What you can do

Caxton Hall, London (England)


What you can do, Caxton Hall, London (UK), 26 November 1982.

Shri Mataji: Not even a comb.
Sahaja Yogini: Yes.
Shri Mataji: Conditions are horrid [unsure].
How are you Pat?
Pat: Very well Mother, thank you.
Shri Mataji: I put my shawl there, I think it’s better.

Sit down, please be seated.

People from Brighton have come? Has Gill come? No
Sahaja Yogi: They have evening class over there.
Shri Mataji: I beg your pardon?
Sahaja Yogi: They have evening class over there.
Shri Mataji: [Laughing] But today they could have come from the evening class.
Gavin, just come here for one minute.
This ventilator is so strong. [Laughing] I just can’t bear it. People don’t mind, I think, it’s too much.
Gavin: I know [unclear]
Shri Mataji: I know there are some extreme cases.
Gavin: It’s better to say it now.
Shri Mataji: [Laughing] It’s too much I personally think. There are, of course, extreme cases as I said, but still.
[Shri Mataji reads a letter]

Sahaja Yogi: Could the new people please, sit with the palms upward toward. The palms, the hands with the palms placed upward, as if you were asking for a gift.

Shri Mataji: [Laughing]. I am myself going through austerities all the time. I don’t take any lunch, breakfast, nothing like, very little.
[Very low voice, inaudible. What happens…]

I’ve received such letters from India also and they said the same. Some of them are really- I just don’t know why it happens like that. Like, Gill said that it took six months for her to get vibrations while there are people who are feeling the vibrations since- just they saw this and [unclear]. It’s true, I mean, I don’t know what to say. What happens…

Let’s start.

Today is a day of departure for Me, for India, and, I am very sad that I have to leave My children here. It’s a sad day, no doubt. But I have to go as you know and you all are going to join Me, quite a lot of you. But those who are going to stay here have to understand that they are here with a purpose, not without a purpose, and during My absence one should not waste that time. On the contrary, you must put your mind to find out what you can do to improve the conditions of other Sahaja Yogis.

Many of you are Sahaja Yogis and you have felt cool breeze from the very first day, and have been feeling it also. But there are so many, still, who don’t even feel the cool breeze and they feel very funny about it and feel sort of guilty. Sometimes they feel that they are something of a lower type, or something wrong with them: that they don’t feel the cool breeze.

So, one of the greatest worry, for all of you, should be that there are some people who are not feeling anything in their hands. They have been coming to Sahaja Yoga, have been religiously working it out, but they haven’t been able to achieve the first experience of cool breeze. For this there can be many, many reasons, not one, but there can be many reasons. And without getting involved into these reasons, if you try to see within yourself, and ,if others who have felt it are compassionate and kind, they can definitely help others.

But the worst thing that we human beings suffer from is ego. And this ego makes us feel small – at the slightest thing anybody tries to help you. Some people might have a hurt ego, might have a bloated ego, might have a state of mind, which does not even see the ego. And that is why it is difficult to talk to anyone [about] what is to be done to improve? So those who are better off, suffer from a dilemma: they don’t want to hurt another person, and another fear they have [is] that, if they try to help others their ego might go up! (laughing) Because they are afraid of their own ego.

But we must understand that – once we have come to Sahaja Yoga, once our Kundalini has been awakened, then, all of us have now become part and parcel of one body, of one body of the great Primordial Being. In a body, as human bodies are, supposing a finger is numb, then all the body’s attention is on that finger to cure it, and all the other fingers and the whole body, the brain, the mind you can call it, everything is worried about that finger [and] how to make it all right. Naturally, there is no ego for these fingers, so nobody feels hurt or bad. And the fingers are also anxious to do it, because they can feel the problem of the finger which is numb.

If there is some problem, say, internally within your body, all the cells which are needed to correct that problem will rush. The blood will rush. The heart will pump. Everything will work out in a very co-coordinated way. But nobody feels hurt that, “Why should I take help from anyone?”. Neither the one who helps is frightened or afraid or also feels the ego. The reason is, the cells of the body are under the complete control of one brain, or one personality, or one Self.

But in Sahaja Yoga, this collectivity is not yet established. That’s why people feel hurt, people hurt each other. They have fear of another ‘cell’, which is the brother ‘cell’, it is the partner ‘cell’. Which is the part and parcel of your own being. Are we afraid of our eyes? Or afraid of our nose? Are we afraid of our hands, or of our feet? And this collectivity is such a vicious circle that unless and until you become really collective, you cannot feel another person. And unless and until you have that sense of responsibility of collectivity built in yourself, you cannot help another person.

 So certain amount of growth is needed in the whole body to be sensitive enough to help each other, to be wise enough to help each other, to be resourceful enough in us to really nourish really nourish another one. And that development has to come again through collectivity; is most surprising it is.

 I know sometimes people feel that there are Sahaja Yogis who are not even of one mind. I agree. That somebody will say, “Your Vishuddhi is catching,” another will say, “Your heart is catching.” Another will say, “Your void is catching.” They don’t say that, “All of them will say the same thing”. One will say this, one will say that, one will say that. The reason is, some of them have developed certain sensitivity to a certain centre, but not to all the centres. And that’s how there can be a difference of opinion as there should not be at all. So firstly, we must all know that we are still growing. We have to still grow. In Sahaja Yoga even if you get your Realisation, that doesn’t mean you have suddenly become John the Baptist. We all have to grow. And for growing and growth we have to discard something and we have to accept something. And the best thing that should be discarded is your ego, and it comes in so many ways that it creates a barrier between you and your Creator.

Sometimes this ego can take you to anti-God activities and you will not know that it is your ego is taking down there, because the identification with ego has been, not [only] in this life, but in many lives before also.

So, to get this identified, or we can say, to get dissolved this ego, or to get away from this ego is a difficult. But as you grow out of the mud of this ego, the lotus starts becoming fragrant and everybody can see that fragrance.

It is more difficult in the Western countries, than in the Eastern, because the whole basis of the growth in the West has been so far based on ego and competition. There is no competition in Sahaja Yoga.

You just think if one finger starts competing with another finger, what will happen? It is as  absurd as that! Now we are talking of roots, you are not talking of the shoot – what people have achieved through Western style of thinking. Now we have to go deep down into the roots, so we must change our methods. There is no competition at all among roots, they help each other: if one fails, another goes and helps him. That is how this living process can work out.

We have to change our ways of tackling ourselves and others, and, you have to realise, that God’s Power of Love is the highest, deepest and the mightiest. And this is the power of love that we have to assert. But love just does not mean that you spoil someone or tell lies just to please someone. It may not be pleasing, in the beginning maybe, but ultimately it will be.

So, when you have to talk to someone, of course you need not be arrogant or rude at all, should be sweet, you should be kind, compassionate, but it’s not diplomacy going on there. It’s not any that you are trying to get out some votes from that person. It’s a guideline you are giving to the person. And the guideline can be even silent. The greatest guideline for anyone is the precepts that you follow, the ideals you have, the way you behave.

You know, in India, one person gave Realisation to 10,000 people. And how he did it, how he impressed others. He impressed others because he went to an office, the commissioner’ s office, for some [of] his personal work, and then he started talking in such a manner that they couldn’t understand that, this man has come for some practical, every day-to-day stuff, and the way he’s talking, the way he’s behaving, the way he’s dignified, and so firm. How is he managing that? So, they said, “Who is your guru?” Immediately it came into their head [that] “Must be some good gurus they have.” He said, “I have no guru, I’ve only a Mother.” He said, “We all have.” That’s how it started.

So, one must know that, by your own behaviour you can talk to another person; and that behaviour should not be superficial, must be coming from the heart, the concern within, the concern that this person should be all right. Genuine concern. And even a dog knows that, you don’t have to tell anybody by taking some sort of a vow, but even a dog knows what is a genuine concern and what is not a genuine concern. With that concern you have to talk. And that is what we lack is the genuineness within ourselves, our heart if not open.

Open your hearts! Now you have entered into the Kingdom of God open your hearts! Just see yourself, why have you got fear? For what? Ultimately what is going to happen? We are all going to die, isn’t it? So put that, fix that point! We are going to die. Whether a tiger eats us, or we jump from anywhere. Something has to happen to us to die. So why should there be any fear?

