Address to Indian Medical Association

Solapur (India)

1983-01-04 Address to Sholapur branch of Indian Medical Association, India, DP-RAW, 84' Chapters: Preparations, Introduction by Yogi, Talk, Q&A, Self-RealizationDownload subtitles: EN (1)View subtitles:
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Address to Indian Medical Association. Sholapur (India), 4 January 1983.

The organizers and the members of the Medical Association in Sholapur, its such a pleasure to talk to (* inaudible text) because you have also heard that I did some medicine. Just to talk to doctors about it. Because in the realm of the divine, there are no names given to any plexuses. It’s difficult to talk to doctors unless and until you know their language. Now the main thing we have to understand about Sahaja yogi is this that when we are trying to analyze or find out through scientific methods anything, we can only do it when that part is available to us, apparent to us, that we can see it, we can feel it, we can analyze it. Like a tree, we see the tree on top of the Mother Earth. For us it is easy to see the tree. But supposing we have to go deep down into the roots. So Sahaja Yoga is the knowledge of the roots and not of the tree. Of Course, the tree is very important because root has no meaning if there is no tree. But tree is more important when it can tell you that there are roots to it. So all our knowledge of science whatever it is, whatever discoveries we have made, how far we have gone? I mean we can go very deep into it, I know that. But still, you can not reach the absolute. Because “absolute” is that point where you have to dissolve. We have one scholar here, who is doing his P.H.D from Brighton and he has a subject how to establish an absolute zero point in temperature. You can not. Nobody can. Its a fact. You can go up to a point but you can not become the absolute. Through your mental projection because the mind is a limited thing. We must understand the mind is limited. Like I came by car, I had to leave my car behind to come inside. In the same way this limited mind can not take you to something that is unlimited. Because absolute has to be unlimited. So to reach the absolute point what should be done. That’s the main problem with all of us. All those who are seekers, whether they are scientists or psychologists or anyway. They have one point if they see correctly that we have not reached the absolute. That is why we do not understand “why are we made human beings from amoeba state?” We should ask ourselves a simple question,”why are we human beings? What was the purpose of this evolution that we were made human beings? So, as we can’t answer this question it is not answerable. We have to know that we are in a transition state and this human awareness has to achieve another awareness which is dynamic, which is collective in nature and many people I would say like you, who has talked of collectivity. Who has talked of collective awareness that a man, if he evolves, will become a collectively conscious. He could see that but he did not know how. Even if you have to say that if you have to go to Sholapur you better take this road or that road but if you can not reach Sholapur then you are not there in Sholapur. So even if you say this is the way it has to be, unless and until somebody does it in a practical way, in actualization you have to achieve it. This is the problem. Actual this is the problem, that exist between all the people who are seeking, between all the enterprises, between all the moment we have. There is no quarrel between God and Science. One thing one should remember that Science has come from God to you. It has not come from you. For example, if you say there is gravity. Now, you have not put gravity in the Mother Earth, did you? We can not even transform one flower into a fruit. Not one flower into fruit. Can you imagine? So there is some living power which is doing this living job. Now think an Indian has a child he is an Indian, this sorting out is done. You know that any foreign matter that goes into the body is thrown away. Has to be thrown away. But when the fetus is conceived, then it is kept, nourished, properly looked after and is thrown out at the right time. Who does that job? We must think. There are so many things for example acidic (* unclear text- some medical name) of course doctors, I must say or scientists are honest. So they say, their mode of action in human body they can not explain. They just openly say if they can not. Because it may augment or it may not. But Sahaja yoga can explain, why it happens. Why it has to happen like that. Now the jumping from this knowledge from the mind into the knowledge of the eternal is a difficult task. To accept it. Because as doctor (*unclear text) has told you that when we get education we think we know quite a lot. Not that you do not know. Not that, this knowledge is not needed. Its very important. If you are a doctor, you will be a great sahaja yogi. No doubt. But something is not known to you which is much greater than what is known to you. So this human awareness, this “chetna” that is within you today has to rise to that level or you have to become that subtle that you can enter into your roots. Alright? So on this point we start moving further that you are paying attention to me but if I say pay attention