Guru Nanak’s Birthday

Nirmala Palace - Nightingale Lane Ashram, London (England)

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Guru Nanak’s Birthday, “Every Sahaja Yogi has to become a Guru”. Nirmala Palace (Nightingale Lane ashram), London (UK), 1 November 1982.

Today is the famous, great, full moon, called as Sharada Indu. Sharada Indu – that’s the name of the Goddess also, Sharada Indu. The moon on the autumn season. This is the biggest moon, and – of course not in England – but in India that day the moon is giving the greatest light, see? And it’s such a great thing that Guru Nanaka was born on such a date. As you know in India, people celebrate birthdays according to the dates of the moon, called as stithi, not as the dates we have here according to the sun. They follow…
Rustom: Jaram, Shri Mataji. I’m going together with them.
Shri Mataji: Sure. [Shri Mataji and Yogi converse briefly in Hindi.]

And this great personality was born in Punjab where people were unaware of God’s ways. He was always bothered about the Dharma in all his lives, because as you know He was the Primal Master, and the Primal Master is always placed in looking after our Void, in sustaining us, and giving us a model of an ideal master. And He always took birth either in the most difficult places like hills and dales and mountains, or they took places which are even more difficult things, among people who were horrid, and who needed their help.

So in India, that time, somehow, Punjab was regarded as the place where people did not respect God or traditional Hindu idols, or you can say the statues that were regarded as the vibrating ones. But they worshipped money, even now, and they worshipped power. And as that time there was a King who was very anxious to convert people to Islamic religion by giving them money. Many were taking to Islam. As a result the Hindus started hating the Muslims and a big hatred developed among Muslims and Hindus. That’s how in those circumstances where there was a quarrel going on between the followers of Mohammad and followers of Hinduism, Mohammad Himself took His birth on this earth, though He had decided not to take any more births, He thought that it will solve the problem.

Though this incarnation is such that it never dies, even if they leave the body, they are always around. And they are the ones who perform lots of miracles when any other incarnation comes on this earth. They help support, guide and seekers to go to the incarnations. So, to celebrate his birthday, on such a date is also a myth because he never died. He is eternally living. They never grow and they never die.

But His birth is important, because symbolically He came on this earth not to propagate any particular type of the void as Mohammad did, or say Moses did, David, Moses and then before that Abraham, Lao Tse, or Socrates, which followed into a religion. But He came to create amenity [sic], amity we can say, to create understanding, to create unity between religions. This was a very big step for Sahaj Yoga. After that as you know, He was born again, God knows where, no one knows where He was born, but He appeared as Shirdi Sai Nath. He too said the same thing, that to talk ill of any religion is a sin.

But these efforts are quite lost. Because the people who were Islamic at that time or those who were Hindus, are now very great fanatics. So instead of they coming closer and loving each other they have become fanatics.

Though we find that Islam is spreading so fast, Sikhism is spreading very fast too. In America there is a horrible guru, he has started to spread Sikhism. He’s converting all the white skinned people into Sikhs. They are growing their hair, and they are also growing their beard, and wearing the kara [iron bracelet] and all those five things that were required. At the time of Guru Gobind Singh, when the war had started they had to wear all these things, it was important. Because war had started and to protect Hinduism or Hindus from the invasion of the Muslims, the fanaticism of the Muslims, they took to this kind of a military stuff. Actually, if you believe in God, nothing can be killed. But I think Guru Gobind thought that he had to take it.
In all these prophetic religions, if you see, all the prophets who have spread all the religions, they were always attacked so badly, that they had to take to weapons. Even in Islam they had to take to weapons to protect themselves. Now when these people took to weapons they had some discipline put on the people. Without the discipline nothing is possible. And very strict discipline was there for the Sikhs. Now today’s Sikhs are no more Sikhs, they are just outside, and inside they are not.

I would not describe all the strictness and discipline they had to go through. But every disciple has to go through a very severe disciplining of himself if he has to become the Guru. There is no doubt about it.
It is not that only somebody, like Me, comes and tells: “You do this, do that” and next day you forget business. It’s a very serious matter, one has to understand. You have got your Realization through Sahaja Yoga. Now you have become Sahaja Yogis. But still, I would say, you are not full Sahaja Yogis, because every Sahaja Yogi has to be a Guru, otherwise he is not a Sahaja Yogi. First of all, you are Yogis because you got your Realization. But Yogis are of no use, you have to be Sahaja Yogis, so you were told about all the chakras, every thing you are doing, about all the problems of Kundalini, how to cure them. Everything about it was told to you. Now you became with that a different type of a race, a different type of people, who are twice-born, who are born by the Spirit, not by the flesh – remember that – that’s a very important point which John has said that: “You are born by the Spirit and not by the flesh.” Those who are born by the flesh are in flesh. But if you were born by the Spirit, that’s how you were twice-born. And when you knew all about the Spirit and the Kundalini, then you are a Sahaja Yogi. But unless and until you become Guru, you are not a full Sahaja Yogi.

So to begin with we must understand that Spirit is described as a Kala, as a phase of moon, one phase of moon. But a Guru’s described as the full moon, purnima, Guru Purnima. Guru is the full moon, it’s not just a phase. So from one phase you have to go to the stage where you become a complete Guru. Sixteen phases there are, altogether, and you have to cross the sixteen stages to become the Guru.

Now how do we do it? We have to be extremely objective about it. How do we become Guru? Because we have to become Gurus, no doubt. Now you cannot just say that, “Mother you give us a tape and we learn by heart and we go to another person say blah blah blah blah blah.” Same thing whatever I’ve told you, or take my tape and show them that [MOTHER – del] “this is our Mother, and She’s like this and like that and like that.” But they will say, “All right, She might be, but what about you, Sir?”

Now Sahaj Yoga has a very big responsibility, which I don’t think people understand. I wish they could listen to Me very intensely and understand it. So far if you see, Gurus remained Gurus and no disciples became Gurus. They were still regarded as disciples of a Guru, whether it was fake or anything. They never became Gurus themselves. So there was no need for them to grow, they had to take the name of their Guru, all right. Christ had His disciples; Mohammad Sahib had His own disciples; Nanak had His own disciples; Shirdi Sai Nath had His own disciples. None of them became Gurus. But now it is in your lot, sorry to say, that you have to become the Gurus. It’s a privilege, actually. It’s a very great privilege to become the Guru. And to become the Guru, we must learn what we have to do. This also sometimes becomes just a lecture. I think so. Because I’ve already told you on Guru Purnima what are the Ten Attainments we have to have.

Today all these sixteen stages are to be seen, how we have to grow into a Guru.