Now if there could be a genuine fear [it] is this, that – you may not receive your Realisation. Even this genuine fear has no meaning because this will also kill your chances of Realisation. If you believe that God is great and that His compassion is great, really from your heart, you’ll get your Realisation no doubt. You all are there for that and the Divine Power itself is anxious to do it, extremely anxious. You can see, can you believe that there are so many people who are Realised souls today in this London? I came here about twenty years back, if somebody had told Me that there are going to be so many Realised souls here in this place, I would never have believed, because at that time I had met very few, in the whole world I would say. So the things are happening, but be patient! And believe in the mercy of God, in the kindness of God, in His compassion, in His anxiety to give you this gift of Realisation.

And this is one of the greatest hindrances people have, when they do not feel their vibrations.

Today I received a letter from Gill (from Brighton) and she said she went with My photograph to be framed or something, in a shop. And the shopkeeper, that lady she looked at the photograph. She was little bit, I don’t know, concerned, and she said, “Who’s photograph is this?”

So, Gill just said,  “You put your hands towards it.” “Oh God, what has happened? As if some door has opened.” Just she puts hands there and she gets it. And Gill was amazed, because six months, she never felt anything! (laughing) She was breaking her head with it : “Mother, I never feel cool breeze, I never feel cool breeze.” But she is a great seeker no doubt. And now, she says that her brother came in and he didn’t feel the cool breeze. So, Gill said, “You have a bad liver,” “Yes, yes, How do you know? I have. I’ve got pain in the liver. I’ve had problems with the liver.” So Gill said, “Put your hands towards the photograph and put your left hand on the liver.”  “Oh God, I am feeling this (the right middle finger), and I’m feeling the tingling” and this and that, and he showed the finger for the liver. And she was amazed that this gentleman just walks into the shop where are so many people are coming, going, no Caxton Hall, no peaceful atmosphere, no other Sahaja Yogis sitting there, and suddenly you find [that] this gentleman feels the cool breeze. Not only that, but he can exactly say where he’s catching. Nothing happened, no trembling in the hands, no shaking, no burning. And he felt better on the liver! She couldn’t understand what was the reason. The reason is very simple: when you come for a program there are many others who are already feeling vibrations and you don’t feel it, it’s like, you see, they have a property and you don’t have sort of a thing. So your mind, which has worked to competition, mind which has worked through realising that, “Somebody has something I don’t have,” haves and have nots, you see – that mind starts putting fear into your head “Oh God, will you have it or not? Will I get it? And even if I get it will I lose it?” And that fear I see on the faces of many new people. Give up that fear! You are all going to get your Realisation. Give up that fear! You have not entered into any competition here. Just to relax. Just relax now!

Then the more you want to do about Sahaja Yoga, again you are tense. “I have to meditate early in the morning; I have to get up tomorrow early in the morning,” you see, you go on pestering yourself. Whole night you won’t sleep, and when you are meditating you are dosing. Relax! God is looking after you, believe Me! (smiling) He is going to give you Realisation and He is going to look after you, and He’s going to wake you up in the morning too, but relax! The first idea that “I can do it” is wrong. He has to do it. It’s not working out because you think you can do it. If you can come to this conclusion that “I cannot do it, it is His mercy, His graciousness has to work out.”

But, after Realisation, you have to do something, in the sense [that] you have to desire. But when I say you have to desire it, again you will say, “All right. Now I’m going to sit down here and nail myself to this place and I’m going to sit down and desire it!” This desire is a dead desire, you see, just pushed onto your head that, “Oh, I must desire! Mother has told I must desire.”  You have to be hungry. You don’t say that “I have to desire that I have to be hungry,” do you? The hunger is from within. Which is there, no doubt, but is clouded. The hunger is clouded because you have fear. If you put a goat before a tiger and give him to eat, he will reduce with that, eating, whatever it is, because it has that fear, that, “there is a tiger which is going to eat me”.

So first kill all the imaginary tigers around you. Again, we come back to the same, that, desire must come from within you. And it is there, but is clouded. Relax!

It should not be that, “I’m very relaxed!” [making Her hands into clenched fists and smiling] It’s childlike. It’s simple. A relaxed person is just like a child. So not to get frantic. Try to relax. That’s all. For everyone. But relaxation never means that you are inactive, on the contrary, the person who is relaxed is extremely active on the exterior, but inside he’s absolutely silent, absolutely relaxed and at ease. Outside you may feel.

As you know, now at this time tremendous vibrations are flowing. And I can see the flow tremendous. And all the chakras are within like this around Me (Mother demonstrates shaking both hands and rotating them a bit) but I see them and their play. At the most I may stop talking, but it is flowing.

So, whether it is for the seeking or for anything else in the world, the first thing is that you must take an attitude of a relaxed witness. If you can do that, then those who are not feeling vibrations will definitely feel. I have seen people on whom I’ve been working, and it wouldn’t work out. Of course, they were not rude or in any way arrogant, but felt very sad that they couldn’t get the vibrations, so I said, “All right, today you go and enjoy the flowers in a garden. Enjoy the birds and talk to the sky and come back tomorrow” – it works out.

Because you have been always like this. In Sahaja Yoga you don’t have to achieve anything. You become. First you become and then mentally you understand Sahaja Yoga. But those who try to understand Sahaja Yoga mentally first, are really in for trouble. Because when you read it, it sounds so great and you think, “Oh God, where am I?”

So please, if you give Realisation to someone, take it easy. It will grow. Don’t give ‘Advent’ to read, next moment. We do it! Why? We think we should impress the person that Sahaja Yoga is a great thing and the person must read ‘Advent’ so he’ll come to Sahaja Yoga and we’ll establish this man because he will see and will be impressed.

If somebody is going to be impressed by these things, such a person is of no use for Sahaja Yoga, take it from Me. If they are going to be impressed by something exterior and superficial, how far will they go? They have to achieve it within themselves, their own Spirit. They have to be impressed by themselves, by their own achievements. If you understand this simple principle that, when we become the Spirit, we manifest a power which is just the opposite of any other so-called powers.

Like, [if] you take science,  it will analyse. Sahaja Yoga will synthesise.

Take philosophy, so-called, it will try to find out the dogmas. Sahaja Yoga will neutralise all barriers of all religions.

Because all these forces are deadening, they deaden. The religion is deadened, God is deadened, everything is deadened by that. While Sahaja Yoga is a living force within you, and that’s how it neutralises all that is destructive all that is deadening. It’s a living force of God, is a very powerful force, is very wise, it understands everything. We have heard about it, but we never believe there could be such a force. And the first time we feel that force, we don’t want to believe it: “How can that be?” Because we still don’t believe that we can be the source of that force, which is integrating, which is synthesising completely, which nourishes, which helps you, to rise above falsehood to Reality.

It doesn’t allow any falsehood to build in. While all other forces, whatever you try, political forces [are] based on falsehood, absolute falsehood. All politics is based on falsehood, we can see that. How can you explain the policies of these nations? You just don’t understand. All falsehood your democracy is ‘demonocracy’, your communism – I don’t know what sort of a thing it is! All absurd, perverted and false. But in Reality you are a communist, you are a democratic person. Everything within yourself is the Spirit.

But to become the Spirit, if you stand on falsehood and want to achieve it you cannot. Give up all that! Become the Spirit. Then you start seeing [that], from the window, of the Spirit everything is different. So the falsehood that we have accepted throughout stops your vibrations, all this is falsehood, believe Me. The Truth is God’s love. That’s the only Truth there is. That’s why they say that, “God is love, and He is Truth”. The rest is all falsehood and if you believe in this principle to begin with, really from the heart, then this power starts flowing through you.

It’s the most powerful thing, universal thing, which is doing thousands and thousands of things of making these beautiful flowers, fragrant flowers, our heart beating, creating human beings, animals, everything is done through this living power. And this living power just has to flow through you, and believe Me that human beings are the only instruments of that power.

