There is a universal unconscious within us

Lion's Club, Pune (India)

1982-12-26 There is a universal unconscious within us, Pune, India, 65' Chapters: Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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1982-12-26 Public Program, Lions Club, Pune, India, DP-RAW, 79' Chapters: Arrival, Introduction, Talk, Q&A, Self-Realization
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Public Program. Pune (India), 26 December 1982.

The organizers of Lion Club, the members of Lion Club, and the seekers of truth who are lions and otherwise. The name “lion” has come to us since long. In this country, lion has been respected as the King of the Forest. And this King of the Forest is the one who has that dignity, that sense of authority, and benevolence which is expected of a king like a lion.

I’m very fortunate that you have given Me this chance to talk to so many lions today and I’m extremely grateful to all the organizers that they have found time for Me. I’ve been following the working of Lion Club, though I have not been a member of any club like that, to find out what are the principles on which this club has been formed. As it is, it is human nature to club together. Clubbing together comes to us from the unconscious force of which we are not aware. When the unconscious force, which tries to make us form groups, to form certain collective organizations, which work out for the good of the collective.

So, person like Jung, who was a disciple of Freud to begin with and who revolted against him later on, said that “There is a universal unconscious within us.” And the universal unconscious, he tried to prove with the help of dreams. He found out that in the dreams, he get symbols which are of universal nature. And these dreams, when they are depicted, it is found out that they have the same message whether you dream it in Japan or in America or in India. So there is some sort of an area within us which is unconscious, means it is not in our conscious mind, in our central nervous system which guides us as to what is wrong and what is right. So we can say, in a way, that Jung has created that stage for us.

Now this country of ours, this great yogabhoomi of ours, has been working it out since long to find out about the inner side of human being. The reason, I think, is this that in the West the life, every day to day life, is really very difficult. For example, if you have to go out of the house in London, you have to get ready 15 minutes ahead. You have to wear your shoes. You have to wear your socks. You have to wear at least one sweater and a coat and something to cover your head. And then you have to rush into your car or whatever you have to do, it has to be done very carefully. All the time you feel that the climate around is just trying to overpower. While in this country of ours, the life is much easy. The atmosphere is much easy. You can walk about without much clothing. You can live under a tree also with great satisfaction. There is no problem of the weather. First I didn’t understand when the English started saying “Good morning! Good evening!” What it means? But now, in London, when I went there I realized it has a big meaning. So, for us it was such a blessing that we had an atmosphere which we did not have to fight. So, then people had time to find out about the inner side of life.

To find out the inner side of life, they went into the, you can say, into forest or on to Himalayas or all to these places of seclusion where they could devote some time to find out what’s within us. Now this is the knowledge of the roots. While in the West, all the knowledge of science and all the knowledge about outside is about the shoot. When the shoot is obviously there, we can see it so clearly. It’s apparently existing. It’s very easy to deal with the shoot. And so it is very easy to believe that the shoot is there and it is growing and it has a function. It has a different, we can say, different forms. In the same way, about science we can say that whatever we seek, whatever we find out, is there. But science cannot explain many things. First of all, it cannot explain universal love. It cannot explain. It does not believe in it. Science has decided not to believe in certain things which they cannot explain. But there is universal love. Out of this universal unconscious love only we create these clubs. Even United Nations also has come out of that force which is unconscious, that we have created these things to be benevolent to others.

Now this unconscious force is within us. Actually God is love and love is God. But our idea of love is very limited. Because we are limited. We have not reached that state of unlimited. Our mind is limited. We think in a limited way. So far as we love our children, we love our family, we love our parents or we love our country. Like that it goes on expanding. But it is not a limited thing. So what is that love which is really universal? We should try to find out. This love is the one, is the power, which is called as the Holy Ghost. It’s called as the Adi Shakti, or they say it’s Ruh. In Koran, it’s called as Ruh. This power is all pervading power. It’s called as Chaitanya and is described as Soundara Lehari by Adi Shankaracharya. Everybody has described it. Whether it is Lao Tse or it is, we can say, Zen system or any system which has still survived has described this as the Brahm or we can call the power of God which is all pervading. But as human beings, we cannot feel it. We may feel the force of it. We may work because of it. Like Lion Club is one of the, we can say, the sprouting of that love. But this love, which is acting, which is manifesting, we cannot feel it.

