Paud (India)


English Transcript and Translation from Marathi – Procession Before Public Program in Paud 1982-1222

[Before the procession. Shri Mataji is walking with Indian and foreign Sahaja Yogis, handing out guava fruits to all. Paud locals and several school children dressed in their school uniforms are also part of the crowd. Paud used to be a small village near Pune in Maharashtra, now grown due to proximity to a hub of international schools].

Shri Mataji (in Marathi): You all are giving coconuts. No Hindustani is coming. Do you not have enough guavas? 

Shri Mataji (handing guava to Sahaja Yogi): You are Hindustani?

Sahaja Yogi: No, Mexican.

Shri Mataji (in English): Mexican? He looks like an Indian, absolutely.

Sahaja Yogi: Jai Shri Mataji. 

Shri Mataji: All right. Come along. What is there to feel shy? Come along. Come along. Have it.

[Mother is now distributing leafy bundles of green gram (known as “harbhara” in Marathi) to the Sahaja Yogis. The green grams can be peeled, like peas and eaten raw. Sahaja Yogis are talking to one another about distributing the harbhara].

Shri Mataji: Two more. Distribute it. All of you can eat. One more.

[Procession has started. A tractor has a small cotton canopy over it and is festooned with garlands. Shri Mataji is seated on the tractor. The local village group is playing “dholki” (drum) and “taal” (handheld cymbals). A “tutari” (blowhorn) sounds Sahaja Yogis and villagers are walking alongside with chants of “Jai Mataji, Jai Mataji”.

Sahaja Yogi (who is filming): If you see anybody in front of me, can you point him from the line?

[A group of schoolboys are rhythmically performing “lezim” to the sound of a marching band and a bugle. Sahaja Yogis are dancing and singing “Jai Jagdambe”. The school band has joined in with drums].

[Sahaja Yogi films the entire panorama of hills and green fields, as instructed by Shri Mataji. It is a pleasant winter day, everyone is walking comfortably on an unpaved road. The hamlet of Paud is seen to the left. Lots of enthusiastic dancing and jumping by Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis, along with local women. A very festive and cool atmosphere prevails in the air.

Sahaja Yogi children are riding alongside the tractor with Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yogis are walking by the side. Mother points out a proliferation of thorny trees which were actually weeds sent from America to India and which turned out to be poisonous and harmful to children.

The procession ends near the precincts of a temple. A large assembly of school children and adults is sitting all around. Break-in recording. A Sahaja Yogi has concluded the introductory address].

Shri Mataji (in Marathi): In this scenic location of Paud, you had invited us last year too and we had also come. It was a great pleasure to come here then.

But coming again here today, truly, it is now starting to feel that Sahaja Yoga has slowly begun establishing itself in the small villages. 

Sahaja Yoga is difficult to explain through the intellect. One can say it is impossible. But a farmer can understand Sahaja Yoga. If a seed has to transform into a tree, then a farmer knows it has to be planted in Mother Earth. There is no other solution. 

You can break your head, write books, say mantras or stand on your head, it is not going to germinate. To germinate, it has to be handed in the lap of Mother Earth. He knows that this is the simple, clean truth. That there is no other way because it is a living process.

[Break in recording. When it resumes, Mother has given realisation to the assembly and is blowing into the microphone].

Pay attention to the “talu” (fontanel bone area/crown of the head). Place your right hand over the crown of your head. Left hand towards Me. Now open your eyes. Hold your hand above. Can you feel the cool breeze?

Getting the cool breeze? Now put both hands towards Me. And see if you are getting the cool breeze from your hands.

(In English): All those who have got the cool breeze, raise your hands. All of them.

(In Marathi): You are realised. Now see here, front and down. Take your hands in front and raise them three times like this (showing the raising of Kundalini). Up, all the way to the top. And move your arms. Up above your head. Not in the opposite direction. Many people are moving their opposite.

One more time. Hold this hand (left) and move (right hand) in front and then down. In front and then down. Front, down, back and up. Come. Now move it vigorously. Raise it high up over your head. And tie it three times. 

And take it high up one more time. And move your hands vigorously and tie it one..again rotate..two..and three. Done. Now see your hands.

Sahaja Yogis: Adishakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Ki Jai.

[Applause. End of recording].