First is, we have to have complete discipline put on ourselves. Nobody has to tell you. Like Mr. Nick is attacked by everyone. No, you attack yourself, you become Mr. Nick now. You have to make this body subservient to you, that is first mastery. The mastery is that my body can sleep anywhere, it can starve itself, it can live under any circumstances, it dare not grudge. Anywhere. It should be able to sleep any time, it should be able to keep awake anytime. This body is to be mastered. Even if you read Ashtanga Yoga first thing is mastery over the body, they say. So after realization the first thing you have to do is to master this body, and is the most difficult thing for western people, because the matter is sitting on their Spirit. First the Spirit has to come – first phase – at least the Spirit has to be there.

If you have to be the Spirit, then the matter of moon has to be covered with that light. In the first phase we have to master our body. So what do we do to master our body? First of all we must see that “what are the things that drain out our bodily mastery.” We must know all the crooks who try to master us.

So take you out yourself,…[Shri Mataji asks some yogis to move and make some space.]

So, I had to first face My body. That first and foremost thing in Sahaj Yoga we learn, that we have to respect our body. This is the first principle of respecting our body. Means indulgence is sinful to the body, because indulgence gives you a body which is no good. First of all you must respect your body so that you can master it. If I do not respect you, I cannot master you. So to master the body first of all respect your body. And to respect your body, you must look after your body very well. But no indulgence. That doesn’t mean that you go and stand in the mud or in the rain for hours together or get exposed, to make your body absolutely sort of a… abode of all the diseases and colds and coughs and things like that, so your poor Mother suffers cleaning your Vishuddhi. It’s like a horse whose neck is down. So you must look after your body by not giving it diseases.

Laziness is against it. Persons who are lazy must know that laziness is against your body. Because lazy people will not bother to dress up properly, to cover themselves up properly, look after their body properly, put oil into different screws that they have, to massage themselves. Look after the body, that’s the point. To look after the body you must give some time, because this body is the Temple of God. And now you have become the temple but if the temple is dirty, is sick, is filthy, is unimpressive, is like a stick, or like a balloon, nobody is going to come near it. So try to improve your personality, that it has to be a beautiful temple.

I mean, I have given you so many tips, that I think in My lives time I have not given so many tips, even as Guru. Because normally people who came to a Guru in those days were really, really, great seekers. They would hang themselves upside down, just to please the Guru, for months together. So that was a very different quality people – but one or two. And when you have quantity, quality goes down I accept. But why not you people take it upon yourselves that we’ll make our quality first class?

So first of all train up your body well. You must take some exercises in the morning, I have told you. That people sleep after breakfast I am told, I was amazed. I mean, this is too much. You see, God has given you this house as a blessing, to be more alert, to give His light to others. Instead of that if the candle is not even flickering, what’s the use? So what you have to do is to first of all brush up yourself, completely. Make your body all right, alert. Actually at your age one should not sleep for more than six or seven hours, I tell you. No need. Six and seven hours deep sleep is sufficient. I also, in the night I sleep about… never before eleven, sometimes at twelve. Yesterday we slept at two o’clock; got up at five-thirty as usual. So how many? Three hours sleep, three and a half hours sleep. And just now I slept for about… at the most half an hour or an hour or so, finished. When you don’t have to work, like Me, in the sense, even when I sleep I am working.

So to rest your body for such a long time you make your body sit on your head and it will be very, very difficult for you to be alert. So first of all, body must be looked after. There should be no self-indulgence. I mean it can go to any extent of self-indulgence, like people don’t keep their rooms clean, their clothes clean, they have no activity as far as all these nonsensical thi- only it is too low, too base to talk about; but it happens. People can go to any base limit you know, that’s the problem, what to do?

On this full moon day one has to realize that on a full moon day you are overactive. As the moon starts growing the activity starts. In the night also. But none of you so far are active in the night except for me. But if you come up you’ll be surprised, even in your sleep you will be active. So first and foremost thing is that you must look after your body; the body should be presentable. And you should not go with the… so-called fashions of the day. Is very important today. One should not go with the fashions of the day, and take to something that is nonsensical, which is not good for your appearance, which makes you look funny or very fashionable, like a dandy person. We have to wear a dress which is in the centre, dignified, just good.

Now I’m told that it is very difficult even to wake up, in England. Somebody had told Me, when I was young, that “Don’t wake up an Englishman.” I haven’t tried that even with a barge pole. I just tell you, at this time, never in the morning time. Because I’ve been warned, that “Never wake up an Englishman, that is the greatest sin on this earth.” So why should English be so much addicted to sleep? The whole country’s sleeping today. They want more wages, more wages so that they can sleep more. Eat and drink, drink and eat; in between, sleep. This is the pre-program… life – programmed life. It was very difficult. From the very beginning I saw the Sahaj Yogis coming in, that to wake them up was difficult. And these are the same people who were known for punctuality, that they won the war at Waterloo because of punctuality, and they were so punctual that people used to set their watches, even in America. They are the same people.

Now the other side of it is that they sleep like logs of wood. They used to sleep before also, must be, because this is an old saying that, “Don’t wake up an Englishman.” But I used to think something else about it, why it is said, but it is nothing but simple laziness. So, try to see why we sleep so much. If the left side is strong, people sleep, if the back Agnya is strong people sleep. If the front Agnya is working too much then people don’t sleep. So even if I say, “Don’t sleep,” it means that you put your right Agnya in working condition, that means you start thinking, which is against Sahaj Yoga again. So it would be left Agnya right Agnya, right Agnya left Agnya, right Agnya, left Agnya. It will be going from one to another.

So in the centre you have to be with Christ. He is alert every second of the day; killing, beating, hitting, curing, looking after, guiding, – twenty-four hours a day. And go and ask any realized soul who is called as Avadhuta, the One who is a Master, they will tell you they hardly sleep for three hours or four hours. Because they cannot work when they are sleeping, so they sleep for four hours, the rest of the time they are working; either they meditate and do things by projection, or they work with their hands. They are busy people, they are very busy. You have to be very busy people because now you are employed by God. And you have to do full justice to this employment by working hard. On the contrary you have seen that it’s very easy to get lazy.

So now, as many of you are already feeling sleepy, put your…. First thing should be for all those people who are lazy, is to put their right to the left seven times – let’s have it… With the right hand…. Is better? Now the back Agnya. Let’s have it. Laziness is first. Shri Krishna was against laziness. I mean, anywhere He got a chance He talked against laziness, (Alasya). Now watch Me. On the photograph you can do the same …. Better now? Tonight we have to keep awake. Big problem. But don’t sleep formally here, all right? Informally you can. Better? Put your eyes, thrice… Again.

