Advice to visiting Sahaja Yogis

Lonavala (India)


Advice to visiting Sahaja Yogis

It’s good for Hamsa Chakra, it’s a, that’s why it’s good for Hamsa Chakra. for all of you not to catch cold and all that. It’s already very late and I think now we are proceeding towards Maharashtra in the real way because this was a seminar and today is a concluding day for you. I’ll be leaving early in the morning tomorrow there’s a program for Me fixed there. So, you know my… It’s not all right? No, it’s not switched on, Mother. Sorry. Excuse me, must take it back and… Take a seat. So, tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Poona. And you will be also leaving for Poona and from Poona then we’ll be going ahead. Now, so we are going into Maharashtra and Poona is supposed to be the holy door of Maharashtra. In Poona we’re going to have a program for seven days, I think. We’re going to stay there for seven days all together out of which, I think, two days you’re going to go outside in the villages, and five days we’ll have program in Poona. Now there we’ll try to arrange some conveyance for you to go to the program places.

But if we are finding it difficult in that case I think, you will make it easy for yourself to go to the places where we have programs. That will be only five times. So that perhaps you may have to arrange. The rest of it is being arranged and organized. I’ll try, as I said to get buses to take you down but incase we cannot please organize yourself. Only five times maybe… Five times or? No,no… Only, only once. Only once. Engineering college because Paur and these two places we’ve got bus arrangement and also Pimpri. So, three places we have arrangements and once only, when I have a program, I’ve not been able to arrange. Four days and [Marathi] Ha, and Lions Club also if you want to come you can come to Lions Club, or I don’t know if there’s an invitation or not. So, that’s fifth day and then sixth day, Kude. Sixth day is the day you leave and seventh day is the day you arrive. So, that’s how, only for one day is a problem, when they go to the Engineering College, perhaps we might have to arrange one day. That’s only is the headache. So, that’s done. Now, we have got a good place there. But it’s a place nearby all the Rajnesh’s people used to live. And it’s such a Sahaja way that we’re going down there. Beat yourself with shoes but first of all that horrible Rajnesh.

Tomorrow morning you beat him nicely with shoes all of you, so that there won’t be any problem for you and don’t be afraid. Now, we are not going to be afraid of all these non-sensical things. These are all myths and we are going to fight them out if they come round. There’s nothing that is going to attack you, if you are strong people. Nothing attacks Me, why should it attack you? All right. So, you please be prepared and don’t be afraid. You see, especially French, I would say, French style is just to be unnecessarily frightened for nothing at all. Or somebody who is just aggressive for nothing at all. Just be in the centre. We can say the aggressiveness of Americans is not needed and the frightening, two extremes I’m telling you. Frightening behavior of French is not needed. It’s just in between to be, to be in such a position that you just watch, you are a witness. See you are a, you are a Sahaja Yogi, you are a saint. And a saint has to move with the dignity of a saint. So, must remember that you are a saint. And all the time you must keep the dignity and this frightening thing “I’m frightened” and all this is absolutely, absolutely ridiculous. It doesn’t behoove or anybody who is aggressive also, it doesn’t behoove. So this is what we have to remember.

We should see, I don’t want to praise Indians, but you should see the way Indians behave. they are neither aggressive nor frightened. That’s a one thing one has to learn, because we are imbalanced that way in the West because the temperaments are always shattered by the atmosphere. But here the atmosphere is peaceful, nice, your Mother is with you, nothing to be worried. I am going to stay with you. All right? So, May God Bless you all! Now, so the most pleasant task I have to do is to the French, they are very sweetly as they are, brought some sweet things for the centers in India, and I want to present them to the centers. So, these are nine centers. One by one I’ll be calling and the people who have to take them should come around. [unclear] Now they [are coming there]. And this is something very sweet, is the tea cups, you see, in a centre they will have it and will be used for Sahaja Yogis only and not for anybody else. That is definite. Don’t use it for your guests. It’s for the Sahaja Yogis only. A very simple and sweet thing. Is there any more coming?

Sahaja Yogi: Come from? From France? Yes Mother, if You like we can… No, no, no more I want. That’s all, sufficient. No, that’s all you have bought for the time being All right, finished. Because you see, to carry all the way… Now, this one is for [Marathi] This one is for Bombay centre. [Marathi] This one is from Bombay centre. And this one is This is from Poona centre. Now who is taking Poona things? [Marathi] Kohlapur, Mother, Kohlapur. This is for Kohlapur. Ahmednagar. Solapur. For Solapur. [Marathi]. Rahuri. Rahuri. [Marathi] Ahmednagar. Ahmednagar. [Marathi] Kalwa. Kalwa. [Marathi] Moreshwar? Delhi. Delhi Mathura [Marathi]. Delhi? Mathura [Marathi]. What do you have inside this? Nice things. It’s enclosed [unclear], Mother, [unclear]. [Marathi] Kalwa – it’s all right. Kalwa [Marathi] Now, [Marathi]. [Marathi] But that’s a… Is that a present from London? The ghee. Or is to be paid? It’s a present, Mother. It’s a present. All right, so the ghee has come as a present, but that will be used mostly for you, I’m sorry. [Marathi] Now, we have done everything. Now all… Is there any more to be presented anywhere? For luggage we have reduced your luggage quite a lot. All the luggage that you had, everything has been reduced now. Not much has to be carried. Now, your own luggage has to be put on top. Tomorrow somebody… Who is incharge of? One, two buses. Which Indian is responsible for the buses? Who is going to go throughout? [Marathi] So, Avdhut and he is responsible for one bus. For the second bus who is responsible? [Marathi] Anand Than. [Marathi] Who is responsible for the second bus? So, what we can do, we can put Avdhut in one And I will be in another one. Now, I have to tell you one thing, that we have made provision everywhere for your food, everywhere. But please, for Heaven’s sake, anybody even some Sahaja Yogis say that you have food in this hotel or anything please don’t take it. because then I’m not responsible if you get food headache and all, food stomach and headache. Because food in the stomach has to go in a proper way and here sometimes could be horrible. So please don’t take your food outside. Doesn’t matter, if you don’t get sometimes, doesn’t matter.