Some people think of compassion and think that they must help other people. That’s falsehood! You can’t help. You help on a superficial basis. The only help one can give to another is when you become part and parcel of that Great Being and realise that other ‘cells’ are also there, who are awakened or may be awakened. That’s the real help, that’s the real compassion, that’s real happening. Sahaja Yoga is definitely, is the deep understanding of this fact.

We indulge into activities which are superficial and could be anti-God, as I told you. But for Sahaja Yoga the activities are extremely simple even a finger movement like that, is sufficient to do tremendous things. There’s no need to stand on your head for it. Awakening is your own, there’s no problem on that. The problem is, to prepare yourself for that awakening by not preparing yourself!  Be unprepared! Be simple! Just be simple! Be childlike! Just that. Which is such a difficult thing – to be simple. No elaborations are needed, nothing is needed for that, no preparations as such, except – open your heart. Now how will you open? Like that? (Mother moves her hands from the chest outward as if opening a pair of  doors in Her chest) Pay attention to your heart, just pay attention to your heart. You’ll be amazed, it will start melting. Just melt your heart. The thawing starts as soon as you pay attention to it. Tensions will drop out and you will feel cool breeze.

So those Sahaja Yogis who came to Sahaja Yoga and didn’t feel vibrations, should know that the fear that they have…. Everybody thinks there’s a show on, like a dog show, like other shows you see. And they come with that idea. There’s no show on. It’s a thing that you have to achieve yourself, which you achieve, that state, automatically. Now this is about the Sahaja Yogis who feel that they do not feel any vibrations. Maybe sometimes it happens also in some places also, where the Vishuddhi Chakra is very bad, you don’t feel any cool breeze. So doesn’t matter! As long as you feel peaceful, enjoy them! Why worry about the vibrations? I don’t understand. What is the need? If it is not there, well and good. As long as you feel the peace of your Spirit. You just put your hands to another person.

I remember one gentleman in India always used to say, “Mother, I don’t feel anything, I don’t feel anything. I’ve done that, done this.” I said, “Thank God you don’t feel  it.” He said, “Why do you say that, Mother?” I said, “Enjoy your peace! Enjoy it!” But then he wouldn’t listen so I said, “All right, go and feel the vibrations of particular gentleman!” And he got blisters on all his five fingers! (laughing) And he came to Me and said, “Mother, Oh God!”  (laughing) I said, “You wanted to feel now have the blisters! What can I do?”

So those who do not feel, also are avoiding some problems for the time being! Take it easy! Is a very good word (phrase) ‘Take it easy!’ Which is, you know, this word, has come very recently. It was not there, never. It was ‘Run! Run! Run!’ before. Now everybody says ‘Take it easy!’

 Specially if you have been to some other gurus and some other ‘meditation’ centres and all that, where you have been jumping morning till evening, you see, you don’t want to believe that Sahaja Yoga you get, only by sitting quietly! Now there are ways and methods for improving your vibrations. As you know, in Sahaja Yoga, they are all described. For people who suffer from ego, I think best thing is to put your hands into the ice, right hand, may be. It may work out. Try it! But don’t prepare! Just push your hands into ice sometimes. It may work out. And for people who suffer from superego, little bit burning your hand on the candle may help. Just try!

 Because the hands are not sensitive. So there is a heat or a cool too much. Either you are a frozen personality or you are a heated personality, you are not in the centre. So if you are a frozen personality, better melt it a little bit, try! I never said this before because half of you would have run away if I had said this! But don’t burn it to have blisters I am saying! Just a little bit, try to see that, if you burn your finger the sensitivity will improve. But someone is thinking just now that, “If you have both the problems, what do you do?” (laughter)

 There are permutations and combinations because if you get out of your ego you have a big superego that comes up, and if you get after your superego the ego comes up. There then, the attention has to be brought here [Mother puts Her palm on Her Brahmarandhra]. And Sahaja Yogis know what it is, here to keep attention here. If you can keep your attention here, then you are above this, and if something drops out it drops out forever because you are standing here.

Say, if I have a shawl, and somehow I can jump on to that gallery (pointing upwards to gallery in the hall) and this shawl falls off, then I never have it, isn’t it, because I’m [up] there,  and the shawl is down here.

 So, the ascent must take place. If you do not ascend…How do you ascend is through your attention. Where is your attention? Ask yourself, “Where is my attention?”  Either you are counting your money, counting your votes or some people even count lampposts I am told! If they have nothing to do, they can go on doing whatever they like! But count your blessings! Count your blessings and your ascent will start. Count your blessings, and that is how you ascend, ascend in the Realm of God.

If there is no ascent, then you’ll move from left to right, right to left, you will be [a] wobbly person. But count your blessings with your heart. Feel it, the thankfulness. English language is very good, you say ‘Thank you’, now in Indian languages also you see, we translated it, to say ‘Thank you’, but we don’t say ‘Thank you’ because what is there to say with the mouth? Normally there are no words for thanking, because how can you say this if you are feeling from the heart? Even a glance, even a tint in the eye, glint in the eye, can express that, just a smile, just the bending of your head. There’s nothing to be said, to feel the gratefulness and thankfulness for the great blessings of God. But if you read newspapers every day you’ll forget this mantra, because when you read newspapers you say, “Wha! what a curse it is! God is a curse on this earth!” or that,“ He has put his curse on me and I am the persecuted animal!”

For ascent it’s not a mental procedure, it’s a procedure of the heart which is thanksgiving. Look at the flowers, they are giving thanks to God. The whole being is nothing but thanksgiving! Not worried, they are being plucked, they will die tomorrow – not worried. As long as they live it’s giving thanks. Look at everything, look at this candle, what is it? Is thanksgiving. Everything that is created is giving thanks. What about us human beings? We say, because we can say it, they cannot say. It doesn’t have words to say. We have language, that’s how we have become superficial, we have lost our depth because we have language. There is no language for the silent expression.

So, those who do not feel Realisation, should be thankful to God that, at least the desire, that they are seekers, that they are seeking God. How many there are? Today when I was coming to Caxton Hall, I found people walking with their tailcoats and so many, serious all of them. Bow ties! How many are seekers in this world? How many are seeking God? How many are seeking higher life? So be thankful that you are seekers, that you have felt the need of God’s love, that you do not want anything that is not God. It’s such a great thing, that you have a heart, you have a mind that desires the Highest! Be thankful that you are seekers and born in this great time where you have to get your Realisation. Be thankful. I know you have committed mistakes. All right doesn’t matter! In your seeking you have committed mistakes, doesn’t matter. But be thankful that God is looking after you. You are the special people created by His love, guided by Him. So be thankful. And thankfulness is a quality of heart. That’s how, when you feel the beauty of thankfulness, then you start feeling the Spirit within you.

It cannot be expressed, it cannot be returned, it can only be enjoyed. The blessings can only be enjoyed isn’t it? And it is for enjoyment only, it’s not for anything else. Just that you should enjoy the blessings, that’s why the blessings are there. So, to achieve the blessings, is not the point. Blessings are everywhere, or I would say, there are tremendous vibrations today in Caxton Hall. And now some of you are not feeling it, that doesn’t mean that God has not accepted you, that doesn’t mean that. It only means you have to turn your face a little bit this side. Nobody should feel higher because they are feeling vibrations or nobody should feel lower because they are not feeling vibrations. But if somebody tries to help you, don’t feel bad.

Now all of you who are going to look after the new people here, must know that, again, it’s God’s blessings that you are here, that you have this great work to be done. That you are now employed by God and He has given you this special job, to give Realisation to people. Again, count your blessings. Don’t feel depressed. Some people say, “Mother, now you are going and they are all going with you.” God knows why I’m taking them there that, perhaps, they need more training than you do. But again, the competitiveness comes in the reserve force as they say! But where am I going? And that is how, in both ways, we have to count our blessings, that you are going or not going is not the point. Both of you have a responsibility which is bestowed upon you as a blessing from God. If the attitude towards Sahaja Yoga becomes of a child who expects everything from God, because he’s the child of God. What’s wrong? It’s no ego. Because if God is Almighty, He’ll jolly well have to look after you isn’t it? But we are not like children you know, that’s the reason. A child will demand. But you must have that faith, that, whatever you demand, He will do it!