So the mastery should be, first of all, of your body. Say, you are sleeping on one side you get a pain, then what do you do? You’ll sleep on the other side. In the same way, this body is to be made immune to different shocks, you see like you put the watch in the water. Shock it with the water, so it is waterproof. So a Sahaj Yogi has to be an all-proof person. So… he has no place to complain then, because he’s supposed to be all proof, you see? Anybody, Sahaj Yogi who complains, you can say, “How are you complaining? because you have to be all-proof?” So no complaints of any kind, of Sahaj Yogis, are to be accepted or sympathized. If you start accepting people who are complaining type, you will be always busy looking after them, and you will be of no use for Sahaj Yoga. Those who have habits of complaining and all that should go to the hospital and stay there. Complaining people are really people who have some sort of a possession, I think, that they all the time complain and try to torture you, and make a nuisance out of them. Such people cannot become Gurus.

Imagine if the Guru is complaining then what is he going to teach? Only complaining. The teachers will be experts in complaining and the students will be also experts in complaining. So you create a set of complaining disciples, you see. And when they come to Me what I find they all have doubled list than yourself [inaudible] – about their complaints. But also it is very characteristics like… Australians seldom complain, and if they complain they are hit also very badly. Seldom you will find an Australian complaining. I have got letters – except for one or two who have now found themselves out – seldom they complained about themselves, about their body comforts, this thing that thing.

So under any circumstances those who can live are the people who have achieved the one-sixteenth, only the one sixteenth. “Jaisera khahu taise hirahu.” “Mother, the way you keep it we are willing to stay.” Of course the Mother has kept you very well. All the luxuries offered, Mother has given you. She doesn’t torture you like other Gurus have tortured. Once for all, My Son has gone through all the tortures. There is no need to put you to any tortures or troubles. But you should see how your body reacts, and tell your body, “Yes, Mr. Body, will you please now, behave yourself and not try to be indulgent.”

All these indulgences come to us through our senses. So if you can master your body you will also master your senses. For example, the master or we can say the highest of the organ, which controls most of the organs I personally think is the tongue. Because it’s the primordial… nonsense. By tongue we speak things… to hurt others. With tongue we learn: how to go on jabbering. With tongue we can show, how frivolous we are. Either we are tongue-tied or tongue-loose, there’s nothing in between with the tongue. That’s only about talking part, that’s lower. But when it comes higher – eating. All the time thinking about eating. I have told you a hundred times, that Sahaj Yogis should go on – really sometimes – on absolutely bland boiled horrible food, just to test the tongue. Can eat it, try this, then try this. My father used to tell, that “You must burn your tongue a little bit.” That’s one of the tests he said one should prove, but he was a hard taskmaster as a Guru.

So, we should see what our tongue can bear. Is it fussy about food? When it sees the food does it starts watering, first of all. Does it take our attention to food; is food important to us? So the first thing to overcome the problems of your tongue is to starve. Starvation is the only way you can correct yourself. You see if you starve yourself say, morning just have little to eat, reduce it to half. You’ll be surprised your intestine will be halved also. After some time you cannot eat more, even if you want to. Your interest will go off. Train up yourself. Starvation is a very good thing. I think forty days that Christ did is very good idea. But that should not be a kind of a thing that – like… they have Ramadan – that they eat the most spicy food during that time early in the morning, and the whole day they starve, thinking about food. Starve yourself fully, but don’t think of food. That’s difficult, so starve yourself halfway and don’t think about food, halfway. Gradually try to master your tongue.

Mastery of your tongue is only possible if you know how to starve yourself: this is for the western side. For eastern side they fast morning till evening. I know ladies, if you ask them they said, “I observe Monday, I observe Tuesday; I observe Wednesday, I observe Thursday; I observe Friday as a fast, and perhaps maybe, if I do not starve on Saturday I will eat on Sunday.” I have known such people in My lifetime, many, who just go on fasting. They are such experts and scouts, you see, that they can show you that they can fast for fifty days, eighty days, hundred and eight days, and three hundred and sixty-five days. Starving masters. So for them I have to tell, “You have to eat,” when they are starving.

To you I have to say, “Let us see which date we can starve ourselves. Let us have one day to celebrate today’s great day of Nanaka. One day let us starve. Which day should we?”

Monday we cannot because Monday we have a program.

Tuesday we cannot because it is a day when Hanumana has to work.

Wednesday we cannot, because that’s the creativity took place, how can it be?

Thursday we cannot, because we are Guru at that day, we have to work very hard as Gurus.

Friday we cannot, we have to work the Shakti of Mother,

Saturday we cannot because we have to do all the intrigue of Shri Krishna.

And Sunday, how can it be? This is the day of the Sun!

So which is the best day for starving now, let us see. We should have Thursday, because Thursday is the Guru’s day, and let us do some fasting. Half day, can we, start with the half day? Then full day. Thursday let us have, maybe second half because breakfast is essential, I think. Without breakfast you see, the horses cannot run. So let us have the second half… or we can have the first half. Actually you have to devise yourself. If you have to be the Gurus? It’s like going to a college, where you are left to yourself. It is you who has to discipline yourself, nobody has to tell you that you do this and do that. That emerges to wake you up.

In India is the other way round. If you tell somebody that “You have to wake up at five,” the person who has told will be awakened at four o’clock, himself, the one who has told, so that he doesn’t get up to wake him up. Did you follow me? And the whole house will be awakened at four o’clock so that they can take up the duty from the person who has to get awakened. But the fellow who has to awaken might not sleep the whole night. It is just the other way round, the other extreme of it.

Say if I am there, one night I sleep there. If I get up at one o’clock I find all of them sitting and meditating, in the passage, up to the bathroom everywhere. They have not gone home, not taken food, nothing. Just meditating, taking vibrations, correcting. I am sleeping inside. In the night I want to go to the bathroom, I just cannot go because they’re all meditating. Nobody’s sleeping, nobody is sleeping. [Yogis chuckle.] So is the other way round. So to you people, let us do one day that you must have one day fasting, one day keeping awake. Which day should it be? Let’s see.

A day when there is no film. Half, half night. Second half I mean, not the first half. Which day? Which is the most difficult day when you cannot, cannot keep awake. Sunday night. But there’s a film on. Without the film! You see, treat yourself like that, joke with yourself! “Now, Sunday night is there a film on? After twelve there isn’t.” So Sunday night you get up at twelve o’clock. Let’s have it. Enjoy it. Don’t get angry. Make a fun out of it. You think more about it, then you get upset. You just don’t think about it really enjoy. It’s like swimming. Get up at twelve o’clock, all of you, go for a bath nicely, sit down, say Bhajans, this that, let us do it. Should we? [Yogis murmur support.] Michael, what about you? [A yogini speaks.] Eh?

[Yogini:] I can go to bed at two o’clock.

At twelve o’clock, no! You have to get up at twelve. No, no, you have to go to bed till twelve o’clock, get up at twelve o’clock. You see the first half of the night one must sleep, always, it’s better. Second half of the night is the better part, all right? So the first half of the night you all have to sleep anytime. You can sleep about eight o’clock or nine o’clock if you want to. But that should not be important, what time you sleep, whatever time you sleep, you have to get up at twelve o’clock in the morning, or say after twelve.