It’s not so important that you must eat all the time. Sometimes if it is little fasting doesn’t matter, but don’t eat anywhere on the way. That’s one thing I have to request you, very important is, that you get to some place and eat something. Because these are places where there is danger because you are so sensitive. Though you get, you do not get very fresh food in the West, but you get clean food. But I must admit in India it’s very difficult. So, I’ve tried to make the cooking arrangements myself so that you don’t get food that is contaminated or troublesome. So, I have to tell you again and again, you are not to go to any hotel or any place, stop on the way, eat something there. Doesn’t matter if you are hungry, doesn’t matter. You can take some chana or something but don’t eat food anywhere even if some Sahaja Yogi tells you. Don’t give any money to any Sahaja Yogi at any cost. Don’t spoil any Sahaja Yogi. Not a single pie is to be given to any Sahaja Yogi in India and don’t spoil anyone, by telling “You can come to Delhi or do…”. Nothing. Nobody’s going to pay for any Sahaja Yogi anymore, nor do you sell anyone of your things to the Sahaja Yogis like electronic things or donate anything to anyone in India. Is prohibited. All right? Nothing is to be done for Sahaja Yogis. You don’t have to give any kind of alms or any kind of donation or anykind of scholarship or anything whatsoever. If I have to do, I can do it. You are not to give a single pie to anyone, please remember. Anybody who comes to you and says give me five rupees for lend me, you are not to give at any cost. Except for those people who are incharge if they need sometimes some money you can give and I’ll adjust it. But nobody else.

So, we have got you and Avdhut, two persons will be in charge. [Marathi] So on the whole, our program is we go to Poona first, from Poona we go to…. [Marathi] Satara? Satara is a place where Shivaji’s descendants ruled. There were two kingdoms, one was Poona another was Satara. So we go to Satara. From Satara Kohlapur. Kohlapur – [Marathi] There were two, we should say it was divided into three, Shivaji’s kingdom divided into two, into Kohlapur and Satara [Marathi] And Peshwai, the ministers formed another thing called Peshwai, in Poona, later on, when Shivaji died. After him there were big problems So that is how in Kohlapur we have got a very good temple of the Goddess, which you’ll see and where people have used tantrism so we have to go and clear it out there. Then? [Marathi] Solapur. Then we go to Solapur. Solapur is a place you have been there already. [Marathi] There are good… Because we’ll not stay in Solapur we’ll stay at Pandharpur. We have decided to stay at Pandharpur and come for program to Solapur which is close. Solapur is a place as you know, where it is the greatest pilgrim pilgrimage for Maharashtrians. They go walk one month to go down there. It’s a very famous pilgrimage but be careful about the pandaas and the Brahmins and all that. Don’t allow anybody to touch your forehead. Don’t go into any temple and allow them to touch your forehead. you can go and see the statues and things like that that’s all. And that’s a place where, I think, you will like it and there are simple people who, village folks, who are coming there to pay their homage to Shri Krishna. Is called as Vitthala on the right side Vishuddhi. [Marathi]

Then from there we go to Pandharpur, I mean, so you stay in Pandharpur. From Pandarpur we go, this is the longest route we have to take, so we go round to Narsinghpur, which is close by, about one and a half hour, where you see a temple which is of Narasimha avatara, of the Prahlada style. It’s very interesting but I won’t be with you. But it’s very interesting to know that Prahlad, who lived thousands and thousands of years back, much before Shri Krishna, his mother was abducted from Multan. It’s in the North towards the Pakistan. It is now in Pakistan. And the king was ruling there and the lady was brought to a guru who was staying in this place where you will be going, near the river Nira. Now you know My name is also Nira. Nira means Mary, Mary or what you call “the marine”. And this gentleman stayed there. I should say, she was abducted by Indra. Indra is the King of all the Gods. And this gentleman Mr. Indra when he went and saw the guru who was staying in that ashram, was Shandilya which is which is my gotra. My father’s gotra is Shandilya. [Marathi]

So the Shandilya, you see, this little boy stayed with Shandilya, at the age when he was of five years of age, I think and he used to play along the river. And there we are trying to get a plot of land which is of twenty-five acres of land, for our future, real ashram we’ll have, near the river, bank of river Nira. And something, in My childhood I’ve written some poems with the bank, on the bank of Nira river. I’ve written, long time back some poems, but I don’t know where are they. But I wrote some poems about it. So, I knew that we’ll be settled down there. You should have a look at the temple and should have a look at the Nira river and the place where we are going to have our ashram.

Now, this one is, you will be going down there, and now this boy was making a statue of Narasimha which was going to incarnate. And then guru Shandilya told Indra that, “Don’t do like this. You return this lady back to her husband, though he is a rakshasa, Hiranyakashipu, doesn’t matter. This child is going to bring forth the advent of Narasimha”. So, he returned her back and when he returned her back, you see, then you know what happened and Narasimha avatara took place. And after thousands of years back, later then one of the Peshwas built this temple there of Narasimha. And he put one statue of Shri Vishnu there. But Shri Vishnu appeared in his, a this thing, in his dream, they say so, and told him that, “Prahlada has already made my statue of Narsimha in that place. You go and find it out.”

