Shri Mahalakshmi Puja: Ganesha Tattwa

Kolhapur (India)

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Shri Mahalakshmi puja. Kolhapur (India), 1 January 1983.

Today again is a new year’s day, every new year comes, because we have to take to something that is new. It has been so arranged that the sun has to move for 365 days and again a new year has to come. Actually the whole solar system is moving in a spiral way. So, there is definitely a higher, higher state of this solar system. Every year it is rising higher in a spiral way. So it is not only that, it is because 365 days have passed because it has moved a step forward higher than what it was. Now, we can see that in awareness, human beings have definitely risen much higher than what they were, say, about 2000 years back, but the first system that started, the whole universe was the first model, you can say was created, and that model has to be perfect and that was a perfect model which then started perfecting the rest of it. So that is the perfect model which is in the principle of this ascent and that is working out this ascent. Now the perfection of the rest of the universe takes place in various directions but today we have to consider the Mahalakshmi Principle. Now Mahalakshmi, as I told you, is a perfect principle, is a perfect principle, it’s perfect. It is born as perfect, will remain as perfect, will be always eternally perfect so that it is not necessary to be corrected. Now this Mahalakshmi’s thing I am discussing here because you may be able to go today to see the temple of Mahalakshmi. Now the temple of Mahalakshmi when you go there, you have to know that this deity has come out of the Mother Earth, in this particular place. That means this place has got a capacity to give you a force. You can say, additional force or an intensive feeling of evolution. If you are sensitive enough you can see that, you can feel it and you can do it. If you are not so sensitive you are still so conditioned and still outside, that may not work out. I mean all kinds of things can be done, but if somebody wants to remain a stone you can’t do anything about it. So this Mahalakshmi principle is working out in this place Kolhapur, normally, this place should be very very warm because of its position but even in summer this place keeps very cool because of the vibrations, from the temple that is emitted. The people in this place may not be so aware either, we can not say they are not aware because as negativity has to come forward, there are lots of sugar factory and lots of alcoholism going on here but we have to take the best advantage of every place which is created specially for a particular purpose. So it’s a pilgrimage in a way that we are here, that we have to look after our Mahalakshmi Principle of our ascent. As you know this ascent starts at the Nabhi and is surrounded by the Guru principle.

Now the Guru Principle within us, if it is absurd, if it is juxta positioned, placed in juxta positioned where if it is not properly embedded within us, if it is not emitting through our character and behavior, Mahalakshmi Tattwa cannot be strengthened. Mahalakshmi Tattwa is strengthened through Guru principle. Now we are lucky today because there was the birthday of Datta, Dattatreya just the other day when we had the Puja and today is this Mahalakshmi Puja. So two things together we have got together, First was the Datta puja and today is this puja of Mahalakshmi, So, to have the Guru principle all right, we must make our Dharmas correct. Now these Dharma’s, as I have told you many times, are ten, and we should look after these ten Dharma’s in a very careful manner. These are expressed outside but whatever inside comes out. Now I find when you people talk and you say things, I know that this person is negative, that person is definitely positive. There are so many ways of expression of positivity but how I know that, I can’t tell you I just don’t know how to tell you that but I just know that such a person is definitely positive and such a person is negative. The positivity lies in understanding why are we here. First of all, why are we on this earth? Why are we human beings? In understanding what are we doing about it? Why are we Sahaja Yogis? What a Sahaja Yogi has to do? What is his responsibility as a Sahaja Yogi? Then he moves forward to understand why Mother is so kind to me? Why have I got vibrations? Why am I among very few who have got this special blessings, the special knowledge of vibratory awareness? And then to ask yourself , what am I doing about it? Am I still very much embedded in my cheapishness or in my childishness, in my stupidity, in my harshness, in my aggressiveness? We always see these things in other people, not in ourselves. So we are not Sahaja Yogis. We should understand at that point, when we start seeing these things in other people, then we are not Sahaja Yogis. We should see in ourselves and emit pure compassion to others but always people see that, it is in another person this exists. Whatever I may try to say they always see in other person.

