Shri Ganesha Puja, What Are You Here For Solapur (India)

Puja in Sholapur (India), 4 January 1983.
We talk to you directly about things and though you know I’ve been looking after you very well…
[Marathi ?]
And I didn’t have so much time but you know I have to work very hard and when you have only one program, I have three or four programs and I’m working very hard for them. And you see, I’ve told you that Maharashtra is going to be very fast movement and we have to move very fast. […]

Talk at Rotary Club Rotary Club of Solapur, Solapur (India)

Talk at Rotary Club
from 01:15:00 :
Q: What should be the relation between state of mind and awakened Kundalini? Will it affect the body or mind?
Shri Mataji : Actually it affects everything but let’s see how it worrks? Now, what is ‘mind’ also is not a very clearcut idea. People don’t have a clearcut idea about ‘mind’, you see.
To them ‘mind’ means ‘mana’ or ‘buddhi’, or ‘ahamkar’. Now, we will make it clear to you that when the Kriya Shakti [Power of action] works and acts then you create Ahamkara that is Ego, […]

Address to Indian Medical Association Solapur (India)

Address to Indian Medical Association. Sholapur (India), 4 January 1983.

The organizers and the members of the Medical Association in Sholapur, its such a pleasure to talk to (* inaudible text) because you have also heard that I did some medicine. Just to talk to doctors about it. Because in the realm of the divine, there are no names given to any plexuses. It’s difficult to talk to doctors unless and until you know their language. […]