Public Program: The meaning of Swajan

Parel, Mumbai (India)

1982-12-17 Speech On Occassion Of Felicitation Mumbai Source NITL HD, 57'
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Public Program,Mumbai , India, 17th December 1982

 The recording of the advice given by Her Holiness Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi ji on 17/12/1982   at Parel on the occasion of Her Felicitation by ‘Swajan’. She has explained the meaning of ‘what is Swajan’

“All the members of ‘Swajan’ and its organizers, as well as all the self-realized yogis, my greetings to you all! As mentioned, the term ‘Swajan’ signifies a profound concept. The name ‘Swajan’ which we have given to this organization, behind it, there was some mind of mine, which is called Mahamaya. Understanding the word ‘Swajan’ is important. What does ‘Sw’ mean? ‘Sw’ means the soul, those who have found their soul are true ‘Swajan’. At that time, perhaps someone didn’t think why this name was specifically chosen, and why it was said that only those who have found their soul are Swajan, because they too have found the soul. ‘Sw’ has been found. Swajan has been created to attain one’s ‘Sw’, and the difference is that it may not be explicitly stated in Swajan, but it is implicit in that word.” The ‘Om’ is inherent in that we are Swajan, and the soul is ‘Sw’ which is the reflection of the Supreme Soul in our hearts, ‘Sw’ is its essence that is manifested through universal consciousness. That means when a person becomes knowledgeable about the ‘Sw’, he becomes a part of the ‘ Swajan ‘. Now, the ‘Jan’ whom we call, thousands of people wander in the world. Look around on the streets, thousands are wandering. Wherever you go, in this country, the question of population is raised. Wherever you go, people say that there is a lot of population here, but these are not Swajan. They are just people. The Swajan we are thinking about is a cosmic concept, it’s the notion of one such individual who, despite being a part of this vast, magnificent Supreme Soul, is still a unique entity. But you also see in our body that there are countless parts, which we call cells. Similarly, in the manifestation of this Supreme Soul, we are alive like a cell, but not awakened. Until we are not awakened in it, we are not fully ‘Swajan’. Yes, it is also possible that people can come together under a name, but there is a significant political strategy in your name that everyone must become Swajan. Until you don’t descend into this Swajan, nothing will be enjoyable. There will be quarrels, there will be troubles, there will be discussions among you, all sorts of things will happen but the enjoyment will not come. There might be singing, there might be music, but if it’s not explicitly said from the beginning that you should conduct Swajan in the manner of Sahaja Yoga, then it becomes a problem. Not to say. At the beginning, everything seems fine. Go on a picnic, meet each other, and it’s okay that all of you, coming together, conversing while mingling, gradually form an organization among yourselves, of people who are wise and subtle knowledge seekers, and who want to maintain harmony among themselves. But when this harmony becomes dense, then it will dawn upon human understanding that something is missing in it. The absolute purity, the essence of love is not yet being felt within it. The time will come, and it will come. Because the source of all joy is the soul residing within your heart. Until this soul is not illuminated in your consciousness, the work of Swajan will not be completely joyful, and you won’t even need to do anything to attain this joy. You’ve already said that you are Swajan. Now, it’s just a matter of becoming Swajan. The soul residing within us is a great gift from the Supreme Soul. Because from an amoeba, the Supreme Soul has created us humans today, so we have evolved like pearls from shells. Imagine, initially there were only stones. Then they turned into carbon, then into animals, and from animals, this wonderful thing called humans, which the Supreme Soul lovingly created. Now, what happens after attaining this great thing? It becomes complete. It has to reach perfection. Alright. Why do we feel good about the harmony among us? Why are we special beings? This should be thought about. No, now you must have heard, my husband has also gone to the UN, and he also says that all these organizations there do not have a soul. Until the shine of the soul comes in them, these organizations are completely deteriorating. Their fragrance will not spread, and this is the same with all our organizations. Whatever organization we create, we should know that there is a big plan, an internal desire inside, that we all merge into the collective, become uniform. We should feel people, and they should feel us. Someone should know what complaints we have, what troubles we face, in which joys we are reveling. Until a person doesn’t immerse themselves in others, they won’t enjoy. Even a drunkard, he’ll want to have fun only if he’s not drinking with four other people. Behind all this, there is also the call of the soul. She says that you are not alone. You are the form of that complete cosmic consciousness. And until all of you also