Christmas Eve Talk: Christianity

Pune (India)


Speech on Christmas Eve, Pune (India), 24 December 1982.

Before we start, the celebrations of the birth of Christ, we have to little bit review what we have done after his Birth, so that we understand where we stand in relation to him. He was the son of a virgin, so that even the slightest blot on his name should not be created. Because he was to do the greatest job of creating for us Agnya awareness which would help us to suck in all our sins, all our conditionings and all our egos.

And this great personality was created for such a great work within ourselves. But, unfortunately, we have spoilt both these institutions within us to such an extent that it’s the most difficult task to give realisation to Christians.

On the one side we have too much conditioning, as you know, through Catholicism and other ideas about Christianity which created a horrible conditioning in our superego, which is just like a solid rock, I think, sometimes. And those who have been to Catholic churches still get stuck up with it. I mean, if they are facing me, I find their eyes are blinking and the Agnya is not straight.

You have to give up all that conditioning completely if you have to really get to Sahaj Yog. To that extent we went that we tried to create institutions. Of course, we collected money, no doubt about it, lot of money, all kinds of drama, of a papal order and of archbishop order and all these archbishops and of tomfoolery. All kinds of nonsensical donkey people were created, absolutely. They have nothing to do with the Christ, they have nothing to do with God, they have no idea of Divine Life. And to them prohibiting people from doing something was, only, religion. And this has taken the West into such darkness that Sahaja Yoga has to be worked out in a very great speed and in a very expansive way, otherwise you cannot get over these horrible ideas of archbishops, and the bishops and the popes.

The other side is the ego part. Then people like Mr. Freud came in and they put absolutely anti-God ideas into people, absolutely anti-God; is against the Mother, against the Son. Absolutely, it is absurd. These anti-God devilish ideas penetrated and people started saying, “What’s wrong?”, “This is all conditioning, we should remove all conditioning!” So they became ego-oriented, which is the other side which Christ had to work out. So I mean, after Christ has been established in the West, they have seen to it that they create all hurdles, that are possible under the sun, for the Agnya Chakra to open out.

Despite that, I find that all Sahaja yogis who are from the West are still attached to Christianity and not to Christ. There is a lingering Christianity still within you and that Christianity has to drop out. While Indians are very good at dropping out all nonsensical ideas, because we have had lots of challenges in this country for everything: for the conditioning we have had challenges; for the ego oriented we have had challenges. So people are used to this kind of a “giving-up”. But in the West, we still are very much attached to that nonsense of Christianity. It has nothing to do with Christ, believe me! And this fanaticism which is lingering still in your minds must be given-up otherwise you do not do any justice to Christ. That by no chance means that you take to another religion like Hinduism or any nonsensical Jainism, or anything.

The essence, the tattwa, of Christianity is Christ, and it is so thickly clouded by all these nonsensical things that you really have to drop out this word ‘Christianity’ from your vocabulary completely, and from your mind, otherwise you can never go to that principle. It’s a fact, take it from me. And even now the attention of all the people is on what Christ said, or Mother Mary has said, and which has come through these horrible people to us. So to learn about other Deities and other Great Incarnations, you neutralise this. You must try to neutralise this too much attention by learning about other Deities – say, Shri Ganesha. If you talk about Shri Ganesha, he’s the essence of Christ. You understand that. Ganesha is the essence of Christ, and Christ is the manifestation of Shri Ganesha’s powers. So, if you go to the essence-most thing, that’s better. Then, of course, Christ is there but we must see him as he is; which very few people have seen before. But now in Sahaja Yoga you should see him as he was. He was the holiest of holy, first of all you accept that position. Then this Freud nonsense has nothing to do [with Christ]. Those who call themselves Christians: five days they do all nonsensical of Freud and sixth day they talk of Christianity, and seventh day they go to Church. How can they go? I mean, how can they call themselves Christians? By what standard? Just tell me! I mean, just think of it! And the Indians have asked them to get out because they won’t understand what it is. It’s so nonsensical, it’s filth. The holiest of the holy, we have brought him down to such a low level by our nonsensical ideas.