to yourself. You can not. How will you do it. You can not do it. You can not see your self, you can not see your organs, you can not see your body, you can not see anything, you can not see your mind. You can not feel it. So what should happen? Say something falls down, immediately our attention goes there. Some happening has to take place within ourselves and that happening is nothing but kundalini awakening. Now this kundalini is a force which is lying in the triangular bone which is called as sacrum. (Shri Mataji asks for some water in hindi/marathi) I have been speaking and speaking and hours and hours together. Now this triangular bone is called as sacrum. Sacrum means sacred. In greek language, sacrum means sacred. When I went to Greece, I asked them why do you call it sacrum? So they told me that they had a rapport with Indians much much before, Alexander came here and the Indians told them that there is a power in this triangular bone. Can you imagine? We have forgotten it, we have lost it because we have studied only the british or whatever is english or you can call it a western medical science. But in our science, you will be surprised, fourteen thousand years back Markandeya has talked about it. We Indians are best suited to understand this. Now many people say that Mahasrashtra has got three and a half “pithas”. Many people must have heard there are three and a half “pithas” one of them is “Mahalaxmi”, then another is “Tulzapur Bhavani” then third one is “Mahur” and half one is “Chaturshringi”. Now (*unclear text) something so funny and stupid. I mean, I can undertand as doctors. But its not. Believe me. These are the three and a half coils of the kundalini of the whole universe placed in your Maharashtra. They are the source of that power within your own country this great Maharashtra. Now people may not believe it. But how will you know? Now, somebody says “this is a “jagrut sthana” (means awakened place) I mean doctors do namaskar to Ganesha and they go to temple and all. But they do not know that Ganesha is placed within us and he controls our prostate and he controls all our pelvic plexuses. We do not know this. But he resides there. So to jump from that to this is rather difficult for a medical man, I understand that. (unclear/inaudible text) who were studying with me I never talk to them about Kundalini or anything. I just wanted to be like them to understand how their brains have worked. For them, this is knowledge, this is everything, nothing beyond. And anybody who talks about it they turn faces like that. Now I do not want you to come to any conclusion by saying of course Gyaneshwara has talked about it so he can not be wrong and this and that. Not at all. But scientifically, we have to understand that we have not got answers to many questions. That means there is no sufficient light, in our knowledge. If you are coming in this room in darkness you might find a mic, you might find a table, you might find something. This becomes the truth. Because the eyes are not yet opened or the light is not there. But supposing by any chance, somebody can open the light, you can see all the things. Isn’t it? That what doctor Berjodi ji is talking about the integration part. Now this light is nothing but your auto. Which you talk of as “Autonomous Nervous System”. You just give the name, Auto. Now, who is auto? We accept it. When we get the names, we just accept the name, we never ask why it is called auto. Because it is “swayamchalit” (which runs by itself) who is the swayam? Who is the “sw” is the spirit. In a way, we have accepted because we have to fix somebody as auto otherwise we don’t know what to do. I mean, we see parasympathetic working, sympathetic working so we have to fix up somebody as a person behind the two. But that auto is the spirit, is the “atma”, we do not want to accept. Alright. We will call it auto if you don’t like it. For the scientist, if they don’t like it we will call it auto only. So this Mr. auto, is the atma according to Sahaja Yoga. We call it atma, you call it auto. That’s the only difference of names. Now this auto exists within us. But this auto is not in our central nervous system. That is true. Because we can not control our parasympathetic. We may be able to excite our sympathetic but not the parasympathetic, that’s the fact. Sympathetic, if we excite, it, we can work out. But parasympathetic we can not work out. It works automatically. So somehow or other, if you can bring that auto in your attention or in your central nervous system then you can manage the show better. Scientifically. I am just going scientifically. Alright. Now, how to bring this auto in your attention? How to control this auto? Is the problem. You can not do through science. You can not do through medical science. Through any science you can not do. Because this will only happen when you will evolve to another stage. And science can not bring in evolution. Can it? It can not give you wisdom and it can not give you evolution. Evolution it can not give. Why? It can not even create life, I would say. So this auto, to be in your central nervous system we should look inside ourselves. There could be some arrangement and for that the knowledge is in your great country. Already there. You are the one who have inherited that (unclear text). This is what you have