don’t merge, you won’t enjoy, and the work of Sahaja Yoga is just this, to bring your soul into your consciousness, and as soon as your soul is manifested in your consciousness, at that time you become awakened in collective consciousness. It means, you don’t have to give a certificate, you don’t have to say that we are all brothers, and there is no rift among us. No one among us is different. We have no selfishness, etc., there’s no need to say anything, it just happens. It’s said in the Quran that when the time of resurrection comes, your hands will speak. Your hands will make sound. What does it mean, our hands will speak? It means that when your soul shines in your consciousness, then it will be known in your nervous system of your bone marrow that there is no one else, no stranger, everyone is within us. Now, as many people have done charity work, I have also done a lot of work on that. Tried to make people understand. The Lion Society, that society is fine. To some extent its fine, but it’s not in the name of the Supreme Soul. Like you were creating a Lion Society, building a hospital or doing something, it’s okay. But it’s not the work of the Supreme Soul. When you belong to the Supreme Soul, then who else is there? So, whom will you do social work for? Whom will you help when there is no one else? Understand this: if you hurt your finger here and the other finger that is soothing it, what will you say to it? Will you say, “Brother, you’ve done me a great favor, you’ve soothed me”? Similarly, if you get hurt and another Sahaja Yogi comes to you and says, “We know what it is, and they place their hand on you and you recover, then you should understand that the Sahaja Yogi has also realized this. They felt your pain, and because they cannot tolerate that pain themselves, they took your pain upon themselves. Only then does one become a ‘Swajan’, but the word ‘Swajan’ is very beautiful. Maybe you didn’t understand at that time that Swajan imbibes everything within. Who else is there? Who is a stranger? Like if someone says to me, “Mother, you’ve done me a great favor,” I would laugh and say, “What are you talking about? Whom am I helping?” You people talk about these things. But it has to happen. Until you are not there, until then, this talk remains just talk. It is said in all religious scriptures, everywhere it is said that you should have your rebirth. If you take any religious scripture, it is written in it that you should be baptized, you should experience pain, and everyone has written it, and someone like that (-Not Clear- is) written in everyone that you have to become something else. Right now, you are just a human being, but right now, you are inside, and you have to be enlightened. You have to have enlightenment within you. Right now, you need to have light. Now, many people roam around with certificates saying, “Sir, we have understood the Brahman. We are enlightened souls.” It’s not like that at all. If we give ourselves a false certificate that we are very big people, or if we say to ourselves that sir, we are the Prime Minister of this country, will we become one? If we are, then we should have his powers within us, and until the power of the soul within you does not work, does not show its effect, then sticking to false things will not be beneficial. And the truth is that within you, within your heart, there is a very beautiful reflection of the Supreme God himself. And within you, there is also that power which can take you there, which is called Kundalini. Kundalini is called that which is coiled like a serpent. This power in three ‘Kundal’, “Kundal” which means coils in English, is situated. And this power is situated in the triangular bone. You can see it scientifically. Now, as they just mentioned that they have complaints of diabetes, I didn’t need to be told; I already knew. They started bringing it up here at the left navel, which we call “left navel,” and Kundalini started indicating that they have a complaint here. We don’t even know, if ever we asked this and that how to awaken this power. We’ve never inquired, but we’ve known since birth. We have only one task, awakening Kundalini. But if you tell us to start the motor, we can’t do it. You tell us to go to the bank and do that, but I still can’t get money until now. I don’t understand this banking and all; I don’t understand anything about worldly things. I’m such a worthless woman that what can I tell you? But I understand the awakening of Kundalini. Now when I understand something, why should people feel ego that who  am I to awaken the Kundalini? Brother, when we have only one task and we know that very thing, then what’s there to be upset about? And you can also awaken Kundalini. Just like one lit lamp can light another lamp, and the second lit lamp can light many lamps, similarly, you can also become a beacon of light everywhere. “Swajan” are my own people. These people, until they are awakened, will never be completely “Swajan”. Now, when Kundalini awakens, its map is not drawn here, but I will try to explain to you a little bit that it is not some delusional imagination, cleverness of the mind, or an excuse or lie. This is absolutely true. You can see that when Kundalini is