I don’t know if you have forgotten a story I used to tell long time back, what My grandmother told Me once upon a time….

[A very small child comes up to say hello to Shri Mataji.]

Shri Mataji: Yeh! Yeh! Come! Come! What do you want? You want this? All right, have it. No, you want chana? Ha! Have it.

Child: ‘No’

Shri Mataji: Chana? No? Then a kiss? Come, come, give me a kiss. No? All right, give this to mummy, come along give this to mummy. Responsibility, they like it, they like it. You must watch them. All right. Now, what do you want? You want flowers? [Pointing to a bunch of flowers offered to Her] No? All right. You give it to them. give it to them. Not for himself but for others! Give it to you. This is Godsend. How children explain things so in a, such a, simple way. We cannot be like children. We are very grown-ups you see!

 Today really, I don’t know what to say. You better ask Me some questions. Any other questions please?

Shri Mataji: Come here, I can’t here. You see the vibrations are just blowing in My ears!

Seeker/Yogini: MotherI am hearing about that suggested to us that we have a day without food and a night without sleep each week.

Shri Mataji: Good idea, better try!

Seeker/Yogini: So, we’ve been doing it for 4 weeks.

Shri Mataji: It helped you?

Seeker/Yogini: Yes, I don’t mind the days without food but when I have the days without sleep, I find that, really like now, I can hardly keep awake in the evening. I don’t think if it’s really very good to continue it every week.

Shri Mataji: I think evening you must sleep early, is a good idea. It’s not nice to keep awake in the night. Night time is not very good. And, why I said to keep awake in the night was that, because what I find that Sahaja Yogis have more problem of the left-side. For the left side, people it is important that they should keep awake in the night, and lots of things work out, because you are alert. In the night only these attacks come. Left-sided people get all their attacks in the night, and right-sided people get all their attacks in the daytime. So, for the people who are left-sided, in your case, specially, you are left-sided, so what you have to do is to sleep less in the night. You can sleep in the daytime, I don’t mind. Sometimes you can do it, now do it on a Saturday or a Sunday. Otherwise, this left side won’t come up. Because we have to try and experiment you know.

Seeker/Yogini: Will you say something about the timing because for example to keep awake from say 12 o’clock to 4 is very easy for me and the other night I stayed awake from 12 to 6.30.

 Shri Mataji: The other way round I would say. You get up at 12 o’clock, that’s better.

 Seeker/Yogini: Yes, I did that. Then if you’re awake from 12 to 6. And then can you rest for an hour before you go to work?

 Shri Mataji: No, no. It’s all your lookout. There’s no compulsion in Sahaja Yoga. You experiment with it, see whatever suits you. And you will be able to see yourself. You have to experiment. You see, every individual has their individual problems, and this is one of them. One has to see that, if you are a left-sided person, is to keep awake before 12 o’clock is better. Afterwards, gradually if you sleep, you see, all these left-sided problems will disappear.  But the right-sided problems start in the morning, you see, “I have to go, I have to catch the bus, I have to take this” plan it, plan it, plan it! So that time if you at least don’t eat, you get more time. You get more time and apart from that, your stomach, which is active is better off.

Seeker/Yogini: I don’t mind about not eating. You want us to do it every week then? One night?

 Shri Mataji: No, no, you have to experiment. There’s nothing like that in Sahaja Yoga, as you know it is not compulsory. But if it helps you, the way it helps you, [then] try. That doesn’t mean now [that] all of you should buy a bucket of ice and put your hands into it. You see this is the trouble with human beings, you tell them anything and you find them sitting with a bucket in the hand! (laughter) No, I’m just saying ‘try’. You see, because, you must know, I have no problems. All right?

You are all individuals, you are all professionals, you are research scholars. Keep your mind open and try and find out if it helps you. Every individual has individual problems. All these little, little problems you can solve yourself, because you have the light. You have the light of vibrations, the Spirit is with you, so you are independent.

I just give you guidelines, that doesn’t mean that you every day have a vision! No, horrible it is! But it has helped some people. May not be for everyone, this may suit or may not suit. But for left-sided people is better, I have seen.

With the right-sided people it suits better that they don’t eat so much, or [that] their attention is more towards better things of life. Actually, I don’t think right-sided people eat much. On the contrary they are very fussy people about food. I mean the whole thing is a mental thing. Mentally they will say, “That’s not good, I don’t like it, what will I have it?” You go to a party and the menu card will come and seriously they’ll think 10 times [about] what they will eat! I mean what difference does it make what you eat? Does it? And they’ll all discuss, “What will I have?” and they’ll eat two morsels and finish it off! They’ll not relish even that! Because food cannot be enjoyed by mental activity – simple thing as that. The tongue has to enjoy, but all your energy has been spent in your mental activity so tongue is not there anymore to enjoy.

So, towards food also, anything, if your attention is too much [then] reduce it. And that’s why I said, “Eat less!” Or if you fast you don’t have to think about food. You think more about food than you eat! And enjoy less. Least of all. That’s why it is said ‘fasting’, but when I say fasting people start thinking, “Then what time I should eat Mother exactly? Is it all right at 8.30 or say 8 o’clock?” As if there is a jail in Sahaja Yoga! Eat at any time you feel like it. But if you are thinking about food what’s the use of fasting? Like in India, we have fasting, you see, women start planning about the fasting ten days ahead, “What will you have for your fasting?” Because in Indian life, people have made some concessions that “If you eat this, this is not fasting, [but eating] that is  fasting!” So, then they will plan out, what they are going to eat! [Laughter]. And they accumulate everything, you know, all that is to be eaten because you are fasting! And the whole attention is on ‘fasting’ only. And actually, you are eating all the time [Laughter]. Like this Ramadan [that] Muslims have. They are supposed to early in the morning. But they eat so much in those days that they never [normally] eat, because they know that they are not going to eat later on. So, it’s a funny situation. You see I’m just giving you it as a research scholar to find out about yourself, what type of life will suit you.

Any other question?

Seeker/Yogini: Mother, what was the end of the story about your grandmother?

Shri Mataji: Oh! That you want to hear again? It’s a real grandmother story. So, don’t use too much intellectual things. It’s a simple one. You see, she said that, those who believe in God, just believe in His blessings, and they have full right on God. She told a story that: once a man had to go and see God. Now don’t ask question ‘how is it possible?’ but it’s a story! (laughing) And on his way he met a gentleman who was doing hatha yoga, Western style! (laughter) Sometimes he was standing on his head, and sometimes standing on one leg and then tying up his hair to some branches and dangling himself, and shouting ‘oh God, oh God, oh God’.

This fellow got frightened you know, the way he was hot. His bones were showing, all his bones, skeleton. He said ‘Now what are you doing?’ He said, “I’m calling God, when will I see him!” He said, “All right, I’m going to see God now, I’ll tell you, but till then, at least don’t go to this extreme it’s too much! And you settle down. I’ll go and tell God that He must come and see you, otherwise this is going on too much”

Then he went ahead and he saw one gentleman, just on the side of the road was sitting there. He said “What are you doing here?” He said, “I’m doing nothing! God is doing everything, what am I to do?” So, he said “I’m going to see God, have you any message?” “Oh no, you just tell him, you see, I have not eaten my food today, and He is not bothered. Please tell Him to send all my food properly to me. And tell Him that I need the food.” So this fellow said “Look at this arrogant fellow to order God like this! And he says God is doing everything and he’s just relaxing and ordering God!”

So, he went to God, and whatever work he had he finished with God, and all that, and then he looked a little perplexed you see, so God asked him “What’s the problem?” He said “I have two more jobs to be done. There is one fellow who met me on my way and he was doing all these horrible things to his body and he said that I hope I’ll meet God with all this” “Oh ho, I know him, I know him very well” God said, “All right, go and tell him that you have to do some more of this, it’s not sufficient.”

So, he got a shock of his life! He said “Look at this! God has no compassion at all! How does He say [that]?” So, the other fellow he told about, the one who was just on the roadside. So he said “Oh, he hasn’t got His food? How can it be?” God called all his managers, everyone, He said “How is it you haven’t given him his food? Please, arrange him immediately!” He was surprise that, “What sort of a thing it is?” And this fellow is just ordering God and God is looking after this fellow!