inherited. It is your inheritance which is lost. But one must know that when the tree grows too high it must have roots. And that is how, whatever they are saying about me..I am the tap root, I must say. Who has done the seeking inside perhaps or I have reached at source and that’s how I know what is the root. In our country, many saints have tried to go through that path and have found out. They have tried to express it in many ways but they kept it a secret till the sixth century when Adi Shankaracharya came and he talked about it very clearly. He talked about kundalini, he talked about all the chakras, he talked about everything. But who reads Adi Shankaracharya. Atleast the medical man does not. I mean, I don’t blame them because they are so busy. And after that it was all exposed. Then Kabira clearly, clearly, clearly absolutely clearly talked about it. So Sahaja yoga is not a new system. It is “Anadi”, it is old. Only thing, what has happened to Sahaja Yoga today that it has become a “Mahayoga”. That there are many many thousands can get realization. That was not possible and feasible. This is the only thing that has happened that today the blossom time has come and many flowers can become fruits. And that’s how even an ordinary person gets self realization. A poor man can get realization, a doctor can get realization. Anybody can get realization. And sooner you get the better it is. So now the first thing what will happen to you. Supposing you get the light within yourself and you can see within yourself. Say you have an X-ray to see yourself within yourself. So first thing that should happen to you is that you should know about yourself, what’s the problem with you. You’ll be amazed people end up in lunatic asylums and till they are absolutely gone cases people do not know that they are mad. Same about cancer. I would say, cancer can be detected much earlier than doctors can detect it. Very simple it is. Any disease connected with liver is another thing. I would say even liver problems are not detected till a patient gets a cirrhosis or some sort of a disease which is absolutely fatal and you declare alright, now you go into coma. Finished! These can be detected through Sahaja Yoga very well because once you are enlightened, your fingers. These five fingers, six and seven (ShriMataji describes the chakras on her palm) They start denoting the centers. And on these fingers you can know. Now according to Sahaja Yoga left side deals, left side sympathetic deals with your emotional side and right side deals with physical and mental side. Clearcut. So now you see a person who is very busy. Who is a doctor, say for example. He is a very busy man and he has no time at all. He is always looking at his watch, naturally. So what happens to him? He becomes a right sided person. Because he is using his physical being and also he is mental being. But the emotional becomes little dried out. So emotionally he is not so good. Emotionally, he goes off. As a result, you won’t believe. As a result of this imbalance what disease one can get to being with. According to Sahaja Yoga, this is another principle. According to Sahaja Yoga because I will not say that medical people will agree to it or they have found out. They might find out later on but just now they have not found, so far. Because I did medicine, because you are all younger to me in age. So when i did my medicine you might have been just young boys. So may be my terminology may be little different. But does not matter. So according to Sahaja Yoga the brain is made of fat cells. That is according to medical science also. Now these fat cells, when they are used too much they are replaced, they are replaced by the fat of the stomach. And the conversion for the use of the brain of the special cells is created by a center we call at “Swadishthana Chakra” which actually on the physical level you can say is aortic plexus. On the physical. In the “Sukshama” (subtle) is Swadishthana Chakra. So one of the jobs of the Swadishthana chakra is to convert these cells for the use of the brain. And the other job is to look after your liver, look after your pancreas, look after your spleen and your kidneys and in ladies, uterus. Part of it. So when you think too much or plan too much and you are futuristic. Most of the time this poor one, Swadishthana chakra is busy coping with that thinking process and replacing the brain cells. Alright. So it neglects all these organs which are very vital and important to us. So the first trouble one many get by thinking too much is diabetes. Now, if you ask a doctor, he will say don’t eat sugar. But this is no cure of the disease. But you see villagers eat at least five spoons in one cup of tea. At least five spoons. They never get diabetes. It’s only the people who think and plan too much for the future get it. First is diabetes. The another is very dangerous is leukemia. Leukemia also one gets from the same type of life style. Believe me. Because you know at emergencies, this spleen has to produce new RBCs(red blood corpuscles) that is accepted. Alright. Now, a person who is getting up in the morning, see rushing up, just, its very interesting how it is. Just think of it. Everybody does that but we never see ourselves how we behave. And he goes to the bathroom and comes out with his pants just being tied up and the