So one has to understand that these conditionings of Catholicism made us so repulsive to ourselves that we took to the other side which is even worse, much worse than the conditioning itself. And you come in contact with these people [from] morning till evening. Either they are Freudians or they are so-called Christians; even after realisation! But you must know you are special people. You are above them. You’ve risen above them. Christ is awakened in you.

So, to do justice to Christ, you must get over all your conditionings, to begin with, of Christianity, if you have any. Or if you have been freudian get rid of that horrible fellow, absolutely. He was anti-Christ – sick, sick, sick! We have nothing to do with Freud’s ideas, even this much – believe me! We are not to justify him at any point for anything. He took full advantage of the repulsion people developed out of the conditionings. And then he built up all these stories, because he was himself a very low level man; not to be counted as a human being from any standard. You see, Christ came for human beings but not for these low level people. Even the lepers were better than him, I think. Horrible it is! Even to think about the whole thing makes me [feel] nauseating; it’s very unholy. So, for all practical purposes, we have to understand that we have nothing to do with Mr. Freud. He is filth, he is dirt, he is absolutely a low level man. We have nothing to learn from him nor from his ideas.

Now, the other side of it is the conditioning of the churches. There are still many Sahaja yogis still confused with it. Of course, if you have to save the Christians, so-called, you have to take them out of the conditioning. Luckily, we have someone who is writing a thesis about these things, how these things are dangerous to society. But still nobody realises this is anti-Christ activity. To condition you is a anti-Christ activity. Christ came on this Earth where Moses has laid down the dharma; after him, so many years later. He thought people would be in balance and he has to give the message of his resurrection and ascent. That’s how he came on Earth. But then they created even worse things than the shariat. Shariat is in the Bible. All these laws are in the Bible where they say that: anybody who does this thing should be killed, anybody who does like that should be beheaded. It’s all in the Bible. Whatever these Muslims are doing is all in the Bible, it’s coming from Bible. So, to neutralise all that, Mr. Freud started another style.

For us Divine laws are binding because we know that’s the only way one can rise. It is not compulsory, but voluntary acceptance that we have to rise, that we have to be alright. There are no conditionings in Sahaja Yoga but this is how we improve, this is how we go further, so we accept the situation, and we move forward with it. That’s why realisation should give you that strength to fight anti-Christ activities within your mind. You have to face yourself, is the point I am saying. Not only that you have to face yourself, but you have to face the so-called society that is around you and see for yourself that these conditionings and these anti-Christ activities, into which you have indulged, are completely detrimental to your growth and to your ascent. And as you are special people who have got realisation you have to argue it out with yourself and reach proper conclusions. No use arguing out with others.

As you know, with the conditioning, people get quiet, they don’t talk, but the conditioning is growing inside. With the ego people they talk too much and they aggress others with their talking and the ego is growing too much. So one has to be in the witness state. That means wherever you have to talk, you have to talk and wherever you have to keep quiet, you have to keep quiet. This is at the Vishuddhi level.

At the Agnya level, you have to detest all that is ugly, all that is unholy, all that is filth. Because now a new sensitivity has developed within you, a new sensitivity to holiness, to auspiciousness. Try to improve this auspiciousness within you. I find people get very easily attached to negative people, they get identified with negative people. It’s very common. And they think that they have been sympathetic. It is a sympathy they are working in. It could be your sister, could be your brother, mother, or could be your wife, your child. It can be anyone. But by getting attached to such people, you are really harming that person because that person will go down to hell, and you will also go down to hell. So if you want to do any good to the person, best thing is not to be attached to that person and tell that person that these are anti-Christ activities. And get attached to that group which is positive, which is doing auspicious work, which is doing holy work. And understand that the strength lies in getting attached to that group than getting attached to one, some singled-out, negative personality.