So, God as he knows about everything, He told him “All right, you are perplexed. All right, you go down and tell them one story. It’s a tall story but you tell them and see their reaction.” So, He said that, “You go and tell them that I saw God passing a camel through an eye of a needle.” He said “All right, I will do that”, “To both of them you tell and see their reactions and then you will know why I tell you”.

So, he went to the first fellow and told him that: God has said [that] still you have to do more of these things. He’ll come and meet you but you have to do more. He said, “Yes, yes. Then he will meet? So, I will do more and more and more.” Then he said, “Then what happened at God’s place?” He said “It’s something miraculous.” “What was that?” He said, “The God passed a camel through an eye of a needle!” He said “Must be a very big needle!” (laughter) He said “No! just ordinary one!” He said “How can that be? Now you have been to God so you are telling me stories! You can’t get along with me like this! I understand this is all false, just telling me stories.”

So, this gentleman said “All right, I’ll go to the other gentleman.” So, he went to him. He was having his food. He said “Sit down, sit down, sit down. God has sent all food for me. I know, once I tell Him…there’s no need to tell him also. He really looks after me, but you wanted to have some message so I said to Him, but how much he has sent food for me! How can I eat all that?”

So, this fellow was surprised, you see, so he said “What happened? You went to God, what did you see there?” He Said, “I went and I saw a camel was passed through an eye of a needle, a very small needle I tell you and I saw it!” He said “So what? What’s so surprising? After all He’s God!” (laughter) “What is for Him for a camel? He can pass Universes after Universes [through it]. He’s God Almighty! What is so miraculous for Him?”

Then he realised! This is what it is.

If you have faith God wants to establish it. Only your faith works it. But the faith in Sahaja Yoga, as you know, has to be the faith of Spirit, of the experience, is not blind faith. When your eyes are open you have to have faith in God. But still after Realisation [people say] “So what! Vibrations are there, so what? What is it so great? Yes, so what?” Then God says “All right, go ahead!”

It’s such a tremendous thing you get but you don’t have faith in yourself, how can you have faith in God? You don’t respect yourself how can you respect God? And this is exactly what happens to human beings when they deny Sahaja Yoga.

As you know there have been some miracles also in England, which were stunning, and people were surprised. But there’s absolutely nothing to be surprised at all, it’s absolutely very common. And I wish Gavin could tell you about these few miracles that he has seen because some of you may not be knowing about it, so I would request him to tell all about this what happened and what has happened in India. To me it is not at all miraculous, this is nothing. It’s very simple. And this has been published in the newspapers and all that, I think it’s better that Gavin should tell about this. Come here! Loudly!

Gavin Brown: When I read the newspapers’ happening in Bedford, it was just a couple of months ago. For the first time Shri Mataji had a programme in Bedford and, we learnt the next day, that, a young boy had been going home on his motorbike and, he had an accident, he fell off the bike, and he said that: a Lady stopped her car and got out and put her hands on where he was hurting, and he felt better. So he went to the hospital because they asked him to do that and they said ‘You are all right’ and they discharged him. And then he saw the picture of Mother in the newspaper, and he told his own mother and he said “That’s the Lady who stopped Her car” So a newspaper reporter heard about this and he rang up the people who were organising the programme in Bedford and he said “Is it true that this Lady who came to Bedford stopped Her car to heal this boy?” He said “What time was it?” He said, “It was about 9:30 on that evening.” He said “It’s impossible, Mother was giving a programme in Bedford in the Guildhouse [at that time]” But he’s convinced that it was Her, and we know that it was Her, in a way, also because we’ve heard other things, for instance in India, even more remarkable

Shri Mataji: Loudly

Gavin Brown: There’s a very highly placed attorney in Bombay (Mumbai), who’s a very great devotee of our Mother. Many of us have met him, he’s come here, Mr. Pradhan. And one day, when he was at a programme of Mother’s
Shri Mataji: No, no, at home, with other people, sitting and talking.

Gavin Brown: No, at a meditation programme, just sitting, taking vibrations together. He realised that there was a case that he was due to defend, which might come up in the courts. But it was a long way down the list and he thought “It’s all right, there are a lot of other cases, they’ll be heard today and mine will come up on Monday.” So the next day he went to the court just to check and they said, “What do you mean? You were here yesterday, it’s down in the court records, you defended the case brilliantly, the judge commented what an excellent defence you made, you won the case! What are you talking about?” So he said, “Oh, was I there?” [Laughter] and then  he thought “No, Mother was there”

Shri Mataji: “Ani Petkar tsa diste ahai.” [Tell about Petkar]

Gavin Brown: And Petkar is another one in Poona, that’s a great Sahaja Yogi named Petkar. And he had a dream in the night that his brother fell in a big well in the village where they live, which is some way from Poona, and …

Shri Mataji: He had a habit of walking in the night, the brother.

Gavin Brown: So, he was so anxious about this dream [that] he got up, he prayed before Mother’s picture that his brother should be all right and the next morning he went home to his village and he met his father and his father said “Yes it’s true he did fall in the well and they were looking for him with torches and suddenly your brother came up out of the water and was just sitting on the side of the bank and his brother told him that, this is what happened: In the lights he saw a hand with bangles, and it came and it pulled him up out of the water” And at first he couldn’t speak, he fainted, and he was able to tell this to the people who had come looking for him. And the brother wasn’t a devotee of Mataji, but Petkar had done something, and Mother was there.

Shri Mataji: It’s like a camel being passed through the … [laughing]. All right so any other questions please?
Thank you very much Gavin.
There are thousand and one stories which so many Sahaja Yogis can tell. How they were helped in every way. God looks after everyone, but especially the ones who are seeking and the highest of all, the ones who are realised souls.  If there’s any question please ask Me.

Seeker: What can be done about the threat of nuclear war?

Shri Mataji: If you believe in God just don’t think about it! (laughter) Everything can be diffused isn’t it. It’s only if God wants [that] there will be war otherwise there cannot. But there should be people for whom God should interfere. If all of them are horrible devils, it’s better to have a war. Man proposes and God disposes – this is [an] English proverb! You have forgotten all that.

Nuclear war is the creation of human beings. All right? And human beings are the creation of God. So, the Creator, is not going to allow these stupid children to work it out. But in case they are that stupid, all of them put together, let them have it! What’s the use of also saving stupid people and donkeys? Only the people who are Realised souls will be saved, because nobody dies, they will be re-born again, those who are innocent. And those who are devils will go to hell. All right? We have one of them born here, you see, Markandeya, he’s a born Realised child. There are so many you can find them here.

 Seeker: How does one dissolve fear?

 Shri Mataji: Fear? Fear of what? Unconscious or conscious fear?

 Seeker: Fear of fear

Shri Mataji: (Shri Mataji laughs and makes a gesture of incredulity) What fear it is! I tell you.

 Seeker: No, fear without reason.

Shri Mataji:  You see the fear comes to you because not you are one with Reality.  You are not one with Reality. All right? So, in Sahaja Yoga there are so many ways by which you come in the centre. You can have fear from your ego or from superego, from anywhere you can have, but if you are in the centre, fear drops out. Gradually the fear drops out completely. All right? It’s the happening of awakening that takes you away from that fear. It’s a happening. You don’t have to do anything. What has to happen is that, when you ascend, it will all drop out automatically. We have so many ways and methods of keeping yourself in the centre and of ascending, that’s all. Not only fear but so many things drop out: habits, addictions, tempers, lots of things. All these barriers drop out because you get out of it. You are born again. All right? That’s how. So, you are not to do anything about it, just ascend. And there are so many ways and methods. I hope you will come to our programmes and to our ashram here. And they will tell you how to do it. There are many we have, people, who had horrible fears, but they are all right. Now they are fearless. But they are not fearful.

Indian Seeker [presumably a vegetarian]: Mother could you advise us regarding food.

Shri Mataji: In Sahaja Yoga we do not pay much attention to food. Only thing I feel that, so much attention has been paid to food – is not a correct attitude. You see, the Spirit doesn’t eat at all, it’s a detached thing. Atma is beyond.