So they found out a statue made out of sand. And that is still there, kept there. And that is always looked after. So, it’s a very interesting place. And you’ll see that temple is very interesting, you’ll like it. And from there, from… But don’t allow anybody to touch your forehead, again I say. None of them are realized souls there. But the temple is good. And then you come down from there to Poona, just to touch Poona. In Poona the food will be provided for you. Don’t eat on the way in any hotel or any place. In Poona there will be food ready for you. Take your food, and then you proceed to Rahuri. This, all this might take about [Marathi] about seven and a half hours all together. but you’ll have rest in between. Then you go to Rahuri. Then I will come to Rahuri also and then we’ll have Rahuri program, the village programs and all those programs and we’ll be back on the [Marathi] Rahuri we are staying in a very beautiful place no doubt. Five, six days. About six days, I think. Six days in Rahuri. And then, we will be there, I know when we’ll be there. We’ll be there till the tenth, till the tenth.

And then we are back, and from Rahuri we go to Dhulia, by bus, where Raolbai has arranged for you to stay in a nice place there, in Dhulia. We’ll be there for two days and from Dhulia we come to Nasik. From Nasik you’ll go to see this Chaturshringi, temple of Markandeya, which is a very beautiful one, early in the morning. Then you are going to go to Bhadsa and then to Vaitarna. We are going to stay in Vaitarna. There will be a puja in Vaitarna. And then from Vaitarna we come to Bombay. For three days we’ll be there. [Marathi] 21-st, 22-nd, 23-rd we’ll be in Bombay. And in Bombay we are going to have good accommodation for you, where you are going to stay and we are going to have good programs for 21-st, 22-nd and 23-rd. There if you want you can do shopping and this and that because we will not have very heavy programs, so that you’ll be there.

And then on the 23rd half of you who have booked to go will go and the rest of you who want to book your seats must book it by 23-rd or 24-th, whenever, because… to Delhi. Those who have got tickets to go to Delhi by plane, raise your hands. All the, all the Australians have? All the Australians, please, put up your hands. Australians. Three of us got it done. All right, put it down, now let’s see. Those who are going to Delhi who have got tickets for Delhi and have not booked, raise your hands Those who are going to Delhi have got their tickets with them but have not booked. From Delhi. Please get up and tell Me. Don’t sit down and tell Me. What’s it? It had been given to Nick, Mother, the ticket to that make a collective booking with. Nick, have you booked them? I collected all the tickets together, Mother, for the English and the French but we have to get the open tickets and we have to book the date, 23rd. Oh, you haven’t yet booked. No, they didn’t. The place is not confirmed. Oh, God! They are just [plain] tickets. Where are the tickets? Now, you give those tickets to Mr. Modi. And he has to book them. Will you please do that? Yes, Mother. Modi. [Marathi] If they go on the 23rd, it’s better. All of them. But if they can’t go on the 23rd and 24th. [Marathi] You see, we have got now lots of people in Delhi who have offered that they would like to have you with them. One of them is My brother’s son.

He would like to have the people, say, from Europe, those who, with whom he has stayed. He has a huge house and Rome and these people can stay with him for about seven days. Rome, France [Berlin] and also some Geneva people can stay with him. So, these people have to go and you have to sort it out. Now, we have got Mr. Mathur here, who could be consulted and can be told that on the 23-rd… So how many are definitely going are fifty-four? Yes Mother. Fifty-one have booked already. There will be three others. Tell, so put it fifty-four. So, for fifty-four, Mathur saab you must arrange with others. All right? With others. Those who want to take them. [Marathi] Then, how many are there from Italy and from France? Eight from France, Mother. Eight from France and how many from Italy? Six, Mother. Eight and six. Eight and six… fourteen. You all could stay in My brother’s place. It’s a huge place. These fourteen people can stay there. Now, for Geneva people; Are there Geneva people here? They have not yet arrived, Mother. They are coming in the second round. No, they’re coming on the 25-th, Mother. Twenty-fifth? No, on the… Twenty, 21-st, Mother. 21-st. 21-st of what? This month. Where are we going to be on the 21-st? Tomorrow are they? Tomorrow. Tomorrow, so they’ll come to Poona. All right. So then, Geneva people [Marathi]. Fifty-four, then Geneva people. Then we got people from America and from Canada. [Marathi], that’s all? Is there any more? England. And England, of course. England, Canada Austria, Australia [Marathi]. And Belgium, yes, Belgium. So, Belgium, how many are there? Five, Mother, but they go back after one month. How many? Five. But they are going back with You. This month we go back. When, when will you go? 21-st. At the end of the [unclear]. All right. Those, who have come for one month, who are not going to Delhi, who are those? Mother, the Italians, who go back, have to be in Bombay, by the 16-th. 16-th, they depart. So their question doesn’t arise. All the Italians are going back? No, Mother.Pedro and Giovanni… How many are going to Delhi, let’s have it? Italians and French. Yogini: [UNCLEAR] Let’s have it. How many? Just count. Can you get up and count. Just a minute. How many there are? Men who are is coming? Eight, Mother. Eight. And how many are coming? From Geneva? They are going to be for one week, most of them. More, for one month. Most Geneva people are. One more French. We’ll be nine, Mother. One French is coming tomorrow also. We’ll be, we will be nine going to Delhi. Nine. And most of the French, they are going back. Half the Geneva are going back. Mother, some of the Swiss are already coming on the 7-th of this month. Some Swiss are coming on the second month, certainly. Same for Italians, Mother. That’s different. How many they are? I’m not sure, Mother [UNCLEAR]. Excuse me, Mother, we worked it out plus minus after deducting those who are going back and those are staying back, it’s for hundred and ten, for Delhi. For a hundred and ten. He says about… I have all the people here. So You can, You can, You can… Now, let us have Rustom in charge of all this so that he allots us these things. All right. So hundred and ten are going to Delhi. Out of which who are not going to Delhi, when are they returning back? What date? 16-th? How many are returning just on the 16-th? Because they have paid for a month. 16-th. Now 16-th [Marathi]. Where are we going to be on the 16th? [Marathi] Nasik, Nasik. 15-th we arrive in Nasik. On 20-th we arrive in Borli. [Marathi]15-th to 19-th.[Marathi] So, we would suggest, it would be better, if you don’t have time, all right, but would be better that when we come back to Bombay you should go away. All right, it’s all right. The rest of you will have to arrange your own, then, way because we will be in a place called Nasik from where you can take a train to come to Bombay and from Bombay they’ll arrange for you to go, all right? So those who want to go on the 16-th definitely, how many there are? Four. So, four? Four? Yes, four. One more. Just five? Because our ticket is booked and we can’t change. All right, so 16-th those who have to go, must arrange their going to Bombay from Nasik. Because you must leave on the 14th, to reach Bombay in time. 16-th evening you have to leave? There, I have, the flight is on the 18-th but… All right. Then 16-th, you have to organize that part. We can’t organize, you see, 16-th we can’t organize. But if you are coming on the 28-th [Marathi]. 21-st they are coming to Bombay. If you are going on the 21-st, those who would like to go on the 21-st we can organize their coming. So those who are being earlier must look after themselves, all right? All right? Quite fair? Fifty-three people from Europe, America, Europe, can use the lodge. Now, what I’m saying As they had an emergency that [Marathi], [Marathi] And we’ll organize it. [Marathi] I said, “why it is a problem”? [Marathi] We can organize their stay, there is no problem. No, they don’t want to stay. They want to go, let them go. Mother, we cannot change our ticket, Mother. It is… That’s what I am saying. So, they are trying to be very,you see, generous. They said “We’ll arrange for them everything”. I said “they cannot stay”, so no question. So, I would suggest Gregoire you should come one or two days earlier to Bombay if you have to do any purchasing or anything, you can be there with Rajesh, because Rajesh is going on the 20-th himself. He says Me you could be there with him for one or two days. And you could be here and that’s how you arrange your own going. That’s the point is. The main point is that we won’t be able to manage that. But from Nasik you can get a train. We’ll help you but you must remember that you have to go. All right. So, fifty people are going, non Australians, are going to Delhi. They all are to be present in the second month.

