Christmas Puja: We have to imbibe all His qualities

Pune (India)


1982-1225 Christmas Puja, Pune

Today we are celebrating the birth of Christ, which was a very big event in the realm of human awareness.

As you know that when he’s born in the Agnya chakra, he sucks the ego and superego that’s the conditioning within us and our ego.

Such a great happening has taken place, about two thousand years back.

But today is the time for us to use utilize that great advent on this Earth. To understand Christ, first of all we have to know that he was just nothing but Omkara. He was just made of vibrations. And that is why he was resurrected. And he was detached because of his very nature. And so we too, have to understand that we have to be detached, first from our thoughts and that as you know is achieved if you know how to forgive others.

But there’s another very subtle attachment people have that, those who are born in the Christian religion think that Christ is their own and that he resides in their pocket. On the contrary it’s just the other way round: that he has nothing to do with them and he’s against them. As Christ has said, “You’ll be calling me ‘Christ, Christ’ and I will not know you.”

So it is important that Christians should never think that Christ is our own and that he is ours, because all your life you have lived like Christians. Actually you have not; you have not lived like Christians. So those who have not lived like Christians only have taken the name of Christianity, are not in the real sense the people who follow Christ. So now we have to change ourselves and follow him in our lives. Unless and until we imbibe him in our lives we have not understood the greatness of his advent.

Just because we are Christians or so-called Christians – to believe, we have much to do about him and to be identified with him is absolutely wrong. And that’s what I warned you before that we have to imbibe all his qualities. It was a living example of a very great advent that he came on this Earth and led such a pure and holy life.

Try to develop your purity and holiness and a powerful holiness and a powerful auspiciousness which does not get contaminated, but fights whatever is anti-God, whatever is anti-Christ.

So today is a day when you are celebrating his birthday again. And on this day let him be born within us. Let him be born in our character, in our behavior, in our temperament. He was a detached man, not attached to material things, nothing of the kind; he lived like a carpenter’s son, in a very uncomfortable life, absolutely, and he never bothered about small things of life. 

Actually you know a carpenter’s house is one of the most dangerous places to live in because you have all kinds of nails, you have all kinds of funny types of instruments that you use. Any day you can topple onto anything and can get hurt, and there’s hardly any place where you can sleep, the whole place is filled with wood and people mostly sleep on wood; but just the other way round, we the so-called Christians are so particular about our comfort and it is very easy for us to condemn others. It’s very easy.

It’s something so absurd, I mean, it’s so absurd! You see anything, they’ll go, say, to a market place, “Oh it is horrid!” They’ll go to some place and say, “That’s bad!” What about you? What is within yourself? Just see within yourself. And this is the thing we have to develop now. We have to cleanse ourselves from within. You have to be uncomfortable with yourself not from without. You have to be uncomfortable with what bad things we have within ourselves and not from without. Take your attention from outside inward. As Christ lived a life which was inward. He was not living outside. He was living inside himself.

And that’s what we have to today understand, on this day, that our new birth should take us inward. Our worry should be for our inward comfort and not for outward comfort. Like yesterday, if you didn’t like the picture, it’s a good sign that you can’t live with dirt and filth. But that is still outside. But what about the inward dirt and filth? What about the inward thoughts that are contaminating us? What about the silly ideas that are still on our heads? Take them away! Throw them away! And be again born like a lotus, like Christ, who all his life lived like this, died for us and was resurrected.

So we have such a great example to be imbibed within ourselves in our character, in our lives. This is I am saying again and again because we really get confused. We think if we have a, sort of a ‘passport’, we are alright. No that is not so! It is the becoming within yourself of Christ-like behavior. And the greatest of all is forgiving, the forgiveness, the forgiveness, which is so lacking in us. You see, unless and until we develop that…this ego has to go away. If we have to be Christians, we have to be ego-less!