Now supposing there’s a negative person amongst us, you need not compassionate to that person, on the contrary better be away. Get rid of that person, as far as possible, don’t have anything to do, is a definite sign of great compassion to yourself, if not to others. Better not have anything to do with the person who is negative, if you have to come up. He may be your brother, sister, anyone but try to be away from a person who is not positive. It causes lots of problems. I’ve been telling you this and I’ve been requesting you, but the conditioning is such that still though you have become a Guru Tattwa, you don’t understand that you have to be detached, for a Guru there is no brother, sister or any other relationship except for the relationship for the Mother. There is no other relationship exist. One of these principles are to be understood. Very important I feel is for all of us that our relationship is only to Mother and to Sahaja Yogis and not to any relationship, which has come to us, whether through Sahaja Yoga or whether through anything else. Now this I have been explaining because our Mahalakshmi Tattwa is not all right, that’s why we get sort of fritter away, lost into these things and the Mahalakshmi Tattwa has to be like an ascending force, all put together like my father used to give an example that supposing you have collected lot of wheat and you spread it on the ground, it will be all lost. It will be spread out like this, this side, that side, it will be all lost but if you put it in a bag, it will rise, in height naturally. It will have mariyadas, it will rise and it will go higher and higher. In the same way this principle of Mahalakshmi can spread just across like that and can just destroy all that Mother has given us and all that we have had all these years, only by spreading it out. Now to collect it inside is to pay attention to yourself, first of all try to clarify your ideas and your understanding in brain is important because Mahalakshmi Tattwa ultimately works in the brain. Is the enlightenment of the brain, is done by Mahalakshmi Tattwa, it gives you the Sattwa the Truth you see. So in the brain you must clarify, reach logically, logically you must reach the conclusion that I don’t have to do these things, I have to do these things, I have to ascend, this is why I am here, why I’m here. What am I supposed to do? Now logically you convince your brain, first of all. It is very important now after realisation because if logically your brain doesn’t understand, it will always be cheapish, childish, undignified or could be harsh, horribly oppressive. It could be one of these. So, in Guru Tattwa, there are ten elements. Five of them deal with the weight, weight. Guru is the weight you see, weight of a person. How much weight you have got? The gravity, as we call it. Person has gravity. When he talks how much balance he’s got. See in Indian music, we call it Vazan means the weight. The weight of the person, means when he is dealing with himself or with others, how much weight he caries. In English also they use this weight. How much weight he carries with others? Means, how much he can really impress others. If you impress too much, all right, then the person will say, Oh, it’s too much. That is a very big quality with western people is Oh, that is too much. They have an idea, you see this is all ego oriented. That is too much. If you tell them too much, Oh, that is too much. She is too much. I move slowly, slowly. It is too much for me. It’s very common, it’s very common reaction, so how much weight you have and the second one is the quality of magnetism. Two things magnetism. First is the quality of weight, that’s how much dignified you are, how you talk, how your language is, how your behaviour is. You should be human but sometimes even with me, I find people talk in a very funny manner. I just don’t understand, how is it that always they say the wrong thing. I mean, even if they have to say one sentence, they will say a wrong thing. It is absolutely with them. Is also Vishuddhi which is also Nabhi comes from Nabhi because you must know that Vishuddhi Chakra is the ascent of the Nabhi Chakra. So what happens, that a person whatever he is, is expressed through his language, through his behaviour, through his face, through his nose, his eyes, everything, through the Vishuddhi Chakra.

So the ascent of the Nabhi is expressed, shown, through the Vishuddhi Chakra. Now whatever you have in the Nabhi, is shown here. Supposing now a person who has the Mahalakshmi Tattwa properly developed, such a person will have a way of dealing with another person where he will have the weight, as well as the understanding, how far to go with the person. How far to carry on with this person. How far talk to a person. How far to think about person. How much importance to be given. That is one point, is very important.

And the another point is that how much magnetism you have. So you reverse back to yourself. The magnetism is a magic, is a magic of a person. A person is magnetic because he has certain magic. Now this magic is comes from your own personality, from your own personality. So the basis of magnetism on the left hand side is starts and that basis is Shri Ganesha.Shri Ganesha is the basis of that magnetism. So your innocence, innocence is the best way to have that magnetism. Magnetism you cannot express in material way, it is not a material stuff but it is something abstract, comes from your quality of Ganesha, Shri Ganesha. Such a person is magnetic, magnetic means that such a person attracts another person because of the weight of the person, because of the quality of the person. Such a person attracts, but does not attract for lust, greed and non-sensical things but attracts another person because of the fragrance of love in the subjects. Now it is always confused, confused because it’s such an abstract thing. So one must understand it in a very subtle way. What is this magnetism that one should understand. You see, there some gestures people use artificially which normally they have been using just to attract other people, the way they walk, the way they dress, the way they live. All these things are of no use. It is something so inner, that fragrance is so inner which must be developed but in Sahaja Yoga I have seen people just don’t bother about it, just don’t bother. They think the way they have been living, the way they have been this, say if they are English, they are English, if they are French they are French, if they are Indians they are Indians, if they are from Kolhapur they will be from Kolhapur. These ideas first must be curbed off because the fragrance spreads everywhere whether you are English or anyone. So the fragrance of a person develops through first of all in Ganesha principle within you.