So, now, for Delhi people they have to arrange for fifty-four people, first of all. Hundred and four, total. Altogether hundred and four. out of which the [Marathi], French and Italians, they can stay with My brother. [Marathi] Austrians, are they going to, I mean Belgian, Belgian people, are they going to stay after second…? They have come for one moth or two months? One month? So, no question, no problem. When, when do you want to go? Together with [UNCLEAR] on 19-th. You have booked? No Mother. The tickets are being collected, Mother. But they, their flight hasn’t been brought. It is flexible. So, you can book it on the , say… Yogi: Yes, [UNCLEAR]. Better do it on the 23-rd then. All right? 23-rd ki 24-th? 23-rd. We’ll get whatever You say. [Marathi] Actually Mataji, as per the program which we have booked in Bombay as I told You earlier also, 21-st they are supposed to arrive in Bombay, 21-st we have BEST program, 22-nd we have program in Borivali, 23rd and 24th, two days we are keeping in New Bombay. [Marathi] On 23-rd. 23-rd we were thinking of putting a farewell in Bombay. They want to give you a farewell on the 23-rd. How many will stay back on the 23-rd? The first group. We, we won’t be there. We leave at 6 a.m. We leave at 6 a.m. in the morning of the 23-rd, Mother. All right. Then we can… 23-rd, that’s all right. 23-rd, what time you’ll go? Six o’clock in the morning. [Marathi] 22-nd they’ll give you a farewell. All right? Evening. [Marathi] 22-nd evening the farewell. All right. So, mean, we understand each other, you see. All right? Did you hear that, Warren? All right. [Marathi] Yogi: with rooms. [Marathi] So, till the 21-st we’ll be in Vaitarna. Then 22-nd, 23-rd, 24-th we have got a hall. All right? [Marathi] Then 22-nd evening we’ll give you a farewell. Those who want to go on the 23-rd, can go away. Those who want to stay, maybe some people won’t get reservation. Now, those who want to have reservation to Delhi must talk to Modi because we have got all the Australians being reserved. Those who haven’t got reservations, going back to England, or going to Delhi, please talk to him. He’s in charge, all right? How many of you have not booked your seats to Delhi?

Sahaja Yogi: Mother, may I say something, please? Guido and I, have no ticket aeroplane. Could we go with the Indians from Mumbai to Delhi in the train? Train? How many are going by train from here? Canadians want. The Swiss will have to go by train Who? The Swiss will have to go by train. There’s only one Swiss. There’s only one. There are several. …who are here for the second month. The Canadians want. There’s only one? Yes, above this list. Just there? All right, then you will have to go by train. That you’ll have to arrange. We’ll arrange that. So, you want three seats to be booked by train.

Sahaja Yogi: Well, we can do there right… [Marathi]

Shri Mataji, for foreigners, if they just go with their passport to the tourist office, they get a train ticket overnight, there’s no problem. No, no, Modi will arrange. We have got all the Railway people with us. We’ll arrange. So, you tell Modi about those things. Yes, yes, thank you, Mother. [Marathi] So, those who have not booked their seats to Delhi please inform Mr. Modi. And those who are coming now also tell them this. Who will tell them? Rustom, you tell. All right, Rustom and Alexander in charge. Just foreigners. Now, Shri Mataji, if I could suggest, perhaps the English and those who haven’t booked their seats to Delhi, they can go on the 25th in the early morning. What’s the use? Because they’ve booked hall until the 24-th. They have booked what? They booked a hall in Bombay till the 24-th. What’s the use? As, I mean, just if You wanted to have them stay in Bombay. I mean, those who want to stay in Bombay, they can stay in Bombay till the 25-th; 25th. If those who want to see for some shopping or anything, can stay. But there is no such program in Bombay, except that we wanted you to have some nice time there. 22nd we’ll have a farewell. Then 23rd, 24th is there. So why I was saying that if go you earlier, the people are anxious there in Delhi also to accommodate you. So, whatever you decide. So we have three days now, 23-rd, 24-th, 25-th. Whenever you get your reservations, you go. [Marathi] Done.