And that’s what one has to understand that when we talk of Christ birth – such a beautiful time. Though he was born in complete discomfort. He could have born in a king’s place. He could have born anywhere but why he did it? Because he knew that, when Christians will come they will seek the best beds for themselves, the best houses for themselves, and little bit here and there they won’t tolerate. They’ll be shouting for little things: the carpet is spoiled, this is spoiled that – it’s so low minded.

So for you it is important that you must rise higher. Higher and see how he was born in the manger; in a such an uncomfortable place where there were all kinds of cows and cow dung and everything was spread there and he just didn’t bother. He just got his birth in a place which you would not like to even visit, or to sit there! And the Mother cleaned the whole thing for him and he was born there – a sparkling star of the heavens – to cleanse. Because if you are clean you clean others.

So, this, today, the great day of his advent, let us celebrate in this great country of yoga – specially this bhoomi – of Poona which is the punya–bhoomi – that the auspiciousness, the holiness, and the complete detached temperament of Christ we are going to imbibe within ourselves. And we are going to live like real followers of Christ and his life. Today you are Sahaja yogis so you have no cast, no custom, you have no religion now. 

Now you have only one universal religion that is Sahaja Yoga. And there, Christ is worshipped, everybody worships Christ because he came not for one person, two persons or ten persons. But those who worship him must express his character, his life. A materialist, how can they talk of Christ I just can’t understand, because there was no material thing in his body. He had no matter in him. He was just vibrations. That’s how he walked on the water. So how can materialist ever claim anything about Christ? I can’t understand. This is the problem one faces when one see – how we are  juxtaposition of what we proclaim.

Now this is the part which we have to achieve and once you achieve it, you will be amazed that God looks after you. How a flower flourishes in the wilderness, how it gets its water, how it is looked after, how it is so beautiful – it’s not bothered. In the same way when you become that beautiful being which is the Spirit you are looked after. 

You get all the blessings, all the joy, because the source of joy is that, absolutely. But when you cover it with your ego that joy, you cannot get. So just try to clean that ego somehow, see your ego, “Oh Mr. Ego, you are there? Get out!” Take it out! With affection, with kindness towards yourself and towards others, try to rise, rise higher and higher into that Realm which Christ has created for us in the limbic area where it is the Kingdom of God.

May God bless you all that you follow his life and imbibe all his qualities within yourself. I am also your Mother. And I am here to teach you all those things and to tell you how to do it. And you have to see to it. How I am detached, in the same way try to be detached. You try to please Me by giving me this and that but you know I am a very detached person, I don’t understand attachment, I don’t understand attachment, and I just sometimes smile at people when they try to say, “Mother we would like to give you this, that,” alright give. But I am not attached. I cannot get attached there is nothing that is within Me that can stick on to anything, nothing! I am just a moving force of Kundalini, how can I stick on anyone. 

I am just moving all the time so it is not possible for Me to get attached to anything. In the same way, you just get inside this force and move with Me and just forget about all the rest of the things which stop your progress.

You must progress. With dignity you must rise. I am sure it is going to happen. This time people have been very sensible, they have been least critical – though some are still like that, doesn’t matter – but most of them have been very sweet and very dignified and collectivity is good and I am very happy that people are doing so well in this puja. I am very happy.

May God Bless you.

(puja starts with mantras)

The mantras should be in rhythm.

Yogi: ‘Mokshada’ (giver of moksha)

Shri Mataji: Today is the day which is called the ekadashi means the eleventh day of the moon and the name of this special 11th day is ekadashi but we have different ekadashis but today’s ekadashi is called as ‘Mokshada’ – the one which is the giver of Moksha. See what a Sahaja system is that on the day of Christ is Mokshada and now you will know why I did not celebrate it yesterday. Alright? I don’t see panchang (book of auspicious timings) but I know everything!

Now some more from Europe, you washed it. You are not from Europe. Now who is from Europe?

Yogi: No, Australia Mother.

Shri Mataji: Alright, come along! Now who is from Europe? No, no, Englebert. You come along.

One person who has not done it, alright? Now who else? Yes. Now from England? You have not done it? Belgium? But we want somebody… alright come along come along.