Now when we try to say that, if we eat this kind of food, Atma will be happy, that kind of, Atma will be happy, is not true. For example, we’ll say vegetarianism, which is a very common problem with people is, you’ll be amazed, all the false gurus are vegetarians; one by one. Mahesh Yogi, Rajneesh, Rajneesh is a great vege! He doesn’t even eat garlic and onions. This Mahesh Yogi’s disciples, if you show them a garlic, they’ll jump 100 times! They are afraid of the garlic! Can you imagine! But I don’t say that you eat meat, that’s not [what] the point is. But those people, whatever they require they should eat, but don’t eat meats of animals which are bigger than you.

Now what happens? How the evolution in the animals takes place? Nobody has put attention to that! Supposing there are many chickens you save. I am not going to give Realisation to chickens, am I? Or to bugs, am I going to give Realisation? Or to mosquitoes? So, our attention is on these, not on the higher level of life.

When we think of food that we must, save chickens – actually nothing dies: is Krishna Himself has said ‘Nothing dies’. All right? And that’s how some people denied Krishna, because He had a samhara shakti [of destruction]. He used to kill. And killing is so important in evolution. Otherwise if you don’t kill these rakshasas, are you going to adore them? What are you to do with them? They are to be killed they are to be thrown out.

In the evolutionary process also, so many things have to die out for the real thing to come up. Say, this flower has to die to become the fruit, all right? And there is no himsa [violence] in it. The word ‘himsa’ is so misinterpreted that people are satisfied if they do not eat meat! Is not true. For some people it is essential they must eat meat. Now as you know, Sahaja Yoga works on the principle of shakti. And the Devi not only killed raskshasas but She ate them! And She drank the blood of these rakshasas as you know, Raktabija’s. So how can She be vegetarian? Just tell Me? Put reason! All right? Because we are conditioned that way, we think [like that].

But actually, what happens in the evolutionary process, when a person, say, eats chicken, not person, we should say, a higher animal, eats a lower animal, then it passes through the circle and achieves a higher life. Is absolutely this is how evolution takes place. Of course, we can give Realisation to human beings so we need not worry about that. That’s a different point. But, if you eat chicken, you definitely give it a higher life. But not the animals which are bigger than you. Smaller animals if you eat it’s not going to be harmed by that. No doubt. But you may be harmed. For example, if you eat mosquitoes, you’ll be harmed!

Now in countries where there is not even any vegetable or anything, they have not seen green leaves, like Greenland. Now the name is ‘Greenland’ they have never seen green colour! Are they sinners that they can’t live without eating meat? How can God be so partial? There are many countries where they cannot live without eating meat, so, there must be some reason. All right? So reason it out. If you eat vegetables, all right. If you want to eat meat it’s all right.

But again, for a Sahaja Yogi, what we decide is not on what you like, but what is good for you. For example, for Western people it is better that they don’t eat much meat now because, I think they and their fathers have eaten all that. Eat less. They should have more carbohydrates, while the vegetarians should take more proteins. If they do not like meat they should take to other proteins, because proteins are very important. If you do not take proteins in life people suffer. In Sahaja Yoga we find such people have trouble from Left Nabhi. I have seen in India, many people, who are strict vegetarians, have a problem of Left Nabhi. So, we told them, “all right, you can eat proteins, there are so many proteins you can eat. If you don’t like to eat meat, from childhood you have not eaten and you don’t feel like eating, all right, forget it.” Eat some.

We have to be wise. We have to be open, we are not to be bound by our conditioning from childhood. This we must understand, that: vegetarianism is not going to take you to God, neither is non-vegetarianism, because the Spirit is neither a vegetarian nor a non-vegetarian. It is a detached thing, it’s above food. But whatever you need for your body is important. If you need protein, eat protein. If you don’t eat protein, don’t eat protein, but then eat something which you need.

So, it is not that one has to understand it in a way that we understand as a chicken and vegetables, but we must understand in a way that a doctor understands: a protein and carbohydrates. All right? Whatever you like you can eat. There’s no, in Sahaja Yoga there’s no such a compulsion.

So many saints used to eat meat. So many saints. Guru Nanaka, Kabira, Mohammed-sahib, Christ, Rama Himself, Krishna Himself. All of them eat meat.  Even Buddha ate meat. The proof is that, at the end of His life, he went to one of His disciples who was a hunter, and He told him, “I am very hungry, give Me something to eat.” So he said “Sir, I have nothing else but a wild boar which I have killed very recently and it is not yet fully cooked.” So he said “All right, doesn’t matter I’ll have it,”  And He ate it and He died because of that half-cooked wild boar. And He died with that. So now Buddhists think that, “We should not eat meat.” It’s not so, because He ate something that was half-cooked. That means He did eat [meat], isn’t it. Even Jains know that, it’s only Neminath (cousin of Shri Krishna) who got a kind of a feeling against meat eating. That was Neminath was at the time of, he was contemporary of Shri Krishna. When his marriage was celebrated, he found many birds were killed and he felt terrible about it and he didn’t want to eat any meat. Was all right. It’s all right, if you don’t feel like, don’t eat it. But then a cult started. But that means [that] till Neminath, means, Jainis are ancient people, [yet] till Neminath they were eating meat – is a fact.

So, to get attached to some idea is not the way you are doing it. If you don’t want to eat, just don’t eat it, and if somebody has to eat it, because of health purposes or because of the need, there’s nothing wrong in it. Everybody has a different need, every individual has a different need.

If I, personally, take just to vegetarian food, I won’t exist I can tell you! Because I have such a great capacity to have purges. If I meet somebody, shake hands with somebody, he has lots of “bhoots” you see, then I just clear him out by purging. And if I take just to say, carbohydrates, I don’t know what will happen to Me! But doesn’t mean that I should be a meat eater, but I have to have proteins.  That’s [what] the point is. It’s no question of meat or anything but is a question of eating proteins or carbohydrates.

We have to be wise about it. And all such cults you see, that [say] “You eat this you eat that”, is not so. There is no cult in Sahaja Yoga, every individual has a different personality. But the common thing is one, and that is the Spirit. But for example, drinking, we abhor. But after Realisation, before that I don’t talk of you drinking. Because it goes against your chetana, means your awareness. So, one has to look after the awareness. So much time has been wasted in people in deciding what to eat what not to eat! What have they achieved? Nothing!

Sometimes, I have seen vegetarians can be horrid people! Absolutely horrid! We have a community in India called Marwadis, they are blood suckers you see, and they are vegetarians. Not all [are like that]. We have some in Sahaja Yoga also, but very few. They are extremely money-minded people, you know that. So, this kind of thing, to believe that such food will make us great is, will be, falsehood. So, you don’t decide on that. You decide on proteins and carbohydrates.

Whatever [is] good for your health, you should do. Those who eat too much of vegetarian food are liable to certain types of diseases and those who eat too much of non-veg are liable to some. Those who eat vegetarian food can get leukoderma (loss of skin pigmentation relatively common in India) very easily, can get leukaemia very easily. Certain types of cancers they can get very easily. Those who are non-vegetarians can get another kind of diseases, there are numerous diseases they can get. So, we have to have a balance, that, when we eat vegetarian food also, we must see that we eat sufficiently, sufficient amount of proteins, because body has to be all right.

Healthy body is the temple of God, and to temple of God, you have to keep it healthy and happy. That’s the attitude. But it’s not so important because, once you get into Sahaja Yoga, as it is, automatically doctors bill drops to nil! Automatically! So, we have to take a wise attitude towards ourselves. Not to torture ourselves because of certain conditionings. Because we have been taught something from childhood, we should not accept it, but see for ourselves.

I have seen that, people who had tremendous stigmas about vegetarian food, when they took to, say, protein food, they improved very much in vibrations. They did. Protein food is very important for certain people and for certain people carbohydrates. Liverish people should take to carbohydrates. It is absolutely a open thing for us to understand. But whatever goes against our awareness, because in our own awareness we have to achieve our Spirit, we drop out that, also, very easily. I don’t have to say that, “Don’t drink! Don’t smoke!” You just drop [them] out.