wife is there to give him breakfast and one side he is eating the breakfast. Then is reading the newspaper getting another shocks after shocks from the newspaper then he gets into the car and there is jam and he does not know how to drive and all that. He is a sure patient for leukemia. Because poor this spleen has to produce new blood corpuscles all the time and it becomes hectic. Now you may question me, why the children get it? Because the parents must be like that. This is the parents also who can make the children hectic. Get up in the morning, go to the school, what are you doing, this, that..all the time if you are after your child with a stick in your hand, the child is due for it. A mother, who is you see too clever, at home and very particular about her kitchen and cleanliness of the whole thing and she can get after her child. And such a thing completely upsets that poor spleen. And the production of RBCs use their cells of proportion. Of Course there is a trigery. And the trigering takes place as the doctors call it, I mean recently i saw it that they call it by Proteins 52 and Proteins 58. That they call it, these are attacks. This recently I saw it in England, the research, the cancer research people had given this (unclear text) explanation. And they said it comes from the areas built within us from of our creation. And we call it collective subconsious. In Sahaja Yoga we call it collective subconsious. Beyond our conscious mind there is subconscious mind and beyond the subconsious mind there is collective subconscious mind on the left hand side. Now, according to them these are Proteins 52 and 58 whatever you may call it. Whatever you may call it but we call it a “bhoot badha”(posession), a simple word. Or you may call it a “kali-vidya” (black magic or false knowledge) or whatever it is. But it is nothing but it is an attack of a dead soul on a person. Absolutely, it exists. And that is how it triggers. Now virus infection is also the attack of the vegetables, we can or the vegetations which have gone out the circulation of your evolution. That’s virus infection. I mean, if you know the source from where it is coming, you can stop it, isn’t it? Now, doctors can’t believe a bhoot but once they are caught up with a bhoot, they know it is a bhoot. Like a met a doctor, was a in in charge of the hospital and his son was possessed. So he came to me and said, “Mother, please somehow or the other, save my son. I don’t know what to do.” and I cured him. He said, “how did you cure?”. I said its simple, he is possessed. And he was possessed by something and is removed. Its simple. But to tell a doctor, I mean you are in for trouble. But its a fact. Believe me, it’s a fact. The triggering they have said about 52 and 58, I mean call it anything like auto to call to “Atma” you call it auto. Alright. So what can we do about it? Or if you call it to a “bhoot-badha” as protein 52 and 58, what should we do? I mean you have more sophisticated names perhaps but its simple like that. So once a person has that kind of wobbly spleen, he is a good case. He is a good case for getting leukemia. Now let’s come to the best part of it, what one can get ultimately. That, when your attention is so much outside then your spirit in the heart gets upset and you get a heart attack. All heart attacks are due to this kind of thing. There are two types of hearts; Heart diseases according to Sahaja Yoga. It’s very simple. One is a lethargic heart and one is over active heart. The over active heart gets a heart attack when, whether you are thin or fat makes no difference. The lethargic heart may be from the fat but the active heart, the one who is extremely active. All the time thinking of the future and all that is in for a heart attack. It’s so simple as that. So now, you have to just give a balance to a person. Who is a right sided, you give him a balance. Make left and right, he is cured. When you know the “tattwa”, the principle-how you get diseases then can you not cure it, if you know how to cure the “tattwa”? Sahaja yoga is like that. Sahaja yoga knows the principle and principles are a few. Like colors are very few. Isn’t it? The mixtures are there. Permutations and combinations are there. But if you know the principle, you just put the principle right and the person is alright. Like the person (unclear text) was going to Houston for a By-pass(surgery) and I was speaking in a Rotary Club, in Delhi. There were about two thousand people. Suddenly he (text1-shot up/text2- stood up) came to me and said, “Mother I have to go to Houston”. I said but I am flying out today to Bombay to go to Pune. I have to go to Pune. He said, “I live in Pune”. I said, Alright, I’ll meet you there. He came to see me twice, I think and I gave him vibrations then he went back to Bombay and all the doctors said, “Oh! What happened? These were not your, perhaps these were not your X-rays or what? Its completely cured. 