awakened, there is a vibration in the triangular bone. It’s like someone’s heart is pulsating. You can see it with your own eyes. Not everyone experiences it. If your system is fine, if your central channel, known as Sushumna, is absolutely fine, there is no illness, no trouble, and you are completely settled in the central channel, then Kundalini rises up in a flash. Then you will feel it, but if there is any obstacle, you can see with your own eyes that there is vibration. This is everyone’s own “Mother”. Everyone has this Mother. Just as you have siblings like your brothers and sisters, you have only one Mother. Several brothers and sisters can share one Mother, but Kundalini is solely an individual’s thing, and understands that all the knowledge you have acquired from time immemorial is recorded in this Kundalini. And when Kundalini rises, it sees where there is trouble. First, where there is trouble, she will go there and strike. She will remove it and then advance, coming to the palate, she will pierce it. This is called the Brahmarandhra piercing. And when that piercing happens, you can feel the cool breeze coming from the top of your head. Now, because we think of ourselves as developing countries, we’ve just made our name as developing countries. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s not a bad thing. The thing is, if a Mango tree starts thinking that it’s not a Babool tree; alike development..(of our country); similarly, if we want the development of our country to move towards becoming a Babool tree, then no one can do anything. The development of a country that is only superficial. Just like a tree grows upwards but its roots are not there. They don’t know anything about the roots, they are only superficial, and without roots, you see, this country won’t survive, and yours roots are in this country. All its knowledge is in this country. That’s why your country is called the land of yoga. It is said that those who have done great deeds are born in this country. This is true, and you have to realize it. Who will do it? There will be three to four thousand people in this field, and about 90 percent of them will transcend. This is the wonder of my country, whereas if you go abroad, my hand gets tired at every step. I get anxious when I have to go to a new country. I only wonder which hell I’m going to. But we also fail to understand it because we only see poverty. We see people dying of hunger here. We see that those people have no hunger. They have means of transportation, and we have none here. We engage in all kinds of theft and corruption. So our faith keeps crumbling, that all the knowledge is stored in our country. The reason for this is that we have never looked towards what we have, what heritage we have. For so many years, we haven’t even estimated what wealth we possess. We’re running after them like madmen, without even knowing where they end up. We should also see where they’re stuck. Either they’ve created things like atom bombs and have kept them on their heads. The whole social system is broken. Someone’s wife is with someone else, someone’s husband is with someone else, and someone’s children are in orphanages. It’s such a bad situation. We need to learn from them. I don’t see any reason for us to learn from them. But it’s very difficult to explain to such people when we have decided to run after them. Now, whatever you know about science, you’ll be amazed that all this information was available in your country, and knowing all these things is not such a difficult task. But here, the sages and ascetics thought that first, one should work on the soul itself. And then people should be concerned about the soul, awaken the soul, so that their powers become so strong that then there won’t be any need for all these things. They will gather the means to achieve whatever they desire. But we think that all this is useless talk. It doesn’t make any sense. Then why go to temples and pray? Let’s just give a few pennies to some Brahmin, okay, done, some rituals have been performed, okay, enough of God’s work. God is within everyone. And who is God? The Almighty, the Supreme Soul. He is the Almighty. We cannot know His powers. We don’t know how powerful He is. He will say this, we don’t see it, but you must have seen in the garden, thousands of flowers turning into fruits. Who does this for thousands, millions, countless? If you plant a mango tree, who is producing only the mangoes from it? Look within yourself, doctors cannot tell us what is inside us, what we call the Para Sympathetic Nervous System, they call it Autonomous. We cannot understand it, we cannot explain it, because their reach is not there. Who is this “Auto”? This is the soul. But they have stamped it as “auto”? That’s it. Just accept that you are “auto”. But what is this thing? What is this soul? How to reach it? How do its powers flow from within us? No one knows about it. 14 thousand years ago, Markandeya Swami wrote about it in this country. But it was a very secretive affair back then, and not many people discussed it. Only here, from the beginning of the Vedas and so on, you would be amazed at the achievements of science. Because they awakened the five elements and their