Now, everyone from every country should be responsible for that country and for those people. I’m talking here for everyone, so everyone is responsible. You should find out, all right? Derrick, are you going to Delhi? All right. Have you booked your seat? It’s being done altogether, Mother. With? Nick is doing, Nick is making all the… Nick, you can’t do it because you are not going back now. You have to give it to Modi. All right. All right? Done? Clear cut. So, then we go to Delhi. In Delhi we have decided that from the 23-rd onwards, you are going to stay with Sahaja Yogis. till the 1-st. Means [Marathi]? [Marathi] Eight days. They want to keep you with you. [Marathi] And they want to look after you. This is a new scheme. And they want to take you round to proper places. Don’t go on your own. And they will do whatever shopping you like and not like crazy people last time. It was very funny that people were very upset with you. So, we want you to be cleared out completely. And after that at the end of the program they will take you to Haridwar; That will be… What date have you to fly out? 14-th. 14-th. Everybody is going on the 14th? No, some of us have open tickets. Some of us have open tickets. What is it? English, I think, the English and French have open ticket. Or for the second month. All right. So, it will help us if you all could go. Or you’ll have to come back. From Delhi you are going on the 14-th? You have open ticket from Delhi? All right. Everybody has open ticket from Delhi, is it? No, Mother, some of the Canadians have booked on the 20-th. Some of the Canadians have booked on the 20-th. Some of the Canadians have booked on the 20th. 20-th from Delhi?