Now, every one of you has had some experience of this. I’ll give you an example of Warren’s wife – she’s not here, neither he is here. But it’s nice to understand what happened, in her case. He was very attached to her. He married her. He asked me. I was really shocked that he’s so insensitive, “Why can’t he see her? Why can’t he understand her?” But I did not know what to say now. I said, if I say, “Don’t marry,” he will think that Mother is trying to force him down or something. I did know what to say but I was really shocked and for about two minutes, I didn’t say anything. And she also played her cards very well. And I said, “Alright, you can marry. You’ll get happiness. If you think you can get happiness,” that’s all. I didn’t say ‘joy’. “If you think you can get happiness, marry him.” Now she got married to him. Then he said she must come with him to England. He brought her. He tried to avoid. I told him “Warren be careful.” Then they lost their passports. He found his passport, she did not. But he got after my life – he said, “Please ask Mr. Shrivastava. Somehow get her passport. Passport should be there.” I said, “Alright.” Then they made her passport. Then she came with me. Still she was continuing. I told that, “Please send away this lady. I don’t want her to be with me. It’s a headache. All the 24 hours she is with me. I must have some time without these horrible bhoots around me. Please get rid of her, she is bad.” But he couldn’t understand it. Still he was siding with her. Then one day it happened that she attacked my heart. The heart got into a big fist. I said, “Now you put hand on my heart and see it,” it was throbbing like anything. He couldn’t put his hand, couldn’t even bring it near it. I said, “Now please ask her to get down.” Then she got down and it stopped. Then he realised this is the thing. But still he did not give her up, he did not give her up. I went to Los Angeles, everywhere she followed me. The sympathy, you see. She could have gone away, she was quite a robust lady, no problem.

But in Los Angeles, then she started showing her teeth to him, gradually. And then, ultimately, he got into trouble. He started getting the pains. But as soon as I left Los Angeles, she got her epilepsy. And he realised how dangerous it was to carry her all the time with me. Now he can’t send her away because she has epilepsy, so he took her back. She tried to disrupt all the ashram by telling them her sympathy story, “Oh, you know, my husband, he wants to leave me,” this, that, nonsense – and all of them fell for it.

Now, she’s a bhoot, and a bhoot, and a bhoot; and the bhoot started increasing. One more bhoot added [for] sympathy you give them, one more bhoot added, once you give her sympathy. One more bhoot added. And she was creating problems, “This is not good, he is not good, he is against me. This family is against me. That is against me.” Then he got heart attack, Terrence got heart attack – that’s it. So then he sent her away. Now you do not repeat all that nonsense.

Negativity is not to be tolerated, nor to be carried on with. Discretion is the better part of valour. One need not be afraid, but discretion is better part of valour. Alright? If you have negativity, better get rid of it. If somebody is so negative, better have nothing to do with that person, whatever may be the relationship. Just have nothing to do with them. Because no use going down. If you are a seeker, you are a responsible seeker and a Sahaja yogi, one has to be careful.

This is on a Christmas day, I have to say, because there only the fight starts – at the Agnya Chakra. Because if you shift from the principle of Christ you start giving argument in support of the negativity – always – in the opposite direction. Alright?

And you have all the arguments which works against Christ. The same Agnya Chakra, when it goes funny, you start seeing things [as] very reasonable which are absolutely false and wrong. So we have to be alert.

We have to be with Christ. Now, they will say, also, about getting vibrations, “Mother, alright. I am also very much there. It’s true, we saw the vibrations.” Nothing doing! I feel embarrassed. Sometimes I do not tell [but] I feel embarrassed. And people also try to manoeuvre me by playing tricks on me, so that I am rather worried, sometimes, how to tell people. Because I have seen ego-oriented people are extremely sensitive. Now they are not arrogant, that’s one thing is there, but they are extremely sensitive. And if you tell them anything they will not accept. Like yesterday, I lashed all the Poona people, they said, “It was for our good.” Nobody said that, “Mother why did you say such and such thing?” No, Not one word. Everybody said, “It was for our good.” But in the West if you lash them, then you will be lashed. Nobody is going to take it that way.

