete belief in yourself that you are not guilty because whatever guilt you think of it’s just a speck I’m talking about God who is the ocean of love? the ocean of compassion Ocean of forgiveness whatever you have done. Just forget it and say mother I am NOT GUILTY first of all you must respect yourself if you don’t respect yourself. It’s not going to work out Just say mother. I am NOT eating Three times to say mother I am NOT GUILTY Already some people must have started feeling the cool breeze through their vibrations are too much Now you put your right hand on your heart Now ask me a question mother am I respect ask me a question thrice. Please just ask me a question with confidence mother am I the spirit Now bring that hand down you’ve already started feeling the cool breeze Down below you bring that hand down below on the left hand side on your stomach Now here at this point You have to say it ask a question again mother am I my own master am I my own guru Because you are but just ask the question by asking the question the center starts with me In a hundred way, please ask in a humble way mother am I my own guru Now raise it again the hand to your heart and say mother. I am the spirit Now 812 times With full confidence with full confidence a mother I am the spirit Now put this right hand on the left-hand side of your neck Now say mother I am NOT GUILTY say it sixteen times because this is the punishment for feeling guilty Is the word Center all of you have got I don’t know why you sit down and start feeling guilty for nothing at all Now put your right hand away across your forehead across your forehead and Just say one thing twice mother genuinely honestly I forgive everyone you have to be honest if you are dishonest it won’t work out mother.

I forgive everyone Genuinely please say that This is how I’m teaching you also how to raise your own Kundalini I Forgive everyone Say twice Absolutely genuinely you said I forgive everyone Now put this hand on your head Resting on your head in the center To try to press it and see if it is hot or cold Jessie at this point I Have to request you because I cannot get over your freedom I cannot You have to ask for your realization. I cannot just force you down into it, so you have to say Mother please give me my realization just say that at that point unless and until you ask for it. I cannot do it I just can’t do it I Cannot force you into it pressed a hard Hard hard you press it You can press it with fingers if you want Now raise your hand and see if there’s a cool breeze coming out If not put your right hand and fill the left hand you can feel see if there’s a cool breeze coming on Normally people should feel it, but if you are complicated is rather difficult, but normally you should Whole left is that you Put your another on and see Will the sahaja Yogi’s see some of the people Because I’m in a hurry to go today, so just let’s see if you can see this gentleman Maybe yes, I don’t know this one so I question stand out Where’s editfield he did feel yes, what about