Now where does it manifest? It manifests everywhere. Like a flower becomes a fruit. How does it become? Nobody can say. No scientist can say. If you have to, say, sprout a seed, you have to put it in the mother earth. So the mother earth has that love by which she sprouts it. It’s a living force. And the living force is not understood unless and until we become one with that universal force which is all pervading. This is all around us but it’s a big belief. People talk about it: “You have to become. You have to be reborn. You have to become Self-Realized. You have to know God.” It’s all talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. And so far, it has not worked out on en-mass scale. Only a few people got it. They were called as saints, [1 word INAUDIBLE], they were [in a DEL] as Christ and other great people came on this earth. And today is a great day of the birth of Christ. I would say it was Christ who brought this message to us that “You have to be born again.” He Himself in His resurrection has shown that something has to happen to us. Even Mohammed Saab had said that when there will be the time of resurrections, your hands will speak. Clearly He said it. But what it means, nobody has tried to find out. We go on singing the praise. We go on saying the thing like “[30-40 word Sanskrit prayer]” Then where is it? Why don’t we find it out? So, to find it out, to know about it, there has been no curiosity. Just like scientist, we had said, “All right. We will sing the song. We’ll do the bhajans.” Finished.

But all these great saints came on this earth with one purpose, to begin with, that they should give a balance to human beings. And this balancing force is within us, again. We call it as dharma. You may call it by any name but it is the sustenance, or you can say, it is the balancing of human beings. As you know that in the matter there are valencies up to eight only. Carbon has valency of four. And some carbon, the human, we can say, the livings, living beings started and we have come out of that carbon–that beginning started with carbon–from four valencies. Now it has reached to ten valencies we have when we are human beings. Now if something is missing in these ten valencies, we get imbalanced. And we then form some sort of a compound with a negative or a positive force and we become little abnormal human beings. We are no more normal people. For example, we can say that we had people who were very ambitious. So ambitious that they lost certain balance within themselves. When they lost that balance, they could be charmed by people like Hitler. And when Hitler combined with them that funny type of an idea, that their race was a very special one and they have a right to kill all other races, a combination of a very satanic idea started building up with human beings. And then human beings became so satanic that they can’t believe it. And even now, they say that it was a political mistake. I do not say it’s a political mistake. It was an imbalance. So, we call this in Sahaja Yoga the imbalance of the right side. And there could be the imbalance of the left side. Where people are too emotional and start becoming, you see, suppressed by others. They take suppression from others and become slavish. That type of another left sided behavior could be there also in human beings.

So, this religion was given to us by these prophets just to give us strength, to have our valencies, to have our sustenance, to be in complete balance. But then a question can be asked, “Why balance? For what?” Even, “Why balance? Why to have a balance life? What is the need to have this balance? And all your life, you struggle to have balance for nothing at all?” It’s not so. Now you have seen that in our lifetime, we have seen people are going shooting out to moon. And when they are shooting out to moon, somebody must be going to the spirit also. Because if there is a growth of the shoot [3 sec microphone failure] and that, then the question “Why Self-Realization?” will be solved.

Sahaja, “saha” means with, “ja” means born. It’s spontaneous. It’s with you. As your nose is with you, as eyes, everything we take for granted, we have this spontaneous method of uniting with God Almighty or this Divine Power built in within us, which is a living force, which is lying within us. Now this force is the Kundalini. It’s a force lying in the triangular bone. And it resides there. Sometimes in the course of Sahaja Yoga practices, you can see the pulsation in people where there is a problem of it’s ascent or there is a [blockade ?]. You can see this Kundalini just behaving like a heart and pulsating in the stethoscope. You can feel one by one on the centers the way it stops. You can even feel here on the head, on this fontanel bone area which we call as Taloo in Sanskrit language, a kind of a throbbing in the beginning and then the throbbing disappears. And then you start feeling a kind of a cool breeze from your hands. Now this happening is a living happening. You can’t do it. You can jump. You can dance. All sorts of things these gurus teach you, all that you believe in. But that you can’t do. Everything can be done but for this that you feel the cool breeze coming out of your head.