So I have to tell you one thing to have your ego problems settled, first of all, see that you are not playing to your ego. And also, to see your conditioning which are now bhoots, all these conditionings have become bhoots in you. All the Church bhoots have got into your heads. They are all there. So you must see that these bhoots are not there because we have to be holy, we have to be clean, we have to be resurrected. We are resurrected people, Christ has resurrected us. But you have to think how much he has to work for us. The more you try to be in unison with negativity, we harm him more, we torture him more, we trouble him more. The one who was born in the manger in the most difficult circumstances. Where everybody requires comfort, who was from the very beginning, went through hazardous life till his death. His birth itself, you can see, was in a cowshed. None of you are born in a cowshed. And while the Christians are so particular about comforts, most surprising is, while Christ was born in a cowshed. In a very, very cold night Christ was born. Nothing much to cover: sparkling, beauty it was.

Now we have to keep him, within ourselves, comfortable. We are not going to give him that manger in our Agnya Chakra. Manger of thoughts and a crown of thoughts – that we are not going to give him. We are going to make him comfortable by not accepting negativity as a sympathy. You have to be kind towards your auspiciousness and holiness so that Christ enjoys his stay there in your Agnya – that we do not torture him by our useless ideas, uncomfortable behaviours, inauspicious appearances and unholy acceptance of wrong ideas.

Try to respect Him. There he stands, try to make him very comfortable. I wish I could do that but he resides in everybody’s Agnya Chakra. If he was only in my Agnya I would have given him the greatest comfort. But he wants to be manifested in everybody’s Agnya. So I have to request you, as a Mother, to look after him. Give him a nice cradle, give him a comfortable time because he’s born to give you your resurrection. He’s taken up such a great responsibility to suck all your conditioning and to suck all your ego, but that does not mean that you put stones on top of him.

It’s like, sometimes I find the conditioning of some of the people in the West is so great that a big mountain is falling on this little child. And sometimes I find a bad breath, horrible breath of ego, which stinks, blowing like a big wind towards him, and a horrible stink coming out of this terrible type of a ego which is absolutely not the way to treat the King of Kings who is born within you. You are so respected that Christ is born within your Agnya but you must respect your Agnya Chakra. Your attention should be in the centre so there’s no wobbliness. Imagine put a child, like they say – a child is to put on the winds.

So this Agnya Chakra is to be kept very clean, healthy and holy. The attention should be holy. The attention outside is still not very holy, should be detached attention. If you start seeing through your Agnya it should project a power of holiness so that anybody who looks at your eyes should know that serenity is flowing from these eyes and not lust and greed and aggression. All this we can achieve because we’ve got Christ within our Agnya. Accept him there. He’s born – let him grow. I am sure Sahaja yogis will understand the importance of the Agnya Chakra.

In the East [it’s] no problem because to them he is only Ganesha. Ganesha is a child and they know for definite [that] the childhood has no contaminations, no problems, nothing. So they are still children as far as sin is concerned. There is a story: one pastor went to a village, and gave a big lecture to them, and the villagers had to thank. So he got up and he said, “Thank you very much for telling us all about it, we did not know what was sin and thank God you have told us that there is sin!” So this awareness is not in their heads, they don’t understand it. You will be surprised, you can’t outdo Indians. They won’t understand what it means. They may say it’s Freud, this, that, but they don’t understand [because] it is so anti-God. Actually I did not know till the other day, when Rustom told me, with great hesitation, what it means, really. So that is what it is and we have to understand this.

Today is the great day of holiness. Let us celebrate the birth of Christ in our Agnya Chakra. And let us sing praise of him so that he, in his pure essence, in his holy body, he should be there. Not Christianity and neither Freudian nonsense. Christianity is equally bad as Freud. There is no difference, I find. Whether you kill the child with the mountains falling on him or with a horrible stinky, dirty-smelling breeze blowing on him, it’s just the same. So please get rid of both the ideas – absolutely. And in purity you respect him. Absolutely in purity, because he is purity.

Now you may say that, “Mother if he is purity..” – there are some stupid people who ask me – “..if he’s purity, then how can we make him impure?” But, I mean, if you do not respect him, why will he be there? He will disappear. He likes purity. He will disappear from there! It is not good for you. So better create a cradle, a beautiful cradle, of love, of honesty, as his Mother prepared for Him, with all sweetness and kindness and assurance that you will nurture the beauty and the auspiciousness of Christ.