deities, and from that, the achievements of science began. Secondly, the path of devotion has been going on here for many days. Here, discussions of the Supreme Lord and true gurus started. These two paths have been here, which we call the right side and the left side. And the path of awakening that lies in between, here you attain yoga. On this path, concerning the Sushumna, you can see that even Indra was given realization. This practice has been ongoing in our country for thousands of years. As I would say, North Indians know that Nachiketa became a disciple of King Janaka, and he asked for the knowledge of the soul. He said, “Son, if you want, you can take my entire kingdom. This effort is not to my capacity.” Then, after undergoing a great trial, he made a person get realization through that moment; that was Nachiketa. And today, thousands of people are transcending. People can’t even believe how thousands of people are transcending. When a plant starts, only one flower comes in it. But when spring comes, thousands of people come into this world who transcend, and that time has come. This is what is called the time of resurrection, the Last Judgment. This is the Sat Yuga that has come, and in this, whatever is found will be found, and whatever is not found will be completely lost. As a mother and as someone very close to you, I earnestly request you with love. Turn towards this direction, observe, and understand your living human state, that beyond this, there is something, without achieving which, no meaning can be derived from this endeavor. Just like this is something, until you  connect  it, there is no meaning to it. Similarly, a human being also does not derive any meaning until they become one with the soul, and as soon as they become one with the soul, the waves of consciousness begin to flow from within them. This is absolutely true. There is not even a bit of falsehood in it. But scientists will not believe it because they want to see what they see with their eyes. But whoever sees with inner eyes will understand. But the problem is that inner eyes open only when you have a vision of your soul. And until there is no vision of the soul, people keep arguing how this can be possible. Now, if you are a scientist, you should keep your mind open. As a scientist keeps their mind completely open. If their mind becomes closed and narrow, then they are not a scientist. And when they are presented with any idea, belief, or hypothesis, they first estimate whether it is really true or not. They conduct numerous experiments, and when it is proven, then they accept it. Because we Indians have progressed beyond these gentlemen. We don’t even want to see it. We don’t want to know it. Now, when you don’t want to know and don’t want to see, then nothing can be forced upon you. Because God has given humans freedom. Whether they enter the kingdom of God or go towards hell, this freedom is chosen by God Himself. As a mother, we would say to our son, “Son, you should walk towards God.” Try in some way to stay here, so that you can attain it because this is the ultimate, the wealth of all religions. The truth of all blessings is your soul. Just like you are sitting in darkness now. Until you stand in non-duality, until you feel the power of love of God, which is omnipresent, beyond all beings and non-beings, until you realize it, you cannot know what you’re coming into this creation means and what your purpose is. Until now, we have been doing many things in the dark. Many things have happened in the dark. Some things seem a little good, some seem bad, and now it’s not clear what to do. Everyone is confused, in doubt. Is this right or not? Is it right to do this or not? Paying income tax is right or not? Bodies, all illuminated, become enlightened. Your illnesses will be cured, at least some will be cured, if nothing else, then illnesses will be cured. Today, a gentleman came. He’s a very big man. He has some guru. He has diseases from all over the world. He has heart trouble, kidney trouble, no disease of the world, which he doesn’t have, and he is a very big officer. So I asked, sir, why do you keep the guru you have? Why do you keep them? They are of no use. Hey, brother, keep a servant. He also does great work. At least he keeps your health good, and that of your guru.  He feeds him so much money, and Guru Maharaj considers himself what a great personality, and they don’t even cure a small illness. On the contrary, all diseases are rampant in their house. It is not a sign of intelligence to believe in such a guru. There is no need to put our intellect on hold. But in such places, we completely put our intellect on hold. Someone showed some miracles, and we ran after them. The real miracle should be that our power, the power of our soul, should be manifested. Our power should be shown. If there are any gurus, let them be, let them stay in their place. What did we gain? Selfishness! The one who has attained the meaning of ‘self’ is actually selfish. But in reality, there is no selfishness on anyone. Those who run after such gurus, those who walk on the wrong path, will ultimately regret it. And on the other hand, there are those who completely deny God, saying that God does not