 Seeker: Mother, Bernard Shaw, a very distinguished Irish writer apparently once said that: he doesn’t like his stomach to be graveyard out of dead animals.

Shri Mataji: Now Bernard Shaw did not give Realisation to anyone did he? You see, he might become vegetarian doesn’t mean that everybody should is it? It’s not a graveyard, I tell you it’s not a graveyard. He must be constipated. [Laughter] That’s all I can say.  You see Bernard Shaw, is all right, whatever he has said according to his own is correct. For him it may be. You see most of the vegetarians have a problem and non-vegetarian have a problem. I have seen it every day in My life. Today is not Bernard Shaw here otherwise I would have told him what he suffered from! You see it is, whatever they express, is their individual experience. All right? I am not expressing an individual experience, I am giving you an experience of many. All right?

Seeker: I take your point that one should eat proteins. Are you saying that vegetarian food doesn’t have proteins?

Shri Mataji: What is it? Yes, you can. So, you should eat! When did I say no? I never said that. if you can eat, eat proteins, finished! It should be decided on proteins and carbohydrates, and not on all these things because nobody dies! You see, we have no compassion for our own fellow being. Where are we? We have no compassion for our own relations, our own father, our own mother, our own brothers and sisters and other people. And what’s the use of having compassion on things which do not understand it at all? And they don’t need it! Who needs compassion are human beings, who are aware of it. It is too far-fetched, and that is very true with human mind, because they want to shift their mind to something which will take them away from Reality.

Like the other day I told somebody not to feel guilty because they were catching on the Left Vishuddhi, and she said, “I feel guilty,” I said, “For what?” She said “I feel guilty for Vietnam.” I said “For what?”  “Because the people are dying in Vietnam,” I said, “Are you going to solve the problem of Vietnam? Are you concerned with it? Why are you worried about them?”  You do whatever is good for you, and what you can do. This is how we shift our mind. And it’s very true, you see, people have their accepted ideas, they stick onto it, and get nothing.

So, I say that there should be no ‘ism’ about anything. You must have an open mind. Absolutely an open mind.  Anybody who, whatever problems they have, they know, and they should solve it. I am not here to spread vegetarianism or non-vegetarianism, I am here to spread Sahaja Yoga. “Sahaja Samadhi Lago” That’s what is said. You have to get your samadhi. And that how do you get? Sahaj, spontaneous.

Seeker: How will you get money (?) if you don’t have proper food or anything?

Shri Mataji: Now, I will say that, I’ve already told you about Buddha. What do you think of Guru Nanak? What do you think of Christ? You think, were they any way lower? You see because the Spirit is not concerned, as Krishna has said, “Nainam chindanti shastrani nainam dahati pavakah. na chainam kledayanty-aapo na sosayati marutah.” [meaning: The Spirit cannot be cut or burned, nor moistened nor blown]. It is Shri Krishna himself has said it! And He Himself has killed rakshasas and Jainis are against Shri Krishna because He killed rakshashas. According to him He’s a hinsatmak fellow!  If you go too far with it, then you go to that limit where you start saving bugs and mosquitoes.

But we have got it, we have got Realisation, no doubt about it. First of all you get your Realisation. You have had all these ideas, all our forefathers had these ideas, they never got Realisation. All right? So, forget it. First thing is, get to your Spirit. This is not important, this is just you are directing your attention to something else which is not important.

So many of them. So, we discard Mohammed-sahib, we discard everyone? That’s how it is, it’s Brahmanism, it’s Brahmanism. It’s ‘ism’ again. We discard all the great people of the world by this. They were not Realised? Kahlil Gibran was he not Realised? How will you know? Unless and until you are Realised you will not know who was Realised or not. You will live on these ideas only. You have to feel it. William Blake, was He not Realised? He was Markandeya Himself!

We have forgotten so many things. Even in the Indian Scriptures we never see, we don’t want to see these things. We had a great saint in India called Sajan Kasai. So one should understand that, in Sahaja Yoga, whatever is the Reality, we try to accept. See for yourself! What about your vibrations? Are you getting vibrations or not? That’s the main point is. Attention should be there.

Actually, vegetarians have much more attention on food than the non-veg have, I can tell you this fact. And the women of vegetarian people are all the time busy what to make for their men.  All the time they are planning what to have “Aaj papad banaye? Ki falana banaye ki…” They are all the time  busy cooking, cooking, cooking. And the men are all the time fussing about food! “In that house I ate that karela (bitter gourd). In that house I ate this, you better make that!”

All our Indian men I know too well and I know all the vegetarians, I am from that country! And the women are busy with that and men are busy with that. All their attention is in food all the time. Women want to cook and men want to enjoy. That’s not the way.  Remove your attention from food, it’s not important. Whatever you are eating is all right, have a balanced diet. Don’t worry about others.  You are not forced to eat anything in Sahaja Yoga, nothing is forced, but you eat what you like. But the thing that you like must be balanced, must be proper, must be health giving. That is the point is. Whatever you eat, you eat. Nothing is forced. You have to see for yourself. So many of Sahaja yogis just don’t eat meat at all. I mean they just don’t eat, and they need not eat at all, there’s no need. I mean if you don’t want to eat, just don’t eat it! It’s not important…

[Break in recording]

… All your quality is tested when your Kundalini is awakened. Before that you do not know. I have known of people who think, “Oh, they are very great!” Like one sanyasi fellow came in, and he was sitting on the dais [stage] and he thinks- oh, he’s a great man, he’s the very big man and all that. And my grandchild who’s a Realised soul, she was sitting in front and I was the guest of honour there, so I was sitting there. So, she shouted from her seat, she said, “Mother, ask this man with the maxi to get out he’s giving too much heat to us!” And this fellow was going to talk on vegetarianism, this that ism, another ism and religion and God and this and that! And she said, “Please ask him to get out! He’s giving heat to us this maxi-fellow.” She thought he was a maxi-man. She didn’t know he was supposed to be detached!

Those so-called ‘sanyasis’, be careful of them. So-called ‘vegetarians’, they are such hot-tempered people. Aren’t you hot-tempered! [Laughter] So what you manifest is the point, and manifestation is silent! It works. So, “Somebody said so”, “Another fellow said so,” So what? What about you? What have you to say? What have you manifested?  Have you got the powers of your Spirit? Ask a question to yourself. That’s the first thing you achieve. Then we’ll talk about these things! First of all, you achieve your Spirit.

This is the first time people are achieving their Spirit isn’t it? This is the first time it’s happened. So you cannot have any relationship with anything else, you can say. This is an absolute thing that should happen and that you should ask for. Because somebody said so, because this was so – so what? What have they done? Did they manifest their Spirit? All right, they did, one or two, here and there. So first, get your Spirit manifested, don’t get lost into these things, be kind to yourself – first be ‘vegetarian’ to yourself, by being kind and by getting your Spirit liberated completely from all these ideas. Spirit is a Reality, it’s not an idea, and it cannot be nourished by any idea, except Reality, which you face yourself and manifest!

Seeker: Mother what should we do with that Spirit?

Shri Mataji: That’s what I said, don’t have to do anything! Na? That’s what we should [do]. The Kundalini has to rise, all right? Now what does this lamp do when it is to be enlightened? Then another enlightened light comes near it and manifests itself! You are all ready for it. All right? Only thing [is] the Kundalini has to be awakened and it works out.

Anybody who is enlightened can give you Realisation. You want us to work it out on you? We’ll try. All of you who haven’t go Realisation so far, we can try that. Not today. I’m sorry but, because the time is up, I think [looking at the clock]. You have to go to our ashrams where people are doing this work and you all are going to feel the realisation. I used to do that before, in every programme we did it. All of them got their Realisation, in the programmes only. And if the Kundalini is not coming up, they will tell you what’s the problem is, all right? Try to do that. Help yourself. You have to co-operate with yourself. You are not to get identified with some wrong ideas or right ideas or whatever you think it to be. It is the Kundalini which is not moving na? That’s the main point is. Every Indian knows that the Kundalini has to be awakened to get to Atma Sakshatkar, to get to Self-realisation. And if the Kundalini is not moving then there’s a problem. And what is that problem? That, these people know. All right? So just co-operate with yourself. Be humble about it, it has to work out. “Thik hai na?” [Ok?]