So Krishna was born in the night about twelve o’clock; Nanaka was born twelve o’clock in the night. All the Gurus mostly took their birth twelve o’clock in the night. To celebrate that, we must have one day where we do not sleep after twelve. But then what about Caxton Hall?

[Yogi:] Shall we try Saturday, Mother?

[Shri Mataji:] Eh?

[Yogi:] Saturday night. Shall we do it Saturday night? It’ll be safer, so if there’s any accidents they happen on a Sunday rather than on a Monday.

All right. So you can sleep in the day time of Saturday… or of Sunday. Sunday I’m sorry, Sunday afternoon you can sleep. No, no, no that won’t be all right.

But if you make any compensation then you are not torturing your body much. You must devise a method by which your body does feel that it has to get up at twelve o’clock: better keep it that time, what do you say? All right.

[Another yogi:] Do you think the people’s work might suffer on Monday? People’s work might suffer on Monday at work.

[Shri Mataji:] What’s he say?

[Yogi:] The people’s work might suffer from getting up for Monday morning, Mother.

They will never – take it from me – they will not. You see, work is not important. What is important is your Spirit, your mastery. Work in any case you are not going to have, after some time. So that work is not important; this new work that you have taken better look after that. Forget about your work. Forget about these things. What is important is your Spirit, otherwise you cannot become Gurus. Spirit is the most important thing. The rest of the things are absolutely unimportant, a zero. I’ve been very slowly trying to take you out of the mud of materialism and of these mundane things. But you have to work for God. You are special people.

So, you have to make yourself a Master, so God gives you all the blessings, everything. But the idea of luxurious life must be given up. People want to make life luxurious, then you will have the luxury of this world but not the luxury of God’s blessings. One of these two you have to select. Either you lead a luxurious life here, [COME THIS SIDE, – del] either you lead a life which is luxurious, on the material level or you lead a luxurious life of God’s blessings. One of these two you have to choose, the time has come. So nothing is important. You see the insecurity of money also, is another nonsense – at least you people should not have it. I mean, you will never starve at least, but Indians if they do not work they will starve. [NOT – del] You people can never starve. If you are unemployed, government is happy more, as long as you don’t bother them. If you sit at home and meditate they’ll be very happy.

So to earn more money or to make more money is not important at all in Sahaj Yoga. Most important thing is to be the Spirit, for that whatever is to be done has to be done. Let everything suffer. You don’t make your Spirit suffer. Because you have to become the full moon, like Guru Nanak. How much did Guru Nanak earn? You should find out. How did he live his life? There is nothing to bother about money, because more money is not needed. Just needed for your food and for your living. And then money is arranged if you need any extra money sometimes, emergencies. I’ve done it for many Australians, you know. But those are the people who have dedicated themselves fully. And that is why they have been helped, whenever there is an emergency they don’t have to bother. But the dedication to your Spirit has to be full, complete, and nothing to your work, actually. Because that goes hand in hand.

If you are not worried about yourself after realization, about your Spirit, you’ll have all the problems of the world. First and foremost is financial problems. Then, physical problems, mental problems, emotional problems. All kinds of problems will follow, because I’ve awakened your Kundalini; one part I’ve done. But another part that is your heart, you have not opened. You must give your heart to Sahaj Yoga. You have not opened your heart as yet. Heart has to be opened. You are still worried about your father, mother, brother, sister, wife, children. Open your heart fully, to Sahaj Yoga, in a doubtless way. Then only doubtless awareness will settle down. Unless and until you open your heart, Kundalini rising has no meaning. Because Kundalini is rising but the heart has not opened. If the Mother Earth sends forth Her power through the seed and the seed doesn’t open, then what’s the use? It’s all a waste. Open your heart to Sahaj Yoga.

Open your heart to Spirit, and say, “Mother we are the Spirit.” You have to realize this, many people also perhaps do not realize that you have come on this earth to be the Spirit and not to be workers of human beings. You must understand your greatness, and know that you are not like mundane people. That’s why you are blessed. Who is blessed so much? You are described long time back by Blake, that such and such people are going to come on this earth, Men of God. Men of God, what do you have in your heart? Your heart will be like a stone, unless and until there is light of Spirit it is a stone heart, and this stone is going to hurt everyone, is going to ruin you completely. Open your heart… hundred percent.

When you have met Indian Sahaj Yogis, they have problems of money. Oh how much they’ve worked for Sahaj Yoga, day in and day out, how much they have contributed for Sahaj Yoga. [YOU – inaudible] Can imagine about seven lakhs [ed. 1 lakh=100,000] of rupees they have collected, Rustom knows. Seven lakhs of rupees, they have collected for their ashram. Seven lakhs is[, ER, – del]… thirty-five thousand pounds. Thirty-five thousand pounds they have collected, only in Bombay. In Delhi they have collected about five lakhs, twenty-five thousand pounds. They are working, they have families, they have children, but what they think about is nothing but Sahaj Yoga, nothing but Sahaj Yoga, nothing but Sahaj Yoga. They give most of their money for Sahaj Yoga itself. They live with minimum.

If I tell them, “Why don’t you buy another shirt for yourself?” So they will say, “Mother, I have worn lots of shirts in my previous life.” So satisfied! “We have found the Atma now, let us dress up the Atma. We have found out our heart, let us become the heart.” What is the need to worry about these things? We have done enough of all this nonsense. I tell you they will think they are poor, but they are not. Wherever they can save their money they will save it. They used to give me some money before: I said “No, I don’t need just now, there’s no need.” They say “I have no place to keep there is no trust, nothing, how are we to do it?”

They continued like this till about, I think… ’73… ’74, when I went back we thought of starting an ashram because you people were all coming there. So I said “All right, now you have to give Me money, all the Sahaj Yogis can give Me money, whatever they have saved.” And you’ll be amazed everyone came out with [ONE THOUSAND POUNDS, – del] one thousand rupees, every one of them whether he was a laborer or – every one of them one thousand rupees, minimum. Up to twenty one thousand. In three years’ time they had saved because they thought “It is our responsibility to save money for Sahaj Yoga. Tomorrow if we have to have an ashram how are we going to have?” But we still indulge into things.

So this is what is the Gurupad.

[The gentleman has to sit down. Give him a seat. Please come in. Please. Come. Need not be standing. All right.]

So today is such a great day of Guru Nanaka’s birthday, and we have to see his own life, how he spent his own life, how he lived and in what conditions he managed. So the first thing is to look after disciplining yourself, feeling responsible for Sahaj Yoga. I was amazed: people told Me that in the ashram people keep the lights on, and the oil costs so much, three hundred pound, every week. I’m amazed! Every one of you should be responsible for every electricity everything that you spend here. This is God’s place. Somebody has given the car, everybody wants to use the car. You see, this saving, saving the pounds is still going on the heads of Sahaj Yogis. If they can save by taking somebody’s car they would borrow. Never borrow anybody’s car. Is not for you, you must have your self respect, why to borrow anybody’s car? Is not to be done.

