Letter to Jeremy, from Nirmala Yoga, Issue 12 (Nov.-Dec. 1982), Pages 23 to 24, 1982

(Location Unknown)

Letter to Jeremy

My Dearest Son Jeremy, Tomorrow morning I am going to New York for four days [October 26 to October 30]. I hasten to write this letter because I would like to inform you in the right time what is happening to you.

I think you are confused between left side experiences and the spiritual experience. Those who are on the left side can sometimes even see my past and show much more awesome respect and love but I know the reason behind it and thus I never encourage them. If you take cannabis you are definitely dragged into Ida nadi and the ego receeds for the time being. So you feel this emotional carnal love. But when you take more you start feeling a universal carnal love. Thus the fall of man starts because he gets out of the void towards the left side.

For your information I am quite aware of other Sahaja Yogis and their condition. You must know that after realization there is nothing like rituals but it becomes actual living process. May be it is not done with perfection but still it is done by a realized soul. It definitely evokes my vibrations to flow more and has helped all of them to awaken their deities. Of course I do not know all the filth and dirt people have accepted in the past, also the amount of illusiory life they have taken to but it is not necessary to know. Do you know all the dirt and filth of your household which you sweep ? Do you count them or find out about their nature and history ? If you are a master cleaner you can do a lot in one sweep. Western life has been attacked from 1919 by many devils who introduced ideas even in architecture and music. These destructive ideas have removed the western people from their roots, from the Dharma that is the basic for the ascent. You must admit that Sahaja Yoga has definitely created Dharmic people if not perfect ones.

All drugs take you away from your awareness. So how can you have a balanced attention to make your spirit shine ? Reality should be acheived in complete awareness otherwise whatever you feel is illusion because you are in a dream. It appears that Sahaja Yoga is spreading slowly, it does not matter; but if it is truth, how can you acheive in a dreamy state ? I want all my children to be awakened to walk into the Kingdom of God, not into the left sided hell of illusion.

My experience about the druggist and chemist has been a painful one. Those who come were very slow. Actually very few come, so your theory that the seeking of God starts with drugs is not true at all. They have been very weak and vulnerable to left-sided attacks. The example is shown the way you all fell for a fake person like Ichel. They are mostly facing very dangerous diseases like cancer and many other incurable diseases. If you want to marry Karen, it is alright; but do not do it under the effect of drugs because it heightens left side so much that there is no balance of the will left to guide you to right decision by vibrations.

Actually drugs were condemned by all the Prophets and thus our laws do it because the basis of laws come from our void, our Dharma. I would like you all to see the sanity of law and not its fault. Gandhiji was opposed to slaves, but he was much more against drugs. He would not allow any druggist to enter his Ashram campus even if he had given up. “It’s difficult to spread Sahaja Yoga in the west”; I also felt it, but the roots can not be sacrificed. There can be no compromise with the principles that nourish Sahaja Yaga. But now I think the media has taken over and we will be reaching stronger and righteous people for Sahaja Yoga. Already it has taken its flight and I can feel it. I am sorry for the druggist. They have to use their will to accept the challenge and give up their slavery to drugs. The sick druggist and lunatics have taken so much time. They do not impress any one because mostly they are so much in the air and in personality, shabby and depressive. They are very lazy and always oppose anyone who tries to wake them for Sahaja Yoga.

Jeremy, I knew you were a left-sided person and you need more activity. The bus driving was a good idea but if you take to drugs God save the passengers.

You did not write a word about vibrations. They are your guide. Not your ego which judges others or your super ego which is self indulgent. This is not joy this is illusion.

Slow and steady achieve your reality in collectivity. May God bless you.

Your loving Mother, —Nirmala