Ganesha principle is to be first of all seen to. Now a Ganesha person is not a person who is absolutely a remorse type or a person who is such a gone case that even if you beat him up and make him into a complete minced thing, he will bear it. It’s not like that, it’s not that. On the contrary the quality of magnetism is such that it attracts you, to a point where you are not disturbed. Now this is a very important point we should know. You see, if you have other loves, love like carnal love and all other love you have, then that love you may attract the person, then that person can destroy you and it destroys you, always. But this attraction does not destroy, does not destroy. The attraction is up to that point that you are not destroyed because you being much higher much deeper and much weightier, you cannot be destroyed by a thing that, whom you are attract. Always the greater magnet attracts the smaller magnet and that is what one should understand. This magic and this charisma, charismatic temperament of a person, comes by first of all, the Ganesha Tattwa, innocence and secondly by complete dedication and devotion. Those who are completely dedicated and devoted to Mother not to anything else Ganesha Tattwa again, not to your wife, not to your husband, not to your sister, not to your country, not to anyone but to Mother. Complete dedication gives you that charisma or that attraction. In Sahaja Yoga such a person becomes really attractive and such a person has it. Now some people think that if you are (? Hindi words) some people think that if you are a very passive person and if anybody says anything to you and you don’t mind, sort of a person you are charismatic, is not. People like you because they can dominate you, they like you because they can dominate you. Now if you think that by your aggressiveness and by your shouting and by your screaming and these people, you will achieve that charismatic temperament, you cannot. You cannot achieve that height, so how do you achieve it by becoming more innocent. Now how innocence develops in a person is by not thinking about it, like you see somebody asked me. How do you manage your income tax? I said By having no income at all. Then they asked me, How do you solve your car problem? By not having any car at all not mine. They said, What about your house problem?

By having no house of my own. nihi, nihi. Everything nihi for me. Then how do you sir solve your this problem, by not having it, just have no, not have it, don’t take up headaches upon yourself, see when you take up headaches of yourself then only the innocence is reduced. That headaches like this, that, this is my shawl, this is my sari, this is my thing, this is this, this is this, this is this, but only one thing is that `This is my Mother and I have to proclaim Her, that is all. If that is the way it is, then innocence starts rising like Shri Ganesha and by having no other headaches. This is mine, that is mine, this mine business causes the problem, I think personally I think this must be the reason that this mine business this is my because whatever is mine somebody told me this is very good argument to give. Whatever is mine is not I, means that’s not Sahaj. My body, my head, my everything, my, but `I` he gave me this idea, `I `. What is I? Then I is separated, whatever is not mine is `I`. So what remains is your Spirit`. Somebody gave me this argument I said it’s very good argument to work it out then whatever remains is `I` and that `I` is the one we have to see. So you go on reducing all these mines, mines, mines. So the pure spirit of innocence will rise, so the idea about spirit also, people think that if you become spiritual, I mean, I don’t know what people think about spiritual people but the idea about spiritual people is that you have to be something terrific like a bull or I don’t know. You have to be sharp like a fox, you have to be intellectual like Freud or something. All sorts of ideas people have, no it is not.

Spiritual person is just innocent, just innocent. There is no intelligence, nothing, just innocence. The whole thing is innocence, see whatever he talks or says comes through innocence. It doesn’t have intellect as such, which your people have it through reading and through understanding and by analysing, nothing of the kind. It just has pure and simple innocence and it comes work out very well, it’s so clean just says what it knows and what it knows is the highest. So this deconditioning has to be brought within us, but you should not discuss it among yourself also. Once you start discussing then you also you see it becomes sort of a theological argumentation. There’s no theology about it, it’s very simple, it’s the simplest thing is to be innocent but the innocence is lost, why, because our attention is in different way, we are attentive to other things. We are looking at other things. Is so simple, you know. Today I was thinking I have to buy three nine-yard saris. A simple question as it is, because there were three ladies who wear nine-yard saris and I have to give them three nine-yard saris, that’s all. I just thought of it, all right, I came here, I saw very nice saris being put here, so I asked her, `Where do you get these? She said `You get it here`. I said `All right`. So you go and buy these three saris. No analysis, nothing of the kind. I just came into my mind that I have to buy three saris, finished, the answer is here, so even the atmosphere is so innocent, the whole situation is innocent that the solution is presented by innocence to innocent. Innocence works out in everything, you see because every body has little bit of innocence in every one, isn’t it? So you can, it’s like a fifth column, you see, the innocence is the fifth column within you. So if any person is innocent, you see he will work on your fifth column and will make you all right. When you give bandhan to others, what happen, you actually bind him by your innocence and the poor fellow doesn’t know. He has his innocence within him, you capture that innocence, that’s how you are there, that’s how you manage, it is very simple to work out thing.