So the second point of the Self is self-respect. First is the respect of your body, and the second is self-respect. We are arrogant, we can be rude, but we have no self-respect. But it is the training that is lacking. See suddenly I find after war, there has been no teaching how to be self-respecting. Unlike in the war, might be, the atmosphere might have been created I don’t know why, that, “I’m above everything, don’t care for others.” May have been, I don’t know why this kind of a thing has come, but, it is so, very prevalent. But you people have to be the other way round. Others are first and then yourself with your self-respect. Doesn’t matter. Nobody’s going to die, I can tell you this much. You all must have self-respect; and such mediocre people should not be allowed to stay in Sahaj Yoga, at least in the ashram, because it brings bad name to Sahaj Yoga. One person can spoil the whole. Only people who want to be Gurus have to stay in the ashram. It’s not going to be made into a convenience for anyone.

But the other way around is that “We are going to look after ourselves. We have to become this, we have to grow, we have to do it.” Then it’s just the other way round, everything works out, I don’t have to tell you. You know this is so base and so gross that after being here for so many years, you should all have become Avadhutas by now, absolutely. Controlling all elements everything, should have been possible. But still you are under the grip of the element, how can you control it?

First of all get out of the slavery, this mental slavery. “All right,if it is there is there, if it is not there doesn’t matter. Nothing is more important than me, I’m the king of the whole world. If I have to sleep on the ground I can sleep if I have to sleep on the palaces I’ll sleep, nothing can dominate me.” Then you are the master. You know in India there are some Sahaj Yogis who are controlling, definitely controlling the elements.

We have examples of that; lots things have been published as you know that in “Nirmala Yoga,” you must have heard. But you meet them, you will find they are Avadhutas, so when they talk you feel a great sage is talking; the way they behave, all the time you see their behavior and everything’s so great. We need people of that caliber today because that is the situation of all the nations.

You have to be extra good. Because today is not the time when we can allow things to go as they are. Or, we are not just disciples, we all have to become Gurus. And it is not the time when you can play with time. You cannot play with evil. You have to surmount it, you have to come on top of it, it’s the time when the whole ship is going to be drowned or to be saved, this is the situation today. And that’s why you have got your realization so far. If that precarious time had not arrived, how many of you really think you deserved it? But you got it, because the time is such that everybody must be given realization, and they must be given all powers so that they come up.

But if you do not open your heart, put all your attention to your Spirit, these powers will not work out; none of these powers will work out in you. This is the problem, every Guru had a command on the elements. Nanaka, you know definitely. People were sitting there and they asked him for the water and he put his hand on a rock and the water started pouring down. That’s why it is called “Panjab,” – “Panja,” five – and the five rivers exist there too. It is said about all of them that they had powers over elements. So how much we are lacking? Still we are like other people who are selling cheap things, or who are busy making cheap things, or who are of no value. You are the ones who have to save the whole world.

And the maximum of My life, blood and toil and everything, sweat, I’ve put in, in this land of yours. And the time is coming for Me to go. Only three years more are left. Before that, I hope, we establish an ashram. You need not pay for it, but, you have to be ready to occupy it otherwise you cannot occupy it, I can tell you, you cannot get any more blessings of God. So why should God bless you? This is the point one should ask oneself. Are you your own Spirit? Or you are all else but the Spirit?
But when I say something, it just goes as a big roaring, I don’t know if the frequencies reach your ears or not, but I would request you now, as Gavin has asked Me for Guru Nanaka’s day- I really didn’t want to come, because to talk of Guru Nanaka and to hear about Him, one has to be a very great person.
Because such a light to bear, you have to make up yourself. Everything else is important, then how can you talk of Sahaja Yoga coming forth?
I went to America, I was surprised! Americans – whatever it is, few people- but to them Sahaja Yoga is the most important, they talk nothing but Sahaj Yoga, their life is Sahaj Yoga; morning till evening they are working out Sahaja Yoga nothing else. They are not bothered. Australians you know.

But the Heart is not open. The Spirit has not shown its light. It is the one that gives you complete satisfaction, complete joy, complete Guru’s Principle, because then you start giving – if there is no light what are you giving? Darkness? What are you giving to others? The darkness that is within you, if you are going to give that.

So the second phase has to be, as I have told you, to have self-respect. The one who asks, demands, has dearth, has no self-respect. Who can give Me? When I am forgiving nobody can give Me. We have to learn to give, and give and give and give. Does not matter. I am so worried sometimes that I do not give you any hard tests, I tell you. Even a little bit when you try to be funny, you do get little bit hurt, but again I soothe you. But sort of a mediocrity, you see. This mediocrity is not going to help us. This is the age of mediocres. In the politics are mediocres, useless people. You go in the economics there are mediocres, everywhere there are mediocres.
In Sahaja Yoga we have to have extra-brilliant, extra-sacrificing, extra-dynamic, extra-compassionate people, otherwise Sahaja Yoga is not going to work out. If you fail, it will be your responsibility. Naturally, you want Me to help you. I have done my level best, you see.
All the quick methods, you see, instant like Puja, all that I’ve allowed you to have. But that does not stay in you, does not retain in you, the vibrations are so much! You have no idea. Some people have felt a gale coming out. Gale, so it is there. You may not feel it. If you ask Gagangiri Maharaj he’ll tell you what happened to him when he first faced Me. But to you, nothing happens. What if gale comes to rock of Gibraltar, it doesn’t feel it.
So as far as I am concerned I’ve worked very hard you know that. And I know you can come up, you have that potential in you.

So, you must make your own rules and regulations, nobody needs to make. If somebody makes so much [Shri Mataji mimes 2 centimeters], you make your own so much [Shri Mataji mimes 4 centimeters]. Like tea drinking like mad. I mean, I just don’t understand. It’s like a life which is a swinging thing, you see. It has no direction, it has no guidance. You must – if you are the master you must at least be the driver of your car, if not the master. You should stand on your both legs and know that you are the Guru, that you must have your own staff in your hand – the staff that will guide others not a support to you. If you are yourself a lanky-pinky person, how are you going to hold all the masses to you and how are you going to guide them?
So, strong effort, very tenacious effort must be made. Form your own rules and regulations. Treat yourself as a disciple. You are the Guru, you are the disciple.
So the third phase of this thing is to be the Spirit. The Spirit that is the Guru, and the rest of it is the disciple. Your body, your mind, your emotions, your intellect, everything is a disciple and you are the Guru. For this, you do not need people of very great intellect. You do not need people of very great education. But a person who is courageous, and a person who is of that quality.