Sahaja Yogi: Yes, Mother. But we can’t arrange. We will try to change the booking then. You should because you see, till the 14-th now, we have arranged. You see, it’s difficult. Here we have arranged two days this side, but there we found it difficult. Two days we have to make it earlier, all right? So, we’ll have it the last day, 14-th. When are you flying out, earliest? Four a.m. on the 14th. Four a.m. on the 14th? Oh, God! So, you should be back on the 13-th morning. We might be able to change that a bit later, but… We may be able to change that a little later in the day, The flight doesn’t leave after 2:30 in the afternoon. So what I am saying, from Haridwar – [Marathi]. So, 14-th they’ll go away. Those who want to leave beyond 14-th, we have no arrangements for them. Mother this is very important because last time, it created a problem and people must understand that. You see, I am sorry. We can’t do it. All right? Those who have to leave after, we have to vacate the place on the 14-th, I’m sorry to say. 14-th evening we have to leave the place. We cannot get for a longer period. You know, Delhi is a very difficult place, it’s extremely difficult everything difficult. Now, one more thing, in Delhi, you will be for the 26-th which is our Independence day. Those who want to see the Independence day parade have to pay hundred rupees. So, those who really want to see – the parade is very interesting – should give that money to Mr. Mathur and it can be arranged. Give your names and money now. But cannot be arranged later on. Hundred rupees are to be paid, for seeing that parade, which is a very important thing. Luckily you are there on the 26-th, but it is left to you, because that is extra. All right? So, on the 14th those people who want to leave, can go to other place, like Jaipur; we can arrange it also. Can go to Jaipur and this and that and Agra and all that, if you want to go. We can arrange it with someone but there will be no residential arrangements for you which will be quite reasonably arranged, no doubt, but still there won’t be any residential arrangement and I think you should not again trouble the Sahaja Yogis of Delhi. Because then what happens Sahaja Yogis are available so you go and stay with them, is not proper. They have invited you for seven, eight days, all right? So, nobody should expect the Sahaja Yogis to keep you in their houses even if they force you – Indians are like that. You see, this is how we are. We force you too much – – but you shouldn’t accept. Like food also – we’ll go on forcing – that’s our style is. But you shouldn’t just say because we are forcing you, you go on eating – that’s our style. That’s you must understand Indian style is like that they’ll say take some more, take some more – that’s our style. Is a, but you should not eat too much. It’s not good for your health, you understand? And not good for the budget either. So, this is our Indian style of feeding people and I’ve always seen people complain that we have fed too much and all that. I mean, it’s something so absurd. Nobody’s putting in your mouth with a piston, you see. The way it is described I’m really surprised. So, you should eat as much as you like. Don’t overeat. It’s no need. At least on the contrary, I think, little undereat. Good for you. It is better for digestion. All right? So, this is what it is. Gregoire, what is the problem? I would like to… I would like to bring to the attention of Modi that there are five people coming on the 15th. So, they will call one of those people in Bombay. I don’t know whether it is still worth to go to Vaitarna or not but these five people will go to Delhi and you should add them to the reservation in the train. Because I don’t think they will have and need to go by train. All right, all right. That much we have to inform. Modi, these five people will be coming on the 15-th. Yes. January. – Modi, we’ll accept them.
– Who are they? They are, they are three…. I’ll give you the names, okay? Mataji I don’t know of the arrangements are here this Sahni guest house, but we have to be out by 10 o’clock otherwise we have to pay another day. Yes, you better get up in the morning, very early in the morning tomorrow and we have to be out. And this man has really troubled Me for nothing at all. He’s taken money for not eating food and all that, this Sahni fellow and you have to tell him that you better give money back to Mother otherwise we are not going to give you the keys. You better go and tell him. You should say that he’s asked for royalty. You say, “this is not some sort of a property that you are asking for royalty. When you have not given us anything to eat how dare you take money from us ?” And just tell him. You better tell him that and then he’ll let him to come and see Me; he’s not seen Me yet. All right. And first beat him with shoes, nicely. Now, what more? So, because today we have talked about all the things so that one should not know “I did not know this, Mother.” Last time it happened. Lots of confusion. People who wanted to go away, “Mother, You must arrange for my ticket. I have to get into the train and I can’t find this, how will I go?’ So, you see, don’t bother Me with all these headaches. It’s not good. Tell your leader and you tell Me beforehand. Because here the reservations and travelling and everything is a very difficult thing in this country. It’s not like America, just get into the plane and walk off. It’s not that way. So you must understand; there’s a big difficulty. And later on if you tell Me suddenly, “I want to go to Bombay, Mother, I have to go back.” I cannot arrange. It cannot be arranged. Very bad. Situation is very bad as far as reservations of the trains, reservation of the planes and also arrangement for any conveyance or anything is concerned. All right? Mother, two things You’ve recommended before. Could they finish with the cold wash and secondly they must wear a singlet, a vest. They’re taking cold washes? No, they’re just having hot, Mother, but they should finish with the cold. – Yes .
– And also wearing vests. Now, to get over some problems, that you have personal problems which I have to tell you, this is a very country, with a treacherous climate. It’s not London, so you don’t wear a overcoat here. You see, it’s not obviously cold. But is full of dust and there are problems, so, I would request all of you to wear a singlet all the time, all the time. And in Poona if you go you can find out singlet very cheap and very good and it is compulsory for all Sahaja Yogi male people, to wear a singlet and for ladies to wear something under their gowns. So, it is compulsory in Sahaja Yoga. It’s a Sahaja Yoga tradition to wear a singlet. And moreover I’ve tried to get good buses but maybe you must cover your nose and mouth, shut when you are travelling, and talk less because you all get Vishuddhis. Talk less. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, will go nowhere. Just don’t talk. Enjoy. See things. Enjoy. All right? Talking should be much less. I think talking is much more. So, now, what is, another thing is for bathing. You should take your bath with hot water, all right? And your brush and all that should be used with hot water, all that, but end up with cooler water. When you come out of the room you should be bathing with a cooler water, will help you. Not that you come out with hot water outside, you’ll get into troubles, you’ll have colds. So, to avoid cold we’ll also arrange to give you dhunis and things like that. But you should be careful also that you gargle your mouth every morning so that you don’t trouble Me, all right. If your Vishuddhi is bad you know My Vishuddhi goes out, because the vibrations start flowing. This is for Vishuddhi. Don’t eat anything outside, don’t overeat. Don’t eat things, fruits and all that and then take water on top of that. You’re not to eat fruits and then water. If you have taken fruit then you must eat some biscuit or something and then take the water. These are all very simple things which Indians know which you do not know. So, on fruit don’t take water. Be careful about water. Don’t take water here and there. Only take water from a certified thing. Another is