Like [UNKNOWN] has clearly said [UNKNOWN HINDI OR SANSKRIT]. Now, these people were not false people. They were not trying to cheat us. Why did they say this? So we should try to see also what is behind this knowledge. We should not be only satisfied with the Western knowledge. That is one of the things our intellectuals and educated people are doing because we have had nothing but this Western knowledge so far. We must turn back and see what do we have. We are in trust of this great knowledge that is in our country, which is now in the hands of some very bad people, we can say, Western interest people, who are trying to use it for wrong purpose. Of course Kundalini rising cannot be used for wrong purpose. Because you cannot make the Kundalini rise unless and until you are the right type of a person. But people who know about it, can talk about it, try to do some sort of a nasty thing, try to harm you and call themselves to be great sadhus and saints. But actually everyone of you has a power to become the spirit. Everyone of you, as long as you are a human being, it can happen to you. Once you become the spirit, you are amazed that this starts flowing. Then the universal love, real universal love starts flowing.

Now, as you must have heard that I’ve cured some people, they will tell you. Actually I have not done anything like that. I’ve not cured anyone. I cured Myself. Because: who is the other? Because everything is within Myself. If I cure Myself, if I feel the pain in this finger and I cure My finger then I’m curing Myself. But that finger is actually say this thing to Me that this gentleman has this problem, but to Me, he is not the other. So in universal love, you do not think it mentally. It’s not a mental projection, “Oh, he’s very poor. You must help. Oh, he is very much suffering. You must do something about it.” It just flows. It just works. It’s not mental. It’s beyond mental. It’s what you call unlimited love. It just flows and works out. You don’t have to think about it, “Oh, I must help this man.” Actually this might build up your ego.

And most of the social workers, you know, are terribly ego oriented, terribly ego oriented. You have to keep away from them because they can be so ego oriented. I’ve seen one lady. I shouldn’t name her but she’s got a very big position in social work. But I’ve seen her jumping with [temper?] from here to there and there to there for a little thing like that. I was amazed. How can this lady be given some sort of a prize for peace and thing, and she’s so hot tempered. There is no love in her. This is such a hot tempered lady. And she is just building up her ego. And she is trying to do some sort of work which, she thinks, is helping people.

We must understand that this power resides within us. Holy thing we should try to exploit. We should try to work it out. That this power of our spirit should .. We don’t have to argue with anyone. We don’t have to say anything about it, just works. Even little, little children, if they are realized souls, you put them together, tie them up and ask them, “Now, what is the problem with this person who is facing you?” Immediately they raise a finger and tell you, this is the problem. And everybody would say that this problem means this. And if you ask the person, “Do you have this problem?” “Yes”, he said, “I have. But how do these children know? They are not doctors.” So the children are the persons who will diagnose it. They are the ones who will cure it. And they are the ones who are enjoying. It’s a different realm about which I’m telling you. It sounds very fantastic. It sounds very funny. And many people have told Me that, “How is it, in such a short time, it has to happen?”

Now the blossom time has come. They use to give Me one of the flowers in olden days. For example at the time of Jalaka [DOES NOT SOUND LIKE Janaka], we had one fellow [5 syllables UNCLEAR] I’m going to Jalaka. And he said, “You give me Self-Realization.” He said, “If you want to take my whole kingdom, but don’t ask me for Self-Realization.” But ultimately he gave him. One. Now today the time of blossom has come. The blossom time has come. Krishna did his Krishi, means He sowed the seeds. Christ did his job. He put this awareness of resurrection within us. Now the time has come for us to reap the fruits of all these incarnations and these saints and all these people who worked it out, the blossom time when the flowers become the fruits without much difficulty.

It’s very simple, especially if you are simple people, if you are in balance. If you are a little imbalance, the Kundalini puts you into balances and you get it. As a result of that, as a result of this happening, you get first your physical fitness. As a result of that. Now for doctors, it is very easy to understand. If I tell them that you become the master of parasympathetic. Now how? They will ask, “How do you become master of parasympathetic?” Because doctors don’t know much about parasympathetic nervous system. But you talk about autonomous nervous system. Now I say, “Who is this ‘auto’?” Supposing you become the auto. A simple example could be that we have a accelerator within us and we have got a brake. Now we are learning how to run this machine of ours or with this car of ours. First we make mistake. We go this side. We make another mistake. We go the other side. Then we become drivers, in the sense we know automatically, without thinking we work it out. But then we become the master of the driving. So we see the driver within us and we see those two things and we enjoy it. That state, when it comes to us, then we are not to bother. Physical happiness comes to us without much difficulty.