exist, he has no power, and only science is everything. Those who understand this are also deprived in a way from that whole-some-ness. No work is ever accomplished by walking in one direction. Have you ever seen a man walking on one leg? Or any motor that moves in only one direction? Balance is very important, and it is for this balance that the sense of righteousness has been instilled within us. But now religion means hypocrisy, and the meaning of religion is to earn money in the name of religion, and it means to fill one’s stomach in the name of religion, to fill the stomachs of children, and to accumulate wealth. Now there is a gentleman, he has consumed 6 thousand crore rupees in cash from people. He is considered a heavyweight sage in your country, and he has taught life lessons. Begging on the streets, their homes have been looted, their children are sick, they have epilepsy, and they are suffering. Such demons are going out of their country and devouring money, and our Indians are their disciples. I asked a gentleman why they became his disciples. He started saying that they give money to our organization. I said one day it will sink, understand your organization. The organization will sink with such sin-filled money. Today I found out that many railway employees have come here. Now they should see what benefit railway workers will get from Sahaja Yoga. Let’s talk completely practical. Now tell me about the experiences, why accidents happen, no one has ever known why accidents happen? No one tries to understand why accidents happen, and how accidents suddenly happen. While we take precautions in every way, nurture things, and follow its rules diligently, still accidents happen. What’s the reason for it? They say something went wrong with the machine part. Alright. But why did it go wrong? Then, moving forward, they’ll say that bad thoughts came into their mind. But why did a good person’s mind get corrupted? Why did they choose the wrong path? No one thinks about it. If their soul is in a state of awareness, they will never walk the wrong path. They will immediately realize that doing so will lead to an accident. When a person transcends, they immediately sense that an accident is about to happen, and you will be surprised to know that once one Sahaja Yogi was traveling on a train and there was an accident, yet not a single person was injured, and there were no complaints about the train either. So people couldn’t understand how this happened. They asked, “Are there any holy saints here?” Because in our country, people believe that there must be some holy saint. But how did this miracle happen? So those poor souls just sat quietly. They didn’t say anything. But once a  Sahaja Yogini was coming from Rauri to Mumbai, and her bus fell 80 feet down in the rain. With its head down, it was lying down thre; and everyone thought it was no all over, but miraculously it turned, both sides touching the ground equally, and settled silently. Everyone was astonished, but the driver, terrified, ran away. The driver fled in fear, and he thought, “How did this happen?” But he feared it would still be blamed on him. So, leaving the keys there, he ran away. One gentleman said, “Sir, I know how to drive a bus, but with the bus having fallen so heavily, how will we manage to drive it? Let me try.” He went and tried the keys. When he tried the keys, they worked. The bus started, and they continued their journey. Then he asked, “Who was sitting there?” They thought maybe it was a saint. Our Sahaja Yogis have a ring. How much work Sahajyog is doing in the villages (said!! -) This is the thing, all powerful divine angels of God come to your shelter. This is true, believe me. Krishna said, “You  take to yoga and and leave kshema to me.” When yoga happens, then I will take care. We forget this. Here it is written in insurance companies, “yoga kshemam vahamyaham”, meaning, are these insurance companies Shri Krishna? They should only write ‘kshemam vahamyaham ‘but they clearly write “yogakshemam vahamyaham”. First, there should be yoga. After that, prosperity follows. This is what Shri Krishna said. Why didn’t he say, “Kshem yoga vahamyaham”? We humans ask God for protection. Some say, “Lord, give us children.” Some say, “We have too many children.” We have all kinds of power (and – Not Clear -) what’s the matter? Capitalists are those who have all the powers. We say we are the biggest capitalists. (Why do we say Capitalist?) Because we have all the powers, and no communist is better than us. Because it’s no fun without sharing. Everything is fine at home, married, everything is comfortable, and people don’t understand why some are wandering like crazy in the jungle? And they live in villages where there are no bathrooms, nothing at all. People don’t understand, there’s no fun in that. What should we do? So, we are the biggest communists, the biggest capitalists too. And those who are called capitalists, communists, they are all supreme beings. And that’s why everything has ended. Where capitalism came, where freedom came, people don’t know how to use freedom? It’s suppressed in Russia, poor people are suppressed there too. If you crush someone, tell me, aren’t they like animals? It’s