Seeker: Zarur [absolutely].

Shri Mataji: “Aasha ruk lijiye, aisa hath rukhiye” [Hindi: keep hope, keep your hands like this].  Just see it will work out as Chaitanya Lahari in the hands. I mean, I would say people like Adi Shankaracharya, who was such a great person but he had to take to sanyasa because he had to do the work. He’s the one he said, “Na yoge, na sankye, [neither by yoga, nor sankya] na by any thinking you do not get it. you get it by Mother’s grace.” So simple he is like that. But look at Him! When his mother died, they would not allow him to burn the body, because they said a sanyasi cannot burn! You see this is also an idea. A sanyasi cannot burn the idea of a grihastha [householder]. Another idea you see. Same type. So, they say that he burned the body of his mother with the banana tree, which never burns! And it is said that, he did not curse, but it was cursed for that, that they will all bury their dead in their houses and even today you find in Kerala they do it. So, so many people with these ideas have killed so many saints. Do not have fixed ideas.

Sai Nath, so many people Sai Nath, they say that, many people say that way. Sai Nath was a Realised soul. Not this new one but the [actual] Sai Nath. But he was a Muslim. Kabira was a Muslim [but] still, Nanaka included him in this Guru Granth Sahib. Only a Realised person can understand who is a Realised person. Before that, talking about it is just a mental feat. By mental feat you are not going to go there. Aren’t you tired already of your mental feats? Aren’t you? Thinking, thinking, thinking mad? One doctor once said, “Mother, you cut my throat, do what you like but stop this thinking!” [Laughter]

So give up all these ideas that are yours: achieve the Reality, achieve the Reality. That is, also, you cannot achieve it, the Kundalini is to be awakened, somebody will awaken for you, and once you get it you can it do for others. You can awaken others, there are so many who have given Realisation here, these people are looking so simple and ignorant but they know all about it, they are experts! Immediately as you were talking, they were all giving bandhan on your chakras that were catching. They all know. You do not know but they know. All right? So, with humility you must go and receive your realisation, learn all about it and then you give Realisation to another person. That’s the main thing we have to do today. We are not here to save bugs, mosquitoes and chickens! [Laughter]

I hope nobody is coming out about the support of smoking some horrible thing like hashish or…they smoke or eat I don’t know. Like we had a big letter from somebody who says that, “Mother, people will never understand you unless and until they smoke cannabis”, I don’t know what is that supposed to be, but they said that, “Without that they cannot understand you and Sahaja Yoga.”

All right, how many have felt cool breeze, the new people? Let’s see.  Cool breeze? Did you feel the cool breeze in the hands? Yes, I know. What about you? You? You have felt it? What about you? Great. “Aab dekhiye, ye logon vegetarian nahi, aur unko cool breeze aa raha, aur aap ko nahi aa.” [Hindi: Now look, these people aren’t vegetarians but they felt it and you didnt!]

 Seeker: I have already had this. I have had this before.

Shri Mataji: But you have lost it!

Seeker: No, I have not [speaking very rudely].

Shri Mataji: You are getting it now.

Seeker: I already had it.

Shri Mataji: You never had it.

Seeker: I have had it.

Shri Mataji: And then what is your situation just now?

Seeker: My hands are cool! Is that so?

Shri Mataji: No. Just see if he’s cool above the head. He’s catching on liver. Hot? All right, that’s the compassion! The proof of the pudding is there! (laughing) All right. What about you did you feel? Good. What about you? You were very tense, what is the problem with you?

Seeker: I felt it earlier when you were saying about ego. I felt if very intensely.

Shri Mataji: But then what happened? You started thinking about it?

Seeker: No, I started feeling physically uncomfortable.

Shri Mataji: I know, then you sit on a chair, there’s no compulsion.  No, no, you’ll be all right. I tell you, you’ll be better off. We have no compulsion like that, you please be seated. Yes, come along, sit on the chair, all right. That’s a good idea! There is no compulsion, you see because the hall, they thought ‘there will be many people’ so we spread out. There’s no compulsion, whether you sit on a chair or a throne make no difference, makes no difference, it’s not that. You see it is the Kundalini is inside, is a subtler being, it doesn’t mean where you sit. Of course it helps, if you sit on the ground, in a way, because the Mother Earth helps you. If you sit before the light it helps you also, that’s a different point, but if you can’t sit on the ground – doesn’t matter. We have given Realisation to people only on, sitting on, chairs! [Laughter] Yes! What to do! All of you got it sitting on chairs isn’t it! [Laughing joyfully] About 400 people in Vienna got it, just like that, sitting on chairs!  It happens, if it has not happened it should happen to every one of you.

 Seeker: Can you say more about Kundalini?

 Shri Mataji: There are so many lectures of mine! Today, you see, because I am going away, I’m rather quite full. And there so many lectures I have given on Kundalini, you don’t know, I must have spoken at least thousand times. In Caxton Hall itself at least 600 times! So, there are lectures and lectures, you can see, listen to them. But it is Kundalini, by that listening to it, nothing will happen. Actually, it’s an actualisation. You see it’s like a seed sprouting. So, by the talking about Kundalini, nothing happens. It has to raise. “Hona chahiye. Aap, Shivaji Maharaj, unko bare me kya sojte?” [Hindi: what do you think of Shivaji] Shivaji Maharaj and Rana Pratap, they were kshatriyas and they used to eat meat. What do you think of Shivaji Maharaj? Was he a bad man by any chance? Or Rana Pratap?

Seeker: They were not spiritual.

Shri Mataji: Who? Shivaji? Oh, He was very spiritual. That’s the trouble na! Because you are not a Realised soul you cannot feel their vibrations.  Those who take that flag that they are spiritual, they are not, mostly. Mostly they are not. You see, they are very simple people. They can be kings, they can be anybody. We never understand them, unless and until we have Realisation. Shri Rama was understood by Shabari, but His own father never knew who he was!

The understanding of the Spirit comes from Spirit only. “Atmanyeva atmane tushta” [from Shri Krishna: the Spirit is satisfied by Itself]. Atma, should not, nothing else. Through your mental attitude you cannot reach there. It’s the Atma knows Atma. You ask about Shivaji, all of you ask, “Was he a Realised soul” – see the vibrations you get. Now they can know. Was he? Now ask, “was Blake a Realised soul?” Was he? You can feel it. It’s sometimes shocking you know, to find out about people who are supposed to be very spiritual, are not even Realised souls – so many!  Are you from Vallabhacharya? No. Vallabhacharya was a great Realised soul, and when Surdas went to him and he said, Surdas was supposed to be very spiritual, but he was not a Realised soul. So Vallabhacharya said to him, “Why are you weeping like a baby for God? I have found Him. The one who has found doesn’t weep”.

Spiritual person is that who has found the Spirit. You still find that he is not spiritual? Maybe spiritual in the way that his attitude is, but he must find it, then only he’s a really, a spiritual person. Even an ordinary person could be a Realised soul and a king may not be. We have so many like that . We have so many misnomers in our country if you find out, in every country. Here also, so many are called as ‘saints’, and horrible vibrations come from them. They are ‘saints’ you know. Saint this, saint that. I don’t know [whether] saints or satans but they are something like that! And there are people who are real saints [and] nobody knows about them!

How will you make out? Only through Atma, the Spirit knows the Spirit. Not through mental activity, outward things, but through the knowledge that is manifesting, [in] the knowledge of Reality, you know the Spirit. There’s no other way out. That’s a fact. All other things are useless because, whatever you do in ignorance, are useless. But when you have the knowledge of the Spirit then you do it with your absolute value. It does not know any race, any creed, any colour, nothing! It knows vibrations. Is described, everything is described.

So now, what should we do now at the end when I’m going now? Would you like to sing a song to Me? If they allow us.

Sahaja Yogi: Jerusalem Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: All right. Close the door I think they should not say that we have misused their liberties. Who will sing it? Who will start? [Sahaja Yogis sing Jerusalem, Mother closes Her eyes in meditation then bows]

Thank you very much.