Now how cancer can be cured is very simple. If you want, I would like to tell you. If you don’t think it’s going to take too much time. It’s very simple how to cure cancer. Now, within us there are seven basic, seven basic chakras. They are subtle centers. And they express outside. I mean you may not believe. It’s a hypothesis for you, doesn’t matter. But, if it is proved then you have to believe. As scientists, you must keep your minds open to receive this hypothesis and if I prove it to you then you have to believe. Now these subtle centers manifest outside all the plexuses we know about. These seven centers, these subtle centers are called as chakras. And they reside within us, in the Medulla oblongata [Transcriber’s Note: lower portion of the brainstem], in the brain and in the limbic area. Now if you know how to handle them or reach them by any chance, you can work it out from the roots.

Now, why cancer is caused? Nobody knows how cancer is caused. But I saw a very [interested MAYBE] feature by some doctors which the BBC showed a very nice feature film about the, about, I mean they showed lots of things in that, about cancer also, that they have found out that within us there is an area built in which is built since our creation. We call it collective subconscious. We, the Sahaja yogis, we call it as collective subconscious. And from this area, there is an attack on the being by some proteins which the doctors call [as it MAYBE] protein 52, protein 58. See they have no name so they call it by protein this and that. Now this triggers cancer. And we say that these are dead spirits which attack. Virus, according to us, is the attack of the all kinds of vegetables which have gone out of the circulation of evolution. If they attack then the virus is caused. But virus comes and goes away. [1 or 2 words INAUDIBLE] it’s effects on us. Then there is an attack of the dead spirits, as we call them, of [this PROBABLY] proteins – [5 syllables UNCLEAR] protein 52, protein 58. You see, if you call them by those names, nobody is shocked. But if I say these are dead spirits, people are shocked.

So it triggers cancer. By some chance, if we can get rid of those attackers and put your system into proper shape, we can manage cancer all right. So first the attack [2 words UNCLEAR], to begin with. Secondly, what happens that supposing this is a left side sympathetic and the right side sympathetic and [these PROBABLY] sympathetic nervous systems are in the center, as you can call it, this is the [vertical line MAYBE], the center, is the central line, what we call as the parasympathetic nervous system. Now, when there is too much of pressure on these sides because of over activity of the sympathetic nervous system due to emergencies then they brake [2 syllables UNCLEAR] between these centers. And this, being connected with the whole, the connection with the whole is lost and you become on your own.

So a person becomes on his own. What’s wrong? There are many people who say, “What’s wrong? Let us get out of the society, do what we like, be abnormal. What’s wrong?” But actually you become malignant. And such a person touches another person, he also becomes malignant. Then the third person becomes malignant. You see, you can say, like people who have no idea of the whole. They start behaving on there own. In the same way, the cells become. And when they become malignant, they start attacking other cells, other cells also become malignant. Then the triggering comes again from the left side as said by protein 52 and protein 58. So, by any chance, if we can remove the ones who are triggering it and also we can put these back and give energy, sufficient energy for them to act together, they are again put with the whole and the system starts working. And that’s how cancer can be cured sometimes in ten minutes. In ten [minutes PROBABLY] you can do it, Leukemia in five minutes. Diabetes, you can put it right in no time. But then you have to continue with it to maintain. It’s very simple to create this kind of an atmosphere by which you become really absolutely a healthy person.

Then, mental conditions: same. A person who is mentally affected is also affected by the spirits. All the mental cases are affected by spirits. I haven’t seen one which is not. If you can remove the spirits, the person can be all right. Today I saw a child who was blind. Suddenly he became blind. His eyes are open but he can’t see. There is no light. It’s absolutely a spirit sitting down here. If you can remove the spirit from there, he can see. But the doctors don’t believe in it nor they know how to do it. Psychologists are really absolutely children. [2 words UNCLEAR] have no sense at all how to conduct therapy to the mind. They are so outward. I mean, I call them unauthorized. They have no authority to deal with the mind of human beings because they do not know how to penetrate into the mind. So, we have the patients who are suffering from, say, mental troubles. They can be put right. Your mental problems can be brought round. No doubt you can do it. You can be cured of [1 word INAUDIBLE] mental troubles.