100% and all that By-pass and all that is over. And for this, what are you going to pay? This is just flowing. I mean you are also not obliging anyone. That’s the worst part of it that people think I am obliging. No. See, if you are part and parcel of me, say for example My finger is something wrong and I just rub it then I am obliging my finger? I mean if you are part and parcel of me how can I oblige you? That’s what they were saying that you have to become the part and parcel of the whole. You just become part and parcel of the whole. The arbitrary behaviour becomes malignant. Arbitrary behaviour of a cell becomes malignancy. Because the centers, now I will tell you about cancer also on the same simple way. See, its a simple way of explaining cancer. Any cancer. Now, we can say that, with my hands I might be able to show you that left hand and right hand are two sympathetic nervous systems and these are the centers in between. You can see that. (Shri Mataji makes a pyramid with her fingers and joins the thumbs and index fingers of both the hands to show the position.) Alright. These are the centers. Now, what happens..a person starts a doing something extraordinary. Something emergency he creates within himself. It can be with anything. Now he creates an emergency uses too much of his sympathetic supposing he uses the right side too much. Then what happens is this starts wobbling like that. (Shri MAtaji shows this with her hands) this center. And the center starts wobbling and the, there is a deity inside this which keeps the relationship with the whole. The deity just sleeps off and the relationship is broken. The relationship with the whole is broken because the medulla oblongata has got you see, inside though to the physical mind it has not broken but to the subtle thing, is finished. There is no relationship with the whole. So what happens, the cells here have no messages. So they become on their own. And they start becoming bigger and bigger. They become on their own. You see, they become very ambitious.They start growing bigger and bigger. That’s how you get malignancy. Simple thing as that. Now what do we do for Sahaja Yoga. it is very simple. If you are a realized soul what you have to do is very simple is to just put your hand to the center at the back. So by giving vibrations you awaken the deity and its again sucked back. You have put together in relationship with the whole. I mean, I must tell you I cured Mr. Sanjeev Reddy, you may write to him and ask him. Now he had come from America he had gone for an operation and the operation was a failure. And he was in a horrible mess. He could not sleep and he was in a big pain and they tried all kinds of injections and I mean you can imagine Sanjeev Reddy (unclear text) I went with my husband to see him because he knew my husband. He knew me also. But our high commissioner was * Nehru and I don’t know why he said to his wife, “you know, this is Mataji Nirmala Devi” She had heard my name in Delhi. She said, “Mataji please cure my husband” otherwise my husband is not going to say anything. So I just put my hand on his back, for ten minutes. You won’t believe, in ten minutes. Oh God! I am feeling so relaxed, let me sleep now. He slept off and they were thinking…I mean it was all last thing. See, so they had prepared everything that they didn’t expect him to come alive. And when walked out they got a shock of their lives. You see, they had brought ambulances, he said “I don’t need any ambulance, nothing. And just walked off,you see. And then he went on for a tour. And then when i went to see him, he showed me his back. He said, “even the scratches, which one should see atleast a scratch of the operation. Even there is not even a scratch, you can’t see. Imagine. The kundalini has done it. The kundalini is your mother. She is the one, sitting down there. Just waiting this thing to happen. Because she is your “Shudha icha” (pure desire). She is the pure desire. The rest are “Vikrutas”. They are perverted. The real desire one has is to become one with God. unless and until that desire is fulfilled you are not going to be happy. So that desire is sitting down there. She is your mother. Everybody has individual mother. And when this pure desire rises, she integrates all these centers. That’s how you get integrated. And then she comes upto here (Shri Mataji touches her Sahasrara) and you can even feel. In many people the “lup-dup” you see. “Anahat”, anahat means without percussion. The sound you hear on the head. You can even see in many people the kundalini pulsating. Actually with naked eyes you can see. Today only, we had somebody who had a kundalini which was just pulsating at the base. If there is no way of getting out, pulsates. Poor thing, you know it just…some people have just kundalini that just goes on tossing that “oh God, when I am going to give birth to my child.” and then. If you can smooth it out, bring it out. It just comes up. And then you feel a cool breeze coming out of your head. Which is not possible medically. Is it possible? You feel a cool breeze coming out of your head, you feel cool breeze blowing into your hands. Then, this is the power. Which is the all-pervading power. The “Brahma-tattwa” which you can use. Which is all integrated. In Sahaja Yoga language we call it Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati. Then you understand, what was Mohammed Saa’b, what was Zoraster, what was Christ, who they are. Everything we understand. They are all integrated, we are only people fighting among ourselves. And it works out so beautifully you can’t imagine. I wish, all of you get your realization and work it out. I would like to answer your questions, if you have any please ask me. And then let’s have it.