May God bless you all.

You can sing. After food we will have a bonfire here and then we can sing a nice some carols, till twelve o’clock and then our great friend who is here, Mehrotra, he has decided to give you some cakes and tea – we’ll have some cakes and tea and then you can sleep off. And tomorrow morning, as I told you, is the celebration of his birth – in a full way – by all the people. Not only by you but by Indians and other people who are here. We all have to celebrate. It’s a very great thing. And unless and until you show the signs of holiness and auspiciousness Indians are not going to be impressed by him, I can tell you this much, not going to be impressed. They can’t understand these pastors coming here and these padres telling them about Christ – they just cannot believe it – how can he be like that.

There’s another interesting story: once there was a fellow from a village: so his name was Bura, means a blondie and he came and they said, “You become a Christian,” So he said, “Oh, I’ll become a Christian.” He made him a Christian. He said, “We have to change the name,” he said, “But my name is blondie.” He said, “Alright, we’ll give you another name.” He called him ‘Alexander’. So his name was Mr. Blondie Alexander, Bura Alexander. Now this Bura Alexander used to come to Allahabad where always he would go and have his bath in the river Ganges. So the pastor said, “Now you can’t do it. Now you are a Christian you can’t go and have a bath in the river Ganges.” He said, “Why? I have become a sahib, I have become an Englishman now but I have not given up my religion.” In his own language he said, “I have not given up my religion. It’s alright, I know the river Ganges is my Mother and She has got vibrations. I am not going to give up that. Of course, I have become a ‘sahib’ now. I have become an Englishman.” So that’s the idea they had about Christianity.

Any questions you have, you can ask me and then the food is ready, you better go and have your food.

Alexander: When I am in thoughtless awareness, I can’t see clearly.

Shri Mataji: I think you must be seeing more than what you seen normally! Alexander is correct. When you are thoughtlessly aware your eyes, the pupils, are dilated. It’s correct. But you [must] take it higher – the Kundalini – slightly higher. Push it up. Alright? If Kundalini is staying at thoughtless awareness means just dilated, and the eyes can become black, but there’s no sparkle. But when it comes out [above Sahasrara], then you find a sparkle in the eyes; there is a difference in the eyes, if you see. The eyes get dilated, the pupils get dilated, when the Agnya Chakra is being just penetrated, and still here it is – then you can’t see clearly. Correct. But at thoughtless awareness is all this part (Agnya and above). So if you push it, little up, higher – you know how to push Kundalini with your attention – or you watch here (Sahasrara), or you think of me – Kundalini will go up. Alright?

So thoughtless awareness is just the beginning. And it’s a great area, up to this point, up to Shri Krishna point, where you become the witness. From the witness point, when you become, then there is a sparkle in your eyes, your eyes sparkle. And the sparkle in the eyes is a sign that Kundalini is flowing well. That time you see more than you see normally. I mean the stars start looking bigger, everything starts looking much clearer. Alright? Better now. It’s correct, dilatation of the pupil takes place. Some people really at that time have opened their eyes and they said, “Oh we have become blind.” That’s true. It happens. It’s correct. Alright, now what else? It’s a good question….

Yogi: Mother, is there any relation between the numbers 888 and Christ?

Shri Mataji: 888? There could be. But what is the relationship you have found out?

Yogi: Many years ago I was looking at the Hebrew Kabbalah and they had a system of different numbers that they combine.

Shri Mataji: That is [OK]. That they must be having 888 is alright. Because, you see, their chakras don’t move in 6 form. That is that they should move, but they move in 888 because the 8 we don’t have any chakra, so they are on the sides. They are on the Left Side, Kabbalah is on the Left Side, so they work it out from 8 – means from the outside. 7, 3, 4 are in the centre. Now at the 6th point, if you have 666 – means absolutely both the Swadishthana on both the sides you occupy. And also in the centre, so you hit all these three, that’s why this number is not good. And 888, you go onto Left Swadishthana more and use your Mooladhara, it works out with Mooladhara. It’s a funny one, because 4 into 2 is 8, alright? And 4 into 2 comes where your 4 is Mooladhara. Instead of going to Swadishthana, you just combine Agnya and Mooladhara, in such a way that you go outside. Alright? So you put your Agnya, is 2, from 2 you move this side. That’s how it is. Kabbalah is a very dangerous thing, one should never try. Then you start seeing things, future and all that, isn’t it? That’s not a good thing at all. So, for us, the number is 7, 3, is the best number – 7 and 3 number.

