Short Conversation on Marriages New Delhi (India)

Short Conversation on Marriages, India, Dehli, December [Before 1985].
Dr Warren: (inaudible) (I think we just needa little more time?)
Shri Mataji: Now, you see the thing is, how many are really settled for marriage? Raise your hand.
Sahaja Yogi: It’s Chandra and Matti.
Shri Mataji: Not yet.
Sahaja Yogi: Not yet.
Shri Mataji: Not yet. That’s not yet settled, because told you, if he has a problem, is a problem. I am telling you very frankly:  unless and until you fully sort it out, […]

Third Letter in Marathi (Location Unknown)

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Translation of Old Marathi Letter – ( Letter Nirmal Yoga 15-1)

Man wants peace, wealth, power, etc., but God is the origin of all these.  Then why should there not be the desire for God?  Why should there be no aspiration and ambition to meet God?

We should pray to God for peace, and keep the desire to meet God who is peace itself.

This should be the difference in satisfaction of a common man and that of a Sahaja Yogi. […]

New year’s Day Program, Gondhal (Drama) and Bhajans (partially transcribed) Kolhapur (India)

Gondhal (Drama) and Bhajans, Kolhapur, India, January 1st, 1983

[Shri Mataji speaks at 48:08]They are playing the praise of the Goddesses, also my praise and they are thankful to you for giving money to them, it’s a simple expression of your love for your Mother.

And it’s a very simple drama for village that they perform, entertain people in that they talk of God and all the work of the Goddess. It’s a very good way to learn- to entertain the villagers and to tell them about the Goddess [inaudible] for this, […]

Talk about Shri Saraswati and the Veena Kolhapur (India)

Talk about Shri Saraswati and the Veena, 1983, Kolhapur, India
The gentleman who accompanies, his name is Mr. Chatterjee but I have never seen anyone so far, playing those talas [rhythms] on tabla so well. It’s alright to play all North Indian talas on tabla, but to mix up both and to manage the South Indian talas on tabla is the first time I am seeing. Otherwise they normally use mrudungum.
It is a very, very unique combination of things we have worked out and, […]

Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: Ganesha Tattwa Kolhapur (India)

Shri Mahalakshmi puja. Kolhapur (India), 1 January 1983.
Today again is a new year’s day, every new year comes, because we have to take to something that is new. It has been so arranged that the sun has to move for 365 days and again a new year has to come. Actually the whole solar system is moving in a spiral way. So, there is definitely a higher, higher state of this solar system. Every year it is rising higher in a spiral way. […]