When you go to India you must meet a gentleman called Harishchandra, he’s a very simple fisherman. He’s a graduate of course, but, a simple man works in a bank. When he came to Me in Sahaj Yoga, he got his realization. I’ve told you his story, once, and again I’ll tell you what sort of man he is. He told me that they went to the sea, he was to go to the other side, on a small little island, to talk about Sahaj Yoga. There were 25 people and it was a storm, really a tempest. So went and stood before the sea and towards the wind that was blowing and he took out his hand and he says, “Stop it now. I have to go for Mother’s work, this is God’s work. Will you stop! Until I come back home, you are going to keep it lik that.” Once he said it then the whole thing stopped. They all saw, witnessed. He went there, did all the work came back home, and when he entered his door then the water started raining, it started drizzling down.

He’s an ordinary man to look at, I mean compared to you people who are really great Englishman. He lives in a very ordinary way, wife is a fisherwoman also. She sorts out fishes and sells them in the market. But see his body is so well built and shining and the muscles so developed and… the man he stands up and the way he talks! Absolutely humble person. No wonder Christ chose fishermen. While he has got thousands of fishermen as his disciples. But he doesn’t call them “disciples,” he says “All they are Mother’s children.” Thousands, you don’t know. He has been calling Me to go to them, and all that but they come to my program, some of them. One day I have to go down, to those island.

“Any one of the islands,” he said “You come they’ll be all there the whole day waiting for me.” But the way he’s there is surprising. Where I’m there, he brings fishes for Me.

But I said, “You see I eat fishes that you bring but what about My other children?”

He said, “No, next time, all the fishes will be sent to You.” And he sent one truckload you won’t believe!

And I said, “Now I don’t even have truckload disciples, who is going to eat all this?” [Mother chuckles.]

And he said, “Nothing, I just went and told fishermen that ‘Mother has asked for fishes’ and everybody gave their fishes. One day we’ll not have fishes, what is there, what does it matter?” Imagine those people who live day-to-day in that country.

Modi told the newspaper people that we can control the elements somehow by Mother’s grace. So the newspaper people felt they were very much boasting. But is true, they can. To them it is not boasting is just what it is happening, so they are telling the truth, you see? But that should happen. We should also have some things to boast here. Important.

So now we have the other phase as I told you, is of becoming the Guru of yourself. Detaching yourself, identifying yourself with the Spirit which is growing in its light. So detachment, one has to develop detachment. “My mother,” it starts like that. “My mother is suffering from cancer, my father is suffering from madness. Mother, can you cure them?” So now first I cure mother and father. Then “I’m married, my wife is like this, my child is like this.” Then “My house,” then “My motorcar,” then “My dog,” then “My umbrella.” I have to go on suddenly from A to Z, from Z to A. All right? I can do, up to a point, but for what? For what? Why to cure the mother, father, brother, sisters, every relationship, the tenth marriage and the eleventh divorce? Why to correct all this, for what? It must have some purpose, and if that purpose cannot be served, what is the use of doing it? The purpose is that you at least leave all these things into My hands and detach yourself. But you want to bring the case to Me as well as worry about it. Detachment.

But the idea of detachment is like this, “I’m very detached about money, Mother, absolutely. I’m not bothered. I keep the lights on, why to worry about money?” This is argument. “Why should we worry about looking after the gas and all that, after all we are detached people. We are in detachment, you see. We are not attached to money.” But who is going to pay? The other type of detachment that I see, very interesting one is this one is, “I’m very detached. So, I’m not bothered about having a bath, having all kinds of diseases, having all kinds of problems within myself, giving my problems to others, I’m detached. Why should I cover myself? I’m detached. If I get cold, I’m detached. Let everybody get cold from me.” That’s why – “What can I do, I’m detached. I’ve got cold, so what does it matter, I’m a detached personality. Why should others mind? They should also get detached!”

This is the ridiculous limit we can go in our idea of detachment. Detachment is from within. You are not bothered. You are not bothered. You know your Mother. The first detachment is shown in generosity. Detachment is generosity. (Grezna) is. She sold her ornaments for nothing at all. I mean I would never have accepted that money, she just sold them. It’s remarkable. She’s poor. She’s Polish, not English. She sold her ornaments, and this is what communism has done to people, they are very detached, communists are very detached people I tell you. Of course, I would never take that money, it’s just there. But the way she did it, just like that. You see I was just… Record it I must have… For God’s work all right, what is ornaments, things? I mean you know I have given away so many of My ornaments, to keep relations all right. The other day I gave away my kana, to Christine you know that, when she got engaged. Just it came out of the Hand and went away. I was detached you see, [Mother chuckles.] And I never even felt the coming out! So much detached that Christine poor thing, you see, toppled down with pleasure but, to Me it was just, just nothing. Dust!

So that detachment has to come. Now you should know which part you are, there. Like, idea of detachment should not be that, I would say hippy-style of detachment: that you have right to exploit everybody else. Or the another type as I told you which is very ridiculous. It’s not an idea, it’s a thing, it’s your awareness itself, is detached. So, these four things for your material side is important.

What you eat is not so important, because whatever you eat, if the brain is going to be such a nonsensical thing, it’s better… whether you eat it or not makes no difference, just standarlise [sic] it!. Like in the hotel, “What will you have?” “I’ll have pancake.” “What will you have?” “I’ll have this, I’ll have that,” for what? I just don’t understand why waste so much energy, why not you all have pancake all of you put together? Is a very big thing, you know? Or “Today I will have this,” “I.” Out of all this materialism what comes out is Mr I. So we develop this Mr I, so the word “I” must go away, we should spake [sic] “We.” “We.” Means you and all the Sahaj Yogis put together. When you say “We,” you’ll find it will be different. Or take your name like, “This Norman. This Norman won’t listen,” like children say. I asked a little boy, I said, “Will you go home?” “I will go, but this -” his name was Munna, “-this Munna won’t go, he’s very obstinate, what can I do?”

This is detachment. To speak in third person is detachment, in which you are not in the picture, you are a witness. You are the witness to the show. So this detachment should work in such a way that you should witness the whole show, you are not involved into it. But just see what happens, in collectivity also. It becomes a political issue certainly – In Sahaj Yoga also, political issue, nothing short of political issue. We are not here fighting like union leaders. We are all leaders. Where is the time to fight? Whom are we to fight? That we have to decide. So, as far as all these things concerned, are detachment and attachment to Spirit.

So we go further, see now, what should be our attitude on our mental level. Physically you have seen that you have to develop a complete detachment in these four ways… that I have told you. Now on your mental level what you have to do, is to understand the essence of every writing, try to discriminate between vidya and avidya. Because avidya will kill you, will take away your energy, but vidya will sustain you. So try to find out books which are supporting vidya.

