Vastu Shanti Puja: Get out of your conditioning

Pandharpur (India)

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Vastu Shanti puja, 1982-12-31, Pandharpur Center, Maharashtra, India, during India tour

Suddenly it was all arranged by them and the whole thing was so cool and you also had not come so I thought I’d better start the program with them.

So, this is the condition in this country, that now, wherever I go, you tell and you get five to six thousand people and one can give them Realization. I have to request you people also to expedite something in your own countries. First of all, you people have to get well, that’s very important. That is one thing we must realise that we have come here to get out of our conditionings.

We have so many conditionings! First of all, our comfort, that we have to be comfortable we have to do this, I mean we don’t want to do anything that will give a trouble to our body. That’s not a good thing. Try to put this body to some trouble at least.


Moreover, this idea of having comfort is so much a conditioning within us, so much of a conditioning, that in this country, there are so many people who live without a bathroom. They go to the river, they have their bath there, they go to the jungles and that’s how they live. They are human beings of very good quality you can see. While the comfort has ruined you quite a lot you must understand; comfort, all these things, these are terrible conditioning. You must get out of your mind; you must try to be little uncomfortable. Try to teach your body to be little uncomfortable. This is “tapaha”, it’s the one where you have to have penance and penance is just to get out of your conditioning which is very deeply seated there.

We speak of Shri Ganesha, we worship him, we want to awaken him. But do you know he has no conditioning of any kind. He is [inaudible]? He’s everywhere. We have to be something like him. You want to awaken him, but what about us? So, all these things are now- especially I told you that Maharashtra’s tour is going to be very spartan, it’s going to be difficult, but you all should come because this is the way the conditioning drops down. But I find that suddenly, you see, people accumulate that ego in their heads and think, “Oh, we should have had this, we should have had that”. But here you have to be really spartan.

I could have had this in a forest where all lions are there tigers and the snakes were crawling around. That could have been a better idea. We might have, you don’t know.


So, try, try to get out of your conditionings, it’s very important. Very conditioned, you are very conditioned people. And this conditioning only will reduce when we take some drugs or things like that. Otherwise, in a normal way, we are very conditioned people. We have to understand that this conditioning has to go. As far as I am concerned as you know, I have all the comforts of life but I have no conditioning of any kind. And that’s the sign of a saint not to have any conditioning, any nonsensical ideas. Especially, you see, people who have developed these artificial ideas too much in their head, they can’t get out of it.


So, try to be people who are without any conditioning that brings out your better quality.

You have been to Sajjangad, now you have seen it. Tomorrow is the New year and a very big day tomorrow. So, we have to make some promises to ourselves. That in Sajjangad such a great saint [Samarth Ramdas] lived who just wore one dress on his body. We went to see him, we went to see his vibrations. Now, how much are you going to have out of his life in yourself? That is the quality. And God knows where he lived, nobody knew how he lived. He used to sleep on stones and had his bath in every place wherever he went, in a river or any place.

He never cooked his food. He used to beg once in the day time. Such a great saint used to go and beg, you see. If I ask you to go and beg you will feel that I’m insulting you. So he used to go and beg while the whole of [inaudible] his lotus feet. But he used to beg. And he used to beg once. He would eat that much, whatever he got or whatever house – that he would eat and then he would not eat at all. So that kind of a thing we have to have, this conditioning has to be reduced as much as possible.

I was happy the way you sang the song yesterday with great love for Me. And if your love for Me increases like this, you will be surprised, your conditioning will drop. That’s the only thing Shri Ganesha has. And that’s how he has become like this. And in the same way, if that love is there, the love will teach you how to get out of conditioning which are giving you ideas of the comfort. And also you feel that “I like it, I love it.” “I”, what is that “I”? It’s nothing but this conditioned mind.

You try to get over your conditioning it’s very important. And the best way to get out of your conditioning is to make your body a little bit suffer, a little bit, I don’ say you crucify yourself. That I don’t want. All the comfort is there, everything is there for you, food they are organizing, everything is fine. But try to enjoy by de-conditioning yourself, that’s very important.