Now, then we have another problems of intellectual problems that you go on thinking, thinking too much. [Thinking there are MAYBE] I met a doctor in Switzerland. He said, “Mother, you cut my throat or cut my head but stop this thinking.” Because we get into the habit of thinking. And we are all the time jumping on the cusp of every thought. Now, we have to make this thought so tired by some means that they get elongated and there is a space in between. But the other way it could be: to raise the Kundalini and the Kundalini takes you into the realm of the present. So neither you live in the past or the future but you live in the present.

That’s impossible. If I tell you, “Live in the present.” You said, “Mother, how to live? It’s impossible.” Because as soon as you try to live in the present, a thought from the past comes in or thought from the future comes in. But that time you become thoughtlessly aware. There’s no thought and you see everything. If you want to think, you can think, but you can absolutely peaceful. That bliss which is described as the divine bliss starts pouring into you and you become absolutely blissful. With this, with this [1 word UNCLEAR], you become much younger or 20 years younger. How many people who were even bareheaded, got their hair? Many people who had spectacles, you see, they lost the use of that. All kinds of things have happened. It’s so miraculous.

Now the highest thing that one has to achieve is the spiritual life. In the West, I must say, men of God are born much more. They are seekers. They are real seekers. Because they had enough of all this. They’ve had enough of affluence. They know what is the advantage of affluence. Affluence has taken them nowhere. They’ve made all kinds of mistakes. Their family are spoiled. All the old people are numb lying [in the MAYBE] orphanages and all that. They have seen to the end of it. They are fed up with it. The scientists have reached a conclusion that now we are waiting for the shock, that’s all. The shock of the science. They are worried now, “why we have created these big, big things like atomic things and all these things to go to moon,” Because they have achieve nothing out of it. Just waiting for the ultimate shock when everybody will be destroyed.

And this kind of thing, [when MAYBE] happen, that people are so agitated that they look backwards. How to go [forward PROBABLY]? We have come to the precipice now. We have to fall down. Now, how to save ourselves? So the developing [3 syllables UNCLEAR], they are much better off in this respect and they want to go back. But in this country we, being Indians, we are doubly blessed. [There is a DEL] there is a yoga boon, we say. What is the yoga boon? Every Indian, he maybe a [4 syllables UNCLEAR], in his heart of heart he knows what is wrong what is right. This is what we have. He may do, he may try every trick but still in our heart of heart we know it is wrong.

I say, there are to types of sins we commit. In the West, they are committing the sin against the Mother. They have no sense of Mother. They commit it and now they are absolutely fed up of it. Here we commit the sin against the Father. Father, the God Almighty, is so powerful. He’s going to look after us. Krishna has said “Yoga Kshema Vahamayam.” You just take to yoga and [Transcriber’s Note: God will] look after your Kskema, is your wellbeing. But here we are not bothered. We are doing all sort of cheating, all kind of nonsense–for what? For a little gain. If you believe that there is God and you get to your yoga, all your material problems will be solved for practical purposes. You may not become very rich because it’s a headache to be a rich person, very big headache. So you’ll become a rich person in your heart like a bhatch.

I can give you My example Myself, you see. I am, I don’t know, people say I’m born in a rich family. Of course I’m this according to normal standards I am. Maybe My husband is a rich man maybe, whatever it is. But as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care for any comforts. I can sleep on the street. I can sleep in the villages. I can take bath in the rivers. I’ve no problem. I’ve no problem of any kind. I just don’t understand. I’ve no problems of bathrooms or comfort on a bed or anything. Because I think, “I am Myself. Myself the bhatcha Myself.” What can dominate Me? There’s nothing can dominate Me. And I live in that joy of My own being and I just don’t bother. I’m not bothered. Nothing can make Me subjugate to that or in any way enslaving. No habit. I have no habits, I mean. As such I don’t know how people form habits. I tried to form habits. I cannot. I just cannot form habits because nothing can overpower Me.

And this is what is going to happen to all of us when we become the spirit. Because spirit is detached, is not bothered. It is absolutely above all the things, like a lotus. It’s like a lotus above the dust and the dirt and the filth [and that PROBABLY]. It just sees the thing like a drama and it just watches and it just emits fragrance. By that fragrance, it clears and cleans all that is dirt and filth and also it makes it beautiful. It covers the complete point which is suppose to be so dirty and ultimately makes it cleaning. It is that which is [to OR should MAYBE] happen to every human being. It is for the emancipation for all human beings. To Lion Club, if it is to happen, let it happen. We are all great people with great ideas and the time has come for you to get the special power of enlightenment which will make even Lion Clubs roar with enlightenment, the joy of happiness that you received from your spiritual blossoming. May God bless you.