I was surprised there’s a lady Barbara, she met Me only last time, Gavin and she has written such a tremendous book, you’d be amazed. I mean of such a level on Sahaj Yoga, very direct. I’ll show you that, and you know that book is now being considered for giving her a doctorate, can you believe it? In an American university, of course that’s only possible in America. But still. That book has that level I was amazed at the book. So try to gather nourishment, like reading “Devi Mahatmya,” reading about – finding out about “Bible” and finding about other scriptures, about “Koran,” this that, and which supports you, which nourishes you. Blake, Kabir, Nanak. I mean there are so many, Lao Tse. This is the Guru, is the knowledge. But you’ll be amazed, once you start doing it it comes to you.

I met a man, in – near Rahuri as you know we go there – and there’s a man who just drives a bullock cart, and he had brought the bullock cart to take Me down to one of the programs, you know what we do there. He was sitting there, we were waiting, and I was talking to him. And I felt he was an Avadhuta is sitting there to drive Me I mean, uneducated absolutely, he’s never known book, he does not know how to write, but the when he was talking I said, “Oh God, from where this knowledge! From where all this coming, this wisdom?” Such wisdom, I tell you! Such wisdom that I just was stunned, I was stunned really! From a man who is not even been to any school-college – Christ did not go to any school or college. Such wisdom you can’t imagine you meet him, next time when you go there.

If you could, if somebody could translate him – you’ll feel like touching his feet the way…Extremely unassuming simple man, wearing a white, clean, you see their topi and clean dress and driving Me down. And to him, this was the greatest privilege of the whole world, is to drive Me. He said, “It must be the greatest of all, something I must have done, to be able to drive You.” In such simple ways he was explaining to Me about the character of the bullocks and the human beings. Just imagine. Other things he talked about, if I tell you, you won’t believe, so I… just don’t know. That’s the sign of a great man. He doesn’t talk of frivolous things, he has no time to talk about frivolous things.

I have seen my own grandchildren, they never talk of frivolous things, they have no time, they are so busy, you know? All the time clearing out, when they came here, they said, “We have to clear out this Brompton Square then we have to clear out this Knights Bridge, then we have to clear out this London, then we have to clear out this England where is the map of England bring it,” all the time they were busy, you see clearing out, and then, “this place is Whales and this place is this. Oh God, this is horrible, bring some shoes, do this, do that,” all the time they are busy morning till evening. They would go upstairs in the room and they are busy. They are busy people, they have no time to talk of the mundane things and all that.

Then we brought the dolls, I brought some dolls and toys for them, they put all of them there, you see, and they put them and the map there. “Now. See now,” to dolls, “Now you look after. You know?” They talking to dolls like that. Dolls are their disciples, teaching the dolls, “…you see, ah, don’t sit like this, you must sit properly, you don’t know. You can’t bend your knee? Better learn that. You must learn to how bend your knees.” You see, because dolls have straight legs, you see. [Yogis laugh.] And all the boys, even the little children I have seen, the way they are busy all the time doing Sahaj Yoga. Every level they are working.

Today I was telling Rustom about My own father, you see? He was a learned man, of course. But, when he talked to someone, he used to talk of something, like I told him about the state of a person called Sambhranta. He told me that Human beings are very different from God. When the God incarnates, then the Sambhrant state – which is awakening between the subconscious to the conscious state – is direct, see. He comes down directly. But human beings go this way, they never go straight. See God descends, so he descends properly, but ascent is always in a very separate way. He goes on like this, and he gathers everything that is in his subconscious. So the sambhrant state, where he is waking up, is such a dangerous thing that he can gather up anything. And by the time he gathers up, the dream becomes something so funny. He may look at a god, whom he has seen in his dream like a witch, and the witch like a god.

[INAUDIBLE] The way, you see, I saw him always busy. I went to talk to him, I found a companion and he found Me a companion sort of a thing. He could talk, because his attention was there. His attention was not “how everybody has made their hair, and how they are sitting down or what dresses they are making, what do you have in this thing?” Nothing. His attention was on the Spirit, his own Spirit and Spirit of others. And he was so dynamic in his brain that he knew your dictionary by heart, I tell you. He never consulted dictionary all his life – neither Sanskrit nor English. And he was master of fourteen languages. Can you imagine? How he must have managed. He used to play tennis very well, he used to swim for three miles everyday, three miles. He had muscles that he could lift you up and [laughter]…yes! Very healthy personality, healthy man. Very generous, very generous man. Much more generous than Me, so you can imagine. Very generous, to him nothing mattered, “All right, you like it, take it. You have it.” He’ll starve himself but he will be generous. And a man of principle.

So we come to the second point which is we have started the fifth one – is mentally you must only take to things which are nourishing. Through vibratory awareness you will know. Ask other Sahaj Yogis, if you do not know. But take nourishing things to read and not horrible, detrimental to your progress. If you read them, you are responsible for them. You are real, great readers, I must say. You ask any name, everyone knows. I said, “Who was Gropius?” everyone knows. You need not be an architect to tell. Everyone knows what happened, what happened, who is this, who is that. Out of your seeking you have done one good thing – to read everything, whether good or bad, whatever it is. But now after realization, you must try to find out what you have to read, what you have to know, should be nourishing.

Talk that is nourishing, helpful. So in talk you should have compassion. If you are talking to someone it should be full of compassion. Sahaj Yoga is a system of compassion. A Guru has to be very, very patient. It’s not like other gurudom, or even real Gurus had no patience. This is a system where patience is the only way it will work out, because no Gurus gave realization, it is only you who have to give it. And you know what is realization is. The other day we met one. The fellow sitting tight. I said, “Now..” They said, “We have failed Mother, we can’t give him realization, it’s hopeless case.” I said, “Really?” So I went there. At the end of it you see, they said, “Mother, there’s one fellow sitting.” I wanted to avoid, you see, but they said, “All right.” So I raised his Kundalini, raised it up. Tied it up, My hands paining now.

“Oh no, so I didn’t feel anything!?”

I said, “This fellow is least bothered how much we are working on him. He’s just thinking he’s obliging us.” So then two or three people came forward, brought a light, put the light before him, did bandhan here, there, everything: Again I raised his Kundalini thrice. “No, not at all…!” Went on like that for half an hour, then I gave up. I said, “Sir, I’m sorry, you are too great for realization. We’ll try again.” “I’m not convinced!” And I was fagged out, I said, “Really, I am convinced about you, so you allow us to go.” And then I came out.

You have to have tremendous patience and sense of humor, you just can’t tell him off. You see if I told him, “You are good for nothing, useless, you have a bad Kundalini you go away from here, get away, get lost!” I couldn’t say these things to him, I had to bear him through, and not only, in the end I had to say that “You are a great man,” you see? Because otherwise he would have used some other method. Because already the ego was so big, that with all the pins I put inside it, it could not deflate! It was made of a special fiber I think. [laughter] It was such a difficult task.