brutality. They only have freedom for eating and drinking, not for thinking and understanding. So where have the humans gone? They are seated on the sidelines, and those who have power are heading towards hell. They are rushing towards hell at a fast pace. So, humans neither can endure freedom, nor money, nor power. They can’t endure anything. Power is obtained, theft and corruption begin, and all sorts of wrongdoing start. There’s no concern for anyone, no love for anyone, no love for the country, no thought for anyone. What’s the reason? The reason is that there is no awakening of the soul within. When the soul awakens, the human raises above all these things and feels that the light of truth has been shown to them. Who is the one asking? Someone has to give, has to give, and has to give. I don’t even have the right to take, and there’s no joy in taking either. What can a human give? Whatever is given, the Supreme Divine gives it back a thousand fold. But what can one give? Even if you give a little thoughtfully, it’s just your childishness. Alright, the Divine accepts it. Krishna said, “A leaf, a flower, a fruit, water” – whatever you give, they will accept. But what do they say about giving? They say “Ananya.” The word “Ananya” is significant because they were the great sovereigns. Sri Krishna was the direct incarnation of the sovereignty. They were the incarnation of divine politics. Devote to them with Ananya devotion. What does Ananya mean? It means realized soul. When there is no one else, they are “self-realized.” If you want to understand the real truth, then say it clearly, follow Ananya. They explained the meaning of a Karma Yogi, that you perform actions but surrender to the Divine. It can’t be. Absurd, this is politics, introducing absurd conditions. Perform actions but surrender to the Divine. It can never happen. Many people say, “Mother, whatever actions I perform, the black marketing etc, whatever thefts I commit, I leave them to the Divine.” Everything is orchestrated by the Divine. Alright, your Divine is like you’re holding them in your lap. They do as you say. So they also said, “Karmanye Vadhikaraste” – keep performing actions, the results are not yours. But there is also significant diplomacy in this because it’s an absurdity. A person can never escape from the actions they perform. They cannot say that they are not performing any actions. The Divine is doing it. Similarly, whatever they say, whatever they do with their literacy and education, because they are still in the same delusion, sitting in the same illusion that “I am doing it.” Because their ego (hasn’t gone yet), it hasn’t diminished yet. So they know that I am the one performing the actions. But what actions do we perform? All our actions are dead. If someone has made a chair, oh, you think, “What has he made?” “Oh, this one tired up while making the chair.” Did he perform any living action? Can’t extract fruit from a flower, what actions are you performing? How much ego do humans have, saying, “I did this action, I did that action, I did that action.” Everything is surrendered to the Divine. This is another illusion. When you transcend, then you say, “He is going, He is coming.” As if you’ve become a third person. Your language changes into non-action. You don’t perform actions, yet things happen. One day someone said to me, “Mother, please transcend our son. That’s what for I’ve come in meditation. Make sure you transcend this.” I said, “Look, Bhai! If you don’t love yourself, how can you transcend?” “If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.” He came; How come he was going to transcend? His hands broke, my hands also broke. They started saying, “Mother, transcend.” I said, “You give them a certificate. If you transcend, then give it.” How can ghosts be given a certificate like this? I said, “That’s the point. When you haven’t transcended, how can you say they have transcended? Transcendence has to happen. Just as a seed sprouting is necessary. If someone says the seed is alive and it sprouted, would you believe it?” But sprouting of a seed is also a living action, and it naturally occurs on its own, which is why it is effortless. Effortless means the action that arises naturally with you and the attainment of yoga from it is called effortless yoga. All these things are inherent within you. They are within you. Everything is perfectly made. You are the rightful owner of it. You have to attain it yourself. There is nothing to do in this. It’s very simple. You don’t have to do anything for it. Because what are you doing? If you want to awaken a seed, just leave it in the mother’s womb. The mother naturally awakens it. Then after the seed awakens, you have to work hard. You have to nurture it, and that’s where many seekers fail. You have to become because when you receive energy, everything seems fine. But after the energy comes, it is your job to adjust it, to operate it properly, to understand its mechanism. If someone gives you a motor, will you become a motor operator? Until you know how to operate the motor, it’s of no use. Similarly, in Sahaj Yoga, you first attain this state, which you can say is like the waves of consciousness flowing inward from your hands, and