(Shri Mataji finishes her lecture and sits down at the chair)
Someone from the audience:- Inaudible text.
Shri Mataji in hindi:- What are they saying?
Yogi:- Can any accidents can occur in Kundalini?
Shri Mataji:- No, no not in this. You see, now there are people who have written books and books about kundalini. I was myself shocked you know when I read them. It’s all absurd. You see a person who does not know how to handle even a scalper and tries to operate someone, what will happen? That’s what it is.
Audience:- Inaudible.
Shri MAtaji:- No, kundalini process there are no accidents, nothing. Nothing happens like that. I am just telling that these are Naive people who do not know how to handle it. Alright!
Audience:- They are saying now that guru is needed for all this yoga and (* unclear text.)
Shri MAtaji:- They are saying because they don’t know how to do it. Supposing somebody says, “oh you see, Medical Science is horrible, don’t go near it.” Because they don’t about it what can you do? It’s like putting your fingers in the plug and saying that electricity is shocking. You must know the thing. First of all and secondly such a person has to be a person of character. You see a man who is taking money from you, God does not give blessings to such a man. Isn’t it? Or he is trying to make money out of you or he is trying to be…he is a bad character man, is a horrible man and he has….you know “paapi man” (sinner) you can call it. Such a person can not do it. He doesn’t do it. These are all money making propositions. And it is only Shri Ganesha who gets angry. Not kundalini. Poor thing she does not do anything but it is the anger of Shri Ganesha which works on the sympathetic. That also you will know, what happens.
Audience:- (Unclear text) bhakti in Sahaja Yoga?
Shri Mataji:- Bhakti? Bhakti is very important. I mean if you believe in God, then God looks after you. But Bhakti can be an extreme step also. Like you are calling, “God, God” when the God stands before you still you are calling God. You see that is too much. Isn’t it? Like, Tulsidasa he wrote so much about Ramayana and all that. But when Shri Rama came to him and he also gave him a (unclear) still he could not recognize him. So what’s the use of such a blind bhakti. It should not be blind. It should be from heart. Very important. If somebody is a man who has done bhakti from his heart he gets Sahaja Yoga very fast. But actually, now I have seen in Sahaja Yoga has become so powerful that everyone gets realization. Not difficult. Everyone gets it, not difficult. In the villages if you see six thousand people sitting, all will raise hands. But the complicated and rather difficult (unclear text) or if you have some disease. That also you can make out on the kundalini but and also there kundalini stops. You’ll be amazed if there is somebody. Say comes to me and he has a liver problem then the kundalini goes and she goes on hitting the liver you see. And even a person who does not understands that liver is there, he puts his hand and there because he sees the kundalini hitting there. So it just shows where the problem is. Even if you don’t understand any medicine you will know where the problem is because you know the kundalini will go and start hitting that point. And you will see with your naked eyes.
Audience: How would you explain the pulsation of the head in kundalini, please?
Shri MAtaji:- Sahasrara you mean?
Audience:- According to A* (unclear text) because as we know in case of an adult…
Shri Mataji:- See, I’ll tell you. In the brain you see, where the pituitary and pineal body, in the center of that you can say the optic chaisma. There is a very subtle center called Agnya Chakra. Which is very important. Which goes on working when you think too much. And the backside is the one which is surrounded by, you see..I would say that the limbic area has got all the seven chakras. All the seven chakras within it. All the seven chakras limbic area has. But they are called as the “Pithas”. Pitahs means the seats of the chakras. So all these chakras are represented in our brain. Alright. In the limbic area. Now out of that this Agnya chakra is genuinely here and the pitha is also here. The outside, this is the window of that Agnya chakra which is in the center of pitutary and pineal and it controls pituitary and pineal. Alright. Now, at the back side of it, it has only two windows so it is here and here at the back. And surrounding that, surrounding is Swadishthana Chakra. The same one i told you about working poor thing which has to work very hard. Now this one, when you get diabetes what happens that the Swadishthana goes out of order and that’s how you get blind. Because Swadishthana is surrounding this. Here. so all the seven chakras are in the limbic area. Is very interesting.