So one has to know that we have to be compassionate. You have to read something that nourishes our compassion. Read of people who gave away everything that they had. Tukarama. Read Tukarama. Tukarama was a poor man. And one day he went to some place and did some good job, so they gave him lots of sugar cane. His children were very fond of sugar cane. So on the way every child would ask, “Give me one sugar cane”. He was giving to everyone. When he came only one was left. So the children said, “We are three.” “It’s all right,” said “next time I’ll bring for you. Share it amongst you three.” And they had it. They said, “Better have it, now one more child will come and this will also go away.”

So one has to know about lives who have been giving. Read about people who have been giving. They gave their lives. They crucified themselves. They tortured themselves. They allowed to be exploited. They allowed to be poisoned. Read of such sacrifices, of great sacrifices. We are lucky people that we have seen all those things with our own eyes. But at least you be one of them, that you can at least, if not see, visualize it. You can. Bring that as your principle.

So we move now, from detachment, which I’ve told you four types of detachments. And then I told you the nourishment to your mind and nourishment to your heart. Nothing nourishes more to a person than giving away. Nothing nourishes your heart, your compassion, unless and until you learn to give away. Now will you please make a list of things, how many things you have given away in this one year, last one year. I can’t because it is too much. Please make a list of things, how many things, except for your brains, you have given away to others, without thinking about it, or have thought of giving. Since Christmas let us say, to this Christmas.

Heart is opening. Think of giving. On material level, other help is there to give. But no, we don’t even give the other help, for which you don’t have to spend any money. Just give a hand. I’ve seen, very easy to make out, labor saving devices. Now, I have come here, some will be running, others are just sitting. Tea is brought to them, food is brought to them, everything is done. They’ll just put the plate also before, “Go and wash.” It’s not only selfishness but it’s unmannerly, unmannerly to be like this. In Sahaj Yoga, you have to be extremely busy, helping others, at every point. To be helpful.

You know Ravi Shankar’s Guru was a very great, a very great man, realized soul he was, a great person, So he knew so many things. And one day I was there, in the night you see, there was a doctor, we were his guests in a way, for dinner we had gone there. In the night the call came that, “I need you very much”, to the doctor. Doctor said, “Now I’m tired.” He was also another very giving person, no doubt. He said, “Oh you must come, I have a big problem. See, I saw a little baby.” I said, “What baby you found ?” He said, “It’s a baby,” – he was an old man – he said, “I found a baby of a deer which is suffering now, and the mother is dead, nobody to look after it.” So I said, “All right I’ll also come with you,” because I knew I will touch the baby. I went with him. So, he was sitting with the little thing to his heart.

So the doctor said, “What are you doing?” He said, “I’m trying to give him my life, you see if possible, so that when you come at least you find him alive.” Just like this, such love. So he took out the thing – doctor – his coat and all that, he said, “All right, put it down.” Sitting there, ready [INAUDIBLE] Though he’s a realized soul, no doubt. I put My hand on the thing and I caressed it and it came to life, and it started, all right, he was very happy. He said, “You are a Devi, you are a Goddess, I can tell you. But one bad thing you have done.” I said, “What?” “You are married.” I said, “But Devis must marry, also.” He said, “No, but supposing you have married a miserly man, then what will happen to you?” I said, “I will see to it that I don’t marry a miserly man.” That would be the greatest curse. He said, “I had the same type of a wife who was miserly, and I’m fed up with her, for her miserliness.”

So that is what it is, miserliness should be hated, absolutely to be hated, absolutely to be, the worst of all it’s like leprosy for Sahaj Yogis. Miserliness. It’s saving, saving pounds, you know. That must go away from your mind. Miserliness to yourself is good, miserliness to others is bad.

Gregoire told Me shocking thing. He said, “This is our culture.” I said, “Your culture? What is it?” You see, he said that if we go in a hotel, and if somebody is paying, we start looking this side that side. I said, “Really?” He said, “That is very common.” I just can’t believe it, if this is culture? It is the opposite of culture. Whatever you may call it, it’s not culture at all! Culture would be to come forward, “All right I’ll pay.” But Americans are even worse, they’ll say, “I paid for you yesterday, you pay today for me.” I think absolutely disgraceful miserliness.

But this is gracious, you see when somebody’s paying, you look on the other side. It may be gracious, I don’t know, whatever it is, it is just the same, it’s filth! I tell you.

So compassion, compassion at any cost. You may have to work till two o’clock, you may have to work at four o’clock, doesn’t matter. You have to work, you have to work, you have to work, because compassion itself is joy giving. Because your Spirit is the Ocean of Compassion. There’s no other way, there’s no other way to enjoy your Spirit, but to give to give to give. Doesn’t matter if you have not eaten your food, doesn’t matter. Nothing matters. Many a times a you know that I don’t have food for twenty-four hours sometimes, still I am busy. It’s not necessary for this body. The food of this body is compassion. That nourishes. So you have to be miserly towards yourself, but you must have compassion.

Heart, open your heart. Open your heart first to God for thankfulness. This is the other quality one should have. Is a higher quality I should say, of Thankfulness to God. He has given you realization. He has given you this body. Do you realize that this body, human body, He’s given you. He has given you everything. Count your blessings. Even to have the morning, to enjoy it as a human being, you are not in any bandhan, you are not in any pash, you are not pashus, you are not animals. Animals are pashus. You are free people, God has given you freedom. And he has given you His realization.

Sense of thankfulness. But our language is such, “Thank you, thank you, thank you”, finished. It is only in the lips, it finishes, lip service. From your heart thank Him, from your heart. Not outside just go to church, “Thank you God very much,” all right done. It’s to thank Him from your heart, write praises. Praises. Sing praises, “Glory to God” to the Great who has created us. Your disciples are sitting and every moment when you are talking you think say about Mother or about God. You’ll be amazed! It’s only possible if you have sensitivity, if you have memory. The greatest miracle of this world is that everybody has to die and nobody remembers it. But another one, is that everybody is blessed by God but nobody knows it. But you are so specially blessed. So what you should do? Be in joy, be grateful, so that bliss comes to you. Without thankfulness nothing is going to work out. Thankful heart. You need a heart that is thankful to God so that He gives you. But when you give others He will definitely give you. But don’t think it is your own! You are giving what God has given you.

So today I have told you eight-fold movement. So you have become half-moon, only in mind. And the other half, keep it for the next ‘Guru Purnima’. All right?

May God bless you.

What do you want Me to do? Is to eat these ladhus. That’s your job.

[short exchange in Hindi. Shri Mataji laughs.] I told you – now let me see what he has brought. What is it? Should we have our food first? Let’s have our food, I don’t want you to starve also… [laughter]

[Mother comments on the beautiful day, moon, & mentions that that those not going on India tour should be given responsibilities to coordinate & run programs in other cities around UK. They must “chalk out a proper plan.”]