then you progress in it. But for this, someone is needed. As they say in Marathi, “येऱ्या गबाळ्याचे काम नव्हे हे” – It’s not the work of a child. As Ramdas Swami said, this is not for mere wanderers. For this, we need some committed individuals, very serious people, and that’s why I say even from our country, which is the supreme nation, the best nation, there have been saints and sages born who are deeply engaged in the search for the Divine. They haven’t just explored science; they have also delved into the search for the Divine. When they come into Sahaj Yoga, you’ll be amazed that as much as they know, our great scholars don’t know. This is not within us. We are constantly engrossed in trivial, fragmented things, and in this superficial manner, we end up ruining ourselves. Until a major disaster strikes, we don’t think about delving into the depths and realize how significant we are. Think about it, first, we are human beings, second, we are Indians, and we are losing this great thing. The responsibility of the entire world is now on Indians. And the whole world will bow down to you the day you establish this great power within yourself. So, I humbly request my dear ones, okay, you are doing work, your work has increased a lot. But also try to awaken the soul of ‘Swajan’ (own people). By doing so, you will see your hands open up. You will be able to benefit thousands of people. You will be able to improve the condition of thousands of people. The poverty and helplessness of many people will be eliminated. A new society will be created. Only by awakening ‘Swajan’, one will reach there. “!I have full confidence that one day I will see this condition of ‘Swajan’ myself. Now my complete blessings are with you. Today, I am very happy that you invited me, and we met again. It’s like when a mother finds her lost child or meets the child after a long time, the joy can increase. Similarly, I couldn’t estimate my happiness. I couldn’t figure out how to express it. I hope you won’t take any offense at my words and will consider everything I said thoroughly. If you have any questions, you can ask, and if you want, I can also conduct a realization program. “I need a little water!”

If you have any questions, please ask. Questions should be asked. Alright, fine. Alright, fine. Before this, you asked how much time it takes to focus and attain meditation and happiness. 

It doesn’t take any time because it’s a living process. Some people achieve it instantly, and may be one may have not to meditate at all. You are in meditation, and when the Kundalini passes your Agnya Chakra, you become thoughtless. At that time, if one remains in that state, thoughtlessness increases. For example, when one thought arises, it falls, then another thought arises, and it falls. In between these thoughts, there is a small gap called delay. So, either you live in the past or in the future. You reside in either the past or the future, but you are not present in the present. When the Kundalini rises, it elongates these thoughts and increases the delay. As a result, when the Kundalini rises above the Agnya Chakra, from the Agnya Chakra, awakening, there are two institutions within you, which are called mind and ego, both of which disappear completely. It’s like pressing a balloon. Both balloons suddenly disappear, causing the fontanel to open. As a result, all your sins and all the imaginations, all the impressions that are in your abyss, all disappear. The Agnya Chakra is very important, very, very useful. When this awakening occurs, its power is such that it pulls all your sinful actions and other such things that you think about, and it also pulls your ego in the opposite direction. And as soon as this disappears, the Kundalini pierces through the same Brahma-randhra, which is when it rises from the Agnya Chakra, which is called the Limbic Area in English, known as the Sahasrara in Sanskrit, from which thousands of nadis emanate, and it enters the Sahasrara. Then you enter into nirvikalpa samadhi. This happens instantly, at that moment. It happens instantly, and not everyone experiences it. Because if a person thinks too much, their Agnya Chakra will definitely be disturbed. Their Agnya Chakra may start spinning. In this way, one cannot say for everyone that it will happen in 2 minutes or in 4 minutes. Similarly, in some trees, fruits grow after a year, while in some trees, it takes ten years. Likewise, for everyone, it doesn’t always take ten years, but everyone experiences this event. Whether you are of any caste, any race, any color, any place, it happens suddenly. And for some, it may take a little time, which is not a problem. We have to have complete patience towards you, and we work with great neutrality. You should also be like this. You should also look at yourself with great empathy. Then as the work progresses, you will enter into meditation. Now, the other thing you asked about me, when did this happen to me and whether I did all this or whatever it is, then this is it, so far, whoever – whoever told, either they were hanged, or their neck was cut, or they were poisoned. So far, this is the situation. Anyway, when it comes to telling about myself, I think someday I will have to tell, and