aerated water. We are so much used to have and this is an old habit, I think, too much of aerated water. Please avoid aerated water as much as you can. It’s not good. We don’t pack very good aerated water here and it’s not good for your stomach. So, anywhere you go, if you have to buy aerated water, you pay for it. We are not going to supply you this time. Last time we found it impossible because I mean, as Western people have a habit , I mean, they have a capacity to go to extremes. People have consumed so much of aerated water that if you tell Indians, they can’t believe. Even tea. If it comes to tea, they go on consuming so much of tea that people are really shocked. I mean, it’s like children, you know. So, you must not, you must limit your tea. Six cups or say, seven cups at the most, per day. Impossible. Impossible. You can’t go with seven cups. Not more than seven cups. More than seven cups not needed at all. And there’s no need at all. You see, and take water. Water is important. The country has such a supply of water. Take as much as you can. And specially the water from the wells it’s very good. It’s fresh, nice. It has little taste of the well, doesn’t matter. But you take fresh water . Water must be consumed in this country. We don’t take any aerated water at all. This is all modern stuff. And we don’t take any wines or anything. We just live with water. Shopping, Mother. They shouldn’t go mad this shopping in the early stages. Let it happen in Delhi or in Bombay. I think, Bombay you should not shop at all, because Bombay is not a place for shopping. It’s very expensive place. So, best is keep it for Delhi. You will have seven days but one should not go mad with shopping also. Way people last time behaved was that Delhi people just got very angry because you see, they couldn’t understand these saints going mad with the shopping the way. And we had to get some provision from the Air India, they had given some provision for carrying My luggage while they carried their all luggage and they went from here like traders, you see. Doesn’t look nice. So one should not go crazy about it. It’s all right, buy something that you can do it in these seven days but the Sahaja Yogis are going to be with you. So they will watch you, All right? So be careful. Drop down. Materialism has to be brought down. What else? What about, what other craziness one can have? Now the most important and the delicate thing is about marriage. I would like to have marriages performed; we have got a date fixed for marriages in Delhi. But that doesn’t mean that you start looking out for girls here. What we’re going to do, we are going to have in Vaitarna, I’m going to ask you people for the names of the girls who would like to marry, the priorities. There may be five or six girls or the boys and the girls have to suggest. If there’s any matching done then I’ll talk to you privately, we’ll arrange the marriage, and then we can have the marriage in Delhi. But for the marriage performance you have to pay some extra money, if your marriage takes place. Those who want to have a Sahaja Yoga marriage also otherwise can have a Sahaja Yoga marriage. But it should not be a madness about it that you look at every girl and all that but just think it over in Vaitarna, I will ask you to tell Me if you want to marry a particular girl If the girl also asks for you, otherwise I will not. So, all of you, those who want to marry among all of those who are here; those who want to wait, we can have a another marriage session in London or anywhere else. All right? Keep a very healthy, friendly and a relationship of purity. The boys should be friendly with boys and girls should be friendly with girls. There should not be much mixing up, there’s no need to. And it is better that way. They are of course your brothers and things like that so naturally one talks to them but you must understand the trends that we have had and how we have to change it. What else? The most delicate part. What they want Me to do? Turna have you any questions? Wear a sweater when you sleep in the night. This is a treacherous place where you might catch cold. And it might be cooler where we go now. So, wear a sweater or something and keep yourself covered, keep your head covered when you go in the evening time. That’s all I can say under your, under your [Marathi] – Kurte to kya kehte hain English mein? – shirt. But not the Indian kurtas, whatever you wear. [Marathi] You want to speak to Patricia [UNCLEAR] What did they say? Mother, I haven’t been spoken to either of them. – But [UNCLEAR] knows..
– Please come forward. Those sitting at the back, please come forward and let the arrangement for dinner be made. What about Patricia and [UNCLEAR]. They, they met today. Let the arrangements for dinner be made. Hi, and for those who are travelling by the train to Delhi… All right, it’s all right, so we have agreed. Those who are travelling by train to Delhi, meet Mr. Modi. Now for every centre, that we should tell about the sarees [Hindi/M] Nobody should buy any saree for any centre whatsoever. I’ve got sarees for every centre. Should we leave the list of sarees we have got? Yes, I think that’s [UNCLEAR]. Where is it? One more is coming now. One more plane. You give him one more?
-Shri Mataji I spoke to Derrick. He says there’s only one person in Bristol which is going to come. In Bristol?
-Yes. No, no he would like to do, this Derrick has got. – That I spoke to him.
– Yes, what did he say? – He says that there’s only Ruth in Bristol who says that [UNCLEAR] She doesn’t want to.
– Let’s be [UNCLEAR] She doesn’t want; then why did he ask him? -He asked You? – Not, not this Derrick. No, no, no, I said not this Derrick. I said of Fergi; Fergi, where is he? Derrick? Fergi, you wanted to buy sari for Bristol, na? I’m living in London, Mother. I’m in London, Mother. In London, but you asked Me to buy a sari for Bristol. I don’t know what the arrangements are Mother Did you ask Shri Mataji to…? Yes, he did. It is you only suggested Bristol. – That’s the case, Mother. We should get…
– He should … But I didn’t, I didn’t know what was created Mother will send that to every certain centre so I didn’t know [unclear]. So, it’s sorted out, it’s sorted out with Nick. We sorted it out. Just be optimistic. This will be up to you. You see, we have to have some Puja there. So we, for Bristol, what are you getting? You, you are getting a seven-fifty. Tell her to get some four-fifty then. But she has to still buy. – Seven- fifty is fine Shri Mataji.
– No, it’s too much. Seven-fifty will be how much?
-She got it paid Shri Mataji … All the English sarees should be paid out of the central fund. And everytime there is a Puja they could be re-paid. All right.
– It’s a better way. Now, no, no, about sarees. Now this is we have decided. Sit down, please. We have decided there are going to be seven Pujas in London, which must be supported by all of you and so, everybody may have to pay about 200 rupees for these sarees. from every centre. One hundred or two hundred, something like that. These are how many, these are? – All together?
– All together seven. Thirty-five. And seven, seven Pujas, yes. Seven Pujas sarees. See, the Pujas we are going to have, let’s see. – General Pujas.
– Ganesha, – Ganesha’s Puja,
– Diwali, – Diwali puja,
– Guru Purnima, – Guru Purnima,
– Navaratri, The Guru Nanak Puja, – Guru Nanak Puja.
– And next Christmas. And next Christmas. So, six or seven? Seven. These seven Pujas should be, of course Janamashtmi. So far always only the, only the people from London have been buying sarees for all these things. It’s too much. Because most of the time I am in London. And to every centre it will cost not more than two hundred or say ten pounds, at the most. – Ten pounds per Puja.
– Per Puja. – So seventy pounds in total. – Nai, nai, nai, all together. – Seventy pounds per year No, no, no, not so much. Seven Pujas, seven Pujas. It’s ten pounds per Puja. Is it? Nai, nai, not so much. Isko to itna hoyega kaise, ten bahut ho jayega. Or seventy pounds for the whole year. Haan, two hundred, for the whole year. Mother, for the whole year? Haan, aur kya? Seven pujas ka jodo kitna hai? Jodo kitna hai seven pujas ka, kitna paisa jodo? No, no, You are right. You say for the whole year two hundred. It’s not much. But just count it. For some people like, they can pay three hundred or something. – Are you speaking of just…