What else?

Yogi: I would like to pick up on Alexander’s question. Now I can see longer distance than I used to, does that have something to do with Agnya?

Shri Mataji: Yes, yes of course. I mean, Agnya is very important and best way is to take your Kundalini up. Don’t roam about in Agnya – it’s very dangerous. You can be thrown as he said on the 4, 4, 4 side, or you can go this side 6, 6, 6, 6. It works out 6, 6, 6, 6 this side and 4, 4, 4, 4 this side – it’s dangerous. Never go. [With] Agnya you should be very careful. You should never roam about in Agnya because it’s thrown out, the attention is thrown out, projected. You start seeing things; all problematic, very problematic.

Try to take your Kundalini out all the time. See that it’s coming out. Put your attention there. And the best is, now, is to put your attention to me, because I am at Sahasrara. And don’t allow your Kundalini to remain in Agnya part; it’s dangerous, no doubt. You have become subtler and you can start moving left and right if you want to, and if you try to.

Any other question?

Robert Ruigrok: I don’t understand one thing: that is the connection of images like are described in certain books and our thoughtless state.

Shri Mataji: Alright, I’ll tell you. If you start closing your eyes, say you are sleepy, and you start seeing images at that time. That means you are going on to the Left Side – they are dead bodies, you start seeing their faces, this, that – you are going to the Left Side. Now supposing you start seeing lights and stars and this and that – all sorts of things, I mean, more the colours, we should say – you are moving on the right hand side. So try to avoid it. “Just I don’t want it,” you should say. And you try to put your Agnya – if it is left, you put it to your right side or if it is right – just by pushing it. Like this and like that. But what happens that, after some time, when you have achieved a certain state of higher consciousness then, if you want, you can penetrate into these areas, you can see all these things. But then certain different types of things you see, for example, you might see from my Sahasrara – huge, big these valayas coming out, or something like that. That’s a different point altogether. And also sometimes you might see a little flame, that’s a good sign, that means somebody’s guiding you. But you have to be careful not to indulge into these things because there is a guidance for you and you are all followed by great Deities, no doubt, but you should not try to hanker after that. If they are there, let it be, because your Agnya is very important. You should not allow your Agnya to be attracted by these things. You might just find a flame, like that. Sometime you might just find a little dot: standing dot. They are all actually angels who are with you and trying to assure you. But that’s not important. What is important is, on your way, you should go further and do not go this side or that side.

But if you are seeing every day those images then try to push it back, or this way, whichever way it is and try to finish them so that you go further. That means you are sticking on to the same point or you are moving in the other direction on the sides. Because direction should be further and further and further.

Alexander: How should we protect our subconscious as we cannot be conscious about it?

Shri Mataji: You need not. I mean, you don’t have to worry! You just keep to the conscious. Alright? You don’t protect anything, actually you don’t do anything! Actually, if you see; what do you do?

Alexander: We are just enjoying!

Shri Mataji: Yes, just enjoy. That’s the best part. Just enjoy! Just I want you to enjoy. Don’t create problems for yourself that’s all, and just enjoy. Alright? Just don’t create problems for yourself.

Don’t be ambitious. Don’t be aggressive. And don’t be, I mean that’s rarely so, but [don’t be] submissive too much to others. That’s rarely so. But be submissive to Sahaja Yoga. Be surrendered to Sahaj Yog.

I would like to know who are the people from Perth (Australia), give me your names.

(Mother continues to ask for the names of all the people who are seeing her for the first time in person, mostly from Australia. She then continues with informal conversation and discussion about the tour.)