That you have ego, it’s no problem but apart from ego, there is the conditioning of the ego. Terrible conditioning you have had. Actually, it’s so much that now you can see how these people, in a simple way they live, how simple they are. In such a simple manner they live. They have very few clothes, not like you people. They are taking their bath early in the morning just every day. I never even called them, nothing they did not even know. I don’t know how they came early in the morning and they are waiting for Me to come down.

So you have to see their life, to see how they live without any conditioning and how simple they are.

The quality of being is poor in the West as you can see because we have loaded ourselves with this conditioning. If you can really lighten yourself, a little bit lighten yourself with this conditioning and self-apportioning things, you see, that “this is I, this is I, this is I.” Then only it will drop out, you see. With the minimum of minimum one can live but with the maximum of maximum of God’s blessings there.

So that is how you have to try to change your conditioned minds. When you are travelling, I want you to do that, that you see yourself how it is working, how your mind is trying to tell you, what discussions it is taking in, what suggestions it is giving you and what ideas it has put, all loaded. So throw them away! We have to be modern and the modern is to get all our conditionings out of our minds. All right? So it is how it is, one of the way we do it is through the puja.

[Shri Mataji speaks in Marathi]


Grégoire: Come, please, near Mataji.

Shri Mataji: Today is the, this is the centre. [Someone gives a mike to Shri Mataji.]

Mister Shankara Deshmo is the gentleman who has started this centre here and he is the one who was in [inaudible] and now he going through another project in here. And then he thought of building this house here and he had to start a centre for Sahaja Yoga. So give him a hand he’s a very great man. [Applause]

Now, he has been a very honest person in this Delegation department you hardly find honest people and he was very respectable and everybody had great regard for him. And when he took to Sahaja Yoga so many accepted it readily because they know he is a great person. So when the quality of a person is so great then Sahaja Yoga is in such a great manifestation that without calling anybody, without any advertisement, without anything, they all came this morning. Just, I was sitting here and I had to have this program so that is how it should be. And this house we’re using for our centre and this is his daughter as you know….10:12

[Shri Mataji introduces the whole family]


They got their Realization in Gauri, and now it has started here because of him he’s done a very great job. And we have come to do the opening ceremony of this house. This is called as Vastu Shanti, it’s to quieten the Vastus, the Gods of the Mother Earth, you see, so that they look after the Mother Earth, everything.

That’s how we are here and that’s how this puja is going to be.

So may God bless you. It’s going to be a small, short puja. At first, Shri Ganesh’s puja will be there. And then after that, we’ll have our food and then we’ll be going to Kolhapur.

All right?

May God bless you.”
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[Audio continues with:]

[puja]26:16 Let’s put something which is honourable, that’s all.

26:28 And now they will be [UNCLEAR] otherwise they will not go.

27: [Shri Mataji takes the mike to ask people, in Marathi, to leave the place because they are not Yogis.]

28:41 Now they have got a panic. I told them that no Sahaja Yogi should sit there. I mean those who are not Sahaja Yogis. And the lady sat down she got into fits. So you should understand what your Mother is doing, it’s Her power. You get also your Mother’s powers. Not easy.

That’s why we don’t allow the people to come to puja who are not Realized, who are not senior Sahaja Yogis. All right?



Now if you want to take my photograph. If they want to take the photograph of My feet, it’s a very different colour, it’s Shri Ganesha’s. It’s very good colour – saffron – it’s Shri Ganesha’s.

[Grégoire translates in French and in Italian]
[puja continues]


Ganesha’s colour was created out of these three: parigra, cumcum and chandrama.


Those of you who want this water you can take this puja’s and we give later on. Also if you want you can keep it in a bottle. We are taking in a bottle because later on buy some bottles to put it.


a sahaja yogi: Would you like us to take Shri Vishnu’s names, Mother?

Shri Mataji: Yes, it will be good to take to Shri Ganesha because that is the One who deconditions you. Decondition yourself. Or you offer all your problems to Me.

52:02 Satara was the kingdom of Shivaji, it was the capital of his kingdom.


Let us pray for innocence, just pray for innocence to be inculcated so that the whole conditioning goes off.