– Just count it. Calculator have you got? One, okay. It’s eleven hundred… a thousand is one. Thousand [unclear]. Seven thousand seven hundred for the whole year.
So? Yes, You… So how many centers there are? There must be about, say, fifteen centers. – At least.
– So seven thousand divided by fifteen, two hundred. That’s what I am saying. So, some have to pay about two hundred and maybe, some of you have to pay, minimum of two hundred some have to pay and the people who are bigger people have to pay three hundred. All right? So all the centers have to pay minimum two hundred. Two hundred rupees. – The whole year.
– For the whole year Explain to them Mother that all of the people from abroad would want to contribute, too.
– Yes. Because I want all of you to contribute. Even if you contribute say, from every center, two hundred rupees, you see, per year. It’s not much, isn’t it? And why I wanted because it should be done on collective. It’s better. So, all people say they are about fifteen centers. We all can afford to pay two hundred, all right? And you would like to join in, I think so this, isn’t it? – Including Indians also?
– Of course. Including Indians, everyone. Indians [Marathi]. [Marathi] So, you see, all the centers of the world have to contribute, at the most two hundred. And at the least [H/M] less than two hundred could be… No, it shouldn’t be least then it goes down. Two hundred is nothing. Two hundred is nothing. All together, two hundred, every centre has to give for the whole year. All right. So it comes to about, how many pounds? Twelve pounds. I think twelve or thirteen pounds. – In dollars would be about…
– It is twelve pounds. About twelve pounds, all right? So one pound a year, a month. – What do you say?
– Per centre Per centre. Very expensive. Per month one pound. Because I want everyone to join in. All right. So the… Then it’s the Birthday Puja, which will be celebrated in Australia which as is the same that, – that can be collected universally.
– All right. So now one Birthday Puja. [Marathi] Actual Birthday Puja, this time, is going to be in Australia. Then there’s one they want to have it here, and one in Delhi, that is their responsibility. They can have ten if they want to. Should we pay for the Birthday Puja? No, no, no, yours is, now why? – Collective
– Collective. Collective. Means, just now you pay whatever it is, then it will be adjusted. All right? Birthday must be because you see, Birthday after all. That will come out of the two hundred they pay for the whole month, whole the year? Mataji, please excuse me, this 31-st March program, Your special Birthday, we wish…. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. – [Marathi]. 31-st.
– 31-st. [Marathi]. That means two days prior to that, [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. Delhi. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. So, 27-th in Delhi they want to have My Birthday. 27-th in Delhi. Tell Venugopal. Why, because they wanted to have a souvenir. For the souvenir, only I’m allowing it for souvenir, all right? 27. And 31-st [Marathi] souvenir. 27-th of March. Aur woh isme jhagda karenge ki March ka mahina khatam ho raha hai to unse kahna ki aap hamein April mein dijiyega uska paisa. Paisa April mein dijiyega chapeinge hum March mein. Aur invitation vagairah karke karne ka hai, 27th. [Marathi]. 31st March. [Marathi]. Participation should be universal, on universal basis. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. Theek hai, theek hai. Aap nishtint rahein. [Marathi]. You take pictures. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. -And this is the list of the marble shops You wanted.
-Marble shops. – In all Your house.
– Achcha kal dena Rustom. Kal dena Main bhul jaaungi. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. [Marathi]. Should we announce that these people have been, these centers have got sarees selected by You. Now this one you must hear. Tell them, now My talking you say. Pardon. For the information of all people here Shri Mataji has selected sarees for the following centres. This is in addition to the collective sarees which as we’ve just said are for London or for Her Birthday and people should make arrangements to collect and settle for their sarees as soon as possible, with Nicholas. Nicholas will accept the money payment for the sarees as follows. Wherever possible. Los Angeles, they can be in community there, Paris, Saudi Arabia, Geneva, Toronto, [Quinsel], also tell the price because this at half price I’ve got, in real zari. They’re very good and you have to pay plus hundred and Eight, a hundred and fifty-one… Hundred and fifty-one addition. Now see… But the sarees Mother has chosen are absolutely spectacular. They are the type of saree for which we would pay around two thousand maybe two thousand five hundred. And Mother has found them for an average a round about seven-fifty to a thousand. [Marathi] These sarees
[MARATHI] are going to be used for Pujas around the world and in addition to the cost which I’m going to read to you, people to take note of this, the national leaders… In addition to these costs there will be a fee for the making and for the blouse and for the petticoat and so on which will be one hundred and fifty-one rupees. That cost we’ll automatically add on. So, Paris, twelve hundred rupees plus a hundred and fifty-one. Saudi-Arabia, thirteen hundred and twenty. Geneva, thirteen fifty. Toronto, seven fifty. Northampton, seven twenty. Darwin, seven twenty. Adelaide, seven twenty. Exeter, seven eighty. Scotland, eight eighty. Norway, one thousand, Poona, for the Christmas Puja, but this will be part of the collective selection. We’re buying a saree for Mother for fourteen fifty London, I’m sorry, for Perth in Australia seven seventy five, Rome, thirteen twenty. Redding, seven seventy five, Vienna nine fifty, Brussels seven eighty, Birmingham, eight fifty, Kuala Lumpur, nine seventy, Cambridge seven eighty, Bristol seven fifty. Boston seven fifty, Who is the owner of this purse? – The lady there.
– Go and have your food The lady there. Ask. Whosoever, I’m asking about the owner. Please come forward. Come on, now you take the seat. The dinner is ready. The plates are ready. The food is served. Please hurry up so that the line will be continue. Train [UNCLEAR]. How much for Cambridge? How many [unclear]. Those, who want to go to Delhi by train please meet Mr…. How much for Cambridge? Seven hundred and eighty, Mother. Seven hundred ninety. All right, it’s reasonable. Please meet Mr. Brian, those who want to go to Delhi. That was the same price about. But the quality is double. It is at fifty percent. Tremendous. You saw My sarees? Tremendous they are. Tremendous they are. Just for My sake I’m sure [they agreed]. It’s very cheap, really very cheap. I mean I can’t…Real zari, pure zari and we tested it. Mother, I think… [Marathi]. [Marathi]. Yes Mother, [UNCLEAR] And the price is as I said…[unclear]. Any question about Singapore? Decided on that? The dates have changed yesterday only. How is it? What you said? Yes. Come. You are going to first of all to Kohlapur. I think more or less about the dates, Mother. I’m leaving up to 18-th. For Kohlapur. And from Colombo I’m coming back to Bombay again. – I think so.
– I have to come. You don’t have to. You can go to Singapore from there. My ticket is [26-th]
– Oh, I see. All right? You can manage something in My ticket.. It’s all right. Then Singapore will be how much? When you’ll have your… [unclear] Only a day or so. Let’s see if I can go to Colombo. Eighteen, nineteen, then twenty and then we can see. I need to spend two or three days first [unclear] All right, then? Kuala Lumpur. Two days [unclear] one holiday and then Hongkong. Through Singapore and then back. [UNCLEAR] in the morning. I hope you will enjoy all that is best in life. Develop your subtleties and your sensitivities. Jaganmata Nirmala Devi ki Jai! Adishakti Nirmala Devi ki Jai! [unclear] Nirmala Devi ki Jai! .