Now we get one lady from Australia. Australia with him, one lady who has not washed, alright now wash both of you. Wash My feet, rub it, rub it hard, rub it hard.

(mantras continue)

You see, shivayoge Mokshada ekadashi, what else do you want. Did you understand? Today’s day is such a great day very auspicious.

26:58 Puja continues


We have done Europe, alright. Now England. Mary you sit down at your level because nobody can see at your back. You have to sit at your own level. Don’t just stand up alright, now who is that, from England. John Watkinson and Cathy come along.

30:46 Puja continues.

32:50 in Marathi

Distribute the water everywhere around all the corners.

33:40 in Marathi

Give him the translation to read (the Australian) where is he. Woran or anyone. Why don’t you come? let him read, behind.

35:00 in Marathi

Now he will say, now give him, 2-3 persons can read. You can also read with them.


After this now, gregoir has got some names, could you please, no you haven’t got.

A yogi: 108 names of Lord Jesus Christ Mother which recently came from London I think Patricia might have a copy.

Shri Mataji: Patricia have you got this. Now you have got the 8 names of the Goddess which you always say. Those 8 names have you got them

A yogi: 108

In Marathi:

Shri Mataji: You say the names. You hold this; you hold this, see to it that your hand doesn’t go inside. Now take the yoghurt. In the last sugar. Give everyone, the panchamrut. Ask for water and ghee. Did you ask for the milk? Keep adding the yogurt.

A yogi: Shri Mataji we have the names of the Virgin Mary in Latin which Gregoire prepared we also have the English names of the lord Jesus Christ.

Shri Mataji: alright you say that then we will say the names of the goddess.

A yogi: Would like to read the virgin names.

Shri Mataji: alright. come along gregoir come along. In Latin is good Latin is Sanskrit. It has the same effect. You see when Latin became holy became Sanskrit.


Spirita sancta they have said that you see.

1:01:26 Marathi

Adi Shakti they said to the Devi.


You read in Latin the vibrations flow.


A yogi: to he who is conceived in the heart of Shri Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Created by Shri Radha.


A yogi: to he whose mother is Jashoda.

Shri Mataji: no no, Shri Radha.

1:16:10 in Marathi

Now say the Mahalakshmi Stotrum. First call the unmarried ladies and then the married. Unmarried ladies about 4-5-7 should be there. I mean unmarried girls.

Now we shall start with the Sri Sukta, then sing.

Please sing Sri Sukta.


Have you got the 108 names? Lalitasahasranam, have you got that. Alright you know it in Sanskrit. Do you have it? All of you have to read it. Come along, go ahead. We are going to read and you all are going to follow. Have you got it? These are selected 108 names. Say those. Give him, along with translation.

1:32:05 in Marathi

Now call the married ladies. Seven married women.


From the foreigners, where are you from.


You all sit down now, when required will call you. When there is some work for you then will call you. There is work again and again. Women are also Brahmins, without them the puja of Mother will not be complete.

2:02:58 in Marathi

Is the Mr. Jadhav here who wanted to play the music? He was going to play shehnai what happened. Mr. Mane what happened, we had asked for him, why did he not come. Ask Gaikwad, I had told him to come today. Has not arrived yet, must call him. How did he not come, I had asked him to come? If someone knows his house, send somebody to collect him. He had said that Shri Mataji I will come. You might not have told him. Go bring him.

2:08:52 in Marathi

Today something special, I never take 2 saris at a time. But I think it is a tremendous day today. Mokshada, everyone should stay in meditation.

You must keep in meditative mood. When all this is happening just keep in meditative mood because all the centres are being getting decorated all the powers are being decorated so you have to be in meditative mood so that you receive you see, the blessings on your centre. It is very cooling, and nice, alright. Be in meditative mood.


Not like that 4 and a half, like fighting the bhoots. Please be seated now. After the aarti, you can take My photograph.

2:35:00 in Hindi

Please go for 5 minutes in meditation.

Go into meditation for 5 minutes. Very deep silence. Close your eyes.

2:39:20 in Marathi

May God Bless you all, May God Bless you all