Only principle, the Tattwa, the whole thing rests on what Tattwa is nothing but innocence. So try to develop this by all these things neti, neti (?) saying not this, not this, not this, not this to all your faults. Not this, not this, not this, not this you reach there. Not mine, not mine, not mine, not mine, you reach there. And that is how it is and you see the whole material world is not attacking the innocence, because they are frightened. You cannot attack, innocence cannot be destroyed, it cannot be destroyed. Innocence is something, is all pervading and it cannot be destroyed. So whatever people may try, it cannot be destroyed but it can be covered, it can recede but it cannot be destroyed. It will act, it’s own way, so try to develop that innocence which is the basis of Mahalakshmi Tattwa, we should say, or that is the essence of Mahalakshmi Tattwa. So the outward things, the weightage, the weight, the dignity, the behaviour everything, is outward thing and the inside thing, the Tattwa, the principle on which it is based is innocence. Now if it is this, if we understand Mahalakshmi Tattwa within us, how it has to work out. It’s not intellectual, again I would say that, I don’t want you to project your intellect into it and to find out but just remain where you are and you will find the answers, just coming to you, automatically. Just don’t project your minds into it. Just you will get all the answers to every question just like that because innocence in everyone is the simple answer where all the complications drop out innocently and that is what is the love of God, is the love of God. So don’t confuse this with love, with all your non-sensical love, ideas you have about people and identification, misidentification. This is pure love within us the purity, innocence which is love and which is life itself, which is should say is a part of that, the prized but Pranashakti is not Mahalakshmi, so Mahalakshmi is the essence and essence of everything because if creation has to take place, also if desire of God is there, and if there is no Mahalakshmi Tattwa, then what is the use of having the desire, is finished. Supposing even if you have creation and you do not have Mahalakshmi Tattwa. How will you work it out? you can not work it out, you have to have Mahalakshmi Tattwa because they do not have any meaning.

So outwardly it is Mahalakshmi Tattwa, but inside, inside is, we can say, there are three cores. The first core is Mahalakshmi Tattwa, outside to look at, you see the growth all right but inside is the creation, that is all the elements being created and all that but inside that is the desire and inside the desire is the half-one, you can say, is Ganesha. So this Ganesha Tattwa ultimately overpowers everything and permeates through everything, and this is, I would say that don’t think about it. Just allow your innocence to grow, simple innocence and your dignity that’s very important to have your dignity. Like some people think if they wear torn clothes and walk about on the street, (?) they are big sanyasis. It is wrong. Why? You are not being dignified and God has given you so much why should you try to show that you haven’t got anything. Just to show off that you have not got anything, God has given. This is just a sort of a thanks giving to God that God you have given me so much. You have to wear the best, like in Puja if you see ladies here wear all their nose rings and all their ornaments and everything, in the temple, everything they wear, and in the same way, men also wear their very clean dresses, very clean things, whatever they have, they wear simple clean dresses, whatever they have but no ostentatious, it is just a thing by which you express. The God has given this, O God I thank you. It is such a great day today to be the New Year, on the New Year day to be here on Mahalakshmi’s place of Kolhapur and this is also called Kolhapur because Kolhasura was killed here. Kolhasura was horrible fellow like a fox and he was born again, now he is again dead. Thank God! He was here and now he is dead. Kolahasura died.

You don’t think about it again your mind goes out, don’t think about it, I’ll tell you about it. I have deliberately avoided the name. He was born again and was pitched out. So this is the place where Kolhasura was killed, where this was established. So Mahalakshmi’s incarnation came in and that’s how this place has a special value that we have come here for a pilgrimage and let us be in humble way think about it. Actually these things could not take place in the West because even if they had come out of the Mother Earth who would have recognized them. Who would have known about them, who would have respected them, who would have worshipped them? That’s why it didn`t happen in the West too much, but it is there, little bit is there, no doubt but here now we have these all these temples and attack on the innocence has come from the tantrikas and so the tantrikas rented out this temples and they tried to establish themselves and gradually they are being neutralized and cleaned out. These tantrikas have gone into every temple of all the Goddesses, and they will be gradually all out, straight out. So this is the attack that came through and that’s how these Brahmins you see came down and settled in these places, so called Brahmins and tried to preach about all tantrik method and things here in the temple and they really spoilt the atmosphere here.

So may God bless you all. I want you people to develop concentration of mind so that you rise above all other misidentifications and get identified with the pure spirit through your Mahalakshmi principle. May God bless you.