[Transcriber’s Note: There is a break in the recording of unknown length.] questions and as he has directed, I would like to know what we have to ask for [Transcriber’s Note: There might be another break in the recording here.] is to bring the unconscious to the conscious. Now, in our evolutionary process, whatever we have achieved, we have achieved in the conscious mind. That means in the central nervous system, actually.

For example, if you have a dog. The dog can pass through any dirty lane. It doesn’t smell any dirt, filth or anything, doesn’t even see the beauty of the place. Whether it’s a dachshund or a big collie or some sort of a very, very great dog, all dogs are absolute immune to all the dirt and filth. But for a human being [Transcriber’s Note: There is a break in the recording here.]

central nervous system. So now, whatever has to happen in the evolutionary process follows logically that should happen in our conscious mind. Whatever is in the unconscious has to come to our conscious mind. Now, what is subconscious within us is the one which we have experienced before and has gone into the past. So, for all practical purposes, the past doesn’t exist. But, if you want to go into the past, you can, but’s dangerous. Because from past, you go to the collective subconscious and it’s a very dangerous thing which area you should not go any further because that’s finished for you. The ascent is through the conscious mind, through the present, and that’s how the spirit which is the source of your joy should start expressing itself or manifesting itself through your conscious mind so that on your central nervous system you should feel the existence of spirit. That’s one thing.

Now the second question is about the parama and all those people are that how the secular state of our senator that is going to work out, now [Transcriber’s Note: 5 sec dialog with another person] the religions which are formed outside are all artificial. It has no meaning to real religion because Hinduism as such if you see, Adi Shankaracharya has said “Na [4 syllables].” He has just talked about the Mother. He just talked about Self-Realization. He never talked about all these nonsensical things that Hindus are following now and they think that this is Hinduism. Or if you say any other, say, Islam. Islam is [sales MAYBE] now. I mean, everywhere what I find that all these so called religions are nothing but the projection of Western interests. There is no reality.

For example the Christians. The Christ has said, “You have to be born again.” So they get a person and baptize him, put some water on his head, and he is realized. We say he’s become a Brahmin without knowing the Brahma. We just put some sort of a thread on him and [if you give PROBABLY] some money to the Brahmin, he becomes a Brahmin. Same with Jains, with all of them. We are not doing–what we are supposed to do–is to seek the truth and become the spirit as every religion has said. And then, once you become the spirit then you will be amazed that these all incarnations and all of them are so related to each other that we are just quarreling with each other for nothing.

Like Christ has very clearly said that those who are not against Me are with Me. Who are they? And so for Tukarama or Namadeva, anybody, there was no caste or system or anything. For them it was just the spirit. Spirit has no caste, no system, no formal sort of a thing. It is beyond all these things. And it is said [in DEL] that sanyaasi has no, the sanyaasi has no caste, it has no caste. And always you have seen all of them have suffered, all of them. Tukarama has suffered so much because they thought he was not a Brahmin. I don’t know. But the way he was suffered because of the Western interest. Even Sai Nath, who was recently here, who has suffered so much on account that they called him a Muslim. So, for a Muslim also there is no caste or formal religion left. You’ll be amazed. I went to a place called Darkili and asked people, “What is this place? It’s very vibrating?” And they said, “There was one mia and he was a sadhu who was Muslim.” And they all worshipped him. I went and saw. He was a realized soul. You can see because the vibrations were coming from him. So whether he is a Muslim or a Hindu born in any whatever it is, he is a realized soul, so he is a realized soul.

Now, the secular state of our city government I say, I have nothing to do. I don’t know how to work out through the government. Their ideas of secular state and all that are based on something superficial. Because for Me, these things do not exist.

Now we have got people coming from Algeria, lots of people are coming from Algeria. They are all Muslims. They had taken to Sahaja Yoga. They know about Ganesha. They know about Christ and they know about Mohammed. And many Hindus who are in Pune who are Brahmins, are now worshipping Mohammed Saab because they know that Mohammed Saab exists as Dattatreya himself. But this is to be proved and they have to see that this is so.