you will also find out about us. (Voice of a sage) No, no, no, it’s not a problem. There is absolutely no problem. I am telling you, I am telling you. So, about myself, just know about yourself first, then you will also get to know about me. But I started this work in 1970. I started the work of collective awakening of Kundalini in 1970. Now you will be surprised that before the Bhrigu Samhita, a Nadi Granth was extracted. Thousands of years ago, the Bhrigu Samhita was written. Before that, a Nadi Granth was written in Sanskrit. Its revision was done 300 years ago by a Bhujendra, and he wrote that this work would start from 1970. Then Kundalini awakening will happen spontaneously and people will transcend, and no institution with the name hospital will survive. Now the same work is happening. Well, there have been great visionaries in our country, but it is surprising that in London too, 100 years ago, there was a great visionary named William Blake. He provided a complete description of Sahaja Yoga, detailing where Sahaja Yoga would start from. He provided exact addresses, specifying where it would commence and where the foundation would be laid, even indicating the exact location of my house. In other words, 100 years ago, that visionary had seen everything that this work would come to be. So, the third thing you mentioned was about revealing something about yourself from childhood. This indicates that since childhood, I knew that this work was meant for me. My father, who himself was a highly accomplished man, also told me how the condition of a human, which is so vast, is like a huge gap. He said, “First understand the human being. Because until you understand the human being, the human being will not understand you. Because if a person is born on the 10th floor and only sees things on the 10th floor, and if someone else is on the ground, they will not see the things that are on the 10th floor. So it is necessary to at least bring them to the second or third floor.” So, similarly, Sahaja Yoga is also there, and that’s why I started this work in 1970. Today, this work has grown significantly, and it is also gaining momentum in rural areas. Today, you know that many tasks in life are done because they are necessary. One of these is marriage. Marriage is highly respected in Sahaja Yoga; we consider marriage a very noble thing. Marriage is a sacred ceremony, but the best marriage is the highest and the finest. We have many marriages here. Last year, there were around 12 marriages in Delhi. Some marriages were of Indians with foreigners, some foreign girls got married here, and some marriages were among themselves. Some Indians got married too. In London, once there were 16 marriages, and once there were 22-21 marriages. We respect marriage because it is the foundation where a child grows, matures, and the entire human civilization is built. Today, the biggest question abroad is that if they don’t get married, their children don’t have any parents. They are all orphans. Therefore, making good marriages is an important task. So, I got married, and one thing I did in my life was to get married and after marriage, to nurture the children, take care of them completely, and until they were properly settled, I didn’t start any social work because it wouldn’t have been appropriate to do so before that. Because even if we wanted to become mothers at a young age, no one would accept that we were mothers. We were mothers since childhood, but who recognized us? So, when we reached this age and realized what faults are present in the human Kundalini, how permutations and combinations occur within it, and how the melody of Kundalini can be played. By delving deeply into everyone’s subtleties, we started this work in 1970. And then we will definitely say that my husband is also very generous. He has been helping us a lot from the beginning. We don’t take anything for money, you know. We help in every possible way. Our American tour, our brothers helped us a lot. They provided financial support for all the expenses during the American tour, which enabled us to go abroad and start the work there, and gradually, today, that work has grown significantly. 

In this way, we have told you that we have come into this world to do that very work, and this is the work we have to do, and you are truly our strength. Without you, we cannot do this work. Whatever is within us is of no use until you receive it; it is useless for us until you attain it because, as you know, a mother’s efforts are in vain until her children flourish and gain her strength. So, brother, you have a question.. 

(A Sahaj Yogi’s question).

Shri Mata ji:- All right, Now his question is that when we are in the process of achieving some goal and then suddenly  we find , we are diverted from that goal and we go to another diversion what is the reason for that ?  Reasons can be many.  The reason, one of the reasons is, may be your goal is not correct may be that God doesn’t want you to go to that goal, if your goal is right and then still you are pursuing the goal, may be that the God will, you are not supported by from spirit or we can say the angel and there are bad things now; for example suppose in your family somebody