Yogi:- He said that how do you get the pulsation here? (he points his hand to Sahasrara)
Shri Mataji:- Pulsation here? Pulsation you said?
Yogi:- Yes.
Shri Mataji:- because the kundalini rises, she crosses through this (Shri MAtaji points to the Agnya Chara) and then you start feeling the pulsation. Because it is trying to break through. When it breaks, then you get the, that’s how you get the pulsation. You can even with the stethoscope hear the pulsation on the different chakras to begin with then ultimately here you get the pulsation. Then it breaks, you see. The thing it becomes, you know fontanelle bone area becomes soft. Just like a child’s fontanelle bone. In a person who is bald headed, sometimes you see the whole thing opening out like that and then you feel the cool breeze coming out.
Shri MAtaji:- So should we have realization? Let’s try. (unclear text) Alright. Take out your shoes, that’s it. Because the Mother Earth helps us. You see these are all the five elements which have gone upside down. That’s all. Just take out your shoes. That’s all. Is very simple. Anybody can get no problem. According to these western people, Indians are very easy. They are a very quality of people. They are dharmic and they are very great, according to them. And I must also confess that I really break my hands in the west. In India, I must say, they know it very well. They have to break also. Not only me. They have to do the same. So they are very happy here because giving realization to Indians is very easy. But giving realization to western people is very difficult. So they also have suffered all of them. So they will stand by me. (unclear text) they all have, they all know that this is the (bhoot?/Unclear) because they are very complicated. Extremely complicated. So many attacks have come to them that they are complicated, thinking is too much. Like this fellow “Freud” has to (Unclear)wrong ideas into their heads. And there is “Bawa” and all this nonsense and who was that…what was the unholdy trinity you were talking about? Where is he? Bryan? “Freud nature of (God/gardener)..
{Laughter, Shri MAtaji laughs then says a sentence in Marathi}
Shri Mataji:- Ah, that’s it. You see, that’s it, that’s how they have been attacked. And they accepted all this. You see, we may be educated in western education but we don’t forget about God. I mean think about God as a part of us and dharma is within us. (Shri Mataji says something in Marathi) and even Indians if they take to adharmic life they still remember that this is adharmic. But for them it has become so difficult to remember that this is dharmic, adharmic. That’s an another world. Another world, you (unclear) with them nothing is dharma. Is poor thing you know. They have been attacked so much and they are all saints born. Surprising part is that they have been saints they were born in such countries where there was affluence and they are attacked. These are saints, definitely. And those who are seekers there are tremendous seekers. I mean you will be amazed these people, they have been druggists and alcoholics and all sorts of people. But the day they get realization next day they give up. Indians don’t. (Everyone laughs.) Indians are chickens. They don’t. (Laughter, everyone laughs with Mother) I must say. Na, Indians don’t you know so easily. They do it, they are saints. (pointing towards western yogies) this is the quality that way is very good. But on the whole, you see totality. I am saying, in general, it’s horrible. But they are saints. Because the way they give up their things is amazing. Here, you give realization. (Marathi sentence something about the habit of having tobacco) it’s like that. You see, they stick on to something. I don’t know why, these people just give up. Overnight! They are very determined. That’s how thing is there. I mean that goes in their favour and this goes in your favour. My condition is that some people don’t have teeth, and some people don’t have “chanas” (roasted chickpeas) and some people don’t have chanas and they have teeth. It’s like that. So it’s a funny situation. Alright. So let’s have it. Now you don’t have to be serious about it, nothing but it is a very serene thing. It’s not serious but serene. Just put your hands like this. (Shri Mataji opens her palms to show) that’s all and close your eyes that’s all. That’s all. Just put your hands straight like this. Straight! I think better to take out your spectacles put them. This also helps your eyes very much. Spectacles you may remove later on. Just, it’s so fantastic to (continue/unclear text) It’s another world I am talking about. Hmm…
Just close your eyes please.