It’s very surprising that fanaticism has nothing to do with God. It has nothing to do. On the contrary it is an anti-God activity. All kinds of fanaticism is anti-God activity. It causes also cancer. I know one gentleman who came from Iran. He was a doctor and he had stomach problem. And he had cancer in his stomach. And when he came, he told Me that “I don’t believe in any other person but Mohammed Saab.” But I said, “Mohammed Saab Himself is angry with you. Because He is Dattatreya and how can you say that?” I said, “You have to believe in Dattatreya.” He said, “I can’t believe in Dattatreya, Nanaka or anyone.” I said, “Alright. I cannot cure you. I’m sorry.” He went back. For 15 days he worked very hard. He couldn’t get cured. The doctors said “He is going to die.” His wife came. She said, “We believe in whatever you say, Mother.” Then he became a great Sahaja yogi. He’s cured. He’s alright.

All these things are outside by him. I’m talking of the inner being. He said, “Any difference in the body of one human being and another human being whether he is a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian?” We, we have made. We human beings have made all these things. It’s absurd. God never knows these things. And we are told “many Muslims have come.” Farsis are coming. All kinds of people are coming. Now those who are all Western people, they are all followers of Christ. They have come to Me. And Christ is very much there within ourselves. But where does He reside? What is His work? Who was He within our mythology and another mythologies? We have to understand everything, the relationship. It’s all the knowledge of the roots, as I said. But, to go into the roots, you have to become subtle. It’s not, “[5-6 words of Marathi]” in Marathi as said. That there’s talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. It’s something that is experienced to be know that all of them are one. How can they be two? I’m different.

[Transcriber’s Note: somebody else talks for 5 sec]

Who is the Prime Minister? I don’t understand it. To Me, I don’t understand “Prime Minister.” For you it’s alright. I have no problem [bothering MAYBE] with them. To [them DEL] Me, they are human beings as everybody. To you, it’s a big thing or small thing. To Me, it is not. It doesn’t go into My head, you see? So particularly if you’re understanding about someone, it maybe your own mental projection. But to Me, she is a human being. That’s all. Nothing more than that.

[Transcriber’s Note: Somebody talks for at least 3 sec. It sounds like the latter part of the question was cut but the audio is so poor quality that I can’t make out the beginning of the question either.]

If so, it should work out. [Then MAYBE] that’s the thing. [You PROBABLY] understand? Why worry about these political things and these things, you see? They already you are having. As soon as you got, you see them. Inside at least, have your self. Worry about yourself more now. Isn’t it? It’s a good idea. If you think so?

[Transcriber’s Note: Somebody replies, “Yes”] All right? [Transcriber’s Note: Somebody replies, “Yah”]

[Transcriber’s Note: Mother starts talking abruptly as if the recording is cut.] [channels MAYBE] within us. One is left side, another is right side. And the left side energy is the energy of desire and the right side is of action. So, first of all, you have to put the left side towards Me. That means, you are desirous of your Realization. Just like this. You have to put your hand towards Me. Keep it comfortably on your lap if you want. Very comfortably. You should be comfortable but not slouching or in any way too erect, just in a comfortable way for you. And not too much putting back your neck or forward but just in a comfortable way. You have to sit down with the hand on your left lap, if you like, or on your left side arm.

This one. Now, the right hand is the [is the DEL] action which we have to use. First of all, please put this hand towards Me like that. And now close your eyes. Please don’t open your eyes. Till I say, please don’t open you eyes because when the Kundalini rises, it goes through this Agnya Chakra which is connected with your eyes. And the eyes have to be little bit sometimes attracted and even the people [style MAYBE] it. So it’s better to keep the eyes shut so the Agnya Chakra opens out without any difficulty. Please keep your eyes shut. And put your both the hands towards Me. Just like that. Just like that. Now close your eyes. All of you should do it. Because with this, at least you’ve got anything, your health will be alright. So, put your both the hands towards Me. Close your eyes. And everybody should close the eyes. That will help everyone. It’s a collective happening. If somebody doesn’t want to do it, he should go away. But he should not disturb others by obstinacy. That’s not a good thing. To be kind and civil to others, everybody should [Transcriber’s Note: recording finishes abruptly]